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The Little Jack Horner, Stockport

Sadly closed, now a Korean restaurant

31 Mar 2020 20:17

Courthouse, Mansfield

Since 2015 this pub has been run by Hawthorn Leisure

31 Mar 2020 19:31

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Good Evening All, just to let you know of a situation that happened a couple of weeks ago here. Below is a copy of my email to our local CAMRA branch. My girlfriend contacted Wetherspoon and just got a non apologetic response literally "blaming our party"

The fact it was two of us having a quiet after-work drink this made me pretty angry, so just to let you all know if you want a quick beer in the last hour of opening expect some abuse from the "heavies"..... OR DON'T BOTHER!!

I have to advise you all of an incident last night at The Commercial Rooms, Corn Street
Myself and my girlfriend were having afterwork drinks in the place, which has opening hours until 0100.

At 0020 the bouncers came round and told my girlfriend to "hurry up" her drink as they were closing. This being at the same time as I was being served drinks at the bar!

After bringing drinks back to our table I then questioned their actions at the bar, and was told by the bar staff they are "a law unto themselves"

In the meantime they selectively let some customers( usually women wearing very little) in and physically "pushed" others back out through the pubs swing doors.

They also carried on aggressively telling people to drink up and "get out" while they let people in and the bar staff carried on serving!

My girlfriend was very shook up and when I went in to try and find the manager I was physically pushed by a bouncer back out of the pub.

We spoke to the door staff next door who work for a separate company and they said they are always hearing complaints from customers who have experienced similar.

This has been a re-occurring problem for years now at this one particular JDW establishment, and the "heavies" that they employ really let down the good efforts put in from the majority of the staff that work there...

Needless to say I shall never return

We even spoke to police who were on patrol and almost laughed it off saying that it's private property and up to the pub how they run it

7 Apr 2016 21:11

York House Inn, Minehead

Now "Stones Hotel & Bar"

21 Oct 2015 12:58

The Strand, Exmouth

Now called "Fats"

27 Apr 2015 18:45

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

This lovely pub is easy to miss as the pub sign is on the main street and the pub itself is set back in a side road opposite.It may be Greene King but the pub is lovely, service friendly, usual core Gk ales however the St Edmunds Ale was spot on (£6.38 two pints) great big beer garden out the back to boot 8/10

3 May 2014 20:27

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

This lovely pub is easy to miss as the pub sign is on the main street and the pub itself is set back in a side road opposite.It may be Greene King but the pub is lovely, service friendly, usual core Gk ales however the St Edmunds Ale was spot on (£6.38 two pints) great big beer garden out the back to boot 8/10

3 May 2014 20:27

The Litten Tree, Barnstaple

As previously reported this is "The Watergate ", a reasonable enough JDW outlet, sadly bite is shit at updating but yeah it's an ok spoons ... 7/10

26 Apr 2014 21:26

The Rose Salterne, Bideford

18:00 on Saturday evening, bar 2 deep with punters , 3 people clearing tables incl bar manager, two bouncers on the doors, just 2 people behind bar though so service abysmal! Full of kids running amok, playing on over 18 machines, chavs everywhere, only redeeming feature being the pint of American craft ale being spot on, 6/10(only due to beer quality)

26 Apr 2014 18:08

Crabby Dick's, Bideford

Large barn of a place , has a giant swordfish hanging from a rope from the ceiling, looks more of a late night venue for kids and would not look out of place in Newquay. However SA Tribute and SA Dartmoor Ale on draught, the Dartmoor Ale i had was spot on , mainly cos of the price tag.... 99p A PINT!!!!!!! 99P A PINT IN 2014 makes the fat beer badger very happy!!! 😋 7/10

26 Apr 2014 17:28

The Appledore Inn, Bideford

Recently taken over free house, one of them strange oriental cuisine/pub type offerings. Four ale pumps featured Doom,Sharps Cornish Coaster, jollyboat and Exmoor Gold. The Gold (£3.10pint) was nectar. A few people about for a wet Saturday in April, worth a visit. 6/10

26 Apr 2014 16:57

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Been visiting the "Bag" on and off for several years now and it generally never fails to disappoint. Popped in tonight to find Oakham,Dark Star and Sunny Republic amongst the five ales on, and of the ale quaffed all was good :-P . Was bit miffed from the previous post with regards to the staff in question as I know for a fact that the welcome from all the staff and especially the girl behind the bar in question is always welcoming, even that of the resident four legged feline friends, so don't let that put you off! Well worth a visit still if in the vicinity :-P

10 Jan 2013 23:03

Bromfield Arms, Chester

2 handpumps but sadly both blank when i visited last month,This "John Barra's"Pub/Spirit Pub Co is very big and sports orientated and was pretty busy for a Sunday afternoon,opted for Carlsberg in the end(2.50) 5/10

17 Sep 2012 21:37

The Oaklands Hotel, Chester

Popped in here last month when the races were on. A whole group of girls off to the races were stood at the bar ordering food etc and only one girl was serving so needless to say it took 10 minutes to get served my pint, Speckled Hen,Abbot,GK IPA featured(2.50pint), nice beer garden at rear, 6/10

17 Sep 2012 21:17

The Spital Vaults, Chester

A decent pint of Marston's "5 Hops"(2.50) was destroyed when I visited last month for first time, a fairly reasonable street corner local, 6/10

17 Sep 2012 21:07

Molloys, Teignmouth

Courage Best Two Squid a pint when I popped by on carnival day, bargain 6/10

11 Sep 2012 12:26

The Courtenay, Teignmouth

A beautiful pint of Teignworthy "Golden Sands" was quaffed here on carnival night, friendly welcome from the cute barmaid too, 7/10

11 Sep 2012 12:21

The Old Farmhouse, Nailsea

Blimey I discovered this place in July for first time, never even knew it existed(and i lived in nearby Yatton for 3 years!). Lovely Hall & Woodhouse owned pub with a delightful pint of Badger "Hopping Hare" quaffed,in my books this is without a doubt the best pub in Nailsea. 8/10

11 Sep 2012 11:55

The Drum and Monkey, Clevedon

Popped by in July for first visit in about 5 years. The pub was wedged, I say "Pub" but to be honest it feels a lot more like a restaurant with a bar now. The service at the bar was incredibly slow but like i said they were very busy with food orders etc. The butcombe gold was good but at 3.20pint it should be, 6/10

11 Sep 2012 11:47

The Ring O Bells, Nailsea

Friendly service and a very decent pint of S A Tribute, sadly empty on the Wed evening that I visited. 7/10

11 Sep 2012 11:43

The Luckwell Hotel, Ashton

Visited on a CAMRA wander in July and was extremely impressed,thev only ale on was Courage Best BUT it was the best pint of Courage i have quaffed in any pub in Bristol recently. The bar staff were welcoming and friendly, so much that we stayed for a couple. The pub was nicely busy too for a saturday lunchtime with various card games being played amongst the regulars, 7/10

11 Sep 2012 11:20

The Hen and Chicken, Bedminster

A complete change to how I remember it,it's gone from very large tatty and slightly rough to Foody Bright and slightly eco-pretencious, rather too many friends of the earth/UAF/save the planet style couples with their kids running amock. Good beer however ,the pint of Everards "Whakatu" was v good and the food did look generously sized and tasty, 7/10

11 Sep 2012 11:12

The Red Cow, Bedminster

PUB R.I.P. Flats i do believe....... :(

11 Sep 2012 11:06

The Victoria, Chester

Nice little historical pub gem but surprisingly no real ales when visited so opted for Guinness(3.50) 6/10

9 Sep 2012 20:19

The Dublin Packet, Chester

No real ales,Strongbow 3.25 pint,nothing special, 5/10

9 Sep 2012 20:14

The Oddfellows Arms, Chester

No ale on so opted for Strongbow(3.10), totally empty when visited, 5/10

9 Sep 2012 20:11

The Post Office Vaults, Birmingham

Came here for one at end of June after many recommendations, ended up leaving after 3 pints from Weatheroak,Milestone,and Salopian, followed by 3 bottled ales from 3 different countries from their "bible" of bottled beer imports,I missed about 5 trains and ended up ruining a night out with a certain female so yeah mixed memories of the place!! 8/10

9 Sep 2012 19:48

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Amazing pub just a shame it was 3.75pint for a 4% ale but guess it's Fullers prices, 7/10

9 Sep 2012 19:16

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

Nice pub close to the station where I sampled the Itchen Valley Hampshire Rose which was good. Friendly lady serving and a lovely old pub dog lazing the day away on the sofa made for a relaxing atmosphere, 8/10

9 Sep 2012 17:49

The Boot Inn, Salisbury

A very nice pint of Skinners Betty Stoggs was quaffed here back in June, if you can make it by dodging the opening hours and the train times you will be pleasantly surprised i think, 7/10

9 Sep 2012 17:45

The George and Dragon Inn, Chichester

Friendly barmaid and the best tasting pint(of 20+) on my two day visit to Chichester(admittedly it was Oakham Citra!!), 7/10

9 Sep 2012 16:42

The Four Chestnuts, Chichester

Found this in the Good Beer Guide and was quite disappointed, the pint of Ballards Midhurst Mild wasn't great, and the pub was quite cramped and tatty. Definately reccommend The Bull Inn or The Fountain in front of here for ale, 6/10

9 Sep 2012 16:36

Gatehouse, Chichester

Purpose built bar with little character next to the Cineworld complex. Ale choice pretty dull however the pint of Marstons/Ringwood Fortyniner was perfect and the low jdw pricetag was a welcome relief to the very steep prices in other Chichester establishments, 7/10

9 Sep 2012 16:32

The Globe Inn, Chichester

A pint of Featherstone "Chuzzlewit" was quaffed here and was totally acceptable, wasnt expecting ale from such a sports orientated bar. As said before it's ideal for a quick one if waiting for a train,7/10

9 Sep 2012 16:24

The Vestry Hotel, Chichester

Only Wells Bomardier on ale-wise when I dropped by. The building itself is very large and open with lots of comfy sofa's etc to relax on, 6/10

9 Sep 2012 16:20

The Fountain, Chichester

One of my favourite pubs I visited back in rainy June in Chichester. The pint of Badger - "Hopping Hare" was divine, the atmosphere was relaxed and the interior clean and comfortable and the service quick and friendly, 8/10

9 Sep 2012 16:16

The Bull Inn, Chichester

Friendly landlord,this very quiet and peaceful boozer has probably the best ale in Chichester and it's not the most expensive either, well worth a visit, 8/10

9 Sep 2012 16:13

The Bush Inn, Chichester

Might be closed as I write this as when I visited in June it was in it's final few days of trying to find somebody to run it...sad, 5/10

9 Sep 2012 16:09

Trents, Chichester

Ordered a pint of Scrumpy Jack and nearly fell off my stool, not the cider but the 4.25 pricetag!! Shame cos apart from that it's a nice comfortable place to unwind, 5/10

9 Sep 2012 16:03

Eastgate, Chichester

Preferred the other Fuller's pub(Park Tavern) just ever so slightly to this however this place was still worth the visit, 7/10

9 Sep 2012 16:00

The Old Cross, Chichester

Reasonable enough pint of Black Sheep Best Bitter quaffed here, 3.35 pint mind, 6/10

9 Sep 2012 15:53

The Chase, Upper Colwall

A good selection of ales from various micro breweries, the birds - diamond queen was v good, and enjoyed even more so in the beautiful tiered beer garden at the rear of the pub. Well worth stopping by, 8/10

8 Sep 2012 20:41

The Brewers Arms, West Malvern

Stopped by on Jubilee weekend, the Wood's Shropshire Lass and the Malvern Hills Black Pear were both in perfect nick, and tasted even better in the landscape sloping beer garden at the rear. 8/10

8 Sep 2012 20:36

The Wyche Inn, Malvern

Amazing views..........unless when you visit on possibly the foggiest murkiest day in June and that bad we couldn't see the other side of the road!! However the decent ales and good service softened the blow!! 7/10

8 Sep 2012 20:31

The Morgan, Malvern

A good Wye Valley pub with both the Butty Bach And the HPA quaffed very tasty and well kept, although a bit overwhelmed by an unexpected group of about 16 of us the staff were very accomodating. The lovely beer garden was enjoyed and although not a great day, with the help of the outside heaters it was most welcome. 7/10

8 Sep 2012 20:24

The Three Kings Inn, Hanley Castle

Came here on a ale drinkers minibus outing on diamond jubilee weekend, apart from the weather we werent dissappointed. The ales were good and there was a nice friendly atmosphere even though we weren't "yokels", lovely little treasure of a place, 8/10

8 Sep 2012 20:17

The Full Moon, Bedminster

A vast improvement now it's "The Hare". Real ales,foreign beer menu and regular pub quizzes etc, 6/10

7 Sep 2012 22:56

Square, Leicester

Absolutely banging music in the daytime playing to what appeared to be generally quite a large barn of alcoholics. The Thatchers Gold at 2 a pint was a welcome bonus. All in all a really bizarre place, seems more like a nightclub...6/10

7 Sep 2012 22:16

Raynard, Leicester

A good comfortable and extremely affordable Smith & Jones branded pub featuring ales including GK Morland Original for under 2 a pint. 7/10

7 Sep 2012 22:01

The Black Swan, Melton Mowbray

The Caledonian Flying Scotsman was in good nick but the pub empty and soul-less, hope it stays open but wouldn't put my money on it , 5/10

7 Sep 2012 21:51

The Kettleby Cross, Melton Mowbray

Very clean and tidy spoons with nice seating area to sit outside. My pint from Phoenix Brewery was very nice. 8/10

7 Sep 2012 21:47

George and Dragon, Belper

Utterly beautiful pint of Black Hole "Starry Night" quaffed here, nice local with good selection of ales. 8/10

7 Sep 2012 21:25

The Porter Cottage, Sheffield

Excellent pub with superb ales and knowledgable barman, 7/10

7 Sep 2012 19:37

Chadwick, Ursmton

Pleasant "Smith & Jones" pub with welcoming and friendly pub manager,three handpumps featured bombardier,morland original and jennings cumberland ale all at less than 1.99 pint! Cleaner and not so many old men and chavs as the nearby spoons. 7/10

6 Sep 2012 19:35

Castle in the Air, Manchester

Quite a nice modern offering from JDW. From outside it looks like an airport departure lounge but inside the service was above average for a spoons and the ale quality superb that good I stayed for a couple. Very odd location though bang next door to a dry ski slope!! 8/10

6 Sep 2012 19:27

The Sportsman, Hyde

Great pub,lovely building and a perfect pint of Rossendale Pitch Porter, 7/10

6 Sep 2012 17:00

The Piccadilly Tavern, Manchester

A lot better than I was expecting,Four handpumps of which I opted for a decent well-travelled pint of Skinner's Cornish Trawler.Nice large comfy city centre pub with great value pub grub, 7/10

6 Sep 2012 16:29

The Commercial, Westhoughton

Visited back in April, quite a tatty pub next to train station. No real ale,no cider when visited so ended up with Carling(2.70). The place was empty too, very sad, be amazed if it's still open now. 3/10

6 Sep 2012 16:22

Robert Shaw, Westhoughton

Friendly knowledgable bar manager when I visited,decent pint of George Wright "Drunken Duck" quaffed, 7/10

6 Sep 2012 16:18

The Last Orders, Wigan

Looks small from outside but go's back a long way, very lively at weekends, no real ale, 6/10

6 Sep 2012 16:14

The Patten Arms Hotel, Warrington

Ideal for a quick pint while waiting for a train, sadly no real ales, 4/10

6 Sep 2012 15:55

The Beartown Tap, Congleton

Excellent little pub and home to one of my fave breweries in the country, the ale was superb,the pub full of interesting bear related curios and the service very friendly and welcoming. They also do take out's of their ales in bottles, 8/10

6 Sep 2012 15:14

Rudis, Swindon

Decent enough of Bath Ales "Barnsy" to be quaffed, quite trendy but comfortable and relaxed at same time, ideal for a beer before/after the theatre. 6/10

5 Sep 2012 22:42

The Moon and Sixpence, Hatch End

Quite a small wetherspoons with a kinda "local" feel to it, nice little beer garden at rear too, 7/10

5 Sep 2012 20:30

The Traders Tavern, Cardiff

A decent pint of Tomos Watkins was quaffed, well worth a look in 7/10

3 Sep 2012 22:21

The Vulcan Hotel, Cardiff

R.I.P. The Vulcan Hotel :(

3 Sep 2012 21:59

The Walkabout, Cardiff

Full of a bunch of scots flashing their crown jewels in early afternoon, 3.50 for Guinness in a plastic tumbler, and a floor which you feel like you are almost superglued to, 4/10

3 Sep 2012 21:55

The Greyhound, Fishponds

Very friendly and welcoming with a decent pint of Butcombe to be quaffed. 6/10

3 Sep 2012 21:37

The Railway Tavern, Fishponds

Young's(W&Y)Special,Young's(W&Y)Bitter,Wells(W&Y)Bombardier,on offer of which I opted for the Special which was ok albeit 3.25 pint, fairly busy on the saturday i visited due to big screen sports action, cute barmaid was a bonus too, 6/10

3 Sep 2012 21:33

The Downend Tavern, Downend

A reasonable pint of "BOB" to be quaffed, and all in all a comfy little local. 6/10

3 Sep 2012 21:25

The Lebeq Tavern, Bristol

As previously mentioned no real ales, quite a volatile atmosphere when I visited but that was just my perception, opted for a blackthorn(2.90) 4/10

3 Sep 2012 21:03

The Spotted Cow, Fishponds

two handpumps with just butcombe on, so opted for thatchers(2.90). Reasonably friendly place with attractive barmaid, 6/10

3 Sep 2012 20:50

The Fishponds Tavern, Fishponds

A friendly local with two handpumps,featured Bath Gem & Wadworth Henry's IPA when visited, 6/10

3 Sep 2012 20:44

The Bear, Maidenhead

Spot on ales, still one of the "better" wetherspoons out of the 600+ one has quaffed in,8/10

3 Sep 2012 15:59

The Plough and Windmill, Bedminster

Open Aug 12

1 Sep 2012 00:11

The Waterside, Chichester

Now reverted to original name "The Richmond Arms"

1 Jul 2012 16:21

Bennett Arms, Salisbury

very large building it would seem from exterior that seems to be calved in half for pub and living area,three handpumps feature two keystone brews and one from RCH,the two keystone i quaffed werent in great nick sadly although i have had worse,fair play to do though as not being like the other places in the village with ancient opening hours!6/10

12 Jun 2012 16:56

Park Tavern, Chichester

a fullers pub that i have never done before,quite a charasmatic local with a nice fun interior and good service,four ales on offer obviously involved three fullers and one from Wales,the fullers George gales HSD was very good but 3.60pint!8/10 for the place although that is far too generous if i take into account the prices

10 Jun 2012 18:42

The Hole In The Wall, Chichester

yeah its a bloody Greene king pub and my pint of their Speckled hen was ok apart from the 3.45 pricetag,eastern European bar girl was friendly enough,Greene king ipa and doom was other offering,6/10

10 Jun 2012 18:31

Dolphin & Anchor, Chichester

very uninteresting spoons which is very dead for a Sunday afternoon mind the weather is vile,only one ale on other than the usual Greene king nonsense was weltons which was ok and only 1.99 pint,6/10

10 Jun 2012 17:33

The Olde English, Matlock

NOW CALLED "MoCa Bar", They specialise in Real Ales!! YUM :-p

29 Apr 2012 18:31

Varsity, Sheffield


29 Apr 2012 18:12

Pomona, Sheffield


29 Apr 2012 18:09

Varsity, Derby

Now called "The Almanac",part of the Smith & Jones/Party At The Pub chain.

29 Apr 2012 17:42

The Foresters Arms, Bristol

No ale when visited so opted for Blackthorn. Service was friendly enough but the pub is very tired looking to say the least. If u want decent beer try the lazy dog just down the road. 5/10

19 Apr 2012 18:35

The Foresters, Bristol


19 Apr 2012 18:35

The Slug and Lettuce, Leicester

wow a SLUG with four superb ales to choose from and friendly fast service,my pint of green duck beer co-drunken duck was perfect and just two and a half quid a pint,this is a total winning combo,great food nice surroundings and great beer!wish my local bristol slug would take note!8/10

12 Apr 2012 17:36

The Pub, Leicester

well its been a long time since the last one but here is a TEN OUT OF TEN PUB! Its all been said before but FIFTEEN handpumps of pure interesting and varied ales,i quaffed two (rat brewery Celtic rat and oakham green devil Ipa)oddly enough just like the pub the oakham brew was a ten outta ten aswell,the staff friendly and very chatty suggesting pubs for my next manouvre! Cannot recommend the place any more,10/10

12 Apr 2012 16:25

The Hind, Leicester

very sad neglected large pub opposite station in need of some much needed TLC,Much to my surprise the pub has 8 handpumps with four different caledonian ales on,my pint of raspberry fool was lovely (2.60) sadly however i was only punter in the house,sad but cant see this place lasting much longer even with its good train station location,7/10

12 Apr 2012 15:18

Bricklayers Arms, Melton Mowbray


12 Apr 2012 13:41

The Cutting Room, Melton Mowbray

very typical smith and Jones pub and i dont mean that in a negative way,very relaxing pub with a good mixture of places to sit,quick friendly service and five handpumps of cheap ales including Greene Morland Original @ 1.69 a pint! 7/10

12 Apr 2012 12:15

The Square Cafe Bar, Market Harborough

nice comfy and relaxed,strongbow 2.80,6/10

12 Apr 2012 10:18

The Red Cow, Market Harborough

popped in last night and walked in halfway through a pub quiz which seemed popular although its such a small place it doesnt take much to look busy! My pint of wolf "straw dog" was very nice albeit a tad pricey at 3.15,6/10

12 Apr 2012 10:13

Sugar Loaf, Market Harborough

first visit in six years and its not changed really apart from prices,opted for pint of XXXB from the selection of six ales(2.45).friendly quick service 6/10

12 Apr 2012 10:08

Railway Hotel, Matlock

Sorry done = food bloody predictive text

11 Apr 2012 15:38

Railway Hotel, Matlock

big poster outside advertising Greene king Ipa and carlsberg for 2.10 a pint,so naturally as a drinker of only the finest ale i opted for carlsberg. Disinterested barmaid more interested in talking to the locals than serving,hideous wallpaper and loud music,the place does very cheap done with mains from 3.49 but not a place i would try food i dont think,5/10

11 Apr 2012 15:36

The Crown, Crown Square

not the most inspiring spoons in the country,pretty small and cramped and very busy for a wed lunchtime,two people serving but clearly overworked as with most spoons these days,most of the ales were "coming soon" which could mean either coming soon or gone it would seem,the pint of titanic i had was very nice mind,6/10 heading over road to the Greene King place next but from what i have read on here not sure its the best plan in the world!

11 Apr 2012 15:04

The Howard, Sheffield

not a bad marstons pub,prob the first pub (other than the superb sheffield tap) that you will come across heading into town from the station. The four handpumps featured ringwood boondoggle,wychwood hobgoblin,banks's original and a marstons single hop ale which i quaffed at a respectable 2.65,7/10

11 Apr 2012 11:29

The Lescar Hotel / Hunters Bar, Sheffield

totally shocked at this place,very ordinary from outside and was expectin keg only,but was mistaken and four handpumps awaited,the pint of mike hall brewery "vicious" was divine(3.05)8/10

10 Apr 2012 22:06

The Psalter, Sheffield

a fantastic smith and Jones pub,large and airy with a very relaxed feeling.friendly service and a decent enough pint of Gk Morland original for 1.69,8/10

10 Apr 2012 21:28

Yates's, Chesterfield

i have always liked yates's and although a chain pub have always changed with the times Hence the cask ale offering,the pint of black sheep bitter(2.35) was perfect,the actual pub has more atmosphere than a spoons and is genuinely a nice place and that is coming from a CAMRA member,7/10

10 Apr 2012 16:41

The Royal Oak, Chesterfield

as mentioned this is a great little gem of a pub right in the town centre,only two beers between the eight handpumps when visited,the thornbridge Jaipur was very good mind(3.50),all in all a nice friendly old pub with decent beer,7/10

10 Apr 2012 15:35

The Market, Chesterfield

a very attractive looking pub in the town centre,a large array of handpumps although the selection didnt feature a lot to get excited about,my pint of Wychwood "Paddy's Tout"(3.35) was very good,food smelled lovely too,7/10

10 Apr 2012 14:57

Portland Hotel, Chesterfield

exceptionally busy Wetherspoons for a Tuesday lunchtime,service however was fast and friendly,opted for the 4.99 beer and a burger deal,the food came out quickly and the caledonian coffee porter was in top nick,7/10

10 Apr 2012 14:17

Spa Lane Vaults, Chesterfield

superb pint of milestone raspberry wheat beer quaffed(2.35),nice interior especially the very cute supervisor who served me!8/10

10 Apr 2012 13:20

The Barracuda Bar, Chesterfield

still part of the same chain but now called "The Abacus" and is a smith and Jones branded pub,service is friendly and drinks very cheap,opted for pint of gk Morland original at just 1.69 a pint. Fantastic large building spread over two floors with lots of comfy seating areas,8/10ps good free wifi too and the signal is so strong you can use it in wetherspoons across the road!

10 Apr 2012 13:12

The Brewery Tap, Burton-Upon-Trent

popped in today(bank holiday monday),the place was fairly busy bearing in mind a crap day weather wise,the carvery smelled lush but didnt induldge,good range of ales admittedly from the molson coors umbrella,the pint of worthington "E"(2.95) was spot on,unfortunately building has very little atmosphere and character,7/10(mostly for service and beer quality)

9 Apr 2012 15:42

Prince Alfred, Burton-Upon-Trent

a rather good pint of Burton bridge Burton porter currently being quaffed (2.85) a nice friendly local sandwiched amongst a street of terraces,7/10

9 Apr 2012 15:30

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

cant really add any more to what has already been added and i am like the previous reviews full of praise for the place,ideal for station,friendly welcome and a tongue-tastic pint of tring "blonde"(2.86)sadly not very busy for Easter bank holiday mind the weather prob not helped,would definately return,8/10

9 Apr 2012 13:28

The Greenbank, Easton

Currently Closed :(

8 Apr 2012 13:45

Glass House, St Helens

one of the slowest served pints of ales i have ever ordered at a spoons and bearing in mind i done nearly 600 that says something! wedged on a fri lunchtime,6/10

31 Mar 2012 20:35

Brocket Arms, Wigan

staying here tonight,reception friendly,bar staff fast and friendly,pint of ale (Cairngorm Red Mountain-spot on),double room clean and comfortable and for forty squid cannot fault,8/10

31 Mar 2012 20:27

Anvil, Wigan

superb service no less than ten lovely ladies pulling 1.95 ale on a Saturday night,eight handumps included brews from All Gates,Hydes and Abbeydale amongst others,8/10

31 Mar 2012 20:17

The Berkeley, Wigan

visited this place admittedly after seeing it listed in good beer guide but from outside it looks far too trendy and lively to be the pub,then i walked in and discovered a sixteen barrel beer fest with beers straight from the barrel at 2.50 and raising cash for help for heroes,8/10

31 Mar 2012 19:57

Counting House, Congleton

a lovely historic exterior attractive to the eye makes one quite anticipate something amazing inside however this was not quite the case,the place is rather run down and tired looking but on the other hand the service was quick and the pint of festival ale i quaffed was just 1.80 a pint, a whole 65pence cheaper than my local spoons in bristol,7/10

29 Mar 2012 18:21

Ye Olde Talbot, Uttoxeter

three handpumps: BASS BASS BASS ,nice old pub but as said before full of yokels and daytime tv on widescreen,6/10

29 Mar 2012 15:55

The Old Swan, Uttoxeter

a very warm welcome from the chap behind the bar and a great tasting festival ale at just 2.05 is being quaffed as i write this,nice layout on various levels with separate seating areas,7/10

29 Mar 2012 15:24

Picture House, Stafford

superb wetherspoons opened its doors back in 1997 and is a 1914 converted cinema,the service was the quickest i have had at jdw in a long time and the TEN handpumps of festival ales were just 2.05 a throw,8/10

29 Mar 2012 12:26

The Falcon, Chester

A very attractively restored Samuel Smith's pub and a lovely pint of Extra Stout, YUM, 7/10

28 Mar 2012 19:00

The George and Dragon Hotel, Chester

The pint of Belhaven - Grand Slam Ale was very well kept and the service quick and friendly, more than I was certainly expecting from a Greene King pub,6/10

28 Mar 2012 18:56

The Bull and Stirrup, Chester

Popped in a couple of weeks back as was attracted by the sign outside offering money off ales. Unfortunately they don't have one hand pump and the money was off keg beer, the guinness ok mind.... 5/10

28 Mar 2012 18:53

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar, Chester

When i visited couple of weeks back it was Wychwood Hobgoblin and nothing else on the ale front,saying that it was a well kept pint,definately more food than drinking orientated mind, 6.5/10

28 Mar 2012 18:41

Ye Olde Custom House Inn, Chester

A marston's pub I do believe,the Jennings-"Cocker Hoop" was of good nick, 7/10

28 Mar 2012 18:36

The Town Crier, Chester

Black Sheep Bitter was just 1.99 a pint when visited a couple of weeks back, ideal place as already mentioned if waiting around for a train, 7/10

28 Mar 2012 18:32

Egerton Arms, Chester


28 Mar 2012 18:18

Colston Yard, Bristol

Visited for first time the other week,my pint of BBF Acer was superb and the service very good. Very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 8/10

15 Mar 2012 13:25

The Scotchman and His Pack, Bristol

Would be sad to see this pub go. Visited the other day for the first time and was very impressed with the quality of the pint of St Austell "Trelawny Ale", the service was friendly and there were quite a few people in there too, 7/10

15 Mar 2012 13:18

Colston Arms, Bristol

Small friendly local with a reasonable enough pint of Butcombe, 6/10

15 Mar 2012 13:14

V Shed, Bristol

not a bad Lloyds No1 Bar which can be handy for after work drinks when on a late shift as they are open til 2am sun to Thurs and 3 on Fri and sat,ale selection is Poor and quality unpredictable but its ok for a late night pint,sadly as of late if there is more than 20people in the place after eleven sun to wed its busy! On other hand sat nig can be a total meat market so its either one extreme or the other! 7/10

13 Mar 2012 01:10

The Golden Guinea, Bristol

Nice pint of Plain Ales "Innocence" was sunk here last week,quite a lively student type venue at weekends.Only downer was the rather large head on the pint... 6/10

12 Mar 2012 12:50

The Windmill Tavern, Waterloo

Popped in here on new years eve,was quite impressed that they weren't charging to get in,unfortunately I found out why when I ordered my pint of Strongbow which had been hiked up by 70pence a pint from 3.50 to 4.20 pint. They hadn't even changed the tarriff on the wall,talk about cashing in,even the barman seemed embarrassed!

23 Feb 2012 21:46

Duchess , Battersea

Very swanky but welcoming pub with fantastic real ales, 7/10

23 Feb 2012 21:29

The Bramford Arms, Woodsetton

Greene King pub that doesn't actually appear to have any cask ales! Very food and sport orientated family friendly roadside pub. 5/10

23 Feb 2012 20:34

The Lazy Dog, Bristol

Fantastic pub I never knew existed until boxing day when I popped in and quaffed a delightful pint of Otley ale. The service was most welcoming and the pub very comfortable. Shall most definately return,8/10

23 Feb 2012 19:36

The Foresters, Bristol

No ale when visited so opted for Blackthorn. Service was friendly enough but the pub is very tired looking to say the least. If u want decent beer try the lazy dog just down the road. 5/10

23 Feb 2012 19:32

Golden Lion, Romford

A very decent range of cask ales featured Sharps Doombar/Adnams broadside/GK IPA/Theakston Old Peculier/Thwaites Wainwright. My pint of broadside was spot on, as was the friendly service. A lovely interior makes for a relaxing afternoon pint. 7/10

23 Feb 2012 16:22

Yates's, Romford

Awful pint of Bombardier like sarsons,very busy only cos the upstairs was closed and everyone was crammed into the small downstairs part.Definately not one of Yates's best offerings, 5/10

23 Feb 2012 16:16

The Worlds Inn, Romford

Very busy on our weekday afternoon visit, so busy we got the last table in the pub. The ale was good and the service reasonable. 8/10

23 Feb 2012 16:09

Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, Swiss Cottage

Excellent pub and a superb pint of Samual Smiths Extra Stout(2.93) was quaffed,8/10

23 Feb 2012 16:00

The North Star, Finchley Road

Not a bad boozer,5 handpumps featured 3 guest ales,1 cider and 1 was blank. My pint of Adnams Bitter (3.10) was fine. 7/10

23 Feb 2012 15:56

The Builders Arms, Stratford

Opted for a pint of Guinness @ just 2.80 which I thought was impressive as it was Guinness and it was London!! Cute barmaid and friendly service, handy if u are staying in the Holiday Inn or the newly opened Travelodge nearby. Let's hope they do well from the Olympics extra trade this summer. 6/10

23 Feb 2012 15:51

Cobblestones Inn, Bridgwater

Reasonable enough pint of Hobgoblin to be quaffed here, friendly service, 7/10

23 Feb 2012 14:34

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

Beautiful little pub in a truly delightful setting, 7/10

23 Feb 2012 13:46

The Bridge, Topsham

An absolute must if visiting Topsham,not too far to walk from the train station,beautiful location,beautiful beer, 8/10

23 Feb 2012 13:45

The Old Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

A lovely Hall & Woodhouse(Badger Ales) pub with a gorgeous beer garden at the rear, 8/10

23 Feb 2012 13:40

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge

You will find it hard to find anywhere on dartmoor with such sweeping landscape views from the beer garden,oh and a decent pint of Black Sheep "Riggwelter" was quaffed. 8/10

23 Feb 2012 13:35

The Forest House, Chester

A very nicely decked out Lloyds No1 Bar with well kept ale. The pint of Firestone Walker "Red Nectar Ale" was divine, 8/10

21 Feb 2012 18:01

Yates's, Chester

Visited in Oct 11,Now called "The Amphi Theatre". A decent late night venue,and the Wychwood Hobgoblin was spot on. 7/10

21 Feb 2012 17:59

Temple Bar, Chester

A good pint of local brewery Spitting Feather's "Honey Trap" quaffed,7/10

21 Feb 2012 17:52

Coach & Horses, Chester

Decent enough pint of Thwaite's Bomber was quaffed but as the previous review suggests,this has a definate restaurant feel to it, nicely done out all the same 7/10

21 Feb 2012 17:49

The Blue Flame Inn, Nailsea

UNIQUE! Nuff said ,tribute and butcombe on draught,6/10

7 Feb 2012 22:40

The Golden Lion, Wrington

first visit in nearly five years,three ales on offer were butcombe bitter,doombar and butcombe rare breed.i opted for latter which was spot on and perfect just like the cute barmaid! 7/10

7 Feb 2012 22:35

The Crown Inn, Churchill

finally found this superb house i mean drinking establishment,no less than NINE ales were available from cask and the pint of RCH old slug porter(3.30) was spot on.lovely roaring fire and a building untouched in years.beware in that u need to know where u r looking to find this pub! 8/10

7 Feb 2012 20:43

The Plume Of Feathers, Rickford

My first visit to the place in well over four years and its not changed one bit (thankfully!)three ales featured were moles "tap",butcombe bitter and cheddar potholer .friendly service and a nice log fire was a bonus 8/10

7 Feb 2012 20:14

Stanley Arms, Blackpool

A good fun cabaret pub 7/10

2 Feb 2012 12:41

The Bristol Hotel, Weston Super Mare

Decent pint of Butcombe to be had,6/10

28 Jan 2012 17:46

Faulkland Inn, Radstock

A nice pint of ale from local microbrewery "Devilfish" was quaffed here. Very nicely done out country pub off the beaten track, 8/10

28 Jan 2012 17:31

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

in one word.............."UNIQUE" .......................decent enough pint of Butcombe Bitter..........6/10

28 Jan 2012 17:23

The George, Norton St Philip

A very good pint of Wadworth "Horizon" to be had. A lovely historic interior with open courtyard for the summer months. 8/10

28 Jan 2012 17:18

The Blue Bowl, Hanham

This place has now re-opened as a "Sizzling" pub. The building has had a very nice comfy and effective refurb and the food looked great value and very tasty. Opted for Butcombe Gold to quaff and it turned out to be in perfect nick. 7/10

28 Jan 2012 15:22

The White Swan, Trowbridge

One ale available on my visit being Moles "Best". Not a bad place although pretty dark with little lighting, 6/10

28 Jan 2012 15:19

The Crown Hotel, Trowbridge

Bath Gem 2.90 a pint,not a bad place still.....6/10

28 Jan 2012 15:17

The Volunteer, Bristol

very impressive first visit to this place,not in the most "delightful" parts of bristol but this pub is superb,four ales on incl wickwar and cheddar brews,the service was friendly and the pint of wickwar station porter @ just 2.88 with camra discount was spot on,7/10

20 Jan 2012 16:09

The Phoenix, Bristol

very nice little pub with friendly service and lovely comfy sofas to laze in.Three handpumps although only one beer on being arbor hunny beer which was good and a snip at 2.50 a pint,7/10

20 Jan 2012 15:41

The Huntsman Inn, Mangotsfield

Decent pint of Hobgoblin and a 3.99 Carvery, 6/10

17 Jan 2012 14:00

The Langley Arms, Emersons Green

A country style pub surrounded by a modern housing estate,very unusual. The Butcombe(bitter) was spot on. 7/10

17 Jan 2012 13:55

The Locomotive Inn, Exeter

Amazed that this place still exists with the fire house and oddfellows that are real ale havens so close. Think it must be run as an "add on" to the family home than a business.4/10

17 Jan 2012 12:47

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

very small and unusual offering from the JDW chain,nice though with seven handpumps and the pint of Hydes Winter Fuggle(2.35) was spot on,7/10

1 Jan 2012 16:17

Flanagans of Battersea, Battersea

a pint of marstons pedigree is currently being knocked back(3.40) although the pub has three handpumps the beer selection is disappointing as the other two offerings were flowers and youngs bitter,the place is quiet for new years eve however i guess theres still a couple of hours to go, service was welcoming and friendly,6/10

31 Dec 2011 20:46

The Union Arms, Battersea

no ale walked in and conversation stopped smelled of bleach dead too on new years eve 5/10

31 Dec 2011 19:48

The Prince of Wales, Battersea

very nice large grand pub which i dont believe is not owned by youngs pub estate anymore,four handpumps of good ales were featured of which i quaffed the westerham "god's wallop" which was perfect (3.50)the pub is lovely and has what looks like a great outside patio area,sadly dead though for 19:44 on new years eve!7/10

31 Dec 2011 19:45

The Asparagus, Battersea

only ONE guest on and lots of "coming soons" service was quick though and my pint of grainstore was fine(2.45)the place was busy but quite relaxing too,6/10

31 Dec 2011 17:58

The Woodman, Battersea

a very nice hall and woodhouse offering,the pint of tanglefoot(3.30) was very good and the service friendly,7/10

31 Dec 2011 17:52

The Pie Factory, Tipton

have to say the pub itself is a lovely and quirky place with a great interior.we ordered two pints of gk/morland old golden hen which was actually divine and was 5.67 with 10% camra discount for the two pints,my mate ordered a pie with the pastry horns and everything that looked the dogs bollox and apparantly tasted good but at a tenner i wasnt convinced,one thing i have to agree with is the sons totally uninterested service supplied by the barmaid and the bulldogess lady at the food "hatch" 7/10

30 Dec 2011 13:26

Fountain Inn, Tipton

quite a surprise and a pleasant one at that,four handpumps feat speckled hen,tribute,sadlers worcester sorcerer and enville ginger.the enville and the Sadlers were both spot on and only 2.65pint,friendly service too 7/10

30 Dec 2011 11:58

The Robin Hood, Willenhall

great great pub with ten handpumps with actually ten different ales on,service was welcoming and friendly and 2.70 pint,bar snacks were dirt cheap and the open fire was most welcoming,8/10

19 Nov 2011 13:48

Vine Inn, Wednesfield

superb pub with nine handpumps all of which were on,the two pints i quaffed from Blakemere and peerless were both very good and only 2.60pint and ham or cheese cobs were spot on and just 1.20,all in all worth a visit 8/10

19 Nov 2011 12:56

The Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol

not a lot more to be said about this place after beatles and blackthorns views,this is the first time i have been in here in several years and was pretty impressed.the ale choice was bath gem,exmoor gold and marstons ringwood boondoggle,the boondoggle was crystal and spot on,the service friendly and the pub comfortable and relaxed, 7/10

18 Nov 2011 18:00

Emersons Green, Emersons Green

nice clean tidy looking modern purpose built beefeater pub restaurant attached to a lenny henry inn,two ales were marstons pedigree and wadworth 6X,the 6X was surprisingly good and at 2.90pint reasonable enough,6/10 #serves a purpose but wouldnt go out your way to find it!

18 Nov 2011 14:40

Folly, Emersons Green

very nice roadside Marstons pub which was busy for a fri lunchtime with a varied clientele from local business parks,families and motorists. Its certainly a food led pub although three ales were available from under the marstons umbrella(pedigree//banks's bitter/Wychwood hobgoblin)i opted for the latter @3.05pint, 7/10

18 Nov 2011 14:02

The Nags Head, Warminster

very nice local and the last post said it all,dead when visited albeit a sat afternoon,however the service was friendly,the pint of moles molecatcher was good and at 2.80pint ok,6/10

29 Oct 2011 18:09

The Fox and Hounds, Warminster

nice little boozer on outskirts,three ales incl"warminster warrior" and "foxy's best bitter"but who actually brews these i have no idea!i i am not certain if greene king have links to this place but the gk ale "westgate -gangly ghoul" was ok(2.80),fair few guys in watchin the footie,very clean and spotless pub,7/10

29 Oct 2011 18:03

The Bell and Crown, Warminster

large pub on main road on outskirts of town,plenty of outside seating at front of pub,no real ales on draught,however two handpumps were evident and bottled ale was offered. Opted for pint of cider in the end(stowford press)@3.35pint.not busy for a sat night,6/10

29 Oct 2011 17:53

The Queens Arms, Winsford

three oakham ales on labelled up as beer festival beers but none in the festival,the beer was very good though and the service quick but maybe not friendly,the actual building is not much in the wow factor category but all in all its a oasis of a pub in a beer and pub desert,7/10 oh and if like me you are coming by train its a pilgrimage from the station!

