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Comments by heavyp

Northumberland Arms, Newcastle

this is an old mans pub, in the last place you would expect a pub 1st went in here at the tender age of 13 with my nanna been back once wheni was 22 and it has never changed

the flooring in eldon square is on the wall in the bogs

this pub shall never die!!

24 Aug 2006 02:19

The Cluny, Ouseburn

yeah good bar selection of beers one made us laugh beer from prague called strap on ask for that go on i dare ya

3 Jan 2006 14:57

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

This bar is one of the old school never been updated in years and the way is should be we went in one friday in the summer half cut sat in beer garden had a laugh never should this pub be updated or closed

3 Jan 2006 14:54

Sgt Peppers Disco Bar, Newcastle

aye good bar if you fancy pulling some old granny help yourself you cant even joke on with these lot

3 Jan 2006 14:46

Sam Jacks, Newcastle

ypu toontalk1 spot on this place is crap started off well but full of what do u call them........... chav's

3 Jan 2006 14:45

The Quilted Camel, Newcastle

love this place bouncers are a laugh aswell dont know what the drinks are like as i am always pissed when i go there

3 Jan 2006 14:44

The Pitcher and Piano, Newcastle

EXPENSIVE as delboy would say full of yuppies

3 Jan 2006 14:42

The Mushroom, Newcastle

ne bother with bar it seems to me that the 1st reviewer has had some bother with the place another cheep bar

3 Jan 2006 14:39

Liquid, Newcastle

3 for a treble vodka and red bull in a pint glass
enjoy!! music is very loud ear plugs dont work infact if your tone deaf u will hear again

3 Jan 2006 14:35

Jonny Ringo's / The Lodge, Newcastle

aye canny bar but please ask what bottles are on special for happy hour they dont tell you till you have the bottle payed for

3 Jan 2006 14:33

Stepps, Newcastle

pre match bar cheep as chips

3 Jan 2006 14:31

Gotham Town, Newcastle

this is our pre concert bar who ever is on at the arena there music is played here seen green day and the phonics and it set us right up cheep doubles and trebles

3 Jan 2006 14:29

Fleet Street, Newcastle

yup hugo gone have the micky mouse, popeye on the bog doors they even have a bloke in the toilet hate that u cant even have a p**s in peace these days

3 Jan 2006 14:27

The Beehive, Newcastle

i like this pub go in once and a while for a quick pint before work and on a night out its a good place to go for trebles before you hit the bigg market
weekends are for the old slap like

3 Jan 2006 14:18

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