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The George Inn, Littlehampton

Nice pub, cheap beer & food, all you would expect from a wetherspoons really, not much of an atmosphere.
The staff were great though, Speedy service but still had time for a smile & a laugh.

26 Apr 2010 15:00

The Cob and Pen, Littlehampton

What a lovely pub, with it's warm atmosphere & welcoming staff i felt totally at ease & relaxed.
I went down on a Sunday afternoon to check out the live music & had a wonderful time, as did my partner. - There was a meat raffle afterwards & all the customers seemed to join in and have a laugh. The beer maybe a little more expensive than some other venues in town, but all i have mentioned more than makes up for that. Oh, and the garden, brilliant - huge space & even a play area for the kids. The only fault i can find with it is that it is i need of a spruce up, but listening to some of the locals chatting, this will be happening very soon.

26 Apr 2010 14:56

The Dolphin, Littlehampton

Very nice pub, unique to the town in all it's Elvis & other displays dotted round the pub.
Welcoming staff, very nice.

26 Apr 2010 14:48

The Crown Hotel, Littlehampton

I first visited the Crown about a month ago & was not very impressed, but i thought i'd give it another chance - what a waste of time. The beer may be cheap and the interior may look good, but to be honest that seems to be the only good thing about it.
Some of the customers they serve are just horrible. Abusive language, thugish behaviour and not a thing is said or done about it. I couldn't sit and have a laugh & relax like in some of the other pubs in town, i just felt on edge the whole time i was in there. I will not be recommending this pub to anyone i know.

26 Apr 2010 14:41

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