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Comments by elena4

The Castle, Whitechapel

Lovely pub, comfy seats next to a warm fire. and they DO hav crisps and nuts the last time i went.

27 Mar 2008 21:58

The Railway Bell, South Woodford

Definitely an old mans pub. The staff are lovely but the owner certainly isnt, and likes to pick on customers for an argument/fight. Good prices but they don't serve any food even though they r supposed to

27 Mar 2008 21:42

The George, South Woodford

Its a nice pub but is almost always under staffed and they aren't very friendly either.

27 Mar 2008 21:35

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

This is the tiniest pub i've ever seen, and the only time i went in there there was only 2 ppl in there! was nice but different.

27 Mar 2008 21:27

Edwards, Romford

Last time I went there the bouncers were really nasty to me and wouldnt let me in and were gonna call the police, insisting my ID was fake. I sed call the police then cos im no criminal! (on the nite bus home spoke to a woman who was 27 who didnt egt let in!)They also sed they were gonna make sure I didn't get in anywhere else that nite, well thats put me off ever going there again.

27 Mar 2008 21:24

The Cricketers, Woodford

This pub is really cute! Love the owners they are a laugh! I'd recomend to go here for the food especially

27 Mar 2008 20:39

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