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Comments by nickragingthirst

The Chequers Inn, Hornchurch

former boozer of arsenal captain tony adams when he was a drinker.

20 Jan 2007 14:58

The Hawley Arms, Camden

this is what I call a boozer,great ambience,awesome jukebox and full of characters,staff were friendly and the beer well kept.It is nice to see individuality in a pub,the pictures,candles in the windows and the selection of cola bottles,rhubarb and custard sweets and monster munch crisps as bar snacks was a nice touch,will definatly be back.

12 Nov 2006 13:34

De Hems, Soho

very nice selection of beers,good pint of amstell.Obviously a dutch pub so it specialises in continental beers,nice decor inside also.

10 Nov 2006 15:29

The Imperial, Soho

just a nice no nonsense boozer,nothing amazing but serves its purpose.

10 Nov 2006 15:27

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

lovely pub,john bonser this isnt a pub where "strangers" get randomly thumped.Richard Bacon is a known tv personality and was obviously targeted,no smoke without fire and all that.
The venue itself is smart,good selection of ales and lagers,nice atmosphere.

10 Nov 2006 15:24

The Zoo Bar, Leicester Square

awful awful place,bully doormen,the club itself is like having a drink in the middle of kicking out time at a millwall game,seriously horrible.

10 Nov 2006 15:21

The Bat and Ball, Leicester Square

was a great "boozer" for years,cheap beer,pretty barmaids,some good mates were regulars,more or less sawdust on the floor.Mondays was pint of carlsberg for 99p..happy dayzz hick!
Then one day it was sold off,bought and turned into some strange vegas lounge bar with leapord skin seats,a chandalier and beer at 3.20p a pint.It has no atmosphere anymore,progress? nope I think not,its just a big pity.

10 Nov 2006 15:18

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

always been a nice no nonsense nicholsons pub for a couple of beers,nice cosy atmosphere.

10 Nov 2006 15:13

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

a damn nice little pub.Ive been drinking here for six years and it is one of the only pubs in the area that has a loyal little collection of regulars which gives it that local feel,rather than a stereo typical west end pub.Does fill up with curious tourists but luckily they tend to bugger off to the upstairs restuarant,leaving the real people doing the proper business of drinking downstairs.

10 Nov 2006 15:11

The new Players Lounge, Charing Cross

cool venue,laid back,no loud music just a guy sitting in the corner playing a piano.Tends to fill up with luvvies and local theatre staff,refreshing change from the usual loud clubs in the area.

10 Nov 2006 15:07

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

may mate runs this place so I may be somewhat biased,but the venue itself is cosy,the beer of reasonable standard and has good large sports screens.The bar maids are well picked and cute and the prices arent too bad..phew right howard does this mean I get a free beer now??

10 Nov 2006 15:04

Crobar, Soho

i like this place,its quirky.The goth,metal pierced bar staff are friendly and serve you cold cans of lager or nice cold "dixie lager".I sometimes go in dressed in jeans and shirt (am not a goth or metal fan) and nobody bothers you or gives you that "what are you doin in ere" look.Its friendly,laid back and just a cool place to have a few beers,unlike the intrepid which was always in your face too much.

10 Nov 2006 15:00

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

good littel boozer for a swift one,pretty and friendly barmaids.

10 Nov 2006 14:37

The Soho Wine Bar, Soho

good little venue,quiet week days but busy fri,sat after pubs spew out,good place to pull nice birds,only downside its too small and cramped when busy

10 Nov 2006 14:36

The Rising Sun, Belgravia

really cosy pub after dark,good beer,nice selection of ales (standard youngs) and has a nice unpretentious "locals" feel to the place,was quiet on my saturday evening visit with just a few regulars propping up the bar and chatting.Very friendly landlady who bought us a bowl of nuts to our table on the house which I thought was a nice touch.

29 Oct 2006 09:05

Duke Of Wellington, Belgravia

went in last nite for first time in a couple or three years,this is a staple boozer,doesnt change through the ages.It has a tremendous old skool atmosphere,does tend to fill up with young sloanes who loudly take over the area but this is to be expected within gagging distance of sloane square.

29 Oct 2006 08:54

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