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Comments by sarah101

The Oaks, Ashford

I have started eating in here every Sunday night after work and it is something my boyfriend and I really look forward to!! I particularly enjoy their scampi (15 pieces) with chips for only 7.50.

6 Mar 2008 16:41

The Running Horse, Sunbury on Thames

In reference to Pedro101's comment, perhaps the barman doesn't remember the price of every individual drink they serve. Not unreasonable, it's people like you that make this industry a hard one to work in.

6 Mar 2008 16:35

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

Why does it matter where the management is from?? Being English doesn't mean you automatically know how to keep good ale

6 Mar 2008 16:32

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

I went in here yesterday for lunch after not having been in for about a year (no reason for not going, just decided to try some different places). Had a tuna and cucumber baguette which cost 2.95 and must have been about a foot long and came with a mountain of chips. Excellent value for money. Also had a side order of onion bhajis which were 1.50 for four giant bhajis and without a doubt the best onion bhajis I have ever tasted. They were fantastic. My boyfriend is a chef and said they were overcooked, but I thought they were superb.

29 Aug 2007 15:47

Walkabout, Wimbledon

I went in here on Monday having previously thought it looked very nice. The food coming out of the kitchen looked good so I ordered a duck salad for my lunch. Took one bite of it and very nearly threw up. It was without a doubt, the most revolting food I have ever eaten. I don't know what they had done to it, but I for one will never eat in there again

23 May 2007 16:32

The Thames Court, Shepperton

It's been completely non-smoking since July 2006!!

10 Apr 2007 19:11

The Worlds End, Hampton

I don't understand why it says, "Food served all day" outside when they stop serving at 2.30pm

27 Feb 2007 11:36

Royal Hart, Ashford

Went in here today because my fella wanted to see what it was like now. I wasn't going to have a drink but when I saw they do muffins I decided to stay for a muffin and a cup of tea. The muffin was delicious, heated up and only 50p. The staff were excellent, bringing our drinks over to the table and taking our payment from the table. We're intending to go back tomorrow for lunch because the new menu looked good too.

4 Dec 2006 23:17

The Prince of Wales, Esher

I went in here for lunch today and was delighted by my experience. I ordered a tea which was bought to the table by a lovely smart and friendly waiter and cae complete with a time to tell me when the tea was brewed!! I ordered a cheese and chutney sandwich (at the table) which was bought out within about 10 minutes. The lady behind the bar did say they had been unusually busy for a Monday, but it wasn't noticeable at about 3pm - the place was very tidy, food was excellent and the staff extremely friendly.

13 Nov 2006 23:41

Yates's, Woking

Went in here today for some lunch. Menu looked good so ordered a carbonara. Took forever to come out and when it did was only luke warm and overcooked, but strangely had a nice flavour!!
The staff were very friendly and pleasant.

24 Oct 2006 21:49

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

I went in here today purely because it was the only place serving food at 4pm! Had an absolutely delicious sandwich and cup of tea! The bread was fresh and very thickly cut and the tuna was delicious!

29 Sep 2006 21:11

Trawlers, Shepperton

It's not a very welcoming place. Doesn't seem to have much idea if it's trying to be pub or a bar. And the blonde girl behind the bar really needs to lose that attitude.

13 Jun 2006 19:50

Red Lion, Hatfield

Very nice food. Very slow service!

13 May 2006 21:51

The Jubilee, Sunbury on Thames

I went in here today as my other half wanted to use the toilet, but we ended up staying for lunch and it was DELICIOUS. I had a wonderful, fresh ploughmans and my boyfriend had "chilli chips" which was a plate of chips with a side bowl of chilli and three pieces of garlic bread! We will definitely go back.

9 May 2006 19:19

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I went in here today for the first time and was very impressed. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly and welcoming. I will definitely be going back. (If I can find it again as I live in Sunbury and found this by mistake!!!)

18 Apr 2006 19:05

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

I heard that this pub is run by new people so went in today to check it out and was very impressed. The lady behind the bar was very pleasant, unlike the previous person that was there. Had a very delicious ploughmans for a reasonable price. I will definitely be going back

17 Apr 2006 19:36

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

I once went here and had a very bad meal so didn't go back for ages. Went for lunch last week and the food was fantastic. I recommend the mushroom stroganoff. And reasonable price for the quality of the food.

26 Feb 2006 15:54

The Red Lion, Shepperton

When I visited this pub for lunch I too was very disappointed with the cheese ploughmans. But this was nothing on the dessert I ordered.
I asked for the cheesecake that wwas served with cream (3.50) but asked if instead of the cream I could have ice cream. I was charged for a portion of ice cream at 3.50 but only received 1 scoop. I think 7 for a cheesecake is a bit excessive. I for one will never eat there again

23 Aug 2005 00:19

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