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Comments by ed_hodge

Friendship Inn, Borth

Remains unique.

20 May 2013 13:43

Lovibonds Brewery, Henley on Thames

Sour Grapes; Henley Gold; Dirty 69; Lager Boy and others on tap. Bit like having a drink round your mate's place - except for the price! Expect to pay £3 for a half. T-shirts for sale at £50 (yes, that's 'Fif-tee'.
Terrific beer. Pretentious venue.

20 May 2013 13:33

The Bull, Henley-on-Thames

Rather upmarket - not surprisingly! Brakspear's Golden Bull was quite good, but not stunning. More choice of ale would have a bonus. Pub was spotlessly clean, and ticked all the boxes. And Reassuringly Expensive.

20 May 2013 13:25

The Green Man, Edgware Road

Chav-tastic. Sweary, rowdy and no management control. Avoid, I say.

31 Oct 2012 13:54

The Bear Inn, Cirencester

Had a very enjoyable pint of Brains SA on tap. Live music Saturday (may be other nights?).

16 May 2012 13:22

Nelson Inn, Cirencester

Nice clean pub in a back street. Had a nice pint of Hobgoblin, and a lovely sausage bap to start the evening. Really friendly service - worth a visit.

16 May 2012 13:19

The Drillmans Arms, Cirencester

Out of town, cosy bar, pool room and larger function room.
Very quiet for a Saturday evening. Had a pint of BFG which was pleasant enough, then made the mistake of ordering a pint of 'Radgie Gadgie' without asking for a taste first. Turned out to be revolting, but the landlady insisted it was good condition, so wouldn't replace or refund.
Left an unpleasant taste in the mouth in more than one sense.

16 May 2012 13:17

The White Lion Hotel, Machynlleth

Had a lovely Sunday Lunch. Had a really nice pint of EPA, and a not so great pint of Town Crier.
Witnessed the landlady telling a customer they had ordered the wrong dessert...put me off a bit, for the sake of a pudding I thought 'the customer's always right' would have been a bit more gracefull.
I'd still rate it the best pub in Mach.

9 May 2012 20:58

Friendship Inn, Borth

It's unique - as is Mike the Landlord. Just the one Real Ale, but the place is amazing.

9 May 2012 20:53

The Railway Inn, Borth

Bit sweary in the bar. Does nice food. I enjoyed a nice pint of Felinfoel.

9 May 2012 20:50

The Victoria Inn, Borth

May 2012 - Closed for refurbishment. A Loss! Hopefully it will be back with a bang, soon.

9 May 2012 20:47

Fagins Ale, Cardiff

Called Sat. afternoon - lovely pints of a) Jaipur b) Goldengate. Great pub.
Ale was 3 per pint which I thought was a fair price for the quality. However post-mix diet cola was 1.50 for a glass (let's face it - it's just a courtesy purchase by the driver, this was milking it imho).

23 Apr 2012 12:50

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

Visited midday last Thursday. Sams + 3 country wines - nettle, rasberry and apricot. Lush.
Pub itself is quite basic, but has charm - you need to be turned on by wine / cider to enjoy, really.

24 Nov 2011 13:46

The Albion, Winchester

Given that Winchester has some really pubs, it's hard to see who would want to drink here. Chavvy and charmless, but very close to the station - which probably answers my question as to why anyone drinks here.

24 Oct 2010 20:15

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

You will need to make some effort to find this pub, unless of course you are local.
Nice clean pub, comfy chairs, bar stools and table and chair options, so you can enjoy a pint whichever way it best suits you.
Feels like a locals pub - in a nice way, there was no 'alien' atmoshere, just that it advertised community events.
Real ale, real cider - a real pub!

24 Oct 2010 20:11

The Black Boy, Winchester

OMG it's like so utterly out there!
This has 'alternative' written all over it - I loved the quirkiness of the place, and its ramshackle collection of drinking areas. Good ale, too - go on, do yourself a favour.

24 Oct 2010 20:05

The Old Vine, Winchester

More of a restaurant than a pub - but a swift one in the bar area is quite acceptable. I didn't feel the ambience was such that you would settle doen to a drinking session.
But - hey - decent beer and very nicely looked after, perhaps I shouldn't be picky.

24 Oct 2010 20:00

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Pint of Flowerpot (3.4%) priced at 3.20 - no danger of encouraging binge drinking here.
However, the pub is very nice and you can see that the profits are spent on the attractive decor.
The dining area is very formal, and I can't imagine tucking into pub grub here.

