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Comments by nmckenn

Turners Old Star, Wapping

I'll be frank - didn't look too promising from the outside and first impression when entering wasn't great. My first impressions were wrong. Basic boozer but very friendly and welcoming. Barlady couldn't have been more friendly. Nice change from some of the busier, better know pubs on the river.

1 Aug 2015 09:12

The Ship, Soho

Like a National Front meeting. Man with a shaved tattoo head talking about football hooliganism - and not from a spectators point of view.

17 Apr 2015 15:52

Golden Lion, Soho

Once you've got over the price of a pint, this isn't at all that bad. Not as busy or up it's own backside as some of the pubs round here. Decent music and the test match on the telly. Beer in good nick too.

Decor is fairly standard for the area I guess.

17 Apr 2015 15:32

The King's Arms, Blakeney

Can only agree with previous reviews. Service was slow and staff seemed more interested in serving locals rather than serving the next in cue.

Food was average at best. Had ploughmans but were told that we had to get pickles from the bar - which was busy so it took an age to get these.

Only saving grace was the condition of the beer which was excellent.

Certainly not one of the better pubs along the north Norfolk coast.

22 Aug 2014 15:33

The Abington, Abington

Perfect for a pint or two at lunch f you're attending a match and God's little patch ( the County Ground to the uninitiated ). Other than that, nothing to write home about. Beer range was uninspiring ( Landlord, Doom Bar, London Pride ) but well kept. They've got a sign up saying "probably the best pub in Northampton". Probably not.

25 Jul 2014 23:53

The Swan, Bayswater

Popped in here for a quick one after seeing Neil Young in Hyde Park. And ended up staying for a couple of hours. Really liked it. Somehow manages to pull off being in a touristy area but feeling friendly and local. The night I was in the landlord was singing with an excellent acoustic guitarist. Bar staff we friendly and efficient. Will definitely be popping in again when we're back this way.

25 Jul 2014 23:50

The Ward Arms, Guilsborough

Very attractive pub in a stunning location. The house opposite is amazing. I tried one of the Nobby's beers ( this is the tap for the Nobby's brewery next door ) and was suitably impressed. Shame I was driving.

The atmosphere though, well that was a little odd. The pub was no longer doing food ( temporarily apparently) and from what I could gather it was waiting for new owners / tenants / managers.

8 Jun 2014 00:05

The Red Lion, Thornby

Popped in on a Saturday lunchtime and was very impressed. The pub was busy - a coachload of CAMRA types had arrived, but service was still quick, efficient and friendly. Good range of very well kept real ales. I stood at the bar and read the paper - which I'm happy to say wasn't frowned on at all. There seemed to be plenty of people eating which must say something about the food. Can also report that an elderly lady who had been waiting to meet and overdue friend commended the barmaids for their help. Which was nice.

8 Jun 2014 00:02

The Crown, Elton

The Crown manages to maintain the feel of a village pub whilst still serving quality food. The bar area has a genuinely cosy feel with a real log fire - perfect for supping a pint of the excellent ales ( usually locally brewed ).

The landlord also appears to be the head chef and always seems mildly grumpy. No bad thing in my book.

Would recommend to anyone ( but not on a Friday lunchtime when I pop in for a pint and a read of my book, like it quite then )

12 Jan 2014 22:35

Admiral Wells, Peterborough

Not been in the Admiral for several years,which is a bit remiss as its near enough to the office for a lunchtime pint.

Despite its location, its fairly busy of a Friday lunch. A mixture of diners and people having a lunchtime sup.

I had an excellent pint of Digifield Shacklebush. Pubisfriendly with old photos of the village, the old railway station and airbase.

I'll be coming back for sure, and for something more substantial than a bag of peanuts as the food looks and smell delicious.

Handily placed for trainspotters too is you're so inclined being next to the east coastmainline - though not so close as to disturb.

