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The Crescent Champagne Bar, West Kensington

Is indeed now a Sainsbury's

15 May 2014 20:40

The Britannia Tap, West Kensington

Has been closed and boarded up for quite some time. Expect conversion to non-pub use.

15 May 2014 20:39

Founders Arms, Bankside

I'm ambivalent about the latest refurb attempt to make it look like an American bar, but not inherently bad.

However, even for a tourist trap £4.39 for real ales and £5.19 for a pint of lager is taking the Carlsberg.

Avoid or incur a substantial cost.

11 Dec 2013 23:07

Fiesta Havana, Fulham

Now a Slug and Lettuce.

15 Sep 2013 13:34

The Seven Stars, West Kensington

Now converted to student accomodation. The ground floor for rent as retail - but has remained stubbornly empty for a very long time. A sad end to what was for many years the only decent pub in the area.

15 Sep 2013 13:31

The Fox, West Kensington

Now a Sainsbury's local. NO LONGER A PUB

12 Oct 2011 17:39

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

Popped in yesterday on a cycleride along the river, and even on a nice sunny day there was plenty of space on the decked area. The OBB was in excellent nick, and although it will never be my favourite beer at 2.11 it is certainly value.

Is this the only pub with a National Trail (The Thames Path) actually going through the licenced area?

12 Jun 2011 08:20

The Crane, Wandsworth

Now renamed The Armoury.

30 Nov 2010 14:05

The Captain Cook, Putney

That should have said West Ham - Arsenal on the TV but not intrusive etc.

26 Oct 2009 18:36

The Captain Cook, Putney

Now appears to be The Northumberland (Just missing the Arms to have gone full circle, anyway it's a step in the right direction).
Two handpumps with Bass and Flowers IPA. Unfortunately the Bass was off, so had what was probably my first pint of Flowers this millenium.

Complete waste of 3.

However, the pub itself was perfectly pleasant, with West Ham on but not intrusive and separate dining area it feels like a pub again. Not great but an improvement.

26 Oct 2009 18:35

The Pump House, Fulham

Now demolished

2 Oct 2009 16:07

The Curtain's Up, West Kensington

Has been sold to Geronimo Taverns and currently closed for refurbishment. Expect gastrofication, hopefully with improved beer as well.....

23 Jul 2009 14:19

The Hogshead, Southwark

Now a Slug & Lettuce, so presumably even more soulless with no beer.

12 Jun 2007 16:50

The Hogshead, Southwark

Now a Slug & Lettuce, so presumably even more soulless with no beer.

12 Jun 2007 16:50

Rosie O'Gradys, Oxford

Those with long memories will remember pleasent two bar Morells pub (Queens Head?) miles away in character from the current incarnation which is soulless, unorginal, poor value for money and in a place with as many good pubs as Oxford utterly pointless. Oh, and they have no handpumps, so no decent beer.

22 May 2007 14:09

The Hogshead, Southwark

Currently closed. Covered in scaffolding and all external signage has been removed. Anyone know what's going to happen?

18 May 2007 14:46

The Jolly Maltster, Fulham

Currently closed and covered in Scaffolding. According to a note outside the Chimney stack is in danger of collapsing!

15 May 2007 17:06

The Cock, Fulham

Visited for the first time since it re-opened at the week-end. The Bonobo Ale has a unusually pronounced fruityness balanced by the hops. I liked it but probably not to everyones taste, however, Adnams Regatta & Explorer also available. so beer choice now excellent for the area.
Less convinced by the decor but nothing too objectionable. The food is on the expensive side but also looked above average quality (didn't try it).

All in all a massive improvement. Oh, and on Chelsea match days it's "diners only" access!

15 May 2007 17:03

The Pump House, Fulham

Now renamed the Clem Attlee (It's on the edge of the estate). Otherwise looks unchanged, so if you liked it before you probably still will and if you didn't then you probably still won't.

14 Oct 2006 10:31

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

For real ale drinkers be warned, on my last tow visits (both on Sundays), no real ales were available, despite several pump clips showing.

Pub itself best suited for the deaf and colourblind...

14 Oct 2006 10:22

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

Met a friend here last night, for only my second ever visit.

Standard T&J Bernard decor & beer range. Quality was good though (Youngs Ordinary), and it's clearly very popular.

Very convenient for Paddington Station & St Mary's hospital and all in all not bad.

14 Oct 2006 10:17

The Prince William Henry, Southwark

Not much to add to John Bonser's review other than to say that the Ordinary is usually better than "rather moderate" but not often great.

Seems to change management too often to develop a personality, which considering that lack of any other distinguishing features it definitely needs.

The main selling point is the large outside seating area, but again the Rose & Crown is better.

All in all, not bad & not great.

14 Oct 2006 09:52

The Paper Moon, Southwark

John Bonser is right that this place is difficult to sum up.
The decor is suffering from a botched refurb a couple of years, although various minor changes have been made to improve the ambiance. Most importantly the horrible lighting has been fixed.

However, by far the most important development is the massive improvement in beer quality in the last few months. Harvey's Best plus usually 2 guest beers, mainly from well known Micros.

The lunchtime food is reasonable and good value for the area. Unfortunately evening food is limited to uninspiring pizzas.

The clientele is mainly local office workers (including me), so feels a bit transient but the staff is generally friendly and efficient.

Not my favourite pub in SE1 by any means but probably the one that has improved the most this year!

14 Oct 2006 09:40

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