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Bridge House, Copsale

Closed :(

20 Sep 2009 16:12

The George and Dragon, Shipley

came here for my birthday drinks, was going to order food but the family were away on the one weekend i visit. :( but its an amazingly quaint pub, just brilliant.
how pubs should be in sussex, hehe!

15 Aug 2009 14:08

The Fountain Inn, Handcross

it was a wonderful gay pub for the local area! sadly my friend and his partner have since moved on from running the pub. not too sure what it is there now.

15 Aug 2009 14:00

Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton

REALLY friendly atmosphere.
always go here for a drink or two when in brighton.

20 Jun 2009 23:42

Bar Med, Crawley

wtf at the comment below :S

seriously though, it's not a place i'd visit unless it is rock night on the 1st thursday of the month. even that night is a bit hit and miss - get better bands playing!? unless you're into chart dance music, i wouldn't really bother unless you're super drunk.

put the use of the old cinema to waste.

20 Jun 2009 23:38

The Sussex Barn, Horsham

not too sure on the management now, but haven't been here in a while cos of the atmosphere.

the bar staff can be helpful but it's 'local pub for local people'.

20 Jun 2009 23:33

The Dog and Bacon, Horsham

good old dog and bacon.
friendly atmosphere and decent food.

20 Jun 2009 23:30

Piries Bar, Horsham

too cramped but has its charms. good times had there! haha!

20 Jun 2009 23:25

The Crown, Horsham

really enjoyed this pub. the food was brilliant, decent sized portions and friendly staff.

20 Jun 2009 23:24

The Kings Arms, Horsham

very friendly staff. not too busy and a great jukebox :)

20 Jun 2009 23:22

The Olive Branch, Horsham

this pub has gone downhill in atmosphere. it's a shame because only 3 years ago it was quite a cosy and friendly pub! now its turned into a young persons pub! :(

20 Jun 2009 23:21

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

wonderful quirky pub, with good food too!

20 May 2009 00:34

The Malt Shovel, Horsham

love this pub greatly! not sure on the bands but its such a pleasant atmosphere and the regulars are lovely - it's good to go back.

20 May 2009 00:32

The Hillside Inn, Crawley

i've never had a problem with this pub. be it waiting for meal or the meal itself. it can sometimes be a bit busy, but its been fine in the end.

food is alway good and staff friendly. i love this pub. heh!

14 Apr 2008 10:55

The Sussex Barn, Horsham

not yet tried the food, but nice atmosphere but strangely quiet for a friday evening/night.

pool table = good!even though i lost.

14 Apr 2008 10:51

The Railway, Crawley

the decor has been updated and looks really modern and from a girl's point of view - very pretty, ha!

it's definitely changed in the clientele for young people though. but still worth going along to for a drink on a weekday.

14 Apr 2008 10:50

The Good Companions, Brighton

visited this pub about a year ago. but i really did find the staff accomdating :) plus a very good pub quiz!

i take it from previous comments that the old man running the pub has gone? shame :(

14 Apr 2008 10:48

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

very interesting pub! cosy and friendly, plus those tins with the notes inside, a nice idea :) yet to try the food, but will on my next visit.

14 Apr 2008 10:46

The Eagle, Brighton

visited the pub on my birthday for a sunday roast (beef). amazing food and very friendly atmosphere. definitely visit again!

14 Apr 2008 10:44

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