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Comments by royalmarine1

The Anchor, Seatown

Just a great pub. Great beer, great food, cracking views if the sun is shining.... Hard working & cheerfull staff. What more can a beer lover ask for.

14 May 2009 16:04

The Fat Cat Bar, (Sandpipers Hotel), Freshwater Bay

This place is starting to feel really run down. Probably just a sign of the times....

Great selection beers & Ciders (if yer brave enough) & staff were ceerfull. Still worth a lookup.

14 May 2009 15:53

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Yarmouth

Had the Liver & Bacon sizzler for lunch yesterday after a days walking to Freshwater & back. Wonderfully cooked & great service by the girls on duty.

Nice selection of island beers too.

14 May 2009 15:48

The Wheel Inn, Pennington

Disapointing really. Popped in for a pint last night & was met by the usual unenthused welcome. "Good Atmosphere" is written on the outside???

Beer is good though, real ales a plenty. Food is a real let down. Cheap pre-bought in burgers etc, nice photographs. Not what you would expect from a Forest Pub with a great farming community & fishing industry on its doorstep.

Dull dull & duller, just like its Knackered Wheel Inn sign

14 May 2009 15:39

The Mayflower, Lymington

For a large pub It has really nice atmosphere. Great in summer outside & cosy in winter. Great beers & the staff are always on the ball.
I always have the Mayflower burger which is huge!
One of my favorites

7 May 2008 11:49

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

I've mixed feelings about this pub. I visit at least several times a year. Sometimes its absolutley great & other times totally naff. Very inconsistant. I think if the crowd reaches a certian threshold the staff & service goes to pot.
It is however a beautifull pub. A 6 for intermittant service.

7 May 2008 11:43

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Great Food & well looked after beer. Always a friendly atmosphere. A meeting place after work for farmers, thatchers fencers & city types trading jovial banter. An ecleptic mix of forest people enjoying life.
Nice open fires in winter & a lovely garden for the summer

6 May 2008 16:19

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

Awesome souroundings! Excellent "trenchers" & real ale to die for. A real pleasure. Worth the hike out.

6 May 2008 16:07

The Wheel Inn, Pennington

For a while under "Pips" stewardship The wheel really was an excellnet place, but once again a good Landloard moves on & the Wheel stops turning...
Now the Wheel is well on the way to becoming a "Sports Bar"! Garish advertising, big TV's on high volume tuned to the comedy channel coupled with shy
ude Landlords who will "get round to serving you when they fancy". All help to drive out us beer & food lovers. Atmospherically challenged?

6 May 2008 16:02

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

I just love it!
Great beer & massive Cider selection. As old & original pub you will ever see. Excellent place to put up yer toes after a yomp along the coastal path or a session rock climbing.
Fun loving & attentive landlords & staff.

6 May 2008 15:43

The Hotel Continental, Whitstable

Nice place! Great beer, good views, relaxed yet efficient staff, smart decor.
Great spot for people watching on a lasy sunday.
You do feel slightly robbed by the price of a pint, but its alright for a couple...

6 May 2008 11:57

The Whitstable Brewery Bar, Whitstable

Out of this world beer! Good food & service. What does it for this bar is the location on the outer habour entrance & the staffs friendly demeanor. What an atmosphere! If the sun is also out this place is heaven on shingle...

6 May 2008 11:53

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

Once this was one of the best old pubs in Whitstable. Fantastic position, outlook & history. Not any more!
Small selection of real ale's, the largers on offer are good though. Expect an hour long wait for food orders & slightly less for your drinks at the bar... You can smell the mens toilets from Sheppy! Staff & management very disorganised, unapproachable & sour faced.
The Old Neptune has been one of my favorites for years, but unfortunatly the landlords themselves have ruined the atmosphere. I'll be waiting for change

6 May 2008 11:38

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