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Comments by huntforbeer

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Popped in on Bank Holiday Monday to see what changes,if any,the new licencees had made.
Sadly,and despite the nice weather,there were only a handful of customers.
The Doom Bar was excellent and reasonably priced for Weybridge.
I do hope that the former punters return.
The Farmer is one of the few proper pubs in Weybridge and I hope it prospers.
I would not like to see it go the same way as The Mitre,but then again, the ghastly Grotto will not be missed.

8 May 2013 08:35

The Inn On The Lake, Godalming

Had Sunday Lunch here yesterday having had an enjoyable meal a few months ago at it's sister pub,The Seahorse at Shalford.
What a difference and what a disappointment.
The only plausible excuse they can have is that it was probably the finest day of the year and the whole world and its mother had turned up.
The place was jam packed and whilst the beer (Doom Bar) was OK the service was slow and the food mediocre.
The Sunday roast (beef for most of us) with "all the trimmings" was bland and well done with no possibility of getting it served rare,or even medium rare.
The "trimmings" amounted to a dish of uninspired vegetables.
Shan't return.

15 Apr 2013 09:03

The White Bear, Masham

Last July I posted complimentary comments about this pub.Well,a lot can change over eight months.
My wife and I visited again on Easter Monday and we received the same warm welcome as last time-the beer was equally good,but the food was absolutely abyssmal!
After nondescript starters my wife had the roast beef and I chose the steak and ale pie.
I suspect that the beef was left from the previous day-it was stone cold,which was not intended I'm sure.
The steak pie was cut from a tray and the crust was burnt black and covered in dried up gravy.
All in all, very disappointing-although we are regular visitors to Masham we will not be returning to The White Bear.

3 Apr 2013 15:34

The Cat Inn, West Hoathly

This is is an exceptional pub-not at all pretetious (as can be the case with many so called "gastropubs").
Welcoming landlord,well kept hand pulled beer and superb beer-what more could one want?
Prices reasonable and the steak,mushroom and ale pie is one of the best I've tasted in my quest to find the perfect pie.
Well worth a visit.

18 Mar 2013 11:10

The Kings Head, Bessels Green

Had lunch here last Saturday.
Menu fairly French,but friendly barmaid and priprietor were both English.
Food excellent and reasonably priced.
There is a remarkably cheap set menu.
Decent Doom Bar and selection of wines by the glas.
Only one complaint-it was a cold day and the place was freezing,to the extent that it was only just bearable.

25 Feb 2013 13:23

Seven Wells, Etwall

Called here for a late lunch after visiting nearby auction house.
It looks a typical"roundabout roadhouse" from the outside,so we were pleasantly surprised when we entered-modern,tasteful decor.
Greene King IPA was excellent.
The menu was quite broad and the food remarkably cheap.
Nevertheless it was very good -£50.00 for two courses each including 3 pints of beer and a glass of wine-we consider this to be good value.

14 Jan 2013 09:33

The Three Horseshoes, Thursley

I am bemused by the comments of "ramblethenlunch" of 14th September last.
One of the attractions of The Three Horseshoes is that it remains a proper pub, rather than a gastropub, where the staff look down on those who have just popped in for a drink.
My family and I had lunch in the bar on New Years Day and it was excellent.The pub was understandaby packed,but there was no problem with service or the size of portions.The Doom Bar was first class.
We found the prices perfectly reasonable and very competitive for a Surrey pub-particularly as this pub was the Surrey dining Pub of the Year in the 2012 Good Pub Guide..
Unfortunately,we live 30 miles away-if we were nearer we would be regulars.

9 Jan 2013 14:21

The GlassHouse, New Malden

Called for an early evening drink last night.
The beer was a staggering 4.00 a pint-the most I've ever paid outside upmarket hotels.
We also ate-the burgers at 12.00 a go.
Neverthe less it's a jolly nice pub-the beer was well kept and served and the fod wasgood.

