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O'Neills, Sutton

This pub has gone down the place is dirty, the loos really need sorting out. The staff are rude the staff start putting the chairs on top of the table around ten o clock which i dont understand as the pub is open till 11. You can get a drink at 11 but the staff want you out by five past. The manager is never around and the people he leaves to run the pub should get some manners i will not be going back and i have used this pub since it open

24 Oct 2009 12:53

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

The smell at the bar is is like someone has been sick there for a week.The pub is dirty i had a glass of wine and had to change the glass 3 times .the moon on the hill is giving wetherspoons a bad name. needs a good clean , the toilets need to be sorted out as well

1 Apr 2009 12:25

The Sutton Arms, Sutton

went in the pub the other day ,no one behind the bar the manager talking and did not care about people waiting ,i walked out and will not be going back

1 Apr 2009 12:20

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Went in today for breakfast with my wife and 2 kids for breakfast around 11.30, the breakfast came out quick and hot, the service was very good considering only one staff working and the pub was busy .this pub has really improved in the last year KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I WILL BE BACK

25 Mar 2009 21:36

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

went out with a group of old work mate from bt last night ,was not sure where to go but most of us wanted curry ,so we decieded on here , we had a goodnight, curries were good the best i have had in a wetherspoons can you believe the food came out hot and hot plates , not to be in many wetherspoons, staff did not seem to be to happy , but we had a goodnight and will be going back and very soon keep up the good currires.

13 Mar 2009 14:26

Bertie's Bar, Wimbledon

nice bar, staff are slow beer is good, will go back but maybe go upstairs ,

12 Mar 2009 16:20

The Woodman, Sutton

this pub is for all barred idiots around , very load, last time i went in, there were a few window fitters who like the sound of there own voices and sounded like a load of idiots there must be a prize who can shut the loudest stella was rubbish, it must be on par with the butterchurn and sydney

12 Mar 2009 16:05

The Sydney Arms, Sutton

what a dump landlady been there to long, if you want a fight this is the pub ,beer is not good and spirits brought from the shop down the road ,old woman behind the bar who would not attract many customers unless the pub has a over 70s night get some young birds behind the bar

12 Mar 2009 15:55

The Dolphin, Sutton

what a dump

12 Mar 2009 15:39

The Sussex, Brighton

good pub nice beer and food kept nice and clean

12 Mar 2009 12:02

The Plough, West Sutton

went to meet a friend last month ,if u want to listen to the manager talking shit to the customers then go and listen , customers are rough same sort of customers you get in the sydney ,the customers like to be heard and the swearing is nice for the children that are running around this pub should have been put on a council estate

12 Mar 2009 11:58

The Crown, Sutton

good pint of carling went in last saturday around 13.30 ,3 people in the public and 2 in saloon got talking to 1 of the customers and he told me all the customers are going to the grapes and it is 80p difference in the price and 1.50 on a monday so i went to the grapes and it was packed

12 Mar 2009 11:50

The Grapes, Sutton

popped in last Friday ,very busy had to wait a the bar for a while, lots of groups drinking ,really looks like a local , very clean and tidy, staff friendley what is going to happen to the local around most of the pubs at the bottom of sutton are to expensive and have got away with it for to long well done to wetherspoons cheap food and drink opening more

12 Mar 2009 11:44

The London and Rye, Catford

not the best of pub , ales are not the best , staff swear as much as the customers ,lot of kids running around, it looks like the mothers of catford take the kids to the pub instead of the park not good

12 Mar 2009 11:35

The Old Fox and Hounds, Croydon

went in on monday night waited for a drink while the staff were talking , got a pint of stella you would not give the glass to a dog to drink out of it was rotten ,will not be going back, i will wait 20 mins for the train on the platform

12 Mar 2009 11:25

The New Town, Sutton

good beer i enjoyed my ram and special, not very busy but enjoyed the chat with the staff and customers, at least give you the time of day more than i can say about the other youngs pub around here,this is my local for know but will be trying the other pubs around here and there is a few

12 Mar 2009 11:14

The Lord Nelson, Sutton

just moved to sutton from cheam, my nearest pub is the nelson what a pub, i have been in ther 4 times and every time i have been in it feels as if someone has died, the few customers that are in there look so unhappy but then again the staff and manager dont look much better,pub was exspensive for a back street pub and not the best ,i have since moved to the new town ,look at my commen one the new town

12 Mar 2009 11:07

Ganleys, Morden

not a bad night in gangleys the other weekend ,untill the fight started it was bad, then what do expect if you leave a big group drinking all day and night ,the manager is to greedy ,needs to put people out when had enough wont be going back my days at gangleys have finished

12 Mar 2009 10:58

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