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Sydney Arms, Dorchester

@ hullabaloo. That's a truly bizarre review. You might love it or loathe it but nothing about the Sydney is remotely like a Harvester. You're having a laugh!

26 Apr 2010 22:54

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

@ keystone

I was in the Raddle on Friday night and I can confirm that not only is it not in decline, there was not a table or indeed a space at the bar to be had.

The only explanation I can think of for the under-14s ban is that they simply do not need "family" custom?

1 Feb 2010 22:09

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

@ headstandking:

Seems not a little unfair to blame a pub when it is not altogether unreasonable that one might in advance, A) check whether the establishment is open and B) check the age at which children are permitted.


23 Sep 2009 21:05

Sydney Arms, Dorchester

A really decent pub these days. A nice drop of Ringwood 49er if you're lucky and now the best pub in Dorch to watch Sky Football. Had excellent Christmas meal in there last year too and always plenty going on. Made to feel welcome. Good place.

1 Sep 2009 23:02

The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Concur with Notebook. Popped in on Saturday evening to see if the recent hype was justified. Early days, but good friendly service and a nice pint of Jennings Sneck Lifter - a nice touch that it was from the cask too.

Borough, Blue Raddle and Tom Brown's in such close proximity make for a decent mini-crawl at the bottom end of Dorchester High Street now. Good news!

1 Sep 2009 22:58

Fox Inn, Ansty

This pub is worth travelling to. The staff were good enough to arrange a table for 12 at short notice on a busy Sunday lunchtime for us to celebrate a birthday.

The Sunday carvery is the best of its kind in Dorset and affordable on a 2 course option with a superb range of desserts (no need for the 3 course option, no room!)

Badger Beers from H&W exactly what you'd expect. Really good pub experience all round at the Fox.

1 Sep 2009 22:55

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

...which Freemasonry borrowed from the traditional architect's tools... (sigh)

26 Feb 2009 22:45

The Market House, Weymouth

Friendly, unpretentious back street pub. Locals are friendly. Had Sharps Doom Bar and a local DBC ale on tap. Big screen one end for the footie, pool table at the other. Good value. I really like it.

26 Feb 2009 22:34

The Dolphin, Weymouth

The beer is superb - Hopback ales - probably in the top 5 pubs in Weymouth in my opinion. Also, damn handy for a quick pint while waiting for the train (it's about two minutes' walk from the railway station). Friendly staff, whether busy or quiet and can sometimes stay open pretty late. Don't expect anything flashy and you won't be disappointed, you certainly won't be upset about the quality of your pint.

26 Feb 2009 22:25

The Boot, Weymouth

A pub, as pubs should be. Great in summer out on the pavement, great in winter in by the log fire. Ringwood ales, including all their seasonal ones (XXXX Porter at Christmas is a real favourite) and Cheddar Valley for the ciderheads. As someone else said this place is a beacon, not just in Weymouth but amongst the best pubs I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Make the extra effort to pop across the harbour to it, you won't stay for just the one I promise you!

26 Feb 2009 22:19

Royal Oak, Dorchester

Other recent reviews are spot on. It's a Wetherspoons, so you know what you're getting. Standard food menu with low prices, cheap doubles, promotional nights. The real ale isn't bad, considering it's a Spoons, decent enough atmosphere as well. Much better than average.

26 Feb 2009 22:14

The Junction Hotel, Dorchester

This pub has been destroyed. Not long since there was a selection of ales in casks behind the bar, now they don't even sell a single one. Delusions of grandeur were shown up for what they were at new year when the pub was "all ticket" despite being practically empty.

Discussion with useless bar person went as follows:

Me: Can I have a drambuie, please?
Him: No, we don't sell any.
Me: Yes, you do. (Pointing) It's there in that bottle behind the bar.
Him: That's just for show.
Me: What? It's empty?
Him: No, not empty. It just doesn't have any in it.
Me: Eh?
Him: Do you want anything else?
Me: Not really, no.

We left after that.

26 Feb 2009 22:10

Bakers Arms, Dorchester

A good locals pub, not far from South station and totally outclasses the Station pub on the other side of the railway. Well worth the extra walk. Much improved since the turn of the century and a welcoming ale house now. Superbly kept Ringwood Fortyniner is probably the highlight but an interesting selection of seasonal ales tend to be available including some from Wychwood. Get some Hobgoblin in, please!!

26 Feb 2009 22:03

The Blue Raddle, Dorchester

Great pub with friendly staff. Always a good selection of ales on, with Sharps generally a favourite. Popular with the locals and handy enough for the high street if you're heading on to a restaurant. Food is popular too.

26 Feb 2009 21:59

Tom Browns, Dorchester

The most improved pub in Dorchester over the last two years, nicely refurbished, DBC ales and the odd guest ale, decent wines, pianist plays occasionally. No longer the "old boys" pub it was. Competitive prices too.

26 Feb 2009 21:55

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