6 Nov 2012 09:35

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

My sons and I were fairly regular patrons of this pub until about a year ago, when we decided we could no longer put up with the endless noisy pontifications of "Jim the Gob"
We have read with interest the endless stream of critical posts which have followed the change of ownership,so with some trepidation we ventured in last Saturday,with a plan B in mind if it really was as awful as appears to be the case from reading this site.
Much to our suprise the beer was perfect-two pints of Doom Bar,followed by two pints of Ringwood Best-all properly pulled and crystal clear.
The landlord seemed affable and although we did not eat the menu appeared astonishingly cheap.
I sincerely hope there is no underlying motive for the barrage of critical posts which seem totally unjustified from our experience.
I would urge any doubters to return-this is one of the few remaining proper pubs in Weybridge and it would be sad to see it lost.
For the avoidance of doubt I confirm that this is a genuine post-I am a regular contributor to BITE and I had never even heard of the Healy Group until I read of them on this site.

29 Oct 2012 09:03

The George, Chertsey

I''ve only ever been in this pub a couple of times-not too keen on the clientele .
However,it has been closed for months-no doubt due to the greed of its pubco owners in trying to screw an excessice rent from the licencee.
As one of the most historic buildings in Chertsey it will be a shame if it doesn't re-open as a pub

15 Oct 2012 11:21

The Kings Head, Shepperton

This is a proper pub,clean,well kept beer and pleasant staff-the customers appear a bit cliquey-of the "I spy strangers" variety.

12 Sep 2012 10:24

The Harrow, Charlton Village

I can't believe that people have complained about the height of the ceiling in the bar of this pub-it's 800 years old-people were a lot shorter then!
Landlord lacks a publican's charisma/bonhomie,but the beer is well kept-both Greene King IPA and London's Glory-presumably a post Olympics brew.
Food offer-two main courses for 12.00 on weekdays from a truncated menu seems remarkably cheap.
Well worth a visit.

12 Sep 2012 10:20

The Harrow, Charlton Village

I can't believe that people have complained about the height of the ceiling in the bar of this pub-it's 800 years old-people were a lot shorter then!
Landlord lacks a publican's charisma/bonhomie,but the beer is well kept-both Greene King IPA and London's Glory-presumably a post Olympics brew.
Food offer-two main courses for 12.00 on weekdays from a truncated menu seems remarkably cheap.
Well worth a visit.

12 Sep 2012 10:20

The Refectory, Godalming

We only went here because we were late and they do food all day.The bulding is most impressive,but I'm not too sure how much of it is genuinely old.
The menu is unpretentious, but the food was good.Service seemed a bit slow given that the place was not very busy.
The staff were friendly enough.
We were not so keen on the beer.The only one of which we'd heard (T.E.A) was off.
We are always a bit suspiciuous of "local brews" -our fears were justified,we had to back one round and the next wasn't too palatable.

10 Sep 2012 11:45

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

The recent reports on this pub have been removed-Redacted or censored?
As a former patron I was enjoying the litany of complaints following the "demise" of Jim Phipps.

8 Aug 2012 16:01

The Royal Oak, New Malden

I like this pub.
Although I'm not a great fan of Youngs beer (their principal hand pulled beer) it is well kept and they do have interesting guests including Black Sheep and Timothy Taylor's Landlord.
The pub is certainly unpretentious with a "pub grub" menu.I have eaten several times and the food has always been good and of particularly good value.
I am surprised by the comments of surreypubdrinker (24 June 2012)-without exception I have always found the staff friendly and efficient.

6 Jul 2012 08:57

The Brickmakers, Windlesham

My first visit foe a number of years.
Not a bad pub-well kept Doombar,but a bit cold for my liking.
Food only average (6/10) and no atmosphere in restaurant mid-week.
Staff not particularly friendly ,bar a bit cliquey as mentioned in a previuos post and completely empty by 10.00 pm

6 Jul 2012 08:25

The White Bear, Masham

Had lunch here after visiting the excellent bar at Theakston's Visitor Centre.
Inevitably the beer was in perfect condition,but we were surprised by the quality of the food which,for it's price was very good.
The staff were friendly,efficient and helpful,particularly in providing my wife with the recipe for the delicious black pudding hotpot!
We shall certainly visit again when in the area.

2 Jul 2012 09:41

The Bull, Newport Pagnell

A proper unpretentious english pub.
Well kept and cheap hand pulled beers together with excellent value food.

21 May 2012 08:32

Ashley Park Hotel, Walton on Thames

The Ashley Park has just started a Monday Night Ale Club.
Visited the first night-several real ales including excellent Doom Bar,London Pride and Timothy Taylors all at 2.50 a pint-I can easily pay 3.50 for the same brew not very far away from Walton-well done shley Park-keep up the good eork!

