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The Royal Oak, Hawkeridge

An absolute winner. Charming all round. Staff have the ability to remember your tipple even when you've moved away and returned for old times sake months later. Two or three real ales and a roaring fire. A couple of hiding place rooms and a large dining room. Very photogenic from the front so take your mum and dad and line up for a family photo outside afterwards. No TV, no sport, no music, no kids rampaging, no surly door jamb smokers. If only all pubs were like this.

24 Mar 2009 12:30

The Ludlow Arms, Westbury

It's closed, it's open, it's closed. I wish it would stay closed.

24 Mar 2009 12:22

The White Lion, Westbury

No, no, no. Not under any circumstances. I wouldn't even look through the expanse of glass in case I saw someone's pint and it spilled. Slot machines, chavs in vests and cheap lager. That's about it. I think I once caught novovirus passing the front door.

24 Mar 2009 12:14

The Bell Inn, Westbury

It's well worth battling your way through the barflys to get to the Bell Best and whatever the excellent guest beer will be. Can be cramped. There can be a pull down football screen going so if you don't like to observe English football fans during tense penalty shoot outs then another night or the non-season might be best. But this is a great down-to-earth pub.

24 Mar 2009 12:11

The Crown Inn, Westbury

Love it! Great pub. Landlady works really hard. She's an absolute gem.

24 Mar 2009 12:05

The Horse and Groom, Westbury

This great local is sadly missed. Bad luck, Leigh, after all your hard work.

2 Dec 2008 17:39

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

I can't add any more. I love this place with its real fires, friendly staff, great beer, enormous crab sandwiches, good chat, and views of that idyllic little harbour. I can never leave. Once I was in here and the washing machine upstairs leaked a little on a poor chap sitting at the bar. No one laughed at his misfortune, and everyone was unbelievably kind to him. Lunchtime is my favourite time to visit.

2 Dec 2008 17:34

The Old Coastguard Hotel, Mousehole

Not a pub at all. One of those places that's got up itself. I used to go here regularly for crab sandwiches and Doom Bar. I agree, it does have a lovely view, and it is large, pine-finished and smart. Funny someone should say, "made it feel uncomfortable". I agree. One day in 2007, there were no crab sandwiches and the staff were on the "take it or leave it" side, so I've never been back. They're too smart for beer and crab sandwiches. Plenty of better pubs in Mousehole.

2 Dec 2008 17:29

Radjel Inn, Pendeen

Absolutely agree with you, George. Just back too. Harriet the hound is a French something or other. There were roaring fires lit in all parts. A few locals were gathered. I loved it. St Austell's was much less than 3 a pint unless I was undercharged. Wish I could have stayed for more, but I fancied trying Lil's Chippy which is nearly next door. Pleased to say Lil's was brilliant.

2 Dec 2008 17:21

The Gurnards Head, Zennor

The Gurnard's is now a lovely restaurant. It's sadly no longer a pub. If you want to go to the Gurnard's for a pint, book in advance. They're liable to just shut if they don't have bookings. I always visit when I'm in Penwith. However, this time it was shut at 1:30pm. It's a reminder that when you gain a great restaurant, you can lose a good pub.

2 Dec 2008 17:15

The Tinners Arms, Zennor

I know this idyllic, famous and historic pub very well, and it's my favourite pub in the world, but in November 2008 my visit was ruined by a rude and ignorant barmaid. I thought I was being filmed secretly when the sandwich board outside said food was being served, only to have her say, "Can't you smell the wet paint? Kitchen's closed." But she was no joke. Having been persuaded to stay by my partner, the next people to wander in were treated to, "Didn't you see the fridge being delivered?" It really isn't funny to treat people this way.

25 Nov 2008 12:50

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