24 Oct 2010 19:54

Bell Inn, Winchester

Lovely pub - clean, well cared for, interesting meorabilia, very nice pint of St.Austells beer. Have to agree with previous comments that the bar service was rather amateurish.

24 Oct 2010 19:50

The Eldon Arms, Reading

Your nan would like it. I'm sure they do a sweet sherry.

2 Jun 2010 20:42

The Retreat, Reading

A black beer that tastes like a smoked sausage! How do they do that? What a great pub, although I agree the toilets were minging.

2 Jun 2010 20:38

The Allied Arms, Reading

Old fashioned - as opposed to Olde Worlde - pub, near the shops. Great juke box. Tidy!

2 Jun 2010 20:34

Nags Head, Reading

What a great pub - about a dozen beers to choose from, and a good selection of real (i.e. 70's rock) music.
Too good to miss.

2 Jun 2010 20:31

The Foresters Arms, Reading

Nice big beer garden. Good pint of Harveys. Not a local, so I felt a bit 'watched', but it's a decent boozer.

2 Jun 2010 20:28

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

The pub is a 'must visit'. Tiny and covered in memorabilia photos.
Service and beer was so-so. Quite a throwback.

6 Apr 2010 21:06

Yates's, Manchester

Not a good place at all. Staff were fine though. The pub itself is a shithole that seems to let in anybody.

6 Apr 2010 21:03

Kro 2, Manchester

Visited Easter Sunday - beer fest was on! Absolutely excellent range of ales and ciders on offer.
Feels more like a cafe than a pub, but has a fabulous beer menu.

6 Apr 2010 20:59

The Hare and Hounds, Manchester

Great architecture. Bizarre feel - over 60's clientele with loud 'dreamboats & petticoats' soundtrack.

6 Apr 2010 20:55

The English Lounge, Manchester

Adnams Broadside was ok, but expensive. Quite large and smart enough though. Not sure why they make such a fuss about steak & chips being on 'offer' at 15 a throw. This is a pub - not a restaurant.

6 Apr 2010 20:49

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Nice range of real ale + real cider. Not smart enough to take someone out to if you're out to impress, and the area seemed a bit grim (on Easter Sunday afternoon - if that makes a difference).

6 Apr 2010 20:42

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

April 2010 - favours the 'lived-in' look. Beer was fine, and a free comedy night. Could do with a refurb, I didn't think it lived up to the other recent reviews.

6 Apr 2010 20:37

Dolphin & Anchor, Chichester

Rather quiet for a Saturday night - and a bit cold. That said, service was great, prices very reasonable, and a great range of drinks - as Wetherspoons always do.
Does what it says on the tin.

19 Oct 2009 18:53

The Bull Inn, Chichester

Nice decor, nice menu, good range of reasonably priced meals. No Real Ale.

19 Oct 2009 18:49

The Fishermans Joy, Selsey

Ok, it was early Sunday evening at the tail end of the tourist season, but the pub had a rather tired feel about it. Fullers 'Wags to Witches' was on tap, though - good effort there. There are nicer pubs in Selsey for visitors.

19 Oct 2009 18:46

The Seal, Selsey

Nice pint of HopHead bitter. Sunday lunch 10 for 2 courses - very nice dining area. Live music Sunday afternoon.
All round, the nicest pub in Selsey - so no surprise that it gets quite full.

19 Oct 2009 18:42

The White Horse, Parsons Green

What a fantastic range of beers - Juju Ginger (?) was my fave, also He-brew was good.
Packed - so you need to be sharp to get seated.

23 Jul 2009 19:39

The Duke On The Green, Fulham

A smart pub, in a posh area - therefore a bit pretentious, but lovely surroundings to enjoy a beer.

23 Jul 2009 19:37

Aragon House, Parsons Green

Huge beer garden - shame it was raining when we called in. Funky decor. Deuchars was ok.

23 Jul 2009 19:35

The Waterguard, Cardiff

This a real beauty. Overlooked by most Bay visitors, it is something of peaceful haven. Interesting range of drinks, with the Wheat Beer being my fave. About an acre of 'beer garden' - ok, public picnic area (but near enough to get a resh pint to go with your sarnies). Do yourself a favour, and pay a visit.

26 May 2009 21:30

The Packet, Cardiff

SA on tap, small beer garden. Down to earth place, that seems to be used by locals - rather than visitors.

26 May 2009 21:20

Eli Jenkins, Cardiff

Food and beer is excellent value. Brains bitter, SA and Speckled Hen. Sunny beer garden. Not as swish as the Bay watering holes, but VFM in spades.

