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The Royal Marine, Lyne

We’ve been coming to this pub on and off over the years and invariably found that the ales’ quality was on and off too.

However recently, we thought we’d give this pub another go (as we don’t like hearing of pubs closing). We were pleasantly surprised with the good range of well-kept ales (price range £3.25 (Landlord’s choice) to £3.50-ish) that are on offer. The friendly landlord advised us that he’s trying to organise a beer festival on the first weekend of October (4th/5th Saturday/Sunday).

We’ve also tried the food cooked by the landlady. There’s a black board on the wall next to the bar with 2 specials (about £9.00) along with a basic menu. We had some very tasty lamb shanks and so were the rack of ribs we tried 10 days or so later.

The landlord/landlady are trying hard and it seems to be working. It’s a lovely and welcoming pub. We like sitting outside in the summer and other than the very few locals who race down the road, it is a quiet lane and the pub is worth seeking.

27 Jul 2014 15:35

Delph Tavern, Orrell

We found this pub using the Good Beer Guide years ago. We were on our way to the Lake District and didn't want to stop at a boring Little Chef on the motorway. Since this pub isn't far from it we thought we'd give it a go. We were very pleased with our decision. The home cooked food is good, the real ale is very well kept and the locals are friendly.
As a result we've been going to this pub every time we go up to the Lake district and we'll be aiming to be there tomorrow for lunch once again.

11 May 2013 17:20

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

Every time we come to Scarborough we make a point of visiting The North Riding Brew Pub. I don't know where all these negative comments come from. The real ale is always top notch and the price can't be faulted for a pub that's not part of a chain.
We like the atmosphere and the proper home cooked food. However, last night we were disappointed to find that no food was served between Christmas and New Year, it should have been mentionned on the website (we checked it before making our way there). That's the only complaint, I didn't visit the loo on this occasion. I'm scoring 7 as the lack of food wasn't mentionned.

29 Dec 2012 08:05

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Does anyone know when this pub will reopen after its refurbishment? Many thanks.

10 Feb 2012 22:14

Beehive, Bedfont

Went there tonight for a pint and suss things out. It turned out that we had a tasty Thai meal and good pints of Chiswick, Pride and ESB.
Will go back!

7 Feb 2011 20:52

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

My partner and I popped in there on 14th May. He had a pint of Landlord which seemed ok. However my pint of 'Pirates' Gold' from Wooden Hand had no aftertaste whatsoever. Had the barrel been watered down? I'm asking because in the Good Beer Guide it states that this ale is supposed to have 'a tangy fruit finish' which was not to be on the night. My partner tried it and wasn't impressed at all.
The food (proper pub grub) was very good value for money especially when you consider where the pub is situated. So all was not too bad!

15 May 2009 16:44

The Scarborough Arms, Scarborough

To the new managers:
I wish you good luck and well done for trying to make a go of it.
I look forward to visiting when next in Scarborough.
All the best.

7 Feb 2009 18:59

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

We went there during a week's holiday in November as we discovered that NRH was the CAMRA town PoTY.
We weren't disappointed. We didn't mind the 'spartan' decor, in fact it was the atmosphere we were after, not the decor. The food was good, the real ale superb and we also got to meet one of the local characters called 'Chels'.
Another evening, we were on our way back to the flat we were staying in but decided to pop into the NRH. To our surprise, we found the bar area deserted. We saw that a few people were in the lounge, so we went and sat there too. We didn't know that Thursday was quiz night until a couple of locals enrolled us to take part.
This ended up being one of the best (if not the best) evening of our holiday. It was friendly, funny and most of all, we were made to feel welcome!
We will come back and well done for winning PoTY! (score 8).

