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Comments by john8pr

Bacchus, Birmingham

Bar service painfully slow at times. But beer very good: despite being disappointed that the UBU was out, I had a superb pint of Brains' Reverend James. Very well kept. Food was good and only took half an hour. Given the bar service I was worried it would take much longer. Superb "vault" location, very atmospheric.

30 Dec 2011 18:37

The Bartons Arms, Aston

Fantastic building - can a large pub be built better than this? Beers well kept. Westons Old Rosie and Westons Scrumpy cider on draught too. So why only 8/10? Well the draught beer range from Oakham wasn't really a range. There were 4 beers all roughly the same straw colour, all floral citrus-like aromas, designed for new-comers to cask ales who used to drink pop or lager. No amber, red or tawny bitters, no winter ales, no stouts or porters or milds. That's why.

30 Dec 2011 18:29

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

Visited this pub yesterday (29 Dec 11) and had an excellent pint of Thornbridge Lord Marples, chilled and effervescaent as a properly kept cask ale should be. The people next to me were drinking Thornbridge Sequoia which looked super too.
First time in this pub - a real cracker - stained glass windows - airy, high ceilings, but with plenty of little alcoves if you want something more cosy. Recommended.

30 Dec 2011 18:02

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