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The Plough Inn, Zouch

The only memorable part of my visit to this place was the most ridiculous 'paging' system they have for people eating outside. When you order your food they issue you with a paging device that will bleep when your meal is ready. When it eventually does bleep, you get up and walk from wherever you are sitting in their huge beer garden to an outside table near to the kitchen door where your meal sits covered in wasps. Like most of the other tables that sit uncleared for an hour. Possibly the most dis-organised and snooty pub you are likely to discover. Oh, and don't forget to take the pager back inside to the bar before you leave. As I say, the beer garden is the size of a football pitch, so you will have walked approx. 200metres before you go.

16 Sep 2013 19:03

The Anchor Inn, Hathern

It's only after you have parked the car and walked around to the door before you realise the place is closed. But to ensure that you never bother again, they keep the pavement board outside that shouts "we are open!" Some licensees confuse me with their marketing techniques.

16 Sep 2013 18:54

The Star / Leake Pit House, West Leake

Pleasant enough but certainly not a real ale pub. If you like lager at almost £4.00 per pint then this is for you perhaps. If not, then you can have a bowl of peanuts for almost £2.00. As far from being a village local as you can get. If you like that sort of thing. The staff are polite and well mannered and the place is clean and well organised.

16 Sep 2013 18:47

The Red Lion, Kegworth

This place needs a shake up. There is no competition in Kegworth and as a freehouse it is sadly under-par. Too many blonde beers, disinterested bar staff and probably the worst outdoor area for miles around. Three years ago this was a real ale flagship pub, so what I ask has gone wrong?

16 Sep 2013 12:29

Britannia Inn, Kegworth

The building is now student flat accommodation.

16 Sep 2013 12:24

Ye Olde Flying Horse, Kegworth

Absolutely nothing going for this place I'm afraid unless you prefer fizzy lager and loud (very loud) local young kids struggling to hold their drink. Apparently this place is now privatly owned as a freehouse. Confusing.

16 Sep 2013 12:22

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

Hadn't visited this pub for about three years until very recently. I remembered it being a typically fine Castle Rock pub and everything that you would expect from such. What a disappointment I have to say. The place needs a facelift, particularly the outside area that is seriously uninviting. Quite a shock too to try the acclaimed Screech Owl ale. My first taste of this award-winning ale. If that was how it should taste, then I'm afraid I should give up tasting real ales. I came away wondering how such a fine pub could lose its appeal so much.

16 Sep 2013 12:16

Trent Navigation, Nottingham

This is the home of the Navigation Brewery that is situated just behind the pub. Very fine Navigation ales available, very well organised pub, gets busy and has regular live music. Certainly worth a visit for quality real ales (probably the best brewed in the City). Food looks good, large outdoor area. This is a large pub and sufficiently out of the way of footflow to ensure that as a destination pub, it keeps a traditional friendly atmosphere. Just up the lane from Notts County's ground.

16 Sep 2013 12:07

The Lion, New Basford

Another real ale gem. Excellent choice and quality, a real old-fashioned pub with loads of character. They have a feature inn the bar where you can view down a deep shaft into the cellar area, presumably this is an old delivery shaft to the cellar. The food looks very good, live music (good standeard live jazz on Sunday afternoons) and other styles throughout the week. Great mix of ages here, all very friendly and as a pub should be. Within sight of the old Shipstones Gold Star brewery building tucked away in Basford, Nottingham. Tram stop runs a few yards away. Various events and festivals. Well worth a visit.

16 Sep 2013 11:57

Railway Inn, Sawley

The Railway is a pleasant traditional pub tucked away off the main road, on Wilne Road in Sawley and has good Marstons Pedigree and a couple of guests. Not a great deal of choice but a clean and friendly pub with a spacious outside area. Worth calling in certainly.

16 Sep 2013 11:42

The Old Pack Horse, Loughborough

This is now called The Organ Grinder, operated by Blue Monkey Brewery.

