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Comments by chunkypetersplat

The Star, Haywards Heath

Pub has been refurbished but still lacking in any sense of welcome or good service.
Visited for lunch on Mother's Day, which is a day that you'd expect pubs to be rammed with Mother's enjoying their special lunches but this was half empty.
One barmaid serving and she is a bit on the miserable side.
Burger and pint deal is well priced but some clientele are a mixed bunch, especially the old geezers who think it's acceptable to swear loudly.
Can't wait for the Dark Star pub to open up in the Broadway and have somewhere decent to drink!

6 Mar 2016 19:15

Seven Stars, Brighton

Visited on Saturday evening as one of the pubs on a bit of a crawl through Brighton.
First thing that we noticed on entering the pub was an aroma of vomit - not nice at all!
We ordered at the bar and found a seat at the back of the pub, as it was very busy, but the smell was quite overpowering all through the pub resulting in us downing our pints rather quickly and leaving for a pub with more of a pleasant aroma.
Cracking bit of stuff behind the bar though - it looked like Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner were having a bit of a party under her rather skimpy vest top!
Due to the smell will have to give quite a low score and probably won't rush back in a hurry.

2 Dec 2013 12:56

Trevor Arms, Glynde

Visited on a chilly Friday evening last week. First time we've been here since it was taken over and refurbished and were attracted by the food advertised on the website.
It is a large pub with an almost cavernous main bar, but a good selection of ale and cider on tap.
We sat in the 'restaurant' area furthest from the bar which was rather dimly lit and although the pub wasn't cold it wasn't really that warm either. Disappointing to notice at least three open fires that were completely empty and void of a nice roaring fire.
The food however was excellent. We both had the Steak & Ale pie and both agreed that it was the best pie we have had in a pub for a very long time. Proper shortcrust pastry all round, none of this puff pastry rubbish on top of a ceramic dish that other pubs offer these days! The filling was tender, moist and the gravy was delicious. Accompanied with greens and a bowl of chips that were piping hot and plentiful. At under £10 each they were a bargain and we shall certainly revisit to try other pies and the other items they offer on the menu.
Agree with other posters that is lacking a bit in atmosphere but roaring fires would certainly add to the appeal of this pub.

2 Dec 2013 12:47

The Green Man, Ringmer

Visited last night specifically to try the food as had received good reviews from two separate sets of friends. A roomy pub, is much bigger inside than it looks from the outside with a nice conservatory area for dining.

There were four different bitters on – tried a pint of Guzzler from the York Brewery which was great. Food choice is pretty good; covers all of the bases and seems like hearty pub grub. We opted for the Steak and Guinness pie which is proper shortcrust pastry rather than a naff puff pastry topping that so many pubs offer these days.

The pie was excellent and came with chips, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Big portion sizes, in fact the plate was a tad too small to fit everything on so if I had one gripe it would be to increase the size of the dinner plates!

Didn’t try dessert as was too full but the selection looked good and was very reasonably priced. Friendly bar staff and food orders taken at the table - another pub to add to our list and we will certainly be revisiting again in the near future.

30 Jul 2013 12:07

The Good Companions, Brighton

Nice pub, range of ales, decor, food etc but the glaringly obvious fault with the pub is the lack of available bar staff.
Numerous times I have been in on a busy lunchtime to find a stack of people waiting with only one person serving. There are other staff hovering around in the background polishing forks or pretending to tidy tables but none seem too keen to actually serve the punters.
So come on Good Companions, get some decent serving staff who know their way round a bar and you'll be laughing, as will the punters who get served more quickly!

12 Apr 2013 15:16

The Crown and Anchor, Brighton

Pub has had a facelift - looks good on the outside but sadly lacking inside. Although nice wallpaper etc the finishing has left it lacking atmosphere and cosiness. There is a lovely fireplace boarded up and a couple of sofas that look like they have just been left in the middle of a big space.
Shame as it could be good - also put off by a large rowdy crowd that gave the place a bit of an unpleasant atmosphere as if it was going to kick off at any moment, especially when one lagered up nob from aforementioned group came bumbling out of the toilet and nearly upended over the sofa that we were sitting on.
Can't say that I'll be in a hurry to return.

