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The Black Boy, Bricket Wood

Came here on xmas eve. Nice and busy small pub off the 622 and 321 bus routes. Had 3 cask ales on (although 5 were advertised on their site) but they rotate monthly. Had a good timothy taylor and rosey nosey. Landlord seemed friendly despite being busy. Had sports news on and seems to have football on too. Nice pub to visit with 18th century architecture and old photos. A worthwhile pub to visit slightly out if Watford.

24 Dec 2013 21:09

The Last Drop, Edinburgh

One of only 2 pubs we visited on grassmarket and was well worth it. Not massive selection of ale but well served and quick considering they were rammed. Good old décor like most pubs in the city. Had a good selection of other alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks for your friends too - warmed port with honey and a 'pooh bear (hot milk, nutmeg, honey and cinnamon) both very nice.

8 Apr 2013 20:50

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

This pub seems to be two pubs in one. Taylor Walker pub. Had some good food and good selection of beers too. If you don't like the beer on the top bar, they seem to have different ones on the bottom floor. Plenty of seating too and served fairly quick.

8 Apr 2013 20:47

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

Another good nicholsons pub on Rose Street. Part of literary tour and Scottish beer was good. got a pint replaced after it tasted off. Old fashioned décor like many in area so another to add to the list.

8 Apr 2013 20:36

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

This is very recommended in the pub guide as the best pub in Edinburgh but it didn't live up to its billing. Good décor and typical Scottish ales but nothing made it stand out above the other good pubs in the city.

8 Apr 2013 20:34

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

Next to Guilford Arms and felt similar going in both. Great décor. Good Scottish ale. Not many tables to sit at - more stools at the wall bars. Though did arrive on Saturday afternoon.

8 Apr 2013 20:32

Deacon Brodies, Edinburgh

great pub with history like many on or near the royal mile. Good Scottish ale along with a few guests as per most nicholsons.

8 Apr 2013 20:24

The Canon's Gait, Edinburgh

The ale most of us had was quite good and a decent selection that was rotated. However, end of barrel fayre was not good. Not the best ambience or décor and not many people there though was mid Thursday. Better pubs on royal mile by my reckoning.

7 Apr 2013 17:31

Mitre, Edinburgh

one of the good pubs on the royal mile. good selection of Scottish ale. Nice ambience and décor.

7 Apr 2013 17:29

The Jolly Judge, Edinburgh

Lovely small pub that you need to have your eyes about to find as its in a pokey alleyway off the Royal Mile. Not much of a selection of ale though was rotated. More for ambiance of being in a small pub with a nice fire. McEwans of keg and had a local cider too.

7 Apr 2013 17:26

The Doric Tavern, Edinburgh

Really good old fashioned boozer. Great choice of whiskeys. Food upstairs is amazing inc traditional Scottish fayre done well. Barmaid said she was new but she clearly had been trained as she knew her measures and how to pull a pint. If she didn't know, she asked, even if it meant phoning upstairs. Small selection of Scottish ales with another set of keg.

7 Apr 2013 17:24

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Like a lot of pubs in Edinburgh we visited on our trip - very good old fashioned décor. Reasonable choice of ales which were all kept well.

7 Apr 2013 17:21

The Inn on the Green, Harpenden

Went in a came back out. Didn't try the beer but was regulars like Bombardier. Looked an okay modern pub but not for me.

9 Sep 2012 15:35

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

Nicely sized Fullers pub. Had pint of Seafarers. Also had Honey Dew, ESB and Pride on. Shame there wasn't a wider selction though as no Chiswick or seasonal beer. Great small patio that had sky sports screen on.

9 Sep 2012 15:31

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Good local. Came here after the beer festival and had a good pint of Jack O Legs. They also had Landlord and another guest. Barman was chatty and welcoming.

9 Sep 2012 15:28

Dial Arch, Woolwich

Suprised by some reviews. I've always found staff to be well mannered and willing. Ale is good. Food excellent. Theyve made a good job of using the building and some of its items. I think this is best pub in Woolwich that I've visited.

6 Jun 2012 21:08

The Volunteer, Plumstead

One of the rare pubs that seems to be ok for ale. Youngs is spot on. Guest is hit and miss. Pool table and sport on. Best pub on high street until you get into Woolwich.

6 Jun 2012 21:04

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Good CAMRA pub. Old fasioned decor but beer was great. I was at Sandimon Hotel while doing training for work and this was best boozer I could find on here nearby and I'm glad I did. Well worth a pop in.