15 Nov 2013 13:17

White Hart, Stamford

Not been in the White Hart for a few years so thought I'd pop in on my way home from work. Really quite like it. No Ufford Ales unfortunately, but the Abbeydale Absolution was spot on Nice, relaxed atmosphere with no music - just the murmur of conversation. Not sure why I left it so long !

29 Jul 2013 18:13

The White Lion, Covent Garden

Not great, but not awful. My opinion is slightly clouded by the individual who stood at the bar with a rucksack, who got the hump when I tried to squeeze by, and then insisted in leaning into the me all the while I was waiting to be served. Beer was good though - if you like the real stuff. For where it is, you could do worse.

9 Feb 2013 23:12

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

A decent Shepherd Neame pub, and considering where it is situated, certainly a lot better than it could have been. Staff were friendly and the beer in excellent nick - stayed for a couple so it must have been good. There's worse places in Covent Garden to visit.

9 Feb 2013 23:08

The Queen's Head, London

Stumbled across this pub by complete accident when heading back to our hotel. Doesn't look thast promising from the outside, but inside is a relevation. The decor is basic - so just up my street ! It's the only pub I've even known to have a periodic table of beers. The draught real ales they have on when I visited where unusual and spot on. Wide range of other beers too.

9 Feb 2013 23:05

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Visited the Churchill Arms for the first time last week, and I love it. Excellent Fullers beers and the food is excellent - and unbelievably cheap for this part of London. Friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere along with the eclectic decor all combine to make this a great place for a beer and some grub. One word of warning though - it gets very busy, so get there early.

5 Feb 2013 21:07

The Royal Arms, Peterborough

The Royal Arms is now closed and up for sail with permission for alternative use.

21 Jul 2011 12:15

The Hoops Inn, Horns Cross

This place could be so much better. First off, the comment below about the vegetarian options is still correct - a very limited choice. But could be worse - my partner and my daughter had the added please of a free hair in the meal. When this was mentioned to the waiting staff the disappeared, and then came back and said "sorry about that" and cleared the plates. We weren't expecting a freevie or anything like that but a proper apology would have been nice. Not good enough.

When we arrived, I asked for a high chair - the response, from the manageress, was "they're down the corridor at the end".

There are much better places to eat and drink around here - try the Bell and Parkham, the Farmers Arms at Woolsery, the Bush at Morwenstow or anywhere else you can think of. Beer's very average too.

12 Jun 2011 00:28

Rigby's, Market Deeping

Housed in what used to be a solicitors' premises, Rigby's isn't obviously a pub from the outside. Inside, it has been transformed into some that very much resembles a pub. But somehow it seems to be missing something and I'm really not sure what. It's not bad, but it's not that good either. They have a choice of real ales on offer, Woodforde's and Oakham being particular favourites by the look of it - but they're all served just a little too cold. So all in all, so so.

29 Jan 2011 23:36

Crossbush, Arundel

I don't like cliches like "it does what it says on the tin", but well, "it does what it says on the tin". More food than beer, but the London Pride was excellent. Food was great, and they made the children very welcome.

23 Jan 2011 21:35

Goat, Frognall

A great pub - with some cracking ales. Watch out though - they always have a couple of strong ones on. Elland 1872 Porter at 6.5 - splendid, but you wouldn't want too many.

Friendly staff and locals, plus a shelf full of books about beer. Great beer garden for the summer with plenty to keep the kids occupied.

15 Jan 2011 11:13

Kings Head, Southwold

Well, I must say I have to disagree completely with previous reviewers.

A group of friends, my partner and myself spent a long weekend in Southwold recently. On the Saturday the men popped down the King's Head to watch the rugby ( no other pub in the town was showing it - presumably they didn't want to upset the arcadians ). A great atmosphere with great Adnams.

One the Sunday, it started to rain so a few of us, with children popped in. And left three hours later. The staff were friendly and couldn't have been more helpful. The food was basic but very good and the Adnams was still excellent. And the place has baby changing facilities.

