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The Stag and Hounds, Iver

Sorry to have to say..Unfortunatly not the friendliest of places.
Myself and my partner visited this establishment yesterday as we had travelled 100 miles to see a production at Pinewood Studios and were a little early.
When we walked through the door we approached the bar and were given 'daggers' from who I assumed was the owner (blond lady, well dressed).
We were not greeted in a friendly manner and were barely spoken to let alone had the pleasure of any manners.
We felt very unwelcome in here needless to say after the one drink we left.
This is obviously a 'local only' villiage pub.

Never Again!

11 Jul 2008 13:42

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

went here on a lovely friday evening, looks as tough it is going to be busy inside because there is always a huge crowd outside but inside was nice and quiet with plenty of seats and good fast service at the bar.
Great atmosphere

2 Jun 2008 12:51

Belushis, Covent Garden

All in all this was a great pub.
Went in twice, once during the day and the other in the evening..daytime was more relaxed and in the evening was more loud and boulshy had a great time at both.
Didn't find drinks at all that expensive (there are dearer places in CG) the only down point was that the girl behind the bar was constantly suggesting you give her a pound from your change as a tip!! so i suggest going to the bar with the correct amount if you can!! unless of course you want to tip them.

Great experience!

2 Jun 2008 12:48

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