5 Oct 2011 16:19

Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

lovely beautiful exterior and interior but sadly i believe is marstons owned now hence only Jennings cumberland ale and caledonian deuchars ipa on,the pub was fairly quiet for a Tues evening however so was much of chester,my pint of deuchars was ok(3.10) but nothing amazing,8/10 mainly scored for the building

5 Oct 2011 13:34

Ferry Boat, Runcorn

a nice airy and spotlessly clean wetherspoon with the usual cheap no nonsense food and drinks,visiting on the first day of the autumn beer festival i was very pleased with the three festival ales that were on especially the treacle toffee mild which was sublime! 7/10

5 Oct 2011 13:23

The Pied Bull, Chester

tatton brewery not yatton apologies

4 Oct 2011 21:34

The Pied Bull, Chester

a pub that surely deserves to be in the good beer guide,the range of ales over the six handpumps was excellent,and the service quick and friendly. The pint of locally brewed Yatton Brewery "Ale" (3.10) was divine and very well received in the relaxed atmospheres,8/10

4 Oct 2011 21:28

Red Lion, Chester

a lovely Nicholson's pub featuring four interesting cask ales from roosters,woodfordeS,white horse and quartz,i opted for the latter(3.10pint) very clean comfy and welcoming pub,7/10

4 Oct 2011 21:03

North and South Wales Bank, Wrexham

similar to the other wetherspoon this place is busy for a Tuesday lunchtime,visiting day before the autumn beer fest and fortunately two are already on and only 1.89pint! Fantastic building with superb ceiling,6/10 low score mainly due to clientele

4 Oct 2011 13:11

Elihu Yale, Wrexham

very wedged for midday on a Tuesday however sadly the majority look like they could be guests on the Jeremy Kyle show,very bog standard wetherspoon layout,popped in on day before the autumn beer festival and they were selling off the remaining guest ales for 1.55 a pint,result! So yeah ok but nothing to write home about,6/10

4 Oct 2011 12:26

Shropshire Arms, Chester

Hmm looks ok from outside but sadly appearances can be deceptive,maybe i popped in on a a bad evening but only bombardier was on out of three pumps,the young barmaid was totally disinterrested in serving however that might have been due to the scouser kid who had been barred was outside spilling beer over other punters and projectile vomiting all over the pub entrance,4/10

3 Oct 2011 23:44

Pitcher and Piano, Chester

bang next to the travelodge where i was staying,trendy and comfortable and good atomsphere,two handpumps with both clips turned sadly however they had great "recession"deals including pints of becks vier for two quid a pint,rude not to! 7/10

3 Oct 2011 23:24

Telfords Warehouse, Chester

good to see a fellow bite top reviewer oop north enjoying this superb place Mr blackthorn! Anyway i wont waffle on as everything that needs to be said has been said about this place,wicked beer,good service,lovely location,amazing building,9/10

3 Oct 2011 21:50

The Mill Hotel, Chester

superb hotel bar with nine different ales on over fourteen handpumps!my pint of Derby"dancing in the moonlight" was lovely(3.05)most ales though were priced between 2.40 and 3) service was good and friendly admittedly till receipts on pints of ale do get my goat! The other thing one noticed was me being at the young "spritely"age of 31 i did appear to be around half the age of the other clientele,still great pub slash hotel bar ,8/10

3 Oct 2011 21:40

The Brewery Tap, Chester

a total MUST on a trip to chester,eight varied ales at quite reasonable prices (2.70to3.00pint)average,beautifully converted interior and fast friendly service,9/10

3 Oct 2011 19:42

The Bear and Billet, Chester

superb okells pub with a great atmosphere and delicious smelling freshly cooked food,i was slightly disappointed that there was only one okells ale on though that being okells bitter of which i had a pint(2.95)8/10

3 Oct 2011 19:36

The Waverley, Weston Super Mare

Popped in last night for first visit in a while. The pub is a great improvement with quick and friendly service and a nice selection af real ale. The pints of Bath "Dark Hare" and Otter "Head" were both superbly kept and went down a treat.This is well worth the short stroll from the town centre, and is definately weston's up and coming real ale pub. 8/10

29 Sep 2011 13:51

The Pig and Truffle, Weston Super Mare

now entitled "kameleon bar cafe dining",the pub looks ok from the outside with real ales and cocktails mentioned, sadly inside it was just one handpump which was turned,the guiness and the thatchers gold were both off,opted for blackthorn at 3 pint,5/10

28 Sep 2011 19:37

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

further to my last comment i have contacted wetherspoon who unfortunately took the side of their thuggish door staff,i have been told that i am "unwelcome and that i am a troublemaker" for posting these reviews and am now barred from here,sad times but if you are new to bristol and fancy a spoons pint all the other establishments are fine,especially the knights templar which never disappoints and is bang on with great staff and perfect beer,com rooms rip

26 Sep 2011 00:27

The Toll Gate, Hornsey

fourteen handpumps,several of which were on and of interesting variety,the pint of redemption brewery "hopspur"(2.35)was seriously good,this pub is a welcome building stuck in the middle of a delightful multi cultural high street that has destroyed the area,well done spoons lets not have every part of London a halal takeaway or mosque!7/10

19 Sep 2011 18:45

The Wishing Well, Palmers Green

nothing on cask,strongbow 3.40pint,aimed at Irish jobless horse racing betting drinkers,6/10

19 Sep 2011 17:34

The Alfred Herring, Palmers Green

feisty/cheesey smelling high street spoons,guest ales @2.35pint,my pint of loddon "russet" was very nice,average service and plenty of seating although its all a bit crammed in it would seem,6/10

19 Sep 2011 17:08

The Alfred Herring, Palmers Green

feisty/cheesey smelling high street spoons,guest ales @2.35pint,my pint of loddon "russet" was very nice,average service and plenty of seating although its all a bit crammed in it would seem,6/10

19 Sep 2011 17:07

The Builders Arms, New Barnet

as previously said its snack bang behind the wetherspoons,had a choice of six ales although five were sadly gk but i guess it is a gk pub,service from the cute lithuanian was quick although the place was dead,beer patio was a bonus at the rear,7/10

19 Sep 2011 15:54

Railway Bell, New Barnet

fed up of reading wetherspoons reviews now that start with "typical wetherspoons"although i myself am prob guilty of this by now,ten handpumps feat the usual Greene king blandness however the others were from adnams and oakham,i opted for the adnams explorer(2.35)although it was end of barrel and pretty cloudy it tasted fine,the pub itself looks more like a normal freehouse and not part of a chain,the enclosed beer garden at the rear provided a welcome sun trap,7/10

19 Sep 2011 15:00

The Lord Kitchener, Barnet

only mc mullens "AK" on cask which i can only describe as a south eastern version of dull dull courage best(2.70),sat out the front in the sunshine on a nice Sept afternoon,6/10

19 Sep 2011 13:56

The Gatehouse, Highgate

superb wetherspoons and better than i could ever have hoped for,amazing big building,Fast attentive staff and plenty of them (unusual for spoons),lots of different seating areas incl a nice beer patio at the rear,the pint of j w lees "hopmeister" was very good and just one of several guest ales on tap(2.60),9/10

18 Sep 2011 23:04

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

very nice dimly lit "trendy type bar" with four handpumps,visited after seeing a show filmed at nearby bbc white city,the pint of itchen valley "ginger tom"was very good and at just 3.45pint ok for London prices,8/10

18 Sep 2011 22:47

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

very attrative fullers pub with ample floral displays to catch the passer-by's eye,we had a pint of pride and i front row both i guess reasonable enough for London at 3.15pint,sat in the nice beer patio watching over the slightly(in my eyes)"well to do" clientele, 8/10

18 Sep 2011 15:20

The Finchley Tavern, North Finchley

no cask ales, friendly enough service,opted for pint of strongbow(3),lots of Irish enjoying the Irish football on the box,5/10

18 Sep 2011 14:45

The Tally Ho, North Finchley

a great imposing looking building from the outside,we almost walked straight past the place as were looking for a typical London spoons with blue shop sign frontage and gold scrolled writing with the pub's name,the service inside was quick and the pint of weltons "haka" was good although as said before was one of only two guest ales on,nice sized beer patio available for smokers and people with a taste for traffic fumes at this traffic island located pub,7/10,better than expected but could be better

18 Sep 2011 14:38

The Victoria Hotel, Cleveleys

like gods waiting room however the extra stout was sublime and at the remarkably low Samuel smiths price of 1.99pint! Barman was friendly and the building was very interesting,beat most of the blackpool pubs hands down ,8/10

7 Sep 2011 15:01

The Manchester, Blackpool

empty on a Tuesday night in September which was disappointing what with illuminations being on,mind due from previous comments and the pub "picture" i aint sure if the sat night meat market is my cup of tea,6/10

7 Sep 2011 13:46

Sun Inn, Blackpool

very football orientated pub,only wells bombardier on cask so opted for a pint of holsten pils as its not something you see on draught much(2.75),tatty pub though wouldnt return 4/10

6 Sep 2011 20:45

The John O'Gaunt, Lancaster

nice old city centre pub,unfortunately the pint of Jennings was vile,5/10

6 Sep 2011 19:38

The Horse and Farrier, Lancaster

a real "proper boozer" in the centre of the city,lots of dubious confrontational characters and elderley couples having arguments,three handpumps all with thwaites original on the clips,not my beer of choice but it was perfect(2.70pint)6/10

6 Sep 2011 15:04

The Penny Bank, Lancaster

lovely city centre boozer featuring five handpumps and three ales(Osset/sharps/hopback)the pint of Osset "silver king" (3.20) was lovely (just like the barmaid) food looked good and was very well priced,7/10

6 Sep 2011 14:23

The Water Witch, Lancaster

rather pretencious however six ales over nine made up for this,quick friendly service and 2.85 for my pint of bowland summer citrus was better than i expected,lovely location except on a horrible wet day like today 8/10

6 Sep 2011 12:50

Black Swan Hotel, Kendal

the last comment says it all,stuck in a time warp it certainly is!5/10

6 Sep 2011 12:07

Revolution, Lancaster

totally dead when i visited last night although it was a monday and the students were off,friendly chatty doorman which is unusual these days,7/10

6 Sep 2011 12:00

The Miles Thompson, Kendal

no sign of the camra discount as previously reported,eight handpumps featured four guests and and the usual crap (ruddles,Greene king etc)my pint of geltsdale ale was perfect(2.05)barmaid was very friendly and welcoming 8/10

5 Sep 2011 16:56

The Shakespeare Inn, Kendal

six handpumps to choose from and a million times better than the new inn down the road,service was friendly and the pint of caledonian autum red(2.95) was good,absolutely empty though on a mon afternoon,sad times 7/10

5 Sep 2011 16:28

Bridge Hotel, Kendal

as said previously this place has a good location however only one handpump featured vinegar like marstons pedigree,cute and friendly barmaid,6/10

5 Sep 2011 14:53

The Bobbin, Lancaster

large pub featuring two ales (York Guzzler and Coniston Bluebird)i opted for the latter(2.90pint)quick friendly service mind the place was very quiet although it was a mon lunchtime,7/10

5 Sep 2011 13:29

The Brown Cow, Lancaster

Oopsie last comment was actually meant for Yorkshire House and not here,sorry LONG day of quaffing yesterday!

5 Sep 2011 12:16

The Brown Cow, Lancaster

decent enough pint of Hawkshead in here last night although sadly the place was empty,friendly barmaid and relaxed atmosphere,7/10

5 Sep 2011 12:04

The Three Mariners, Lancaster

six handpumps of which four were banks and Taylor,one York and one blank.barmaid was cutest and friendliest in town tonight,pint of b&t golden fox was spot on,7/10

4 Sep 2011 21:00

The Duke Of Lancaster, Lancaster

a fun and cheesy gay orientated venue,obviously no real ale but you need a place like this to lift your mood on a dull town deserted Sunday night,and before you ask I AM STRAIGHT! 6/10

4 Sep 2011 20:23

The Sun Hotel and Bar, Lancaster

very nice real ale pub/bar/TRENDY place,the building is fantastic and divided into various dimly lit areas,various handpumps featured lancaster ales and guests on a 50/50 basis,the pint of lancaster black was spot on(3.15),8/10

4 Sep 2011 20:03

The Green Ayre, Lancaster

very nice clean and tidy and airy Lloyds bar with a couple of extra ales added to the normal option of abbot or abbot,the pint of lancaster blonde(2.05)was very nice and the barmaid was friendly,other Lloyds could take a leaf out this places book!7/10

4 Sep 2011 19:08

The Golden Lion Hotel, Lancaster

a friendly local featuring four handpumps,the pint of lytham IPA was superb(3.10)mind 5.6%,7/10

4 Sep 2011 19:03

The Friary, Lancaster

fantastic building as said before,no ale but the building made up for it,7/10

4 Sep 2011 19:00

The White Cross, Lancaster

fifteen handpumps featured eleven ales,the pint of Ossett "lion brew" was spot on.service was pretty slow but it was a sunny Sunday afternoon,3.10 a pint (which included the ten pence camra discount)7/10

4 Sep 2011 17:10

Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster

nice and friendly service as previously mentioned and a pretty decent pint of "corby blonde"guest ale at just 1.99 a pint nearly fifty pence a pint cheaper than my local spoons in bristol.quite an odd layout over two floors,this place is ideally situated if staying at the travelodge as its bang next door! 7/10

4 Sep 2011 16:29

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

very attractive looking from the outside with plenty of hanging baskets and other floral displays,however inside is not the traditional type boozer i was expecting.its very synthetic and trying a bit too much at being trendy.three handpumps featured spitfire,deuchars ipa and t t landlord(3.05)which i opted for a rather cloudy pint of.barlady was friendly enough but the pub was very quiet for a Sunday lunchtime,6/10

4 Sep 2011 13:55

The Ram, Bath

six handpumps sadly stolen with absolute dullness being two otter,two bass and two doom,i opted for the latter(3),was in perfect nick but just dull beer dull clientele and err dull pub,6/10,bonus being the train station is nearby for a quick getaway.

29 Aug 2011 21:08

Griffin Hotel, March

i did enjoy the ghost story although this never enhanced the beer drinking experience.five handpumps featured broadside,bombardier,Greene king ipa and two pumps of courage best,out of this boring selection i opted for the cheapest at 1.95(courage best),the broadside was more tempting but a quid more,full of screaming kids and toddlers and pramface mothers totally ruined the visit to visit lovely hotel,7/10(for the building itself)

27 Aug 2011 16:49

The Red Lion, March

as the previous no real ale.appears to be a elgoods pub? Two elgoods handpumps with nothing on,opted for the keg elgoods "old smoothie"ok i guess as an alternative to John Smiths,quite a lot of locals but they seemed friendly enough 6/10

27 Aug 2011 16:15

The Wortley Almshouses, Peterborough

2 a pint for the very lush Samuel smiths "extra stout" yes please! 7/10

27 Aug 2011 15:30

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

utterly superb place,Fast and friendly service,lovely atmosphere,comfy and airy,selection of ales was brilliant,the pint of oakham citra was ten out of ten,there is on way that this place earns itself any less than a fat beer badger 10/10

27 Aug 2011 15:26

The Ship Inn, March

previous post says it all,when visited i was almost wanting to slit my throat after the depressingness of the coachmakers and the day nursery that was the wetherspoons.this place was a gem to find with six handpumps feat four ales.the pint of Tydd Steam roadhouse bitter was divine,8/10

27 Aug 2011 15:20

The Coachmakers Arms, March

very basic pub operated by the lovely Greene King,three handpumps featuring just one ale that being the predictable Greene King ipa,opted for strongbow(3)because of this that took half a day to pour and turned out to be as flat as a pancake.i was the only person in the pub on a bank holiday Saturday except for a skinhead sat opposite me with an addiction to madness on the jukebox,barman was friendly but as much as i hate to say it;i will give this place six months,sad sad times 3/10

27 Aug 2011 14:55

The Horseshoe Inn, Llantwit Major

The pint of Tomos Watkins "Cwrw Haf" was very good and far better kept than the ales up the road at The Plough & Harrow. 7/10

25 Aug 2011 16:25

Laffinn Pig, Dawlish

Visited every year on carnival day now for several years,the pint of St Austell Proper Job did not disappoint. 7/10

25 Aug 2011 15:50

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

Still the best pub in the town and always a must when visiting on carnival day.The pint of St Austell "Liquid Sunshine" was divine. 8/10

25 Aug 2011 15:46

The Teign Brewery Inn, Teignmouth

If you want decent ales don't be fooled by the "brewery" in this pub's name and head to the blue anchor next door.This place is a bit tired and slightly unsavoury.5/10

25 Aug 2011 15:42

The Blue Anchor Inn, Teignmouth

A very decent pint of Keltek "Golden Lance" was quaffed here in the sunny patio last week. Not a bad ale pub at all maybe just a tad pricey,7/10

25 Aug 2011 15:39

The Courtenay, Teignmouth

Used to be called "Strikers Cafe Bar" i do believe.One ale on being Teignworthy "GunDog". 6/10

25 Aug 2011 15:35

The William Henry, Weymouth

The previous two posts are spot on. Admittedly me and a mate popped in here the morning after carnival and although absolute bedlum with kids and pushchairs (and umbrellas and waterproofs this year),the actual service was ok. The brekkie came out in less than ten minutes and the bacon was actually hot(v unusual for a spoons!). Pint of Dorset Piddle "Jimmy Riddle" was ok too. 7/10

25 Aug 2011 14:56

The Ferrybridge Inn, Weymouth

Friendly welcome and a good range of ales from Dorset Piddle. 7/10

25 Aug 2011 14:38

The Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth

Very small local with limited seating areas,the pint of Yeovil"BST" was ok but not in great nick,6/10

25 Aug 2011 14:25

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

A good pint of Marstons(Ringwood) Fortyniner was quaffed in their lovely panoramic beer garden,well worth a visit if you can find this pub that's quite tucked away from the main town centre. 7/10

25 Aug 2011 14:20

The Dolphin, Weymouth

Hopback Hop Medley was very good when popped by on carnival day. friendly and welcoming backstreet pub/hotel, 6/10

25 Aug 2011 14:16

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Wedged to the hilts as usual on carnival day last week,still a reasonable selection of ale on including the dorset piddle "legwarmer" ginger beer that was spot on.7/10

25 Aug 2011 14:13

The Clipper, Weymouth

A good selection of ales from this "Smith & Jones" branded pub. A must every year when we come down on carnival day. As mentioned has now been called "The Clipper" for sometime. 8/10

25 Aug 2011 14:09

The Wellington, Horfield

the pint of barnstormer was SUPERB and the service good,best pint by miles outta this and Gloucester and inn on the green,7/10

24 Aug 2011 23:10

Gloucester Arms, Horfield

large pub featuring just doombar and courage best on draught,barmaid friendly and the pint of doom(2.80) was flat but drinkable,nothing special 5/10

24 Aug 2011 22:37

Inn On The Green, Horfield

wide amount of ales on including brews from Summerskills,sharps,arbor and dorset brewing;however all of which were tried seemed in a rather dull and uninspiring condition,the majority being 3.20plus,prob just too many on for the actual demand,shame as a nice pub interior and building itself,6/10

24 Aug 2011 22:32

Bear Hotel, Cowbridge

this pub offers three handpumps and they are superb,the pint of thwaites triple c was divine,7/10

21 Aug 2011 19:21

Vale of Glamorgan Inn, Cowbridge

very good selection of ales,the pint of wye valley "country ale" was spot on,the barmaid friendly and cute and the beer garden lovely,8/10

21 Aug 2011 14:03

Horse and Groom, Cowbridge

no real ales but a friendly welcome was had,two pints of bow were sampled (2.45pint) 6/10

21 Aug 2011 13:57

The Steam Packet Inn, Totnes

reasonable enough pint of doom was quaffed in the sunshine overlooking the river,other two ales were Dartmoor jail ale and a hunters ale brewed specially /re badged for the pub,7/10

20 Aug 2011 17:47

Ferret and Radiator, Dawlish

very sad if this does turn into flats,went to have a pint in there last night during the carnival and discovered it closed,no for sale/to let signs visible :(

20 Aug 2011 16:38

The Dartmouth Inn, Totnes

very nice pub tucked away in a kind of courtyard type area.four ales feat sharps doom and coaster and Dartmoor jail ale which i opted for at the very reasonable price of 2.50pint,the all day daily carvery looked and smelled lush and at only five quid i was sorely tempted,7/10

20 Aug 2011 16:32

Dicey O Reilly, Teignmouth

nice enough local feat one handpump which was an ale from hunters,couple of tables out the front for those sunny afternoons 6/10

19 Aug 2011 14:18

Brass Monkey, Teignmouth

very nice pint of sa tribute was quaffed,sadly the place was totally empty on a friday lunchtime,not a particularly big place with quite a few flys inhabiting the st austell pub,5/10

19 Aug 2011 13:35

The Little Ship, Portland

as with all pubs visited today(mid August) this place was very quiet,two handpumps both turned round,so had a pint of bow.barman/landlord was quite a gobby "take it or leave it"type joker,food menu looked ok but not the first place you would think of dining,6/10

18 Aug 2011 17:49

The Royal Portland Arms, Portland

two handpumps featured dorset piddle and RCH brews,from the selection of pump clips on show this place appears to have an ever changing range of cask ales.the landlord?/barman was most welcoming and the beer good,camra discount on ales and a proper traditional boozer,6.5/10

18 Aug 2011 17:26

The Cove House Inn, Portland

very nice pub with a backdrop unparalleled by others in the locality.three handpumps featured doombar,marstons ringwood best and adnams broadside,i quaffed the latter which was very nice indeed no doubt due to their cask marque award,only downside was the miserable woman who could not pour a full pint even after it was topped up,great i imagine on a hot sunny day and not in damp cold AUGUST! 6/10

18 Aug 2011 17:17

Britannia Inn, Portland

two handpumps available although the doom was off and the other ale was 7.5% so opted for pint of magners golden draught at a reasonable 3.00,friendly barmaid and a friendly bunch of regulars,6/10

18 Aug 2011 15:58

Britannia Inn, Portland

two handpumps available although the doom was off and the other ale was 7.5% so opted for pint of magners golden draught at a reasonable 3.00,friendly barmaid and a friendly bunch of regulars,6/10

18 Aug 2011 15:58

The George Inn, Portland

three real ales,nice old building,the pint of triple fff was impeccable,7/10

18 Aug 2011 15:13

Corner House Inn, Portland

as said before three handpumps offered adnams bitter,gk old speckled hen and sa tribute,i opted for tribute(3.00) very well kept and the pub was nice and cosy,very quiet mind it was a thurs lunchtime 6/10

18 Aug 2011 14:22

New Inn, Portland

superb pint of stonehenge eyecatcher was quaffed,very comfy pub and friendly service,10p off a pint camra discount 7/10

18 Aug 2011 12:55

The Punchbowl, Easton

absolutely dead for middle of august however the weather outside was shocking i guess,two handpumps with no ales sadly,opted for thatchers(3.30pint)5/10

18 Aug 2011 12:35

The Red Lion, Bristol

Absolutely wedged on the re-opening night when I visited. The pint of Milk Street ale was fine,and the two girls serving although rushed off their feet were very welcoming. 6/10 hope it stays busy

13 Aug 2011 17:13

The Major from Glengarry, Weston Super Mare

Visited two weeks ago.
Re-Opened and now called "Sam's Bar & Grill".
Friendly service and they done a good job on the refurbed interior,however the pint of DoomBar resembled gravy and was clearly off. 5/10

13 Aug 2011 16:38

The Cabot Hotel, Weston Super Mare

Couldn't put it any better than "Blackthorn" has. The only thing to add is that it's also a hotel. 8/10

13 Aug 2011 16:34

The Cross Hands, Fishponds

Nice friendly and cute barmaids,decent ales,comfy refurbed interior,outside seating,7/10

13 Aug 2011 15:45

New Inn, Mayshill, Frampton Cotterell

Very nice roadside pub featuring a great selection of tantalising beers. The pint of Dawkins ttt was the best pint of the day(not bad bearing in mind we visited six regular good beer guide entries!) Friendly landlord,traditional interior with lovely beer garden.My only gripe is that the area just for drinkers inside is limited with it being very foodie orientated. 8/10 all the same mind

13 Aug 2011 15:38

The Rising Sun, Frampton Cotterell

A good selection of handpumps available of which I opted for a perfect pint of a Burton Bridge ale.7/10

13 Aug 2011 15:21

The Globe, Frampton Cotterell

Very welcoming service and excellent ale. The pint of Uley "Pigs Ear" I quaffed was very well kept. A lovely big beer garden is available for the summer months. 8/10

13 Aug 2011 15:17

The Clytha Arms, Clytha

Friendly service from this superb roadside traditional pub.The pint of Wye Valley "Flower Power" was spot on. The food looked very appetizing albeit rather pricey. 8/10

12 Aug 2011 18:25

The Star and Dove, Bristol

A Very "Gastro" type affair which isn't to every ale drinker's cuppa tea/pinta ale,however i was very happy with my visit last month. The Caledonian 80' and Adnams Lighthouse were very well kept and the service friendly. 7/10

12 Aug 2011 18:16

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

looking back @ previous post in sober light of day it should have read 7/10! soz :(

12 Aug 2011 17:16

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

More of an evening venue than a daytime drinking place. 5/10

12 Aug 2011 17:06

The Looking Glass, Warrington

Popped in back in June. A very nice JDW offering spread over two floors,with a lift actually available to the upstairs area that features a small bar aswell. Guest ales were only 1.95 pint. Only negative thing was the service(as prev mentioned). Only one girl serving however she was friendly and working her arse off for the pennies she was prob on. 8/10

11 Aug 2011 19:24

White Hart, Warrington

a big disappointment when I visited back in June. This is a lovely big town centre pub with ample potential,but was totally empty. Unfortunately on my visit there was no real ales,no bulmers draught either so opted for a pint of bow(3.15). Barwoman was very unfriendly. 3/10 hopefully it was just a bad day? :-s

11 Aug 2011 19:17

The Chelsea Inn, Easton

any pub in an area such as this these days has gotta be a bonus!two ales on cask were wickwar cotswold way and milk street zig zag,the zig zag was good and very quaffable,interesting pub and interesting clientele,Hmm 5/10

6 Aug 2011 18:23

The Sugar Loaf, Easton

excellent large pub just seconds away from stapleton road station,four ales on offer included otter ale,cotswold spring codrington old codger,and goffs lamorak (which was lovely and just 2.95 pint) superb beer garden at rear,7/10

6 Aug 2011 16:19

The Vittoria, Clifton

very nice pint of adnams regatta was quaffed,attractive little clifton pub with four handpumps,7/10

6 Aug 2011 14:52

The Victoria, Clifton

superb dawkins pub off the beaten track in clifton,six different ales including a gorgeous pint of dawkins "juno" elderflower beer,nice little pub with a classic interior,8/10

6 Aug 2011 14:29

The Mill House, Stoke Bishop

very nice pub featuring four Cask Marque ales(butcombe bitter,courage best,doom bar and youngs bitter) i opted for the butcombe what was in very good nick (3.05pint)pub is 12min walk from sea mills station 6/10

6 Aug 2011 13:26

The Canteen, Bristol

Comfortable,laid back and relaxed.Decent varied range of four real ales available. Shockingly bad music(ambient style) was being played by the dj. 6/10

31 Jul 2011 14:14

The Bell, Bristol

A very nice pint of Butcombe Mendip Spring was quaffed here last night,nice attractive local with quick service,7/10

31 Jul 2011 14:11

Graze Bar and Chophouse, Bristol

after walking past on several occasions i finally decided to visit and was pleasantly surprised by the find,the pint of bath "summer's hare"(3.05)was enjoyed sat outside on the patio is sadly quite tucked away from the main drag so i hope it remains viable,only gripe was the one bloke serving on quite a busy Sunday afternoon,food looked yummy too 7/10

10 Jul 2011 18:31

Holly Tree, Exmouth

ten handpumps six ales on and a cider,ales from st austell and gk so uninspiring but my pint of st austell HSD(5%) was perfect,friendly service,lots of outside benches and 2.95pint,7/10

3 Jul 2011 17:22

Country House Inn, Exmouth

popped in on superb hot sunny afternoon,wadworth 6x and doom on draught,due to the weather i opted for taunton traditional cider,and at just 2.20pint i stayed for four,lovely beer garden and friendly service,7/10

3 Jul 2011 16:42

The Cuban, Camden

no real ale and two pints of heineken quaffed at the shocking price of 8.60! 4/10

26 Jun 2011 21:15

The Harcourt Arms, Marylebone

dont have any real problem with the place apart from the prices(aspall 4)it may be a "Swedish" pub but anything that keeps pubs alive ticks my box,three handpumps featured London pride,doom bye hobgoblin,6/10

26 Jun 2011 21:10

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

a "country pub" exterior in a central London PUB 3.5/10

26 Jun 2011 20:31

The Monarch, Chalk Farm

no real ale,empty on a got sunny day when everywhere else was packed,quite run down,opted for Guinness and a aspall cider,8.00 5/10

26 Jun 2011 17:02

The Hawley Arms, Camden

nice Greene king pub with small beer garden downstairs and roof terrace upstairs,quick friendly service,three ales on from the Greene king stable,we opted for two pints of sun dance (7.00)7/10

26 Jun 2011 15:14

The Engineer, Primrose Hill

only bombardier on draught,so opted for couple of pints of becks vier(7.60)nice beer garden but totally wedged with diners and nowhere to sit,6/10

26 Jun 2011 13:57

The Windsor Castle, Marylebone

very nice clean and tidy pub with nice beer patio at front and lounge and dining area upstairs.five handpumps feat landlord,pride,ringwood best and jennings cumberland ale,we opted for two pints of freedom organic english lager at a slightly hefty 7.90, 7/10

26 Jun 2011 12:33

The Golden Lion, Bishopston

four handpumps feature a real ale and a cider,the ale bein butcombe gold,6.80for pint of stowford and pint of butcombe so bit pricey,6/10

4 Jun 2011 17:27

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

8 handpumps featured 5ales incl adnams lighthouse,wye valley hpa,George wright,skinners betty stoggs,we opted for two pints of lighthouse(6.50)of which were well kept,nice large beer patio at rear,7/10

4 Jun 2011 16:54

Goose At The Flyer, Horfield

not a goose chain pub anymore,now a pub trying to hard to be a "clifton type affair"the place is comfy and laid back but pretencious ,the ale offering was doom,and white horse saracen ipa(5.95 one of each)7/10

4 Jun 2011 16:16

Rising Sun, Bishopston

no real ale although that wasnt to be expected being a scream bar,the interior however is very comfy and the prices good(bthorn and a tenents=5.10),6/10

4 Jun 2011 15:31

The Bishops Tavern, Bristol

ok it might be a Greene king pub but the place could NOT be faulted! Opted for the lunchtime offer of any sandwich(had a massive chicken and bacon club),portion of chips and a pint all for 4.99,the food was excellent and the service from the barmaid was friendly and fast,will be sure to return 8/10

4 Jun 2011 14:56

The Old England, Montpelier

i guess its a wadworth pub from the three handpumps all offering wadworth brews,the bishops tipple was ok and went down nicely on the warm sunny beer patio,3.50pint seemed a tad harsh though,6/10

4 Jun 2011 14:33

The Cadbury House, Montpelier

three ales on offer included sa tribute,doombar,and gem,food menu looked tasty and home made,service friendly enough and nice sun trap beer garden at rear,7/10

4 Jun 2011 12:45

The Red Lion, Pontefract

sat outside in the yard which could be called a beer garden However the broken glass,run down garages and shirtless chav Scum did not help,inside the barman/lanlord served a pint of John smiths with a large head and two totally FLAT pints of strongbow so so, bad i opted for carling,funnily enough the bulldog chewing on a wasp barman was not overly keen to change it,the idea he had of putting the cider in a different shaped glass didnt give it any more bubbles,odd that lol 2/10

3 Jun 2011 14:27

Wick at Both Ends, Sheffield

delicious pint of thornbridge airtight was quaffed here,the service was quick and friendly,the interior was very interesting and well laid out,cannot fault 8/10

2 Jun 2011 14:15

bar s1, Sheffield

closed and re opening end of month as the beehive

2 Jun 2011 14:09

The Varsity, Sheffield

very nice tidy looking pub/bar with two handpumps and varied range of other drinks,lots of different seating areas over two levels and friendly service,good value too (sbow and black sheep 5.10) 8/10

2 Jun 2011 12:25

All Bar One, Sheffield

nice city centre bar with good selection of foreign lagers and two real ales(black sheep and doom),friendly service and nice relaxed atmosphere,not cheap though 6/10

2 Jun 2011 11:34

The Old Market Hall, Mexborough

fantastic big building just up from the station and a lovely lovely pint of daleside stout (1.99)well worth a visit 7/10

1 Jun 2011 13:33

McHales, Liverpool

as mentioned before full of old pissed up blokes dancing badly,however for a late night venue was good fun and the atmosphere was laid back 7/10 for that reason only

1 Jun 2011 13:11

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

totally superb station bar,something every station should have in my books,fine selection of no less than TEN handpump ales,great service,comfortable interior,and extensive selection of foreign bottle beers and keg beers,9/10

1 Jun 2011 12:28

The Griffin, Mold

nice enough marston's pub located in the bustling high street,three handpumps featured two ales;ringwood fortyniner and Jennings Snecklifter,opted for the Jennings(2.75) and it was spot on,the pub was sadly empty although i guess it was a tues lunchtime 6/10

31 May 2011 12:51

Gold Cape, Mold

not the most amazing wetherspoon pub i been to by far however the service was quick and friendly and the pint of conwy "rampart"was very well kept.its the first wetherspoons i have visited out of over 500 that actually offers camra members a discount on the already low price of 2.10pint making it just 1.79 total bargain! 7/10

31 May 2011 11:44

The Waggon and Horses, Wootton Bassett

More of a varied ale offering compared to the other pubs in the area. The pint of Best Mates was very nice albeit 3.15pint.7/10

25 May 2011 17:08

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

This Arkells pub appears to have changed it's name to "The Royal Inn" now. A decent pint of Arkells 3B(2.80) was quaffed here at the weekend 6/10

25 May 2011 17:05

Red Lion, Wootton Bassett

not too shabby this place,quick service and a beer patio at the rear were positives.only real negative was that its only courage best on cask but at 2.10pint it did taste that much better 6/10

21 May 2011 16:46

Prince of Wales, Wootton Bassett

very nice pub just on the way in towards wb,decent sized beer garden was very pleasant.real ale offering was bass and doombar,i opted for pint of doom (3.05)which was in perfect condition,7/10

21 May 2011 16:07

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Spot on pint of Mauldons Blackberry Porter was devoured here along with a gourmet burger that was presented and served perfectly and fast! 7/10

20 May 2011 20:33

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

Very nice pint of Orkney quaffed here. Friendly barmaid too, helped me out with directions to next spoons lol 7/10

20 May 2011 20:31

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

Very nice wetherspoon pub on two levels with good service(when visited) and a well kept pint, 7/10

20 May 2011 20:15

Buccaneer, Fareham

Quite handy for a beer while waiting for a train,6/10

19 May 2011 19:37

The Litten Tree, Rugby

This Is Now A Lloyds No1 Bar Called "The Lawrence Sheriff" 8/10

17 May 2011 22:45

Railway Hotel, Preston

Now Called "Station Hotel". Deuchars IPA,S N Spitfire and Theakston Best were the cask ales on offer.I opted for the Deuchars that was very nice. It's a nice pub however there are better not too far away. 6/10

16 May 2011 23:29

The Old Vic, Preston

Large open plan pub with centre bar,5 cask ales available(2.60pint),7/10

16 May 2011 23:26

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

5 Ales and 1 Cider on draught when visited.Only popped in for one but my pint of hopstar(2.66pint) was so delicious I was forced to stay for another! The service was fast and friendly too,well worth a visit, 8/10

16 May 2011 23:14

The Old Black Bull, Preston

Fantastic pub opp Wetherspoons.5 ales on offer included 2cornish and 2welsh(2.65pint),lovely classic pub interior,8/10

16 May 2011 23:10

The Grey Friar, Preston

A Very dull uninspiring looking wetherspoon outlet especially from the outside.Inside is extremely spacious and open plan.The service was friendly and 8 different ales were on offer(2.10pint).My pint was spot on. 7/10

16 May 2011 23:05

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

Nice town centre street corner robinson's pub with attractive central bar and various large snugs.Four handpumps(2.70pint),cute barmaid,8/10

16 May 2011 22:56

Yates's, Preston

Very nice large pub with two bar,comfy sofas and a friendly and cute barmaid. Sadly when I visited both the cask ales(bombardier and yates's best) were both off so opted for a pint of strongbow at the bargain price of 2.10 7/10

16 May 2011 22:42

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Not to be trusted on their opening hours.Although they advertise being open until 1am on fridays and saturdays the door staff don't let people in after half twelve even if the place is dead!

14 May 2011 16:54

The Oxford Inn, Totterdown

bath gem and doombar on draught when visited. pub ok but nothing to go out of the way for, 6/10

14 May 2011 16:30

The Shakespeare, Totterdown

Doombar,Otter,Butcombe & Skinners on draught. I opted for the Skinners "Betty Stoggs" that was well kept and very quaffable. The pub was friendly and comfortable and not what I was actually expecting. 7/10

14 May 2011 16:27

The Black Castle, Arno's Vale

Still lacking in any sort of real ale. We opted for sbow & guinness(6.14). Food was very reasonable though(2 7oz steak meals for 7.00!!)The building itself is superb looking from outside. 7/10

14 May 2011 16:09

The Princess Of Wales, Bedminster

Agree with the previous post stepping in here is like stepping back in time. The pint of Cheddar was fine though, 6/10

14 May 2011 15:51

Bull's Head, Sedgley

Visited back in January and can report the pint of Holdens Golden Glow was spot on this time round, 7/10

14 May 2011 14:43

The Hobgoblin, Bristol

Very tatty when visited back in january, only one ale on (wychwood hobgoblin obv 2.75pint).Hardly any seating,no drip trays behind bar,looked like main till had been removed,all in all it seemed to just being kept afloat, 4/10 shame

10 May 2011 13:31

Westbury Park Tavern, Bristol

4 ales on offer were doombar,butcombe,courage best and wells bombardier(2.75pint).More of a food led pub but nice enough all the same, 7/10

10 May 2011 13:26

The Jersey Lilly, Bristol

Cute barmaid,3 ales on offer incl doombar,l pride and a guest from thwaites(3.00pint).Nice comfy and relaxing. 8/10

10 May 2011 13:22

Chaucers Inn, Exeter

A very nice cosy and dimly lit marstons pub situated "below" the main high street in a basement type of venue, 8/10

9 May 2011 12:56

Queens Head, Redditch

no ale both clips turned,no Guinness =off,had to opt for Carling(2.80)nice large beer garden mind 5/10

30 Apr 2011 18:30

Yates's, Redditch

still open, now called Bar 98. No real ale but not expected as its more of a late night venue,fairly busy on a sat afternoon due to big screen sport 6/10

30 Apr 2011 16:21

The Pinnacle, Redditch

now called the abbey and bang next door to wetherspoons,still owned by the barraccuda chain,sat outside on sat afternoon drinkin wells bombardier(2.10) and a lush homemade sausage roll(0.99) ok just pretty quiet due to the neighbours 7/10

30 Apr 2011 16:03

The Rising Sun, Redditch

very open plan and untraditional lookin place,the service was quick for a spoons and the pint of shepherd neame royal wedding ale(2.10) was good so yeah couldnt really fault 7/10

30 Apr 2011 15:53

The Golden Cross, Redditch

a fantastic friendly greeting from the couple running the place and a surprisingly gorgeous pint of ringwood "lovey warne" was quaffed in the hot sun outside,an ideal pub for a beer before your train,food dirt cheap too (fish pie and veg=2.50etc)only sad signs was the place empty on a sunny sat lunchtime and a marstons pub to let sign outside,7/10

30 Apr 2011 14:17

Edmunds Bar, Birmingham

a decent pint of purity pure gold was quaffed(3.20) very comfortable interior however sat on a table outside in the sun. A bar that gives receipts with your pint that kinda annoys me but checkin that receipt the address differs from that listed(110 edmund street) i presume its the same place with err two addresses lol 7/10

30 Apr 2011 12:55

The Swan, Stourbridge

nice enough pub although pretty crap for ale (one pump and beer off) opted for thatchers gold(3,40)and ten pence more than the price list by the bar so be careful! Barmaid was fairly cute and service reasonable,as mentioned before this pub has an extensive long beer patio with lighting,sofas,heaters and music so the smokers will be happy 7/10

29 Apr 2011 22:07

The Old Windmill, Coventry

eight ales on offer included doombar,landlord,old peculier,speckled hen however i went for the purity mad goose(2.90)as previously said its a little gem in a largely modern entertainment and retail outlet area,7/10

29 Apr 2011 16:14

Duke's Cut, Oxford

a nice tidy wychwood/marstons affair with four guest ales being w hobgoblin,brakspear gold,ringwood fortyniner and w hot chocolate of which i quaffed,service is very welcoming and the guy who served me was a legend as had run out of cash and kept me bag while was directed to cash point even offered to serve me the pint and pay later 7/10

29 Apr 2011 14:53

The Horn, Reading

nice comfortable pub with tealights on tables and relaxing atmosphere,three ales of which i opted for pint of theakston lightfoot (3.40)which was decently kept,7/10

29 Apr 2011 13:05

The Four Candles, Oxford

nice big spoons over two floors,quick service and good range of beers,7/10

29 Apr 2011 12:58

The Swan and Castle, Oxford

not bad spoons quite modern interior,pint of okells i had was fine and service quick and friendly 7/10

29 Apr 2011 12:25

The Jolly Farmers, Oxford

only one handpump and it was off(old hooky) opted for pint of strongbow instead(3.20) popped in on royal wedding lunchtime and it was dead,nice decor and nice lookin pub,and as previously said its not screaming GAY ,6/10

29 Apr 2011 12:19

The Maxwell Hotel, Orpington

looks lovely pie shop from outside and the cask ales wordings especially drew me in,sadly this was not to be...six handpumps=blank ales=bottled in fridge and full selection ie had fuller chiswick bitter (3),food menu=various dishes crossed out,gents=out of order and alternative signposted,all in all really getting run down i just hope i quaffed here on a bad much potential 4/10

26 Apr 2011 18:30

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

quite impressed really this place most definately beats a couple of the other spoons i been to today (orpington and pettswood)its a very intriguing buildin as there are two different upstairs areas(front and rear)and two different beer patios on different floors YET its not a massive pub,cute friendly and fast barmaid served me ,ale nothing amazing to write about as was the remains of the last spoons beer fest on offer,7/10

26 Apr 2011 18:20

The Harvest Moon, Orpington

quite a tired looking and feeling spoons that i guess was one of their first openings,very loud gobby cockneys sat opp,ale selection ok although a lot was err "coming soon"2.35 for guest ales,not amazing at all but bit of an oasis in a long high street with little pubs 5/10

26 Apr 2011 16:17

The Richmal Crompton, Bromley

very impressed with this Lloyds bar,from the exterior it did not look great however inside was a different story. large and airy open plan style place with a mixture of seating options,the bar manager was very welcoming and when i asked about a couple of the weltons brews on he offered tasters,the pint i had was delicious and very well kept/served,turned out that he used to run a pub in my home town 100+miles away tis a small world haha anyway def a credit to the JDW pub directory,8/10

26 Apr 2011 14:06

The Slug and Lettuce, Bromley

only bombardier available on cask but at 2.25pint was quite impressed,service was friendly and nice to look at,comfortable relaxed atmosphere as with most slugs,busy too for a Tues lunchtime,6/10 ok just nothing special

26 Apr 2011 13:36

The Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

quite uninspiring spoons offering located in a street full of charity shops card shops and little else,and beware if you are poppin in for an early one they open at nine but are not licenced til ten 6/10

26 Apr 2011 13:31

The Old Manor, Potters Bar

very nice pub restaurant located less than 5 minutes walk from the train station,four cask ales feat London pride wells bombardier wells courage best and deuchars ipa,would have been nice to visit on a sunny summer day mind as the large beer patio was most welcoming 8/10

26 Apr 2011 13:26

The Birdcage, Stoke Newington

eight pounds for a bottle of kopperberg cider and a Tim Taylor landlord,6/10

25 Apr 2011 23:20

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

fantastic selection of ales/foreign lagers/ciders,all shockingly expensive,opted for two pints of "fannys bramble"4% blackberry cider served by a very cute wench at a very not so cute four a pint jug,still its a nice venue 7/10

25 Apr 2011 22:34

The Coach and Horses, Stoke Newington

seven fifty for a strongbow and a tribute ur having a bloody bubble!5/10

25 Apr 2011 21:44

The Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington

not a typical lookin spoons from outside this pub actually came up trumps!the ale selection was good and the quality was fine,we ordered food too that was served quickly and the bar maid was friendly,8/10 very happy

25 Apr 2011 21:09

The Taps, Enfield

cheapest round of the day,five squid for a pint of strongbow(virtually unheard of in London)and a pint of guiness,no cask ale mind and the cute barmaid looked at me like shit while pouring the pie juice lol 7/10

25 Apr 2011 20:05

The George, Enfield

lots of unjustified reviews recently i believe,the ale selection today was the best so far in enfield and the pint of dark horse maypole was divine,and the prices were remarkably good too (5.50 two pints) would certainly re visit 8/10

25 Apr 2011 19:17

The Kings Head, Enfield

as with the last post the theakstons XB is pretty crap,and very cloudy however the only other ale was flipping green king ipa,the service was quick and friendly and the beer patio out the front was enjoyed 6.5/10 could be a lot better if the ale range was improved

25 Apr 2011 18:29

The Stag, Enfield

looks rather pretentious from the exterior however i think the previous reviews have not done the place justice,only Greene king ipa and London pride on cask but the pride was totally spot on(3.40),service was fast and friendly and the place was nicely decked out,good value food menu aswell 7/10

25 Apr 2011 17:57

The Waiting Room, King's Cross

all said before its a hotel bar basically but not too shabby,no cask ales but friendly enough service and a relaxing if not slightly clinical environment,two pints of fizz namely carlsberg were quaffed(6.70)5/10

25 Apr 2011 17:21

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

nice enough pub just down road from enfield chase station,only prob was on our visit all lager had sold out i guess cos of the hot sunny Easter bank holiday and there was no cider on draught at all,the ale choice was sadly provided by marstons and Greene king,the two pints of Greene king "London glory"(6.40)werent too shabby but nothing special,5/10

25 Apr 2011 17:10

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

two caledonian ales on when popped in today(Easter Monday)both of which were well kept(6.70)fairly quiet but friendly barmaids and some benches to sit outside,food looked good and was very reasonable presuming the area,7/10

25 Apr 2011 14:50

The Union Tavern, Clerkenwell

certainly more a pub for the discerning diner than two fat beer drinking pub ticking idiots however the service was very welcoming and the food looked lush,6.70for carlsberg and doombar 6/10

25 Apr 2011 14:27

Millers Pond, Sholing

....and the award for most miserable lookin barmaid of the day go's to.... Apart from that its a wadworth pub with 6x and Henrys ipa on cask,the pie garden was very pleasant mind 6/10

24 Apr 2011 17:50

The Swan, Woolston

very surprised by this place,looks extremely pretenious from outside however inside is full of bikers and live rock music,two cask ales both from caledonian were a nice find however seven pounds for two pints was pretty shocking ,messy but useful beer garden at the back was well used,6/10

24 Apr 2011 17:43

The Swan, Woolston

very surprised by this place,looks extremely pretenious from outside however inside is full of bikers and live rock music,two cask ales both from caledonian were a nice find however seven pounds for two pints was pretty shocking ,messy but useful beer garden at the back was well used,6/10

24 Apr 2011 17:29

The Bridge, Southampton

no cask ales on which is quite poor for a marstons pub,they had their own brews but only in keg format,so we opted for a carlsberg and bow (5.90)in the sunny liquid pie garden/bunch of benches next to busy main road,bar staff quite disinterested but reasonably quick service,6/10ok but lots of room for improvement

24 Apr 2011 16:26

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

apparantly a freehouse however the large choice of Greene king ale's made one think otherwise,opted for the Greene king 'ale pril fool" which was dire,the place is cask marque but with ales from gk only on that phrase "you cannot polish a turd" spring to mind,6.20 for two pints 6/10

24 Apr 2011 13:59

The Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Southampton

a very good pint of goddards(isle of white) scrumdiggity bitter quaffed here, the place was very busy mind it was a sun soaked easter sunday. The service was pitifully slow but this only down to the jdw minimal staffing levels,the actual bar staff were working their arses off spesh a girl who was preggers, 7/10

24 Apr 2011 13:49

The Soul Cellar 78, Southampton

no cask alee,opted for pint of foreign lager from hell brewery,niceish bar shame about the pricetag 3.95 a pint! 5/10

23 Apr 2011 17:38

The White Lion, Westbury


18 Apr 2011 22:38

The Crown Inn, Westbury

a very nice pint of wadworth swordfish was quaffed here yesterday 6/10

18 Apr 2011 22:36

The Horse and Groom, Westbury

only one ale on cask was tribute but boy was it well kept,quick enough service and a beer garden 6/10

17 Apr 2011 16:54

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

cannnot really add much here as ur last post says it all! All i can say is that doom and arbor ales hunny beer is a vast improvement on the dire visit 3years ago,sadly empty on a busy sat night everyone still spilling out the mardyke for some reason 5/10

9 Apr 2011 21:11

The Grapes Tavern, Bristol

wadworth 6X and henrys ipa, opted for the ipa which was ok but sadly 3.20 pint. Place was totally empty when visited @7 on a sat night,ok but nothing special 6/10

9 Apr 2011 20:09

The Coronation Tap, Clifton

"world famous" err for what exactly? Ale choice dull as (doom and butcombe) opted for thatchers gold (3.30) prob the best pub in clifton mind due to proper drinkers here and not toffee nosed prats,6/10

9 Apr 2011 20:01

The Hophouse, Clifton

prob one of clifton's better "bars", this wadworth pub offers 6X,henrys ipa,and swordfish all from the wadworth stable.the pint of ipa i had was good and to be honest 3.05 pint aint bad for clifton 7/10

9 Apr 2011 18:02

The Quadrant, Bristol

butcombe bitter/gold on cask,the gold(3.50!)was very good indeed sadly the clifton clientele doesnt enhance the atmosphere and in general this is still a wine bar that has two beers 5/10(mainly due to prices)

9 Apr 2011 17:12

The Bristol Fringe Cafe Bar, Bristol

*sorry last post should have read out of 7 handpumps!