Southwold has a place for this sort of pub, where those who want to get away for the conceitedness of the Red Lion and the Nelson can go and enjoy a pint in a good honest boozer.

When we were there, the King's Head was about to shut for a minor refurbishment. I hope it was minor - as there's very little that needs changing.

27 Nov 2010 23:49

The Waterton Arms, Deeping St James

Friendly, if a little cliquey. Beer very good - Jenning's Snecklifter and Sharp's Doom Bar when I visited last night.

Best pub in Deeping St James.

1 Nov 2010 23:56

The Blue Bell Inn, Dogsthorpe

Well, I've been in here a few times in the past and it's always been ok. Popped in most recently on a Monday lunchtime, so it was understandably quiet. The large screen plaing music videos was a bit unnecessary ( Bonnie Tyler's Classic '80's power ballads for God's sake ). That said, the beer was fine - the quest bitter was 2.00 a pint and in very good nick.

So, it's probably best off visiting on a lunchtime - and then only if you can stomach a Poison video with your pint.

1 Nov 2010 23:48

The Prince of Wales Feathers, Castor

An excellent, friendly village pub. Hadn't been in for a while, but popped in the other lunchtime. The barman and the locals were all really friendly and welcoming. Nice touch was the barman recommending against having a particular ale as it was coming near the end of the barrel - a small thing, but it's the small things that count.

Had pints of Phipps IPA and Palmers IPA, and both were in excellent nick.

The pub is comfortable with various drinking areas. If you want a quite pint, there's a case of books to browse - mainly about beer and pubs, and there's a selection of boardgames too to keep the kids amused.

Can't fault the place really

13 Aug 2010 09:26

Talbot Inn, Stilton

Like this pub a lot. A group of 16 of us arrived in Stilton at around 4.45after a days volunteering at the nearby Countryside Classroom. The pub opened early for us, and the barman was patient and polite in serving all our drinks. The beer garden is excellent, and looks to be good if you have little ones.

We left to go to the ( very good ) curry house down the road, by which time the pub was getting busier. Certainly somehwhere I'd visit again - maybe at next years cheese rolling ?

23 May 2010 00:17

The White Bear, Kennington

Nothing wrong with the White Bear, but nothing particular to right home about either. There's worse pubs in the area for sure - but there's also better.

7 May 2010 00:10

The Roebuck, Kennington

I must have caught this pub on a bad day, as I can only descripe it as bizarre. Now, a good mixture of clientele is normally a good thing, but not when one of them is an aging rocker slouched at the bar on what appeared to be his second bottle of rose ( this was 1.30pm ! ) and another is a lone lout who appears to be aiming to start trouble. Gains a point for having very friendly bar staff, but loses it for somehow serving a pint of real alse ( Young's ) that was cold, fizzy and tastless - not sure how you get fizz from a handpump but they managed it here.

7 May 2010 00:08

The Prince of Wales, Kennington

I liked this place a lot. Very busy in the early evening, with very good quality beer. A pleasant location in a quiet London square. The bloke stood next to me at the bar was an absolute plank, but that's not the pub's fault. In my opinion, best pub in the area.

6 May 2010 23:59

The Hanover Arms, Kennington

Very quiet when I visited at 11.30 am, so makes it difficult to judge, but first impressions were that this is a relaxed, friendly, locals pub - perhaps with an irish flavour ( although that's based on the barman and the one other customer ). Beer was in good nick, and this is the nearest pub to the Oval - although if I'm being honest I prefer the Greyhound.

6 May 2010 23:57

The Grey Derby, Kennington

Very friendly, long, thin locals boozer. Only one beer of offer when I visited - Brains SA - but it was very good, which is always preferable to putting on half a dozen beers which are not kept well. Perfect for a long lunch if you're having a day at the Oval.

6 May 2010 23:55

The Fentiman Arms, Kennington

A trifle pretencious, with lots of soft furnishings, ladies that lunch and a very expensive wine list. Friendly enough though, and the beer's ok.