6 Jun 2012 21:02

Corn Mill, Llangollen

I admit, I was a tourist but I think your spoiled considering I come from NW London. The beer here was excellent. If we had had time, we would have spent all day here. Instead we had an extended lunch that was excellent. The view is spectacular and was busy. Price is very worth it.

6 Jun 2012 20:57

Three Hammers, St Albans

Considering this seems to be the only pub in Chiswell Green, I think they do quite well. Pub grub with a twist is very good. Seemed to have 4 standard ales on which were all good. Beer garden is very large but also not much seating and all sloped. If they did a little more work to it, it could be best beer garden in the area. Worth a stop for lunch and drink but not a session.

6 Jun 2012 20:53

The Snug, St Albans

Great pub for the summer as they have a nice small beer garden away from everything. Did Titanic on tap last time which was very good. Food good to. Other pubs better on both fronts but still worth a visit.

6 Jun 2012 20:51

The Six Bells, St Albans

2nd best pub in SW Herts that I have visited (only Land Libery Peace and Plenty is better for pure ale). Always has a couple of local Oakham ales including JHB which is a fav of mine. Never tried food here but want to. Nice old fasioned pub but neat and tidy too. Best pub in St Albans but not by much.

6 Jun 2012 20:50

The Peahen, St Albans

More restaurant than pub despite being clearly owned by McMullens. Ale is on steel so too cold but still one of the few places I can get McMullens regularly in SW Herts. Food is excellent but generally a pricey place. Decor makes it look like an old wine bar. I like it but certainly not 1st place I go to St Albans.

6 Jun 2012 20:42

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

RED! Very Red. If you don't like red decor, leave now. Otherwise, had a local brewery on tab (XT). Not many in despite seperate dinning to bar area. Six bells is better but I think this is worth a visit purely to try something different. I quite liked the red decor though.

6 Jun 2012 20:40

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Oldest pub in England but unfortunately, it could do so much better. Ale was on but 3 typicals. Worth it for a tourist but not much else.

6 Jun 2012 20:38

The King Harry, St Albans

I agree regarding the smell of the pub so clearly an issue but also a very good food if you ignore it. Weird cobbled together decor and furnishings. Great way they have done the beer garden to keep it as quiet as possible from the main road. Food is pub grub with a twist. Bit pricey but worth it for me. Beer is good - 2 ales on tap that were not 'usuals'. If you want to start a crawl up the hill, start here.

6 Jun 2012 20:37

The Cross Keys, St Albans

If last post is correct, its not as big a loss in St Albans as if in another less ale friendly town. Typical spoons grub and beer but smaller than most spoons I've been in. Better pubs in St Albans unless you really are on a budget.

6 Jun 2012 20:33

The Boot, St Albans

I have always like this pub ever since I found it after a St Albans beer festival. Always does good selection of ales, just don't be too tall as the roof is very low. Have never tried to see if they have food as I'm generally ale trying there. Best pub in the very centre of St Albans.

6 Jun 2012 20:31

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Excellent pub among the many in St Albans, but one of the few I try and go back in each time I visit. 6 ales always changing and well kept. Food is excellent too. Sport on and a weird but nice decor. Always worth going up the top of St Peters street for.

6 Jun 2012 20:28

The White Lion, Watford

Very traditional local with 3 ales including Black Sheep Bitter. Felt too 'local' to me but still worth a visit. If you want a mini ale route. Start as Cross/Nascot and come here before heading into town.

6 Jun 2012 20:24

The Wellington Arms, Watford

I quite like this place. Small boozer with a local beer plus Pride always kept well. Food is good too. Sport always on. It's one I pop in now and again but not as regular as some others I like, but still worth popping in, especially if you want a local beer.

6 Jun 2012 20:22

Southern Cross, Watford

Now reopened as a Flaming Grill. Food now very Harvester like but seems to do some twists that are better than Harvester but not as much choice. Don't like the orange decor or the need for a tab to bring food/drinks to your table. Beer has always been good but don't seem to rotate as much as they used to. Always an Adnams plus 3 or 4 others. Still a CAMRA haunt but Nascot is better for beer in my book.

6 Jun 2012 20:20

Rising Sun, Watford

Typcial Brewers Fayre. Had some problems with service once with big group. Did Pride and I think Boddingtons last time I was there. Ok for a family visit or if your using the hotel or yellow storage, not much else.