9 Apr 2011 16:42

The Bristol Fringe Cafe Bar, Bristol

as previous post this is certainly lacking it atmophere,totally dead on a sat afternoon when the outside street is bustling,only s a tribute on(3.20)out of handpumps but was very good,5/10 ...ok but no reason to rush back!

9 Apr 2011 16:36

The Somerset House, Bristol

small rather uninspiring pub in clifton,courage best,theakston best and london pride served straight from cask,i opted for the latter which was a bit flat and 3.40 a pint ,cute aussie barmaid,annoying wine bar bavkground music,6/10

9 Apr 2011 16:10

The Masonic Hotel, Bedminster

funnily enough my first visit since my post over 4years ago! The pub is still there which did surprise me, the ale choice is STILL courage best and nothing else (but was actually ok),the pub is brighter and less clicky than i remember too err 6/10

7 Apr 2011 23:04

The Spotted Cow, Bedminster

a lot better than i remember it,as previously said this is more of a "late bar" than a pub,the service was quick with a plentiful amount of staff for a Thursday and the ale albeit dull butcombe gold was spot on(bath gem/bath spa also available)8/10 ps lotsa candles

7 Apr 2011 22:56

The Pitcher and Piano, Bristol

just reopened after a big refurb this bar is situated next door to the cheap and cheerful spoons on the harbourside,they have done a very good job and the outside seating section is very nicely laid out.(very entertaining aswell watchin the pigeons landing on the diners tables lol on the beer front i had an ice cold pint of fizz (grolsch blonde)and it was free courteousy of their email list!they did have ales on though which are pedigree,marstons epa and hobgoblin ,staff were plentiful and friendly too,7/10

25 Mar 2011 13:20

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

had put off visiting this establishment for far far too long,the choice of 8 ales was exceptionally good and the pint of keystone gold spice was a totally divine 10/10 pint,only thing that slightly let it down was the 3.20tag,8/10 a real must if in the area

22 Mar 2011 20:11

The Adam and Eve, Bristol

a real shame this place only in the way its a lovely pub but a bit off the beaten track and was empty apart from myself and two other couples(Tues 8pm),admittedly the ale choice wasnt overly ore inspiring (bath gem,a cottage brew and wye valley HPA)I offered for the wye which was perfect(2.95) The food although i didnt sample smelled and looked delicious,7/10+

22 Mar 2011 19:46

Bristol Pear, Selly Oak

part of the "scream" chain of student type pubs,no handpumps at all so opted for pint of Guinness(2.85)* the service was quick though and the barmaid friendly.busy for a Sunday afternoon mind football was on the big screen,ok but would divert to goose if you want good beer!6/10 *the chain offers a "yellow card" that only costs a quid and you get discounted drinks by showing it

20 Mar 2011 16:46

The Church Tavern, Quarry Bank

a good pint from local brewery old swan and their swan "entire",nice comfortable and welcoming pie shoppe,7/10

20 Mar 2011 16:10

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

superb value once again from the goose brand,i never associate this chain with decent ale but my perceptions are beginning to change especially now they have gained cask marque status,five ales when visited feat marstons pedigree,marstons epa(1.59),wells bombardier,t Taylor landlord,and skinners "paddy's pride"(2.10) which i opted for ,the three barmaids were very pleasing to the exe like the prices,cannot fault 8/10

20 Mar 2011 16:04

The S'oak, Selly Oak

unlike the last post this pub was totally wedged today,prob due some blokes kickin a ball about on the tv,only just managed to get a seat.its a Greene king pub so wasnt expecting much but no handpumps at all was a disappointment! Opted for Guinness that then turned out to be off so rather than drink ruddles smooth(1.59)i opted for a pint of carlsberg(1.99)the food was dirt cheap too,so yeah ok for a quick visit but not for real ale 6/10

20 Mar 2011 15:47

The S'oak, Selly Oak

unlike the last post this pub was totally wedged today,prob due some blokes kickin a ball about on the tv,only just managed to get a seat.its a Greene king pub so wasnt expecting much but no handpumps at all was a disappointment! Opted for Guinness that then turned out to be off so rather than drink ruddles smooth(1.59)i opted for a pint of carlsberg(1.99)the food was dirt cheap too,so yeah ok for a quick visit but not for real ale 6/10

20 Mar 2011 15:47

The Corn Exchange, Brierley Hill

pint of everards original was spot on and only 2.51 pint,service was quick and friendly,not a traditional freehouse like many around but still worth a visit 7/10

20 Mar 2011 14:57

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

attractive looking pub from exterior so was naturally drawn off the bus at the stop outside,its a marstons pub with very limited ale choice (marstons pedigree and banks's original) opted for the uninspiring pint of pedigree however @2.40 was quite reasonable,very good value food menu aswell including Sunday roasts for just 4.95 6/10

20 Mar 2011 14:42

The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

prob the most impressive exterior compared to all the other west midlands spoons,the front long bar was busy but service quick and the ale cheap,sad round the corner in the quieter "garden room" would definately recommend 8/10

20 Mar 2011 14:07

The Old Swan, Netherton

very fine pint of dark swan @ just 2.10pint was quaffed,very nice pub with friendly service7/10

19 Mar 2011 18:39

The Lamp Tavern, Dudley

as the last two posts this pub was welcoming and the bathams bitter (as expected) was spot on,nothing amazing but a proper midlands pub 8/10

19 Mar 2011 18:01

The Courthouse, Dudley

severely great real ale pub owned apparantly by the wellington pub guys in brum,9ales on when visited and the pint of red squirrel red tail was divine,quick service too 8/10

19 Mar 2011 17:30

The Britannia, Upper Gornal

a lovely bathams pub with great interior almost like a museum in the back bar,cute barmaid and a choice of bathams bitter and mild,the bitter being spot on8/10

19 Mar 2011 17:19

The Jolly Crispin, Upper Gornal

queued up for opening this morning with a large group of ale followers,needless to say we werent disappointed,over 8 handpumps and the pint of oakham styrian goldings was divine,8/10

19 Mar 2011 16:50

The Kings Head, Bristol

i now remember why i stick to the seven stars,cornubia and bridge,popped in for st Patricks just to have the one obligatory guiness knowing that the ale choice here was rather uninspiring and Thats why i normally dont visit,anyway 3.90for the pint,absolutely shocking! 7Stars here i come!6/10

17 Mar 2011 21:11

The Clipper, Exmouth

a year on from previous review and can still say this is the best pub in exmouth town centre,the pint of proper job was spot on and the two meals for under seven squid were good albeit a tad small,but no you cannot fault this smith and Jones oh sorry "party in the pub"(naff new name of chain)pub,8/10

13 Mar 2011 20:48

The Pilot Inn, Exmouth

quite amazed only been reviewed twice since my previous post five years back!although like tonight there is never more than about a dozen people drinkin in here,only one handpump still now offering doom constantly(yawn).not changed at all though in ten plus years since i began drinkin here in my youth,new quite eccentric barman who must be sponsored by bryl cream and daz washing powder,5.85 for bottle of newcastle brown and pint of coors,6/10

13 Mar 2011 19:46

Bath House, Exmouth

this place has seriously gone to the dogs over the years ,used to live in exmouth and in the summer as the deer leap i would quite happily score this a 9/10 since Greene king took over the place has got very run down,the service is mediocre,the toilets rank,the pub sign has been missing for months,the clientele is chav infested,the beer dull with no ales other than gk and not overly cheap,and worst of all the the beer patio today resembles a land fill site the amount of rubbish littering the wooden decking,and call me cynical but the last two glowing reviews that look that have been copy and pasted from a Greene king corporate website were written by "members" who have been on and recorded reviews only for here and joined last month!5/10 and only just due to its location,very sad

13 Mar 2011 18:25

The Grove, Exmouth

five handpumps available included bombardier,youngs gold,special and youngs bitter,service was quick and friendly,6.23 for fosters and youngs gold so about average,8/10

13 Mar 2011 17:05

The Beach, Exmouth

sat outside on a nice sunny spring evening with a delicious pint of tribute,quick service,and busy for a Sunday afternoon.two old people quite randomly sat drinkin pints in their car outside,still 7/10

13 Mar 2011 16:22

McGlynns, Kings Cross

very nice pub near kings cross,popped in on way home from the London drinker beer festival at the nearby camden centre,three handpumps offering courage best,a wychwood special and caledonian over the bar which was very good (although at 3.20 it should be)good cheap jukebox available and fast service 8/10

11 Mar 2011 19:18

The Trooper, Bristol

3 handpumps feature at this local on the main road from hanham to bristol,sadly it was courage best,a turned bombardier and the proudly displayed "beer of the month" bein wait for it,drum roll... Err wadworth 6X hmm a lot busier than the maypole up the road but then it dont take a lot to beat 4 people in a pub,barman was lacking in any type of customer service skills and my pint of blackthorn was 3.10 seriously not great 5/10

10 Mar 2011 21:37

The Blue Bowl, Hanham


10 Mar 2011 20:37

Queens Head, Hanham

a nice clean and comfortable wadworth pub tucked away behind hanham high street,4handpumps featured different wadworth ales of which i quaffed the swordfish(3),fast friendly service too,the new wetherspoons nearby could learn a lot from here,7/10

10 Mar 2011 20:33

The Jolly Sailor, Hanham

quite a small wetherspoon offering over two floors,opened two weeks ago and still appears to be very popular with the locals,packed throughout with nowhere to sit so ended up sat outside! Very unstaffed like with most jdw outlets and nearly ten min to get served, only 5handpumps downstairs of which two were blank and out the other 3 were abbot and flamin ruddles!opted for pint of rhymny export @ a rather pricey for spoons tag of 2.40,definately not the finest pub from the spoons stable,6/10

10 Mar 2011 19:17

The Mash Tub, Melton Mowbray

small marston's local with three handpumps(pedigree,banks's original and banks's lions roar) 6/10

19 Feb 2011 17:41

The Harboro Hotel, Melton Mowbray

good range of ales across the pumps although the rudgate ordered coulda been better kept mind due @1.99 was a bargain,7/10

19 Feb 2011 16:53

Kings Head, Melton Mowbray

large town centre pub with no ale pumps but a pint of bow and guiness for 5.90,reasonable jukebox and a pole dancing pole suggests an evening visit is worth a shot,a lot of noisy daytime louts were in when we popped by on a sat afternoon,top tip=good fish and chips opposite the pub 6/10

19 Feb 2011 16:29

The Boat Inn, Melton Mowbray

pint number #69 of my week off and prob the best pint of the week, the caledonian oatmeal stout was lush lush like the barmaid who must have had a great wrist action taking into account the spangly pump clips 8/10

19 Feb 2011 15:52

Crown Inn, Melton Mowbray

everards pub showcasing their range,i opted for a pint of tiger and me mate opted for a pint of beacon,both were perfectly kept although being everards were also pretty dull,nice enough pub though and friendly service,5.50 for the sound 6/10

19 Feb 2011 15:22

Crown Inn, Melton Mowbray

everards pub showcasing their range,i opted for a pint of tiger and me mate opted for a pint of beacon,both were perfectly kept although being everards were also pretty dull,nice enough pub though and friendly service,5.50 for the sound 6/10

19 Feb 2011 15:21

William White, Nuneaton

is this now the "William White"??

19 Feb 2011 13:09

The Crown Inn, Nuneaton

approx six ales and 4real ciders on offer at this pie shoppe opp the train station,as previously reported beer was murky but still tasted good(oakham tera)only main prob i had was the place stunk of puke and no matter how much the guy from the bar wandered around spraying red strawberry smelling liquid on the floor did the smell go away,7/10 mainly for the ale range!

19 Feb 2011 12:58

The Acorn, Nuneaton

a nice purpose built marstons pub just down the road from nuneaton travelodge where we are staying,three ales from under the marstons unbrella were on offer,we opted for the brakspear oxford gold which was very good and at 2.50 a pint a bloody good bargain! 7/10

18 Feb 2011 22:24

Plume of Feathers, Daventry

2 logfires + theakston best + hobgoblin+ very uninterested bar girl = 6/10

18 Feb 2011 17:38

Fridays, Daventry

no ale def more of a late night venue,good jukebox and a seriously bangtidy barmaid,toilets very well maintained,6/10

18 Feb 2011 17:30

Duncow Public House, Daventry

Good friendly local opp spoons feat black sheep London pride and gk on cask,cheap juke box with good selection plus pasties that look like sausage rolls that taste of chicken 7/10

18 Feb 2011 16:32

The Saracens Head, Daventry

quick service lots of bar staff and a reasonable choice of ales,nice comfortable atmosphere and spotless bogs,sat in corner drinking warwickshire duck soup next to a big fat stuffed bear (as you do)8/10

18 Feb 2011 15:38

The George Inn, Daventry

rather miserable sulky chav bar bloke served us our pints of bow and batemans (6.00),not a bad little local and reasonably busy for a Fri lunchtime,nothing special but still worthy of a shifty visit for a pint of lubrication 6/10

18 Feb 2011 14:41

The Coach And Horses, Daventry

uninspiring selection of ales (6X ,doom and courage best) opted for guiness and doom @ 5.70,not very happy barmaid and a smell of toilets lost a few marks,6/10

18 Feb 2011 14:35

White House, Stalybridge

friendly bar staff friendly locals and a nice pint of thwaites original 6/10

18 Feb 2011 14:03

Pineapple, Stalybridge

prob most welcoming pub visited in stalybridge yesterday,new tenant was very friendly and from what i can make of it is a big asset to the Robinsons pub, no ale on but you cant really blame him as place was empty, worth a visit though just for the "light show"5/10 but watch this space

18 Feb 2011 13:51

The Q Bar, Stalybridge

decent enuff pint of hydes was quaffed here 6/10

18 Feb 2011 13:42

The Crown Hotel, Rugby


18 Feb 2011 13:18

The Crown Hotel, Rugby

not a pint of cask in sight so we opted for a pint of worthingtons and a sbow(5.90) served by a wench who had a face on like a bulldog chewing a wasp 6/10

18 Feb 2011 13:16

Chesters, Rugby

no real ale but the guinness was good and the fat guy doing the karaoke was superb,a very friendly welcome was much appreciated 6/10

18 Feb 2011 13:08

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

4 handpumps but only marstons pedigree and epa on offer ,thatchers gold was therefore quaffed,nice local with cute barmaid 7/10

17 Feb 2011 23:28

Society Rooms, Stalybridge

ten handpumps all in use, opted for pint of old bear brewery mari'a which was totally divine and just 1.85 a pint like all guest ales,service was fast and friendly and the toilets were exceptionally clean,very impressed 7/10

17 Feb 2011 16:25

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

being wetherspoons number #506 this certainly aint the worst in the country contrary to the previous report,very central location and friendly quick service,beer selection nothing to write home about but the pint of acorn barnsley bitter was spot on and just 1.99 bargain 7/10

17 Feb 2011 12:27

The Thatched House, Poulton Le Fylde

first pub to come face to face with after exiting station'three fuzzy duck brews featured,tangerine duck was ok ,service was good though 8/10

16 Feb 2011 23:49

The Bull, Poulton Le Fylde

two handpumps with just pedigree on, opted for guinness at 2.50, ok pub 6/10

16 Feb 2011 23:25

The Old Town Hall, Poulton Le Fylde

great pint of moorhouse's pride of pendle,and only 2.40,good ale pub 8/10

16 Feb 2011 22:47

The Golden Ball, Poulton Le Fylde

nice town centre pub with several handpumps,the titanic lifeboat was perfect and only 2.40 7/10

16 Feb 2011 22:04

The Town House, Lytham St Annes

large wide greene king pub opp station,good cheap food menu and cheap drinks , ale choice was greene king ipa or greene king ipa , greene king ipa or erm greene king ipa so opted for a pint of carlsberg(1.99) place was very quiet too 6/10

16 Feb 2011 16:10

The Number 15, St Annes on Sea

superb pint of elgoods "copper feelgood" and just 2.50 a pint! very comfortable pub with lots of comfy seating areas and great pub decor 8/10

16 Feb 2011 15:27

The Trawl Boat Inn, Lytham St Annes

not a typical looking spoons from the outside but all the usual on the inside , ale selection was reasonable enough as with the prices(1.99pint for my pint of moorhouse's blond witch)only odd thing was the nice large beer patio out the front yet signs by all the doors saying "no glasses beyond this point" 7/10

16 Feb 2011 14:11

Gynn Hotel, Blackpool

spot on thwaites pub with cask marque accreditation so needless to say the lancaster bomber(2.50pint) was divine, 7/10

15 Feb 2011 21:49

The Steamer, Fleetwood

nice enough pub with guest ales goofng quite ordinary wells bombardier deuchars ipa theakston old peculiar dent aviator and jennings cumberland ale which i opted for and was very good(2.60)service reasonably friendly,7/10

15 Feb 2011 20:42

The Steamer, Fleetwood

nice enough pub with guest ales goofng quite ordinary wells bombardier deuchars ipa theakston old peculiar dent aviator and jennings cumberland ale which i opted for and was very good(2.60)service reasonably friendly,7/10

15 Feb 2011 20:40

Thomas Drummond, Fleetwood

beer selection excellent far better than lots of spoons out there,the pint of dent brewery aviator i am currently quaffing is divine and only 1.80 a pint for guest ales! Nice friendly service and free wifi hence this review lol fancied steak night but it's a 40 min wait on food,but yeah if u love your ale its the number one choice in fleetwood 8/10

15 Feb 2011 19:15

The Ramsden Arms, Blackpool

wouldn't have thought bout looking for this place if it wasnt for it's listing in the 2011 good beer guide, it's on the non town centre side of the train station . it had three ales on of which i opted for a bargain priced pint of hereford celtic gold which was fine and just 2.10 a pint , 7/10

15 Feb 2011 15:34

The White Bull, Chorley

very nice classic pub with friendly service and great British food that looked very tasty.four handpumps feat courage directors,bombardier and two bank top brews,i opted for the bank top which was in superb condition and at just 2.50 a total steal,8/10

15 Feb 2011 13:37

Sir Henry Tate, Chorley

large modern purpose built spoons opp the market square, slow service but extremely busy for midday on a Tuesday! staff are wonderfully friendly and CUTE! guest ale only 1.95 a pint and delicious,curry club here is still only 3.99 too, highly rate this spoons 8/10

15 Feb 2011 12:32

The Two Brewers, Street

Stunningly appatising food menu plus a decent selection of 5 ales from Glastonbury,Bays,Cotleigh,Courage Best & S A Tribute. I did feel a bit sorry for the young female eastern european barmaid that was being subject to the landlord's rather strict training on the day i visited! 7/10

28 Dec 2010 14:44

The Royal Oak, Walton

Long wide pub with one bar and log fire. Friendly barman. 7/10

28 Dec 2010 14:36

The Elms Inn, Street

A Very nice comfortable welcoming and tranquil local situated on the outskirts of Street,Bcombe Bitter and TT Landlord on offer served by a seriously cute barmaid. 8/10

28 Dec 2010 14:30

The Crown / Glastonbury Backpackers, Glastonbury

OMG What a "SURREAL" place but definately not in a bad way!
Came in here after carnival abouth 0100am and there was a total mixture of people and age groups, the theakston old peculier was good and the music even better!8/10

28 Dec 2010 14:25

The Who'd A Thought It, Glastonbury

+'s: Fantastic Pub with great decor,great pub signs,quite eccentric,4 real ales of excellent condition and quality

-'s: 3.30/3.50 Pint, Absolute Idiot working there on carnival night who called "drinking up time" and then literally came out ordering people to get up and go home,seriously nasty piece of work.

Score:Pub Itself 8/10 Pub with service received by "gentleman" in question 6/10

28 Dec 2010 14:18

The George and Pilgrim, Glastonbury

Beautiful old building that claims to be the oldest purpose built public house in the south west and built in the 1400's. The pint of SA Tribute quaffed on carnival night was v good, 8/10

28 Dec 2010 14:04

The Crown Hotel, Wells

Large old hotel situated in the historic market place. Wedged as always when i made my annual trip to Wells Carnival.Plenty of staff though meant i didn't have to wait long for a beer,Doom,Glastonbury and bcombe were on offer at 3pint. 7/10

28 Dec 2010 13:37

The Britannia Inn, Wells

Only Wadworth 6X and Bcombe Bitter on offer, this is a nice tradional pub on the outskirts of town. Locals unfriendly but barman very friendly. 7/10

27 Dec 2010 19:42

The Britannia Inn, Wells

Only Wadworth 6X and Bcombe Bitter on offer, this is a nice tradional pub on the outskirts of town. Locals unfriendly but barman very friendly. 7/10

27 Dec 2010 19:42

The Sun Inn, Wells

Nice comfy pub with log fire,and ale from Courage Best & Doombar (3.00) 7/10

27 Dec 2010 19:37

The Crossways Tavern, Midsomer Norton

Very limited opening hours 6-11 mon-thurs,2-11 fri etc.... Only Courage Best on the cask ale front sadly as this does appear to be a very nice and well kept community pub. A wide bar features along with jukebox,widescreen tv,and various raffles to enter. 6/10

27 Dec 2010 19:20

The White Hart Hotel, Midsomer Norton

A vile aroma of stale grease greets you on entry,Only Butcombe on the ale front so opted for a pint of bthorn(3). The place seemed very inbred inhabited when i called in, 4/10

27 Dec 2010 19:15

The Bath Tap, Bath

Now called "The Nineteenth House".The gaff is nowadays more of a pretentious restaurant than a proper boozer. Only one handpump featured DoomBar at 3.20pint which was fine if not a tad on the cool side. 6/10

27 Dec 2010 19:08

The Kings Arms Inn, Shepton Mallet

More of a restaurant and hotel than a pub,3 handpumps but only Wadworth 6X available.Seems to be known as "The Dusthole" aswell as The Kings Arms these days,6/10

27 Dec 2010 18:59

Swan Inn, Shepton Mallet

The service was exceptionally slow on carnival night when i visited,but the place wasn't busy at all! The ales available included Wickwar BOB and Moor Revival which was absolutely superb, 7/10

27 Dec 2010 18:55

The Hope Inn, Bridgwater

Only DoomBar on cask,place was quiet so didn't trust quality so opted for pint of Olde English cider,3.15pint :-s 5/10

26 Dec 2010 21:59

The Bird in Hand, Bridgwater

rough feeling and dark pub with no lights in half the pub or the toilets,2/10

26 Dec 2010 21:56

The Sportsman, Bridgwater

Rough feeling pub with large smelly pub dog,blackthorn 2.90 pint, 4/10

26 Dec 2010 21:52

The Crown Inn, Bridgwater

Cavaliers Carnival Club's home pub. Popped in on carnival night so was obv wedged. Only one handpump offering a Cottage beer, ok but @ 3.10 it should be! 6/10

26 Dec 2010 21:48

The Green Dragon, Bridgwater

No real ale,3.10 for Sbow. Nothing Special 5/10

26 Dec 2010 21:45

The Quantock, Bridgwater

Presuming this place is quite out of the centre it was very busy when i popped in on carnival night,it's a large food-led pub operated by the "square & fayre" pub group,although is Punch Taverns i believe. 2.92 for my sbow,now ales as only bombardier pump was turned. 6/10

26 Dec 2010 21:41

The Malt Shovel, Bridgwater

A Greene King operated pub with just Abbot on the cask ale front,and ruddles and IPA on keg. Opted for a bthorn instead of ale(3.10). 5/10

26 Dec 2010 21:36

The Coronation, Bedminster

A pub that look's like it could be an unfriendly local from the outside, but inside is friendly and comfortable. The pint of Hopback Winter Lightning was very quaffable aswell. 7/10

22 Dec 2010 12:28

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

popped in yesterday for some beer festival ticks and was totally disgusted at the state of the place,presuming its supposed to be managed by a "new and improved" manageress i have doubts that she would could actually manage a branch of subway.The totally un-motivated bloke behind the bar finally decided to pour me a pint only after having made himself a drink at a leisurly pace and also letting a woman push in and order a coffee even though the bar was empty,and so after the ten minute wait he poured me a pint of water with a light yellow tinge which he asked me if it looked right!!so after a very quick decision that it obv wasnt the pint of delicious blonde ambition that i ordered he changed it for one of the few ales actually left which were far and few between. The bar area and tables throughout the pub were piled high with plates and glasses and left over food the table next to me hadnt been cleared in almost two hours,and the toilets had not been checked on their check sheet since eleven a m,only six and a half hours earlier! What can i say a lovely lookin bristol spoons bein run into the ground by incompetance and on compassion that the place truly deserves! 5/10 only for the building!

3 Nov 2010 14:53

The Elephant, Bristol

popped in yesterday afternoon and I was the only punter there but i guess it was half two on a monday afternoon,as previously mentioned its been refurbed nicely. 4 handpumps but only 2 on offering tt landlord and some cottage muck,turned round was black sheep and adnams,the landlord was divine but at 3.70 a pint it blo#dy should be! 5/10 solely due to the prices

2 Nov 2010 17:59

The Riverside Inn, Bradford on Avon

Scruffy with a smell of dogs but only 5 for two pints of milk street - funky monkey. 6/10

26 Oct 2010 17:00

Dandy Lion, Bradford on Avon

Have to agree that we may have someone involved posting below lol but yeah not much else to say that's already been mentioned, 4 ales all from Wadworth when I visited,the 6X (3.10) was ok but nothing amazing.. 6.5/10

26 Oct 2010 16:51

Chicago Rock Cafe, Trowbridge

Changed into a Lloyds No 1 Bar a couple of years ago and is now called The Albany Palace. The interior is furbished very well and looks quite striking.Well worth a visit if you haven't been in since the Chicago days. 8/10

26 Oct 2010 16:41

The George and Dragon, Salisbury

4 handpumps had 3 ales on offer (Hopback Summer Lightning,Ringwood Best and Fullers London Pride)I opted for the Summer Lightning that was tip top and only 2.50 pint!! The lady at the bar was very friendly and welcoming and the whole atmosphere was comfy and relaxed. 7/10

26 Oct 2010 16:32

The Avon Brewery Inn, Salisbury

4 ales(3 from Ringwood were Huffkin,Best & Boondoggle,plus Wychwood Hobgoblin). The Boondoggle was perfect except the hefty 3.20 price tag!! 6/10

26 Oct 2010 16:25

The Anchor and Hope, Salisbury

A nice traditional pub feat Sharp's Doombar,W&Y's Courage Best & M's Wychwood Hobgoblin.Cheap 5 for 1 jukebox,I opted for the Doom(2.90) that was well kept so I ended up stopping for 2. 7/10

26 Oct 2010 16:19

Huntsman, Salisbury

barman didn't understand that a pint of ale generally involved a pint measure of err...ale, only one handpump and more of a live venue it seemed. 3.90 for a pint of ringwood best and a small pack crisps! 5/10

26 Oct 2010 16:12

Town Hall Tavern, Stockport

Fairly tatty street corner enterprise inns pub close to station(so had to be done while waiting for train). No real ale but strangely advertising Stockport beer festival! Opted for Carling fizz @ 2.70pint,no real redeeming features though... 4/10

14 Oct 2010 18:07

The Bollin Fee, Wilmslow

Very nice trendy looking lloyds. The bar supervisor was very friendly and appeared knowledgable about the ales she was serving(1.95pint only). A bit strange for a spoons but they had large restaurant style menu sheets on the tables rather than the usual cluttered mess of corporate JDW table toppers,all in all a very nice pub, 8/10

14 Oct 2010 18:02

Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle Hulme

Fantastic large pub bang next door to the train station.7 handpumps showcase the Joseph Holt range of which I quaffed a lovely pint of mild @ only 2.12pint. The carvery smelled beautiful but didnt have time to stop. 8/10

14 Oct 2010 17:55

Kings Hall, Cheadle Hulme

Quite a long wetherspoons with family area at rear. Only a couple of guest ales were on offer but the pint of Peerless"Full Whack" @ 6% couldnt be faulted especially @ 2.10pint! 7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:51

The Old Angel, Doncaster

Agree with the previous reviews,this is my fave of the 3 spoons in Doncaster. It's very comfy and spacious and its nice sitting upstairs on the balcony seats. Have no idea why but all the guest ales were reduced to 1.25 pint when I popped in couple of weeks back and i couldnt complain as the pint of Saltaire was divine!! 8/10

14 Oct 2010 17:44

Red Lion, Doncaster

Not a typical looking JDW offering from the outside,looks more like a normal freehouse. Large horseshoe shaped bar with the guest ales sporadically placed around it. Only 1.80 pint too for guest ale,bargain!! 7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:38

Gatehouse, Doncaster

Lots of chavs stood in entrance door smoking which was a bit off putting, but once inside the service was friendly and quick,and the ale selection was good especially @ just 1.80 pint!! as previously mentioned it's 3 flights of stairs if you need a piss though!! 7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:34

The Plough, Doncaster

Only 2.40 for a great pint of Skipton Copper Dragon,the kinda place you will go for a pint while changing trains and never return to the station!! 7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:28

The Turks Head, Retford

A nice looking traditional pub opp spoons. It's a shame that they have to compete but they do it well. 4 real ales were adnams,black sheep,youngs and tetleys cask,i opted for the black sheep(2.70) which was perfect. Nice cute barmaid and a roaring log fire, ideal! 7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:24

The Dominie Cross, Retford

Good selection of ales @ 1.95 pint,friendly and quick service when visited and spotlessly shiny toilets,7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:19

Goose At The Bank, Grantham

A very large and spacious Goose chain pub. A lot better and cleaner than other Goose pubs that I have visited thats for sure. 3 Cask ales available were J Smiths Cask,Marstons EPA,and Everards Sunchaser all @ just 2.05 pint. I opted for the latter that was fine. Preferred this place to the spoons,well done ;) 8/10

14 Oct 2010 17:15

Tollemache Inn, Grantham

Friendly welcome at the bar and a totally spot on pint of ale (Newby Dyke"Marie Celeste").Popped in @ half eleven on a friday morning and was good to see the place busy and doing a brisk trade on breakfasts. 7/10

14 Oct 2010 17:10

The Old Buttermarket, Canterbury

A great tasting pint of Thornbridge White Swan was quaffed,yum yum 7/10

14 Oct 2010 16:44

Thomas Ingoldsby, Canterbury

An old style JDW exterior from this large spoons offering. Quite a dull ale selection when i called in and quite an unfriendly barman who didn't seem to like serving a full pint.. 6.5/10

14 Oct 2010 16:37

The Cherry Tree, Canterbury

Small side street pub featuring 3 cask ales. The pint of locally brewed Wantsum Dynamo(2.90) was very good. Exceptionally cheap grub menu incl double egg & chips for 2.20, but yeah due to the size of the place it did smell like a greasy spoon cafe...still a well deserved 7/10 i reckon

14 Oct 2010 16:31

Thomas Becket, Canterbury

Gorgeous aroma with vast amounts of hops hanging from the ceiling,only 5.90 for two pints of guest ale too. 6/10

14 Oct 2010 16:25

Westgate Inn, Canterbury

Relatively small spoons with quick friendly service on day i visited.The pint of Hawkshead Red was very good too. 7/10

14 Oct 2010 16:22

The Happy Frenchman, Folkestone

6.25 for a j smiths and a carlsberg,decent jukebox. sorry don't recall much else but then it was our 13th pub that day!! 5/10

14 Oct 2010 16:04

The Mariner, Folkestone

Doombar,Courage Directors & S Neame Spitfire. 3.10pint Pretty dull & lifeless but then again it was a monday afternoon... 6/10

14 Oct 2010 15:45

The Ship, Folkestone

Nothing special apart from the nice location,London Pride or Abbot 3pint. 6/10

14 Oct 2010 15:41

The British Lion, Folkestone

Pubmaster pub with GK IPA and 2 guest ales.I opted for a good well kept pint of Mordue Workie Ticket(3.30),claims to be Folkestone's oldest pub. 7/10

14 Oct 2010 15:34

The Guildhall, Folkestone

Quaffed an exceptional pint of harviestoun bitter & twisted(3.10) here couple of weeks back,nice GBG listed local a short stroll from the main shopping area. Sadly dead but it was noon on a monday lunchtime i guess......7/10

14 Oct 2010 15:31

The Samuel Peto, Folkestone

Agree with the previous comment. Lovely building over two floors with an amazing interior feat large chandarliers,stained glass etc.Fast service and a good range of guest ales,definately in the top 10% of spoons pubs i would say, 8/10

14 Oct 2010 15:27

The Priory Hotel, Dover

Friendly bubbly scotts barmaid, beware of the jukebox though it only plays half your tunes and gobbles ur money! 6/10

14 Oct 2010 15:09

The Eagle Inn, Dover

This place was in my 2008 Good Beer Guide,Popped in to find not one ale pump,drunk Kronenbourg and contemplated buying a 2011 Good Beer Guide!! Good jukebox though........5/10

14 Oct 2010 15:04

The Prince Albert, Dover

Dead as a dodo when i visited a couple of sundays back, shame as they had live music performing to an empty pub. Sharps Red Ale,Adnams Bitter & S Neame Bitter featured of which i opted for a perfect pint of the latter @ just 2.50 pint. 6/10

14 Oct 2010 14:59

The Lord Nelson, Dover

Looks like a great Shepherd Neame ale house from the outside but inside its a tad different. Lots of chavvy girls and fizz due to all 3handpumps turned when i visited couple of weeks back. Opted for a pint of Oranjeboom as it's quite a rarity on draught although wasn't too impressed with the 3.10 tag, 5/10

14 Oct 2010 14:55

The Eight Bells, Dover

Popped in on a sunday evening a few weeks back,it was pretty dead apart from some very very odd regulars including some awful cackling woman(i use that word loosely),shame as the selection of ales was good and the barmaid serving was friendly. 6/10

14 Oct 2010 14:50

County Hotel, Ashford

popped in last month for a pint and directions.The supervisor was very friendly and helpful,the pub itself is quite a mediocre wetherspoons and was pretty dead for a sunday afternoon,7/10

14 Oct 2010 14:43

The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

4 Real Ales incl 2 from Dartmoor Brewery and 2 from Bays priced @ 3 pint. Comfy Clean & Cosy Pub,Nice welcoming bar staff and a decent beer garden,prob Totnes's best pub for cask ales. 8/10

14 Oct 2010 14:05

The Bull and Bush, Torquay

A friendly street corner boozer with outside beer patio/courtyard.
A good pint of Jennings Lakeland Stunner was quaffed at a reasonable 2.55pint. 7/10

14 Oct 2010 14:01

Bar Med, Torquay

Found the place to be very stuffy with little or no air con so opted to sit outside on the balcony and do some torbay chav spotting. They aint done a bad job of doing it up but it seemed to be lacking in atmosphere on the sat afternoon i visited, 7/10

14 Oct 2010 13:53

The Dartmouth Inn, Newton Abbot

Another good traditional pub featuring 3 cask ales including Bays Gold,7/10

13 Oct 2010 23:38

The Locomotive Inn, Newton Abbot

Thankfully nothing like the locomotive in Exeter which i don't have fond memories... This place had adnams broadside and wells bombardier on offer,I opted for the adnams(which was sadly on its way out) and my mate had a pint of pear bulmers which came to 5.80. They do a collector card where you get your sixth pint free on selected drinks too. 6/10

13 Oct 2010 23:35

The Jolly Abbot, Newton Abbot

Nice traditional beamed pub with a very tempting and reasonably priced food menu. Ohanlons yellowhammer and GK Abbot on the draught ale front. 7/10

13 Oct 2010 23:29

Union Inn, Newton Abbot

Very nice looking traditional pub with a great floral exterior.Inside for local/regional ales available of which I quaffed a superb pint of SA Tribute, 7/10

13 Oct 2010 23:18

Greyhound, Maidenhead

Great selection of ales,friendly fast service(yes you heard that right and its a spoons!!),sadly very quiet for half 7 on a thurs night,all i can think is maybe people were down their newer venture the bear,anyways very pleased this place is still keeping standards high,7/10

13 Oct 2010 21:20

The Hand and Flowers, Maidenhead

Presuming it's a Brakspear owned place and the ale is brewed just down the road 3.35 was a bit of a joke for the pint I had.My mate had a pint of becks vier @ 3.50! shame cos it's a nice pub and the service was quick and friendly, 6/10

13 Oct 2010 21:15

The Bear, Maidenhead

A great looking wetherspoons especially the bear sculpture above the entrance.Inside has been refurbed perfectly,sadly I didnt get a chance to go up the spiral staircase and look upstairs as it was closed when visited.We opted for the very cheaply priced 5.59 curry club+pint when here which was served quickly, 8/10

13 Oct 2010 21:10

Hog's Head, Newbury

Very large pub over one floor,feat big "L shaped" bar.Plenty of comfy seating areas and sofas mainly aimed at groups,plus lovely river views from the rear.8/10

13 Oct 2010 21:04

Swan Inn, Weymouth

popped in on carnival day night so was pretty bedlum,mind due 6 guest ales were still on @ 2300 and the pint I had was spot on. One annoyance was the teenage lads serving letting the good looking girls have priority over anyone else waiting. 7/10

13 Oct 2010 20:47

Royal Oak, Weymouth

Friendly pub,however only GK IPA poison on so opted for zider. 5.85 for a bow and an old english, not bad place but need to get some decent brews on.....6/10

13 Oct 2010 20:40

The New Inn, Upwey

Very handy for Upwey train station,this pub has little to offer compared to the nearby old ship aand royal standard. Only speckled hen on when visited so opted for a sbow and a fosters which worked out 5.85 for the 2 pints of fizz,served by an extremely chavvy barmaid, 5/10

13 Oct 2010 20:34

The Royal Standard, Upwey

Lovely pint from Isle Of Purbeck quaffed from the selection of 4 casque mark ales,sat on a bench outside in the sun breathing in the yummy hoppy smells,7/10

13 Oct 2010 20:30

The Riverhouse Inn, Upwey

The last post says it all, definately more of a restaurant than a proper boozer. I opted for a pint of "Riverhouse Inn Bitter" that I later found out was rebadged Courage Best!! For a much better pub try the old ship or the royal standard.....6/10just

13 Oct 2010 20:25

Gordon Bennett, Barry

As previous this place does suffer from no real ale on draught. The pub is set out over two levels with a large stage area on the top level.A decent enough jukebox and a pint of strongbow for 2.40,friendly enough service with plenty of seating. 5/10

13 Oct 2010 17:57

Sir Samuel Romilly, Barry

Very suprised by my visit here bearing in mind the run down area it's in.

It's a lovely big building,inside is nicely lit and gives a relaxing atmosphere with lots of different seating areas including a sun trap outside beer patio. A good range of ales all @ 1.80pint when i called in. 3 people serving behind the bar at 16.45 on a thurs led to a more than was expected fast spoons service,could not fault the place, 8/10

13 Oct 2010 17:52

The Vectis Tavern, Cowes

6.20 for a sbow & courage best :-s 6/10

13 Oct 2010 16:48

The Fountain, Cowes

Miserable as sin kid serving at the bar when we visited. It's a Greene King pub so the obligatory GK IPA was on but also pleased to see a "Locale" Goddards brew on aswell.,a pint of which was enjoyed in the sun on the busy beer patio. 7/10

13 Oct 2010 16:39

The Prince of Wales, Newport

Not a very friendly welcome from this street corner GBG listed pub. 2 ales available were doombar and harviestoun,opted for a doom and a pint of stowford press for 5.90,nothing special really, 5/10

13 Oct 2010 16:25

Fowlers, Ryde

Was very hot and stuffy when we visited a couple of months back and the ale selection was rather lacking in inspiration bearing in mind it's location,6.5/10

13 Oct 2010 16:14

Ship and Castle, Portsmouth

A lively friday night atmosphere with good music and was pretty busy so was quite shocked when they rang last orders @ 1045pm! Navy appeared to get a 45% discount on their drinks which luckily they gave me without asking,although without the discount drinks prices seemed to be generally 45%higher than other pubs!! 7/10

13 Oct 2010 15:56

Ship Anson, Portsmouth

Not sure if Greene King own the place but it was only GK IPA and Speckled Hen on offer, quite a lively fun atmosphere though for a sat nite with a decent jukebox. 6/10

13 Oct 2010 15:49

The Castle Tavern, Gosport

Didn't order food when visited but it smelled and looked divine! decent pint of adnams was supped outside in the sun, 7/10

13 Oct 2010 15:41

The Crown Inn, Fareham

A gorgeous pint of Oakleaf was quaffed here, like the previous comments JDW have done a good transformation on the place,a pretty small but very tidy spoons offering, 7/10

13 Oct 2010 15:25

The Wagon Works, Eastleigh

Only one girl serving on a busy friday lunchtime but the again that is typical for spoons staffing.The beer however was good and the pub very well done out with a beer patio at the rear, 8/10

13 Oct 2010 15:18

The Horse and Jockey, Sutton Coldfield

A large pub with a large beer patio to match,4 Real ales available of which the pint of bateman's i sampled was v good,an Ember Inns operation. 7/10

13 Oct 2010 15:03

The Wylde Green, Wylde Green

GK IPA,Abbot,& GK "Back Of The Net",I opted for the latter. The barman suggested i tried it first which made me wonder but glad I did, it was rancid and total vinegar,he agreed but didn't turn the clip!! Opted for a pint of fizz instead. Shame it's a nice looking roadside pub in quite a publess area so hopefully it was a one off......5.5/10

13 Oct 2010 14:58

The Yenton, Birmingham

Now part of the "Sizzling" pub chain. Very large pub with a good sized beer patio out the front to enjoy the very competitively priced drinks, 6/10

13 Oct 2010 14:51

Jekyll and Hyde, Birmingham

Nice friendly place, greeted as we walked in. A very decent pint of Purity "Mad Goose" was quaffed in the small beer patio area at the rear, 7/10

13 Oct 2010 14:46

Old Crown & Cushion, Birmingham

No real ale, loud f**ked up music,run down,only good thing was the price (5 for a bow & a guinness),still can't go higher than 2/10...

13 Oct 2010 14:38

The Grove Hotel, Handsworth

Average price i guess 5.50 for a bow amd a guiness. However dirty glasses, no real ales,absolutely dead and a smell of stale curry and the bloke serving was more interested in his mobile phone convo than serving, 1/10 max!!