6 May 2010 23:52

The Duchy Arms, Kennington

Struck me as being something of an old man's pub - although that's not necessarily a bad thing if they're as jovial as the trio of elderly gents who were sitting with me. Beer wasn't great. In all, an ok pub, but nothing special

6 May 2010 23:51

The Black Prince, Kennington

Good solid boozer, was quiet when I visited on a Wednesday afternoon but I can imagine it's a friendly locals pub. Only real criticism was that the real ale ( Young's London Gold ) was far too cold.

6 May 2010 23:48

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Top notch back street boozer. Excellent range of ales. Only mildly spoilt by the loudmouth in the corner who thought that the whole pub wanted to hear his unfunny tales of his schooldays.

4 Apr 2010 22:39

Elm Tree, Cambridge

A great pub. Firendly staff and great beer. When I visited on a saturday lunchtime ( well, late morning if I'm being honest ) it was the perfect place to sit and read the paper. The barmaid had great taste in music too ( there's not many pubs where you get New Model Army ). Good range of beers on offer too.

4 Apr 2010 22:34

The Green Man, Stamford

Visited the Green Man during it's recent beer festival. Love the place anyway, but with the beer festival going on the place really exceeded itself. Friendly staff ( who knew about the beers on offer ) and a friendly atmosphere. Almost goes without saying that the beer was in excellent condition. The place was heaving on a saturday lunchtime, but the staff were totally in control. Can't recommend highly enough.

4 Apr 2010 22:30

The Tobie Norris, Stamford

Visited the Tobie Norris on a Saturday lunchtime. Hadn't been before, and was expecting something exceptional. So, sad to say, was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the place just seemed to lack something. That said, it was very quiet, so maybe I need to visit it during a busier period. Beer was excellent.

4 Apr 2010 22:28

Dun Cow, Salthouse

Very friendly, with good quality beer - the Woodforde's Wherry when I visited was top notch. Landlady was very welcoming, and spoke to me like I was a regualar even though I'd never been in before.

Perfect if you've been out birdwatching or for a walk.

2 Mar 2010 20:43

The Royal Oak, Walton

Was closed and boarded up when I drove past this week. Hopefully it's only a temporary thing, but over the last few years the owners ( Milton Estate ) have been trying to knock it down to make room for housing. Shame on them.

20 Feb 2010 21:58

The Periwig, Stamford

Was in here the other evening before meeting some workmates. Probably more for the younger set, lots of drink offers by the look of it. Beer was in good nick though.

10 Feb 2010 21:37

St Marys Vaults, Stamford

Popped in here for a beer the other evening. Very quiet, but then it was quite early. Can't say I'm a huge fan of Sam Smiths, but it was in good condition, and can't knock it at 1.60 odd a pint.

10 Feb 2010 21:34

Chequers, Bedford

Only popped in for a half, but seemed decent enough. Traditional bar and a restaurant.

20 Nov 2009 23:33

Cross Keys, Pulloxhill

Popped in her early doors on a Friday evening, and was the only customer in. Landlord was very friednly, and took the time to sit down and have a chat even though he was obviously very busy preparing for evening.

Quality pint of Wells Eagle.

My only complaint is I couldn't stay longer. By the sound of it, it's very popular for food too.

20 Nov 2009 23:32

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

Now re-opened, and called the Ostrich, which was its original name.

Popped in briefly a few weeks back, seems ok, time will tell. Beer was good, though there were some local "characters" in there - but then that's the way it's always been.

23 Oct 2009 22:32

Golden Pheasant, Etton

Decent country pub serving good food, which has recently had a change of management and a refurbishment. I guess it's more geared towards food, but they still make you very welcome if you're just popping in for a drink. Beer kept in great condition, and the staff are very friendly. Fine beer garden, with plenty of room for kids to charge around.

The pub is in a very fine looking building, which used to be an old farm house.

