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The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

I went there couple of times but often so its near my flat which is about 2 mins walk. I guess the pub is pretty good and liked the atomphere of it. I never knew one guest ale got chocolate in it!!! I'm still scared to drink that.

13 Nov 2009 23:36

Sedge Lynn, Chorlton Cum Hardy

geez, those reviews are really old. Let me update you with some infos. Those foods are not so bad but cheap value so I liked breakfasts better than a cafe near morrisons shop.

There are also many guest ales and regular pints but no tv except game machine. The men toliet is so not bad but quite clean. Overrall is the pub is just another weatherspoon and I never knew that the pub used to be an snooker hall..

13 Nov 2009 23:32

The Royal Oak Hotel, Chorlton cum Hardy

fancy Heston lady, eh? Not sure she's working but she's got nice ass. Pity that none of women want to talk with a fat, deaf guy like me...I goes to the pub for fri, sat, sun night normally. Not a deaf guy with beard and long hair. Another one.

13 Nov 2009 21:01

The Royal Oak Hotel, Chorlton cum Hardy

who care about negative comments? I'm very strong regular there and the reason is that the price of food and drink is cheap. I like it what I wanted for and the staff is friendly, despite I know some customers sometime fighting there but staffs or bouncers can do the job. But hey, that's the pub blood streaming in regulars vein.

23 Jul 2009 19:14

The Horse and Jockey, Chorlton cum Hardy

I've visited to this pub, and noticed a nice lady served me a pint of beer. I do like the warm atomphere despite the low ceilings with wooden beams that could have more difficult for someone who's 6 feets or more. However the drinks price is bit of expensive but ok. I would like to come back again.

23 Jul 2009 19:07

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