6 Jun 2012 20:17

The One Crown, Watford

I used to visit a couple of years ago and they did a good selection of 3 rotating ales. Seems now only to be one and not stored well. Typical old boozer with pub grub but I only stayed for one last time and don't fancy another visit. I suggest - give it a try yourself to see if I had bad experience but not for me.

6 Jun 2012 20:14

O'Neills, Watford

Now Molloys. What a change! Brillant pub now. Excellent Irish food. Good rotating ales (does Tetleys and Bass the proper bitter way which is almost unheard of around me) but you never get local or unusual ales. Do a 7 pints, 8th free card. One of my fav boozers and best one in the high street itself. Only thing - I do have a couple of freinds who think the ale isnt well served but I've never had a problem personally.

6 Jun 2012 20:12

The Nascot Arms, Watford

My fav pub in Watford. Greene King but not tied so has about 6 ales on with 3 at least always changing. Great old fashioned seating. Sports screens galore. Tiny bar and always busy. Does Thai which seems popular but never tried myself. Although a 'local' its one you feel welcome in. My suggestion - pub grub at Southern Cross, then session here.

6 Jun 2012 20:09

The Moon Under Water, Watford

Typical weathersppons. Good selection of ales always changing. Typical spoons grub (which seems to have improved in last 12 months). Always find a seat and they have silet sports screens (which not all spoons seem to). If you want good cheap ale, spoons is still worth a visit.

6 Jun 2012 20:06

Modello Bar & Kitchen, Watford

Overpriced. Ale served but cold out of steel tap. Food looked ok but also overpriced. Great seating area and I expect would be good space to dance in. Otherwise, go to Modellos

6 Jun 2012 20:04

The Horns, Watford

Good boozer. Not sure about price comments as everywhere is over 3 now pretty much. Pride and GK ok. Live bands on Thursdays are worth it but it gets rammed and you pay a door charge. Otherwise, one of the better high street boozers.

6 Jun 2012 20:02

The Flag, Watford

Great for local bands and cheap drinks and food. Very large pub with large outside eating area. Not seen ale here but may have changed since my last visit. Good for a cheap session or see some local rock/metal music but not much else for me.

6 Jun 2012 19:57

The Estcourt Tavern, Watford

Tyical Greene King that is tied. Abbots, IPA and a guest (normally Fireside) if your lucky. Typical Greene King pub grub done well. Staff are always welcoming. Sport on to but not in your face if you want a quiet meal/pint. Like the decor too, mix of comfort and bar style furnishings. One of my usuals.

6 Jun 2012 19:44

The Essex Arms, Watford

Only pub near Cassiobury and is a gem. Run by Ember Inns so don't expect old fasioned. Seems to do lots of guests, last checked it did Ebu, Timothy Taylor, Pedigree and a local ale. Always seem to be kept well. I like the new menu too. Less pub grub, more gastro. Breadcrumbed Brie was excellent in particular. My suggestion - go to POB for dinner, then go to Ember for drinks and dessert.

6 Jun 2012 19:41

The Dunnings Bar and Restaurant, Watford

Very typcial 'working man's' boozer. Does Newcastle Brown in fridge. Although old fasioned, it doesn't have that 'homely' feel I get in other good boozers. Doesn't do any food last I checked either.

6 Jun 2012 19:37

The Dome Bar, Watford

Last went in had no ale. Has a decent thai menu. Good for sports. Not for me

6 Jun 2012 19:31

The Champions Bar, Watford

Now the sycamore under newish management. Last did Abbots and Greene King IPA though didn't feel well kept. Still feels like a very 'locals' pub. Went once and won't go again unless real overhaul. Has pool table and seems to have alot of events on.

6 Jun 2012 19:27

The Bedford Arms, Watford

Think this pub is up for sale. No real ale. Only lagers and smoothy bitters. No food either but neat pub with sport and a small beer garden. Not for me but see why people might go here rather than Southern Cross and Nascot Arms

6 Jun 2012 19:25

Southern Cross, Watford

I don't get some of the reviews for this pub. I haven't had the food but by the looks of it it seems Gastropub food anyhow - so people shouldn't be expecting it to be amazing anyway. I had no problems with the staff there and I've been a few times now, both busy and quiet. The ale selection and taste are best in Watford. 3 usuals - Bombadier, Green King IPA and Abbots. Then 3 guest ales, most of which I've never heard of and I've been to a few beer festivals! So glad we have a pub like this, its too hard a search in Watford to find a decent ale pub. With the rise in real ale sales, hopefully more pubs will cotton on and follow the trend!

6 Nov 2008 16:11

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