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Comments by bubblyhannah79

The Walkabout Inn, Lincoln

full of idiots, its a dive, expensive and very shit

29 Jun 2005 16:16

Revolution, Lincoln

i love revolution. u can get pissed a lot quicker on their vodka as it is much more better quality. the crowd seem to be classier as well. cheeper than dogma. the music can be cheesy though x

27 Jun 2005 17:49

Home, Lincoln

me having lived here all my life (unfortunately lol), i think that this is an improvement on a lot of the other nearby pubs n bars nearby, plus, its free to get in aswell at wkends which is good. i actually prefer going here to meat market (in case u didnt no - ritzy pulse and jaks)as there seems to be a better crowd in here. so i have decided that i am gonna come here more often as a lot less lecherous men tryng to lookup my skirt and pinch my arse.i like it.

27 Jun 2005 17:45

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