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Comments by samsays

The Islington Bar, Caledonian Road

Now the Prince of Wales. Still a good place for a drink when Im in North London!

18 Jul 2011 12:31

The Kings Arms, Arundel

One of my favourite bars!
Essence of what a boozer should be like!!

18 Jul 2011 12:28

The Fog, Earlsfield

Nice place, visited once and was friendly. Landlord lovely.

18 Jul 2011 12:27

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Lovely place in an indifferent area.
Friendly bartenders, nice locals and while I didn't eat, the food that was coming out looked good :)
Great boozer imo

18 Jul 2011 12:25

GJ's, Earlsfield

What do you get when you add

a) Late license premises
b) Hostile, inbred chavs
c) No security


This squalor that calls itself a boozer wins my dive of the year award.

We were caught in the cross fire on Saturday night between some very unpleasant ‘local’ estate thugs and a bunch of south africans who seemed to arrive close to closing time in good spirits.

The locals, whom you will not miss, simply were looking for a fight and the place descended into chaos with many innocent people injured including my sister and her boyfriend.

Management and Security was nonexistent and there is no door policy – the place was overrun and overcrowded with bottom feeders of society.

Places like this should be closed down and not allowed to operate in the manner they do.

18 Jul 2011 12:20

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