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The Robin Hood, Sutton

Open again!!!

New landlord, new staff, very friendly, great food given out on opening night.

13 Oct 2020 16:51

The Robin Hood, Sutton

The landlord left during the COVID19 lockdown and the pub didn't reopen.

Youngs believed to be looking for a new tennant

25 Aug 2020 16:15

The Red Shoot Inn, Linwood

Last week there was a beer festival here. Lots of good beers.

A week later and the same beers are all still on the pumps - all vinegar to a greater or lesser extent

Now drinking bottles.


7 Oct 2016 21:52

The Hope, Carshalton

Sleepy. I have no idea who you are. Furthermore, I do not care either.

You seem to hate this place. If that is the case, why don't you just fuck off and leave the place to the people who like it; have the brains to be able to use the massively advertised parking system; and appreciate the people who put their money up to save a below average pubs and turn it into into the amazing pub it has become.

Don't bother having a got at me; accusing me of being part of the management or being a shareholder etc., because I won't take your purple troll bait.

Long may this place prosper!

24 Sep 2016 19:58

The Star Inn, Lingfield

Overpriced and under portioned food. Barely adequate beer. Short measures. Best avoided.

9 Sep 2016 22:34

The Robin Hood, Sutton

Landlord had left.

Pub now closed.

Might open in a couple of weeks after a minor refurb

19 Apr 2016 16:41

The Hope, Carshalton

Awesome pub. The beer just gets better and better. The way a pub should be. Brilliant staff and customers. It was a national finalist ( so top 4 in the country ) in CAMRA national pub of the year - well deserved too !

19 Feb 2014 20:19

The Butterchurn, Sutton

3 hand pumps and none of them serving anything???


What a waste! Go to the Hope - Infinitely better place.

21 Jan 2014 21:43

The Crown, Sutton

Looks big on the outside. Pokey on the inside. Had Bombardier on - very badly kept and not worth drinking. Regulars seem to be largely pikies and chavvy builders. Best avoided if you like beer or you don't have webbed feet and a sister you call "mummy"

31 Oct 2012 18:14

The Hope, Carshalton

Excellent beer festival ( as usuall BTW ). Superb beer selection. Wonderful quality.

Only problem - the 12 casks ran out too quickly. Still, another 7 cask beers on the hand pumps on the bar.

No wonder this place is Sutton & Croydon CAMRA Pub of the Year (again)

29 Apr 2012 15:50

The Grapes, Sutton

To "Cockneypaul" - 2 things.

1) Why are you shouting???

2) The best pub in the London Bouough of Sutton is actually "The Hope" (48 West Street, Carshalton). It has just been awarded CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2012 - 3rd time in 4 years.

Agree that "The Grapes" is much better than "The Spew On The Hill" up the road. Indeed, it is one of the better JDW pubs.

29 Apr 2012 15:30

The Hope, Carshalton

Improving with every visit. Beers are getting better and better every time.

Ronan's promotion to bar and cellar manager is well deserved - bring on a variety of beers for us all :-)

18 Feb 2011 15:25

The Robin Hood, Sutton

Agree. Beer quality dropping with every visit. Number of customers dropping with every visit. Number of staff serving dropping with every visit. Number of bottled beers in the fridges dropping with every visit.

As a consequence, my visits are getting further and further apart.

To think this was Camra's Sutton Pub of The Year under Ken and he was awarded best managed cellar in the Young's chain. New guy will never come near any of these accolades.

The Hope in Carshalton (another West Street!) is where a lot of former Robin Hood regulars have migrated.

18 Feb 2011 15:21

The Prince of Wales, Merton

A good pub - even has a piano in the corner!

26 Sep 2009 11:07

The Grapes, Sutton

A nice 'spoons - big contrast to the moon on the hill - which is more pants than apair of old pants

26 Sep 2009 10:58

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

Was a great pub with a brilliant selection of well kept beers - going down hill rapidly since Shep-Neame takeover.

26 Sep 2009 10:56

Crown and Anchor, Brixham

Excellent beers - Excellent & Friendly Staff - Friendly & Welcoming locals.

What more could you ask??????

23 Apr 2008 15:12

The Butterchurn, Sutton

I had probablly the best every pint of IPA ever a few weekes ago in here.

Shame the place was full of chavs and their spawn.

2 Mar 2006 11:47

The Angel, Sutton

Ths pub gets worse. The beer is not looked after at all and the staff are rude and unhelpfull.

2 Mar 2006 11:45

The Robin Hood, Sutton

Ken has just been awarded the best kept cellar in the Young's chain. I beleive he was runner up for the last 2 years.

A great comendation for a great cellarman and the great beers he keeps it in.

P.S. to "Colourshifter" - Ken STILL runs a great quiz on Monday nights. Free to enter, with 8 bottles or beer or 2 botles of wine to the winning team - PLUS, an extra "jackpot" question (still free to enter) that wins you cash - Currentluy the jackpot is 100.

2 Mar 2006 11:41

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