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The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

we were here on Saturday. 9th June, for the first time. The Palmers was excellent and we enjoyed our visit immensely

11 Jun 2012 09:31

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Was there on Saturday, 9th June, for the first time in a drinking career spanning almost 45 years. Lovely vibrant pub with loads of character, the ale was good (we had Brakspear's) but the Ladies toilets were utterly disgusting!

11 Jun 2012 09:29

The Duke of Marlborough, St Albans

I lived opposite this pub for 12 years as a child (1952-64) so remember it very fondly. Was in there a couple of years ago on a nostalgia trip with an old Abbey Primary School friend I had not seen since 1961 who was on holiday from was smashing!

23 Nov 2006 01:07

The Mermaid, St Albans

this is the pub where I had my first illegal drink as a 15 year old in 1967 - it was half a pint of cider....sadly I am far away from St Albans now...!

23 Nov 2006 01:03

The Peyton Arms, Stoke Lyne

A wonderful pub with a bit of a chequered past since the untimely death of the wonderful Norman about 12 years ago .... but it is now in the capable hands of Mick the Hat and his wife Jean so that its immediate future is secure. Thank Goodness. I was almost weaned on Hook Norton Ale! When I first started drinking it in 1974 it was 12p a pint :))

23 Nov 2006 00:49

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