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Comments by hecklesworth

Kings, Leicester

Best pub on new walk now. Never tasted ale in better condition. (Rivals The Plough in Nottingham). Good range of beer styles within the 9 or 10 handpumps. Cosy setting, friendly landlord, nice prices (£2.80-£3.00 for ale). 2 real ciders on and 2 Craft kegs. Beowolf Folded Cross was a quashing best bitter and was amazing; The Old Worthy 'Half 'n' half was fruity and delightful. Would have stayed here all evening but had a Leicester reunion pub crawl to continues with...should have stayed here..)

19 Jan 2015 11:29

Western, Leicester

Still as lively as it was on my last visit 3 years ago. Friendly environment in nice location just off Bede Park. 5 ales on and a real cider. Streaming Billy Tipsy Fisherman in fine form!

19 Jan 2015 11:09

The Boathouse, Putney

New favourite boozer in Putney. Being spread over 3 floors is nice....more stairs to fall down after six stellaaaas! Loos are rubbish. Can put the London beer price mark up towards sortin them out.

13 Jan 2007 15:01

Sloanes, Leicester

Wot a good new local for me! Interesting ales on every visit.

13 Jan 2007 14:53

The Dove, Ipswich

What a pub! Never realised Ipswich had it in it! Had the Crouch Vale and an Archers brew- beeeaaaauuuutiful.

13 Jan 2007 14:51

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

The obvious thing to do when you arrive is head straight to the bar in front of you (and wait quarter of an hour to get served). Best bet is to steam round to the bar area further in and get served in an instant! And i've never got a hair in my beer from this bar.

23 Apr 2006 22:21

The Gazebo, Kingston Upon Thames

A hilarious place. Nice to see Nottingham prices in SW London. The stout is identical to guiness. Was a bit a bit disappointed cos cant stand guiness but love REAL stouts. But the again i can shut up about that cos i was looking a tit in my squash kit!!

7 Apr 2006 12:11

The Park Lodge Hotel, Teddington

just undergone some radical changes and the improvenments are already noticable. Food vastly improved, jazz on a wednesday is brilliant, and new manager has already created a fine atmosphere! Get there, do it!

3 Mar 2006 11:58

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Love this place, unfussy, cheap (well for me cos from SW london) Good food at good value and great ales. CLose to the station, a great first impression of Nottingham i first visit

24 Dec 2005 19:00

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Average establishment and now new local as moved house. Makes a change to see some other beers in the area other than Fullers which ain't that special (esp as all the fullers pubs don't know how to make them taste nice unlike random places around the country that serve Lon Pride and do a goog job with it; that's another matter tho.....). Gobbledy Goose is beautiful and look forward to seeing what guest is on next once the festive rubbish is discarded (apart from batemans Rosey Nosey, Reinbeers Revenge, pudding stouts_) email me if you have a prob with Fullers beers in SW london area!

17 Jan 2004 16:15

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