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Comments by coconuts27

The Courtfield, Earls Court

yet another pub advertised on BITE as possessing pool tables but doesn't have any- we found out to our cost when we went the other week.

25 Feb 2014 13:36

The Greyhound, Kensington

No longer have a pool table in the back room. Good range of beers on tap, had a couple of enjoyable Adnams. Crowd mixed, mainly post-work and a few posh kids, décor bland. Overall certainly not a destination pub but would pop in if thirsty and walking past, however this is unlikely as it is quite far down a side road in an area of London I rarely visit.

25 Feb 2014 13:02

The Elbow Room, Bayswater

Is this website not updated? This place has been CLOSED for a while and is now a restaurant.

25 Feb 2014 12:43

Dundas Arms, Kintbury

We had a very nice stay at this pub recently, re below the landlord was perhaps a little phlegmatic but perfectly pleasant to us. The room was a good size and in good repair with a door leading to a lovely (shared) private terrace backing onto a side part of the canal. The food was very tasty and I had an enjoyable pint from the local brewery, name escapes me, very tasty 4.5vol. Location with shire horses and canal boats passing not at all spoilt by the odd train passing.

13 Oct 2011 13:10

The Lansdowne, Primrose Hill

One of those pubs that if you are w*nkey then you will walk in with relish , however if w*nkey doesnt work for you then I suggest you head elsewhere. Drinks fine, staff harrassed but ok, clientele rather w*nkey.

Oh you'd like a definition of w*nkey? Affluent, posturing, hearty, over-groomed, over-dressed and over-30. London's full of 'em.

BTW I'm middle-class and affluent-carribean(-holiday) so I'm allowed to say such things.

22 Jul 2010 17:34

The Two Brewers, Northaw

This pub is barely ok. Came on a Saturday night (admittedly Easter weekend) and there were only a few foul mouthed locals and cheap looking furnishings. Had the Adnams which was nice but couldnt wait to leave. Didnt see the garden.

3 Apr 2010 22:22

The Rising Sun, Little Hampden

Pub with a bit of character, in the middle of nowhere with plenty of strength-sapping hilly woodland walks to be had nearby. We stayed on a Saturday night and there was barely another soul to be seen (understandable in freezing cold January). The owners seemed friendly although virtually all our interaction came with the french-sounding barmaid who spoke very limited english so we did feel we missed out a bit on 'the human touch'. The accomodation was fine if over-warm (couldnt turn off radiator!), and at £75 it wasnt the cheapest, but overall I would recommend it mainly because of the tucked-away location.

7 Jan 2009 15:57

The Old Custom House Hotel, Padstow

Fairly soulless and chain-like, wouldnt recommend, although was disappointed generally by the standard of pubs in Padstow. Dont agree about the Cornish Cream ale, thought it was ok.

11 Mar 2008 15:43

The Port William Inn, Tintagel

Food not cheap but not too bad, ale lovely as in all pubs we went to in Cornwall, setting superb, very atmospheric at night. Unusually they had a large fish tank there with the oddest looking fish bombing round it. Service fine although manageress seemed a bit stressed. Would definitely go back.

11 Mar 2008 15:37

Napoleon Inn, Boscastle

Undoubtedly atmospheric & food good although limited menu when we were there. It was full to bursting point when we went which shows it is popular but not necessarily what you want for a cosy relaxed pint- it was a Saturday night though to be fair. Friendly manager and wife. Overall good but preferred Cobweb.

11 Mar 2008 15:32

The Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

A cracker of a pub, my favourite on beery trip to Cornwall. Olde world charm without being quaint or chintsy, two seperate bars, atmospheric bric a brac, chairs and fireplace, good ales, nice bar staff, tasty reasonable-priced food- I devoured a crab for a tenner.

11 Mar 2008 15:26

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

This used to be just a great normal pub handily positioned in the centre of the West End but just far enough from Oxford St to prevent gormless shoppers or tourists pouring in en masse. The themey goth makeover was utterly tacky and inexplicable. But equally inexplicably, despite The Addams family's best efforts, it has retained its cracking atmosphere and remains a worthwhile pub to visit.

19 Jul 2007 18:46

The Running Horse, Mayfair

Just had lunch in there. Bit pricey on the food but hey I wasnt paying! I doubt this will ever be a 'must-go' pub in its current incarnation as it isnt that charismatic, is given over to suity diners at lunchtime and isnt in a particularly trendy area, but nevertheless a perfectly serviceable venue for drinks and chat and some better-than-Brake-Brothers grub. I believe in the evening the food op shuts and it reverts into a normal boozer. Didnt explore the upstairs bar but may go back to do so as I am a big fan of this endangered species (anyone remember the upstairs at The Kings Head in C Garden, legendary venue, they turned it into a shoe shop or something similarly ghastly) 7/10

21 Jun 2007 15:50

The Barley Mow, Mayfair

This pub has become a firm favourite for a beer after work. It's a bit of the beaten track so isnt swarmed with dull/boarish suits and there always seems to be plenty of room. Decent beer, ambient decor and decent service, thumbs up.

24 May 2007 18:05

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