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The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Voted SW London CAMRA Pub of the Year 2012, but they don't shout about it.

6 Jul 2013 09:54

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Beer & Music Festival 27th til 29th Great Music line up Saturday & Sunday not to mention the 50+ beers and cider all drawn from the South of England. Will it be Old Dairy Gold Top, Brodies Dragon Veis, or Hammerpot Vinery Mild, now that's the question?

22 May 2011 11:16

The Cricketers, Bedford

moclips2002 you sound jaded...have you been barred? I recommend that reviewers take heed of rpadam's reasoned comments. If one considers the prices here expensive you need to get out more! The price in this gaf is practically set by the tenants Landlord, who for some bizarre reason is allowed to step outside the Competition Act and charge his beleagured tenant an over inflated 100% mark up on the beer he is obligated to buy from them on top of his rent. This is a great pub, immaculate, and well run by passionate, engaging people. I like to think I know a thing or two as I have been doing the same for some twenty odd years. Thank you Paul & Steph, well done and keep up the good work

28 Jan 2011 19:21

The Manor Arms, Clapham

One of Claphams best pubs just got better. They have started Beer Festivals with one coming up this Halloween, and they are soon to start up food. I'll have two Curries Wednesday please Guv. Blue_scrumpy, they now have Addlestones on draught..

8 Oct 2010 13:57

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Came in from London yesterday to be introduced to this wonderful boozer by some revolutionary friends of mine. The evening went from good to great. Everything about this pub from the couple that run it to the beer and regulars is tip top, (met an old boy who since losing his wife had been press ganged into going on the pub beano's to Germany by other regulars....what a great sense of communtity and everything that a good pub should be), the beer festival was extremely well organised and would put CAMRA regionals to shame. All the beer was in perfect condition and the simple but tasty food hit the spot without getting in the way of what this pub is about....BEER. A big thank you to Kev, Claire and staff for an evening that failed to dissapoint. 10/10

23 Oct 2009 10:44

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Beer Festival at the Eagle 29th to 31st August. Over 38 micro brews and Music Festival on the Sunday. Get on! I know where i'll be!

29 Aug 2009 14:22

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

An outstanding pub that has somehow survived the ravishes of greedy pubcos.
My only gripe was that all the beer was Palmers, isn't it a Freehouse? Nice staff, great little fossil museum all easygoing with regulars strumming away on guitar and local stonemasons chipping away out back. Truly lost in time

18 Aug 2009 15:40

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

I don't understand the negative comments here as maybe I got lucky. Of the 7 pubs we visited in the area this is up there with the Castle at Lulworth. Friendly chatty staff, 9 beers, and good food coupled with a great open fire, dog friendly and of course the breathtaking local. 8/10 easy

8 Aug 2009 01:28

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

At last everything under one roof. Lovely pub, friendly staff, great beer and tip top food. Thank you for shaking off the dross and making an other wise dreary wet week camping much more palatable.

8 Aug 2009 01:21

Bankes Arms Hotel, Corfe Castle

Always find it bemusing that someone in the hospitality industry would berate customers for not bringing their glasses back to the bar. Whilst I agree with the sentiment and I do out of common courtesy, I can't understand why one would risk embarrasing a customer by telling them off. You don't pay these prices to be talked to like a naughty schoolboy. 3.30 for Best Bitter and 15 for all the specials. Must try harder.

8 Aug 2009 01:14

The Fox, Corfe Castle

While I don't agree with the comment about selling short life beer (it makes no sense to potentially buy something that may go off and you can't sell) we popped in last week and was disappointed with what looked so promising from the outside. As has been. said all the usual suspects, London Pride Abbott Ale etc. Why oh why sell beers that you always see in tied houses if you are free of tie? I like beer form the barrel but it shouldn't be an excuse to sell it at 22c. Cellar temps should be between 10 & 15c. Our Prides were warm and flat with not so much as an attempt to chill the barrel with even a wet bar towel.
That said the pub has bags of character, the garden was lovely and I personally found the gent I presume to be the Landlord polite and amiable.

8 Aug 2009 01:02

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Slerpy, can you describe said landlord as it doesn't sound like anyone I recognise, nor does it seem the twenty or so other previous posters. They had a beer fest here over Spring Bank Holiday that wiped the floor with the Battersea Beer Fest. Over 40 Micro Brews no Regionals, right temperature, great condition all from the south for a change( instead of just Yorkshire) with an army of volunteers, and they go about it quietly without fuss. The place was packed and not a single advert placed all word of mouth. Obviously supported well by locals without chips on their shoulders. Well done lads n lasses. Dave Traf see you for the Cricket soon.

3 Jun 2009 21:33

The Halfway House, Barnes

This is a great pub, landlord and landlady like they should be, real!
Cannot understand why anyone in the area bothers with the other pretenders in the area. Some very nice sites but still a monopoly of Youngs that don't offer a choice of ales like the Halfway
This is a proper boozer, where the gentle art of conversation is alive and well.

20 Oct 2008 21:24

Duchess , Battersea

This is a lovely pub with an amazing view of my favourite London Landmark.I don't want to sound pompous but they've done wonders with the interior design without it being so trendy as to make it exclusive. They cater for all types in here. The foods good without being expensive and the spirit menu is rediculously extensive. Only critisism- Josh get some decent beer, i can't cope with that Greene King muck. Otherwise yo the man!

31 Aug 2008 21:36

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Fantastic Beer & Music Festival, I have never seen the pub so busy even during the Rugby! I'm told they went through 19 barrels on the Sunday alone, Lakeland Gold lasted 20 minutes. Well done everyone

31 Aug 2008 21:25

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Quality pub, please don't follow the rest by going Gastro. Best Pub with Best Beer for miles. The pub number above is incorrect tho its 020 7228 2328.

11 Oct 2007 16:12

The Rose and Crown, Clapham

Has got alot better recently,can't workout if there has been a change of management, but they have definately taken heed of these reviews. The gents no longer stink, the place has been cleaned and most importantly the beer tastes better. Great but unobtrusive TV for watching the Rugby, missus loved the wine too.

11 Oct 2007 15:56

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