13 Oct 2010 14:31

The Beaufort Arms, Hamstead

A warm and stuffy pub with no real ale but a friendly barmaid, 5/10

13 Oct 2010 14:25

The Cornhill, Bridgwater

A nice smith & jones operated pub, much cleaner than rest of bwater pubs with a good value food menu plus a selection of 3 guest ales, 7/10

11 Oct 2010 19:38

The Carnival Inn, Bridgwater

Popped in the other weekend on a bday pub crawl, ordered several sunday club meals that were delivered pretty quickly and were up to usual spoons school dinner but ok standard. 7/10

11 Oct 2010 19:35

The New Foresters, Bridgwater

Popped in the other sunday afternoon,they had a good lunctime spread on the bar to pick at incl cheese and roasties.Not a bad place, 5.5/10

11 Oct 2010 19:28

Bristol and Exeter Inn, Bridgwater

Surreally Bad but kinda entertaining to,really cannot put this place into words,let's just say kim & aggie off how clean is ur house would have a field day!!!4/10

11 Oct 2010 19:24

The Commercial Inn, Bridgwater

Popped in here for start of my bday pub crawl couple of weeks back,pub was covered in scaffolding but was still open. The blackthorn and coke were very flat but the lager was bit more lively,nothing to write home about at all 5/10

11 Oct 2010 19:17

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Finally stayed here for the first time a few weeks back, the room was huge and spacious was well impressed. The Slaters "Top Totty" was very good . 7/10

4 Sep 2010 18:23

The Bridge Inn, Stourport on Severn

Quite amazed by the previous comments,Popped in here during July and had a very nice pint of SA Tribute. The service was friendly and the beer patio was perfect, 7/10

4 Sep 2010 18:11

The Royal Hop Pole, Tewkesbury

Had a very comfortable and reasonably priced stay here back in July. The accomodation was good,the interior was very nice and dimly lit, the service was excellent and so was the ale quality, 8/10

4 Sep 2010 18:02

White Bear, Tewkesbury

The best real ale pub I visited in Tewkesbury, well worth a visit! 8/10

4 Sep 2010 17:57

Ye Olde Black Bear, Tewkesbury

4 Real Ales served straight from the barrel albeit rather uninteresting one's and a very disinterested barman. The building however is lovely and the large beer garden is ideal. Claims to be the oldest pub in gloucester but wouldnt put my money on the fact, 8/10

4 Sep 2010 17:53

The Albion Inn, Tewkesbury

No real ale so opted for a bottle of Newcastle Brown(3.10). Fairly lively for a tuesday night mind due... 4.5/10

4 Sep 2010 17:48

The Anchor, Tewkesbury

GK IPA & Festival Pride on offer,Quick friendly service but dead and the Eastenders on the tv wasn't an appealing addition, 5/10

4 Sep 2010 17:45

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

Popped in back in July,Wickwar BOB,Bays Gold & Dartmoor Best were on offer of which I opted for a reasonable pint of BOB @ 2.85pint. More of a restaurant than a pub though which i think lets it down although it seemed quite popular, 6/10

4 Sep 2010 17:41

The Lord Nelson, Bristol

handsome looking building but sadly the clientele leave a hell of a lot to be desired, sad but like the previous comment I cannot see it being here much longer 2/10

4 Sep 2010 17:17

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

Popped in for my maiden visit a couple of weeks back during it's beer festival.Quite a decent variety of ales to choose from either tapped up or served straight from the barrel in the beer patio,friendly chap serving but quite pricey (3.20 av pint), Still deserves a 8/10 though

29 Aug 2010 12:49

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Was good to finally visit this pub a couple of weeks ago. We only popped in for one as the hillgrove nearby had a beer fest on. Was very pleased to find champion beer of britain Castle Rock "Harvest Pale" on. This was very well kept. The pub was very stuffy but it was a warm day, sadly DEAD though for a sunday evening :( 7/10

29 Aug 2010 12:44

Salt, Bedminster

Only Wickwar BOB on the ale front, was ok though and had a reasonable sunday roast for 5 here the other week. Nicer than I remember it being when it was Bar Salt. Good to see it busy aswell, 6.5/10

29 Aug 2010 12:34

The New Inn, Keynsham

Lovely hot beer garden @ rear looking over the riverside woods, worth a visit in the summer without a doubt. 7/10

13 Jul 2010 14:19

The Riverside, Saltford

A very nice riverside pub owned by Wadworth, with 3 of their ales on draught. Quick friendly service. 7/10

13 Jul 2010 14:17

The Talbot Inn, Keynsham

A Punch Tavern with just Courage Best on the ale front,Nice large beer patio at front where i sat in the sun. food looked ok though but nothing overly amazing.6.5/10

13 Jul 2010 14:16

The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth

Sadly empty when I popped in last month,no real ales on,3.10 for a bthorn, only positives were the friendly service and the decent 4 for 1 jbox. 4/10

13 Jul 2010 13:47

The Rodwell, Weymouth

No real ale and a pint of flat watery guinness that was revolting even though the old guy behind the bar advised that "there was nothing wrong with it" and refused to swap it,2/10

13 Jul 2010 13:43

The Duke of Albany, Weymouth

Cheap jukebox,friendly service, not bad at all 6/10

13 Jul 2010 13:39

The Trocadero, Birmingham

A reasonable pint of TT Landlord but when there are so many decent pubs in the vicinity this place struggles to draw me back for a return visit, 5/10

13 Jul 2010 12:49

The Old Royal, Birmingham

Mitchells & Butlers pub,featuring Marstons Pedigree & Marstons EPA so nothing exciting on the real ale front. Sat outside in the sun on one of the few tables on the pavement,nothing to right home about, 6/10

13 Jul 2010 12:44

The Bull, Birmingham

3 Ales including Dartmoor & Adnams brews, friendly service, 7/10

13 Jul 2010 12:40

The New Inn, Erdington

No real ale but oversized pint glasses in use, reasonable beer patio at one side, 4/10

13 Jul 2010 12:36

The Red Lion, Erdington

Magnificent looking large street corner pub with a great interior and rear beer patio,sadly no real ale though. 6/10

13 Jul 2010 12:32

The Royal Oak, Erdington

Small beer patio @ the rear,no real ale but a very large lounge bar.pretty run down, 4/10

13 Jul 2010 12:29

The Swan, Erdington

3 handpumps but nothing on them sadly, very cheap food menu, was very busy for a thursday lunchtime which was pleasant to see in the current climate, 5/10

13 Jul 2010 12:26

The Almond Bank, Livingston

A right bloody trek on public transport if you are a wetherspoon ticker like me!(sorry lol) Like previously mentioned it's a fairly dull spoons in a shopping centre, but on the other hand the pint of Inveralmond was spot on, 7/10

13 Jul 2010 11:31

Carron Works, Falkirk

As previously mentioned it's a nice old cinema but looks a lot bigger from the outside than once inside,Only 3 ales available when I popped in but the pint of old hooky was absolutely divine, and dare I say so was the gorgeous friendly barmaid!! 8/10

13 Jul 2010 11:22

Goose On Newmarket, Falkirk

Very busy @ half four on a tuesday afternoon when i popped in.Very cheap Mitchells & Butlers owned pub(1.49 tenants pilsner 2.35 Sbow)Not much on the ale front though when visited,3 handpumps but only J Smiths cask on one. 6.5/10

13 Jul 2010 11:18

The Port o' Leith, Leith

Great little local,no real ale but dare i say f**k it it's great!
Very welcoming,the pub features a black/white chequered floor,a maratime theme, and a classic jukebox, 7/10 well worth a visit!

13 Jul 2010 11:11

The Malt and Hops, Leith

Great great selection of ales from 8 handpumps,3.10pint,lovely pub decor feat various nicnacs such as pump clips,jugs etc. Very nice friendly chatty barmaid aswell, sadly dead when visited although it was a tuesday lunchtime, 8/10

13 Jul 2010 11:06

Foot Of The Walk, Leith

Dull looking spoons from outside, but inside we have no less than 10 handpumps.....sadly when visiting on a tuesday lunchtime it did resemble a retirement home though...I ordered food that came out in next to no time, and my pint of guest ale was spot on(1.80pint) 7/10

11 Jul 2010 23:31

Conan Doyle, Edinburgh

1.89 a pint for the deuchars ipa/marstons epa and a warm welcome from a cute barmaid is a good start from this mitchells & butlers affair. The place was sadly empty though even though it was 11pm on a bank holiday monday! 6/10

11 Jul 2010 23:24

Slug and Lettuce, Edinburgh

Bad nite all round here, Inveralmond ale was like warm vineger,so the young kid , sorry barman swapped it for an equally undrinkable pint of Wells & Youngs 21st Birthday Ale,This was then returned and swapped for a pint of becks vier that smelled of bad eggs!! 4/10

11 Jul 2010 23:18

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

Huge gorgeous building,busy but PLENTY of bar staff which is normally unheard of for JDW! Ale was well kept and @ 2.30 a pint not bad value at all, 8/10

11 Jul 2010 23:11

The Greyfriars, Perth

A very small local featuring a restaurant upstairs;this offered 4 real ales of which some were from small micros. The pint of Loch Levan "Cock Robin" (2.80) was great tasting and the service was fast and friendly, 7/10

11 Jul 2010 22:59

Capital Asset, Perth

A very large building that used to be a TSB bank,although on the inside it's rather smaller feeling and quite dull. I popped in during the afternoon fish & chips promotion so it was hard to tell whether the aroma of fish was the food or the pensioners bulking the place out... 5 handpumps available of which i opted for a reasonable pint of Inveralmond 800, all in all its ok but nothing amazing 4 a spoons, 7/10

11 Jul 2010 22:54

The Trades House Bar, Dundee

A very busy street corner tavern with more pump dispensers along the long bar than i've ever seen b4 anywhere including 11+ Lagers. sadly only one ale on handpull and that was deuchars which i opted for and was very good. 7/10

11 Jul 2010 22:45

The Counting House, Dundee

Very stuffy open plan pub,quite drab and tired looking from outside too. Only 1.59 a pint for my excellent Cairngorm "Sheepshaggers ale" and quick service helped it redeem itself pretty well, 7/10

10 Jul 2010 21:59

Capitol, Dundee

A lot better air con in this 2 level pub than the non existant in the other Spoons The Counting House.Sadly all 3 handpumps had the "coming soon" label showing so I opted for a guinness.Cheap though with carlsberg @ 1.69 and Deuchars(when on) for just 1.35 a pint! 6.5/10

10 Jul 2010 21:56

Corn Exchange, Arbroath

Massive building from outside but only on one floor inside,beer was well kept and only 1.80 a pint on real ales, 8/10

10 Jul 2010 21:49

Archibald Simpson, Aberdeen

A decent range of ales,quick service and only 1.80pint for real ale. huge looking place from the exterior but not so big on the inside but a great interior all the same. Only thing that spoilt it was 11pm closing on bank holiday sunday. 8/10

10 Jul 2010 21:42

The Old Blackfriars, Aberdeen

A Belhaven pub featuring 9 handpumps of which 6 ales were on offer when visited. Very warm and stuffy pub and dare I say the ale was pretty warm too,but it was still a good tasting pint from Inveralmond Brewery. 7/10

10 Jul 2010 21:38

The Tilted Wig, Aberdeen

Admittedly it was the 2008 version but was saddened to find no real ale on offer after finding this place through the good beer guide. I did pick up a copy of CAMRA's "North Sea Ale" in the pub to read so obv just having a bad day i hope.I opted for a pint of Sbow(2.40) instead. The pub itself was a nice traditional local boozer with friendly quick service, 5/10

10 Jul 2010 21:34

Justice Mill, Aberdeen

3 different ales were on offer between 6 handpumps,@ only 1.59 a pint. The pub is extremely long and so is the bar which for a sunday night in spoons had a large amount of staff serving so was served imediately.Only negative was being served the beer in a plastic glass (Spesh being 7.15 on a sunday!) 7/10

10 Jul 2010 21:23

Carriages, Aberdeen

Blimey, 10 handpumps(albeit pretty ordinary ales),absolutely spotless shiny bar and polished tables almost too spotless!! 3.15pint and rather lacking in atmosphere when visited, 7/10

10 Jul 2010 21:18

The Grill, Aberdeen

From outside I was extremely dubious about entering as you cannot see inside due to the wood panelled frontage,but once you step inside you will NOT be disappointed.3 ales available were SN Spitfire,Caledonian 80/ and the Deeside brew which I quaffed and it was divine!! GREAT PLACE 8/10

10 Jul 2010 20:53

Great Expectations, Reading

Great great interior, worth a visit just for that! 7/10

9 Jul 2010 20:04

The Turks, Reading

A very nice pint of Caledonian was supped here a few weeks back outside in the sun. Nice friendly service and welcome, 7/10

9 Jul 2010 19:44

The Lyndhurst, Reading

Pretentious idiots drinking here when popped in, and the barman was far more interested in eying up the women and serving them first(even though i had been stood infront of him for bout 5 mins b4)and chatting them up. 5/10 *Real shame cos the hopback summer lightning was tip top

9 Jul 2010 19:41

Sir Stanley Gray, Pegwell Bay

The first pub i have visited in Kent to score a 10/10!
The pint of Gadd's No5 was exceptional, the service was great and the barman extremely friendly and knowledgable about the range on offer. The views over pegwell bay were great aswell. This pub cannot be faulted one bit,so VISIT!!!

9 Jul 2010 19:10

The Belle Vue, Pegwell Bay

Wonderful pub,wonderful s neame ales,wonderful beer garden with err.......wonderful views.......err wonderful basically!! 9/10

9 Jul 2010 18:24

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Gorgeous pint of Gadd's "Dog Bolter" quaffed here few weeks back, lovely little pub,well worth a stroll out of town to discover... 8/10

9 Jul 2010 18:20

The Promenade, Margate

Only S Neame Spitfire on draught and this wasn't on although they hadn't turned the pump clips. Opted for a pricey pint of sbow instead.the place was pretty empty but it was late morning i guess, 5/10 nothing special at all for this Brewers Fayre pub..

9 Jul 2010 18:14

Mechanical Elephant, Margate

Popped in at the end of May,top marks for the name of the place and also for the yummy pint of Whitstable ale quaffed. Shame bout the seriously slow service but mind due it was due to only one girl serving and the usual idiots ordering coffee's! 6.5/10

9 Jul 2010 18:10

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

First time i've visited this little place,and although being impressed with the cider selection which was immense the ale choice left somethin to be desired,friendly enough service though and a reasonable enough pint of Otter,6/10
P.S. Not quite sure if the street name requires an extra "g" between the n and the o ............:-s

19 Jun 2010 19:47

The Mardyke, Bristol

the only ale being courage best and directors i opted 4 a blackthorn(of the ol'skool type!) and at 1.98 pint I couldn't complain, the cheap prices certainly keep this place busy always (and the dirty chicken shop bang next door too i imagine!)....6/10

19 Jun 2010 19:38

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

First visit in 2years,and the place aint changed. Friendly service from not only the barman but his collie dog too! 4 ales available of which i opted for a winner from Tring which was v good, and another from Stroud which was ok. Very quiet though for a thurs evening.. still a well deserved 7/10

19 Jun 2010 19:35

The White Lion, Bristol

Popped in here for first time in yonks the other day, sat outside in the sun with a bargain priced pint of Wickwar Bankers Draft (1.99!) 7/10

19 Jun 2010 19:28

The New Inn, Minster

A very good pint from local brewery Gadds,nice beer garden and quick service, 7/10

26 May 2010 22:08

The George and Dragon, Headcorn

Two nice pints from Gravesend were quaffed outside in the sunshine, friendly quick service too 7/10

26 May 2010 22:01

The John Brunt VC, Paddock Wood

6 handpumps, 5 clips turned round leaving GK IPA the only option. needless to say I had a pint of cider instead! 6/10

26 May 2010 21:58

The Slug and Lettuce, Altrincham

Popped in few weeks back. They had 2 handpumps on both with Bombardier clips,but @ only 2.04 a pint I chanced one. Sadly it was like pure vinegar but the barman changed it straightaway with no fuss for a pint of 3.42 becks, ok fizz but fair swap. He apologised and said it was the end of the barrel and their cask ale sales were proving very popular and he was awaiting a delivery of tt landlord, 6/10

23 May 2010 00:20

The Quayside, Northwich

Admittedly S&J don't stand a chance across the road from such a great JDW offering, but @ least they could have a couple of ales like other good S&J have available, not just 2 bare handpumps. The barman said "we don't serve real ale anymore" so opted for a reasonable 2.20 pint of bow instead. 5/10 shame could do lots better........

23 May 2010 00:14

Penny Black, Northwich

Absolutely stunning looking exterior, 10handpumps,excellent ale, quick service, a real JDW gem, 9/10

23 May 2010 00:09

RSVP, Camberley

Part of Town & City Pub Co(yates's),impressed with the 4 handpumps on offer aswell as the 1.99 scampi n chips!! 7/10

22 May 2010 23:43

Que Pasa, Camberley

3.10 for a pint of amstel due to no real ale, very dull place and nowhere near as good as Que Pasa were in their hay day, i guess thats why most don't exist anymore... shame 5/10

22 May 2010 23:41

Yates's, Camberley

1.99 Scampi & Chips
1.59 Bombardier

3.58 = Good Times Thanx Again Yates's 7/10

22 May 2010 23:38

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

Popped in during last month's JDW ale fest, only 4 out of 8 handpumps were on,although the ale was decent enough. A tiny beer "garden" available, nothing amazing all in all for JDW, 6/10

22 May 2010 23:35

Inn the Middle, Langley Mill

Fairly busy when I popped in a few weeks back but to be honest there really doesnt appear to be any competition locally. The place is nicely done up and with 2 out of 4 handpumps available i was pleasantly surprised, the pint of Falstaff was very good, 7/10

22 May 2010 23:10

The Horse and Jockey, Langley Mill

Awful place, actually looked closed from outside on approach. Large and rundown,and nobody in entire pub @ 6pm on a thurs evening. Opted for a Guiness as they had NO real ale NO theakston dark(off) NO fosters(off) NO Strongbow(off) oh but they did sell kids confectionary so i opted for a freddo to dunk in my pint lol 2.5/10

22 May 2010 23:06

Devonshire Arms, Alfreton

Friendly cute barmaid and 1.57 A PINT YES 1.57 A PINT (Oakwell - Barnsley Bitter) Pub itself sadly nothin to write home about 6/10

22 May 2010 22:53

Blue Bell, Alfreton

3 handpumps available after I had fighted my way through the pensioner daytime drinking crowd, Opted for a mediocre pint of hobgoblin(2.80) which I quaffed in the beer car park sorry i mean beer garden......5/10

22 May 2010 22:50

The Bentinck Hotel, Nottingham

Only one handpump with nothin on,so opted for a pint of 2.90 mediocre Guinness that I nearly spilled by sitting on the novelty collapsable furniture, ok sorry maybe just tired furniture... a lovely ceiling though to be admired but sadly this doesn't get its mark any higher than a quite generous 4/10

22 May 2010 22:45

Riverside Farm, Nottingham

Now this place surprised me, admittedly a large family orientated barn of a pub opp a travelodge doesnt hold much hope in my books........

.........however this place has two handpumps offering ales from the CAMRA LOCALE scheme, my pint of Nutbrook ale was very nice and enjoyed out in the sun on one of their many outside tables.......7/10

22 May 2010 22:40

The Royal Children, Nottingham

Popped in last month, 5 out of 10 handpumps were on offer, they offer a scheme too where you get a card and when you collect 7 stamps your 8th pints is on the house. the sexy barmaid and the tasty pint of bluemonkey "BG Sips" certainly got my vote...........7/10

22 May 2010 22:11

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

7 handpumps to choose from,my pint of Belvoir "Dark Horse"(2.75) was spot on, a great old building too, 7/10

22 May 2010 22:07

The Malt Shovel, Beeston

Presuming I called in during a power cut and the pub was in complete darkness the service was excellent, Luckily the fact there was no electricity didn't affect the two lush handpump beers i quaffed(Nottingham Brewery - Rock Mild & Everards Tiger),All in all a great ale pub with 4 handpumps, 8/10

22 May 2010 21:59

The Peacock Inn, Derby

Yes it's Marston's but the pint of Oyster Stout was so so divine i actually ordered another!!The pub itself had a lovely gem of an interior,a friendly barmaid and a reasonable priced jukebox, would definately reccommend if passing, 8/10

22 May 2010 21:24

The Tavern, Derby

Wells Bombardier & Pedigree on draught, due to this dullness i opted for a strongbow(3.05grrrr),a very dull pub unless you are interested in watchin football from no less than 8 tv screens and drinkin naff beer................4/10

22 May 2010 21:18

The Brewery Tap, Derby

Popped in last month, 3 ales quaffed and al divine,Leadmill,Wentworth and Derby(obv!!)............... Friendly service, very nice pub.........8/10

22 May 2010 21:12

The Banbury Cross, Banbury

4 handpumps but only one on,Courage Best oh joy... Opted for a 2.95 pint of Guinness instead,friendly and quick enough service though i guess,nothing much else going for it...6/10

21 May 2010 23:03

Priory, Banbury

A great value and comfortable Smith & Jones chain pub 7/10

21 May 2010 22:59

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Lovely pub interior,Excellent pint of Hooky Dark,Great Place 8/10

21 May 2010 22:50

The White Horse, Banbury

Only one ale on offer which was Exmoor Brewery, very nice comfy sofas but a rather unpleasent aroma of bleach in the air, 6/10 nothing special..

21 May 2010 22:46

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

Stayed here a few weeks back,very comfy spacious rooms. The pub area itself covers a large area although being a Lloyds rather than a normal JDW the beer selection was rather uninspiring. A large courtyard/beer garden is available out the back for the summer months too. And most importantly it won't cost you nearly 4 a pint like most establishments in overpriced H-O-T, 8/10

21 May 2010 22:17

The Argyll, Henley-On-Thames

Nice looking building and a nicely kept pint of GK "Flankers Tackle" but @ 7.00 for two pints it loses marks!! shame 6/10

21 May 2010 22:06

White Lion, Chepstow

toilets still rancid and no real ale.....5/10

21 May 2010 21:29

The Coach and Horses Inn, Chepstow

a lovely pint of brewdog trashy blonde and an overexcited pub mascot jack russell featured on my rather anebriated visit, 8/10

21 May 2010 21:27

The George, Chepstow

A very nice Smith & Jones Chain pub, much more atmosphere than the spoons nearby and still very good ale quality,we were gonna stay here as the do accomodation but were sadly fully booked, 8/10

21 May 2010 21:22

The Ship Inn, Uphill

Small friendly local with Otter and Moles on draught for ale quaffers. Being a hot sunny afternoon i opted for a bargain priced 2 pint of broadoak cider sat on one of the benches available outside, 6/10

21 May 2010 21:08

The Dolphin, Uphill

Alewise, Wickwar "BOB" and Sharps DoomBar on draught,Quick friendly service from this large village pub with a beer patio and car park at the rear, 6/10

21 May 2010 21:06

The New Inn, Kewstoke

Sadly very quiet i hope this stays open longer than i imagine it will, the service from the landlord as reasonably friendly and the pint of Doom was tiptop, 6/10

21 May 2010 15:04

The Old Manor Inn, Kewstoke

SA Tribute only 2.30 and Bcombe Bitter 2.00 a pint. Excellent value food menu and a lovely large beer garden. Although a bit overrun with kids when i visited, 7/10

21 May 2010 15:01

The Castle Tavern, Weston Super Mare

Now reopened as "The New Castle Coffee Lounge & Wine Bar"
No real ales but Thatchers Gold(2.90),carlsberg,kronenbourg on draught and tempting looking cakes/snack meals. Very friendly service and magnificent views over sand bay from the beer patio. 6/10

21 May 2010 14:56

The Nut Tree Inn, Weston Super Mare

Very busy when i popped in at half four on a thurs afternoon with people stuffing their faces with carvery! It was a gorgeous sunny day though so i opted for a well kept pint of Marston's "Merrie Monk" in the nice beer garden, 7/10

21 May 2010 14:52

The Observatory, Weston Super Mare

Marstons Pedigree and Kronenbourg are 2 a pint all day sun-thurs. Not being a fan of pedigree i opted for the Marstons EPA 3.6% which was 90p more than the 4.5% Pedigree, somethin not quite right there lol A Cask Marque pub with an outside beer patio in the midst of a housing estate, nothing special but is worth dropping in 4 a quick one.......6/10

21 May 2010 14:48

The Windsor Castle, Weston Super Mare

Large beer garden with great views but sadly it resembled more of a kids playground when i visited. The pint of butcombe(2.90) was ok but the girl who served it was very disinterested,all in all ok for a ale in the sunshine, 6.5/10

21 May 2010 14:42

The Old Kings Head, Worle

Very similar welcome to that of the previous post albeit 5years later!! Newmans Red Castle Cream on draught was very good and the large sunny beer garden was gorgeous to sit in, 7/10

21 May 2010 14:37

Barley Sheaf, Bodmin

Friendly service and the best pint of ale I had quaffed all day came from this nice little local just up the road from spoons. 7/10

20 May 2010 01:11

The City Inn (Tavern An Dre), Truro

A couple of pints of Skinner's Cornish Knocker and a delicious homemade burger and chips was very much enjoyed, 8/10

20 May 2010 01:03

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Sorry please ignore previous was intended for City Inn Hotel!! :(

20 May 2010 01:03

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

A couple of pints of Skinner's Cornish Knocker and a delicious homemade burger and chips was very much enjoyed, 8/10

20 May 2010 01:01

Try Dowr, Truro

The slowest service I have ever encountered at a Wetherspoon and having visited 400+ that's saying something, the beer was ok but after waiting nearly 25min for it on a sat lunchtime i wasnt impressed! 5/10

20 May 2010 00:57

The Rann Wartha, St Austell

A good fun lively venue with decent real ale, 8/10

20 May 2010 00:52

The Western Inn, St Austell

Sexy barmaid,Tribute delightful(2.70pint) 7/10

20 May 2010 00:44

White Hart Hotel, St Austell

Stayed here on a half price room offer back in Feb. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and the ale was great,a credit to S A Brewery!! 8/10

20 May 2010 00:41

The Well House, Exeter

4 handpumps, 3pint but the 5.5% tasty pint of Hopback Winter Lightning was worth it, a nice place where u can escape the chav scum of other establishments nearby, 8/10

20 May 2010 00:36

The Chevalier Inn, Exeter

The CHEVALIER is a very nice lookin art-deco furnished Lloyds No1 Bar that used to be hog's head. The beer is good but the vile chav - scum who congregate there let the place down. I was sat upstairs with a nice pint of Dorset Ales "Ammonite", but it wasn't very restful with the scumbags shouting and effing at each other , 6/10 shame could be so much nicer

20 May 2010 00:33

The Farmers Union, Exeter

Dead when I visited which is a shame as the Otter,Doom and the Bridgetown ales were still only 1.99 pint, BARGAIN! :-p 8/10

20 May 2010 00:28

The Spectre, Cheltenham

Well impressed, wasn't expecting it from this chain but 3 Real Ales available @ 1.99 a pint!! The pint of Goff's White Knight i sampled was spot on, well worth a trip 8/10

19 May 2010 18:08

The Slug and Lettuce, Cheltenham

Two real ales available, i opted for a pint of Battledown "Cheltenham S.P.A." which was very good. Only 2.40 a pint,plus comfy seating options and friendly service plus good food. 8/10

19 May 2010 18:04

The Cotswold, Cheltenham

4 Handpumps,Friendly Welcome,3,00 a pint for my yummy 5.8%pint which was quaffed by a lovely log fire, 8/10

19 May 2010 17:58

The Bank House, Cheltenham

Now Called "The Bank House", and is a stunningly well refurbed Wetherspoon. The place must be visited to sample the excellent ale and the new interior, well done JDW!! 9/10

19 May 2010 17:53

Yates's, Cheltenham

Popped in back in Feb,was rather disappointed as they had no yates's best ale, and the only other cask ale was the cloudy bombardier with bits floating in it. However the Newcastle Brown @ just 2.10 made up for it and the comfy leather sofa's were nice to relax in, 6/10

19 May 2010 17:48

St Georges Vault, Cheltenham

A good pint of Hook Norton Old Hooky(3) was quaffed,Speckled Hen also on offer,a nice friendly and relaxing local, 6/10

19 May 2010 17:43

Cheers, Weston Super Mare

loud music and a smell of bleach......

19 May 2010 17:12

The Nelson, Norwich

Similar to the last review when I visited back in Jan, although it was a pint of Wychwood Hobgoblin that was quaffed, ok but nothing special especially for Norwich! 6/10

19 May 2010 16:21

Sir Garnet Wolseley, Norwich

Looks lovely from outside, inside very small with a dull choice of ales. I opted for L Pride @ 3.20pint! The pub was freezing too but it was in mid Jan i guess.....6/10

19 May 2010 16:12

The Whiffler, Norwich

Not the most inspiring JDW i've visited, the place looks a lot bigger from the outside aswell.The pint of Batemans I had was beautiful though,quite a trek on foot though from the centre, think it took us bout 45mins!! 7/10

19 May 2010 16:08

The Mash Tun, Norwich

Quite new and trendy looking and a bit too bright, the pint of Nelson's Revenge was tip-top though and the service quick and friendly, 6/10

19 May 2010 15:59

The Birdcage, Norwich

Popped in on a very quiet sunday night back in January, was pretty dead apart from a few students, the pint of Ossett "Big Red" was ok but nothing special, 6/10

19 May 2010 15:56

The Coachmakers Arms, Norwich

As the previous post we stayed in the tlodge nearby and this was a great nearby gem of a pub, the pint of Wolf ale was delicious, 7/10

19 May 2010 15:53

The Fellow, Camden

6.70 for a guiness and a youngs best, too gastro 4 me, 5/10

22 Apr 2010 18:14

The Wheelwright Arms, Luton

Six Handpumps but only London Pride on. Friendly little local with a good value juke box, 6/10

22 Apr 2010 18:05

The Brewery Tap, Luton

Had a couple of nice GK guest ales and a sunday roast for 4 too, yum, 6/10

22 Apr 2010 17:31

Yates's, Luton

Luton being the home to Yates's, it would have been rude not to visit.
Friendly quick service and most importantly 2 Pints of wells & Youngs "Yates's Best" for 3.18, BARGAIN!!! :-p 8/10

22 Apr 2010 17:12

The Heights, Luton

Visited back in January,quite a large open plan building with a large bar. The two pints of GK superchilled were less than 4, but like the beer the pub was also superchilled , in fact it was freezing, shame as menu was cheap and would have poss eaten here, 6/10 could do better!

22 Apr 2010 16:56

Brookes, Luton

Owned by Yates's pub chain Town & City who are actually based in Luton. Comfy pub sadly with no real ale though, 6/10

22 Apr 2010 16:49

The Albert, Witham

Popped in back in Jan, and the pub was freezing could even see my own breath. Only L Pride available on the ale front, 5/10

22 Apr 2010 16:12

The Station Hotel, Wivenhoe

Very handy location for "the station" funnily enough,sadly still only dull GK IPA on draught so opted for a nice goblet of aspall cider, nice friendly little pub though, 6/10

22 Apr 2010 16:06

The Moon and Starfish, Clacton On Sea

Popped in here back in Jan during the snow,was quite impressed to find that the bar manager had "skied in" to work!! The ale supped was v good and the breakfasts the following morning were well done, 8/10

22 Apr 2010 15:46

Tom Peppers, Clacton On Sea

Popped in here on our winter stay back in January. They had any 3 pints of j smiths/fosters/sbow for 4!!!!!! I don't mind no real ale at that price! good pub/club atmosphere too, 7/10

22 Apr 2010 15:41

Ronnie's Bar, Clacton On Sea

Open But Now Called "Ronnie's Bar"
No Real Ale, Sbow & Newcastle Brown was 5.70. Good disco when visited and the service was friendly too (unlike other places in Clacton visited)

22 Apr 2010 15:38

The Queens Arms, Clacton On Sea

very unfriendly, no real ale,claimed he couldn't serve us as we werent local then reluctantly took 6 off us for a guiness and a bow, 2.5/10

22 Apr 2010 15:33

The Carlton, Clacton On Sea

tatty,no real ale so opted for a guiness&sbow which was 6.00, guy behind bar more interested in chattin to the local chav scum,he even switched the lights off where we were sat drinkin,not not good!! 2/10

22 Apr 2010 15:28

The Old Lifeboat House, Clacton on Sea

A reasonable pint of TT landlord was quaffed,not the most exciting pub in the world though, 4/10

22 Apr 2010 15:24

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Full of "suits" on their lunch break when I visited several weeks back, very nice well kept pint of Young's London Gold was quaffed (slowly @ 3.40pint!!)

22 Apr 2010 15:15

Silk Mercer, Devizes

Quick friendly service and a decent pint of festival ale, 7/10

22 Apr 2010 14:47

The Moonrakers, Pewsey

6.70 for 2 pints :(
No Real Ale :(

Friendly Landlord :)
Lapdancing Nights :)


22 Apr 2010 14:33

The Crown Inn, Pewsey

Had two pint's here sat in the nice sun-trap of a liquiod pie gaden,dare I say the three castles I preferred to their own brew that was available.

.........Oh and a nice fairy cake to go with the you do!! 7/10

22 Apr 2010 14:30

The Portcullis, Fishponds

Popped in last weekend,Had the choice of Courage Best & Doombar. We opted for the Doom,and OMG what an "aptly named" pint it was on this visit. Pure vinegar,but according to the unfriendly bar woman who knew about as much about real ale as Colonal Sanders knows bout healthy eating;"it's fine cos all the others are drinking it".....

.........shall not be returning


22 Apr 2010 14:19

Zerodegrees, Cardiff

Lovely looooooooovely pint of "Mango",nice atmosphere and wonderful building. Keep an eye out for their happy hours too, 8/10

14 Mar 2010 18:45

The Blackweir Tavern, Cardiff

Cute friendly barmaids,decent pint of Brains 45,Comfy Sofa's,Very tasty and cheap extensive food menu, 8/10

14 Mar 2010 18:29

Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

Very yummy pint of Sam Smith's Stout was supped here couple of weeks back, friendly service and reasonably busy for a sunday evening i guess, 7/10

14 Mar 2010 18:08

Engineers Arms, Newport

DULL :( 5/10

14 Mar 2010 17:51

The Raglan Arms, Weston Super Mare

Freddie the landlord, just like the open log fire is always on hand with a warm friendly welcome and the real ale is totally spot on,usually O'Hanlons & Cotleigh with occasionly something from Moor. The main thing to note at present is it's 2 A PINT ALL DAY EVERYDAY on real ale :-p 8/10

14 Mar 2010 17:40

The Cornubia, Bristol

The two different pints of Quantock were perfect that I quaffed here last week, the place will not be the same without Luke but the new owners are very friendly,welcoming and dedicated, and to see all SEVEN handpumps back in use this is great stuff to see :) 8/10

14 Mar 2010 17:34

The Ship, Bristol

Decent pint of Gem was quaffed last week, friendly bar service and fairly busy too,shame the same cannot be said for the sad lonely falling apart bell down the road,sad times , 6.5/10

14 Mar 2010 17:13

The Rudgleigh Inn, Easton In Gordano

Just off the Portishead M5 exit,Nice roadside tavern which specialises in carvery meals. Set out too much as a restaurant though and not enough areas to relax with just a pint. They had butcombe bitter and doombar on draught and although i am a bit reluctant ordering pints of doom lately it was a very good pint that suprised me as the place was dead (fri afternoon mind due). Very handy for a break off travelling up the M5 and @ 2.90 a pint a bit pricey but prob not too far off a welcome break cappucino i imagine......... 6/10

14 Mar 2010 17:04

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Popped in on thursday early evening as the knights templar was like an over-run curry house and i decided it would be quicker to get served walking across that wobbly metal bridge (i hasten to add its the bridge thar was wobbly and not myself) than it would be waiting with the after-work office numpties at spoons.

Anyway to the point at last I can say it was a very satisfying half hour with a yummy pint of their current guest "Wessex Golden Apostle" and followed up by an equally well kept pint of BBF Stout, Will be back in the not 2 distant future i imagine, 7/10

14 Mar 2010 16:48

The Clipper, Exmouth

Popped in a couple of week's back and quaffed a very well kept pint of Wychwood "Dirty Tackle". Service was fantastic as always and the pub was not suprisingly very busy, still Exmouth's best pub without a doubt, 9/10

22 Feb 2010 11:17

The London Inn, Bedminster

Nice to see a proper local rather than a chain still packed out on a sunday night. Detest karaoke but it was def pullin in the punters last nite, only doom and courage on the ale front(but 2 be honest spoons across the road doesnt get much more excitin 4 beer selection lately),so yeah a pint of bthorn it was. 6/10

22 Feb 2010 11:13

Robert Fitz Harding, Bedminster

MisterX couldn't have put it any better. Popped in last nite for first time in a while and was very dissappointed to say the least.
2 X Pedigree
2 X Abbot
2 X Ruddles
1 X Cider
1 X Exmoor Beast
1 X Butcombe
1 X Three Castles (Prob the only vaguely interesting one)

Basically six handpumps wasted!,for a better JDW offering it has to be St Georges Hall or even The Knights Templar,


22 Feb 2010 11:09

The Ashcombe, Weston Super Mare

3 X handpumps but only doombar on draught so opted for a pint of sbow(2.85). Friendly enough local though, 6/10

21 Feb 2010 15:30

The Waverley, Weston Super Mare

Two pints of great tasting Yeovil Ales beers were quaffed(2.80pint). Was refreshing to see a "local pub" so busy on a sat night. The barwoman had a face like a slapped arse but she was left on her own to do everything so can't complain, 7/10 - a nice discovery

21 Feb 2010 15:25

The Ancaster, Weston Super Mare

Now called "The Jug & Bottle". Friendly young barmaid,pretty dead though for a sat night with only 5 others drinking when visited. No real ale, but all pints during Feb are 2 a pint. (Which for Thatchers Gold aint to shabby) The food menu was dirt cheap and a bit greasy spoon'ish but to be honest its not the sort of place you would visit for a meal. 6/10 sadly not here for much longer i reckon :(

21 Feb 2010 15:17

The Drawbridge, Bristol

Large Selection Of Meals for 3.29, Fosters muck 2.10,J Smiths 1.99,The tribute was ok but 2.94......big pub and could do a lot better,prob best thing that could happen is JDW take it over i reckon, 6/10

21 Jan 2010 20:54

The Rose of Denmark, Bristol

Lovely pub,top notch pint of butcombe was quaffed next to a roaring log fire, just what u need on a snowy winters night, highy recommend and shall return! 8/10

21 Jan 2010 20:48

The Bear Inn, Bristol

Only doombar on the ale side of things,and the bthorn was a pricey 3 a pint. Plenty of better choices in the area(like rose of denmark) than here, 4/10

21 Jan 2010 20:44

The Spring Gardens, Hotwells

Large pub with comfortable leather sofa's,two handpumps although only Bath Ales when visited,friendly service and a good jukebox,6.5/10

21 Jan 2010 20:39

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

Popped in on a snowy January evening,and was very impressed with what i discovered. Six handpumps featured ales from cheddar ales and BBF, the pint of BBF "Bristletoe" was the finest dark pint i have sampled in a long time,the beer = 10/10 the pub = a well deserved 8/10

21 Jan 2010 20:35

The Eldon House, Bristol

Friendly little Bath Ales owned pub,very well kept and deliciously quaffable Bath "Festivity"was had (although it should be @ 3.20 pint), well worth a visit 7/10

21 Jan 2010 20:30

Lord Burton, Burton-Upon-Trent

Was very unimpressed with what JDW had to offer here in what i had my mindset as a ale heaven,virtually every pump clip was turned, the place just looked like an ordinary boring spoons(not a lloyds) and was generally uninspiring, 5/10

4 Jan 2010 20:14

The Cross Keys, Rotherham

No Ale when visited in Nov, decent big building though with plenty of potential , 6/10

4 Jan 2010 19:58

Corn Law Rhymer, Rotherham

Top tasting pint of Bradford "Sheffield Stealers", very nice looking Lloyds No1 Bar, Well worth a visit indeed.... 8/10

4 Jan 2010 19:48

Harlequin, Sheffield

And i thought The Kelham Island Tavern was Sheffield's best................I was Wrong!!(only just though!), Absolutely amazing pub this, it was my last one i needed to tick off from the good beer guide and i soon realised i had saved the best for last!!! stayed and quaffed 4 winner pints at amazingly cheap prices and very friendly service, Shall deffo return!!! Well Done :)

4 Jan 2010 19:41

Three Tuns, Sheffield

Popped in and quaffed a very well kept pint of Thornbridge "Wild Swan", Was so good i stayed for another... the barmaid was very welcoming and the atmosphere was warm friendly and relaxed, a well deserved Good Beer Guide entry without a doubt, 8/10

4 Jan 2010 19:35

Old Monk, Sheffield

No Ale, Loud Sport On TV, Loud "Louts",Shame as decent'ish building,4/10

4 Jan 2010 19:23

Shakespeare Hotel, Sheffield

Did like this place,,had quite a bit of uniqueness and character,very run down though and sadly i don't believe will be around for much longer, sad times :( 6/10

4 Jan 2010 19:18

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Popped in the Alexandra Hotel on way back to station and was very impressed,then found this place........well i was almost speechless when i saw the beer selection,absolutely amazing place,spoilt 4 choice! 9/10

4 Jan 2010 19:09

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby


4 Jan 2010 19:04

Slug and Lettuce, Derby

I Have to disagree with the lager bar comment as when visited in November I had a very nice pint of Spire Brewery "As Good As It Gets" and @ just 1.39 A PINT!!! Comfortable and Cheap, S&L are definately on the up i have noticed over the past couple of years, 8/10

4 Jan 2010 19:01

The Thomas Leaper, Derby

Crazy Sh*t,Two JDW's smack bang next to each other, i never seen that b4!! The pub has good and interesting art deco style decor for a spoons and is nicely set out over two floors. The pint of Falstaff "Fistfull of hops" was very good indeed, 8/10

4 Jan 2010 18:56

Yates's, Tamworth

Can't go wrong with 1.39 for a decent tasting pint of "Yates's Best" (Wells & Youngs Brewed). :-p 8/10

4 Jan 2010 18:49

The Derby Bar, Londonderry

Nice pint of Guinness was quaffed(2.70). Nice friendly street corner local which looked a lot more appealing from the outside as it wasn't just another "guinness hording sponsored bar affair"if u know what i mean, it looked like a proper boozer, 7/10

3 Jan 2010 20:55

Ice Wharf, Londonderry

Real Ale Was 1.45 pint and very well kept,quite a lively atmosphere too being a Lloyds Bar, was perfect aswell for a visitor to the city,(especially one staying in the travelodge directly above the pub!!)8/10

3 Jan 2010 20:51

The Old Courthouse, Coleraine

Popped n in back in November and was very impressed with the fantastic building, the Uber-Cheap steak club, and the very good pint of thwaite's ale,8/10

3 Jan 2010 20:44

Spinning Mill, Ballymena

Agree with blue_scrumpy's comments. This a great looking old pub inside and out and isn't at all "clinical" like half of the jdw establishments,it was very friendly,welcoming and the pint of College Green ale i sampled was spot on, A must do pie shop if in town! 8/10

3 Jan 2010 20:39

The Tuesday Bell, Lisburn

A really nice wetherspoon pub on two floors located in the town's market square. Came here for a delicious large ulster fry (3.89) and a well kept pint of Woodfordes(1.45). Sat upstairs as it had a nice view over the square and was more peaceful than downstairs. The girl who served us was really friendy too, couldn't ask 4 more! 8/10

3 Jan 2010 20:26

The John Hewitt, Belfast

Great tasting pint of College Green "Molly's Chocolate Stout" was quaffed, YUM!! :) 7/10

3 Jan 2010 20:20

The Duke Of York, Belfast

One of my favourite pubs i visited over the 3 days in Belfast,the service was friendly,the clientele were friendly aswell. The whole pub is covered ceiling to floor in memrobelia and various "fascinating clutter",and the Guinness is perfect,much more of a "Must Do" than the touristy crown i would say! 9/10

2 Jan 2010 22:56

McHughs, Belfast

The pint of Whitewater Belfast Ale quaffed was spot on :-p 8/10

2 Jan 2010 22:51

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

I was told "I must visit here" so i did. Yep the building is brilliant and the interior is amazing, but the actual pint of Whitewater Belfast Ale was virtually undrinkable, pure vinegar, still give it a 7/10 as its a must visit and i may have just been unlucky on my visit

2 Jan 2010 22:47

Laverys, Belfast

Very Very Dark, my first pub in Northern Ireland. No cask ale but the pint of Guinness didn't dissapoint! 7/10

2 Jan 2010 22:38

Thimblemill, Smethwick

No Real Ale, And constant staring and intimidation from the bloke sat at the bar 3/10

2 Jan 2010 21:49

The Garden House, Edgbaston

Very good pint of Hobson's "Town Crier" was quaffed, Yum, Nice relaxing pub 8/10

2 Jan 2010 21:41

The Rope Walk, Birmingham

A Very good Marstons pub,very comfortable and relaxing, and the hobgoblin was well kept. A perfect alternative to the rectory that doesnt have ale and charges a small fortune. 7/10

2 Jan 2010 21:36

The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham

Popped into this pub/concert venue on a lively friday evening last Nov, Was impressed to find 3 handpumps on including Wentworth "WPA" that was very good, 7/10

2 Jan 2010 21:30

The Rectory, Birmingham

7.50 for two bottles of aspall cider, will not be returning in any hurry!!! 4/10

2 Jan 2010 21:24

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Great Value Food And Booze, useful if ur stayin at the holiday inn next door indeed!! 7/10

2 Jan 2010 21:19

The Brunel, Chippenham

I Love Smith & Jones's Pubs,this one is no exception. Popped in on the night they reopened after a refurb back last Nov. The Wychwood Hobgoblin was possibly the best pint i have ever had of the stuff, the interior was comfy and looked good, the staff friendly, and the beer was cheap. I was actually visiting the new wetherspoon pub on the day but out the two this wins hands down, well done barracuda group! 9/10

2 Jan 2010 20:57

The Mermaid Inn, Wells

"Ale-less" :(

2 Jan 2010 20:26

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Ignore the other two comments, this place has changed 4 the good if u like ur real ale,they had Plain Brewery "innocence" and "Inspiration" both straight from the cask when i popped in here back in October. Apparently they have plans to turn it into a great real ale pub, not returned since but i have high hopes 4 this little pub, 7/10

2 Jan 2010 20:03

The Organ Inn, Warminster

Quaffed a very good pint of hopback "medley" here back on Warminster Carnival night in October,although they better watch their backs, they might be the only good beer guide listed pub in Warminster but they have competition now from the newly improved(alewise) Masons Arms........ anyway 7/10 4 the organ without a doubt

2 Jan 2010 19:56

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

A bit pretentious and the pint of henry's wasn't up to much,much preffered the eldon, 6/10

2 Jan 2010 19:18

The Barley Mow, Southsea

visited back in october, amazing little gem of a good beer guide pub. feel like u are sat in some excentric person's front room, the pint of bottle wreck porter was beautiful, 8/10

2 Jan 2010 19:14

Wheelbarrow, Southsea

Popped in here for a pint back in October, Was deadly quiet, sad times :( 6/10

2 Jan 2010 19:03

Yates's, Portsmouth

Amazed about this but possibly one of the best tasting pint's of Wells Bombardier i have ever quaffed in my life, and it came from a Yates's!! Amazing Value too, 8/10

2 Jan 2010 18:59

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Very nice looking wetherspoon outfit, and the pint of Oakleaf - Hole Hearted was to die for!! 8/10

2 Jan 2010 18:42

Farmhouse Inn, Brixington Farm Estate

Not my local anymore as have moved to costa del Weston Super Mare now. Still pop in here every now and again on visits,shame there only ever seems to be Abbot on cask these days but then it is a GK "hungry horse" family pub now grrrrr 6/10(just!)

2 Jan 2010 17:39

The White Hart, Weston Super Mare

A good pint from church end brewery was quaffed, quite a pleasant surprise this little pub, 7/10

2 Jan 2010 17:14

The Criterion, Weston Super Mare

Improved greatly from previous visit couple of years back, great great ale just like the raglan opposite but not as cheap, 7/10

2 Jan 2010 17:05

The Major from Glengarry, Weston Super Mare

only 6X on draught was rather disappointing and the group of chavs playing snooker spoilt my boxing day visit, shame could be so much better.....6/10

2 Jan 2010 17:03

The Fox and Goose Inn, Brent Knoll

The food looked good, the waitress looked good,the beer looked good @ 2.50pint for Bath Ales "Festivity",Twas sadly like sarsons though, won't rule the place out though for a return as it certainly has potential, 6.5/10

2 Jan 2010 16:57

The Butterleigh Inn, Cullompton

friendly and welcoming country pub, a lovely well kept pint of "Otter Claus" was quaffed here on boxing day, 7/10

2 Jan 2010 16:38

The Riflemans Arms, Glastonbury

Popped in tonight prior to the carnival. Was nice to have a pint of ale on carnival night not served in plastic! Never visited before but was pleasently suprised by the choice of butcombe bitter,cotleigh barnowl, and skinners cornish knocker which i opted for. Not a bad pint but 2.95 was a bit steep... nice pub though and quick service, 7/10

15 Nov 2009 00:45

St Georges Hall, Redfield

Popped in here couple of weeks ago at the start of the JDW autumn beer festival.To be honest it was my first visit back here since my debut wetherspoon bristol jaunt several years back.