8 Feb 2012 14:39

The GlassHouse, New Malden

I completely agree with Niven,
This could be a good pub-nice food at reasonable prices and well kept beer,but at lunchtimes it can be over-run with indisciplined toddlers,their mummies and push chairs the size of four wheel drives.
It gives the impression of being an organised creche and I can't believe there is any money for the managemant in allowing this mayhem,which must put off "real drinkers"who would surely spend more money than the present clientele.
I'm just off to lunch-at The Glasshouse-oh dear!

25 Jan 2012 12:07

The Temperance, Putney Bridge

Called here for a pre-match pint last Saturday-it was inevitably packed-four real ale pumps sighted,but no real ale!
Service was appalling-largely due to there being an offer on jagerbombs,which take a long time to serve and which appealed to the northen hordes.
The word is that planning permision has been sought to convert it into a Tesco local-although it's not a particularly nice pub it will be one less place to drink on my annual visit to Fulham FC.

23 Jan 2012 12:05

The Red Lion, Barnes

is this a pub or a creche?
Called for lunch last Saturday to find the place over-run with indisciplined children.
There were six push chairs (more like Chelsea tractors) in the dining area.Two children at different tables were beating those tables,one with a spoon,the other with a salt cellar, whilst admiring parents looked on without attempting to stop the racket.
Food was average-nice pint of Pride, despite being the end of the barrel and unfortunately there wasn't another barrel ready to go,which was a pity as I was in dire need of nerve tonic because of the noise.
The staff were indifferent and disinterested.

23 Jan 2012 11:54

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

Obviousy the management of The Crown has taken little notice of the constructive comments contained in my post of 7th November last.
Despite the gratuitously offensive comments of St Peter on 30th November (he should explain why the presence of a wedding party brings all other catering to a standstill!) I feel compelled to post again,having,of necessity,had to patronise The Crown several times over the Christmas break.
I can only assume that staff training for bar work at The Crown includes;
1.Lessons in avoiding any eye contact with customers waiting patiently to be served.
2.Failing to look beyond the pillar in the middle of the bar to see if any customers areawaiting service.
3.Serving customers in no discernable order-a practice which is not helped by customers failing to honour the time honoured pub code of indicating who has been waiting the longest.
4.Under no circumstances should tables be cleared of dirty plates with congealing food on them for at least an hour after the dining customers have left.
5.Pulling pints of beer so as to ensure that the product is a flat as possible.

Perhaps "Big Tony" should address these shortcomings-possibly after he has fathomed out the electrics which left the bar in darkness on New years Day despite his repeated attempts to get the power back on.I seem to recall being evicted from The Crown some time ago when there was a power cut, on the preposterous grounds of "health and safety"
Without wishing to upset Big Tony-less still St Peter (heaven forbid!) I do feel that an executive shakeup is long overdue at The Crown-THe Kings Head afford a much more affable and professional service-and the beer is cheaper.
PS-I have no problem with KFC,but surely nobdy wears Y Fronts these days,not even in Chertsey.

3 Jan 2012 13:23

The Woburn Arms, Addlestone

Delighted to see that The Woburn has re-opened-I hate to see pubs closing down.
Called in at the weekend-not much sign of customers-I don't know what they can do to attract trade-beer at 2.70 a pint should help.
Doom Bar,Directors and Fullers Seafarer on hand pump.
We had the Doom Bar,which wasn't at its best,but we will return./

28 Nov 2011 09:22

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

Called here on Saturday to watch the football-I don't know where they recruit the bar staff,but clearing tables is obviously not one of their responsibilities-dirty plates on tables for hours on end.
The beer is dearer than many pubs in Chertsey,but not exhorbitant.
Despite boasting "food all day" the bar staff were instructed to take no further food orders at about 2.30 pm-OK, there was a wedding arriving ,but surely this is something they should take this into account when making the catering arrangements?
This pub used to be buzzing all the time ( I've used it for forty years) but on Sunday lunchtimes it is now dead.
Perhaps it's time for a change of management as it seems that complacency has set in.

