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The Squirrels, Duston

I was very impressed with this pub and quite surprised. Great food, ale and great atmosphere with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this pub as it ticks all the boxes. Good idea to book a table for dining as restaurant gets very busy.

16 Oct 2008 15:32

The Star Inn, Woodstock

Recently revisited this pub and again found it brilliant! Its a pub with superb beer ,Black Sheep,Bombardier and Broadside at the time of visit were all exceptional. Also theres an excellent range of quality draught lagers incuding Staropramen,San Miguel and Hoegaarden too. Food was excellent and great value and what a selection of bottled beers and spirits....... 5 different vodkas and about 12 malt whiskies. Something for everyone i reckon. Live music in the evening with Stannah and the Stairlifts.....a brilliant night that had everyone dancing on tables. If you want a great night with great beer,great company and a brilliant atmosphere visit this pub. I love it!!

7 Feb 2008 19:15

The Marlborough Arms, Woodstock

can somebody please clean the beer lines here. draught beer is undrinkable...............has been for a year now. what is going on?

27 Oct 2007 11:03

The Fish, Northampton

a breath of fresh air in the town centre. great beer and it looks like the place is being redecorated last! really friendly,efficient staff too. i love this pub, a proper pub with great standards. make time to visit.

1 Jun 2007 23:18

The Star Inn, Woodstock

this is a fabulous little pub with great food,an excellent garden and great atmosphere. enjoy!!

23 May 2007 18:45

The Gloucester Arms, Oxford

this pub has been bought by the rock-inn pub company. i spoke to the 2 owners,james and mark, last week and they plant to keep the fine tradition of this pub. they were telling me that they have plans to increase the size of the pub without killing the atmosphere. seems a great idea and they seem like passionate blokes when they talk about the pub. looks like the gloucester is in for fun times ahead!!

16 Apr 2007 08:47

Hobgoblin, Bedford

the only free house in town.................what can i say......brilliant pub!!

4 Aug 2006 01:19

The Spotted Dog, Willesden Green

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! what has happened? from being one of the busiest, well run(though in desperate need of some investment)venues in london to this 6 months!!!! i can't believe how bad this place has become. the beer was awful , staff hardly spoke english (got a kinda polish grunt i think!1), the place was dirty and with undesirables lurching over the bar. we went downstairs hoping things would be better but no.......even worse!! there were about 50 "customers" listening to crappy dance music that no-one was interested in. i believe the old manager, james, moved on out of frustration with various breweries but i'm sure he'd be absolutely horrified at what has become of his "baby"!!
AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst place in london.

24 Jul 2006 21:19

Hobgoblin, Bedford

this is a great little pub in the cultural backwater of bedford high street. great range of beers from all over the world ( i think about 30 different ones!!}. its really friendly and the music is great. i love it here because its a chav free zone and only the upper end of the "townie" brigade frequent the place. keep up the great work guys!!

18 Jul 2006 12:45

The Basket and Brief, Willesden

i believe this place has now closed down.i think there was quite a bit of pressure from the local authorities to do so.i wonder what it will become?

25 May 2005 10:00

The Spotted Dog, Willesden Green

had to re-visit this pub because i heard it had been sold.well what a relief to find the same management and pretty much the same staff.this place just rocks!!theres nothing like it anywhere in london.its still needs some major surgery on the building but the manager james told me that some plans were in place but because of brewery bollocks it was unlikely at the moment.nevertheless what a night ive just had.the music,people,staff,doormen are just was rammed to the rafters with people just having a good time with no pretensions and no so happy it hasnt changed........if anything its better.go to this pub!!!

15 May 2005 03:40

The Koz Bar, Willesden Green

not a bad bar but very small.quite friendly and mixed crowd.biggest problem is it never seems to be open on a regular basis.its ok.

30 Jan 2005 20:30

No. 8, Willesden

awful pub full of awful people.supposed to be an aussie pub but didnt notice any.aggro door staff too but bar staff were nice but seemed almost automatically apologetic.avoid.

30 Jan 2005 20:23

The Crown, Willesden

i hate this place.a classless boozer with the bottom end of the antipodean market it seems.can get busy on saturdays offer is hard house that was cool about 1990- enough said.the governor is a nice bloke though.

30 Jan 2005 20:20

The Basket and Brief, Willesden

err what can you say.tries to be the spotted dog i think but they never seem to have anything to sell.dont think itll be around long as all the antipodeans are moving out and being replaced by eastern europeans.

30 Jan 2005 20:15

The Spotted Dog, Willesden Green

The Dog has real soul and character.far superior to any corporate walkabout.a bit more sophisticated than the redback but one of the most popular pubs in is always great and downstairs really goes eclectic mix of antipodeans,lots of brazillian girls and rock heads.noticed all the slipknot,ramones,
s.o.a.d. t-shirts.girls dress to impress.never seen regularly more gorgeous girls in one place.doorguys are cool and chilled out and you cant beat the prices.i love it here.considering this place has not been refurbished forever! it is still the best place in the must check it out- friday and sat the best but relaxing during the week too

11 Jan 2005 21:32

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