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The Half Moon, Windlesham

I visit a lot of pubs, and they vary a lot. Some are good, some are dreadful. On arrival here, I found a genuinely friendly greeting from three of those working there (unusual in itself). The real ale was good and well kept. I ordered a veggie burger, and did not expect much. They tend to be the much of a muchness. This proved an exception, although was arguably not a burger- and that is not a bad thing. It looked good, was very filling, and tasted glorious. The prices were reasonable. Well done the chef with imagination. Shame there are not more of you around. This struck me as a truly local pub in the traditional sense, not one of the modern breed. This is one of those rare ] occasions where I can use the word "excellent".

18 Dec 2016 16:24

The Ship, Southfleet

I find this pub to be genuinely friendly (and NOT in a giveusyermoney type of way). In fact the people in this village were friendly, which is not that common now. The food in The Shiip was very good and very well cooked. , the beer (about five real ales including Dartford Wobbler, Hobgoblin and Broadside. It is housed in an ancient building which is also pleasing. Busy , but not so busy it could not accommodate new visitors. A good atmosphere prevails.
Why this pub has attracted some poor reviews is beyond me. I like a good pub, and this is one. I was part of a large group, and many of us are regularly highly critical of pubs. If we go in a pub and do not like it, we will not return until the management changes. The people make the pub. This pub us pleased us. I hope those running it stay a long time. We shall be visiting again when next in this area.

2 Nov 2014 09:00

The Black Horse, Thurnham

I have visited this pub twice. Each time it struck me as souless, more restaurant than pub. Each time I was left with a feeling that they are thing they are were interesting in was taking your money. This saddens me. It just does not feel right. It feels nothing like a real country pub to me. And I love a good country pub.

12 Oct 2014 10:53

The Golden Lion, Luddesdowne

Our walking group has visited this pub various times over the years. I would say it was formerly all right. Now there has been a vast improvement. It is very friendly, the food plentiful and very tasty (I had tomato pudding and never even heard of that before but was really good). A dozen of us descended on them with barely an hour's notice, but the table was set waiting for us. Those of us who always moan were not moaning ; those of us who moan were all saying what I good experience it was. The beer was Tribute and Broadside, both in good condition. We were well looked after by two ladies. It was not even expensive. With pubs closing down all over the place, and a lot of those remaining devoting themselves, often badly, to food, this place is to be commended. The one thing that remains the same - the roaring log fire. I saw never seen, or felt , a better fire. Strongly recommended.

18 Feb 2013 15:01

The Black Horse, Thurnham

This is a restaurant, rather than a pub. It has a bar by the door (and that is it) , and when we were there the whole place was full of tables set for meals. There is nowhere for drinkers to sit. Beer and staff OK. But it is not a pub, or a place you want to linger. While I was there - and we did eat - the word which kept coming to mind was : pretentious. Not enjoyable.

4 Nov 2012 15:26

The Nevill Crest and Gun, Eridge Green

I have been to this pub twice, the second time with a party of party. It was considerably better than I expected. The staff are both friendly and very helpful (al of the ones we saw) ; the food is very good, although some things expensive, and the variety of beer good, and well kept. The longer we stayed, the more we liked it. The only things missing is the atmosphere of a pub, but that is getting harder to find. We've been there twice, and we shall go again. The positive points well outweigh the negative.

24 Jun 2012 12:38

The Junction Inn, Groombridge

This place has a good, friendly atmosphere. They appear to be a community pub and appear to have succeeded. They only had two real ales on. The food is simple, well prepared and good - and plenty of it. As I said, it has a good feel. After we left we bumped into a local family and were talking about this pub. It was clear they liked it. I am happy to recommend it. Its a good local.

8 May 2012 19:27

The Swan Inn, Little Chart

We stumbled across this pub almost by accident. We had meant to go elsewhere but found the place to be awful. This we found this - a real country pub, sadly becoming a rare breed. The food is traditional English, well-cooked and plenty of it. They do about three real ales, which were well-kept. And it is truly friendly. Added to that, it is a very pretty, not to say ancient, pub. We were a party of 12 people and not noted for throwing praise around. I cannot fault this place. Even while we were there , we were planning our return.

17 Apr 2012 19:01

The Golding Hop, Plaxtol

I had heard a lot about this pub but only visited it for the first time yesterday. What a delight! A Real pub. The food is simple, nicely cooked and tasty. Worth the wait. The beer Brains Best and Brain AV and Adnams. Again, excellent (I had Brains best). The old building is a fascinating, old and not tarted up. I was with a group (some of us had been before), and we were all happy and did not want to leave. Oh, and it was a Real landlord and a Real landlady. Perhaps they should start a campaign for Real pubs before it is too late. Can't fault it. A lovely experience.

6 Nov 2011 14:54

The Crown, Chiddingfold

This is a really old pub with a fascinating history. Four real ales in good condition. Menu is quite large and prices moderate to quite high. Service quick and good. Cooking was excellent. I was with over a dozen other people and all were happy. And some of us are quite capable to moaning and complaining. We had a very enjoyable time and want to go back.

13 Aug 2011 23:11

The Black Horse, Battle

I recently took a party of over a dozen people here for lunch. It is very friendly. The food was extremely tasty and really is home-cooked (you have to wait). The beer is good, the prices very reasonable in this family-run pub. We go out a lot and usually more than one person moans. This pub earned universal praise. It is a gem. Don't miss it as it looks very ordinary on the outside. We won't forget this place for all the right reasons.

27 Sep 2010 11:55

The Bells, Staines

A large party of us went to this pub. The food was very tasty, the beer good, and the staff organised and friendly. Service was efficient. The landlord has good sense of humour. All of us were happy, and that is rare. Cannot fault this pub.

14 Apr 2009 10:48

The Union Inn, Old Windsor

Very good atmosphere in this pub. Good ale - had Butcombe. And well cooked food. Been here twice recently and experience the same each time.

17 Aug 2008 16:58

Crown Inn, Westcott

I was impressed by this pub. The landlord is very welcoming and knows what he is doing. The beer (Adnams, Brains, although I had Broadside myself) excellent and the food well presented, tasty and filling. I have never seen such a collection of old horse saddles before. This is a good old English pub, and there just isn't enough of them. We were a large group who just dropped in and we all loved it.

20 Jul 2008 00:34

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