7 Nov 2011 10:54

The Lion, Teddington

What an excellent pub.Had lunch here last Saturday-the bill for five was 100 including 8 pints of beer and a bottle of wine-staggering.
The food was authentic french and served by charming friendly staff.The beers,both Doom Bar and London Pride were well kept.this pub is well worth a visit.

17 Oct 2011 08:52

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham

This place is much improved since my post of May 2010-although it is essentially a dining pub you can stand at the bar and have a drink without feeling uncomfortable.Beer usually well kept ,but a bit on the pricey side.Bar staff are friendly.
The one draw back is the car park!

Despite being one of the biggest for miles around it can sometimes be full-even in midweek early evenings and my party has on occasion had to go elsewhere!

16 Aug 2011 12:46

The British Volunteer, Weybridge

Nice, proper pub,well kept,but expensive beer-probably the most expensive in Weybridge-Doom Bar 3.60 a pint.
New carpet (long overdue) recently fitted and a sensible notice barring work boots on the door-couldn't this be extended to include dirty work clothes?
There are a few in there who would even be thrown out of The Jolly Farmer!
It's a shame that the cliquey regulars-the overweight Steve Curry included,can't be better mannered and make spce at the bar for those who are still thirsty.

16 Aug 2011 12:34

Grassington House Hotel, Grassington

Not really a pub,but it does have a bar open to all serving hand pulled beers.The food here is quite exceptional- We have dined in Michelin starred restaurants which are not as good.

1 Aug 2011 11:26

Buck Inn, Buckden

Called on Saturday 30th July-the day after reopening-they had run out of real ale!
Large blackboard menu,but they weren't doing food.
It might have been more sensible if they had got their act together before opening rather than launching at "half cock" and putting people off.

1 Aug 2011 09:24

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

I don't think I've ever heard anyone with a louder laugh than Jim Phipps,which is unfortunate in such a small pub.
I presumed (wrongly) that he would get the old tin tack after the rat convictions.

26 Jul 2011 16:53

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

Magnificent building,but curiously inappropriate modern furniture in the bar and restaurant.Well kept Doom Barb at 3.50.
Pleasant staff and charming French manager who will hopefully be successful

26 Jul 2011 08:42

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Visited on Saturday for the first time for many years-very disappointed -the young barmaid didn't seem to know how to pull a pint-The Old Peculier was an eye watering 4.30 a pint and absolutely flat.
It will be many years before we return (if ever)
This is an historic monument and we had expected much better of it.

12 Jul 2011 12:11

The Beehive, Staines

Popped in last night for a pint-it's certainly unspoilt
.No chavs or builders were evident,indeed not many customers.
Well kept Courage Best at 3.00,pleasant Irish landlady-we will return when we are in the area

7 Jul 2011 10:32

The Fountaine Inn, Linton

A little over a year ago I complained in a post about indisciplined children at The Fountaine.
Evidently the management of the pub dont read posts on beerintheevening for whilst I was in the pub last Saturday afternoon a group of parents brought five young children into the bar area and promptly sat a two year old on the bar.I believe this is against the law.
I may be of the Victor Meldrew generation,but I do not go into pubs over-run by brats,whose parents seem to be incapable of controlling them.
Although I live in walking distance of the pub I am put off going to it because of this continuing problem

1 Jun 2011 12:16

The Onslow Arms, West Clandon

Visited on Saturday evening for the first time since it reopened.They must have spent a fortune, but to what end?It has the formulaic decor of pale green walls and bare floorboards.
the beer (Ringwood Best) was badly pulled and flat,the staff were singularly disinterested so we didn't stop for another and probably won't be back which is a shame as we used to like it under the previoue regime.

11 Apr 2011 12:24

The Three Horseshoes, Thursley

This is an excellent pub.We had lunch there yesterday and it was superb-certainly no evidence of Brake Bros or microwaves.
It really is a proper pub with three hand pulled beers,friendly and attentive proprietors and staff-well worth a visit.
I am at a loss to understand some of the earlier uncomplimentary posts,if indeed,they are genuine.
Unfortunately,I live some distance away,otherwise it would certainly be my local.

14 Feb 2011 11:48

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Dreadful pub-completelty soul-less.
I don't think I've ever come across more disinterested staff.