Maybe it was cos i came here at the end of the spoons jaunt and had a hazy badger head on, but i don't ever remember it being as good as it is now!

The selection of festival ales was great,the quality and condition of the ales quaffed was even better, the service was quick and friendly, and the pub overall was clean, tidy and welcoming, oh yeah and the beer disposal room was extremely clean although reminded me somewhat of a swimming pool WC.

All in all a very nice JDW in a not so nice area,have returned again since and most prob will be sooner than i thought!! 7/10

13 Nov 2009 11:42

The Harbour Inn, Axmouth

Great tasting pint of Badger "Lemony Cricket" was quaffed here before heading over to Seaton Carnival back in September. The service was quite disinterested but the pub is lovely and like i say the ale is good. 7/10

13 Nov 2009 10:53

Oddfellows Arms, Exeter

Lovely pint of S A Proper Job but then it was 3 a pint, Nice tidy pub though maybe a bit "Gastro" grrr 7/10

15 Oct 2009 17:37

Hog's Head, Exeter

Further to my previous comment, i popped in last week and quaffed a lovely well kept pint of OHanlons Port Stout so things are lookin up, service was fast and friendly too. Wonder if this had anything to do with JDW's Tim Martin bein stood at the bar though?? still a worthy 8/10 now

15 Oct 2009 17:35

Royal Artillery Arms, Highbridge

Totally beautiful pint of Thwaites "Blueberry Thrill" was soon demolished here, three other interesting ales were available. Sadly dead though for a sunday afternoon :( GO VISIT I TELL THEE!!! 8/10

15 Oct 2009 16:46

The Crossways Inn, Highbridge

Very good pint of Glastonbury Ales "Escalibur" was quaffed here last week. Nice log fire and friendly service too from this good beer guide pub, 7.5/10

15 Oct 2009 16:43

Zero Degrees, Bristol

ten out of ten mouth watering pint of 2 happy hour "Black Lager" was quaffed here last nite, DELICIOUS!! 9/10

15 Oct 2009 16:38

The Hatchet Inn, Bristol

No real ale last night when i popped in 4 a quick pint before seeing basshunter at the O2 Acadamy opposite*

*Yes i know, real ale drinker and dance music lover = strange combo

*3.65 a pint for sbow in O2 Acadamy, YIKES!!!

The place was quiet when visited hence the quick service last nite, music playing out was very heavy metal (i guess to keep the other basshunter kiddies out lol)

Anyway all in all a not bad pub just shame no ale, 6/10

15 Oct 2009 16:34

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Has become a new afterwork favourite for me this place with thank's 2 a recommendation from a_e_m . For only 1pence more a pint than my other afterwork favourite(The Knights Templar JDW),the beer selection usually has at least a couple of new beers i aint tried, plus the service is fast and friendly. It is certainly one of Brizzle's "hidden pub gems",and long may it continue! 8/10 p.s. one downfall is the bad drainage in the vicinity, and the smell of sh**e can dominate the entrance on a warm day, but this is entirely out the pub's hands so cant mark it down 4 that...

15 Oct 2009 16:28

The Old Inn, Hutton

Cute friendly barmaid, Great tasting pint of RCH PG Steam, YUM, 8/10

15 Oct 2009 16:13

The Five Dials Inn, Ilminster

looked closed earlier when passing??????

4 Oct 2009 00:37

The Square and Compass, Ashill

Exmoor Gold,St Austell Tinners, & St Austell Tribute all on draught. I opted for the latter when i visited tonight, and it was a very good pint. The pub was a very warm and welcoming one with wine bottle candles adourning each of the tables, and a really nice friendly barmaid serving. I popped in durin the evening but there appeared to be plenty of outside seating 4 the summer months. a well deserved 8/10

4 Oct 2009 00:35

The Hatch Inn, Hatch

Popped in earlier on way to Ilminster Carnival just down the road. The place was extremely quiet for a saturday. Cotleigh Harrier and Moor Revival were on draught. Opted for the Moor which was beautiful and only 2.20! (all pints that price from 5pm-7pm everyday) service was friendly and attractive!! 8/10

4 Oct 2009 00:28

The New Inn, West Town

fingers crossed they find a buyer, sad times!

29 Sep 2009 18:38

The Whitesmiths Arms, Gloucester

An Arkells pub with their own 3B and Moonlight on draught. I opted for the Moonlight which was sadly only useful to put on ur chips so had to return it, barmaid was friendly enough though and swapped for a much better pint of 3B. Pub aint anything that special though, 6/10

29 Sep 2009 18:35

Linden Tree, Gloucester

Very nice real ale pub well worth the 15min walk from the city centre, the wadworth brew i quaffed was well kept(very like the 2 barmaids), Five other handpumps were available incl other wadworth and everards brews. 8/10

29 Sep 2009 18:31

Cafe Rene, Gloucester

Extremely impressed with this place. Was reccommended by a friend to me (obv not a_e_m below!). Had a spot on pint of Freeminer - Speculation which was that good i stayed for another pint this time a brew from moles brewery.The building is a must see aswell with a well in the middle of the place plus a ceiling covered in wine bottles. Only downside is maybe its a bit too aimed at food but thats not really a negative and without a doubt earned its 8/10 rating on here

29 Sep 2009 18:26

The Old Crown, Gloucester

Lip smackingly tasty pint of Sam Smith's Extra Stout was supped yesterday,the pub was empty though and silent, sadly cant see it remaining there much longer even with the good beers and prices, 7/10

29 Sep 2009 18:20

Dick Whittington, Gloucester

Choice of 8 handpumps when visited yesterday. I opted for a pint from Goffs and another from Severn Vale, the place was dead but then it was a mon afternoon i guess. The service was friendly and welcoming though, the settee was comfy and the beer was only 2.30 a pint. 8/10

29 Sep 2009 18:16

The Water Poet, Gloucester

Had a winner pint of three castles "Tiddly Dyke" here yesterday.Service was average speed due to barmaid not very clever with till, pub was very nice though and the beer garden/patio was lovely in the warm autumn sunshine. 8/10

29 Sep 2009 18:11

Wells Tavern, Exeter

Back to it's original name "The Wells Tavern"

26 Sep 2009 14:35

The Vulcan Hotel, Cardiff

Had to pop in 4 a ale after seeing it's reprieve in the news, although it had more flies in it than customers it was worth the visit, god i hope it STAYS!! 8/10

22 Sep 2009 01:43

The Old Arcade, Cardiff

big but quiet when visited. the brains dark was magnificent though, 8/10

22 Sep 2009 01:27

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Spot On pint of SA Gold was supped, YUM 7/10

22 Sep 2009 01:24

The Beverley, Cardiff

a bit chain-pubbish but the tasty pint of black sheep bitter was good and it deserves its good beer guide entry, 7/10

22 Sep 2009 01:18

The Golden Hind, Musbury

decent enuff pint of doombar from this cask marque accredited pub, be warned though its only open lunchtimes and evenings, 7/10

22 Sep 2009 01:11

The Wheelwright Inn, Colyford

2 Pubs In Colyford* Both begin "Wh..."*Both are on Swan Hill Road*Both have excellent cask ale* ONE is 70pence a pint more than the other..........
yep it's here but even the 3.20 mark up didn't stop my pint of Badger Lemony Cricket scoring a 10/10, hall and woodhouse you have done pubs and real ale proud!!!!!!!!!! 8/10

22 Sep 2009 01:08

The White Hart Inn, Colyford

Lovely pint of Branscombe Vale "Branoc" was quaffed here b4 Axminster Carnival couple of days ago, only 2.50 a pint too, great pub 8/10

22 Sep 2009 01:02

The Green Gables Inn, Exeter

ROUGH with a capital R! 5/10

21 Sep 2009 13:16

The First and Last Inn, Exeter

Visited for first time in couple of years and what a vast improvement, a great range of Hopback ales on offer and friendly service. 7/10

21 Sep 2009 13:15

Queen Victoria, Exeter

No ale when visited and sadly dead on a hot sunny day, think it's days may be numbered :( 6/10

21 Sep 2009 13:07

Hog's Head, Exeter

Nicely done out in a art - deco style, shame my first pint here was like vinegar :( 6/10 for now.........

21 Sep 2009 13:04

The Railway Inn, Westbury

Very handy pub for long waits @ the cold wind swept westbury station. Friendly service and good honest staff (seeing as i left my wallet in there after one too many but the barmaid handed it in) :)

21 Sep 2009 12:19

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

Very nice pint of Downton "Elderquad" but nowhere to sit as we werent eating, 7/10

21 Sep 2009 12:15

The Red Lion Hotel, Salisbury

Quite posh hotel with nice beer courtyard and decent pint of ale to boot, 8/10

21 Sep 2009 11:44

The New Inn, Salisbury

I guess it's a Hall & Woodhouse pub by the range of badger ales but that's no bad thing seeing as my pint of "lemony Cricket" was beautiful. The pub itself is great aswell and has an amazing beer garden to boot, definately a 9/10 on the day i visited last month.

21 Sep 2009 11:38

The Wilton, Salisbury

Very nice interior and even nicer beer garden, quite a dull pint of doombar though. What u want is this pub's layout along with the nearby Village Freehouse's beer selection!! 7/10

21 Sep 2009 11:12

The Village, Salisbury

Very tatty but friendly and top notch beer which earns it the GBG listing, 8/10

21 Sep 2009 11:09

The Somerset Hotel, Weymouth

A totally BEAUTIFUL pint of Badger Lemony Cricket was quaffed here last month,pub not great but beer perfect, ideal 4 a quick pint b4 the train home! 7/10

21 Sep 2009 11:04

The Chapelhay Tavern, Weymouth

It's not often i visit Weymouth and discover a new pub, but hurrah it's happened and all was good:) 7/10

21 Sep 2009 11:00

Excise House, Weymouth

deadly slow service on carnival day, far too family fun pubish, ughhhh! 6/10

21 Sep 2009 10:57

The Boot, Weymouth

Pop in here every year on carnival day and it never disappoints,beautiful pint of Brakspear Honey Bee was quaffed outside this good beer guide regular in the hot hot sun, IDEAL! 8/10

21 Sep 2009 10:50

Yates, Weymouth

Great tasting pint of Wells & Youngs's birthday ale for 1.25 and a smothered chicken & chips for 1.99, couldn't go wrong!! YUM :p 8/10

21 Sep 2009 10:44

Que Pasa, Weymouth

*NOW CALLED DOLCE VITA* Guinness again when visited carnival day this year,friendly service and nice atmosphere, 7/10

21 Sep 2009 10:41

The Cork and Bottle, Weymouth

**NOW CALLED MOBY DICK'S* Popped in here on carnival day seeing as I hadnt been in since it's name change. Three ales to choose from and i opted 4 a very good pint of adnams broadside served by a friendly cute barmaid aswell. 8/10

21 Sep 2009 10:33

Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

the beer selection and quality has improved vastly this last week,had brews on from Woodfordes,Roosters,Caledonian,Box Steam,RCH,plus the usual gk dishwater. Keep Up The Good Work guys n girls :) yum

18 Sep 2009 02:23

The Cabot Hotel, Weston Super Mare

Great sizzling steak's and a reasonable pint of Bath Gem 2 be quaffed, 7/10

18 Sep 2009 02:20

The Coopers Arms, Highbridge

more than impressed when i visited the place last month while waiting for a train(saved waiting with the chav fare-evading scum on the platform!)

A welcoming slightly chavvy barmaid greeted me,and opted for a pint of Bombardier(2.60), one other ale was available. Who would have thought that it would be one of the best kept pints of Bombardier that i had ever sampled! good jukebox aswell with 5trax 4 1. 6/10

18 Sep 2009 02:04

The Beachcomber Inn, Burnham on Sea

No real ale,so opted for a 3.10 bottle of Newcastle Brown instead.Very large patio area,and a delicious smelling carvery when i visited on a sunny august sunday. Only downside is the "holiday camp" feel and the screaming brats and babies,5/10

18 Sep 2009 01:58

Walnut Tree Inn, Weston Super Mare

sorry bit dyslexic there 2 real ale pumps!

18 Sep 2009 01:54

Walnut Tree Inn, Weston Super Mare

2 ale real pumps, but both clips turned round,beer garden and large conservatory selling cheap meals, 6/10

18 Sep 2009 01:52

The Pavillion, Weston Super Mare

decent pint of bass was quaffed in the sunny beer garden here last month, 7/10

18 Sep 2009 01:49

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Friendly service and a great tasting pint of Glastonbury Ales - Lady Of The Lake,Ideally located opp train station too, 7/10

17 Sep 2009 22:12

The Three Guineas, Reading

Have always popped in for a quick pint when in Reading due to their great ale selection so i visited with friends last month.I ordered a pint that was pure and utter vinegar. I never ever return a pint unless it is totally undrinkable which this was and even my ale drinkin friends(who's own pints were fine)agreed, When I returned it the barman poured himself a taster and said there was nothing wrong with it, he then got another member of barstaff to try it who claimed "that's what it is supposed to taste like" branding me stupid for not drinkin the pint of sarsons.It was only the old chap stood at the bar with a pint who stepped in and said that the pint was totally gone that made the barman very begrudgingly offer me another pint.
Now like I say i never return a pint unless it is well and truly undrinkable and i have had many decent pints here before so the attitude of the bar staff really altered my opinion of this busy station pub.

I believe they take their regular stream of customers for granted, and are obv happy to treat them as "mugs" and not even turn the pumpclip round!

Sadly what i used to rate as a 8/10 has dropped to a 6/10.

Fingers crossed this was a "one off"

fbb :s

17 Sep 2009 21:51

The Lamb and Flag, Blagdon Hill

Had a nice pint of Quercus "Sunstorm" in here 2day. 2.80pint bit steep,but nice friendly good beer guide listed village pub with cute barmaid, 8/10 :)

17 Jul 2009 20:20

The Vittoria, Clifton

Nice pint of Adnams Regatta albeit 3.00 pint,7/10

16 Jul 2009 12:40

The White Bear, Bristol

Nice pint of Doom, sat outside in the courtyard watching the rather toffee nosed clientele,good pub though 8/10

16 Jul 2009 12:38

Ye Olde Pioneer, Bicester

Nice interior and 5.50 for sbow + fosters,sticky tables though and barman was a bit of a chav, 6/10

16 Jul 2009 11:57

Penny Black, Bicester

Ale was divine, the pub itself pretty average 4 a spoons, 7/10

16 Jul 2009 11:51

Yates's, Bicester

A decent pint of Wells Bombardier was quaffed in the sun out the front,great value too 7/10

16 Jul 2009 11:48

The Hobgoblin, Bicester

Great interior and a delicious pint of Wychwood "Flash Of Hop's" yum, 8/10

16 Jul 2009 11:45

The Angel, Bicester

Small pub with L Pride and Brains on draught and a couple of outside benches, nothing to write home about though, 6/10

16 Jul 2009 11:43

The Plough Inn, Bicester

Greene King owned pub,1.99 pint for IPA and Carlsberg,nice beer patio and the roasts looked divine! 6/10

16 Jul 2009 11:39

The King Edward VII, Halesowen

No Real Ale , Beer garden / car park!! 6/10

16 Jul 2009 11:20

The Hawne Tavern, Halesowen

Top notch pint of Pictish ale was quaffed here couple of weeks back, friendly little local with a small beer patio at the rear, 7/10

16 Jul 2009 11:16

The Waggon and Horses, Halesowen

Fantastic real ale pub with unusual sloped floor, friendly service and 12 handpumps! 8/10

16 Jul 2009 11:09

William Shenstone, Halesowen

Good selection of guest ales including FIVE wentworth brews all @ 1.55 pint,BARGAIN!!! 7/10

16 Jul 2009 11:04

Hunters Lodge, Priddy


17 Jun 2009 21:06

The Hollybush, Loughton

Sat out the back in the beer patio with a nice pint of McMullens(2.52pint only),very pleasant 7/10

17 Jun 2009 18:29

The Old Maypole, Ilford

Youngs Best,London Pride,Bombardier ale wise. Carlsberg only 1.79 pint. This place is owned by the sizzling pub co. chain and the food looked and smelled divine. The place looks pretty naff from the outside but the interior is nice and there is a beer garden too. 8/10

17 Jun 2009 18:25

New Fairlop Oak, Barkingside

Situated on a roundabout, with a beer patio out the back this spoons had a good selection of ales and friendly quick service when i visited.7/10

17 Jun 2009 18:15

Great Spoon of Ilford, Ilford

Painfully slow service but then again only one girl serving so cannot complain, otherwise pretty ordinary but large spoons with all the usual jdw benefits, 6.5/10

17 Jun 2009 18:10

The Clipper, Exmouth

The Clipper, The Assembly, Certainly Smith & Jones put JDW to shame with good pub management teams! :) 8/10

17 Jun 2009 17:28

The Brewers Arms, Banwell

Spot on pint of Doom was quaffed in the lovely sunny beer garden a couple of weeks back, highly recommend a trip if u've not been b4, 7/10

17 Jun 2009 17:09

Bell Inn, Banwell

No ale when visited so opted 4 blackthorn to find that wasnt available and ended up with thatchers poured from a plastic bottle, 4/10

17 Jun 2009 17:05

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Popped in here after looking it up in the GBG, first pint of Milestone "Sup Porter" was divine so stayed and sampled another ale from their vast well kept selection,7/10

17 Jun 2009 16:12

Fagan's, Sheffield

Great classic lookin boozer only discovered thru GBG, great tasting pint of hometown Abbeydale Moonshine was quaffed and served by a friendly barman/landlord?, well worth a visit, 7/10

17 Jun 2009 16:08

The Fishermans Cottage, Reading

Lovely Fullers canalside pub,5.90 for pint of ESB & a Smirnoff Ice,Quick friendly service although it was a tuesday afternoon,just hope Fullers don't throw it away like Enterprise have done to the jolly anglers, 8/10

17 Jun 2009 15:45

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

That is really sad news but on the other hand I am glad I had a chance to sample a great pint here back in May b4 Enterprise threw it on the trash pile :( 7/10(WAS)

17 Jun 2009 15:38

Bar Copa, Reading

Sat with a Strongbow(3) on the nice beer terrace in the sunshine overlooking the canal,ale choice was bit dull i seem 2 recall, 7/10

17 Jun 2009 15:33

The Warwick Arms, Reading

Very bizarre combo i reckon thai and real ale, but the interior is done up very nice, 6.5/10

17 Jun 2009 15:29

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

Very Good,4 Ales (L Pride,GK IPA,Adnams Bside,Adnams Explorer),comfy interior and lots of outside seating. Smack bang opp the station and only 4.76 for a strongbow and a adnams. 8/10

17 Jun 2009 13:57

Nonsuch Inn, North Cheam

Now Called "The Nonsuch Inn"

17 Jun 2009 13:51

The Grapes, Sutton

Really nice art-deco interior from this recently converted spoons. Good selection of ales friendly service, nicer than the moon on the hill definately, 8/10

17 Jun 2009 13:46

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Big square shaped spoons with an open plan layout. Couple of benches in shade out the back to sit outside,nothing amazing 4 a spoons. 6.5/10

17 Jun 2009 13:42

The Grey Horse, Kingston Upon Thames

Please Disregard Previous Comment, Got my pub's mixed up, SORRY :(

17 Jun 2009 13:30

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Large Open plan Lloyds No 1 Bar,Seven ales available, good value as usual and friendly service, 8/10

17 Jun 2009 13:12

The Vine, Walton on Thames

3 handpumps all turned round, so opted 4 a pricey pint of peroni. Definately go to The Regent(JDW) if u want good value and decent ale. 5/10

17 Jun 2009 13:08

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Lovely building looks like an old theatre?? 9 ales on draught,friendly barmaid and only 1.89 a pint 4 guest ale. 8/10

17 Jun 2009 13:01

The Grey Horse, Kingston Upon Thames

Very nice pub with a great roof top terrace.The pint of Young's Special was top notch. Only thing to let it down was the miserable foreign barman and the price (6.85 for a red stripe and a youngs special). 6/10

17 Jun 2009 12:53

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

Busy street corner pub opp the station. London Pride, Bombardier and a guest ale on draught. I opted for the guest ale which was seriously flat n watery tasting, not great. 6/10

17 Jun 2009 12:48

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park

Very good choice of ales, friendly quick service, no beer garden but a few seats out the front in the open, worth a visit, 7/10

17 Jun 2009 12:44

The Cavern, Raynes Park

Only L Pride on draught, Olde English available @ 3.00 a pint, went down very well I have 2 say sitting in the nice beer patio in the sun, 6.5/10

17 Jun 2009 12:40

The City Arms, Cardiff

Brains Bitter was "ok" but the pub was empty and stunk of bleach, 5/10

16 Jun 2009 12:04

The Railway Inn, Yatton

Further to previous post they do offer butcombe and otter @ 2.50 pint, but the place is pretty run down and does smell of p*ss still :( Only good thing is it has a beer garden 2 escape in the summer.. 5/10

16 Jun 2009 11:53

New Inn, Priddy

A very warm and welcoming barman (Poss landlord) served us a delightfully well kept pint of Stonehenge "Eyeopener",there were two other ales also on draught. Definately one to return to, 8/10

16 Jun 2009 11:44

The Lost Dene, Deansgate

Only John Smiths Cask on the ale front, but i opted for a Chicken/bacon club sandwich,chips,and a strongbow all 4 4.75!,bargain :) 8/10

14 May 2009 23:56

The Anchor, Southwark

The pint of pride was good, sitting out in the sun looking at the thames was good, the service was exceedingly slow though and far too touristy 4 my liking.....

14 May 2009 23:16

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Totally totally beautiful pint of Brewdog "Trashy Blonde",amazing views,friendly quick service,and under 3 a pint, 8/10

14 May 2009 23:10

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Pleasent fullers pub and a spot on pint of pride was quaffed to start my st georges day crawl!, 8/10

14 May 2009 23:06

The White Hart, Wolverhampton

Popped in here last month.It's a gay pub on the corner of the street and although sadly had no real ale sbow was on @ 2.00 a pint. This bein just aswell due to about 5 police cars turnin up and courdening all the streets off around the area for half an hour or so for no apparant reason, pretty surreal as far as pub experiences go!! 6/10 anyway

14 May 2009 22:51

Royal Tiger, Wednesfield

Basic spoons layout,but popped in during the recent beer festival to find festival ale only 1.55pint, bargain!! 7/10

14 May 2009 22:42

Mount Pleasant, Sedgley

A great find this, well worth the short stroll from the centre.Lovely building, great selection of ales and good welcoming service, 8/10

14 May 2009 18:51

Bull's Head, Sedgley

Friendly landlady but dire pint of ale. 5/10

14 May 2009 18:48

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

Ruby Mild YUM 8/10

14 May 2009 18:46

The Railway, Salisbury

Ringwood Best Or Ringwood Best, Seating Available In The Beer Garden/Car Park, Handly 4 the station though, 5.5/10

14 May 2009 18:36

The Clyde Arms, Redland

2 Handpumps ,Decent jukebox,and more confectionary than a school tuck shop!! Who says DoomBar & Curly Wurly's don't mix???????? 7/10

14 May 2009 18:24

Cambridge Arms, Redland

Very nice discovery this (no pun intended although it is a Fuller's Pub) 8/10

14 May 2009 18:21

Red Lion, Clifton

6 PUMPS but 3 displaying Doom and 2 displaying Courage . Although I suspect if they arent really busy enough to warrant more than two. Friendly service though from this GBG listed pub, 6/10

14 May 2009 18:17

The Blackboy Inn, Bristol

Courage Best,L Pride,Doombar With Lumps, Sadly Opted for the latter, 5/10 could do better as nice enuff little pub n friendly service

14 May 2009 18:13

Roo Bar, Clifton

Not a great deal "aussie" about this place,although the food always smells pretty good. 5/10

14 May 2009 18:10

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

Good selection of S Smith's brews,had a top notch 10/10pint of ss's extra stout myself @ just 2.28!! Very nice chatty aussie barmaid to boot, 9/10

6 May 2009 21:17

The Tudor Rose, Marylebone

3.30pint for theakston best, and rather dis-interested service,nice enough building though 6/10

6 May 2009 21:12

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

Amazingly good tasting pint of Badger Hopping Hare(3.10) from this very attractive Hall & Woodhouse street corner boozer, 7/10

6 May 2009 21:08

The Duke of Kendal, Marylebone

3.10 for Courage Directors,A Nice pint of it though,outside seating on pavement,nothing to write home about though, 6/10

6 May 2009 21:04

The Hop Pole Inn, Bromsgrove

Friendliest pub in Bromsgrove without a doubt,great ale too!! 8/10 yum yum

6 May 2009 17:15

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

Small real ale pub with the best tasting pint we quaffed in Bromsgrove all weekend, 8/10

6 May 2009 17:11

The Ladybird Inn, Aston Fields

Very nice real ale boozer next to the station(that's sadly not in the town centre!) 7/10

6 May 2009 16:57

Post Of Stone, Stone

Very well kept pint from this certainly above average spoons, 8/10

6 May 2009 16:47

The Swan Inn, Stone

Nice and friendly with good selection of ale and a nice pub dog!! 8/10

6 May 2009 16:44

Gaffers Row, Crewe

The previous review is pretty much spot on, and the blue tiling out the front makes it look like a cross between a swimming baths and a WC,6/10

6 May 2009 16:13

The Borough Arms, Crewe

Great real ale pub but not much space to manouvre on a busy fri night, 7/10

6 May 2009 16:07

Belle Vue, Crewe

Large looking pub from outside with big car park in front. Quite a "locals" but a decent disco was playing on the friday night we visited, 6/10

6 May 2009 16:03

Merchants, Lancaster

Very intriguing building and a decent pint of Deuchars IPA, close to station aswell if u got half an hour to kill,8/10

6 May 2009 15:48

The Ranch House, Morecambe

Strange old tacky building, didnt feel like a "good beer guide" listed pub.The Tom Wood's Old Timber was drinkable, but not worthy of bein in the GBG, 5.5/10

6 May 2009 15:37

The Palatine, Morecambe

SUPERB REAL ALE PUB JUST TAKEN OVER BY LANCASTER BREWERY- Dont look @ the photo as it really does no justice to the place. I ordered a pint of Lancaster Black and it was so divine i stayed and had a pint of Lancaster Red too. The food looked delicious aswell and wasnt overpriced either,Gotta be the best pub in Morecambe without a doubt, 9/10

6 May 2009 15:33

The Furness Railway, Barrow In Furness

Very large long interior, well kept ale and quick service, 7/10

6 May 2009 15:19

Yates's, Barrow in Furness

Sadly I am usually quite a fan of Yates's even though they aint great for ale. This place was seriously let down by the clientele which consisted of VERY LOUD Chav skinheads f'ing and blinding at each other across the bar, and the bar staff ignoring it as it was obv "normal" customer behaviour, shame could be decent bar otherwise 5/10just

6 May 2009 15:01

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Old traditional lookin boozer opp the cop shop,only 2 ales on, friendly enuff service, 6.5/10

6 May 2009 14:53

Ship and Royal, Lytham St Annes

Big pub,8 handpumps,1st was disgusting put replaced with no hassle and a much better pint, 7/10

6 May 2009 14:29

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Greene King Cask Ale Pub Of The Year, And boy was it the best Greene King pub i've ever drunk in in the country! Ten handpumps,amazing looking bar,2.25pint,endless beer bottle adoring walls and beer mats above the bar,no wonder it was(and deserved to be) the busiest pub in Lytham on my visit! 9/10 without a doubt

6 May 2009 14:16

The Queens Hotel, Lytham St Annes

Dare I Say this but "Friendly" seafront pub,3 guest ales on offer and the best pint of ale I had tasted in 3days on the p*ss staying in bpool,Lytham IPA @ only 2.50pint,Comfortable pub interior to boot, 8/10

6 May 2009 14:09

The Hansom Cab, Lytham St Annes

Two guest ales both from Lyhtham and a DELICIOUS & CHEAP carvery for 3.50 (served mon-sat) 8/10

6 May 2009 14:03

Station Tavern, Lytham

Popped in here first to make a start on a CAMRA Lytham ale trail leaflet(which funnily enough i found in a local bristol pub!). As said before it's a very large building converted from the old station buildings. Sadly when i called in on a Wed evening it was empty. Only 1 ale on out the 3 pumps and this was pretty vinegary,not the best start but god did it improve after this pub.... 6/10

6 May 2009 14:00

The Dunes Hotel, Blackpool

GBG Listed Pub on the main road between Blackpool & Lytham , 5 handpumps feat B Sheep,GK OPA,TT Landlord,Theakston,& Bombardier so nothing amazingly out the ordinary. Service was quick and friendly though and it's deffo worth a visit if passing, 7/10

18 Apr 2009 20:04

Burlington, Blackpool

Only Courage on the ale front; large public house though on 4 different levels with extremely cheap food menu(meals from 1.99), opted 4 pint of bow @ 2.52, ok but got potential 2 be lot better, 6/10

18 Apr 2009 19:56

The Litten Tree, Blackpool

Sadly like a lot of Blackpool's pubs, 3 handpumps with nothing on them,just bare.Give them their dues though the Guinness @ 2.20pint was served to perfection and tasted delicious.Very big and open pub but sadly dead for late on a tuesday evening, 6/10

1 Apr 2009 20:00

Duke Of York, Blackpool

A Thwaite's pubOpted for a 2.50 pint of Thwaite's "Red Nose Bag" charity beer!! Got given a receipt which is never a sign of a great traditional pub,but still well worth a visit, 7/10

1 Apr 2009 19:56

Old Bridge House, Blackpool

bombardier @ 2.35,pub ok but nothin to write home about, 5.5/10

1 Apr 2009 19:48

The Excelsior, Blackpool

Difficult to rate, no real ale but the pub is very very clean and modern,almost 2 clean with an essence of pledge in the air! Very comfortable and relaxing though,good jukebox,Sbow 2.38pint, 7/10just..

1 Apr 2009 19:45

Albert, Blackpool

One handpump with nothing on it, 2.70 pint 4 Sbow, Dead on the tuesday afternoon that i visited, but still a friendly local, 5.5/10

1 Apr 2009 19:41

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

Pretty busy for a tuesday lunchtime, friendly and quick service though,nice open plan spoons with comfy sofas,1.79 pint,12 handpumps 10 bein interesting brews,tried two and both were perfectly kept, 8/10

1 Apr 2009 19:36

The Dog and Partridge, Blackpool

Nice traditional pub interior,sadly 2 handpumps but nothing on them so opted 4 sbow @ 2.50pint, 6/10 could be a really nice pub though

1 Apr 2009 19:32

Churchills Bar, Blackpool

4 handpumps featuring nothing amazing but the first ale pub visited in town, opted 4 a pint of Bateman's XXXB which was in top notch condition, 8/10

1 Apr 2009 19:24

Washington, Blackpool

Extremely dead when visited but it was a mon night in March i guess. Only Abbot and IPA on cask so opted 4 sbow @2.55 pint.. 6/10

1 Apr 2009 19:20

Blue Room, Blackpool

3 Handpumps ALL TURNED ROUND,Sbow 2.45 pint opted 4,6/10

1 Apr 2009 19:12

The Prince Of Orange, Yatton

Amongst the three local brews were Bath Gem & Cheddar Gorge Best, Nice enough local, just a shame about the moron's drinkin there when visited, 6/10

30 Mar 2009 19:55

The Butchers Arms, Yatton

A nice pint of butcombe straight from the barrel was well recieved but the pub itself just looks worn and tatty inside, 5/10

30 Mar 2009 19:51

The Glass House, Nailsea


29 Mar 2009 16:39

Alma Tavern, Bristol

Courage,Spitfire,bombardier,otter and doom @ 2.80 pint.........6/10

29 Mar 2009 16:21

The Royal Oak, Clifton

Not a very exciting range of ale from this GBG listed pub, but a very quaffable pint of doom was supped all the same, 6/10

29 Mar 2009 16:14

The Mall, Clifton

Horrible "spoilt toffee nosed student" clientele when visited all paying by card for a couple of drinx,but on the other hand its a really lovely pub/bar with loads of places to sit drink n relax, and the caledonian raspberry fool was totally divine when i visited on st pat's day, 8/10

29 Mar 2009 16:11

Coach & Horses, Clifton

Sat outside on St Pat's day with a well poured pint of the black stuff, 6/10

29 Mar 2009 16:07

Mackies Bar, Bristol

Strange half decorated looking pub. i kept expecting the decorators to appear... No real ale so opted 4 bthorn @ 2.90pint. Good music , a mixed view but does scrape a six/ten just...

29 Mar 2009 15:47

The Pipe and Slippers, Montpelier

Very nice comfortable relaxed pub (seating and atmosphere wise), great tasting pint of BBF Sunrise was quaffed, 8/10 shall return!!

29 Mar 2009 15:34

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

Not a bad little pub well visible from the severn beach line railway,opted 4 a reasonably well kept pint of deuchars "over the top",other brews included bass and mole's. The sports coverage played through all the speakers was a bit intrusive though and spoilt the atmosphere somewhat, 6/10

29 Mar 2009 15:28

The Miles Arms Hotel, Avonmouth

Large spacious pub , no real ale but carlsberg 1.89pint and friendly service just bout gets it a 6/10

29 Mar 2009 15:16

The Avonmouth Tavern, Avonmouth

Looks ok from the train but bit intimidating on the inside, not a place 2 stay for more than one..........5/10

29 Mar 2009 15:14

The White Hart Inn, Bristol

Reasonable enuff city centre pub operated by GK,the s hen was pretty good when visited last month, 6/10

29 Mar 2009 15:03

The Coronation Hotel, Southport

No Real Ale When Visited so opted 4 a decent enuff pint of Staropramen. A Greene King Pub that deff could do better, 6/10

1 Mar 2009 23:23

Baron's Bar, Southport

Best Real Ale Selection In Southport I reckon it must be,friendly too,just like sitting in a nursing home sitting room though...7/10

1 Mar 2009 23:21

Willow Grove, Southport

Nice dimly lit comfortable pub,but sadly too many kids when visited screamin the place down,kids in pubs grrrrrrrrrr! Had THREE pumps with GK IPA on sadly and only one guest, 6/10

1 Mar 2009 23:17

Sir Henry Segrave, Southport

Amazing lookin exterior but not that big inside so a bit deceptive.A nice relaxing atmosphere though with top notch well kept pint of guest ale,and the service was fast and friendly, 8/10

1 Mar 2009 23:13

Wild Rose, Bootle

Popped in midday on a wed lunchtime to find the place really quite busy,1.79pint for my great tasting porter was great value.Unfortunately it was bout the only guest ale as they had plastered gk ipa dross on THREE pumps! interior was nothing special and the clientele typical daytime drinkin fraternity, 6/10

1 Mar 2009 23:07

Yates's Wine Lodge, Bootle

Large open plan pub,with strongbow @ only 1.90 pint. Was very busy for 11.30am on a weekday,extremely slow service but only one girl serving who was friendly all the same, 6/10

1 Mar 2009 23:00

Pop World, Liverpool

It's Cheese, But I Like It!! 8/10

1 Mar 2009 22:55

Mock Beggar Hall, Moreton

Close to few other pubs which were all sadly dead like this one,suppose it was a tuesday in febuary but sad to see. Had no IPA so got a guest ale for 99p,Ideal!! 7/10

1 Mar 2009 11:43

Hoylake Lights, Hoylake

Really nice and friendly little spoons feels more of a local this offering rather than the corporate feel,top notch pint of guest ale too, 7/10

1 Mar 2009 11:39

Dee Hotel, West Kirkby

Ideally located if comin by train,big lookin from outside but pretty small when u enter. Nothing special 4 a spoons but nothing wrong with it either. 6.5/10

1 Mar 2009 11:35

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

Oh look another page of "wetherspoon haters", admittedly not the best JDW offering in the country but the best of the two in Birkenhead.Friendly service and a comfy pub with a good atmosphere, 7/10

1 Mar 2009 11:13

The Knot, Ellesmere Port

Not sure what drew me in to this place,the pub sign is really quite "classy" but the guy lying semi concious and paraletic on his back outside the place told a slightly different story. No real ale,so opted for a strongbow. Now you would of thought that strongbow is a drink u can never get a bad pint of, well this place proved the opposite, it was dire(like the clientele,pramfaces,alkies,and bacci sellers)and def the most intimidating unfriendly guy behind the bar in cheshire i reckon! Umm 2/10 4 the novelty value only...

1 Mar 2009 11:08

Thomas Telford, Ellesmere Port

Nice dimly lit Wetherspoons pub,spacious and comfy. Presuming the area that it's located in this place has done the street proud(unlike the knot down the road!)Only prob in my books was the pumps -2xIPA 2Xpedigree1Xabbot and sadly ONLY ONE GUEST ALE :( , 6.5/10

1 Mar 2009 11:02

Wheatsheaf, Ellesmere Port

The Wheatsheaf is a pretty large pub on the main road into Ellesmere Port Very close to Overpool train station. It doesn't look like a typical JDW outlet from the outside,more of a harvester or somethin. The ale was alright though and only 1.79pint for a guest ale, 7/10

1 Mar 2009 10:58

John Laird, Birkenhead

Yep full of old men daytime drinkers,really loud scouse barmaid shouting across the pub to her colleage and regulars,the 1.89 pint of guest ale was spot on mind due, 7/10 just..

1 Mar 2009 10:18

Yates, Liverpool

Popped in on a cold wet and snowy monday evening in feb during the credit crunch. Need i say more? totally empty.. Opted 4 a guinness @ 2.65 due to both handpumps not havin anything on offer. 6/10

1 Mar 2009 09:24

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

A trip to Liverpool's ESSENTIAL point of call, The full range of Cain's mouth watering brew's to choose from, 8/10

1 Mar 2009 09:20

Crown, Liverpool

Nice pint of thwaites "nutty black" for only 1.80 from this gbg listed pub. Two meals for a fiver also on offer, well worth a visit spesh if waitin 4 a train at the nearby lime street station, 7/10

1 Mar 2009 09:16

Premier, Widnes

Popped in here on a very snowy feb morning.Am glad to say the welcome was warm and the beer good,was exceptionally happy to find the ipa off and a pint of guest beer offered for 99p instead!, 8/10

1 Mar 2009 09:11

Tavern, Warrington

Great pub from the good beer guide,appears to be just called "the tavern" now. Great selection of ale's and friendly service,prob fave pub visited in Warrington, 8/10

1 Mar 2009 08:56

The Lower Angel, Warrington

Fantastic range of ale's to choose from,sadly pub was dead when visited on a sunday evening so they decided to close up early @ 9pm. But if visiting Warrington and in search of good beer this place is a must!,7/10

1 Mar 2009 08:46

Friar Penketh, Warrington

Large wetherspoons with quick friendly service and good beer, 7/10

1 Mar 2009 08:41

Linford Arms, Cannock

Don't judge a pub merely on the clientele, the pub is a very nice old building on 2 floors, with a good selection of ales and good service when i visited on a sunday lunchtime in jan. 8/10

28 Feb 2009 14:17

Plaza, Rugeley

Leicesterbeer couldn't put it any better,building is an ex-cinema that used to be named "The picture house",building is great on 2 levels with large beer garden and upstairs beer patio, Good selection of ales at only 1.89 pint. 9/10

28 Feb 2009 13:44

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Had a top notch pint of Atlas "Latitutude Pilsner" from the two pumps available, nice town centre pub, 7/10

28 Feb 2009 13:36

White Lion, Tamworth

Popped in here after a visit to the market vaults as both are gbg listed pubs. This was a lot busier although its what u would expect on a sat afternoon,quite a large open plan building, the service was good but the pint was on it's way out sadly, 7/10..just!!

25 Feb 2009 13:12

The Market Vaults, Tamworth

Newly taken over when I visited at the end of january.This town centre pub had a big board outside declaring"Save Our Pub" which was obv a sad sign of today's climate.Being a gbg listed pub i was slightly disappointed to find only Banks's on draught, but the pint of bitter was in tip top condition, Nice old pub on 2 levels and friendly welcoming service from the new occupants, 7/10

25 Feb 2009 13:08

Bole Bridge, Tamworth

Popped in on a sat lunchtime for a pint. Place was busy but the service was quick and friendly and the pint of Saltaire Titus Black was divine. Nice comfy sofa was found and the next half hour was well spent here, 8/10

25 Feb 2009 13:01

The Merriemeade, Sampford Peverell

Decent pint of SA Tribute to be quaffed , yum! 7/10

15 Feb 2009 18:40

The Waterloo Cross, Uffculme

Great value themed food evenings, and not a bad pint of pedigree from this Marston's owned pub. Definately a good option for motorway drivers to take a break here rather than little chef and burger king just down the road, 8/10

15 Feb 2009 18:37

The Poachers Pocket, Burlescombe

Popped in here last week during the deluge of snow,the pub was virtually snowed in and had no electricity but the staff were quite happy to still pour us two beautiful pints of palmers best, great service, shall return! 7/10

15 Feb 2009 18:32

The Globe Inn, Sampford Peverell

Virtually the full range of Otter Ale's on handpump plus guests aswell. I opted 4 a beautiful pint of Yeovil Ales's "Summerset", Friendly and welcoming village in, well worth visiting, 8/10

15 Feb 2009 18:26

The Stoke Inn, Chew Stoke

Bit of a "local's pub" ,quite a rowdy atrmosphere when visited this afternoon. The pint of "codrington codger" was sadly on it's way out, but the barmaid was friendly and was served straight away. 6/10 (mainly due to the attractive barmaid!,sorry!)

15 Feb 2009 18:06

The Pony and Trap, Knowle Hill

Pretty busy today which was nice to see, opted 4 a pint of Courage Best which wasn't bad but bit too cold ,only had bcombe as another choice. Quick service from the barmaid. Bit more of a restaurant than a pub but still well worth a visit, 7/10

15 Feb 2009 18:00

The Bear and Swan, Chew Magna

A Fuller's owned pub i do believe. They had Pride,ESB,and Butcombe Bitter on when visited. Opted 4 the butcombe which was reasonably well kept,bit of a snobby clientele though sadly, 6/10

15 Feb 2009 17:56

The Queens Arms, Bleadon

butcombe straight from the barrel, the food smelt divine aswell! 8/10

29 Jan 2009 18:52

The Hobbs Boat Inn, Bleadon

Part of the "table table" chain operated by Marstons. Friendly professional service, comfy and modern, and a really lovely pint of Wadworth 6X , 7/10

29 Jan 2009 18:50

The Seymour Arms, Blagdon

Not a good pint of batemans rosey nosey and pretty unfriendly, 4 decent beer n service i'd opt 4 the new inn instead, 6/10

29 Jan 2009 18:41

The Ring of Bells, Compton Martin

Very nice butcombe owned pub, needless to say the butcombe was top notch, 8/10

29 Jan 2009 18:38

The New Inn, Blagdon

Great little country local picked out from the good beer guide. Not sure if it's owned by Wadworth but they have a good selection of their ales. I opted 4 an extremely quaffable wadworth "stronginthearm",DO VISIT!!!
p.s. its actually located in "Church Street" 8/10

29 Jan 2009 18:32

The Bird in Hand, Long Ashton

Great tasting pint of london pride was quaffed, bit of a dull pub area with plastic table cloths though, 6/10

29 Jan 2009 17:53

The Angel Inn, Long Ashton

friendly barmaid and well kept butcombe, 7/10

29 Jan 2009 17:51

The Vaults, Shrewsbury

Very good pint of Fullers Discovery and a filled roll,good friendly service and handy 4 the station, 7/10

29 Jan 2009 15:24

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

Lovely pint of Salopian Shropshire Gold was quaffed here last weekend, yum, 8/10

29 Jan 2009 15:18

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Favourite pub out of 20+ visited last weekend in Shrewsbury. The pint of Oakham "Bishop's Farewell" was top notch and the food was really delicious.The barman/landlord? was very friendly and welcoming.9/10 without a doubt

29 Jan 2009 15:10

The Hop and Friar, Shrewsbury

Tried 3 pints in a row, the january sale was pure sarsons,the next wasnt any better and the third "marstons 175 not out" was just about drinkable.shame as the barman was very friendly and helpful, but i guess its just a case of a very quiet january, 6/10

29 Jan 2009 15:06

Bar Med, Shrewsbury

Very poncey lloyds No1 called "Montgomery's Tower", only one ale on outta 3, 6/10

29 Jan 2009 14:56

The Old Lion Tap, Shrewsbury

As before only Bass on out of the two pumps,big large open plan building, got potential 2 be lot better though 6/10

29 Jan 2009 14:51

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Great pint of Jennings was quaffed here,well worthy of its good beer guide liting, 8/10

29 Jan 2009 14:48

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

After some terrible pints in the run up to here(albion vaults,rock and fountain,hole in the wall,kings head etc) this place proved a very very very welcome retreat,lovely pint of stonehouse - station bitter. Second best pub visited over weekend, 8/10

29 Jan 2009 14:34

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

Stayed here on way back from Manchester Winter Ales Festival. The hand pump selection was pretty dull although not quite as bad as the last comment(although the shropshire lad was a bit cloudy),the rooms were comfortable and the service pretty friendly,not the most exciting JDW interior though 7/10

29 Jan 2009 14:28

The Kings Head, Shrewsbury

As mentioned before a totally great looking exterior greets you, its one of those buildings that has "moved location" in its time literally speaking. Expecting there to be a good selection of ales we were severely dissappointed to find GK IPA only on which was the most rancid putrid pint of GK IPA i have ever ever tasted,was happily swapped over though give them their due 4 a pint of fizzy stuff, 4/10 if just 4 the building!