11 Mar 2013 20:47

The Coach and Horses, Clapham

Popped in yesterday afternoon for a Christmas Drink after a Boxing Day drive. Although having lived in Sussex all my life and driven past this pub hundreds of times this was my first visit.

Extremely welcoming landlord & landlady who made us feel very welcome indeed. Nick is very personable and friendly and makes you feel at home instantly.

The Christmas ale was delightful and the mulled wine very tasty. Nice ambience with a log fire adding to the cosy atmosphere. We didn't eat but having checked out the online menu we'll certainly be sure of a return visit to sample the food that is on offer.

I'd recommend a visit, certainly based on our experiences from yesterday.

27 Dec 2012 10:37

The Egremont Hotel, Worthing

Popped in on Friday evening for a swift pint after visiting the nearby Beer Festival.

Upon entering the overpowering stench of what can only be described as a mixture of faeces and disinfectant immediately assaulted our nostrils, so can't comment on what the interior was like as we turned straight round and went back out into the fresh air, never to return.

Went to The Royal Oak opposite which served a good pint of Harveys and didn't smell like somebody had done a 'dirty protest'.

22 Oct 2012 12:45

The Brown Bear, Whitechapel

Popped in last night after an excellent curry at the Indian three or so doors down. Not busy but very welcoming. Had the Adnams (the only beer on out of three clips) but was a good pint. We spent a good three hours here until closing time and enjoyed every minute so wouldn't hesitate to go back if we are ever in this part of London again.

4 Jun 2012 18:08

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

The location is a draw for the tourists but the pub is a letdown, especially the pizza restaurant.
We visited yesterday and had a risotto and a cannelloni which can only be described as bland and utterly tasteless. Waiter was pretty useless, no parmesan or niceties offered and took 15 minutes to get two coffees once we'd finished our meal.
As per previous comments the pizza's seem very overpriced which is whey we opted for the non pizza dishes. When we spoke with the manager and suggested the pasta dishes could do with more seasoning his excuse was 'well we are a pizza restaurant' - if that's the case then don't offer pasta dishes!!!

4 Jun 2012 17:58

The Castle, Holborn

Had some time to kill so popped in on Thursday lunchtime for a couple of pints. Impressed with the range of bitters on tap and had a pint of Redcar and a Hopping Mad, both of which were very good indeed.
A few city gents in there finishing their lunchtime lager quaffing and although not that busy was a good atmosphere and pleasant enough. Would use again if I find myself in the area again.

11 Feb 2012 19:10

The Red Lion, Mortimer West End

Visited on Thursday evening and were very impressed. Tim the barman was extremely friendly & efficient and the interior was oldy worldy with a lovely open fire. Good selection of food and we both had fish and chips which was very nice and very reasonably priced.
Would visit again if in the area and would recommend it.

31 Dec 2011 23:12

The Old Bell, Grazeley Green

Originally visited in June 2009 and staying again at a local hotel on Thursday/Friday last week were a bit hesitant at re-visiting after reading the recent reviews.
However, revisit we did on both Thursday lunchtime and Friday evening and weren't disappointed.
In fact, it appeared to be as I remember it and far from stark, cold and uninviting as per the previous comment. There was a log fire roaring away on both days and the staff were efficient and helpful.
The lunch deals were very good value and tasty (Chicken tikka skewers and a curry) and the evening meals were very tasty, served quickly and extremely good value. My bistro salad with chicken skewers was very filling (stilton, croutons, mixed leaves and a very tasty dressing) and my girlfriends chicken & chorizo with sweet potato mash was also very good.
I can't match this pub to the last three reviews unless the staff have completely changed and when we revisit the local De Vere hotel again we will certainly come back to this pub.

31 Dec 2011 23:02

Bulls Head, Goring By Sea

Visited a couple of weeks ago as part of a group of ten and found the pub perfectly acceptable. The service was good, the Timothy Taylor was good, the food was good and it arrived together.
I had a mixed grill and it was really nice and my friends all seemed to enjoy their meals.
Only thing is that pub shuts at 11 on the dot - be nice to stay open a little longer to enjoy a fw more beers!