13 Jan 2011 12:36

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Went here over the Christmas holiday-first visit for many years-not impressed-over half the pub is an over the top dining area with poncy linen tablecloths and napkins.
Beer mediocre and service poor-the barmaid disappeared despite my holding up a tenner and clearly awaiting service-ominous notices about CCTV and drug dealing-has this been a problem in sleepy Thorpe?

10 Jan 2011 13:02

The Old Red Lion, Staines

I visited this pub last night-it really is a proper english pub-cosy and with well kept London Pride and Courage Best-friendly landlady-I shall return when next in the area

5 Oct 2010 09:12

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

Popped in last night as they are having a beer festival.We were delighted to see that one of the beers was Black Sheep-I believe it was 3.45 a pint-it was disgusting-the head disappeared as soon as you took a sip and it became as flat as dishwater.
I suspect that the staff don't know how to keep or pull beer.
Shan't be back.

29 Sep 2010 09:07

The Queens Head, Weybridge

I'm not familiar with Macclesfield-how much is a pint of beer there?I'm sorry that the Third Man is so dissapproving of the clientele of Weybridge pubs.I can only commend to him the Percy Lambert where fights are a regular occurence and even the occasional stabbing (yes,it is in Weybridge). For a late night spot of clubbing he should try Noir by the station-a well known haunt of local low life and probably few nancy boys or mockneys.

7 Sep 2010 08:52

The Queens Head, Weybridge

i was disappointed,but not surprised, to read the two previous posts.My family and I have been regulars at The Queens Head for five years.We were eagerly looking forward to the re-opening -what a dissapointment.The refurb is fine and we have no problem with the staff,but they have put up the price of hand pulled beer by 60p a pint making it by far the most expensive in Weybridge.I have worked out that were we to continue to patronise the pub it would cost us an extra 1400. a year-aprice we are not prepared to pay.This may be a drop in Raymond Blanc's ocean,but not everyone in Weybridge lives on St Georges Hill.I can only assume that they have no wish to cater for those who go to the pub for beer alone.
The food can best be described as "mediocre"-I cannot believe that Raymond Blanc has seen this menu-less still had any input.
Any suggestions as to where to go in Weybridge for a decent reasonably priced pint?

6 Sep 2010 13:01

The Town Hall Tavern, Chertsey

The THT is growing in popularity and they serve a well kept pint of London Pride at a sensible price,it appears that the gastropub project has gone awry and it is now a proper pub.
Odd that they don't open on Sunday lunchtimes which is a pity as I am rather partial to a pre-lunch pint or two.
Much better than The Crown across the road.

2 Aug 2010 12:31

The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney

Called in the other evening-our first visit for a couple of years.We were disappointed,there was no atmosphere (probably because there were no customers) and even though the menu remains french the gallic ambiance seems to have disappeared.
We were served with a mediocre pint of Courage Best by a singularly disinterested barmaid-we didn't stop for a second.

2 Aug 2010 12:21

The Anglers, Walton on Thames

What a soul-less place-bland menu and food, vacuous staff and beer at an astonishing 3.50 a pint.
We will not return

2 Aug 2010 12:09

Buck Inn, Buckden

According to the note on the door this place closed on 22nd July.
The word is that the landlord has done a runner!
Hopefully,someone competent will acquire it and bring it back to the standard of years gone by.
The location is fantastic.

27 Jul 2010 11:47

The Queens Head, Weybridge

I don't know when "Passing_By"was passing by the Queen's Head but as mentioned in my previous post the pub closed in May.When I passed by this morning it was a building site and is likely to be so until it re-opens in September-until then there is not much liklihood of Stella,Guinness or even anything else.

19 Jul 2010 16:44

The Carpenters Arms, Sunninghill

This is an excellent place-a combination of a proper english pub selling well kept hand pulled beer coupled with an authentic french restaurant selling reasonably priced rustic gallic food.
We shall certainly return.

6 Jul 2010 09:15

The Kingfisher, Chertsey

This place is an absolute disaster.The bar service is a disgrace.I attended with my two sons on Friday last,we waited ten minutes to be served,watching others who had arrived after us jump the queue (the cardinal sin in bar ethics).
We then had the bright idea of standing separately at different parts of the bar,each of us holding up a banknote in the belief that one of us might be able to order a double round to avoid the wait being repeated.
After a further fifteen minutes and having watched other queue jumpers get service we left in disgust-never to return.
We did not bother with The Boathouse on the other side of the bridge as experience has shown us that the staff there are equally incompetent.