29 Jan 2009 14:20

The Hole In The Wall, Shrewsbury

Cheap drinx but the first two pints of cask we asked for were both off even though they refused to turn the pump clips round,just pretty naff basically 4/10

29 Jan 2009 14:10

The Rock and Fountain Inn, Shrewsbury

No Real Ales (even though 3 handpumps available),Very rude bloke behind bar,toilets that smell worse than the ape enclosure at windsor safari park, 4/10

29 Jan 2009 14:04

The Britannia Inn, Shrewsbury

Totally agree with the previous,to come to shrewsbury and drink youngs bitter is just dull,beer was served too cold and the pub smelt of bleach too, shame 6/10

29 Jan 2009 14:00

The Albion Vaults, Shrewsbury

5 handpumps with not a pumpclip in sight in this traditional looking old style pub opp the railway station.Banks's bitter 2.60,could be so much better its a real shame, 6/10

29 Jan 2009 13:56

The Crown and Cushion, Manchester

A very well kept pint of holt's best was quaffed, quick friendly service too, 7/10

29 Jan 2009 13:47

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Great 2 see a pub so busy in the current climate, was directed here from the winter ales festival, and what a beautiful pint of hornbeam blackcurrant wheat beer it was, yum, 8/10

29 Jan 2009 13:43

The Ducie Bridge, Manchester

Popped in here after visiting the winter ales festival at the new century hall (opp),was pretty busy presuming no real ale, 5/10

29 Jan 2009 13:37

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Nicely refurbed J D Wetherlodge, Still seemed to be doing the finishing touches to it when visited last week, not many handpumps sadly (once the token 99p ipa one is in place anyway!), still a well deserved 7/10

20 Jan 2009 20:41

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

First pint was like vineger but was swiftly swapped for a decent pint of tribute, couple of pump clips were already turned which i guess was just due to the slow trade in january, still prob worth its inclusion in the gbg, 7/10

20 Jan 2009 20:37

The Hairy Dog, Minehead

Very Nice Pint Of SA Tribute, Friendly Service, Reasonable Prices, 7/10

20 Jan 2009 20:33

King George VI, Filton

deuchars ipa and courage best on draught, pretty handy 4 filton train station, nice big spacious comfy place too, 7/10

8 Jan 2009 22:09

The Horseshoe, Filton

Pretty rough n ready local but busier than the hot air balloon and the plough combined!! no ale though, 5/10 :(

8 Jan 2009 22:08

The French House Inn, Filton


take a look at the ceiling when u walk in, its adourned with bottles and bottles of wine(empties), quite an eyeopener and a gr8 feature.. A good pint of Bath "Gem" to be quaffed too, food looked good aswell(prob hmade), 8 / 10

8 Jan 2009 22:06

Air Balloon, Filton

Only had speckled hen and pedigree on draught but presuming it was GK the hen was very quaffable, the two for one pie and chips was good too, well worth a visit if passing by, 8/10

8 Jan 2009 22:02

The Well House, Exeter

fast efficient service and a well kept pint of Teignworthy "old moggie", yum, 8/10

8 Jan 2009 21:48

York Palace, Llanelli

Really nice spoons that looks like it used to be either an old cinema or theatre, a lovely well kept pint of thwaites "dood elf" was quaffed, 9/10

8 Jan 2009 21:12

Potters Wheel, Swansea

Very big long building, stayed at tlodge so came here for a farmhouse breakfast which was spot on , the pint to of phoenix "thirsty moon" was too, 7/10

8 Jan 2009 20:58

The No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

One of the best pubs if not the best visited on our weekend in swansea, decent ale and a proper pub feel, 8/10

8 Jan 2009 20:53

David Prothero, Neath

Ideally located opp Neath Railway Station,far better than P Talbot Spoons and a million times better than "Big Cam" next door, decent beer,nice pub n quick service, 8/10

8 Jan 2009 20:36

Lord Caradoc, Port Talbot

First ale off(although no pump clips turned round),the second like pure sarsons so returned, the third ok..just, slow service too, 5/10 not a good offering from JDW to say the least......

8 Jan 2009 20:31

Cheeky Monkeys, Hull

No Seating hardly so guess its busy at night, friendly enough service but clientele bit dodgy lookin 2 say the lease, sbow @ 2.50 pint, different is the word me thinx 5/10

26 Dec 2008 21:02

The Sandringham, Hull

"Local cask ales" it says outside. No chance, nearest i got was a 2.60 pint of guinness, 4/10

26 Dec 2008 20:58

Zachariah Pearson, Hull

A very nice little spoons with friendly quick service,they were advertising an "open night" when i visited with a draw,free buffet and 99p pints, bargain!! 8/10

26 Dec 2008 20:53

The William Wilberforce, Hull

Nice building on two levels but out of five handpumps only one vaguely interesting ale available,extremely slow service aswell due to only one girl serving on a busy sat morning, 6/10

26 Dec 2008 20:45

Admiral of the Humber, Hull

Friendly quick service and a superb 10/10 pint of Triple FFF "Altons Pride" was quaffed, 8/10

26 Dec 2008 20:38

The Punch Hotel, Hull

Only Marstons on the real ale front when visited so opted 4 strongbow(2.80) 5/10

26 Dec 2008 20:36

Wetherspoons, Gateshead

Not the most exciting spoons in the country but serves the purpose of a shopping centre pub, severely slow service though and a strange queing system, 6/10

26 Dec 2008 20:09

Tapps, Dewsbury

Very nice pint of Black Sheep was quaffed here bout a month ago, friendly service and a decent jukebox, 7/10

26 Dec 2008 18:26

The Society Rooms, Macclesfield

Nice large wetherspoons on two levels with comfy seating and good ale,8/10

11 Dec 2008 20:08

Pig and Fiddle, Leamington Spa

No Real Ale 5/10

11 Dec 2008 18:59

The Slug and Lettuce, Leamington Spa

Now S&L is not the sort of place i would have ever thought of to go for a sunday roast but we did and it was mouthwateringly beautiful and so was the dessert oh and of course the guinness to wash it down with, very nice friendly service too, 8/10

11 Dec 2008 18:52

The Copper Pot, Leamington Spa

Beautiful pint of Duechars IPA from caledonian was quaffed in this comfy greene king pub, only fault was the very slow service due to one girl serving and takin food orders out, but apart from that cant fault the pub, 7/10

11 Dec 2008 18:48

The Jug and Jester, Leamington Spa

Much nicer than the pics make it out to be, very comfortable and friendly, plus a 10/19 pint of jennings sneck lifter to boot, 8/10 well worth a visit...

11 Dec 2008 18:40

The Oak Inn, Leamington Spa

God damn depressing cold dark miserable little pub with no real ale, 3/10

11 Dec 2008 18:36

The Red House, Leamington Spa

One of the best kept pints of Adnams Broadside i've ever got my chops round, friendly little pub but sadly had a "to let" sign outside when visited, 7/10

11 Dec 2008 18:33

The Golden Cross, Coventry

Lovely exterior just shame about the aleless interior, 5/10

11 Dec 2008 18:25

The Oak Inn, Coventry

no decent real ales so opted for smirnoff ice that turned out to be 3 months out of date , got shortchanged too............4/10just

11 Dec 2008 18:20

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

Such a welcome relief from the rest of ale'less pubs in the area, 7/10

11 Dec 2008 18:10

The Phoenix, Coventry

No Real Ale And It SMELLS!! 5/10

11 Dec 2008 18:07

The Masons Arms, Solihull

Very nice pub with 2 bars, very large compared to what it seems from outside,a decent pint of tt landlord was quaffed, but was totally surrounded by pensioners , felt more like a coffee morning than a pub! 7/10

29 Nov 2008 00:02

The Saddlers Arms, Solihull

good well kept pint of jennings was quaffed here last week yum 7/10

28 Nov 2008 23:57

O'Neills, Solihull

definately one of the best if not the best o'neill's i have been in, large pub with a good atmosphere, plenty of different areas to sit , good quick friendly service and a great great pint of deuchars ipa, 7/10

28 Nov 2008 23:54

Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham

trying to be irish quite badly,no real ale, blackthorn though @ 2.60pint,6/10

28 Nov 2008 23:50

The Crown, Birmingham

Nice relaxful pint of reasonably well kept elgoods was quaffed in nice comfy surroundings, 8/10

28 Nov 2008 23:48

Hornet, Birmingham

been to all the brum spoons but this was officially my hardest to find , got completely lost but thank heavens for the 3.00 daysaver bus ticket up there!! nice beer and good service usual clientele for a jdw establishment, 7/10

28 Nov 2008 23:41

Missing, Birmingham

Didn't realise it was a gay pub til i had ordered which normally doesnt bother me being straight, but was approached by a guy in here who wouldnt take no for an answer and it wasnt overly a place i would wanna stay for more than a swift drink, 5/10

28 Nov 2008 23:35

The Dunstan House Inn, Burnham on Sea

Like most Young's pubs these days the emphasis is on food but the ale was good with a decent pint of SA Tribute on offer, well u dont wanna suffer with Well's interpratations of Young's do u!!! Nice pub though and good service 8/10

28 Nov 2008 22:04

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

great pint of kelham island to be quaffed here, lovely lookin pub too, 8/10

28 Nov 2008 19:03

The Fountain, Sheffield

Nice comfortable relaxing Smith & Jones pub but sadly lacked in ales when visited, 6/10

28 Nov 2008 18:56

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Better than the fat cat and in my books the best pub in sheffield(that ive been to so far) pub 10/10 beer 10/10 cant say that bout many places these days, excellent place do not miss this one out!!!!!!!!!

28 Nov 2008 18:50

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Brilliant Stuff, Great Great Well Kept Ales, Great food,9/10

28 Nov 2008 18:46

The Riverside Cafe Bar, Sheffield

best pint of real ale i had all day, good selection of imported beers aswell,the carvery looked good too but was no where left to sit sadly, 8/10

28 Nov 2008 18:45

The Wellington, Sheffield

proper pub proper ale ideal 8/10

28 Nov 2008 18:41

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

This was the first of five visits to good beer guide pubs in the area and just like the other four it certainly did not disappoint. We quaffed a perfect pint of crown "traditional" brewed on the site and sat in the extension out the back lookin at the great views, 8/10

28 Nov 2008 18:37

Rawson Spring, Hillsborough

visited during recent beer festival , beer was superb and service was excellent, nice unusual building aswell, 8/10

28 Nov 2008 18:32

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

Opened when visited Nov 01st, Good cheap pint of S Smith's too ;-) 7/10

26 Nov 2008 21:39

The Rectory, Purley

Smith & Jones Pub Co = Good reasonable food + good ales , 8/10

26 Nov 2008 21:02

The Jolly Farmers, Purley

Best pint of ruddles "county" i have quaffed in yonks served up in a proper tankard, u beauty!!! 7/10

26 Nov 2008 20:58

Foxley Hatch, Purley

pretty small offering from jdw but friendly quick service and a decent pint to boot, 7/10

26 Nov 2008 20:55

The Station, Horsham

decent enuff pint of spitfire and very handy if waiting for a train(literally opp station)nothing special though 6/10

26 Nov 2008 20:50

The Black Jug, Horsham

totally beautiful pint of camerons "strongarm" was quaffed served to the perfect temperature and by very friendly staff,definately deserves its place in the good beer guide, and as 4 the prev comment"child friendly"??? its a nice relaxing pub for adults to unwind and escape, if u want child friendly try the beefeater or wetherspoons!! 8/10

26 Nov 2008 20:47

The Lynd Cross, Horsham

extremely slow service when i arrived but it was sunday lunchtime , extremely well kept pint of conwy ale made up 4 it straight away, 7/10

26 Nov 2008 20:43

The Olive Branch, Horsham

Nice pint of Fursty Ferret was quaffed here but was 3.10 a pint, 7/10

26 Nov 2008 20:40

The Toby Carvery, Redhill

yum yum yum toby carvery erm yum :-) 7/10

25 Nov 2008 21:52

The Home Cottage, Redhill

am glad youngs pubs have started stocking SA Tribute as it deff beats any wells or youngs brew these days, nice pub though with fast friendly service, 7/10

25 Nov 2008 21:49

The Foresters, Horley

not overly friendly atmosphere but a decent pint of harviestoun was enjoyed here few weeks back,6/10

25 Nov 2008 21:45

The Jack Fairman, Horley

2 very well kept pints of ale quaffed few weeks back, friendly quick service and nice building, 8/10 well worth a visit

25 Nov 2008 21:42

Village Inn, Gatwick Airport

Wasnt expecting anything overly exciting from an airport spoons other than pedigree and abbot but i had a really nice local pint of W J King's "red river ale" yum 6/10

25 Nov 2008 21:40

The Jubilee Oak, Crawley

deff not the "worst beers in town" the pint of grainstore "silly billy" i quaffed few weeks back was lovely stuff, 7/10

25 Nov 2008 21:30

The Old Punch Bowl, Crawley

Greene King owned pub,but did get served a quality pint of ridleys witchfinder porter here last month, 7/10

25 Nov 2008 21:28

The Railway Bell, Kidderminster

2.20 for a pint of Banks's , ideally located opp station,7/10

25 Nov 2008 21:03

Penny Black, Kidderminster

Nice spoons with an upstairs aswell as down,friendly bar manager and a beautiful pint of Jennings, 8/10

25 Nov 2008 21:00

Abraham Darby, Merry Hill

Had a bad pint that smelt like vinegar but barstaff were friendly and swapped it straight away for a beautiful pint of Salopian,large spoons but comfortable and had plenty of people serving, 8/10

25 Nov 2008 20:49

Waterfront Inn, Brierley Hill

5 ales available,friendly service and a nice beer patio for the summer months, 8/10

25 Nov 2008 20:46

, Digbeth

Best pub in Brum In My Books , 10/10 :-)

17 Nov 2008 17:36

The Rocket, Coventry

Very handy 4 the station and a pretty decent pint of bombardier, bit too much of a football pub though 4 my liking, 6/10

17 Nov 2008 17:30

The Greyhound, Wargrave

Nicer clientele it seemed than the george & dragon, and more of a "proper pub" feeling, rebellion was great tasting too, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 17:11

The St George and Dragon, Wargrave

Beautiful pint of tt-landlord and a superb riverside location. 8/10 one downfall and thats the rather nasty "boaty people" that it attracts.......

17 Nov 2008 17:08

The White Hart, Wargrave

Quaffed a very nice pint of brakspear in the beer patio out the back, nice friendly service too, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 17:04

The Golden Cross, Twyford

very nice pint of lodden was quaffed here with mates in the beer garden a couple of months back ,8/10

17 Nov 2008 17:00

The Pump Tavern, Handsworth

horrible , even worse than the cross guns the other side of the road, really unwelcoming, dirty, tatty and full of nasy clientele all glued to horseracing, need i say no real ale! 3/10

17 Nov 2008 14:55

The Cross Guns, Handsworth

mobile drug deals,dodgy clientele,3.20 for 2 pints of ansells mild, 4/10 though really not nice

17 Nov 2008 14:50

The Wheatsheaf, West Bromwich

nice pint of holdens special was quaffed at this friendly old fashioned good beer guide pub, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 14:45

The New Hop Pole, West Bromwich

BEST PUB IN AREA 2 X PINTS OF THEAKSTON MILD + 2 X CURRY & CHIPS = 6.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely Stuff 8/10

17 Nov 2008 14:41

The Star and Garter, West Bromwich

No draught ale but a guinness and a worthington was only 4.20, strange smell of coal tar soap was in the air though, bit tatty too but still open which is always a bonus today, 6/10

17 Nov 2008 14:38

The Bear Tavern, Smethwick

Very friendly girl served us,bombardier and s hen on draught,sbow & bombardier was only 4.45,nice large spacious pub with jukebox available too, would make a nice local i think, 8/10

17 Nov 2008 14:33

Bar Risa, Birmingham

friendly service comfy seating decent pint of guiness great music but sadly that empty they closed early suppose it was a monday nite... 8/10

17 Nov 2008 14:28

The Sports Cafe, Birmingham

very brightly lit, expensive WARM fizzy stuff served in plastic glasses(6.35 for a bthorn and a carling), plenty more options around if u want a decent beer, 5/10

17 Nov 2008 14:22

The Full Moon, Dudley

lovely well kept pint of salem porter was quaffed here, pretty decent enuff spoons, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 14:16

Shakespeare, Dudley

Featured on the cover of a CAMRA newsletter earlier in the year this is a typical workin man's boozer with an interior that has not changed in years, only banks's on draught,its not the mostr comfortable place in the world but it is a must-see type of place, 5/10

17 Nov 2008 14:11

The Bear Inn, Street

Friendly and comfortable Marstons tavern with accommodation available aswell, had a decent enuff pint of jennings here last week, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 13:59

The Street Inn, Street

a very nice pint of yeovil ales "star gazer" was quaffed here on sat nite b4 glastonbury carnival, friendly enuff service too, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 13:57

The Queens Head, Glastonbury

Only IPA(GK) and speckled hen on sadly, 5/10

17 Nov 2008 13:55

The Globe Inn, Wells

decent enuff pint of doom was quaffed on carnival nite last friday, worth visiting again on a quiter even one thinx, 7/10

17 Nov 2008 13:46

The Charlton Inn, Shepton Mallet

Popped In On Carnival Night, Friendly service and 3 different ales on. I had a nice pint of Hydes and a pint of Adnams, both 2.50 a pint..... 7/10

14 Nov 2008 16:02

The Compass Tavern, Bridgwater

Popped in here on a very wet N Petherton carnival night on saturday,decent pint of DoomBar was quaffed albeit from a plastic glass, 7/10

12 Nov 2008 16:05

Choughs Hotel, Chard

No Real Ale,Large crowd of rather rowdy pissheads smoking in entrance wasnt very welcoming, 5/10

13 Oct 2008 21:11

The Phoenix Hotel, Chard

No real ale but still friendly barnmaid,carling for 1.99 made the carnival night visit a well deserved 6/10

13 Oct 2008 21:09

Stonemasons, Ilminster

Popped in here for a swift pint on carnival night for 2nd year in a row(wasnt built this time 3 years ago!) Very nice well kept pint of cumberland ale was quaffed, friendly and very nice looking pub, 8/10

13 Oct 2008 20:56

The Red Admiral, Weston Super Mare

Quaffed a rather cloudy but still pretty decent pint of Ringwood Fortyniner here last night,nice couple of comfy sofa's and a decent atmosphere, 6/10

28 Sep 2008 16:10

Off The Rails, Weston Super Mare

nice pint of rch old slug porter was quaffed here yesterday while waiting 4 delayed train home,also on offer was another rch beer and skinners cornish knocker.Good vale @ 2.60 . Toilets STUNK!! 6/10

28 Sep 2008 16:08

The Kings Arms, Bradford on Avon

Nice enough pub but sadly only GK IPA on when visited, but then it is a GK pub, mm strange, 6/10

27 Sep 2008 12:39

The Castle, Bradford on Avon

Fantastic Range Of Well Kept Real Ale, Nice Comfy Cosy Interior, Friendly Service, Popped in for a quick pint and stayed for FOUR (All different and beautiful) 9/10

27 Sep 2008 12:36

The Inn at Freshford, Freshford

Came here with friends the other weekend before walking to Avoncliff then Bradford. Sat in the very nice beer garden with a pint of Box Steam, The first pint was clearly off but they changed them over with no fuss, well worth a visit, 8/10

27 Sep 2008 12:30

The Moorend Spout, Nailsea

nice beer garden and good looking food, reasonable pint of butcombe too, 7/10

27 Sep 2008 11:50

The Failand Inn, Failand

Had a really really nice pint of butcombe here in the beer garden last week, the food looked beautiful so may return, 7/10

27 Sep 2008 11:47

The Red Lion Inn, Axminster

Decent enuff pint of Otter Bitter, 6/10

27 Sep 2008 11:42

Sir Issac Pitman, Trowbridge

Good value compared to others spoons @ 1.99 for guest ales still, friendly and quick service(even on carnival night when i called in)quaffed a pint of moles"mild" and duchy "organic", both well kept so pretty happy with the visit, 7/10 deffo

10 Sep 2008 22:06

The Rose and Crown, Trowbridge

2 Years on from last visit and still deffo worth a visit for the novelty value if anything,totally random interior and furnishings but very comfy all the same. Friendly service and a great top notch pint of hobgoblin,7/10(STILL!)

10 Sep 2008 22:02

The Twelve Bells, Trowbridge

Typical "estate pub" owned by Greene King, only IPA on draught alewise sadly so opted for a pint of blackthorn(2.90)5.5/10

10 Sep 2008 21:59

The Lamb, Trowbridge

A Wadworth owned pub with sadly 6X and nothing else on draught @ 2.80pint,Ok but nothing to write home about,6/10

10 Sep 2008 21:52

The Crown Hotel, Trowbridge

Only bass ale-wise on tap, blackthorn 2.85pint,friendly enough local though,6/10

10 Sep 2008 21:49

Ye Olde Poppe Inn, Tatworth

Nice hall & woodhouse owned pub on the main road between chard and axminster. nice well kept pint of fursty ferret was quaffed here in the beer garden on sat. friendly service and nice building, 8/10

1 Sep 2008 12:08

The Star Inn, Star

Carvery looked lush but couldnt stop, had a decent pint of wadworth 6X though, nice pub to stop off at for just a beer or food,good beer patio for the summer nights, 8/10

25 Aug 2008 17:23

Deacons, Salisbury

Good Beer even though i lost miserably at a game of table football ;-( 7/10

25 Aug 2008 16:51

Royal George Inn, Salisbury

A Well deserved entry in the 2008 Good Beer Guide, 8/10

25 Aug 2008 16:50

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Fantastic Interior, Well worth a visit, so glad i had my good beer guide with me to discover such a wonderful little gem, 9/10

25 Aug 2008 16:49

The Old Ale House, Salisbury

nice pint of deuchars ipa but bit pricey, 7/10

25 Aug 2008 16:46

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Stayed here the night last week. Receptionists were really friendly as were the bar staff,room was lovely and large and spacious, the pub was fantastic, the ales were lovely,food was great,definately a 9/10 :-)

25 Aug 2008 16:44

Dusk, Weymouth

popped in on carnival day 2 discover 1.49 a pint on all pints,ideal! ;-)

25 Aug 2008 16:22

The Tuatara Bar, Weymouth

bit too sports-bar-ish 4 my liking but the pint of timothy taylor landlord was spot on, 6/10

25 Aug 2008 16:21

The Clipper, Weymouth

Popped in on carnival day and was pleasently suprised. Now owned by Barracuda Group means at least two ales on in general, and the pint of ringwood boondoggle didnt disappoint,yum! Friendly service and great comfy sofa to lie back and enjoy it on, 8/10

25 Aug 2008 16:18

The Cutter Hotel, Weymouth

Shame looked like the sort of place to get a decent pint, but no ale on when visited.(maybe as it was carnival day they had run out?) 5/10

25 Aug 2008 16:14

The Star Hotel, Weymouth

nice pint of doombar,didn't eat here but the roasts made me virtually start drooling! will return (carnival day 2009!!)

25 Aug 2008 16:09

The Hogshead, Weymouth

Now Open As "The William Henry", Was nice to see a new spoons opening up here but was sad that it meant the loss of hog's head.Had brekkie and a pint of great tasting ringwood which was spot on and so was the service, A good start anyway.......8/10

25 Aug 2008 16:06

The Waggon and Horses, Castle Cary

appeared to be closed up when i drove past yesterday...

17 Aug 2008 22:33

The Viaduct, Hanwell

Great pub, great selection of fullers,friendly and well worth a visit, 8/10

17 Aug 2008 21:37

Bar 2 b, Greenford

friendly service,nice barmaid,decent jukebox,no ale but a decent boozer,7/10

17 Aug 2008 21:28

The Bridge Hotel, Greenford

Came here after a very poor experience at The Railway. This was a welcoming break,the youngs special was beautiful and the barman was very friendly and helpful;and advised us of some other places to try on our ale crawl. This place is a credit to Youngs, just a shame they are so quiet all the time(according to the barman they had seven people all night in on the friday night b4 we visited)I'm glad there is accomodation otherwise it would be another gem sadly boarded up, 7/10 VISIT!!

17 Aug 2008 21:23

The Railway, Greenford

Agree with the previous and that the place did "pong" when visited just over a week ago,the ale was poor quality aswell and barely drinkable, it does get a 6/10 though for the building and also having potential..

17 Aug 2008 21:14

Hunters Bar, Ealing

Stayed In Crowne Plaza opposite but to avoid paying 4.10 A PINT there we came here,Friendly barman but sadly no real ale (although we werent expecting any). My fosters was ok but my mate's guinness smelt of bleach! 5/10

17 Aug 2008 20:56

Richard Hopkins, Newton Abbot

not the most exciting spoons offering in the world but the ale was well kept and the selection good, 7/10

17 Aug 2008 17:48

The White Hart Hotel, Sturminster Newton

A year later i popped back (carnival night again), friendly service and a nice pint of badger, 7/10

17 Aug 2008 17:28

The Royal Wessex, Templecombe

A Hall & Woodhouse owned place is always a good sign for the ale lover i think, and the pint of Fursty Ferret did not disappoint, yum, 7/10

17 Aug 2008 17:25

The Burrington Inn, Burrington

Under the heading in Yellow Pages - "Cafes & Coffee Shops", Says it all really, aimed mostly at tourists and coach parties of the more senior generation,mediocre pint of butcombe but if you want great beer and great food head further down the road to the castle of comfort at east harptree, 6/10

17 Aug 2008 17:20

The Castle Of Comfort, East Harptree

Driven past several times without popping in, but today was finally my maiden visit.Sadly arrived at ten past three and discovered they close at three. However the barman was kind enough to serve me still so opted for a beautifully well kept pint of Brains's Rev James. They also had butcombe,doombar,theakston xb and black rat draught cider.Great pub, will have to pop back for a sunday roast sometime as smelt beautiful and the crowd leaving were all full of positive comments, 8/10 (at least)

17 Aug 2008 17:13

Knights Templar, Bristol

Still come in here virtually everyday after work and yes the beer is too cold...

A) Let It Warm Up

yes it takes a long time to get served at times.....

But Also has some of the friendliest most helpful bar staff around(and there are still idiots who order cappucino at ten in the evening)

I have never in 20months of visiting had one bad pint.......


p.s. How about some Cheddar Ales on tap........;-)

4 Aug 2008 22:31

The George and Dragon, Redfield

Decent enuff pint of bass and a nice barmaid, 6/10

4 Aug 2008 22:22

Old Stillage, Redfield

A good "pub" pub, friendly service, nice mix of people and good atmosphere(well anything was a warm welcome after stepping foot in the redfield before!!) 7/10

4 Aug 2008 22:20

The Redfield, Bristol

Absolutely hideous place full of utter vileness,like the jeremy kyle show live! 2/10

4 Aug 2008 22:18

The White Hart, Cross

Lovely pub labrador came to meet me with tail wagging, very friendly service and conversation from the lady serving,good ales,6.5/10

4 Aug 2008 22:08

Lamb Inn, Lower Weare

Fantastic pub, friendly quick service and a totally beautiful pint of cheddar ales "potholer", 8/10

4 Aug 2008 22:06

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

Only Guinness & Stella on draught, 3 handpumps with nothing on at all. Opted for a guinness which turned out to be one of the worst i have ever tasted, 2/10

29 Jul 2008 13:00

The Cross Keys, Pangbourne

Nice beer garden and a good selection of ales, 7/10

25 Jul 2008 14:19

The John Barleycorn, Goring

Had a great tasting pint of Brakspear "Hooray Henley" here last sunday with friends, good service and great beer, nice beer garden too, 8/10

25 Jul 2008 14:12

The Queens Arms, Goring

Shame only had GK IPA on tap when we were doin a goring-pangbourne stroll the other day, 6/10

25 Jul 2008 14:10

Amber Rooms, Exeter

Very nice atmosphere and service, done up nicely compared to previous years, 8/10

18 Jul 2008 19:26

The Golden Lion, Newtown

Uncomfy,Unwelcoming and a 5year old screeching out karaoke, 4/10

18 Jul 2008 19:22

The Joseph Bramah, Barnsley

Extremely deceptive wetherspoons, looks very small from the outside but go's back miles and divides into 2 areas, well worth a visit! 8/10

18 Jul 2008 18:02

Six Chimneys, Wakefield

Quick service, decent amount of ales on tap, typical spoons layout, 7/10

18 Jul 2008 17:57

Three Hullats, Chapel Allerton

worth a quick bus ride out of leeds centre to quaff some of the great ales kept here in the nice beer garden, 8/10

18 Jul 2008 17:45

Edwards Bar, Leeds

Shame i like the EDWards chain but this aint good, didnt help that the air con had died and the place is built rather like a greenhouse,6/10

18 Jul 2008 17:43

Yates's, Leeds

Had a nice steak baguette and a pint for bout 4 here, not a bad offering from Yates's at all, 8/10

18 Jul 2008 17:41

Wetherspoons, Leeds

Good beer, nothing special but good for a railway station pub, 6/10

18 Jul 2008 17:39

Three Legs, Leeds

Full of vile retarded and deranged clientele, the place smells of wee. truly a horrible pub atmosphere, 3/10

18 Jul 2008 17:37

Stick Or Twist, Leeds

Covered in scaffolding when visited but was still open as normal. Had a beautiful pint of Kelham Island "White Rider" served quickly by the friendly barmaid. 8/10

18 Jul 2008 17:34

Becketts Bank, Leeds

Only one girl serving rushed off her feet, nice upstairs balcony though to watch the world go by from and decent ale, 8/10

18 Jul 2008 17:30

Tanners Hall, Darlington

Good quick service and a very quaffable pint, 7/10

18 Jul 2008 16:59

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

great selection of ales, i had a beautiful pint of northumberland brewery "bucking fastard"!! Ordered a baguette and chips that arrived in 4mins flat! Service was quick and friendly and all in all ita a fantastic lookin spoons, 9/10 without a doubt

18 Jul 2008 16:27

The Water House, Durham

Quick service and a good selection of well kept ales, 7/10

18 Jul 2008 16:25

Varsity, Durham

Reasonable drinks if u hold one of their "V cards", a smallish old building with a rickety old staircase down to the loos(which is under a "conservation order!!".7/10

18 Jul 2008 16:23

Bishops Mill, Durham

Very Large Spacious Lloyds No1, with a really nice artwork mural of Durham on a side wall,looks good for a sat night out.. 8/10

18 Jul 2008 16:21

Crows Nest, Newcastle

fast service, nice barmaid, bombardier and gk ipa on draught, 7/10

18 Jul 2008 15:37

Sgt Peppers Disco Bar, Newcastle

No Real Ale Sadly, however they had a great dj playing loads of 80's cheese when visited and he plays requests straight away, well worth a visit 4 a fun evening out away from the big pubs n clubs, 8/10

18 Jul 2008 15:33

The Hotspur, Newcastle

2.00pint on all ales,6 pumps with only 2 on, however they were packing up to close for a refurb so will give them a 7/10, prob worth checkin out at a later date

18 Jul 2008 15:29

The Percy Arms, Newcastle

No Real Ale, Carlsberg & John Vile Smiths 1.95 pint sun-thurs. 6/10

18 Jul 2008 15:25

The Three Bulls Heads, Newcastle

No Real Ale but 2.05 for carling, 6/10

18 Jul 2008 15:22

The Punchbowl, York

Doesnt look like a typical spoons,extremely slow service but only one guy serving,6/10

17 Jul 2008 22:45

The Postern Gate, York

Large Modern Spoons ,Quick Service , Great tasting ale @ only 1.79 pint, ajoining a travelodge so very handy 4 an affordable night away, 8/10

17 Jul 2008 22:41

The Slug and Lettuce, York

Nice views over the river but 3.10 a pint for becks vier and bit too aimed at tourists n yanks....

17 Jul 2008 22:39

Varsity, York

Extremely Sexy & Friendly Barmaids ;-)

17 Jul 2008 22:20

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

Nice large spacious spoons with rear patio area,very slow service but was very busy being sat night, decent pint of ale though, 8/10

17 Jul 2008 22:08

The Pen & Quill, Shuttern

Nice enough looking pub with lots of potential, but when visited all 3 ales were "still settling",it took bout 5mins to get served even though the pub was all but empty,and the cd they were playing had about 6 tracks and i even heard the all saints twice in bout half n hour, 6/10 deff could be better run

17 Jul 2008 21:44

The Crown and Sceptre, Taunton

Not the nicest pint of 6X in the world,but decent enuff place,more so if u like ur sport........6/10

17 Jul 2008 21:36

The Princes Motto, Barrow Gurney

Very Good Selection Of Wadworth Ales To Choose From, 8/10

17 Jul 2008 20:07

Crown, Bristol

A Good City Pub "Pub", not trying to be anything it isn't. Had a 2.00 pint of "J Bassett - Liquid Metal" which was on tap, sadly after looking on the net i cannot find any record of this ale, maybe a renaming of something boring? who knows i deff dont! 6/10

17 Jul 2008 19:52

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

the three tables outside virtually triple the maximum occupancy, great tasting pint of butcombe blonde was quaffed at this bath ales pub last saturday. friendly staff and visitors make it very welcoming 4 a first time visitor too, 7/10

17 Jul 2008 19:47

The Newt and Cucumber, Birmingham

Owned by Marstons now this is ideal if waiting 4 a train @ bns,3 pumps but no ale sadly when visited, food is dirt cheap though if u want a quick snack!!

21 Jun 2008 15:31

The White Swan, Solihull

popped in here on a fri nite, totally totally wedged!

21 Jun 2008 15:20

Elizabeth Of York, Moseley

Only a small offering from spoons but big in customer service!! Had plenty of people at bar serving, all VERY well presented and FRIENDLY.Well Done Guys! 7/10

21 Jun 2008 15:08

The Bulls Head, Moseley

Watched @ the bar as the bar maid churned out pints of fosters about 80% full to 4 guys who said nothin, only draught was theakston but was a good pint of it, 7/10

21 Jun 2008 15:06

The Inn on the Green, Acocks Green

Ordered a pint of Wye Valley but it sadly turned out like vinegar. Bar girl was very good bout it and offered me a "teabag" instead, which im not sure is a brummie phrase 4 tetley but i declined and had a carling instead. Quite locally but friendly enuff 4 a visitor like me, 7/10

21 Jun 2008 15:03

The Gardeners Arms, Taunton

nice beer garden but shame bout the topless chav skinheads in it.....

17 Jun 2008 21:52

The Wellington, Birmingham

Totally Amazing, No wonder the bar staff down the road reccommended the place! a well deserved 9/10, only sad thing is i make it rating number 99,not the elusive 100 haha, neway great pub, visit, NOW!!!

17 Jun 2008 21:47

Varsity, Wolverhampton

friendly and cheap with a vcard, 8/10

17 Jun 2008 21:31

Malthouse, Willenhall

Really nice friendly staff who all seemed to be having a laugh and enjoying themselves that can be hit n miss at some spoons, so well done guys!8/10

17 Jun 2008 21:24

Yates's, Walsall

good music when visited couple of fri's ago,quick service and plenty of staff.....

17 Jun 2008 21:11

Varsity, Walsall

popped in on a fri nite to find a great dj, get urself a varsity card though for 2.00 at the bar that gets u better priced drinx, as 3.23 a pint for coors is a tad on the harsh side!!!

17 Jun 2008 21:09

The Coventry Arms, Corfe Mullen

A Beautiful Pint Of Landlord served straight from the barrell, great place, 8/10

5 Jun 2008 12:26

The Shamrock Bar, Bournemouth

2.00 A Pint On All Draught Most Days, Always A Pleasure! 7/10

5 Jun 2008 12:22

The Seaview Hotel, Upper Parkstone

Fiver for 2 Pints that is, sorry !

5 Jun 2008 12:21

The Seaview Hotel, Upper Parkstone

Formely an Eldridge Pope Pub this place has recently been acquired by Marstons, Only Pedigree(strangely enough!!) on tap but it was a really good pint of the stuff and it was only a fiver(which aint bad 4 the area),friendly service too, 7/10

5 Jun 2008 12:20

The Black Horse, Sturminster Marshall

Had a great tasting pint of Badger here on drive down to a concert at bournemouth, very nice place, 8/10

5 Jun 2008 12:15

The White Hart Hotel, Exeter

Sadly taken over by Marstons so beer choice will go down but they did have pedigree,otter and cumberland ale when visited, and the beer was still spot on, 8/10

5 Jun 2008 12:03

Chumleys, Exeter

Pitcher & Piano Have done this some justice, really quick service, friendly bar and door staff and decent air con compared to other outlets in exeter, may only be pedigree on tap ale-wise but was expecting that. 8/10

5 Jun 2008 12:01

George's Meeting House, Exeter

Popped in 4 first time in ages last week. Still a great looking building, reasonably fast service and a lovely well kept pint of O Hanlons Dry Stout was enjoyed, 8/10

5 Jun 2008 11:56

Broadways, Didcot

not overly friendly but i did interupt the hoovering, huge pub with loadsa potential though, 7/10

25 May 2008 15:57

Wallingford Arms, Didcot

Very unusual place but in a good way,cant decide what it wants to be exactly but a great pint of hobgoblin to be had, 8/10

25 May 2008 15:51

Prince Of Wales, Didcot


25 May 2008 15:48

The Queens Tap, Swindon

nice pint of 6X to be had ;-)

25 May 2008 15:44

Walkabout, Swindon

plastic glasses and chavs, not nice.......

25 May 2008 15:41

The Inferno, Bournemouth

Not a place to go for real beer, but 1 a pint for carlsberg has to be saluted in 2008! 9/10

25 May 2008 15:21

The Oddfellows Arms, Wimborne

tiny little town centre local but the best tasting pint of badger ale i had that day,7/10

25 May 2008 15:04

The White Hart Inn, Wimborne

a very nice marstons owned pub pretty hidden away,very nice barmaid, very friendly and helpful and a nice beer garden for those summer evenings, 8/10

25 May 2008 15:02

The Bell Hotel, Wimborne

decent enough pint of ringwood, beer garden to rear but lacks in seats n benches, 7/10

25 May 2008 14:59

The Rising Sun, Wimborne

badger ale excellent beer garden by river beautiful service friendly 9/10

25 May 2008 14:58

The Night Jar, Ferndown

biggest selection of ringwood(marstons)ales i've ever seen on at one time in a spoons, nice enough pub but nothin to write home about, 7/10

25 May 2008 14:56

The Sir Percy Florence Shelley, Boscombe

Clientele certainly left something to be desired, good range of ales though and fast friendly service,7/10

25 May 2008 14:48

The Cow, Parkstone

Nice pint of Everards Sunchaser was quaffed here outside on a scorching may sunday.Really nicely furbished, nice outside seating area, ideal for station, and a landlord who knows what he is doing, 8/10

25 May 2008 14:32

The King Charles Inn, Poole

time appears to have stood still with this place, but sadly so has the poor ale quaffed a couple of weeks babk, 6/10 could do better!

25 May 2008 14:30

The King's Head, Poole

More pricey than the antelope next door but better ale(badger vs g king), beautiful walled beer garden though certainly gives this a well deserved 9/10

25 May 2008 14:23

The Antelope, Poole

Ok it's a greene king establishment but this makes for a very affordable round in comparison to the overpriced inns in the area(Purchased 4 pints here for less than 3 in previous!)Great beer garden and tasty lookin grub, well worth a visit, 9/10

25 May 2008 14:20

The Portsmouth Hoy, Poole

Lovely well kept badger beer, go 4 it!!!

25 May 2008 13:56

The Poole Arms, Poole

nice pub nice beer vile gents 7/10

25 May 2008 13:53

Yates's, Poole

Nice friendly staff but had run out of virtually everything on draught when visited and the poor girls behind the bar had no key to access the celler!! 6/10

25 May 2008 13:51

The Rising Sun, Poole

Pricey drinx but a decent range and a nice sun trap beer patio 4 the summer months, 6/10

25 May 2008 13:45

The Brit, Ashley Cross

Friendly service,beer patio, Nice well kept pint of London Pride, Fairly Pricey though, 7/10

25 May 2008 13:43

The Borough Arms, Weston Super Mare

Had a condom catapulted on 2 my table from group of 3 lads sat inside, delightful!!

25 May 2008 13:33

The Bullfinch, Riverhead

Expensive Beer designed 4 the clientele, but a well kept pint of locally brewed Westerham Black Eagle was enjoyed in the extensive beer garden, 7/10

9 May 2008 18:29

Polish Gospoda, Reading

Fittest Barmaid In Reading, Full Stop!!

29 Apr 2008 22:12

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Not the most expensive boozer by far, 3.00 a pint to be honest.The most welcoming pub without a doubt and a really lovely beer garden aswell, almost like sitting in someone's private back garden! 8/10

29 Apr 2008 22:08

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

Extremely nice Lloyds No 1 Bar, Very Spacious with great selection of ales available when visited plus a large beer patio, i must stay here sometime as they offer accomodation aswell, a well deserved 9/10 (especially as its not overpriced like the rest of Henley)

29 Apr 2008 22:04

The Angel On The Bridge, Henley-On-Thames

Sat inside to avoid drinking the decent ale out of a plastic glass, nice location but nothing to write home about, 3.40 pint 4 brakspear, 6/10

29 Apr 2008 22:00

Verbeer Manor, Willand

Cant seem to decide what it wants to be this place, but they do have a couple of nice ales on,6/10

29 Apr 2008 21:38

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Nice spoons just a shame about the daytime clientele it attracts.

29 Apr 2008 20:58

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Sounds strange i know but this place smelled like a hair-dressers when i called in last week, nice comfortable interior though n a nice pint of arkells, 7/10

29 Apr 2008 20:55

Harpoon Louis, Taunton

Popped in for first time on sunday to see how it had changes since HL's. Beer out of cask was good , service was good, music was irritating jazz crap and clientele was rather locally n chavvy, 6/10

24 Apr 2008 21:41

The Lamplighter, Weston Super Mare

Small town centre pub lacking in any decent ale, 5/10

24 Apr 2008 21:08

The Twitchel Inn, Long Eaton


16 Apr 2008 22:41

The Twitchel Inn, Long Eaton


16 Apr 2008 22:39

The Wheatsheaf, Corston

doombar & 6X on draught, friendly girl serving, food looked nice but very expensive i thought, 7/10

13 Apr 2008 12:17

The Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick

PROPER COUNTRY PUB ALERT!! open all day unlike many in the area, roaring log fire, good looking food menu,and just an all round nice feel to the place. Only let down was 3.05 for a pint of 6X!. 7/10

13 Apr 2008 12:14

The Crown Inn, West Harptree

very nice pint of butcombe and very friendly, the proper pub grub looked extremely reasonable and is served from 12-8, 7/10

13 Apr 2008 12:12

The Queen Adelaide, Blagdon

No ale available when visited so opted for a thirst quenching(had been cycling) pint of thatchers. very friendly service so may well return, 6/10

13 Apr 2008 12:10

The Live and Let Live Inn, Blagdon

nice pint of doombar, be warned closes in afternoon during the week, 7/10

13 Apr 2008 12:08

Jack Stamps, Weston Super Mare

Only courage on ale-wise, but they do have a good resident dj on sat nights if u like some 80s cheese, 7/10

6 Apr 2008 20:55

The Pig and Truffle, Weston Super Mare


6 Apr 2008 20:50

The White Lion, Weston Super Mare

had a pretty well kept pint of wadworth 6X here last week, friendly local in centre of weston, also has courage and l pride on tap, 7/10

5 Apr 2008 17:49

The Bucket and Spade, Weston Super Mare

Driven past this place many a time but only popped in for first time yesterday and soon wished i hadn't!.
no real ale on, srongbow 2.80 a pint, sticky food encrusted table, worn seating and dirty carpet,too family fun 4 my liking, chavvy too and jeremy kyle on the tv, needless to say 5/10

3 Apr 2008 19:27

The Grafton Hotel, Bedford

Aleless when visited!! :-(

27 Mar 2008 20:27

Bedford Lounge, Bedford

comfy seating and friendly staff but 2.95pint 4 strongbow,open til 4am on sats appar, 6/10

27 Mar 2008 20:24

The George II, Luton

fairly dull greene king pub but a decent pint of hook norton was available, 6/10

27 Mar 2008 20:15

The Robin Hood, St Albans

Spot On pint of Adnams, YUM! 7/10

27 Mar 2008 20:04

Waterend Barn, St Albans

amazing building but slow service.........

27 Mar 2008 20:00

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

the first hog'shead that i have ever seen with it's own name, decent pint of deuchars ipa and cute barmaids and reasonable too, 7/10

27 Mar 2008 19:59

The Bowl Inn, Lower Almondsbury

nice well kept selection of ales from friendly village pub, 8/10

27 Mar 2008 19:40

The Kings Arms, Pilning

courage best or courage best............

27 Mar 2008 19:27

The Marlborough Arms, Tottenham Court Road

Good Value Food and friendly service :-)

26 Mar 2008 22:41

The Castle, Acton

Have stayed at the holiday inn opposite many times and this place is very handy for a great tasting pint of Fullers, 8/10

26 Mar 2008 22:33

The Uxbridge Arms, Notting Hill

nice pint of St Austell Tribute, 7/10

26 Mar 2008 22:26

The Darlington Arms, Redhill

decent enough pint of butcombe, but when i entered on a sunday evening i increased the pub clientele by 100% and when i left an hour later no one else had ventured in, so bit of a morgue atmosphere !! 6.5/10 purely for the beer quality and the friendly service!

26 Mar 2008 22:03

The Nelson Arms, Churchill

good pint of hobgoblin and a mouth watering carvery and fit barmaids, 8/10

26 Mar 2008 21:53

The Churchill Inn, Churchill

very nice of butcombe straight from the barrel :-) 7/10

26 Mar 2008 21:47

The Stag and Hounds, Churchill

2 for 1 always useful unless u were like me on my lonesome, too many tables were reserved to and nowhere left to sit and just have a pint, ok pint of Banks's, ok but could do better 6.5/10

26 Mar 2008 21:07

Langford Inn, Lower Langford

gr8 tasting pint of hopback from this cask marque village number

26 Mar 2008 21:01

The Crown, Worcester

decent pint of tanglefoot,not a lot else on the ale front though...........