7 Oct 2009 20:11

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

A delight ! Eclectic is probably the best word to describe this place. A total misture of customers. Not sure what the painted roof is all about, but it's unique I'm sure. Second hand books for sale - always a winner with me !

The beer was excellent and the whole place was friendly and relaxed.

Quote above the bar : " I've never seen a situation so dismal that a politician couldn't make it worse".

7 Jul 2009 20:57

The Washington, Belsize Park

Glorious, glorious, glorious. Mirrors, dark wood, more mirrors and more dark wood. Ornate carvings around the horseshoe bar. Excellent pint of landlord and a huge range of single malts, if that's your thing.

Oh, and did I mention the mirrors and the dark wood ?

7 Jul 2009 20:55

The Grafton Arms, Fitzrovia

You'd have though that, being a Greene King pub, they'd serve you a decent pint of Green King beer. Wrong ! Which was a shame, as otherwise it seemed ok.

7 Jul 2009 20:51

The Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia

Awful. Asked for a half of beer, three eighths of vinegar. Glad I didn't ask for a top up. Barmaid was unfriendly ( but was more unfriendly to the next gentleman she served ).

Maybe I caught it on an off day, but don't think I'll be going back to see if I can catch it on an on day.

7 Jul 2009 20:49

The Prince of Wales Feathers, Warren Street

Ok, but uninspiring. Very handy for Warren Street tube though.

7 Jul 2009 20:47

The Montagu Pyke, Charing Cross Road

Popped in here to escape the rain. It's amazing that wherever you are, whenever you enter a Wetherspoons you know what you've going to get - and it's not good.

As usual,the real ale was served far to cold and despite being buusy the place lacked any kind of atmosphere. I suppose a plus is the clientele had a little more decorum than some Wetherspoons I have visited.

7 Jul 2009 20:46

The Crown, Chelsea

Not my sort of thing I'm afraid. I can imagine this used to be a decent street corner boozer, but now it's just sterile. Not really sure what it's trying to be, but whatever it is - they certainly know how to charge for it.

7 Jul 2009 20:43

The Coopers Arms, Chelsea

Decent enough, but have to agree with the last reviewer - does lack a certain something. It's a shame it's opened up into one big room as I imagine at some point it had several separate rooms.

Always difficult to tell on a Monday at 4pm I suppose, but can't imagine the place having much atmosphere even when full. Beer was ok though - Young's Special was in good nick.

7 Jul 2009 20:41

The Chelsea Potter, Chelsea

Being on the King's Road, this pub gives the impression of being somewhere people meet and have a quick on before moving on elsewhere though. Very popular with tourists ( which i guess includes me ).

Beer ok, if the choice was uninspirational. Toilets grim.

7 Jul 2009 20:38

The Admiral Codrington, Brompton

Visited early on a Friday afternoon. Service was friendly enough, and the beer was ok. The rest of the clientele were obviously very well to do, but nothing wrong with that.

A solid pub, probably geared more towards food, but there's stools lined around the bear, so you can perch yourself on one of those and enjoy a couple - I didn't feel out of place reading my book.

And considering the fate of other pubs around here - the Australian and the Moore Arms are both now closed - this one deserves all the support it gets.

7 Jul 2009 20:36

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Visited here ( very ) early doors on a recent trip to London - about 11.30 to be honest. There was only a couple of other customers, so difficult to give an opinion on atmosphere, but seemed relaxed enough. Service was efficient and beer was in good nick.

Nice looking pub - lots off haning baskets etc, and an eclectic selection of pictures on the wall. An ideal place to while away an hour reading the paper.

7 Jul 2009 20:32

The Chequers Inn, Binham

Popped in here on a recent trip to the coast. Really liked it. Very nice beer, which is brewed in the village - shame I could only have the one. Food was of a good quality, if perhaps a little pricey.

Other than that, a very friendly one room village pub, with a mixture of diners and locals having a Friday lunchtime pint. And they made our 18 month old welcome too !

