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Comments by imp123

The Edinburgh Cellars, Newington Green

It's a nice pub with a great back room and the beer range is good. Found the staff pleasant and helpful.

However, the cost of the food in there is ridiculous, a steak for 24 and 12 for a burger and small portion of chips! They are losing food custom as there are good food alternatives in the area for a lot less and six of us decided against eating there for exactly that reason.

5 May 2011 19:38

The Landseer, Holloway

Nice pub, good service and the food is good. Recommend giving it a try. The starters and mains were very good, the dessert menu was limited but still good. Good range of beers etc

20 Mar 2011 19:42

The Londesborough, Stoke Newington

Visited yesterday and recommend it highly, good range of drinks and contrary to what the other reviewer said the food has always good and I have been several times on different days of the week. Nice and friendly bar staff and good to be able to get Doom Bar bitter on tap.

4 Jun 2010 09:33

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

We were there on Friday and found the food good as was the the service. The staff were friendly and there was a good range of bitter. I will be going there again.

26 Apr 2010 10:22

The Nobody Inn, Newington Green

Was an ok pub when visited it not many people in, they should really consider changing the name of the pub because most of the time I have been in it lives up to it's name!

9 Apr 2010 11:32

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

Was in last night and also served a short measure on a pint. Also had food, which wasn't brilliant, I think they may have changed the chef recently as the quality has slipped. Also dishes came not as described.

Food used to be exceptional at the pub, now descending into just ok. Like the guest bitters though and the atmosphere of the pub is generally good

9 Apr 2010 11:22

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

The beer is good but the food was terrible. A group of us had something to eat at about 8pm. Hand cut ham, eggs and chips...the ham came out of a packet and was thin, the eggs were hard and the chips had been fried in oil fish had previously been in. Wedges were a joke, three for 4! I had sausage in sandwich and chips again very low standard.

Avoid this place for food, go to Kings Stores round the corner instead.

14 Sep 2009 15:41

The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

Really good food and nice pub overall. Could do with more bitters on tap though and a bigger range of crisps and pig snacks!

30 Jul 2009 11:04

The Birdcage, Stoke Newington

NIce pub and good range of beers and other drinks. Good to see food being served there at last! Was always a shame to have had to leave to get something to eat.

Paying extra for the sauces with the food seems like a wierd thing to do. Friend had a veggy burger, which wasn't brillant. On a personal note not a big fan of the huge chips, way too much potatoe almost like a roast potatoe!

Toasted suasage sandwich was nice and will be having that again.

20 Feb 2009 16:08

Three Crowns, Stoke Newington

Beer is too expensive, nice interior though

20 Feb 2009 16:02

Town Crier, South Woodham Ferrers

Don't bother going to this pub its scruffy and dated and the service is shocking. Staff act like they are doing you a favour in serving you. The beer selection is nothing special.

I complained about the beer tasting off and despite being pleasant about it the manager was rude and confrontational and I was told to leave.

4 Feb 2009 13:34

The Fountain, Islington

Been a few times a very good pub tucked out of the way and not full of idiots from essex like the rest of mainstreet Angel.

Beers are good, could do with branching out to more interesting beers though rather than carlsberg etc

13 Sep 2007 17:28

The Fox, Corfe Castle

Awful boil in the bag undercooked food and awful decor. The only good thing is the garden.

13 Sep 2007 17:21

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Great friendly pub with excellent food and wine choice would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

17 Jul 2007 10:04

The Gladstone Arms, Borough

been a couple of times now, great small pub

31 May 2007 14:13

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Good beer and atmosphere but really could do with an extra person or two behind the bar at the back of the building on the ground floor. They have enough space for a couple more people. Apart from that a good traditional pub.

17 Jan 2007 11:31

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