3 Dec 2011 21:31

The Friars Oak, Hassocks

Not sure how this pub has a 2.1 rating?
Visited last Sunday evening & enjoyed a very nice meal indeed.
Their prawn cocktail is not a limp 70's offering but a delicious starter in a very large wine glass with succulent prawns and a delicious sauce.
My partners chilli prawns were just as good and she was very pleased with it (not a mean feat considering she is VERY picky with her food!).
The mains of hunters chicken for me and rump steak for my g/f were delicious, hot and served quickly and the desserts were superfluous. Giant profiteroles for me left me feeling very happy indeed and the trio of desserts my g/f tried were delicious.
The drinks were good - the pint of guest ale I had (the name escapes me at the moment) was fabulous and the bottle of fizz my g/f had was very tasty and very reasonably priced.
Although a chain pub we always find this one consistently good and as a pub is only as good as the manager I'd say in this case the manager seems to be doing a perfectly good job so if you are in the vicinity give it a try.

3 Dec 2011 21:26

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

I don't think this pub knows whether it wants to be a jolly local or a gastro pub.
We popped in yesterday afternoon at about 4.45pm to see if the menu was something we'd like to try that evening.

The girl behind the bar, although polite, was a tad cold. She advised us that there was no menu for that evening yet as the chef was still deciding what to prepare.

We asked what sort of food was generally served and from that got the impression that we'd like to go back that evening for some dinner. Added to the fact that it was a nice atmosphere, a fire was on in the main bar and the ambience of the building seemed quite warming.

However, when we returned that evening the atmosphere was rather less ambient. It was a strange mix of posh people going for overpriced food from an uninspiring menu and the local yokels at the bar effing and jeffing at the tops of their voices as if it was a public bar in a spit and sawdust saloon.

The pint of TEA I had on the afternoon visit was good and the Wandle was well priced at 2.50 per pint (a rugby promotion) but the food wasn't as good as they probably think it is and is far too pricey (6 -7 for a dessert!!).

We had soup & Fish & Chips but left feeling rather short changed and so doubt that we would visit again if i the area. Looking at the reviews of the nearby Volunteer we shall probably go there instead.

23 Oct 2011 15:38

The Cherry Tree Inn, Ticehurst

It was actually Harvey's South Down Harvest rather than Harvey's Copperwheat - my mistake!

12 Sep 2011 20:11

The Cherry Tree Inn, Ticehurst

Visited on Saturday lunchtime and had a very nice ploughman's lunch and my g/f had a good sized tuna mayo salad with a side of chips.
Good selection of salad - not just lettuce as most pubs offer but celery, peppers, spring onion, cucumber, tomato etc. Ploughman's was very tasty with a nice pickle, lovely pate, pickled onions, proper ham, grated cheese, warmed bread and a sausage.
Had a lovely pint of Harveys Copperwheat beer too.
Nice surroundings in the pub and friendly staff. If we are ever in the area again then we shall certainly pay it a visit.

12 Sep 2011 20:06

The White Horse, Hascombe

Visited today just before 3pm hoping to have some food.
On arrival the pub looked busy but not overcrowded as plenty of people were in the garden.
We looked at a menu at the bar before ordering drinks & food & overheard a customer asking how long her food would be. We took this as a bit of a bad omen and wandered outside, debating whether to leave and look for another pub. However, the food we saw did look good so we went back inside and ordered some food and drink (although when ordering I did hear somebody else asking where their food was!).
The girl behind the bar took the order & did advise that there may be a 35 minute wait for food but we weren't in any hurry so got a couple of packets of crisps just in case and took a seat outside.
We were pleasantly surprised when the food came after only about 15 minutes and it was really good. The chips were fresh and crispy, the burger was homemade, thick and tasty and the garnish was very nice. My girlfriends haddock was lightly battered with mushy peas, chips and tartare sauce and well received.
Nice pint of Tribute and a pleasant enough experience and I think that food prices are about average these days. Would pay a return visit if we were passing.

29 Aug 2011 19:37

George Inn, Burnham

Had a pint in here after a visit to the Old Five Bells. Only Courage Best on offer and two old gents in the place so absolutely no atmosphere at all.
Sat in the 'garden' (which is a few garden benches in the car park at the back) and had our pints whilst waiting for our respective partners to finish their shopping expedition. To say that they weren't impressed with the place when they walked through to find us would be an understatement.
Don't think that we'll be returning to Burnham to sample any more of their pub offerings in a hurry if this and the Old Five Bells are anything to go by.

