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Comments by nickyboi45

The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo

Fantastic setting. Beer well kept and a good selection. Food very nice but very expensive for a pub despite the view. No locals to be seen only people up for the weekend staying at their 'weekend' cottage. Despite this and to be fair, the bar staff were very good at their jobs and the landlord knows how to run a pub so fair play. So lets not forget the beer. Very good.

6 Jul 2011 23:19

The Swan, Noss Mayo

Attended end of May this year. Cracking pint of Doombar. Had a fantastic steak but was ruined when the landlord had a domestic in the kitchen with his wife that was heard by us all.
Nevermind had a great pint of Addlestones cloudy cider.
Far better than the Ship.

6 Jul 2011 23:13

The Dolphin, Newton Ferrers

I attend this pub twice a year (so a total of four weeks) as I have family that live here and over in Noss Mayo. The good points are great views, great locals and good food. The downside is Badger beer (be it well kept) I just do not like it. However they do sell a decent pint of Stowford Press cider!
I prefer this to the Ship (too pretentious) and the Swan (dead) and don't even ask about the Yealm yacht club!!!!!!

6 Jul 2011 23:08

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

I attended the POW on Saturday 2nd July 2011 on my way to my children's school summer fete (terrible parent I know!) and enjoyed a pint of Ringwood 49er and the great Hop Back Summer Lightning. Also on offer was a pint of youngs plus two others which escape me at present plus thatchers cider a fine Somerset brew!
Whilst there I noticed the all day breakfast being brought out which looked fantastic!
I love this pub, everything is right about it. No wonder it is being awarded Hampshire pub of the year on Tuesday 12th July 2011. Apparently there is morris dancing in the street! I can't wait.
Brilliant boozer, lovely drinkers and great beer. 10/10

6 Jul 2011 22:53

The Poplar Farm Inn, Andover

This pub looks great and promises to deliver. However........

Stay away! I have visited four times in six months before saying what I think.

They have a good selection of ales but they are often tired and stale. It is apparent that people don't drink enough of the real ale and as such it goes off. The staff are young and rude when you ask for another pint. At one point I was refused another pint because I had 'complained already' unbelievable!

Poor beer. Hot glasses. Dreadful pub.

And another point, the food is dreadful. I appreciate that this is all about beer but the food is terrible too. No axe to grind honest. Just want a decent pint of ale for my hard earned coins!

20 Jan 2011 19:27

Cricketers Inn, Pirbright

I have visited this pub several times with the wife. The ales are top notch. I have drunk Ringwood 49 'er, Doombar and 6X. ALL were excellent. Went the other night and had two steak meals with a bottle of wine for 25. It was beautifully cooked. The log fire was roaring and the locals were plesant and chatty as were the staff and the landlord. Recommended.

12 Dec 2010 10:19

The Lamb Inn, Nomansland

Went here the other day with the wife and the kiddies. Food good and Ringwood 49'er was very good. I always stop here to have a nice pint whilst going through the new forest.
I think this is a lovely pub but I know what you mean about the regulars! They could not keep there eyes off the wife!
I used to drink here all the time when I lived in Whiteparish 20 years ago. I even remember playing cricket for the pub on the green when we played against Coventry City FC!
However I do not know anyone here any more so I am treated as a tourist and the landlord is a bit of a grumpy git but I guess it just takes time to break down these barriers.
What counts is that the beer is very good which shows the landlord knows what he is doing!

7 Dec 2010 10:54

The Coach and Horses, Salisbury

Nice pub with a good atmosphere. Weird though, sometimes empty then all of sudden full to the brim.
Real ales are pretty good but not really the ones I like. Nice enough though.

7 Dec 2010 10:37

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

One word for this pub, Fantastic!

A great REAL pub with good food and of course fantastic ales well kept with good prices. Popped in the other day and had only meant to have a pint of Ringwood 49'er. In fact it was soooo good that had about five and had to get a taxi home! Told the wife that I had a couple!!!!

I no longer live in Farnborough and I wish I did. I miss this type of pub there are few left like it. This pub is so easy to get to as well. You can get a train to Farnborough North train station or a little further away is Farnborough Main train station. All in walking distance.
Be warned though, don't drive. You can not leave these fine beers alone. Cracking pub.

7 Dec 2010 10:20

Cubana Waterloo, Waterloo

Visited the other day at lunch time. Quiet but ever helpful staff. Food was great and reasonable. Beers very nice and I settled for a nice Cuban one.
I was initially overcharged which I failed to notice. The bill should have been 22.20 but was charged 222.00 My wife pointed it out a few days later when she found my receipt! I rang my bank and the restuarant had realised the mistake and had corrected it. How honest is that! Well impressed.

7 Dec 2010 08:40

The Silver Plough, Pitton

I was born in Winterslow and now work in London and cover the country with my work. I love real ale and cider. I have always loved this pub as my sister was married nearby and the reception was opposite this beautiful pub.
Enough about me but I attended this public house recently and I have to say it was like a time warp! I am not saying that the pub needs to change the decor other than the snooty teenage staff and the the poor real ales. The beers were well kept but the wrong brewery for the area. What's wrong with guest ales? HopBack brewery one of the best things to come out of Salisbury? Get some main stay beers like Fullers London pride, Ringwood best or 49'er and some Doombar from Cornwall!
Food was okay but very pricey for a village pub.
Such a shame. It could be a real goldmine.

6 Dec 2010 21:30

The Plough Inn, Grateley

Lovely pub with great beers, I had the guest beer Ringwood 49'er which was fantastic.
Food was good too.

6 Dec 2010 21:18

The Black Horse, West Tytherley

Turned up here quite by chance after visiting my sister in Farley. I love it! Great HopBack beers well kept and well served.
More of the same please!
The food looked great!

