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The Grosvenor, Hanwell

Great, and very consistent, pub. Plenty of good real ale on numerous handpumps and a good selection of quality "craft" keg beers as well. Many of the beers are local (including from the very local Hanwell brewery, Weird Beard).

3 Jan 2016 14:41

The Half Moon, Harrow

We started of with some Fuller's London Pride that was way off. (Think "vinegar"!) But, importantly, the friendly landlord changed Pride casks and replaced our beers after we politely and discretely commented. Also had a Timothy Taylor Landlord which was pretty good. The Thai food smelled great as the last order came out of the kitchen, but I did not eat.

21 Sep 2011 09:37

The White Horse, Harrow

I had a Fuller's/Gale's Seafarers and a Fuller's ESB. Both were in reasonably good condition. I did not eat, but I noted the basic burger was £8.95. This is a good basic pub, doing, at least during my one visit, what it says on the tin.

21 Sep 2011 09:30

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

I had a Fuller's London Pride, a Fuller's/Gale's HSB and a Fuller's (seasonal) Red Fox. All were in pretty good form. I did not have any food, but many of the guests were dining. (I made a note that the basic burger was £8.75.) The pub has an attractive interior with pretty good service.

21 Sep 2011 09:24

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Beer (real ale): OK. Quality and variety decent, but certainly not outstanding. (Earlier beer comments for the second half of 2010 all seem pretty fair. I do personally feel that the sparkler - installed on all real ales here - is ultimately a disguised means to sell a short pint.)
Food: Sub-standard. Cold, undercooked chips. Compressed, factory burgers loaded with garlic. Tomatoes grown and subsequently sliced way too long before they are served. Fish thick with batter fried to indigestible heaviness. Fried onion rings so tough that they would not crumble if you stood on them. (Loaded with tourists, this pub serves food that, sadly, gives visitors plenty of material to go home and tell friends, family and coworkers just how bad British pub food can be.)

5 Jan 2011 09:10

The Ham Brewery Tap, Ham

We stopped in yesterday (Halloween, 31st October 2010). They had just put on a new cask of Shepherd Neame's Spitfire and that was really tasting fine. One of the most "local feeling" pubs I have been into, and they were all very friendly to us. If you are (as we were) visiting nearby 17th century Ham House and Garden -- highly recommended -- and you are looking to wet your whistle, this is not a bad choice at all.

1 Nov 2010 11:01

The Falcon Inn, Denham

Listed under Buckinghamshire ==> Denham in my 2006 CAMRA Good Beer Guide, this pub on Village Road, UB9 5BE had four real ales on tap. The wife and I tried two and they were perfect. We also shared a large mixed seafood starter platter and that was very nice. All staff extremely friendly as well. Great place to spend some time in a lovely little village.

27 Sep 2010 10:16

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

It's open! Confirmed by having a pint in there yesterday evening!

7 Sep 2010 09:19

The Crown and Sceptre, Kensington

The Crown & Sceptre W14 8BA is, after being closed for some time, apparently re-opening for business Wednesday, 1st September 2010.

30 Aug 2010 19:07

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

JohnBonser summed it up pretty well below. I'd just add that the two guest ales the wife and I enjoyed were absolutely delicious. One was Hullabaloo, 4.2%, Loddon Brewery, Oxfordshire and I can't recall the other. I need to make regular stops here. Possibly the best real ale option in my area (South Ealing).

15 Aug 2009 19:51

Ye White Hart, Barnes

The wife and I enjoyed a Young's Kew Gold here and a light dinner. The ale was good and the food good enough, but not special. Great riverside location and the place was really buzzing on the Friday evening we visited. I would probably go back.

15 Aug 2009 19:38

The Halfway House, Barnes

Walked over an hour to meet my wife at The Halfway House pub SW14 only to be served a mediocre London Pride in a dirty pint glass. Just some bad luck? Maybe, as there seems to be a reasonable number of positive reviews here.

15 Aug 2009 19:33

The Windsor Castle, Kensington

my wife and I were not very impressed by the food we had at the Windsor Castle yesterday evening (11th Feb 2009) —– food quality was OK, but not outstanding —– our main complaint would be that the dishes were dirty —– the ale that I had was also OK, but not outstanding —– this pub has a very nice interior, but I would have to read of an improvement in food and drink quality before returning

12 Feb 2009 10:25

Red Lion, Ealing

Good beer. Great rear garden. Good pub food (pricey?). Gets pretty smokey, but the garden offers some breathing space. Nice pub. Nice interior. Give it a try.

25 Nov 2006 20:31

The Castle Inn, Ealing

I like the look of this place and the Thai food is pretty good (and reasonably priced). Nice real ales. Young people behind the bar. I was somewhat bothered by the smell in the main bar area. (Seemed like over use of cheap air freshener.)

25 Nov 2006 20:25

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

This was my best pub experience to date after three years in the UK (and a lot of pubs visited). Signature dish "The Jugged Hare Pie" (£9.95) was good, but the "Poacher’s Pie" (£8.95) was better. What better to match a nice Chiswick than venison, wild boar, rabbit & pheasant all wrapped in a perfect home/hand made pastry. This level of quality English food is what all pubs should be serving. I have to give it a "10"!

25 Nov 2006 19:55

The Castle, Acton

We liked the food and drink here and found the staff pretty friendly. We enjoyed a nice grilled sea bass and equally nice smoked haddock fish cakes. We did find ESB on tap and downed a couple. I must agree with some of the previous reviews about the smoke - one of the smokiest pubs I have ever been in. (And we sat in the non-smoking section!)

8 Nov 2006 23:33

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