7 Aug 2011 18:48

The Old Five Bells, Burnham

Oh dear - what a disappointment. The pub looks absolutely lovely from the outside; beautiful hanging baskets adorn the exterior and the beams and location opposite the church give it a very welcoming olde worlde village green look.
However, all that goes out of the window when you enter the place! Sky Sports on a massive flat screen TV with the volume turned up to 100 competing with music that is just as loud and the pub frequented with what I can only describe as the sort of people who'd tarmac old people's driveways for 5000.
It's got a cask marque plaque on the door but I'm not sure why as the two pints of bitter that were served were chilled!!
We sat in the garden to get a bit of peace and quiet but were sadly soon joined in the garden area by a chavtastic family with their overweight labrador which proceeded to relieve itself of a large turd by one of the garden benches - lovely! Give the chavtastic dad his due - he did pick up the poo after about five minutes though.
We hurriedly drank our pints and left - never to return!
I give this place a zero, only because the scoring rating doesn't allow minus figures.

7 Aug 2011 18:44

The Plough and Harrow, Litlington

Fabulous pub! Nestled in the bosom of the South Downs in the village of Litlington this is a gem of a find. A cheery hello from both barman upon arrival set the tone for a very nice evening indeed.
A lovely garden area and then we moved indoors to eat. Good selection on offer and at reasonable prices too. Hophead, Harveys Best & Armada on tap and the Armada was top notch.
Food was absolutely delicious, extremely well presented and the field mushroom served with the sirloin steak was the best that we had ever tasted! The soup starter was also delicious.
A very nice pub in a fabulous location with friendly staff, great food and a great ambience.
We will most definitely be back and would recommend this pub to anybody!

23 Jul 2011 18:21

Park View, Brighton

This pub just gets worse & worse, which is quite difficult as it was never that good in the first place!
Pub quiz now rubbish - unfortunately the goth girl who always used to do it seems to have been canned and they now have a Heart DJ wannabee doing it. Also, the quiz has moved from the downstairs room (which was ideal for pub quizzes) to the upstairs bar which is chocka block with normal non-quiz punters .
Should have known better but went for Sunday lunch yesterday - what a disaster! Thinking the new Summer menu would be a tasty alternative we were sadly mistaken. Liked the sound of the 'Oak smoked chicken, apple & chicory salad with citrus dressing' @ 8.25 a pop so ordered two plus a veggie beef wellington.
After waiting for an hour and ten minutes (and having phoned the pub from downstairs to see where our food was as it was too busy to actually go and ask at the bar!) two bowls of what looked like two week old yellowing lettuce with a few miniscule bits of chicken turned up. No apple visible, no dressing visible, nothing really that edible visible so we send the food back and managed to get a refund from the surly manager who didn't even offer an apology for the lateness or order or the fact that the menu description varied wildly from the finished product.
Added to that pints of bitter for a minimum of 3.30 per pint, draught cider @ 3.60 a pint and bar staff who would be better replaced with headless chickens then you have a very expensive pub with nothing really going for it.
Have now learnt our lesson and will not be going back unless it changes hands and the new owners employ a competent bar manager and competent staff.
Try the Preston Park Tavern just up the road if you want an alternative - that's where we headed after this lunch disaster and had a very tasty crumble whilst sitting in the sunny beer garden.

11 Jul 2011 17:10

The Feathers, Burnham

Visited for lunch today. A pleasant pub with nice interior and exterior and a good selection of ale.
Sat outside to eat (which is table service). We took a menu out with us and chose something from the lunch deal menu, which had really good choices at a really good price.
The service was a tad slow to actually take our order but the food delivery wasn't painfully slow - sometimes it's nice to take your time when eating.
Good value and good quality food and when we are back in the area we shall definitely try and come back here again.