7 Jul 2009 20:29

The Windmill, York

Liked this place a lot. Despite being very busy on a race day, we got served in no time at all. Lots of different rooms, and several bars.

Beer was good quality, if the range was a little uninspiring ( Ruddles County and Flowers IPA )

16 Jun 2009 21:35

The Mount, York

Popped in on our way to the races, and wished we'd gone elsewhere. Even full of racegoers, it felt a bit desperate, and smelt a bit odd. Beer was ok.

16 Jun 2009 21:33

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Perfect for a pint to drown your sorrows after losing money at York races. When I popped in recently, the beer range was excellent, the condition of the beer perfect and the service prompt and friendly.

16 Jun 2009 21:29

The Lord Burghley, Stamford

Popped in here on a Saturday lunchtime with the enemy, a friend and our 18 month old daughter. Couldn't fault it. Staff were friendly and very helpful. Veggie breakfast waqs great value at 3.95 a throw, and there was a beer festival going on out the back ( lovely pint of mild ! ).

Been in hear plenty of times in the past, and have always had a great pint. Ideal for browsing the second hand shops and reviewing your purchases over a beer.

26 Apr 2009 22:37

The Ship, Soham

Popped in on a Tuesday lunchtime. Service was friendly. IPA was very well kept. Good solid boozer.

8 Apr 2009 21:37

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

Still shut - and for good this time I believe.

A real shame - used to love this place when I was younger. And as I got older, it was somewhere to pop in for a quiet beer of a Saturday lunchtime.

24 Dec 2008 00:19

The Wortley Almshouses, Peterborough

It's cheap, and if you like Sam Smith's this is the perfect place for you.

The Wortley's ok, and now Bogart's is shut, it's either this or the Brewery Tap at this end of town.

It could be worse.

24 Dec 2008 00:17

The Drapers Arms, Peterborough

Compared with the other 'spoons house in Peterborough this is a much better bet - customers who aren't there just to get as drunk as they can in the shortest amount of time.

I've never eaten here, so can't comment on that, but the beers always good, and there's worse places I can think of to pass a few hours with a few beers.

24 Dec 2008 00:15

The Fitzwilliam Arms, Peterborough

The Green Man, as the pub is known locally, could be a great village pub. Unfortunately it isn't - always seems a bit contrived to me. All very inoffensive - food ok, beer ok, but nothing to write home about,

24 Dec 2008 00:10

The Red Lion, West Deeping

My late grandfather used to drink here - recommendation enough in my book.

Good beer, and good food - and very young child tolerant.

24 Dec 2008 00:05

The Free Press, Cambridge

In my view it's a toss up between the Free Press and the Live and Let Live for the title of best pub in Cambridge.

Greene King beers may not be to everyone's taste, but the Abbot here is excellent.

I can only echo IsAdnamsTheBest. Fenners and the Free Press - perfect.

18 Dec 2008 21:50

Admiral Wells, Peterborough

Apparently the lowest pub in England - it's actually below sea level.

Decent pub, with good beer. Can't comment on the food, but ideal if you've been visiting one of the local nature reserves.

18 Dec 2008 21:45

The Hand and Heart, Peterborough

Ah ! The Hand and Heart. Back street gem, 1930's classic boozer - roll out the platitudes and they're all justified.

Always a cracking pint, a friendly welcome, and someone to strike up conversation with.

Unique in Peterborough, and there can't be many like this left - the Hand is on CAMRA's national inventory.

18 Dec 2008 21:41

College Arms, Peterborough

Usually full of inebriated folk at an alarmingly early time, this place is best avoided on the day they pay out the dole in Peterborough ( Thursday I think ).

Typical Wetherspoons - cavernous and soul-less. Beers normally ok though.

18 Dec 2008 21:38

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

By a country mile the best pub in Peterborough city centre ( I'm not including Charters which is the other side of the river ). Great ales, which are no longer brewed on the premises, and splendid thai food.