25 Mar 2008 22:01

Postal Order, Worcester

Visited twice now and a better than average spoons ale selection was available both times, 8/10

25 Mar 2008 22:00

The Miners Arms, Shipham

friendly enough local with butcombe on tap, 7/10

25 Mar 2008 21:53

The Swan Inn, Rowberrow

Nice little country pub off the beaten track and a good pint of blindman's "buff" when called by, 8/10

25 Mar 2008 21:46

The Metropolitan, Uxbridge

Cheap food but only l pride alewise on tap when visited, 7/10

16 Mar 2008 17:39

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

might be a greene king but a really friendly place all the same, 7/10

16 Mar 2008 17:28

The Queens Head, Uxbridge

decent enough pint of youngs but nothing to write home about, 7/10

16 Mar 2008 17:24

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Really nice comfortable and friendly youngs pub, had a really great tasting pint of winter warmer here last week, 8/10

16 Mar 2008 17:01

The Duke of Cornwall, Hammersmith

very nice comfortable and tidy pub close to the apollo and a great tasting pint of l pride, 7/10

16 Mar 2008 16:56

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Lookin a bit rough round the edges on visit last week, but still a decent location 4 pre-appolo drinx, 6/10

16 Mar 2008 16:49

The Crown Inn, Winford

Nice country pub with very good ale selection literally in the middle of nowhere, god bless the os map i have of the area haha 8/10

16 Mar 2008 14:16

The Prince of Waterloo, Winford

Beautiful beautiful beautiful pint of butcombe served straight from the barrel and bar staff are very pleasant on the eye, a well deserved 8/10

16 Mar 2008 14:15

The Dundry Inn, Dundry

Very well kept pint of wadworth 6X served by a very cute barmaid at this nice village local, 7/10

16 Mar 2008 14:11

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

nice location but not the best tasting pint of ruddles county i have quaffed b4, 7/10

11 Mar 2008 19:25

The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano

Good selection of 6+ ales and friendly service from this hidden gem , would never have known about the place if it wasnt for finding "PH" on a ordnance survey map!! 8/10

11 Mar 2008 19:22

The Merchants Arms, Hotwells

Great tasting pint of Bath "Festivity" was quaffed here yesterday , nice old pub, 7/10

18 Feb 2008 15:30

The Cottage Inn, Bristol

Great Location & A Nice pint of BBF "Sunrise", 8/10

18 Feb 2008 15:28

The Shakespeare, Bristol

Might be Greene King but had a fabulous pint of Hook Norton Old Hooky@ 2.65 here yesterday and a mouth watering beef roast @ 6.95,and three very cute barmaids aswell so a well well deserved 8/10

18 Feb 2008 15:25

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Had two great tasting pints here on saturday,discovered the place by accident but a great discovery, 8/10

18 Feb 2008 15:15

The Mardyke, Bristol

1.72 for Fosters,lacking in real ale but @ that price 4 lager dont mint havin a cheeky couple here, 6/10

18 Feb 2008 15:09

The Pump House, Hotwells

A very great tasting pint of Theakston Old Peculiar was quaffed at this Marstons Tavern, bit pricey at 2.90 a pint but lovely pub in great location, friendly service too,8/10

18 Feb 2008 15:06

The Nova Scotia, Bristol

Great tasting ales and friendly service, 8/10

18 Feb 2008 15:02

The Robins, Bristol

Quite chavvy barmaids in tracksuits with big hoop earings, but a great pint of Doombar all the same, 6/10

18 Feb 2008 14:57

The Miners Arms, Bedminster Down

Would agree with Bazmatti, nothing great at all, 5/10

18 Feb 2008 14:55

The Albert Inn, Bedminster

Great beer best pub in bedminster second only to the assembly, 8/10

16 Feb 2008 10:56

The Black Cat, Bedminster

No real ale and a very disinterested barmaid. juke box has about 5 songs on it too! 6/10

16 Feb 2008 10:53

The Jolly Collier, Bedminster

No ale when visited and carling 2.70!! 5/10

16 Feb 2008 10:52

The White Horse, Bedminster

Friendly service and a nice well kept pint of doombar 4 2.40, best pub along this stretch of west street by far, 7/10

16 Feb 2008 10:50

The Plough and Windmill, Bedminster

Only Courage Best on tap, 6/10

16 Feb 2008 10:49

The Three Lions, Bedminster

full of england fc and bristol cfc memrobelia, no real ale, blackthorn 2.70 a pint and a strong smell of disenfectant, 5/10

16 Feb 2008 10:48

Pheasant Inn, Chippenham

Great tasting pint of Wadworth Horizon Was Quaffed , 7/10

13 Feb 2008 14:31

The Four Seasons, Chippenham

A nice well kept pint of Fullers to be had from this good beer guide entry. Strange sloping floor in men's gents feels rather unsafe mind due! 7/10

13 Feb 2008 14:30

The Black Horse, Chippenham

Decent enough pint of Adnams Explorer from this the closest pub 2 the station prob, 7/10

13 Feb 2008 14:27

The Bear Hotel, Chippenham

Only 6X on the ale front when visited. Pub has strange handheld games devices on table to play if bored on your own which are quite novel, and u can talk to other pple in the pub using them! 6/10

13 Feb 2008 14:25

The Parkway, Stoke Gifford

Cheap carvery @ this Marstons Tavern, but kids using the place as an adventure playground when visited and the staff letting them! grrrrrrrrr 6/10

9 Feb 2008 14:43

The Charmbury Arms, Twerton

Mediocre pint of 6X,still bit pointless drinking here though with the royal oak just down the road, 6/10

5 Feb 2008 11:33

The Clock Tower, Clevedon

No Real Ale, but friendly enough town pub, 6/10

4 Feb 2008 13:25

The Grosvenor Arms, Southville

Nasty 4/10

3 Feb 2008 12:08

The Ostrich, Bristol

Taken over by Marstons Taverns now so pedigree,pedigree, and gem. < to a 7/10

3 Feb 2008 12:00

The Rope Walk, Bristol

Went here last weekend and funnily enough had a terrible pint of Winter Warmer, Barman said it was because of the "warm Pint Glass", obv y it tasted like sarsons! bit chavvy aswell, sadly < to a 4/10

3 Feb 2008 11:58

The Bell, Bristol

Very "Locally", pub go's back quite a long way, only courage on tap on the ale front when visited though.

3 Feb 2008 11:55

The Louisiana, Bristol

Nice pint of London Pride, 7/10

3 Feb 2008 11:53

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

3.00 For Otter, Flippin Crap!

2 Feb 2008 14:24

Assembly, Bedminster

Without A Doubt the best pub in Bedminster. Popped along to the ale fest 2 days in a row and the beer was beautiful,as said before purchase a S&J card and get 20% off food and ale! 8/10

2 Feb 2008 14:15

The Parish Pump, Weston Super Mare

pub in a sainsburys car park almost, nice pint of George Gale HSB though, 6/10

2 Feb 2008 13:59

The Summerhouse, Worle

A Marstons Tavern now so little ale choice other than pedigree.

2 Feb 2008 13:58

The Windsor, Penarth

Best Ale Pub Of The Day, 8/10 :-)

2 Feb 2008 13:35

The Albion, Penarth

good selection of brain's ales, 7/10

2 Feb 2008 13:29

The Railway, Penarth

Delicious fishfinger sandwich 2 be had, cheap drinx n cheap food, 7/10

2 Feb 2008 13:27

Y Dic Penderyn, Merthyr Tydfil

Good lad who served me said their beer selection was poor that evening and if i wanted a decent pint to go to "the winchester" down the road which was owned by Rhymney Brewery, so a 7/10 4 the honesty!!

21 Jan 2008 16:25

Yr Ieuan Ap Iago, Aberdare

Friendly service but pint was on its way out sadly, 6/10

21 Jan 2008 16:23

Tumble Inn, Pontypridd

Had a weel kept pint of Weymouth Ale's Jurassic on a vile wet day last friday, good service n a nice pint, 7/10

21 Jan 2008 16:21

The Royal Oak, Bath

Great Ale Selection, Quaffed 5 new ales here on sat afternoon,the freshly made pizza tastes great too, 8/10

21 Jan 2008 15:46

The Regency, Weston Super Mare

Good choice of cask ales but poss served a bit too warm 4 my liking, 7/10 all the same

21 Jan 2008 15:24

The Alehouse, Reading

gr8 pint of spiced porter was quaffed last week, mobile went off and was subtly told to switch it off, oops........8/10 though 4 the great beer

17 Jan 2008 12:47

The Monks Retreat, Reading

aint been in here for a while as not keen on the interior and the previous time it was too smokey but this time was pleasently suprised. ended up quaffing four diff cask ales all well kept and service was quick and friendly,well worth a visit if u aint been in 4 a while, 7/10

17 Jan 2008 12:45

Varsity, Reading

no ale obv , gotta buy the card 4 2 2 get reasonably priced pints, 6/10

17 Jan 2008 12:41

The Orange House, Reading

Cheap blackthorn (1.60) just lacking in ales, 6/10

17 Jan 2008 12:39

Nags Head, Reading

Worked my way through six of the twelve handpulls at a mates leaving do held here last week, great venue, 8/10

17 Jan 2008 12:37

The Corn Stores, Reading

Great well kept pint of Fullers Discovery And Chiswick Was Quaffed here 12/01/2008, Cheers 8/10

17 Jan 2008 12:34

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

NOW CALLED OAKFIELD SOCIAL CLUB, god awful name but really nice looking food cooked infront of you, comfy seating and good selection of foreign beers on tap plus cask ales,also right opp reading train station so always handy! 8/10

17 Jan 2008 12:06

The Running Horse, Sunbury on Thames

Popped In here for a pint back in December,Pretty reasonably priced and the couple of very cute girls waiting on tables in their santa hats were extremely appreciated! 7/10

17 Jan 2008 11:56

Moon Under Water, Cradley Heath

Nice and friendly little spoons, very welcoming plus good choice of guest ales, 7/10

10 Jan 2008 22:52

Britannia Tavern, Rowley Regis

Great selection of ales at this nice looking spoons situated in a not so nice area, 8/10 deff

10 Jan 2008 22:51

The Railway Inn, Yatton

Useful location , but lacking in real ale, and pretty neglected and whiffy, 6/10

10 Jan 2008 22:49

Windsor, Birmingham

Went in here for quick pint b4 train but unfortunately all three ales were off but they refused to turn the pump clips round, opted for a 3.50 bott of cider so not great. 6/10

6 Jan 2008 10:47

The Crown, Lichfield

Possibly Now Called The Oak??

6 Jan 2008 10:45

Acorn Inn, Lichfield

much better than The Gatehouse spoons, good ale selection, 8/10

6 Jan 2008 10:43

Lloyds No.1, Lichfield

Abbot or Pedigree, not great ale selection basically, good do better, def been to better spoons than this!

6 Jan 2008 10:42

The Bishop Vesey, Boldmere

friendly service and a nice well kept pint, 8/10

6 Jan 2008 10:40

The Bottle of Sack, Sutton Coldfield

Large pub on roundabout with large selection of ales, 8/10

6 Jan 2008 10:38

Charlie Hall, Erdington

Typical Daytime Spoons Clientele but great selection of ales on tap when visited, 8/10

6 Jan 2008 10:34

The White Ball, Tiverton

Nice large beer patio outside was made use off on carnival night(don't even ask me why we came to watch it). Got some really nice fish n chips from a nearby takeaway and washed them down with two great well kept guest ales. 8/10

3 Jan 2008 14:44

The Imperial, Weston Super Mare

Friendly Staff but no real ale, opted 4 a blackthorn instead,7/10

3 Jan 2008 14:10

The Babington Arms, Derby

Best Ale In Spoons I've Found, Love the departure board of ales behind the bar!a very well deserved 10/10 without a doubt!!

3 Jan 2008 12:53

The Westgate, Cardiff

Good Pint Of Brains, 8/10

2 Jan 2008 13:54

The Pen and Wig, Cardiff

Great Selection Of ales & Nice Beer Patio, 9/10

1 Jan 2008 18:58

Prince Of Wales, Cardiff

Great Ale,Great 2 Story building,Friendly Service,Ideal location(just round corner from train station), best cardiff spoons , 9/10

1 Jan 2008 18:55

The Midland, Cheltenham

bit intimidating with poor choice of beer but handy if train is delayed!, 6/10

1 Jan 2008 18:36

The Bank House, Cheltenham

Nice looking interior as with all the Que Pasa Chain but sadly only keg beers, still worth a vist for a late nite pub/club type place, 7/10

1 Jan 2008 18:34

The Swan, Cheltenham

Very welcoming and a nice pint from mole brewery when visited, 7/10

1 Jan 2008 18:32

The Moon Under Water, Cheltenham

Nice well kept ale and beer patio for those warm summer nights 2 quaff the stuff, 8/10

1 Jan 2008 18:31

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Great Selection Of Well Kept Festive Ales when visited last week, quite slow service but then such good beer at such good prices deff deserves a 9/10

1 Jan 2008 16:18

Horts, Bristol

Friendly Service And Comfy Seating And A Nice Pint Of Winter Warmer(even if it is from bedford!!) 9/10

1 Jan 2008 16:16

Seamus O'Donnells, Bristol

Good well kept pint of Bath Ales Gem 2 be had, 8/10

1 Jan 2008 16:13

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Fantastic well kept selection of Fullers Ales, 9/10

1 Jan 2008 16:12

The Anchor Hotel, Warminster

not a bad pint of ringwood fortyniner on carnival night, but not much else going 4 the place it seemed, 6/10

19 Nov 2007 15:27

The Anchor Hotel, Warminster

not a bad pint of ringwood fortyniner on carnival night, but not much else going 4 the place it seemed, 6/10

19 Nov 2007 15:27

The Anchor Hotel, Warminster

not a bad pint of ringwood fortyniner on carnival night, but not much else going 4 the place it seemed, 6/10

19 Nov 2007 15:27

The Porter House, Dublin

Best by far for the area 4 service, flavour and value, 9/10

19 Nov 2007 15:17

The Unicorn Hotel, Somerton

Poss the best Youngs pub in Somerset, Great Ale, Friendly Service, And a log fire, 9/10

19 Nov 2007 14:20

The Wagon and Horses, Felton

unfriendly welcome and only courage on the ale front, close to the airport if wanting a quick pint though but better options closeby such as the fox & goose, 5/10

19 Nov 2007 14:18

The Airport Tavern, Lulsgate Bottom

butcombe on tap, useful stop for the airport but nothing special, 6/10

19 Nov 2007 14:16

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Good Ale, 7/10

19 Nov 2007 13:56

The Fountain Inn and Boxers Restaurant, Wells

Very compact and nowhere to really stand if just having a pint here, but real ale and friendly service all the same, 7/10

19 Nov 2007 13:55

The Winford Arms, Dundry

decent enough pint of Bass, outside seating patio, and a good stop off for the airport, 8/10

19 Nov 2007 13:37

The White Lion, Portishead

quite a big pub with plenty of parking but rather lackin in real ales, 6/10

19 Nov 2007 13:22

Plough Inn, Portishead

not very friendly service when visited but may have been a one off, 6/10

19 Nov 2007 13:21

The Poacher, Portishead

nice and friendly and a good pint of doom, 8/10

19 Nov 2007 13:20

The Star Inn, Tickenham

friendly service and a great tasting pint of butcombe gold, nice clean atmosphere too, 8/10

19 Nov 2007 13:18

The Wagon and Horses, Clevedon

reverse in to the car park , saves reversing back out in2 the busy main road!

19 Nov 2007 13:17

The Head of the River, Oxford

Lovely location and great beer, 9/10

6 Sep 2007 15:47

George and Dragon, Sutton Courtenay

Very nice pub although one of THREE greene king pub's in the village!

6 Sep 2007 15:46

The Carpenters Arms, Appleford

Grrene King pub with nice beer garden and friendly service.

6 Sep 2007 15:44

Laffinn Pig, Dawlish

nice pint of tribute and friendly service, 7/10

1 Sep 2007 16:17

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

Popped in on carnival day. gr8 friendly service, lovely beer garden and fantastic tasting real ale from red rock brewery of teignmouth, 8/10

1 Sep 2007 16:16

The Queen's Hotel, Weymouth

no real ale when visited, but friendly service all the same, nothin special though, 6/10

1 Sep 2007 15:52

The Gosforth Hotel, Gosforth

Great pint of Spitfire and better value food than Spoons, very welcoming aswell and a decent juke box, 8/10

1 Sep 2007 15:08

The Waterline, Newcastle

Good pint of Deuchars IPA was had outside in the sun, 8/10

28 Aug 2007 23:19

The New Inn, West Town

Great tasting pint of S A Tribute n cute barmaid = 8/10

7 Aug 2007 16:27

The George Inn, Farleigh

Nice pint of wadworth 6X and beer garden out the back, worth dropping in if passing, 8/10

7 Aug 2007 16:26

The Plume Of Feathers, Rickford

Beautiful little pub,fantastic pint of st austell tribute too, 9/10 without a doubt!

6 Aug 2007 18:21

The Horn and Trumpet, Bristol

Lovely n cool in there yesterday with great air con(ideal after 15mile bike ride!) Friendly service too. 8/10

6 Aug 2007 11:23

The Anchor, Pill

Luvvly pint of Bath Ales Gem here, good beer garden out the back plus friendly service too,8/10

6 Aug 2007 11:20

Kings Arms, Easton In Gordano

Bein refurbished @ mo, friendly service all the same,n a new beer patio on the way,8/10

6 Aug 2007 11:12

The Albion, Portishead

Might be GK but sat outside yesterday in the hot sun with a beautiful pint of Ruddles County served straight from the barrel behind the bar so a def 8/10.

6 Aug 2007 11:09

The White Hart, Weston in Gordano

Nice beer garden and a beautifully well kept pint of Butcombe Bitter so a well deserved 8/10 for this roadside haunt.

6 Aug 2007 10:59

White Hart, Congresbury

Nice Hall & Woodhouse pub. Had a good pint of "Stinger" real ale brewed using nettles, mmmmm..........8/10

6 Aug 2007 10:55

The Railway Tavern, Hungerford

shame have travelled past this pub for nearly seven years as i work on the trains and have always wanted to go in 4 a lovely pint of Fullers.visited yesterday and the only pump clip from the range was London Pride.......and it was off! :-( Nice cute barmaid though was very apolagetic and i opted 4 a cider in the nice beer patio area, a def 8/10 if the ale had of been on!.

4 Aug 2007 18:51

The Downgate, Hungerford

absolutely beautiful pint of arkells summer ale and a friendly welcome, ideal 8/10

4 Aug 2007 18:48

The Plume of Feathers, Hungerford

friendly black labrador, didnt see the cat! greene king ales once again. 7/10

4 Aug 2007 18:47

The John O'Gaunt Inn, Hungerford

just greene king ales when visited, nice beer patio though and friendly service,7/10

4 Aug 2007 18:46

The Plough, Congresbury

nice pint of palmers ale and good beer garden,8/10

4 Aug 2007 18:05

The Galleries Inn, Cheddar

Friendly service and tasty locally produced cheddar ale,gr8! 8/10

4 Aug 2007 18:01

The White Hart, Cheddar

nice well kept pint of SA Tribute,8/10

4 Aug 2007 18:01

Riverside Inn and Restaurant, Cheddar

lovely big beer garden 4 the summer months and a wonderful pint of cheddar ale,9/10

4 Aug 2007 17:59

The Lamb Hotel, Axbridge

beautiful pint of butcombe gold 2 be had plus friendly service,8/10

4 Aug 2007 17:58

The Railway Inn, Sandford

Great Beer,Great Service,Great Location,9/10

4 Aug 2007 17:56

The One Tun, Goodge Street

execellent friendly service and a good pint of waggledance.8/10

4 Aug 2007 17:49

The Old Bell, Kilburn

nice big beer patio out the back.8/10

4 Aug 2007 17:40

The Queens Arms, Kilburn

nice friendly barman and a well kept pint of young's special,8/10

4 Aug 2007 17:39

The Grand Junction Arms, Harlesden

lovely beer garden 4 the summer and a great "waft" of digestives etc in the air from the mcvities biscuit factory across the river! 8/10

4 Aug 2007 17:38

New Moon, Harrow

Great little spoons,started here the other week on a bit of a beer trail round london. nice brekkie,had run out of veggie sausages and they offered 2 go buy some more from the nearby supermarket!! 1st pint of ale was off but they swapped it round no probs. very friendly, ideal! 8/10

4 Aug 2007 17:36

The Hornblower, Newport

No real ale when visited :-( 6/10

29 Jul 2007 11:54

Tom Toya Lewis, Newport

Nice lookin spoons on 2 levels with small outside patio area,7/10

29 Jul 2007 11:53

The Kings Fee, Hereford

Good Beer And Friendly Service When Visited,7/10

29 Jul 2007 11:51

John Wallis Linton, Newport

Visited twice in last couple of weeks and theyve had a gr8 selection of ales both times,pub aint nethin special for a Spoons though. 7/10

29 Jul 2007 11:48

The Playhouse, Colchester

Great lookin spoons well worth a visit if in the area, great beer quality,friendly service and wot a building! 9/10

16 Jul 2007 14:48

The Station Hotel, Ipswich

huge barn of a pub, got potential, 7/10

16 Jul 2007 14:46

The Plough, Ipswich

nice beer,slow service when called in, beer patio out back, 7/10

16 Jul 2007 14:45

The Swan Inn, Ipswich

not a bad pint of GK IPA presuming it was GK IPA! Nice comfy sofa n a decent juke box, guy who served me reminded me of one of the team captains on never mind the buzzcocks lol, 7/10

16 Jul 2007 14:43

Mannings, Ipswich

nice pint of summer lightning was had, little pricey mind due, 7/10

16 Jul 2007 14:41

The Three Jolly Sailors, Ipswich

nice friendly service with couple of tables out the front, no real ale though.6/10

16 Jul 2007 14:39

O'Connors, Chelmsford

only had bombardier on tap when visited and it was off

16 Jul 2007 14:33

Thomas Mildmay, Chelmsford

Cheap beer n friendly service, sticky tables n poor air con when visited mind due, 7/10 all the same

16 Jul 2007 14:30

Godfrey Morgan, Newport

Very quick service 2day when ordering my sunday roast, decent enuff spoons,8/10

8 Jul 2007 19:43

Flying Standard, Coventry

Another fantastic looking building from jdw,and a great pint of real ale 2 be had.Well done Mr Martin once again! 9/10

6 Jul 2007 10:26

The Rupert Brooke, Rugby

Nice pint of ale,interesting looking building from jdw, well worth a visit,8/10

6 Jul 2007 10:25

East Gate, Northampton

A decent pint of ale 2 be had,nice upstairs and down. 8/10

6 Jul 2007 10:23

Moon On The Square, Northampton

My FIRST pint of ale on the FIRST day of the smoking ban! They had all the pump clips facing 4ward although it was only on my 4th choice that i discivered one that was actually on! Decent enuff pint though,and a nice tidy little spoons. 8/10

6 Jul 2007 10:21

Secklow Hundred, Milton Keynes

nothing amazing 4 a spoons but then it is in MK! 7/10

6 Jul 2007 10:14

The Goat, Berkhamsted

Nice n friendly,but a rather WARM pint of GK IPA, 6/10

6 Jul 2007 10:12

The Crown, Berkhamsted

very small jdw offering,decent enuff pint of archers though,8/10

6 Jul 2007 10:11

The Full House, Hemel Hempstead

Nice building and a great well kept pint of Wychwood, 8/10

6 Jul 2007 10:08

The Columbia Press, Watford

Only Abbot on tap ale wise, nice atmosphere and ambience. Now named "The Colombia Press". 8/10

6 Jul 2007 10:06

Elms, Leigh On Sea

Large beer patio and decent cheap beer as always, 8/10

22 Jun 2007 11:16

The Carlton, Leigh on Sea

Nice beer garden out the back,had a dodgy pint of aadnams served to me but barman swapped it without any probs,worth a visit definately.

22 Jun 2007 11:14

The Towngate, Fodderwick

Reasonable priced drinks,and loadsa seating upstairs and down gives spoons across the road a run for its money, just lacking in real ale when visited.

22 Jun 2007 11:13

Moon On The Square, Basildon

Decent pint of Hook Norton ale was had,pretty slow service when visited mind due, still worthy of a 7/10 in my books

22 Jun 2007 11:11

The Spotted Dog, Barking

Yep deff nicer than next door just pricier, 8/10

22 Jun 2007 11:09

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

Decent pint of Fullers Discovery 2 be had, 8/10

22 Jun 2007 11:06

Mint, Poole

Absolutely amazing decor upstairs,good music,great lookin loos,just a shame bout the drinks in plastic pint glasses.9/10 all the same

20 Jun 2007 08:50

Spotted Cow, Poole

Lovely looking interior to this building with an upstairs and downstairs bar, great ale selection.9/10 Only thing that slightly let us down was the speed of service.

20 Jun 2007 08:49

Bar Me, Bournemouth

Great Full On Cheese,Love It! 8/10

20 Jun 2007 08:31

Bar Vin, Bournemouth

Decent pint of London Pride 2 Be Had,8/10

20 Jun 2007 08:10

Goose In The City, Wolverhampton

Fantastic! Top Marks to the Goose pub chain,great prices on food and drink,and really well kept real ale, 9/10

20 Jun 2007 07:49

Hogshead, Wolverhampton

Decent real ale,decent service, ideal 8/10

18 Jun 2007 23:54

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Absolutely great pub,great beer,great service,found it courtesy of the CAMRA newsletter,9/10

18 Jun 2007 23:53

Wanderer, Wolverhampton

Very friendly service from the cute barmaid seeing as we weren't from round the area,7/10

18 Jun 2007 23:51

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

Good quality pint of Enville Ale twas had here, 8/10

18 Jun 2007 21:48

Sir Henry Newbolt, Bilston

Decent pint of Hook Norton ale was had here in the beer patio,8/10

18 Jun 2007 14:03

The Billiard Hall, West Bromwich

Nice pint of ale but full of typical daytime jdw clientele, 7/10 all the same.

18 Jun 2007 14:01

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Pretty busy with office workers on their lunch break which was predictable due to its location, but a good selection of beers, n not 2 far to walk from n street.8/10

18 Jun 2007 13:59

Goose At The Station, Bracknell

Very Cheap Beer & Food,8/10

18 Jun 2007 12:51

Old Manor, Bracknell

Very nice spoons prob in my top 20(out of 250+),9/10

18 Jun 2007 12:50

The King and Castle, Windsor

One of the best JDW pubs i have visited(out of 250+). Amazing building on several different levels, lots of unique bars and a good beer garden, well worth a visit, 10/10 without a doubt!!!

18 Jun 2007 12:18

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Prices are Obv based at the tourist influx, but a lovely pub with a nice beer patio, just bare in mind gents u may need a canoe to get newhere near the urinal!

18 Jun 2007 12:16

The Town Hall, Staines

A fantastic pub from the "Smith & Jones" chain. Amazing building and a great pint of real ale, a well deserved 9/10 in my books go to this.

18 Jun 2007 12:14

The Garibaldi, Staines

Took a while of pondering why it was called the "gariba di" b4 actually realising it wasnt called that! As said previously no real ale, so a mediocre 6/10 it has 2 be.

18 Jun 2007 11:42

The Bulstrode, Hounslow

Generally Cheap Drinks,not much on the real ale front mind due,7/10

18 Jun 2007 11:36

The Highbury Vaults, Bristol

Nice Young's Beers,Nice Friendly Service,Nice Beer Garden,MMM Nice, 8/10

14 May 2007 11:05

The Black Horse, Kingswood

No Real Ale when visited,a bit dark and dingey too but friendly enuff service,6/10

14 May 2007 11:04

Kingswood Collier, Kingswood

Very good selection of ales at this offering from spoons,but very slow service i found when visited,still a 8/10 4 the beer and the pub,nice beer patio out the back too.

14 May 2007 11:03

Kings Arms Hotel, Kingswood

Yep they do have casque marque,but only had Courage Best when visited. Very smokey pub,5/10,Just hope it survives the ban...

14 May 2007 11:01

The Old Inn, Clevedon

Very well kept pint of "Otter Head" well worth a visit,8/10

14 May 2007 10:52

Tichenham Inn, Ickenham

Not bad spooons,good range of ales when visited,nothing amazing though,7/10

7 May 2007 18:50

The Coach and Horses, Ickenham

A nice pint of Youngs Bitter to be had here in the extensive beer garden,8/10

7 May 2007 18:49

The Ostler, Uxbridge

Great Value 2 Meals 4 5.95 Menu,and friendly service.7/10

7 May 2007 18:47

The Brickmakers Arms, Yiewsley

No Ale But Much better than the Red Cow nearby and a very nice barmaid! :-) 6/10

7 May 2007 18:45

The Old Inn, Congresbury

Hidden away down a back street this lovely little youngs pub has a great beer garden out the back and great ales,a well deserved 8/10 without a doubt

29 Apr 2007 13:02

The Golden Lion, Wrington

Very good selection of locally sourced ales and friendly service seeing as i wasnt a local, 8/10

29 Apr 2007 13:01

The Plough Inn, Wrington

Decent pint of Youngs on the beer patio,worth a visit if in the locality.8/10

29 Apr 2007 13:00

The Hill, Greenwich

Expensive Beer,Nice Pub,7/10

27 Apr 2007 07:08

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Nice pint of locally brewed Meantime "Raspberry Beer",just bl**dy expensive!,7/10

27 Apr 2007 07:06

Richard I, Greenwich

Great tasting pint of Waggledance(even though its brewed in bedford),and a lovely beer garden,8/10

27 Apr 2007 07:04

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Not cheap,but a decent selection of ales 2 be had. Really nice sitting outside in the sun aswell all be it with a beer in a plastic glass, 8/10

27 Apr 2007 07:02

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

One of only a couple of ten out of ten pubs that i have recorded on here. The pub is a beautiful building especially during the summer months when u can sample the delightful beer garden. The food was great and the range of Fullers ales were really well kept and delicious.Like i say a deff 10/10!

27 Apr 2007 06:59

The Anchor and Hope, Charlton

Fantastic riverside pub,well worth a stop off during the summer months.8/10

27 Apr 2007 06:55

The Greyhound, Wembley

Nice & Friendly Service, Good 4 a few pints b4 a concert. 8/10

20 Apr 2007 14:24

Mannions, Wembley

Nothing Speciual,No Real Ale,Just Useful 4 It's Location,6/10

20 Apr 2007 14:23

The Prince of Wales, Caversham

Nice pint of Brakspear Blonde was had here,7/10

20 Apr 2007 14:17

The Hope Tap, Reading

decent ale bit 2 smokey though,7/10

20 Apr 2007 14:15

The Crown Inn, Westbury

Decent pint of 6X 2 be had here, 7/10

20 Apr 2007 13:51

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

One of the only few pubs i've given a ten out of ten to on this site. It's the nicest country pub ive ever visited and the range and quality of ales is amazing, fantastic place!!!!!!!!!

20 Apr 2007 13:49

The Royal Hotel, Bath

3.00 a pint 4 bass n not a great pint of it either,handy location all the same, 6/10

20 Apr 2007 13:46

The Old Monkey, Manchester

The Joseph Holt "Diamond Lager" was spot on, 8/10

20 Apr 2007 12:24

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Nothing amazing 4 a spoons in the centre of Manchester but the cheap good quality ale still gets it a 7/10 in my books.

20 Apr 2007 12:22

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Well worth a visit, amazin beer,8/10

19 Apr 2007 14:10

The Principle, Dewsbury

Decent pint of Theakston's from this Smith & Jones Chain pub,8/10

19 Apr 2007 14:08

Richard Oastler, Brighouse

Great beer,amazing building and nice rear beer patio 4 those summer afternoons, a well deserved 9/10 courtousy of JDW.

19 Apr 2007 12:38

Yates's, Huddersfield

No Real Ale but quick and friendly service and a nice sun soaked beer patio 4 the summer months,8/10

19 Apr 2007 12:34

Cherry Tree, Huddersfield

Very Smokey atmosphere but not 4 long now thankfully,a great pint of Ossett "Silver Fox" was had here though,typical good prices n decent beer,7/10

19 Apr 2007 12:32

Barum Top, Halifax

Very great tasting pint of Fox's Nob was consumed here much 2 the amusement of the barmaid(who was pretty tasty!) 8/10

18 Apr 2007 14:14

The Courtyard, Halifax

nice pub,not a great pint of spitfire though. 7/10

18 Apr 2007 14:13

Sir Titus Salt, Bradford

Fantastic Building And Great Ale,9/10

18 Apr 2007 14:11

The Rummer, Bristol

Fantastic building and a huge menu just of drinks. No ale on tap but a great selection of bottled regional beers (if not slightly pricey @ 3.50 a time) 8/10

12 Mar 2007 13:00

Revolution, Bristol

Great looking and comfortable interior,very dimmly lit in the evenings and great music, 9/10

12 Mar 2007 12:57

The Cornubia, Bristol

Prob one of the best pints of real ale in bristol n such a selection,8/10

12 Mar 2007 12:52

The Kings Head, Bristol

fantastic pint of doombar, top little gem of a pub, 8/10

12 Mar 2007 12:48

The Shakespeare, Bristol

Nice old pub with decent choice of ales,8/10

12 Mar 2007 12:45

Knights Templar, Bristol

Have just moved 2 the Bristol area and this has become my afterwork sanctuary many nights.
It's not the most amazing building but they really do look after you here. The beer is almost near perfection every time especially the S.A. Gold,and have sampled loads of guests which are regularly changing and taste great.The staff are very nice and friendly and the service is generally quick apart from fri evenings. Highly reccommend this place 4 a decent real ale. 8/10

12 Mar 2007 12:44

Bonapartes, Bristol

not bad 4 a station boozer, but better off nippin down the road 2 jdw. still a 6/10 is about right i feel.

12 Mar 2007 12:37

The Printer's Devil, Bristol

Very nice little pub with gr8 ale.Popped in 4 a quick pint on quiz night but every1 made me feel more than welcome, lovely pint of hobgoblin "dirty tackle" was quaffed! 8/10

12 Mar 2007 12:35

The Long Bar, Bristol

And I thought it was just me!In half an hour i was offered coffee,pork chops from farm foods carriers, shampoo and vodka!! But again 1.55 a pint saves it, 6/10

12 Mar 2007 12:31

The Old Market Tavern, Bristol

Nice looking building and a very good pint of Wadworth 6X,8/10

12 Mar 2007 12:26

The Stag & Hounds, Bristol

A very decent pint of doombar on tap here, very nicely done up too. 7/10

12 Mar 2007 12:22

The Barley Mow, Bedminster

Pretty grotty,5/10

12 Mar 2007 11:58

The White Hart, Bedminster

Handy 4 an after asda shopping beer,gr8 pint of hobgoblin 2 be had , 7 /10

12 Mar 2007 11:56

Penny Black, Sheffield

Cheap cheap GK Beers,very scary pensioner clientele mind due,tricky 2 rate , 7/10 4 the pub as a whole

12 Mar 2007 11:17

The Old Queens Head, Sheffield

Very nice pub .Lovely lookin old building,had a pint of thwaites lancaster bomber myself. Very cheap food menu,but good quality.8/10 well worth a visit.....

12 Mar 2007 10:51

Sheffield Waterworks Company, Sheffield

Not a bad ol LN1 ,8/10 4 prices n service, seen better mind due

12 Mar 2007 10:48

Boom, Newcastle

Ok i'm 26 year old real ale drinker,but christ do i love my 90's cheese so u win sum u lose sum but this is deffo a 9/10 just 4 the music,ideal!!!

12 Mar 2007 10:46

Keel Row Lloyds No 1, Newcastle

Might be inside a shopping centre but it aint bad at all,gr8 little LN1,8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:44

Hoko 10, Newcastle

Very Nice,Very Trendy,Loadsa different areas 2 sit,ideal,8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:41

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Lovely lovely ale,very friendly staff and clientele,ideal 9/10!

12 Mar 2007 10:40

The Akenside Traders, Newcastle

Reasonable price drinx,nice n spacious,good music,8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:38

Bar 38, Newcastle

Very handy if staying @ Premier Travel Inn (right next door!)Good Music,Nice Lookin Interior,8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:36

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

good beer n cute barmaid,8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:33

Gotham Town, Newcastle

Does smell so god knows how worse it will be after the smoking ban,toilets are quite scary in this dimly lit gothic place,but still well worth a visit if just comin off the train,if only 4 the amazin design 7/10

12 Mar 2007 10:32

The Quayside, Newcastle

Fantastic Well Kept Pint Of Geordie Pride RA,Friendly service,extremely nice building and location,top marks to this LN1,9/10

12 Mar 2007 10:26

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

mmmmmmmmmmm lovely gr8 tasting real ale,spot on,8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:21

The Goose at the Gardens, Newcastle

Bit scruffy but good cheap drinks and a good breakfast fry up, 8/10

12 Mar 2007 10:19

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

Without a doubt one of my favourite Spoons buildings visited so far(out of 200+) 9/10

11 Mar 2007 15:01

The Pig and Whistle, Newcastle

Very Difficult 2 Rate, Best Music In Newcastle So 9/10 on that fact, but absolute idiot of a doorman completely ruined the night.We didnt realise about the no drinkin on the streets policy not being from the area so seein as we had plastic glasses left with them. Only 2 have the big skinhead bulldog lookalike bouncer grab them n throw them over us. So tricky like the music,the prices,just not the idiot on the doors.

11 Mar 2007 14:58

The Duke of Wellington, Newcastle

Nice Pint Of Deuchars IPA 2 be had, 7/10

11 Mar 2007 14:50

Trafalgar, Gateshead

No decent ale but cheap ever so cheap :-) 7/10

11 Mar 2007 14:47

The William Jamieson, Sunderland

Not the best spoons 4 definate but seen ok,7/10

11 Mar 2007 14:45

The Lambton Worm, Sunderland

Great Ale,Very Open plan with strange dragon sculpture in the centre that is suppose to be "The Lambton Worm" wotever that may be!Slow service when visited but was VERY busy. 8/10

11 Mar 2007 12:05

Dun Cow, Sunderland

Well kept decent pint was very welcome here, and good friendly service. 8/10

11 Mar 2007 12:03

Five Quarter, Peterlee

Never seen a wetherspoons/multi storey car park combo b4, very strange! Very well kept pint of Elgoods though. 8/10

11 Mar 2007 12:00

King Johns Tavern, Hartlepool

Nothing special 4 a spoons but still worth a cheap ale,7/10

11 Mar 2007 11:58

The Ward Jackson, Hartlepool

Great offering from Lloyds No 1 Bar, Nice Interior,Good Atmosphere, 8/10

10 Mar 2007 15:51

Shades, Hartlepool

Was OPEN AGAIN **JUST** when visited last weekend, very varnishy n sawdusty still n very very cheesy!! 7/10

10 Mar 2007 15:50

Coopers, York

All ales were off when visited.Ideal location 4 beer while waiting 4 a train but bit 2 much of a artificial railway station outlet though. 6/10

10 Mar 2007 15:29

The Market Inn, Yatton

just round the corner from the station,butcombe ale offered here, or 2.50 4 a double n mixer if u want somethin stronger, good jukebox n friendly service.7/10

8 Mar 2007 21:59

Perkin Warbeck, Taunton

Great Huge Long Lloyds No 1 Bar Well Worth A Visit If In The Area,Good Ales,Nice Atmosphere Most Nights,9/10

8 Mar 2007 21:34

The Racehorse Inn, Taunton

Great Real Ale, Nice Old Building Too, 8/10

8 Mar 2007 21:32

Que Pasa, Taunton

No Ale But Friendly Service N Good Music,8/10

8 Mar 2007 21:31

The Moat House, Taunton

Very Nice Building & A Great Pint Of Adnams To Be Had,9/10,Prob Best Pub In Taunton,Always Has Been Always Will Be!!

8 Mar 2007 21:30

Coal Orchard, Taunton

Good selection of cheap ales but not as well kept as other spoons ive tasted in, slow service , 7/10 overall

8 Mar 2007 21:27

The Ale House, Taunton

Decent pint Of Deuchars I.P.A. 2 be had, Friendly Service, Bit pricey only down fall. 6/10

8 Mar 2007 21:26

The Rope Walk, Bristol

Nice pint of Youngs Winter Warmer,mmmmmmmmmmm,7/10

8 Mar 2007 20:44

The Full Moon, Bedminster

Very small narrow pub with tiny bar.Barmaid not really interested and whole pub were engrossed in tv programme bout serial killers when visited! scary place 2 go 4 a very quick drink!!

1 Mar 2007 13:51

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Disinterested girl serving while chattin away constantly on mobile, but 3 ales all the same. I opted 4 a very well kept pint of Doombar which went down a treat. 7/10

27 Feb 2007 10:32

The Golden Guinea, Bristol

Quite a "local" but very friendly welcome was appreciated and a nice pint of guest ale was even better appreciated. 7/10

27 Feb 2007 10:30

The Ostrich, Bristol

Delicious pint of Bath Ales "Gem". Friendly service, lovely building and prime location 4 the summer months, 9/10 without a doubt.

27 Feb 2007 10:29

The Portwall Tavern, Bristol

**PUB CLOSED** Visited 25/02/07

27 Feb 2007 10:27

Hole in the Wall, Bristol

Rather warm pint of TT Landlord sampled here on sunday,very nice decor though as previously mentioned and friendly service.several foreign beers too 2 sample. 8/10

27 Feb 2007 10:24

Robert Fitz Harding, Bedminster

average spoons fayre, still worth a visit 4 a decent beer, 7/10

25 Feb 2007 11:28

The Hen and Chicken, Bedminster

No Decent Real Ale But On Other Hand @ 1.76 4 a pint of carlsberg u cannot complain. Friendly door staff and bar staff too. 7/10

24 Feb 2007 10:37

The Masonic Hotel, Bedminster

Rather "yokley" but friendly all the same.Poor choice of ale,only courage when checked. 6/10

24 Feb 2007 10:34

Lord Denman, Dagenham

small spoons,but nice ale and friendly staff,7/10.

11 Jan 2007 16:46

The Eva Hart, Chadwell Heath

Lovely Looking Big Offering From JDW. Decent pint of Brains, and a 1.49 jacket spud off the jan sale menu! If u are lookin 4 this place though dont go by the street number,its well confusing around here! 9/10 :-)

11 Jan 2007 16:43

The Goose, Romford

Bit Tatty But @ 1.39 a pint that can be overlooked! 8/10

11 Jan 2007 16:40

Spouter's Corner, Wood Green

Quite stuffy n smokey,good beer though. 7/10

11 Jan 2007 16:26

The New Crown, Southgate

Typical Mediocre lookin Spoons but a fantastic pint of ale was had, and fast service.7/10

11 Jan 2007 16:25

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

came here on new years eve 2 find it closed. revisited and had a horrible warm pint of pedigree.shame cos a nice lookin spoons and cheap 4 a city pub,7/10

11 Jan 2007 16:21

The Duck, Battersea

mmmmmm lovely pizza mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

11 Jan 2007 16:13

The Roundhouse, Battersea

Nice Pint Of Landlord , And The Food Looked Amazing But Pricey.8/10

11 Jan 2007 16:12

The Old Garage, Southfields

A Greene King Chain Pub, but a suprisingly nice pint of IPA "Super Chilled" was had, Food Looked Well Priced Too. 8/10

11 Jan 2007 16:07

The Coal Hole, Strand

A New Years Eve Pint Was Had, A Very Nice Pint At That,Decent Ale,Go , Visit!!! 8/10

1 Jan 2007 22:57

The Coronet, Holloway

One Of The Best Spoons I've Discovered In Some Time, Amazing Building, 9/10

1 Jan 2007 22:54

Old Gaol House, Winchester


1 Jan 2007 22:51

Royal Oak, Winchester

Not sure if the claim that its the oldest bar in britain is true, but friendly service and a nice pint of "Fireside Ale" from the GK stable was had. 8/10

1 Jan 2007 22:50

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Nice Little number courteousy of JDW, Very nice beer, Very nice bar maid too! 8/10

1 Jan 2007 22:48

The Standing Order, Southampton

Mediocre Spoons, 7/10

1 Jan 2007 22:46

The Bird in Hand, Salisbury

Nice pint from Hampshire Brewery was had here,friendly local 7/10

1 Jan 2007 22:35

The Pheasant, Salisbury

both ales off when visited and 3.00 for a pint of Strongbow was a bit steep. Quite a nice pub though all the same so scrapes a 7/10 in my books.

1 Jan 2007 22:33

Cloisters, Salisbury

Lovely pub, gr8 old interier n gr8 beer. 9/10

1 Jan 2007 22:30

The Bakers, Basingstoke

Very Nice GK pub.Nice upstairs area and decent IPA 2 be had. 8/10

22 Dec 2006 21:17

The Winton, Basingstoke

nice pint of Hobgoblin 2 be had..........7/10

22 Dec 2006 21:15

The Maidenhead Inn, Basingstoke

Had a nice pint of Loddon "Razzle Dazzle" here yesterday,Very Nice.Very Cute lookin Chef too! 7/10

22 Dec 2006 21:12

The Three Guineas, Reading

Decent Selection Of Festive Ales when visited yesterday, 2.90 a pint though. 8/10

22 Dec 2006 21:09

The Clifton Inn, Exeter

decent pint of otter 2 be had here. 7/10

22 Dec 2006 20:40

Bar Risa, Oxford

Good Music:-) No Real Ale :-( 7/10

22 Dec 2006 20:23

The Grapes, Oxford

Went here b4 going to a concert across the road so was naturally "wedged".Nice ale though.7/10

22 Dec 2006 20:22

The Copa, Oxford

Loads Of Foreign Beer On Tap, Really Nice Building,Just Rather Pricey. 9/10

22 Dec 2006 20:20

The Angel and Greyhound, Oxford

lovely pint of winter warmer, nice cosy pub,8/10

22 Dec 2006 20:18

The Hobgoblin, Oxford

According 2 outside it's owned by Wychwood. Although when visited it had lots of ale on, just nothing from Wychwood!!seemed a tad strange.....8/10 though anyway

22 Dec 2006 20:14

The Exeter Hall, Cowley

Fairly Studenty, but 3 Real ales and friendly. 8/10

22 Dec 2006 20:12

William Morris, Cowley

Full Of The Usual Spoons Daytime clientele when visited on a Tuesday lunchtime,nice pint of ale all the same so a deserved 8/10.