5 Jul 2010 10:12

The Woburn Arms, Addlestone

I was delighted to see Chris back in the area after his short tenure at the sorely missed Vine.
Hopefully he will build up trade in what,hitherto,has been a woeful pub.
Provided he can kep the beer in good order he will certainly get the patronage of my family as few of the pubs in Chertsey are worth a visit.

28 Jun 2010 15:07

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

My apologies-in my post of yesterday I quoted the price of a pint of Black Sheep to be 3.55-it was in fact 3.35-still very expensive,particulaly as it was not very good.

8 Jun 2010 12:28

The Boat House, Chertsey

If you go to a pub to drink hand pulled beer you can forget this one.We went on Friday 4th June and the London Pride was off so we went over the bridge to the Kingfisher.
Foolishly we returned yesterday lunchtime in the mistaken belief that the London Pride was bound to be on-the barman (who is a nice enough chap) pulled off three pints of cloudy end of barrel muck-had they really sold a whole barrel of London Pride between 7.00pm on Friday and 1.00pm on Sunday?
As the Alton Pride was also off we ordered 3 pints of Bombardier (not our beer of choice) but-you've guessed it -it went off leaving the pub entirely devoid of real ale.Unfortunately this is a common occurrence.So it was off to the Kingfisher again!
This pub recently acquired new owners after the last lot went into administration.If the food and the accomodation are as badly supervised as the beer it won't be long before the administrator appears again.

7 Jun 2010 13:03

The Phoenix, Sunbury on Thames

Went here yesterday for a lunchtime pint in the knowledge that they serve Black Sheep-paid a staggering 3.55 for a mediocre pint-having paid 2.65 pint in Yorkshire last weekend for the self same beer(but better kept) .InTthe bar on the street entrance we were subjected to noisy indisciplined brats-why is this allowed-so we went and sat near the river where we had to endure to the incessant barking of a mangy dog-despite having found a pub which sells our favourite beers we shan't be back

7 Jun 2010 12:47

The Fox and Hounds, Starbotton

Whilst noting Scottie's comments on my previous post I must disagree with what he says.We visited the Fox and Hounds again last Saturday-after feeding time and the landlord could not have been more friendly-he pulled an excellent pint of Black Sheep and chatted to us for half an hour about his experiences in the licensed trade.He is exactly the sort of person I would like as the landlord of my local,which,sadly has closed down,largely due to an incompetent miserable landlord.
Scottie may be assured that I have visted literally hundreds of pubs in many parts of England (it's my hobby) and a properly run pub will not allow dogs into dining areas for hygiene reasons-it's the law.

1 Jun 2010 11:15

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Visited The Jolly Farmer for the first time yesterday evening in our quest for a new pub following the closure of The Queens Head.
It is a proper pub-beer a bit pricey,but excellent-we shall return.

26 May 2010 12:18

The Three Horseshoes, Laleham

The refurb has left this pub soul-less-an anodine "gastro" pub with no character.
Visited last night an we were promptly served with hand pulled beers from the selection of three.
Getting a second pint was the problem.Despite my son holding up a ten pound note the barmaid managed to serve a bloke who had just walked up for a lemonade and to pay a credit card tab-not serving waiting customers in the correct order is the cardinal sin so far as we are concerned-and no mean feat when there are only two people waiting!
The problem was compounded when the three barmaids could not work the till and ignored the waiting customers (us) whilst they attempted to fix it.
We left the pub thirsty and shall take some convincing to return despite the fact that we only live a mile away.

25 May 2010 08:40

The Sun Inn, Chobham

We visited this pub last Saturday evening.The beer was good,but we were surprised at the lack of customers-particularly as this is the only pub in the centre of the village-there was no-one in the restaurant.
It is a nice traditional english pub.

24 May 2010 09:55

The Pelican, Addlestone

Went here earlier this week-the patio was full of boys (and three girls) from nearby St Georges College-I hope they were 18.