Somewhere where you can actually go on a weekend evening and not be surround by alcopop drinking juveniles - yes, it's a place where grown ups can go for a civilized drink or five. Unique in the city, and a local institution.
Which makes it even more difficult to understand by the council want to knock it down and build more shops - backhanders anyone ?

Get down there while you still can !

18 Dec 2008 21:27

Charters Bar, Peterborough

I've always loved this place, and in years of coming here I've never had a bad pint. An everchanging selection of real ales, always in excellent nick.

They have great live music too. Add to this the fact that it's got a pleasant garden ( despite being in the middle of Peterborough ) by the river, and you've got a belter.

Plus, how many pubs do you know where you will be drinking below water level ?

18 Dec 2008 21:23

The Old Stables, Fontwell

We stayed for the weekend in the adjoining hotel / motel / lodge.

Despite being part of a chain ( Innkeeper's Lodge ) which has every potential to be as bland as Brewer's Fayre, etc. this is really rather good. Decent food, and good ale - plus very friendly staff.

Our 12 month old daughter loved it, and we went made to feel like outcasts because we had brought her into a pub.

Handy for Fontwell racecourse if that sort of thing floats your boat.

18 Dec 2008 21:18

The Murrell Arms, Barnham

Settled myself here while the other half and her relatives went to the auction that takes place in one of the outbuildings. I loved it !

Great beer, interesting bric a brac and a wonderful health and safety hazard in the way of the ring-the bull. They even brought out plates of free food, which is always fine by me ( though can someone explain by a pile of cheese, meat, etc. was topped by a chocolate eclair ).

18 Dec 2008 21:15

Hatters Inn, Bognor Regis

Picture the scene. We were visiting the other half's relatives in Bognor and were planning on taking them to lunch at a nice Sussex country pub. The best laid plans and all that - they wanted to go to the local Wetherspoons.

Food was average and the clientele were average Witherspoons customers, ie. not dissimilar to the patrons of that bar in Star Wars. Packed, and probably familiar to Dante, on a Saturday afternoon.

The beer was ok thoug.

18 Dec 2008 21:07

Crown and Anchor, Deeping St James

Closed for good I'm afraid. Currently for sale de-licensed, and a sign declaring "any offers considered". Sad.

18 Dec 2008 21:02

Blue Bell, Glinton

This used to be my watering hole when I was younger - quite often used to pop down during lunch when I was sixth form.

Paid a visit on a Saturday, when no other local pubs where doing food all day. It's change since back in the day, but certainly not for the worse. A friendly welcome and decent food - and a spot on pint of Abbot Ale.

18 Dec 2008 21:02

The Blue Bell, Maxey

I love the Blue Bell, though probably best avoided if you're squeamish about stuffed birds and animals.

Great beer, and a real local village pub atmosphere.

18 Dec 2008 20:57

The Old Coach House, Market Deeping

Busy at the weekends but quieter in the week. Ideal if you've got the day off and want somewhere to enjoy a pint and the paper.

Several big screens, so great for watching football in a friendly atmosphere. Lovely in summer, when you can sit out on the patio by the river, watching the ducks go by.

18 Dec 2008 20:56

Vine, Market Deeping

Small quiet Charles Wells pub. Beer is always in excellent nick and there's always conversation to be had if you want it.

18 Dec 2008 20:54

Bull Hotel, Market Deeping

Classic Everard's pub on the Market Square with an ex-Chelsea player as landlord. Always busy, and always friendly. Try the dugout if you want a quiter drink. Beer always in excellent nick ( try the Old Original ).

Food is traditional pub fayre, homemade and excellent value.

18 Dec 2008 20:52

The Three Horseshoes, Werrington

I'm biased, as it used to be my local. Friendly, basic locals boozer. No food ( other than cheese or ham rolls ). Classic irish landlord, and great characters drinking here. Best ( and busiest ) pub in the village by far.

18 Dec 2008 20:39

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