21 Jun 2011 17:26

The Green Man, Denham

Visited the Green Man after a visit to the lacklustre Falcon Inn over the road.
The Green Man is the complete opposite - a great atmosphere, friendly staff with a bit of banter, great selection of ales, nice interior with what looks like a nice outdoor area (which we didn't use as it was persisting down with rain!) and great sensibly priced food.
The fish and chips IS the biggest piece of fish that we have ever seen! The burger was really tasty and the food came very quickly despite it being busy.
My only gripe would be that a pint of coke costs the same as a pint of beer (3.30!).
We shall definitely be revisiting The Green Man next time we are in the area and would recommend it.

21 Jun 2011 17:21

The Falcon Inn, Denham

Looking at the previous reviews I wonder if this is the same pub!?
Visited last night at around 6.30pm and I have to say that the place was a bit like the Moon - it lacked atmosphere!
A couple sitting quietly in the corner, a bloke sitting quietly at the bar, a blonde woman talking on her mobile at the bar and a meek looking barmaid. All this and Vera Lynn warbling in the background from the CD player.
Place looks very clean and clinical but it did have a nice selection of beer.
I do object to premises that charge you for using a Visa Debit card if under a certain amount. In this place (in a village with no cash machines) they charge an extra 50p for cards under a value of 20!! In this day and age where a lot of people don't carry cash then I find this a bit of a profiteering piss take.
We drank up as quickly as we could and headed over the road to The Green Man(which was a great pub!)

21 Jun 2011 17:15

The Earth and Stars, Brighton

Was on a bit of a crawl a couple of weeks ago and we popped into this pub. The barman was a friendly character - good bit of banter and suggested an alternative cider shandy for my friend which hit the spot!
The pint of Hepworths that I had was very nice and the pub had a good atmosphere. Will definitely be back!

18 Jun 2011 08:44

The Woodman Arms, Hammerpot

Visited last night for some food.
Lovely atmosphere and busy yet not overcrowded. Five ales available and the pint of Discovery and HSB that I had were excellent.
The staff were attentive, friendly and welcoming.
Good choice of food and excellent quality. Sizzling king prawn starter was delicious and my chicken breast stuffed with applewood cheese wrapped in Parma Ham was FANTASTIC! Girlfriend's curry was delicious too.
Too full to experience the puddings but will definitely be back and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this pub.

18 Jun 2011 08:41

The Anchor Inn, Hartfield

Agree with previous comments - bar staff not particularly interested in the punters as we found out when arriving at the bar and bot being acknowledged at all by the surly looking bald bloke behind the bar.
In fact he finished serving the bloke he was dealing with, completely ignored us and walked off towards the kitchen. He was replaced by a young girl who looked about thirteen who served us but absolutely crap in the customer service stakes.
Larkins was good but that was it - nothing else to recommend this place. Will try the Hay Waggon if we are in Hartfield again.

7 Mar 2011 20:48

Park View, Brighton

Trouble with the pub is the lack of serving staff and the fact they have no idea of who is next to be served. Very frustrating when the bar is four deep and they just serve whomever is nearest to them rather than having the nous to clock the punters at the bat=r and mentally note who is next!
A shame really as the beers are good and the food is good but the bar service is a complete letdown.
There was a rather nice curly haired filly behind the bar last night but as attractive as she was I don't think that working in a bar is her calling,.

30 Dec 2010 19:16

The Rose Cottage Inn, Polegate

Cannot fault this pub at all. Visited with friends last Friday night and although the car park was chocka the tables were st out in such a wau that you are not sat on top of each other.
Very nice feel to the place and a lovely fire in the restaurant.
The publicans were very efficient and welcoming and the menu was very good. The food was excellent and the service from the rather attractive serving girls was extremely quick and efficient.
We were extremely impressed with this pub and shall have no hesitation in recommending it to friends or visiting it again.

16 Oct 2010 21:01

Royal Oak, Lewes

Visited last Saturday. First impressions were a strong disinfectant smell.
However, we persevered and perused the two menus - one was pizzas and one was 'normal' food. Most of us plumped for something from the 'normal' menu but when going to order we were told that only the pizza menu was available!!
Surely it wouldn't have been too much trouble for the barmaid to have taken the 'normal' menus off each table as we were the only customers so she would have had loads of time on her hands!
Very disappointing and I doubt that we shall return.

