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The Chough, Salisbury

Some Hidden Brewery beers in The Chough are better than others and they seem to change fairly regularly, but as I was charged only 2 for a pint last Saturday evening, having just paid 3 in another Salisbury pub, I'm not complaining.

19 May 2009 23:51

The Hunters Lodge, Ringwood

Its Closed!

29 Apr 2009 00:02

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

I regularly use this pub on Friday night, as it one of the few pubs in Ringwood to stay open until midnight. Whatever happened to the rush of pubs that were going to take advantage of the relaxation in the licensing laws? Anyway, for the time being it is reasonably pleasant place fore a "late" drink. God knows what's going to happen after it has been "improved" by Marstons. For the present, I just intend to enjoy Ringwood Porter and Forty Niner, whilst they ate still available. Lets hope that the marketing men and accountants don't ruin this pub. I am an accountant myself and I know that, in general, they have no soul.

8 Feb 2008 20:34

The Original White Hart, Ringwood

This pub seems to have gone downhill, especially since it was taken over by Marstons. I hope that a similar fate doesn't await Ringwood Brewery and The Inn On The Furlong. The beer is far too cold, probably because it is being chilled to the same temperature as the lager! The guest ale, on the few occasions it is available, is invariably undrinkable. The only good thing about the recent changes is that the food has improved.

8 Feb 2008 20:25

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

I have been using this pub, whenever I visit Salisbury, for over 40 years. Now that I have my bus pass, I often go for the Saturday market. The Haunch is a great place for a pint of Lightning, before catching the bus home. I am afraid I couldn't give a toss about Stella being 3.50a pint. Who wants to drink that crap?

8 Feb 2008 20:17

The Ship, Soho

I like this pub and try to pay it a visit whenever I am in London. The only Fullers beer available in my home town is Pride, which I don't like. The Ship serves ESB, which is much better. I also like the music, although I agree with a previous reviewer about the sound quality.

8 Feb 2008 20:10

Duke of Wellington, Southampton

I visited this pub in December for a quick pint (of Theakstons I think) while waiting for a bus. I found it very wellcoming and cosy. A lovely open fire on a cold day.

8 Feb 2008 20:03

The Bishop Blaize, Richmond

A bit of a dump. It desparately needs a refurbishment.

14 Aug 2007 23:55

The Buck Inn, Richmond

Great location and a decent pint of Black Sheep.

14 Aug 2007 23:54

The Beehive, Vauxhall

I usually visit this pub during the lunch break when I'm at Oval test matches. It has certainly been improved by a refurbishment. Unfortunately, special test match prices have been introduced, meaning that a pint of Youngs bitter cost 3.50 last week.

14 Aug 2007 23:45

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

The real ale in this pub was served far too cold and they all but ran out in the last hour before closing time. The impressive building cannot compensate for these shortcomings.

14 Aug 2007 23:40

The Fish Inn, Ringwood

This is not really a pub, but more of a restaurant with a bar. Although the range of real ales is fairly good. Unfortunately, as is common among bar staff these days, there was a marked reluctance to change a barrel on a busy night. Obviously, customer satisfaction is not a priority. I suspect that this is because this establishment relies heavily on passing trade.

Anyway, the purpose of my latest visit was for a family meal. Whilst most of the food was acceptable but unremarkable, we had two Lasagnes that were practically inedible, mainly because they were rock-hard. In sending these out, the kitchen and waiting staff, displayed nothing but contempt for their customers.

Apparently, this was not an isolated incident. I mentioned our experiances to my secretary today and she told me that the food her family had on their last visit to The Fish was also inedible. Neither of us will be eating there again.

13 Jun 2007 00:03

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

I have visited this pub on several occasions and have never had a duff pint. If possible, I always choose a real ale which I have never tried before and most have been reasonably palatable.

30 May 2007 23:01

The Crown Taps, Ringwood

This pub has a good juke box and sells Ringwood Fortyniner at a resonable price.

30 May 2007 22:44

The Hunters Lodge, Ringwood

The old bloke with the axe was probably the landlord, Doug! This pub is OK, as long as you avoid the karaoke on Saturday nights. There is the excellent This Is Not A Disco about once a month on a Friday Night and the Sunday Night quizzes are good fun.

It would be improved if draught Tanglefoot were re-introduced.

30 May 2007 22:40

Railway Hotel, Ringwood

A good local pub. Unfortunately, the only real ale is Ringwood Best, which I think is overated. It is, however, unlikely to be replaced because, for some unknown reason, it is very popular with the clientele. Other Ringwood beers are far superior.

30 May 2007 22:30

Finn M'Couls, Ringwood

The decor is crappy fake Irish and the prices are ridiculous. This pub's only redeeming feature is that it regularly has Summer Lightning on tap.

30 May 2007 22:18

The Star Inn, Ringwood

This pub has has an excellent selection of real ales and some good winrs. Unfortunately, with aa few exceptions, most the customers are complete tossers.

30 May 2007 22:12

The Portsmouth Hoy, Poole

A great pub with friendly staff. The food was excellent.

30 May 2007 22:03

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