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The Royal Oak, Borough

Was there last weekend. Service poor; two barstaff more interested in chatting to each other than serving. Beer flat, tasteless (?stale) and overpriced.
Disappointing. Perhaps it's better on a weekday?

2 May 2014 22:19

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Had a pint of Chiswick and ate their Shepherds Pie. Both were tasty and in good nick. Service was quick and friendly and prices reasonable for area. Worth a visit for sure.

5 Jan 2011 22:37

The White Horse, Dover

In response to TheFabricFairy, I agree that the Eight Bells is far less cosy than this pub. However, and I find it a real pity to have to repeat this, the quality of the draught ale in the White Horse really is dreadful compared to that found in the Wetherspoons. (I find it difficult to believe I've written that myself). When you weigh up the quality of the beer along with the price you pay for a pint, the Eight Bells is streets ahead. It is, of course, a pretty dire place to enjoy the beer in compared to the White Horse, whose interior is far more comforatble, but I'm finding that more often than not I'd rather drink a well kept pint of an interesting beer in Wetherspoons than suffer yet another dreadful beer in the much more comfortable surroundings of the White Horse. Each to their own I suppose. I'd still prefer not have to suffer the backbiting insults of the management here also. No doubt it goes on everywhere but at least you cant actually hear what they say about you in Wetherspoons! I'm glad this pub has its supporters, but on balance it's not for me! You might be right if you think that says more about me than it does about the pub, but I guess we just have different satndards. I'd still advise anyone to pay the place a visit and make up their own minds; just leave the rose coloured spectacles at the door.

12 Sep 2010 18:40

The Park Inn Hotel, Folkestone

This is a good pub with a wide cross section of customers. It does good fairly priced pub grub and has two hand pulled bitters which are reasonably priced. It is also clean and comfortable. All in all not much to moan about. Certainly worth a look.

26 May 2010 23:31

The Eight Bells, Dover

Having been back to the pub a couple of times since my last review, I think I may have misjudged it. On my last two visits the staff have been efficient and friendly and the place also looks better kept with staff actually cleaning tables at regular intervals. No complaints about the beer quality either. All in all much better than my previous review gave credit for. Worth a visit. let's hope it keeps that way.

17 Apr 2010 14:35

The White Horse, Dover

Despite the alterations a few years ago this pub remains one of the most atmospheric in the town. It is fair to say that it has a chequered history, littered with failed concepts and business plans of its post Whitbread licencees. The current incumbants, who have been in charge for a month or so, are from the more 'spivvy' side of the Dover licenced trade. Thus we have two aged 'ladettes' with history of running other pubs in Dover in charge, and a plethora of unconditioned real ales priced to suit the clique of distressed teachers who frequent the place. The ales are served too' green', being clear as a bell in the glass but as tart as a Parisian whore. Worst of all is the ladettes' attitude to their customers; they forget we can actually hear what they say about us, given their quiet retiring nature! Having said that, go there and enjoy the cabaret. It wont be there much longer, methinks!

25 Mar 2010 21:35

The Artillery Arms, Old Street

Was in the pub in the picture (coincidentally called the Artillery Arms) and found all to be in good order. Service prompt, beer well kept, as is the furniture. Nothing to moan about. All in all a good place for a pint of beer.

11 Mar 2010 18:13

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

The cleanest pub I have been in for quite some time. Also had excellent and prompt service and well kept beers. Couldnt find anything to moan about at all. Thoroughly recommended.

11 Mar 2010 18:10

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Was very disappointed with my visit here just after lunchtime, midweek. The barmaid was more interested in chatting to a friend over the bar than serving and when she finally got round to serving us she carried on her conversation whilst asking us what we wanted. Very rude and off hand service. The bitter was cold and fizzy, and over priced. Wont bother coming in here again for sure. Faded glory without doubt. Quite tragic given its reputation.

11 Mar 2010 18:06

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Visited here one midweek afternoon around 230pm and have to say it was just awful. The Old Brewery Bitter was sour and vinegary, and the person serving simply didnt understand my language. The manager arrived and agreed the beer was sour and offered me something else as he HAD to sell the remaining beer off before he could change the barrel. The place had only about a dozen customers in, but the bar was dirty and tables sticky. Thoroughly disappointing. Wont be going back for a while after this sorry experience.

11 Mar 2010 18:01

Saracens Head, Deal

Good pub, recently refurbished. Friendly locals and well kept ale. Service also good. Worth a visit for sure.

7 Mar 2010 14:03

The Cricketers, Canterbury

THE worst pint of Masterbrew ever (turgid, fizzy vinegar) plus the most ignorant/lazy bar staff all add up to a real disaster. It's not cheap either. Not one I'd recommend.

7 Mar 2010 13:59

The Park Inn, Dover

Not a bad pub by any standards. Good range of ales generally well kept. Not too expensive. Mixed clientele in terms of ages. Often has live music. Sells food as well, but havent tried it. Sevrice usually prompt. Worth a look.

7 Mar 2010 12:37

The Eight Bells, Dover

This is not the best example of a Wetherspoon beer temple. It seems to have a hard core of 'meths' drinkers who give the place a less than fragrant atmosphere. Curiously for a pub that has so many staff, the length of time it takes to get served is a real pain. The whole place has needs a deep clean; tables are frequently filthy as is the carpet, and the bar counter is one of the stickiest I have ever seen. The ale quality is normally OK though. However, given the general condition of the place and its regulars I am at a loss to see how this can be included in CAMRA's good beer guide. Not recommended in any sense.

7 Mar 2010 12:28

The Prince Albert, Dover

This pub is not at all bad, selling a reasonable range of beer with at least one reasonably priced and well kept ale on draught. It's not a quiet pub by any means, but its clientele are pretty harmless on the whole. They have live music at weekends which can be a bit hit and miss, but is always good fun. The service is prompt and it's a reasonably comfortable place. Certainly worth a look if you like pubs with atmosphere.

7 Mar 2010 12:19

The Three Cups, Dover

Not a bad pub, with a choice of 2-3 real ales on tap. Food is reasonably priced and cooked. Clientele mainly amicable, as are the bar staff. Has music sessios over the weekend which can be as hit and miss as the choice of ales; sometimes there's something to suit your taste but more often than not it's just all a bit too bland. Worth a visit though.

7 Mar 2010 12:10

Blakes, Dover

The last comment is more "unfortunate" than its predecessor even if it does accurately reflect some of the little Englander types that can infect this place on a regular basis. IF you can block out much of the nonsense that passes for witty repostes in this somewhat cramped bar, and overcome the inherent smugness of the proprietors , (even if it may be well deserved), it is possible to enjoy a good selection of well kept and keenly priced ales. Clearly a white noise generator would be an asset under these circumstances, but otherwise, I find the old 'allo 'allo trick with the cheese normally works well enough. Having seen the last reviewer's comments about the Falstaff, I am somewhat struck by the irony that this too is a bar spoilt in large part by those that frequent it. There he called them "oafs", here you'll find the Colonel Blimp Brigade...oops I meant people of a certain class. Know wot I meen guv?

13 Aug 2009 20:38

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