12 Jan 2009 22:57

Cellars, Scarborough

We went to The Cellars whilst on holiday in Scarborough in November 08. We remembered a nice atmosphere from previous visits and having stayed in their self-catering flats above the pub. Also the real ale and food used to be good.
However this time it was not to be. There was loud football on the TV. We had to ask loudly if they were doing any food (it was Sunday lunchtime) as we were hoping to have a roast. However, we were told by a middle-aged female (I don't know who she was or who she thought she was) that the chef was on holiday for the next two weeks. This got a few chuckles from the locals.
As the lunch time was passing by, we left without having a drink as we were looking for food. As we were going through the door, some local decided to have the last laugh and told us to "Come back in a few weeks' time!" That started a good general giggle inside the pub.
Pity that they have yobs and bar staff that don't make EVERYONE welcome. This establishment should have had a sign outside saying "only locals allowed in", at least we would have known what to expect.
Luckily we knew that this was not the only pub in Scarborough having stayed in the town a few times before. And, as the week passed on, we found that The North Riding Hotel (CAMRA's town PoTY) was a very good and friendly pub.

12 Jan 2009 22:30

The Airman, Feltham

All the letters have finally dropped off. However I have noticed a painted sign by the garden entrance Hanworth Road side!! At least 'they' won't be able to get those letters off.... unless they take the whole sign down.... ?

12 Jan 2009 21:07

Pub, Chilworth

Well I have been to the Percy Arms in Chilworth today and as promised, I am reporting back.

I had an excellent of Hardys & Hansonss Rocking Rudolph and may give it a 4 on beerscoring.

I, along with some of my walking friends, had a sandwich with a choice of soup or chips for 5.95. I chose the option with soup and some of the others chose chips.

On the menu it mentioned that the sandwich I had was ham with mustard. There was ham but I couldnt taste much mustard. As far as the soup was concerned it was, at best, lukewarm.

The staff is young (including kitchen staff) not that it means anything, but because my soup was almost cold I thought they probably cant use anything but microwaves.

One of the lads at the bar was patronising to a couple of my fellow walkers who were older and had difficulty with their hearing.

The pub itself was ok, though it would have been better if the heating had been switched on a bit earlier. The temperature was around -2C all day outside, and we were looking for some kind of warmth indoors. My soup was almost cold and the radiators were getting warm when it was time for us to leave.

All in all, I may go back to give them another chance but only if Im in that area again, I wouldnt go out of my way to get there.

I give it a score of 5 and thats mostly for Rocking Rudolph!

10 Jan 2009 22:09

Pub, Chilworth

Oh dear... my local walking group has organised a walk in that area with the lunch stop at the Percy...
I'll report back next week.

8 Jan 2009 14:15

The Red Lion, Feltham

Karaoke???? How about the real ale/beer? 'beerintheevening'
What's wrong about all female bar staff??

2 Nov 2008 17:36

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

It's a pity Bagrat's gone and good luck to him in his next venture. I hope that Phil (the next manager) will keep on the good work. Though there's already been a change. Twickenham Fine Ales have been replaced by Loddon's... pity as Twickenham is a local brewery.

2 Nov 2008 16:46

The Crown Inn, Horton

The pub looked like a oldy wordly place from the green outside so we thought we'd try it... mistake. Loud music, were advised that the Pride was off. We tried it and so it was. The girl behind the bar suggested that she pulls a couple of pints to clear the awful taste. Surely, had she been trained well enough, she would have known that the barrel needed changing or tipping. She didn't have a clue (or so it seemed). We opted for a couple of 1/2 Guinesses and were out of there as soon as we could.
Didn't seem to be the kind of pub where 'gays' would be comfortable to go and have a quiet drink! Even if I was a lesbian, this is the last pub I'd go to for a drink with 'my fellow lesbians'!

10 Aug 2008 20:04

The O'Briens, Brentford

My partner and I decided to go there for a Sunday roast yesterday (Sunday 2/03/08) and we weren't disappointed with the food or the real ale.
The only down on this meal was that we had to change tables as some unfriendly clientele came in and started to behave as though we were in their space/pub. It's a shame, as if it hadn't been for these four, our lunch would have been very pleasant, and I would have given a total score of 8.

3 Mar 2008 16:15

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

No comment, just very disappointed with the lack of good real ale (we got the feeling that the East European management doesn't have a clue on how to keep real ale) and the very unfriendly clientele (my boyfriend almost got punched for saying that he doesn't smoke after being asked for a cigarette!) That was shortly before the smoking ban. We haven't been back since and we probably will never go back again.

3 Mar 2008 15:50

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