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Comments by paddyrussell

The Green Man, Bank

This place was never going to to be fukll of character given where it is (under a modern office block) but echoing comments below it is a normal Spoon's in fact above average I'd say. Beer has always been decent and regular selection of guest ales. Decent clientele as well. Can't comment on the food though. Keep up the good work Tim.

21 May 2011 13:44

The Crosse Keys, Bank

I really like this pub. It is almost always clean and tidy (except when at lunch the staff haven't had time to clear some of the tables - fair enough). Staff are polite and efficient (there is one little eastern european girl with blonde hair who seems to work extremely hard, plus one black guy who is a really good barman). The only gripe is that sometimes it takes a long time to get served and this is a common experience in JDW pubs (Tim, you need to increase staff numbers matey), and a real shame at this one as it is a decent boozer. Open on Saturdays as well.

21 May 2011 13:33

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

A shame that Beermonster's food ruined his experience. I have been using this pub off and on for 7/8 years now and never had a bad time - beer always decent. Although I cannot really comment on the quality of the food (only ever eaten a sandwich one lunchtime) it always seems popular for food at lunchtime. Staff are polite (mostly eastern Europeans - thankfully) and generally pleasant. The place always looks clean and tidy and frankly it is better than Woodins by miles - different league. I suppose it is "corporate" in that it is run by a brewery but a brewery that seems to know what it is doing nonetheless. Some of the non-brewery pubs in and around the City can be complete dives. SS is a reliably good pub - a 7/10 is fair in my opinion.

21 May 2011 13:20

The Warren Wood, Buckhurst Hill

Pleasant enough guvnor and staff. Beer has has always seemed decent when I have popped in to watch the football on telly. The punters are almost all pretty loud but are not agressive as they tend to be an older crowd. It is in dire need of a redecoration though.

21 May 2011 13:04

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