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The Fordham Arms, Sharnbrook

It looks impressive from the road and it doesn't disappoint once you're inside! Beautiful restaurant area that serves excellent food, and 2 bar areas, one entertainment-focused, the other (nearest the restaurant) for the drinking & chatting. Great service at all times and a warm & jolly atmosphere make The Fordham Arms a highly recommended pub for just about anyone.

28 Jun 2005 12:08

The Swan with Two Nicks, Sharnbrook

(Actually called The Swan with Two Nicks, not Necks!) The landlord and landlady (Craig & Fleur) are the greatest couple to own a pub you will ever find anywhere, I promise. The pub is excellent for a pint (or several!) and the food is superb, all served with the sort of charm that'll not forget. Beer garden, dartboard & TV (not big screen!) give it that 'real pub' feel. Beware though - if you come here once, you'll keep coming back!!

28 Jun 2005 12:00

Three Cranes, Turvey

Absolutely beautiful and fantastic!! Great pub, brilliant beers, wonderful food, exceptional service - a bloomin' pleasure! If you only ever visit one pub in your lifetime, make it this one! (Although I do recommend trying others, if only to prove how good The Three Cranes really is!)

28 Jun 2005 11:46

Bedford Arms, Oakley

If you're after a pub that's based on tradition, good service and efficiency then The Bedford Arms is for you. It's quite a big place, but has limited it's seating capacity by separating it into sections. However, there is a decent sized restaurant that serves really good food and the beers are kept very well too. This is a true English village pub that should suit everyone from toddlers to Great-Grandparents and everyone in between. A well kept garden with play-area completes the ideal location for a beautiful sunny Sunday! (Not bad during the rest of the week either!)

28 Jun 2005 11:34

Half Moon, Kempston

Don't judge this book (although it's a pub) by it's cover! It doesn't look like much from the outside, but step inside and you'll be pleased you did. It's a smashing place to spend half an hour or indeed an entire evening, with quality service from a top landlord and a bunch of locals that'll put a smile on any face! The only thing this place does by halves is their name! (and a half pint, if you ask nicely!)

28 Jun 2005 11:25

Duke, Kempston

It nothing special! It's got a small beer garden with kids play area, a pool table (seems to be owned by local chavs), and not much else! Service is on the slow side and be prepared to wait till all the regulars have theirs poured first. (esp. the cliched and ubiquitous old Mr. Self-Righteous) It'll be the nicest pub you go to if you never go anywhere else.

28 Jun 2005 11:19

The Bear, Bedford

Take a knife. Not because they're short of cutlery, but to fit in and feel safer. It's dark and dingy and you'll get stared at if you're not wearing a long black mac and huge black worn-out boots. Odd.

28 Jun 2005 10:48

Bedford Lounge, Bedford

What the hell is this place trying to be?! It's like Llewelyn-Bowen was given 500 to turn a normal bar into an arty, stylish 'pad'. It's cheap & tacky looking, usually empty (not surprising)'s just awful!!

28 Jun 2005 10:42

Fleur De Lys, Bedford

It's nice enough, but quite bland and uninspiring. The dartboard's knackered, the quiz machine's old & dull, but it's welcoming and comfy!

28 Jun 2005 10:38

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Yes, it's another Wetherspoons, and you couldn't possibly mistake it for anything else. They're not trying to be anything special and, of course, it's not! I agree with Becky (several comments earlier) - start here for a crawl down the High Street, but just don't expect to love it!

28 Jun 2005 10:35

Rose, Bedford

One of the better bars on the High Street. Not a great place for real ales, but that's not the market they're after. Excellent bar staff are fun and quick to serve you and it has a large outdoor seating area. Nice!

28 Jun 2005 10:30

Yate's, Bedford

I really don't understand why people regularly visit this vast waste of space. There is no atmosphere (apart from during big matches, I agree), the prices are astronomical, and don't expect to get served within the hour when it's even slightly busy. During the day it's spattered with down & outs clinging to their pint like it's their dying mother and in the evening it's literally crammed full of idiots queuing 6 deep for pint of flat lager. AVOID!!

28 Jun 2005 10:26

Hobgoblin, Bedford

Always a great atmosphere here - brilliant staff & good beers. (They do regularly have Hobgoblin ales!)

28 Jun 2005 10:21

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

This is one of the few Wetherspoon's outlets that has a big screen TV and shows most sporting events, which can attract the younger ages and can liven it up somewhat. I do, however, have to agree with the comments regarding service. Even when it's quiet the staff certainly allow you to get a thirst on before serving! Plenty of seating and family/children friendly segregated restaurant area.

28 Jun 2005 10:01

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