3 Jul 2010 19:51

The Pelham Arms, Lewes

Really nice pub with great food. A hungry group of 8 of us popped in last Saturday evening for some well deserved food and it was really good.
Was served very quickly and was delicious. The beer went down well and was served by very attractive fillies behind the bar which made it even better!
Well worth a visit and I'm sure that we shall return again in the near future.

3 Jul 2010 19:45

The Old Ship, Ringmer

Visited last night on a lovely sunny evening.
Sat outside to begin with but moved inside after the starter as it got a bit chilly.
Really nice pub with welcoming bar staff and a varied and good selection of food which is very reasonably priced.
Had king prawns with chorizo to start which were delicious, then an 'Ultimate' burger (homemade 8oz burger with mozzarella, mushrooms, onion and bacon) which came with chips, salad dressing and a side salad and my g/f had the bacon and parmesan fishcakes with chips, salad dressing and a side salad. The meals were excellent and very tasty. In fact I didn't have enough room to sample any of the desserts and I did have my eye on the profiteroles.
Decor is pretty homely but this is a pub serving good food and not pretending to be a fancy restaurant.
Harveys was top notch and there seemed to be a good selection on the wine list.
As mentioned previously, bar staff attentive and on the ball as we moved from sitting outside to sitting at a different numbered table inside and the table number change was dealt with seamlessly.
Definitely worth a visit and we shall certainly be visiting again.

3 Jul 2010 19:41

The Old Ship, Ringmer

Visited last night on a lovely sunny evening.
Sat outside to begin with but moved inside after the starter as it got a bit chilly.
Really nice pub with welcoming bar staff and a varied and good selection of food which is very reasonably priced.
Had king prawns with chorizo to start which were delicious, then an 'Ultimate' burger (homemade 8oz burger with mozzarella, mushrooms, onion and bacon) which came with chips, salad dressing and a side salad and my g/f had the bacon and parmesan fishcakes with chips, salad dressing and a side salad. The meals were excellent and very tasty. In fact I didn't have enough room to sample any of the desserts and I did have my eye on the profiteroles.
Decor is pretty homely but this is a pub serving good food and not pretending to be a fancy restaurant.
Harveys was top notch and there seemed to be a good selection on the wine list.
As mentioned previously, bar staff attentive and on the ball as we moved from sitting outside to sitting at a different numbered table inside and the table number change was dealt with seamlessly.
Definitely worth a visit and we shall certainly be visiting again.

3 Jul 2010 19:41

The Kings Head, Holmbury St Mary

Great pub which we happened upon after visiting the Volunteer nearby but found that to lack atmosphere.
This pub was lively but friendly and the staff were efficient. Lots of real ales on tap which went down very well and the food was great!!
I had a burger which was absolutely HUGE! Freshly made, delicious, piping hot and extremely good value.
We will definitely be revisitng this pub again even though we live in Brighton and would recommend it without hesitation.

20 Jun 2010 14:46

The King and Queen, Brighton

Ok for a place to meet up before moving on to other places. Quite tatty and very studenty but the harveys was drinkable. Didn't feel that it was a menacing atmosphere at all.

5 Feb 2010 15:16

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

Not a bad pub. The only thing I'd say is that the layout isn't too good as each side of the bar is quite cramped but not a bad atmosphere & the Dark Star was a lovely pint!

5 Feb 2010 15:13

The Yew Tree, Arlington

Great pub!
Went here on Christmas Eve with two friends and we all had a wonderful time with great food and a great atmosphere!
Harveys Old Ale now available and perfect pint too!
This is a GREAT pub and we shall continue to visit on a regular basis.

10 Jan 2010 18:51

The Volunteer, Lewes

Not a bad boozer. Visited on a Saturday afternoon and both fires were going. Nice and clean with a good pint of Tribute on the go. Don't know what it's like in the evening but I do agree that an overall 4 rating is a bit harsh.

23 Oct 2009 15:00

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Great pub - spent a very pleaseant Saturday afternoon here recently supping pints of great quality Harveys Old Ale. The public bar was rammed but the saloon bar area (next to the ladies loo) was empty so we decamped here on the comfy sofas.
Could have done with more than one behind the bar but all in all a nice experience.

