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Comments by monkeyjoe3000

Clerkenwell House, Farringdon

This place is too cool. Actually the people are so cool they are frozen, really difficult to talk to anyone and/or get served unless you have a 500 haircut

13 Dec 2006 16:44

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Too much work talk. Too packed. Slow bar staff. Food is pretty good though, good sandwiches.

13 Dec 2006 16:28

Henry Addington, Canary Wharf

Filthy gross packed pub. I ordered a jim beam and coke and ended up with a glass of champagne. If you order in Hungarian you might get the right drink.

13 Dec 2006 16:25

The Cat And Canary, Canary Wharf

It's great to find a decent, dirty old man's pub around all the snobby wine bars in Canary Wharf, I love it!

13 Dec 2006 16:24

The First Edition, Canary Wharf

stuffy bar with zero atmosphere. whole place looks like an Ikea showroom. Tiny bar with about a million punters trying to get drinks. Theres table service but they don't come back for hours.

13 Dec 2006 16:19

The Fine Line, Canary Wharf

full of the usual money talking snobs. nowhere to sit down as all the tables are reserved but they are all empty. good bar staff though who know what they are talking about, especially in terms of spirits

13 Dec 2006 16:17

The Brewery Inn, Ashtead

Was good until recently when chavs started hanging out there

13 Dec 2006 12:52

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

At last a pub with decent music! Great for getting lashed and groping Aussies.

13 Dec 2006 12:51

Yates's, Leicester Square

This is easily the scabbiest place on Leicester Square. It is absolutely full of chavs who will endeavour to make you spill their drink and then start on you.

13 Dec 2006 12:48

The Camel & Artichoke, Waterloo

Nice pub to take the Mrs. Not a real drinking pub. Friendly staff and good music though.

13 Dec 2006 12:46

The Fire Station, Waterloo

I never got hassled in here. I think it's a great warm up pub for a big night out. Service is a bit slow though.

13 Dec 2006 12:45

The Horse Bar, Waterloo

Good selection of spirits and friendly staff

13 Dec 2006 12:42

Cubana Waterloo, Waterloo

This is the best bar in the world. I have been there 4 times and got laid every time. Fantastic cocktails and great music.

13 Dec 2006 12:40

The Woodman, Ashtead

This pub has deteriorated rapidly over the last few years. It takes hours to get served, even though there are tons of staff and no customers. One guy even refused to serve me because he was going on his break in 30 seconds! And the food is horrible - bullet peas and raw meat - lovely.

13 Dec 2006 12:38

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