6 Dec 2010 21:15

The Lion's Head, Salisbury

A great local pub with a great crowd of locals. Nice beer which is well kept.

6 Dec 2010 21:08

Lord Nelson Arms, Winterslow

Lovely local pub with good beers and nice food.

6 Dec 2010 21:07

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Great pub very much like the Antelope. Good beers nice staff and average food. Well done Fullers.

6 Dec 2010 20:46

The Orange Brewery, Belgravia

A place to be seen not to drink. Staff dreadful, beer awful. Just like the Thomas Cubit round the corner. Rubbish. Looks like a home makeover. Food average. Prices through the roof but okay for all the silly people that go there. Think Chumley Warner overload!

6 Dec 2010 20:44

The Grenadier, Belgravia

One of my favourite pubs. I love this pub and often take friends here. This is an old officers quarters so do as you are told!!! Great food and the beers are great, Bombadier and Spitfire were here last time I was there.
If you can find it then you will enjoy! I challenge you!

6 Dec 2010 20:39

The Ebury Brasserie and Dining Room, Belgravia

Overpriced. Poor beer. Full of idiots who know nothing. However the food was superb.

6 Dec 2010 20:36

The Ebury Wine Bar, Belgravia

Proper old fashioned wine bar. Good wine with staff that know what they are talking about. Nice food too.
Visited the other day and had a great meal with a beautiful bottle of wine recommended by the staff.

6 Dec 2010 20:34

Duke Of Wellington, Belgravia

Great pub. Great beers and a lovely landlord. Food is okay too. Pop in often just to catch up on the cricket scores.

6 Dec 2010 20:32

The Belgravia, Belgravia

Beers average. Lagers okay but no such thing as real ale! Guinness is great. Football pub but atmosphere is great.
Martin the landlord is okay and the pub can get busy.

6 Dec 2010 20:31

The Antelope, Belgravia

Lovely little pub, close to Sloane Square but hidden well.

The normal Fullers beers on tap which are well kept. London pride a true favourite.

Often eat and drink here and can only say more please! Great pub.

6 Dec 2010 20:27

The Fountain Head, Branscombe

This is what a pub should be! Fantastic. I visited this pub on Friday evening with the wife after we came down to see friends that live in the village. The locals are lovely and fun to have a chat and a laugh with and make you feel very welcome.
I have to say that the beer (Branscombe) was great and well kept but for me the 'real' cider (in a barrel on the bar) was fantastic. I also tried the Stowford Press which was beautiful.
We sat next to a beautiful smoky roaring log fire and ordered the pork belly and my wife had the scallops. We both agreed that both dishes were fantastic.

Well done the Fountain Head!

Well worth the walk up the hill no wonder I was so thirsty!!

The better of the two pubs in Branscombe due to beer, price, food and atmosphere.
Please read my review on the Masons Arms, Branscombe.

6 Dec 2010 10:30

Masons Arms, Branscombe

Visited this fine pub again after visiting friends who live in Branscombe. I ate here on Saturday night (04.12.2010). I see that the St Austell brewery have taken over and I have to say the beers, Tribute and Proper Job were of good quality and well kept.
A nice roaring log fire was on the go with dogs allowed in, which is always a nice touch.
I ate here too and enjoyed a fine steak (a little pricey for Devon more like London prices) and the wife had a fish stew which was lovely.
I also had to drink a pint of Thatchers cider along with a pint of Addlestones cider (sat too close to the fire one thinks! I was very thirsty!). Very nice.
Staff were all dressed like school children??? Was it me or the Cider?
Lovely pub . (Please see my review on the Fountain Head, Branscombe)

6 Dec 2010 10:12

The Swan, Ash Vale

I have used the Swan for over twelve years now (although its not what you call a local) and have always found the landlord and landlady nice people. The established staff are always helpful although some of the newer 'teenage' staff do suffer with attitude but we were all young once! The beer is always good with several guest ales. The other day I had a pint of ale from the Hop Back brewery (Salisbury) which was excellent along with with a pint of their mainstay Courage Directors which was good. They are very close to the Hogs Back brewery and often have T.E.A on tap too.
I have not written about the Swan for over two years and just wanted to update people who have not been here for a while.
The pub is still not child friendly but I understand why children are not allowed after 6. As a father to three children the last thing you want when you go out is children running around your feet when you are trying to have a nice meal with the other half! However this brings me to the main part of this review.
The Swan has had a makeover. I have thought long and hard about it and I have to say that one of the enjoyable things about the previous Swan was that it was dark and nothing really matched. Different tables, chairs with beautiful Gothic candalsticks on the wall with wax running down them etc. It had character. Now it has been decorated with lighter coloured walls and the standard pub restaurant tables and chairs. To give you some idea of what I mean, when you now visit you expect a new door that leads to the new Premier Inn located out the back! I appreciate that we have to move with the times but after speaking to many people that visit the Swan, young and old the view is the same. Its now just a normal old 'chain' pub that you can find anywhere. Think Beefeater. They might as well allow children in now as it is no longer romantic. Shame.
This pub is mainly about the food and since I last wrote little has changed. The food is very nice until it gets busy and then they just can not cope. The teenage staff can not deal with constructive criticism and the prices just go up every year so much so that they are now comparable to 'London'prices. The makeover now includes a rather bizarre section outside for smokers with mirrors and pictures its almost as though someone from one of these many makeover shows has had a go at the Swan. In fairness I don't smoke but I guess it makes the poor wet and cold smokers feel as thought they are still part of the pub as they huddle together outside!
All in all a nice enough pub if you visit for the first time. Nice ales but nowhere to stand and drink them. Food good sometimes but poor on others (fish often overcooked).
The decor? I will leave that up to you!!

6 Dec 2010 09:56

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