23 Oct 2009 14:56

The Yew Tree, Arlington

The review from mercedes77 seems to be a different pub to the visits we've had at the Yew Tree. In fact we visited it very recently and had great food and great service. One thing I would say is that the attractive blonde girl behind the bar could smile a bit more but she still gives very good service.
We always find the bar staff attentive and the food service and quality is excellent and will continue to use this pub on a regular basis.

30 Sep 2009 21:10

The Plough, Cobham

We were staying in the area and visited this pub on Saturday evening and were blown away by the food and the service! Interior is very good too - clean and atmospheric.
The set menu (16.95 for three courses) was great - I had vegetable soup, cumberland burger and apple tart and it was gorgeous! My girlfriend had trout salad and risotto and she loved it!
Three real ales on - Tribute, TEA and something else that escapes my memory but they were very nice indeed.
The barman and waitress couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful and we were so impressed we went back on Sunday evening for a meal but were disappointed to find that there is no food served on a Sunday evening!
Speaking with the Australian landlord it turns out that he was brought in from another pub about two weeks ago by the owners to turn it around. He found that the kitchen was staffed by three bottle washers so he brought his own chef with him and will only be there for about another month (the landlord that is) before he is sent off somewhere else.
The chef is staying so I really hope that this pub stays as good as it is when he has gone. We live in Brighton and are seriously considering making the 2 hour round trip to go back there again soon as it was so good!!
So if you are in the area then give this place a try - I'm sure that you won't be disappointed!

20 Jul 2009 18:09

Sweeney and Todd, Reading

Can only recommend for both pies and range of ales, also a great range of wines (of fruit based drinks for the ladies!).
Nice to eat in but cheaper to takeaway their delicious pies - we bought 4 to bring home with us!

7 Jun 2009 16:05

The New Inn, Strafield Saye

Just an advisory note that this pub is now CLOSED. We went here after reading the reviews and unfortunately looks to have been shut for a good couple of months.

7 Jun 2009 16:02

The Old Bell, Grazeley Green

Had a very nice meal here. A chain pub but welcoming enough and a good choice of reasonably priced food on the menu. I had a mixed grill which was excellent and my g/f had a curry which was also very tasty.
Good, polite service from the waitress and a good selection of ales - the only negative was my pint of guest mild was served chilled!
You could do much worse than to sytop off here.

7 Jun 2009 15:59

Hatch Gate Inn, Reading

This is a great pub! A warm welcome from the Antipodean landlord and a great pint of IPA to boot.
A good selection on the menu which is very reasonably priced and teh chicken breast wrapped in parma ham with a mushroom sauce was divine!
Nice characterful pub with a village charm and a warm welcome - what more could you ask for? If you are in teh area I would definitely give this one a visit!

7 Jun 2009 15:57

The Foundry, Brighton

Great find (yep, it is now called The Foundry). Popped in early afternoon yesterday after some post Christmas shopping and was pleasantly surprised.
Very friendly barman, good selection of real ales well kept and some tasty pizzas too. Also good tunes on the stereo!
Had a very relaxing drink and pizza and couldn't fault the place.
Will look forward to revisiting one evening when I can sample more of teh ales on offer and soak in the atmosphere.

28 Dec 2008 18:39

The Gun Inn, Heathfield

Great pub, great food and great beer! Adnams and Harveys on tap and the Adnams was perfect!
Had food and this was excellent - very tasty and very reasonable.
An excellent find and the surroundings of the pub are very cosy and welcomimg, added to by the rather attractive young french filly serving the food. It's worth a visit and I'll certainly be going back!

8 Nov 2008 17:11

The Cow, Brighton

Visted again recently - sadly nothing seems to have changed. Still very hot, still ineffective bar staff and both ales went at 8.30pm on a Friday night!!
Won't be hurrying for a repeat visit - instead try the Rat & Parrot over the road, it's a good one

2 Sep 2008 21:56

The Station, Brighton

Nice friendly pub with a great selection of real ale that is changed regularly.
We live locally and this is a great little find - have been there a couple of times so far and always very friendly staff.
Also gave me a taster of the guest ale before buying to ensure it was to my taste; a nice touch that is sadly lacking in most establishments these days.
Will deffo be using this pub more and will try the food, which looks like a good selection.
The best pub by far in the Withdean/Westdene catchment area!