26 May 2009 21:16

The Golden Cross, Cardiff

Good fun. Very camp. Nice crowd. Basic Brains Bitter, so not really an ale pub.

26 May 2009 21:12

The Vulcan Hotel, Cardiff

25th May 09 - seems pretty closed to me!

26 May 2009 21:08

The Pilot, Mumbles

Nice and clean, very friendly. Had Sly Fox on draught, very nice pint. Bit quiet, but it was early evening when I visited, so hopefully got busier later.

10 May 2009 18:43

Salt at the George, Mumbles

Smart - but not 'wow' smart. Great views over Swansea Bay, especially from upstairs area. Bottled Hoegaarden, which was nice. Seems like they have relaxed their door policy - but then again it seems that any trade is welcome in Mumbles at the moment. Definitely not the buzz of years gone by.

10 May 2009 18:38

The Nags Head, Mumbles

Closed Saturday night, but open Sunday lunchtime. Next to White Rose, but no attempt to compete on food. How can this pub hope to be succesfull?

10 May 2009 18:32

The White Rose, Mumbles

A big pub, with very good value meals. Capuccino, full breakfast + toast for 3. ESB, Bass + Brains pumps (can't say whether all were actually on, on my visit). Place is nice and clean, service is fine - If you only ever visit one pub in Mumbles...

10 May 2009 18:28

The Victoria Inn, Mumbles

Well, it was certainly open yesterday (9th May), but once you've said that...
Bass was ok, but when you consider that the Parc Inn is literally around the corner, it's hard to see what attracts customers here. Duncan - call back and see if it's changed from previous visits - personally I thought you would have to be pretty easily pleased to think this was satisfying the punters as best it could.

10 May 2009 18:22

The Park Inn, Mumbles

What a hidden gem. Clean, comfortable and friendly with an excellent range of Real Ale. Located in a back street, it's not a pub you will visit by accident - but it's really worth the effort to find if you like Real Ale.

10 May 2009 18:16

The Village Inn, Mumbles

Nicely done out - lots of scatter cushions and trailing vines. Food blackboards looked impressive, although we didn't eat. It is quite dark, but I think that's an intentional subdued lighting feel. No real ale, but it's worth a visit all the same.

10 May 2009 18:11

The William Hancock, Mumbles

Lots of sporting memorabilia, and TV sport, and doing a roaring trade on Saturday evening. Rev James + Bass on draught. Quite traditional.

10 May 2009 18:04

The Antelope, Mumbles

Definitely shut on Saturday night (9th May) - if not trading Sat night, then must be out of business?

10 May 2009 18:00

The Railway Inn, Borth

Strange name - of the 4 pubs in Borth, this is furthest away from the railway station!
It's got everything you need - dining area, bar area, sport on TV - but as a visitor this didn't quite have the ambience of either the Friendship or the Victoria nearby. (Locals may have adifferent view?)

7 May 2009 18:29

Friendship Inn, Borth

Been to this pub before and it has a great feel to it. Tried to visit at about 7.15 this Tuesday and it was shut, with no sign to say what the opening hours are - which is a bit frustrating, and not very professional. Obviously no Credit Crunch going on here.

7 May 2009 18:24

The Victoria Inn, Borth

Really nice refurb - dining/drinking area with sea views, and a veranda with a stunning sunset vista.
BUT...despite advertised opening hours, the pub was shut at 7pm when we tried to pay a second visit. (Is this a Borth idiosynchrity - Friendship opposite also has erratic opening policy?)
Keep trying - it will be worth it.

7 May 2009 18:19

The Black Lion Hotel, Talybont

Cosy bar - pretty full when I called in, and a more laid back lounge area.

7 May 2009 18:11

White Lion, Talybont

Pool table, separate dining room - with speciality sausages on the menu.
Nice pint of Banks - also some bottled real ale.

7 May 2009 18:08

The Wild Fowler, Tre'r Ddol

Excellent Sunday lunch @ 10 with dessert. Consequently every table in the pub had diners, so it felt more like a restaurant than a drinking pub.
Good sized car park / beer garden.

7 May 2009 18:05

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Well worth a visit - just for Kevin the landlord. What a throwback. Loads of memorabilia everywhere; old fun fair bagatelle, military plaques, newspaper cuttings and lots of photographs. Quirky ain't the word!

20 Apr 2009 21:03

The Clachan, Soho

Nice range of beers (I enjoyed the Pirate's Gold), a variety of lagers and a couple of traditional ciders. What more could you want really?

20 Apr 2009 20:54

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