20 May 2010 12:44

The Golden Grove, Chertsey

Since my previuos post the beer has gone up to 2.50 in the happy hour-nevertheless a bargain-well worth a visit

20 May 2010 12:38

The Golden Grove, Chertsey

Happy hour-6.00-7.00pm London Pride 2.00 per pint-well kept-brilliant!

12 May 2010 11:08

The Queens Head, Weybridge

The Queens Head is about to close and after refurbushment will re-open as a faux(rather than real) french restaurant and not a pub.
For Weybridge this is a disaster.
I would like to wish all the deposed staff good wishes for the future,my family and I will miss them -and the pub!

30 Apr 2010 14:24

The Devonshire Hotel, Grassington

The bar at this pub is a stupid shape,making it necessary to push past people (some of whom appear unwilling to move) to get served.
Not one of our favourites.

6 Apr 2010 14:31

The Black Bull in Paradise, Masham

We always make a 25 mile journey from our hoiday home in The Dales to visit the Black Bull-in fact we went twice over the Easter week end-we find the staff very friendly and generous with tasters of the six hand pulled beers they have on tap-it's a proper pub atmosphere-unlike the bar at the Black Sheep Brewery-not that I have anything against Black Sheep-one of my favourite beers.

6 Apr 2010 14:26

The Black Swan, Masham

Called here on Easter Monday 2010-friendly barmaid-well kept Black Sheep but astonishing food prices for a very ordinary pub-hence there were only four dining customers-whom we did not join.

6 Apr 2010 14:19

The Sun Inn, Dent

They've obviously fallen out with Dent Brewery-I don't see that as a problem but the pint of Nick Stafford's Hambleton which I had was straight out of Sarson's Brewery (if there is one!)-we left after one pint,not only because of the poor quality of the beer but because of badly behaved noisy children.
Is it not incumbent on landlords to have a word in the ear of the parents who appear oblivious of the annoyance their offspring cause to proper pub clientele.

6 Apr 2010 14:16

The Fox and Hounds, Starbotton

I was astonished to read some of the comments about this pub-we popped in on Easter Saturday and found the landlord very friendly,he joked with us as he pulled an excellent pint of Black Sheep and apologised for the delay in serving us as the pub was very busy-we would certainly go again.
So far as banning dogs is concerned I suggest that the whinging complainer checks the Food Hygiene Regulations about allowing animails on premises where food is served-for obvious reasons it is not permitted

6 Apr 2010 14:05

General Tarleton Inn and Restaurant, Ferrensby

Very upmarket (and consequently expensive) dining pub.Well kept beer,excellent food,pleasant staff ,very clean-what more can be said!

22 Mar 2010 14:46

The Fountaine Inn, Linton

The Fountane remains a proper pub-undoubtedly a fantastic village setting-several real ales on hand pump (but strangely no Black Sheep in recent years),The snug is very cosy,particularly in winter and the reasonably priced food is good.
It can be blighted by noisy indisiplined children whose parents ought to know better and over whom the management appear unwilling to exert any control.

22 Mar 2010 14:28

The Angel Inn, Hetton

I am amazed there have not been any recent reviews of The Angel.No it's not a pub,but they do sell well kept hand pulled beer.WE have been using the place for over twenty years and with a few exceptions have always found the food excellent.
The layout of the bar is poor-there is little room to stand and drink-particularly when staff and customers want to get oast you to go to and from the snug.
If you like real ale and good food there are few better places.

22 Mar 2010 14:21

The Vine Inn, Chertsey

The Vine has been closed for many months as a result of several years of poor management.Nothing to do with the recession,nothing to do with the smoking ban,just incomptence.This used to be a thriving pub.
Consent has now been granted to convert it into flats-yet another pub bites the dust-there are very few left in Chertsey which are worth a visit.

22 Mar 2010 11:41

The Queens Head, Weybridge

Surely the best pub in Weybridge-a combination of a classic English pub and an excellent French restaurant.
Always three well kept real ales on hand pump,good quality bar food,friendly staff and the set lunch menu and Sunday lunch menu are very good value.

22 Mar 2010 11:30

Blubeckers at Gomshall Mill, Gomshall

Called here yesterday at lunchtime.Whilst it may serve real ale (and I have no complaint about the London Pride) it certainly isn't a pub despite the change of identity-its a restaurant with a bar .Didn't eat but the menu seemed uninspiring.

22 Mar 2010 11:25

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