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The Ham Brewery Tap, Ham

Dont take any notice of review before dec 08.Under new management since then(or Patsy's. She must be easily scared) The pub has only gone up in the world, and the new management intend to take it further. The pubs now very clean,food is back on and the beer is now as good as you can get anywhere(Ive tried one or two, hic)New dartboard in a better position. 3/4 size pool table but not to much room around it.Meat draw saturday at 3. Quiz night coming and live music. Try it now.

12 Feb 2009 12:10

The Ham Brewery Tap, Ham

the new management are very friendly! theres a tv for football and other things. The dart board has become very popular as the pool table is very small.

17 Jan 2009 13:57

The Fox and Duck, Petersham

the fox and duck is not a great pub! the bar staff are friendly ish and theres football on most the time. they have 1 pool table witch is good but the megatouch machine is normal out of order or off. there is a open fire for in the winter thats great if someone gets around to lighting it! its quite often very cold in the winter we were all sitting there in coats. theres a heated smoking area outside. the foods not brilliant and they don't get too many orders! its kid friendly but their not aloud to play darts or sit at the bar, or play pool if your under 16 but nobody listens to that rule. the pub is normally dead if there isnt a match on.

17 Jan 2009 13:51

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