2 Sep 2008 21:51

The Sussex Yeoman, Goring By Sea

What a horrible pub. Went there on a friends leaving do last night and apart from the good company the only saving grace was the mixed grill and the directors being served at room temperature rather than -10 degrees. Not enough bar staff to cope and are the type who don't know who was next to be served so just wait for those that shout the loudest and serve them first.
Run by teenagers and it shows. I was shortchanged a fiver but the barmaid was having none of it. The 'manager' cashed up the tills at the end of the night and they were miraculously 94 pence over. I will NEVER set foot in this awful place again.
My previous lunchtime visit about three months ago consisted of being seated and the waitress reading out a long list of meals. As there were so many we thought they were the day's specials but in fact it was the stuff that they had run out of! 'Nuff said.....

1 Nov 2007 10:53

The Vintners Parrot, Worthing

What an absolute TOILET!!
In fact it's difficult to know where the Gents toilet ends and the pub begins. An unpleasant aroma of toilet disinfectant blocks permeates the air around a fair proportion of the zone near the toilet doors, rendering at least two large tables useless as the smell is so overpowering!
Toilet itself is a disgrace - the floor was so wet I thought that I'd stumbled into a small stream!
In fact the only saving grace of this pub was the girl behind the bar who when bending to the table to collect empty glasses showed off her rather ample and very attractive cleavage.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS unless you are one of the Worthing meatheads who probably thinks that this pub is the bees knees.

12 Oct 2007 10:52

The Cow, Brighton

Unfortunately the staff are still extremely slow. There appear to be lots of staff wandering around but very few who have the ability to serve drinks at the bar!
Also extremely hot - perhaps to encourage the punters to drink more!

31 Aug 2007 13:21

Bulls Head, Goring By Sea

Visited on a lunchtime recently to find the menu has been changed - now it's more expensive and the portions are smaller!
Used to be our lunchtime favourite but after my last visit it has put me right off.

23 May 2007 11:35

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

Refurbishent doesn't appear to have improved the pub - it's now too dark to se anything! They should have spent the money on hiring staff so that you don;t have to wait ages to be served.
We did go here with the intention of eating but were put off and so only had a drink. If you want good food then visit the Shaves Thatch Inn nr Albourne - that's a proper pub with proper food.

23 May 2007 11:05

The Ginger Fox, Albourne

The Shaves Thatch is getting back on track after a disastrous spell culminating in it's temporary closure. Having been a regular here previously I was pleased to see that the food served here is excellent again.
We visited on a Saturday night (having popped into the newly refurbished Devils Dyke tavern first but finding it the same rubbish but in different packaging!). We mistook the specials blackboard as the main menu as there was so much choice and plumped for steak and ale pie.
This was probably the best pie I've ever had! Proper pastry, melt in your mouth chunks of beef with a thick tasty gravy served with proper chips and a good selection of veg. Also got complimentary cauliflower cheese!
The desserts were gorgeous - treacle pudding with custard was light and tasty, unlike some of the tasteless stodge served up in numerous other pubs and the cheesecake was extremely tasty.
Real ales compliment the good food selection.
It was quiet when we visited but this isn't necessarily a bad thing, so take a chance and visit before the world and his wife find out how good it is and then you won't be able to get a table!

23 May 2007 10:55

The Snowdrop, Lindfield

Nice country pub that serves good beer and great food. The curry is delicious and the mixed grill is fantastic. Never found the staff to be anything but friendly, so worth a visit in my book.

17 Feb 2007 15:36

Bulls Head, Goring By Sea

Nice clean pub with a good range of food that is reasonably priced. Good selection of beers and a nice courtyard garden with kiddies playground type things. Friendly, attentive staff and nice atmosphere.
Give it a go!

8 Sep 2006 19:40

The Yew Tree, Arlington

Excellent pub nestled in the country lanes around Glynde, Berwick etc. Worth a trip for the fantastic food that they do. Always massive portions with a huge range of food every day (roasts aren't just for Sundays!!). Great beer and nice garden. Need to book as it's busy EVERY DAY! Can feel a little cramped at times but the food is great and the female bar/waiting staff are pleasing on the eye :-).
Real fires in Winter and a nice feel to the place.

8 Sep 2006 19:38

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