22 Dec 2006 20:03

Yates's, Reading

Nice Looking Spacious Building.Reasonable price drinks and comfy. 9/10

22 Dec 2006 19:56

The Figure of Eight, Birmingham

nothin special but still cheap n decent ale. prefer the lloyds just minutes away though. 7/10

13 Dec 2006 00:10

Solomon Cutler, Birmingham

Great Spoons, Great Real Ale,Decent Music, Open Until 3am on Sun when visited,9/10

13 Dec 2006 00:06

Malt House, Brindley Place

had a decent pint here b4 seeing concert @ nia, but as mentioned b4 it does need extra staff on concert nights!!!!!!! 7/10

12 Dec 2006 23:57

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

Went In here b4 a concert over the road @ the NIA. Pub was absolutely wedged as there was some irish band playing, but a pint of Ansells Mild was had. 7/10

12 Dec 2006 23:46

The Tap and Spile, Birmingham

nice pint of adnams here.strange foreign guy at the bar though didnt seem 2 realise the cd had got stuck on the same note for like 10minutes, bizarre! nice pub though = 8/10

9 Dec 2006 13:24

Revolution, Birmingham

Very Nice Looking Place, Comfy Seating,Nice Lighting,Good Music So A 8/10. Unfortunately no real ale which was expected, but then half the lager was off 2 , crazy!!

9 Dec 2006 13:22

O'Neill's, Birmingham

Very handy if you are staying in the Travelodge across the road (which we were!) 8/10

9 Dec 2006 13:19

Dragon Inn, Weston Super Mare

A Very Delicious Pint Of 8.5% Exmoor Beast consumed here on carnival nite.8/10

2 Dec 2006 12:50

The Pavilion Bar, Weston Super Mare

Rather clinical but serves it's purpose. 6/10

2 Dec 2006 12:45

The Britiannia Inn, Weston Super Mare

Tucked away from the main shopping area, this local is worth a visit, especially with a nice pint of doombar 4 2.00. 7/10

2 Dec 2006 12:40

The Star Inn, Liverton

Nice pint of Wells Bombardier the other day. Discovered the place by accident , but glad i did. Lovely log fire and friendly service. Pub is literally seconds off Drumbridges turn off(A38). 8/10

29 Nov 2006 13:56

The Carpenters Arms, Ilsington

Popped in here after some friends wedding @ Ilsington Church(next door 2 the pub). Friendly service and a gr8 pint of Otter, 7/10.

29 Nov 2006 13:53

City Arms, Wells

loads of real ale, a must 4 a visit 2 Wells. Had a lovely pint of Festive Feasant from Badger Brewery on carnival night. 8/10

29 Nov 2006 13:39

The Wine Vaults, Shepton Mallet

had a carnival nite tankard of bass, certainly better than the crown!!!!!!!6/10

29 Nov 2006 13:30

The Highwayman, Cannards Grave

Nice large pub on the outskirts of Shepton. Had a nice pint of Mystery Tour from Glastonbury Ales here on carnival night. 8/10

29 Nov 2006 13:28

The Blue Ball, Sandygate

The Best Ever Tasting Pint Of O'Hanlons Yellowhammer In The World!!! Mind due @ 2.90 a pint it wasnt cheap.Nice friendly service 2 from this pub just seconds from junction 30 of the M5. 7/10

1 Nov 2006 18:21

The St George and Dragon, Exeter

Decent pint of Butcombe Bitter was had here on my way back home from work. Friendly service and the food looked and smelt gr8! 8/10

1 Nov 2006 18:13

The Maltsters Arms, Clyst St Mary

A good pint of Otter. Nice n friendly guy behind the bar, worth a visit.7/10

1 Nov 2006 18:11

The Half Moon Inn, Clyst St Mary

havin a bit of a refurb when visited 2day but nice pint of Otter Ale went down well.7/10

1 Nov 2006 18:10

11a Church Street, Exmouth

Ok,prob not the most original of names, but this place is quite a hidden away secret.
Upon entering a downstairs door,you walk up a long dark staircase(caution must be taken on exiting!). At the top of the staircase you enter the bar through another door to the left.The bar has gr8 comfy sofas,a very relaxed atmosphere with board games and connect 4 etc,along with ambient dance music. A decent selection of beer includes their own 11a ale and lagers such as staropramen and becks vier. well worth discovering. 7/10

16 Oct 2006 12:46

The Pilot Inn, Exmouth

Prob one of the only pubs in the town centre that has not changed in years.A pretty small pub featuring a pool table one end,and seating for about a dozen. A nice pint of Cotleigh to be had though always. 6/10

16 Oct 2006 12:38

Two Swans, Castle Cary

Sadly Closed Down When Visited :-(

15 Oct 2006 13:08

The Waggon and Horses, Castle Cary

Friendly,But With No Ale On When Visited I Opted 4 A Pint of Worthington.Still a 7/10 all the same.

15 Oct 2006 12:59

The George Hotel, Castle Cary

Very friendly service from the staff here and a good rapport with the locals and non-locals was evident. A Greene King Pub,So I Opted 4 a pint of Abbot which was very good. 8/10

15 Oct 2006 12:57

The White Hart, Castle Cary

Nice Old pub,Yep saw the big fat fluff ball lying on the bar counter! Opted 4 a pint of Doom Bar, but cos it was carnival night this did come in a plastic glass. still a 7/10 is prob about right......

15 Oct 2006 12:54

The Horse Pond Inn, Castle Cary

Nice traditional old pub.3 Real ales available were Youngs Bitter,St Austell Tribute And Wells Bombardier. Obviously one of the first signs of the Wells takeover could be seen with just the one youngs ale on tap. Lovely well kept pint of tribute gets this a well deserved 8/10

15 Oct 2006 12:51

Gardeners, Southfields

Wandered in here after a reccommendation from the CAMRA GBG 2006,A decent pint of Youngs Special went down very well. 7/10

13 Oct 2006 21:05

The Railway, Putney

Lookin @ the previous comments i must have had a good day when visited. The girls behind the bar were very friendly,the meatballs were fine and the beer good. 8/10

13 Oct 2006 21:01

The Spotted Horse, Putney

One of the few Youngs pubs still doin a nice pint of Pilsner,lovely! great old building aswell with nice comfy seating. 8/10

13 Oct 2006 20:58

The Boathouse, Putney

Great youngs beer,very friendly staff,beautiful views from upstairs,9/10.

13 Oct 2006 20:55

The Worlds End, Camden

Fantastic Building,Cant believe i never been b4 now. 8/10

13 Oct 2006 20:51

The Camden Eye, Camden

Popped in a week ago. First time i been in since the refurn.Deuchars was off so settled 4 an average pint of Wells Bombardier.

13 Oct 2006 20:49

The Globe, Moorgate

Not Bad, Had A Decent Pint Of Timothy T's Landlord. 7/10

13 Oct 2006 20:45

The Black Horse, Exeter

A Very drinkable pint of Ruddles Best,Nice Friendly Pub. 8/10

4 Oct 2006 01:57

Mill On The Exe, Exeter

Nice Pint Of Tribute Always 2 Be Had Here. :-)

4 Oct 2006 01:54

Victoria Arms, Wellington

Extremly dire pint of Greene King IPA,like vinegar. pub nothin 2 write home about. 5/10

4 Oct 2006 01:34

The Cottage Inn, Wellington

Gr8 Pint Of Never B4 Tried "Spy Post Bitter" from Wellington's very own "Masters Brewery".Pub Nice N Welcoming,8/10

4 Oct 2006 01:33

The Volunteer Inn, Ottery St. Mary

Real Ale Served From The Cask Here,Although Not The Best Quality.Couple of benches to sit outside at the back,though the two adorable old pub dogs did make this area a tad "Whiffy!" 6/10

29 Sep 2006 14:02

The London Inn, Ottery

Prob the nicest pub in the small town. Had a decent pint of O'Hanlons Yellowhammer here last sunday. 7/10

28 Sep 2006 17:29

The York Inn, Exmouth

This pub opposite the train station is always popular due to its sports coverage on big screen tv's.Reasonably priced drinks always available,although the pub isn't somewhere 2 go if u like ur real ale.Toby Best and thats as near as u'll get.Generally friendly service and decent prices gives this a well deserved 7/10.

19 Sep 2006 17:42

The Rose and Crown, Trowbridge

Prob the best pint of RA i had on my visit 2 Trowbridge. Nice friendly guy behind the bar,poss the landlord. Handy 2 for the train station. 7/10

14 Sep 2006 00:03

The Kings Arms, Trowbridge

No Real Ale When Visited.Good juke box though.7/10

13 Sep 2006 23:54

The MaltHouse, Trowbridge

Quite a strange lookin pub,looks like a converted shop from the outside. Quite chavvy clientele when visited.Nice pint from local brewery "Hidden". 7/10

13 Sep 2006 23:41

The White Swan, Trowbridge

No Ale At All When Visited.Rather tatty place too Friendly barmaid though. 6/10

13 Sep 2006 23:39

The Toby Jug, Glasgow

Def better service than stated previously.Had a nice pint of "pivo estivo" from local Kelburn Brewery.Sat outside on the small patio area,very nice little city centre pub. 8/10

13 Sep 2006 23:15

Edward Wylie, Glasgow

Had a very nice pint of "Harviestoun" here. Attracts the office workers @ lunchtime though.a nice little number all the same from jdw. 8/10

13 Sep 2006 20:10

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

Great Ale In A Forest Of Lager(or Glasgow) VISIT!! 8/10

13 Sep 2006 20:07

Lloyds No. 1, Glasgow

Everything you need from a pub,Loads of comfy seating,sofas etc. A decent pint of ale(although only abbot on when visited),good music and friendly service. This very large Lloyds No1 Bar is now named "The Society Rooms". 9/10

13 Sep 2006 20:04

Counting House, Glasgow

Very Nice looking Spoons with large oval bar in the centre.Lovely pint of ale from Cairngorm Brewery here,best pint tried in Glasgow!7/10

13 Sep 2006 20:00

Edward's Bar, Glasgow

Had some nice cheap pub grub here. Nice friendly staff and decent music. No ale,but one of my favourite trendy bar chains. 8/10

13 Sep 2006 19:54

Hengler's Circus, Glasgow

Not a spoons 2 get overly excited about but serves its purpose,serving real ale in glasgow. :-) 7/10

13 Sep 2006 19:53

The Globe Hotel, Topsham

Had a nice pint of Dartmoor Best tonight(carnival night).Very busy as you would expect but a nice pint all the same.7/10

26 Aug 2006 22:43

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

Brilliant 9/10

26 Aug 2006 16:24

The Standing Order, Stevenage

A great little spoons in the very attractive old town part of Stevenage.Will be better once it is fully non smoking,but it does have a nice large outside seating area. 9/10 Highly Reccommended!

26 Aug 2006 14:46

The Standard Bearer, Stevenage

Cheap Beer & Close 2 the train station,this is a very big building. It has a tall staircase which i would not like to negotiate after several pints though! 8/10

26 Aug 2006 14:43

Three Magnets, Letchworth

A Typical spoons not far from the station.Good prices and good beer as always.7/10

26 Aug 2006 14:39

The Emperor, Cambridge

pint of black sheep ale in this pub on the way into town from the station.7/10

26 Aug 2006 14:21

The Globe Hotel, Kings Lynn

We stayed in this Wetherlodge last week.Nice rooms but unfortunately the bar was all being done up and closed except 4 breakfast!! We did still manage to get a beer 4 breakfast still so it was saved! 8/10

26 Aug 2006 14:18

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Small Spoons pub,but nice building and usual cheap beer.7/10

26 Aug 2006 14:16

Doctor Thirsty's, Kings Lynn

Quite nice place on 2 seperate floors.Opted 4 a pint of Speckled Hen Smooth which wasnt great though.8/10

26 Aug 2006 14:14

The Hogshead, Kings Lynn

We were visiting Kings Lynn 4 the first time when visiting here.When we asked the very cute barmaid why the place was so deadly quiet she basically said in her own words"Its A Sh~#hole"!! Nice Offering though from Hog'shead.8/10

26 Aug 2006 14:10

Ye Olde Maydens Heade, Kings Lynn

A very nice pint of adnams 2 be had here, and friendlier service than the crown & mitre. 8/10

26 Aug 2006 14:06

The Crown and Mitre, Kings Lynn

Very nice pub,very clever conversion upstairs,lots of decent Real Ale. Unfortunately we nearly got lynched 4 opening a window upstairs though,very scary landlord!!still a 9/10 though!!

26 Aug 2006 14:03

The Royal Standard, Ely

Very strange smell of sewage when visited last week,weird.....

26 Aug 2006 13:59

College Arms, Peterborough

lots of old blokes agreed,but still good beer and good service.7/10

26 Aug 2006 13:56

The Drapers Arms, Peterborough

A Very nice offering from Lloyds No1 Bar,8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:54

Joseph Else, Nottingham

Good decent ale @ this mediocre JDW number. 7/10

26 Aug 2006 13:52

The Pit and Pendulum, Nottingham

Absolutely gr8 looking pub on 2 seperate levels Well worth a visit.9/10

26 Aug 2006 13:44

The Navigation Inn, Nottingham

Yep,as previous,very nice in summer as experienced last week.8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:42

The King John, Nottingham

Rather intimerdating 2 say the least!Cheap though @ 1.54 a pint! 6/10

26 Aug 2006 13:40

The Imperial, Exeter

Yep without a doubt one of the best spoons i've been to,especially in the summer with its huge beer garden and 3 bars. 9/10

26 Aug 2006 13:38

The Strand, Exmouth

First pub you come to from the train station,changed hands many a time over the years. New owners seem a bit more interested in Real Ale and a good pint of O'Hanlons Yellowhammer can be had.7/10

26 Aug 2006 13:35

The Barn Owl, Exeter

Located on the outskirts of the city near to junction 29 of the M5 this is a lovely pub.Serving several ales and gr8 food,plus it also has plenty of outside seating.9/10

26 Aug 2006 13:29

The Bed Bar, Torquay

This place is smack bang at the beginning of union street and does attract chavs. It used to be called "Number One Bar" amongst various other names.Prob best as a pre-club venue.7/10

26 Aug 2006 13:24

The Yates's, Torquay

Another good combo of cheap drinks and good atmosphere from the chain.8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:21

Bar Med, Torquay

Yep,seems like a good nite out,good music and comfy seating. 8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:19

Breezes Cafe Bar Bistro, Torquay

Had a couple of pints here b4 going 2 see Jim Davidson. The bar is quite spacious however and caters 4 non theatre goers too. Looks out over torquay harbour and offers outside seating. 7/10

26 Aug 2006 13:17

London Inn, Torquay

Now a Lloyds No1 Bar this place is gr8 4 a cheap nite out especially as it is open until 2am thurs-sat now. 8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:12

The Hogshead, Torquay

A Very nice offering from the Hog'shead chain. The pub is on 3 levels and situated in the centre of town. Great 4 watching the world go by with an ice cold Heineken.8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:10

The Famous Hop'N'Grapes, Torquay

This large pub is located down below Union Street and the main shopping area.It has a good selection of real ales and a nice beer garden. definately worth a visit! 8/10

26 Aug 2006 13:07

The Jolly Judge, Torquay

Friendly service from this traditional town pub at the top of Union street.7/10

26 Aug 2006 13:03

The Barn Owl, Kingskerswell

Very Nice Looking Pub off the main newton abbot to Torquay road.Good little beer garden out the back and decent pint of Otter. 8/10

26 Aug 2006 12:59

The Crown Inn, Bridport

Had a decent pint of Palmers Copper Ale here. Good choice of ales available and outside seating,gets my vote. 8/10

26 Aug 2006 12:56

Harry's, Weymouth

Known worse clubs in small towns than this.ok 6/10

26 Aug 2006 12:54

The George Inn, Weymouth

Very nice pint of badger in a very nice location. 7/10

26 Aug 2006 12:52

Bar 2012, Weymouth

Fairly trendy little number. Has got some rather "squashy" stools @ some of the tables not suitable 4 fat gits as my mate found out much 2 my amusement! 6/10

26 Aug 2006 12:50

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

Small and rather yokley. Interesting 2 see pride in Weymouth though. 6/10

26 Aug 2006 12:46

Que Pasa, Weymouth

4 a chain pub not 2 bad,very cute barmaids when visited on Weymouth carnival day. Sadly the one who served me could not pour a pint of Guinness 2 save her life! still a worthy 8/10

26 Aug 2006 12:45

The New Vic, Weymouth

A bit 2 family orientated 4 my liking,ok pint of hen though. 7/10

26 Aug 2006 12:42

The Black Dog, Weymouth

Very Cheap Beer,Always A Bonus!! 7/10

26 Aug 2006 12:38

The Lodmoor, Weymouth

Nice big comfortable pub from Brewers Fayre. Quite ideal if u r staying @ the Premier Travel Inn (next door).8/10

26 Aug 2006 12:37

The White Hart Hotel, Sturminster Newton

Had a nice pint of tanglefoot in here. Gr8 old pub but rather busy on Stur Carnival day!! 8/10

26 Aug 2006 12:34

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

Had one of the best pints of Youngs Golden Zest here the other day. According to Youngs directory this is the only Youngs pub in Dorset now!8/10

26 Aug 2006 12:31

The Bell Inn, Broadway

A Nice small and cosy village pub from Youngs Brewery Chain.
The pub is a welcome break just off the A303 west of Ilminster.

26 Aug 2006 12:28

Wetherspoons T4L, Heathrow Airport

Decent Enough airport spoons,6/10

12 Aug 2006 14:11

Skylark (T1L), Heathrow Airport

Not bad spoons presuming its location. Decent pint of SN Bishops Finger. 6/10

12 Aug 2006 14:09

Wetherspoons T2L, Heathrow Airport

Pretty grotty spoons number,but useful location. 6/10

12 Aug 2006 14:08

The Botwell Inn, Hayes

Typical good value from Spoons and a good selection of RA. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 14:06

The White House, Stockley Park

This is one of the best LN1 i've ever been to.It's located in some sort of business park near hayes although in the spoons guide is listed under Uxbridge!
(Well worth the bus ride from Uxbridge though)
The place is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and you can sit outside by a lovely lake. Real ale tastes gr8 here,and is still pretty reasonably priced.

12 Aug 2006 14:05

The Crown and Sceptre, Uxbridge

Terrible pint of London Pride here when visited last week. Nice friendly girl serving though. 6/10

12 Aug 2006 13:59

The Good Yarn, Uxbridge

Nice Pint Of Hydes Here,Not a bad spoons at all especially that its non smoking. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:55

Knights Templar, Bristol

just minutes from temple meads station so ideal if waiting 4 a train. Open early 4 breakfast too. Usual spoons cheap beer,decent real ale,well worth a visit. 8/10

12 Aug 2006 13:45

The Twitchel Inn, Long Eaton

Nice little spoons tucked away down a side street. Decent ale and good service.7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:42

Company Inn, Nottingham

Very Nice LN1 actually called "The Company Inn",well kept ale,very comfortable seating,Nice location,Very clean and smoke free atmosphere. 9/10

12 Aug 2006 13:40

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Excellent well Kept Ale,Nice Atmosphere With Outside Seating,And Reasonable Beer. 9/10

12 Aug 2006 13:37

The Goose on the Square, Nottingham

A Very Sticky Carpeted number from the Goose Chain.Came here on a weekday lunctime and it was rammed full without a spare seat anywhere.A lot of scary looking characters but @ 1.65 a pint u will find that! 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:35

The Square Sail, Lincoln

Very Nice Lloyds No1 Bar. Had a very nice breakfast here and a gr8 pint of Abbot. Very clean atmosphere,and comfortable seating. 9/10

12 Aug 2006 13:31

Sweyn Forkbeard, Gainsborough

Yep typical spoons,nice well kept pint of O'Hanlons here. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:29

Blue Bell, Scunthorpe

Typical Spoons style on main road into town from station. Friendly service and good beer. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:26

The Yarborough Hotel, Grimsby

1:Lovely Big Building
2:Right Opp Train Station
3:Cheap Spoons Prices
4:Fast Friendly Service
=9/10 without a doubt!

12 Aug 2006 13:23

Ritz, Lincoln

Nice Building,Nice Beer,Well Done Spoons Once Again! 8/10

12 Aug 2006 13:15

Forum, Lincoln

Nice enough spoons,decent beer,good service. 8/10

12 Aug 2006 13:12

Liquorice Gardens, Worksop

Yep do agree,rather chavvy 2 say the least. Decent pint of well priced RA though and quick service. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:11

Blue Coat , Rotherham

A Wetherspoons little gem,great building,friendly service,gr8 beer,much nicer than the rhinoceros. 8/10

12 Aug 2006 13:08

Rhinoceros, Rotherham

Typical looking spoons in the centre of Rotherham.Large selection of Real Ales although had 2 change mine as it was off. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:06

The Chantrey Arms, Sheffield

Quite traditional old place.Nothing exciting on the RA front at all, so opted 4 a pint of guinness. Interesting old bloke(looked about 101) shuffled out from the back to serve me! 7/10

12 Aug 2006 13:04

Woodseats Palace, Sheffield

Got a bus out of Sheffield to visit this on my ongoing nationwide spoons tour.Nice well air conditioned clean and friendly number.Decent pint of beer from local Spire Brewery. 8/10

12 Aug 2006 13:00

Swim Inn, Sheffield

Typical Spoons Fayre,Nice Cheap Beer,Friendly Service,Comfortable,7/10

12 Aug 2006 12:58

Yates's, Sheffield

Nice,Big & Comfortable.Very cheap pint of Stone's Bitter @ 1.65. Friendly Staff too. 8/10

12 Aug 2006 12:55

Wetherspoons, Sheffield

Nice And Clean feeling spoons with upstairs and downstairs bars. Small outside patio area out the back upstairs,good pint of Wentworth when visited.8/10

12 Aug 2006 12:52

The Bankers Draft, Sheffield

Not the nicest Lloyds No1 Bar out there without a doubt,but a decent selection of real ales all the same. 7/10

12 Aug 2006 12:48

The Goat, Liverpool

Nice Friendly pub situated in quite an industrial part of Liverpool.Was visiting the Liverpool "Summer Pops" concerts, and the people at the goat had cleverly put loads of signs up directing concert goer,s to the pub!!

20 Jul 2006 13:45

The Cwellyn Arms, Rhyd Ddu

Very Nice Location,Large Selection Of Ales. The bus driver who picked us up from outside did jest "So u've had your most expensive beer in Wales", but overall it is a gr8 little pub off the beaten track. 9/10

8 Jul 2006 13:00

Tafarn Y Porth, Caernarfon

Not a bad spoons. Friendly Service,Nice beer patio outside where u can get drowned out by the blo%dy seagulls! 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:56

The Black Bull Inn, Bangor

Good wetherspoons with a nice beer patio out the back with gr8 views. My real ale experience was better than previous with a nice pint of lemon dream. 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:52

The Old Station Hotel, Llandudno Junction

popped in here while waiting for a train,nice big pub with outside seating. 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:48

The Palladium, Llandudno

Amazing building,well worth a visit. 9/10

8 Jul 2006 12:45

The Kings Arms, Llandudno

Small pub with outside seating in the town centre,nice pint of Black Sheep Brewery's Emmerdale here. 7/10

8 Jul 2006 12:43

Picture House, Colwyn Bay

Beautiful old building on various levels.Another superb offering from JDW. 9/10

8 Jul 2006 12:41

Sussex, Rhyl

Popped in 4 brekkie,friendly quick service from a typical middle of the road spoons.8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:37

The New Inn, Runcorn

Trendy and comfy, but no ale. 7/10

8 Jul 2006 12:34

Raven, Liverpool

Absolutely packed to the rafters when we visited on a sunday afternoon. Very slow service but still cheap drinks are always a bonus. 7/10

8 Jul 2006 12:31

Lime Kiln, Liverpool

Really Nice Trendy Lloyds No1 even though it took us ages to find!
Had a sunday roast here which was gr8 value. 9/10

8 Jul 2006 12:28

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Extremely helpful and friendly couple of girls served us(as we had not been Liverpool b4 and were after directions). Great old pub full of character and great selection of foreign beers,of which i opted for a raspberry beer. 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:25

Fall Well, Liverpool

aha,wot gr8 english lol.
Nice enough Lloyds with comfortable seating in and out, and cute bar staff. 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:21

Edward's Bar, Liverpool

Prob one of my favourite of the "trendy" bar chains,this EDWARDS has 2 levels with a massive mirrorball in the centre. 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:17

The Tube 80s Bar, Liverpool

pure cheese and a friendly dj who even whacked Sabrina on 4 me! 8/10

8 Jul 2006 12:14

Welkin, Liverpool

Nice Spoons on 2 levels,although it was like a sauna when visited last weekend! 7/10

8 Jul 2006 12:10

Jupiters, Liverpool

Good Music from DJ when visited,Friendly Service,And lots of fit birds even if most of them were about 16!!

8 Jul 2006 12:07

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

First pub we went to on our weekend on the beers in Liverpool.Virtually every ale was off, so opted 4 cider.
Typical large spoons with slow but friendly service.(Slow due to England playing that day)7/10

**Pub Is Actually Named "The Richard John Blackler"**

8 Jul 2006 12:00

Badger Inn, Lelant

Lovely big pub with nice beer garden,and st austell ales,8/10

28 Jun 2006 15:38

The Golden Lion, St Ives

Had a Nice pint of "one and all" by Ring'o'bells brewery here, friendly service and a nice 2 bar type setup. 8/10

28 Jun 2006 15:34

The Castle Inn, St Ives

Supposedly haunted this place. Had a nice pint of Sharp's Atlantic IPA here as part of the Penzance - St . Ives Rail Ale Trail. 7/10

28 Jun 2006 15:32

Lifeboat Inn, St Ives

Nice friendly service and comfy pub to drink in. 8/10

28 Jun 2006 15:28

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

Nice pint of Ruddles County In the sun, ideal.
Keep an eye on the pesky seagulls though if eating outside here!!! 8/10

28 Jun 2006 15:26

The First and Last, Penzance

Nice small pub with friendly service and a good pint of GK IPA. 7/10

27 Jun 2006 14:02

The Pirate Inn, Alverton

Nice big beer garden here for those sunny days. We did however have 2 very poor pints of ale,including a very warm Skinners and a quite vinegary exmoor fox.
We did put this down to it being a very busy day in Penzance, and am sure it is usually a lot better. Overall a well deserved 7/10.

27 Jun 2006 14:00

The Alexandra, Penzance

Excellent well kept ales which prob gives it the title CAMRA pub of the year for the region.
Had a lovely pint of "Sea Dog IPA" from the local Doghouse brewery.Very friendly service too. 8/10

27 Jun 2006 13:55

The Swan Inn, Lympstone

Nice pub just seconds walk from the railway station. Nice beer patio and bbq area in the front, with various real ales being served including Otter and Old Speckled Hen. 8/10

27 Jun 2006 13:42

Scallys, Weston Super Mare

"Biker Friendly Pub" it explains as you walk in. Smell of bleach in main bar area, and a rather scary loud biker woman with a mouth like a gutter. MMM well it's those little details which add to a beer crawl!!

18 Jun 2006 13:03

Reflex, Birmingham

80s 80s 80s GR8 Pure cheese. Expensive drinks on Fri when visited,but then it is a club.
very very slow service at times due to lack of staff. Quicker 2 get served upstairs i found, oh and open to 3 on a friday,bargain! 9/10

18 Jun 2006 12:56

The Square Peg, Birmingham

Nice friendly staff and usual large selection of cheap beer.
Huge impressive long bar that nearly stretches the length of this large JDW offering.
Very Nice 4 a pre club drink, 9/10.

18 Jun 2006 12:53

Wetherspoons, Birmingham

Small spoons in a small shopping centre,cheap beer as usual,not bad 4 a passing pint. 6/10

18 Jun 2006 12:50

Felix Holt, Nuneaton

Large Pretty Average Spoons, 7/10

18 Jun 2006 12:47

The Baron of Hinckley, Hinckley

Quick and friendly service from attractive bar maid when visited. Nice well kept pint of guest ale at the usual cheap jdw price. 7/10

18 Jun 2006 12:45

Sugar Loaf, Market Harborough

Pretty middle of the road spoons,cheap beer and quick service. 7/10

18 Jun 2006 12:43

Lord Keeper Of The Great Seal, Oadby

somewhat of a interesting pub name again from spoons. Usual cheap beer,with outside seating.
Nice 8/10

18 Jun 2006 12:41

Star and Garter, Wigston Magna

Lovely little local from Everards. Had a pint of Tiger Extra Cold In the sun here a couple of days ago. Very friendly and SEXY girl at the bar too,ideal!! 8/10

18 Jun 2006 12:39

William Wygston, Wigston

High mark IS FOR the policy of children not being allowed on a Sunday lunchtime. :-)

18 Jun 2006 12:36

Lloyds No 1, Leicester

Very Nice Big LN1,Quick service,good beer,well priced,good music,and a very amusing catfight to watch on the way out!! lol,ideal!

18 Jun 2006 12:32

Goose On Hotel St, Leicester

Gr8 Music,Gr8 Cheap Drinks,A good Nite Out. 9/10

18 Jun 2006 12:29

The Litten Tree, Leicester

Sticky carpet.....

18 Jun 2006 12:28

Richard III, Leicester

Nice friendly small everards pub,with small beer patio out the back. 8/10

18 Jun 2006 12:27

Cafe Bruxelles, Leicester

Amazing Looking Interior with beautiful chandalier and artwork.My mate had a pint of 6.6% belgian stuff, from quite a selection of foreign beers.

18 Jun 2006 12:24

Last Plantagenet, Leicester

Strange Name,Big Pub though with usual good selection of beer.possibly a bit to crammed with tables,a bit of a canteen look.

18 Jun 2006 12:20

The Goose On The Green, Catford

Good Value Chain,Good Service.
My Rating 8/10

14 Jun 2006 12:35

The Crown, Lee

Sat here in the scorching sun about a week ago. Lovely big young's pub,slightly off the beaten track,well worth a visit.

My Rating 9/10

14 Jun 2006 12:32

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Nice Old Traditional Looking Place.
Good Range Of Ales And A Nice Sun Trap Of A Beer Garden At The Rear.
My Rating 8/10

14 Jun 2006 12:28

Brogans, Fulham

expensive with a capital E!

1 Jun 2006 14:42

Greyhound, Maidenhead

appears 2 have changed to a LN1 now.

1 Jun 2006 14:37

O'Neills, Soho

another nice offering from o'neills
My Rating 8/10

1 Jun 2006 14:30

O'Neills, Angel, Islington

Quick service from nice attractive bar maids and a nice cool pint of heineken,as usual not exactly irish.

My Rating 8/10

1 Jun 2006 14:24

O'Neills, Euston Road

Good Location 4 Euston,Quick Service,Does What It Says On The Tin.

1 Jun 2006 14:21

The Bank, Exmouth

Situated next door to the infamous "Sam's nightclub", don't come here if you want a quiet drink on a friday or saturday evening. Good drinks promos always but no ale.

My Rating 8/10

25 May 2006 14:30

Fat Jax, Exmouth

No Ale But Very Cheap Drinks.Permanent promos on various bottles,and low cost pints.
Great juke box,large selection to choose from and 7 plays for a quid.
Gone through many name changes over the years, but it pulls in more people these days than ever before. For an ale drinker like myself not a place to start at,but good for a couple of swift ones b4 the bus home.
My Rating 8/10

25 May 2006 14:27

The Bicton Inn, Exmouth

Not an exmouth pub i go in much,but was pleasently suprised when popped in 4 a pint at the weekend.
2 different ales from branscombe on tap,and labatts which u dont see much these days.
3.90 a round too!
Other than that not a lot else going for the actual pub,with rather dodgy clientele.

My Rating 6/10

25 May 2006 14:20

The Famous Ship Inn, Exmouth

A big refurb about 5 years ago moved this well known exmouth pub into the 21st century. Before it was a labrinth of dimley lit places to sit and relax after a long days work.
Now it is very bright,too bright at times.No ales at all, but very reasonably priced pints of fosters etc. A very good food menu too with decent size portions.Very comfortable with plenty of sofas for lounging about.
My Rating 8/10

25 May 2006 14:17

The Beach, Exmouth

Situated by the newly built "Exmouth Marina" complex or in other words the old harbour area covered in second home's for the wealthy!
A nice traditional pub that still attracts the locals week after week. Usually a couple of ales on tap including Otter. Benches available outside for the summer months.
My Rating 7/10

25 May 2006 14:10

The Redwing Inn, Lympstone

Nice small village pub recently saved from closure. Selection of 3 or 4 ales including Otter. Friendly Service aswell presuming we weren't "locals".

My Rating 7/10

25 May 2006 14:01

The Heavitree, Exmouth

Refurbished and done up completely a couple of years ago,this Exmouth pub is always popular.
Very chavvy in the summer months with everyone sat outside, but all in all a good pub.
Usually opt 4 a pint of Staropramen here, as only courage on tap 4 the ale drinkers.

My Rating 8/10

18 May 2006 15:58

Country House Inn, Exmouth

Nice Big Beer Garden Out The Back.

3 Ales On Tap.

My Rating 7/10

18 May 2006 15:47

Holly Tree, Exmouth

Visited here 4 first time in ages the other sunday. Nice friendly service(4 a local)and 3 different ales on tap. Nice little beer patio 4 the summer months.

My Rating 7/10

18 May 2006 15:46

John Jakson, Wallington

Friendly barman,We opted 4 a very reasonable 1.65 a pint Marstons Smooth as no ale on tap when visited.

Nicer than the spoons opposite, but extremely empty when visited on a sunday afternoon.

My Rating 7/10

12 May 2006 15:08

Whispering Moon, Wallington

Typical middle of the road spoons. Nice pint of guest ale though and good service when visited.
Pub was very busy though 4 a sunday afternoon, mostly old blokes who'd been there all day.

My Rating 7/10

12 May 2006 15:04

The White Lion of Mortimer, Mitcham

Visited this crazy "Stripey" pub on a sunday lunchtime. Service was good with friendly guy behind the bar.We had a nice lemony guest ale each, and lunch in the small back courtyard.Food was fine 4 spoons, and once again the girl who bought it out was friendly too.
Usual old blokes Spoons clientele, but other than that not a bad offering from JDW at all.

My Rating 8/10

12 May 2006 14:57

The Kings Arms, Mitcham

Lovely big Young's pub in the centre of the town.
Nice selection of ale, but opted 4 a very nice pint of Young's Pilsner instead.
Cheap food prices,friendly fast service, and a nice patio area overlooking the green.
If i lived around here would certainly make this my local.
My Rating 9/10

12 May 2006 14:52

The Cricketers, Mitcham

Definately not the best Young's pub visited, with only Young's Bitter and nothing else on tap.
Nice location though right opposite the cricket pitch, so we sat outside as it was a nice sunny day.

My Rating 7/10

12 May 2006 14:47

William Stanley, South Norwood

Came here last sunday 4 a "morning after breakfast" only 2 be told that the kitchen was closed.
Friendly bloke behind the bar though, and we had a nice pint of ale here.
Not a bad spoons, seen a lot better and a lot worse....

My Rating 7/10

12 May 2006 14:39

Founders Arms, Bankside

Nice pint of waggle being a Young's pub, but thought only 2 different ales was poor.
Location certainly made up 4 it. Sat on a bench outside looking over at the citylights the other side of the Thames.
My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 17:28

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Very Nice Big Pub With 2 different bars, well worth a visit.
My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 17:25

O'Neills, Cannon Street

Nice Food, Had A Free Pint Courtousy Of The Evening Standard.Nice Friendly Service.
My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 17:22

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

nice cheap drinks from this small sam smith's offering.
My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 17:19

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Great Name, Great Beer, Great Building.

A Pub like it should be from Sam Smith's.

My Rating 9/10

11 May 2006 17:10

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

BIG & STRANGE........

Only T Taylor on tap when visited ,3.15 a pint too!
Building is a gr8 bizarre looking place and well worth a visit. Just strange things like the granite slab on the bar with cakes and flapjacks on, and a stack of plates on a table at the door of the pub...

My Rating 8/10(mainly 4 the building!)

11 May 2006 16:56

O'Neills, Blackfriars

A pretty typical O'Neills Offering, but nice all the same.(especially with a free pint courtousy of the evening standard!)
Friendly Service.

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 16:49

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Nice pint of deuchers ipa in here. Visited on a hot sunny friday lunchtime so outside was a mass with suit's.
No smoking pub, but as previously mentioned it does pong a bit.

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 16:44

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Nice ale and gr8 food. Had a delicious steak pie here, realy really nice.

Well Recommended

My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 15:15

The Ring, Southwark

Plenty Of Foreign lager's. We Sat outside on one of the benches with Leffe , Fruli, and Heineken amongst others. Being the 13th and final pub of the day cannot recall 2 much else!!

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 15:10

The George, London Bridge

A pub owned by the National Trust, strange!
Nice pint though in a very interesting building.

My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 15:03

The Market Porter, Borough

Best Selection Of Ale I Have Ever Seen In London. The ceiling of beer mats is a sight 2 behold.


My Rating 9/10

11 May 2006 14:56

The Red Lion, Westminster

Nice pub 2 sit outside on one of the benches and watch the world go by. Ale selection was a tad limited on day visited though.

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 14:52

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

Gr8 2 see my favourite brewery's ales in London. Had a nice pint of Thirsty Ferret served from a very nice friendly barmaid. Lovely decor but i imagine it can get a bit rammed on a busy day.

My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 14:50

The Westminster Arms, Westminster

Had a pint of "westminster ale" which i was debating as 2 what brewery it came from. Came 2 the conclusion that it was prob somethin else rebranded 4 the tourists. No point asking the girl behind the bar as there did appear 2 be a bit of a language barrier!

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 14:45

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

Nice looking interior,good selection of Fullers ales, foreign girl who served us could have been a bit friendlier, but overall very good.

My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 14:41

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

Had a nice pint of Young's Pilsner which sadly seems 2 be disapearing from other Young's lately.

Didn't eat here but the people next 2 us did and it smelt and looked gr8, cheap 2 4 the location.Nice 2 see it actually prepared in front of you in the corner of the pub!

My Rating 8/10

11 May 2006 14:38

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

First pint of the day on our little trail was here and a nice pint of "Kent's Best" it was too from Shepherd Neame.

Very Very Small pub with friendly service. We chose 2 sit outside and watch the world go by.

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 14:33

The Deer Leap, Exmouth

Very nice seafront pub,recently taken over by the "pontin's style Hungry Horse Chain" and renamed "THE BATH HOUSE", which i do believe it was once named b4.

11 May 2006 14:25

Powder Monkey, Exmouth

Typical spoons in the terms of cheap food and drink.

Pub go's back quite a way, and has a nice patio out the front 4 those summer evenings.

Bit of a uphill trek 2 the loo though.

My Rating 7/10

11 May 2006 14:21

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Ideal haven 4 an after work ale, tons 2 choose from. Drinking blackcurrant stout here the other day which was one of over a dozen on tap.
All really well looked after too.
Gr8 food aswell especially their "monster pie and pint deal"

My Rating 8/10

8 May 2006 13:55

The Admiral Boscarn, East Looe

Wouldn't say as bad as previous.
This pub appears to double as a nightclub. Large building with big long bar featuring a wide range of Lagers, but also a Doombar for the ale drinkers amongst us.
Seafront location so admittedly aims 4 the torist market.

My Rating 7/10

8 May 2006 13:51

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

correction 2 prev- only 2 ales on......

8 May 2006 13:46

The Jolly Sailor, West Looe

Quite a small low -ceiling type pub. Only ales on when visited. pub looked virtually closed from exterior.Not Looe's finest.

My Rating 6/10

8 May 2006 13:45

Tom Sawyers Tavern, West Looe

A bit of a walk from the centre but well worth it on a nice sunny day. Great views over looe estuary from this panoramic location.
3 Ales available with plenty of outside seating.

My Rating 8/10

8 May 2006 13:39

The Harbour Moon, West Looe

Sat outside in the sun on the patio with a nice pint of London Pride.
Lovely views, ideal location.

My Rating 8/10

8 May 2006 13:34

The Globe, East Looe

Another pub like it should be(Right Opposite the train station). Nice and friendly service. Three ales on tap including 2 from Skinner's which made a change from the widespread doombar in looe.
Couple of outside benches 4 the summer months.

My Rating 7/10

8 May 2006 13:31

The Old Stag, Liskeard

Across the road from Liskeard Station.

Popped in here 4 a quick pint while waiting 4 a train 2 looe. Only one ale on tap on day of visit which was doombar.
friendly staff, and nice little beer garden.

My Rating 7/10

8 May 2006 13:26

The Dickens Tavern, Paddington

Went in here @ 11am as soon as they opened 2 get a swift beer b4 jumping on the train home.

Had a reasonable tasting pint of youngs at an average london price.

Friendly foreign girl served us.

Pub claims 2 be the longest in London,but could be argued i feel. One Bad thing was the smell.Was a strong pungent odour of rotten sick-stained carpet, not good!!

My Rating 6/10

2 May 2006 14:57

The Cromwell Tavern, Kensington

The Cromwell Tavern forms part of the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum Complex.
The hotel is the tallest in the UK, and the pub ajoins the ground floor.
Not just a hotel bar, this is a realistic looking "built in pub".

The pub welcomes non residents until 11pm and residents until 2am.

Nice decor,comfortable seating and friendly staff.

At 3.30 for a pint of boddy's and 3.50 for a reef this is the only let down.

My Rating 6/10

2 May 2006 14:50

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Nice Big Wetherspoon Pub ideally located next 2 a Holiday Inn(Might consider staying there next time i go 2 the apollo 4 a show,def beat hotel bar prices!)

Visited the place after seeing a concert and made the most of the usual thursday night 5.49 curry club offer.

Usual wide range of cheap drinks.

My Rating 7/10.

2 May 2006 14:40

The William Morris, Hammersmith

Nice LN1 pub.

Had a good pint of ale here b4 going to the apollo 4 a show. well priced food and drinks, and a nicely lit interia.

My Rating 7/10

2 May 2006 14:33

The Mill Hill, Acton

Cheap Beer, Friendly Service,

My Rating 6/10.

2 May 2006 14:28

The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

Very Nice Spoons pub.

Large Round shaped bar,Cheap Drinks but slow service when visited.

Gr8 selection of ale,foreign lagers on tap also a generous 5 ciders on tap too!

Nice Patio area outside, and not bad clientel.

My Rating 7/10

2 May 2006 14:09

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Typical Spoons. Large selection of well priced drinks including large amount of ales and ciders.

Nice 2 sit by window and look out over Shepherds Bush Green.

Ideal location right opp tube station. Look up though or u won't see it!

Very busy when i visited 4 a Thursday lunchtime;

My Rating 6/10

2 May 2006 13:59

The Oyster Rooms, Fulham

Visited here on a Thursday afternoon.
Very roomy and open-plan, more suited 4 a fri/sat pre-club drinks.
Reasonable priced drinks incl ales. We went for the 2 meals 4 6.25 LN1 special which were ok the price paid.
Not bad 4 a shopping centre pub,

My Rating 7/10.

2 May 2006 13:39

Seamua O'Donnell's, Exeter

Visited on several occasions now in the hope that the experience will improve.
Pub is one of 3 located across the road from Exeter St Davids Station,(So ideal 4 a quick beer while waiting 4 a connection).
Not had a refurb in years and is looking a bit tatty round the edges.
Friendly Bar Staff but poor if u like real ale. Only one on tap the last few visits, and each time it's been returned 2 the bar as it resembles vinegar!
Opted 4 a pint of Flowers instead.
My Rating 5/10

2 May 2006 12:14

Remedies Bar, Exmouth

Good music Some Nights.
Very "Open - plan" seating.
Good drinks promo's.
No real ale though.
On 2 floors with bar on each, but not much upstairs apart from toilets.

My Rating 7/10

30 Apr 2006 17:34

Farmhouse Inn, Brixington Farm Estate

nearest pub 2 where i live, but don't go in enough 2 class as my "local".
Nice pub though with friendly staff and reasonable food. Couple of benches outside overlook the Tesco petrol forecourt!

My Rating 6/10

26 Apr 2006 01:13

Prince Of Wales, Exmouth

Quite A Large "Barn" of a pub situated amongst the residential estate.
Although "cask Ales" advertised none visible when visited. Pretty much full of "rowdy yokels" and rather unfriendly bar staff.
As no ale available opted 4 a 2.50 pint of Carling Extra Cold which i didn't think was overly reasonable 4 inviting in the punters.
Quite a soul-less local pub.

My Rating 4/10

23 Apr 2006 17:15

The Grove, Exmouth

Another nice pub from the Young's Brewery Chain.
Located in a gr8 seafront location with a nice generous sized beer garden, and a log fire for the winter months. Usually where my Sunday beer crawl around town starts off. Unfortunately quite unreliable for all the Young's ales being on at any one time. Still usually pretty quick service,and generally a nice way 2 spend a summers day.
Virtually chav-free, but quite hard 2 find a table outside in the summer season.

My Rating 8/10

23 Apr 2006 17:08

The Clipper, Exmouth

Been open 4 a couple of years now, and very nice the Clipper is too. Quite modern looking with a nice long bar area. In general the staff are friendly and the food menu is reasonable and quite extensive.
Not a bad selection of beer featuring several lagers including Staropramen, and 3 cornish real ales.
It's nice 2 still see a modern chain other than JDW still serving a nice pint of Tribute or any ale as it happens.

Nice little beer garden at rear. Not too chavvy but can get busy on a saturday nite.

My Rating 8/10

23 Apr 2006 16:52

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