16 Sep 2013 10:47

Castle Barge, Newark

An unusual and interesting pub that is actually a moored barge near to the Newark Castle on the Trent. Good quality ale, the Lincoln Green ale was excellent. The young bar staff were efficient and knewa bout their ales and the history of the barge itself. The pub food on offer looked good and reasonably priced. An enjoyable place to include in any visit to the delightful market town of Newark.

16 Sep 2013 10:30

The Old Crown Inn, Old Dalby

Just a slight correction to the posting by marquis below please. The Old Crown has never been part of the Castle Rock group of pubs.

16 Sep 2013 10:25

Sample Cellar, Old Dalby

This is the visitor centre of the attached Belvoir Brewery in the small village of Old Dalby and is a great place to visit if you like genuinely good real ales and quality food. They do tours of their brewery including tastings, and have a brewery shop with their bottled ales and other bits and pieces. The Sunday lunch was excellent and well priced, and the Belvoir ales were all in first class condition as you would rightfully expect. An interesting and friendly place where you can get a real insight into the workings of a real brewery from expereienced brewers. Friendly, efficient staff and a very well organised, interesting place to spend a few hours. Located on the Crown Park, Station Road, Old Dalby.

16 Sep 2013 10:17

Cap and Stocking, Kegworth

This was once a thriving little village local, the main attraction being the Bass poured from the jug. Today, the Bass is still from the jug and still very good quality. Over and above that, I think the licencees are shooting themselves seriously in the foot. Today, there is not a decent pub in Kegworth, and with a little effort, the Cap and Stocking could wipe the board. The place needs a bit of a clean up (particularly outside) and should do food (even if its just cobs). No excuse! I was a regular here for over ten years and it was buzzing, and that's when Kegworth had 9+ pubs within walking distance. I for one (and I suspect most of Kegworth) would rejoice in this pub giving Kegworth what it needs again.

16 Sep 2013 09:55

The Anchor Inn, Sutton Bonington

There is something I like about The Anchor, which is why I visit from time to time, but I am at the same time usually disappointed by something. Its the old issue about choice and variety of ales available in Marstons pubs basically. The Pedegree is good, but thats about all you have on offer apart from maybe a single guest ale. Then there's the 'pub-killer' as I call it: lack of attention to detail. Here, its glasses left lying around on outside tables for an hour or more, and also, no sign of any food.

There's little competition in the area, so I ask why this place isn't top of everyone's list?

16 Sep 2013 09:46

The Plough Inn, Radford

Being attached to the Nottingham Brewery, this pub gets on the map more than it would otherwise do. I was very disappointed by my latest visit (the previous being a number of years ago on an organised pub tour). There's a lack of attention to detail here, a comment that is summed up by the state of the garden area. I fully expected the Nottingham Legend ale to be excellent, but it was at best average. Very disappointing all round. A real ale pub attached to its own brewery that has only 5 customers (all male) in the place between 1.30pm and 2.15pm on a Sunday lunchtime needs to have a serious look at what it has to offer.

16 Sep 2013 09:36

The Sun Inn, Gotham

The current licensees have transformed this pub. The ale is always excellent and the atmosphere warm and welcoming as a village pub should be. The pub is clean and very well organised and has a delightful garden that is designed showing themes from the village of Gotham. The classic Everards ales are always top notch, as are the guest ales. The food is probably the best for miles around. What a gem of a pub this has become over the last year or so. They deserve the various awards and recognition they have won. One of the finest and most friendly village local pubs you will come across. A couple of beer festivals have been held this year too, and some occasional live music.

15 Sep 2013 15:19

The Victoria Hotel, Beeston

This pub ticks all the boxes. One of the finest real ale selections for many a mile, excellent food served all day with a constantly changing menu. All the characteristics of a real pub, no televisions or fruit machines and first rate service in a genuinely rare pub atmosphere. Certainly well worth the effort to travel to it if (like me) you don't live in the immediate area. Probably the finest real pub in the area.

15 Sep 2013 15:07

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