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Comments by beerpilgrim

The Plumbers Arms, Huddersfield

On a recent visit, this pub looked very closed to me, e.g. no pub sign, closed door.

7 Apr 2016 15:40

The Green Dragon, Yeovil

This is now a former pub. Demolished and the sign removed. So unfortunately Co-op seem to have won this battle. Shame.

10 Mar 2016 16:34

The Kings Head, Norwich

The best pub I visited on my Christmas weekend in Norwich. Loads of good beers and no kegs to be seen. The locals and staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and the pub was busy - admittedly it was Christmas Eve, but I imagine trade is always good. This is a must-visit when in Norwich.

29 Dec 2015 17:55

The Coachmakers Arms, Norwich

A pleasant and warm place to spend an hour on a wet Sunday. 9 beers (sometimes 10) all served straight from the cellar. I had Bullard's IPA, a recreation of an old Norwich name, which I didn't know had come back, but very flavoursome. Well worth a visit.

29 Dec 2015 17:33

Number 12, Norwich

It would be easy to miss this little pub, up the hill behind the Bell. That would be a shame. Quite a welcoming and pleasant place, a little more like a wine bar than a pub, but none the worse for that. The food looked popular, but I wasn't eating. 3 good beers on the pumps, I had Robinson's Trooper, well kept but certainly not cheap. I noticed a 'To Let' sign as I left, which could be ominous. Shame if it got spoilt or closed. It has a lot of nearby competition.

29 Dec 2015 17:24

The Green Dragon, Yeovil

Unfortunately now closed and fenced off. Co-op may have won this battle.

11 Nov 2015 18:11

The Bell, Yeovil

Went in here yesterday for the first time since the big fire. And was quite impressed. Staff were pleasant and attentive, Sunday lunch good value (2 for £10), and beer well kept (3 real ales - GK and Doom Bar). Since the fire, the rebuilding has been faithful to the original. Worth a visit.

9 Nov 2015 15:00

The Bell, Yeovil

Went in here yesterday for the first time since the big fire. And was quite impressed. Staff were pleasant and attentive, Sunday lunch good value (2 for £10), and beer well kept (3 real ales - GK and Doom Bar). Since the fire, the rebuilding has been faithful to the original. Worth a visit.

9 Nov 2015 15:00

Gildredge, Eastbourne

The ghastly hoarding surrounding this closed pub now has been enhanced by an advert for the Arndale Centre, which also confirms that the Gildredge will never reopen.

9 Nov 2015 14:54

The Crown Inn, Ibberton

On passing this pub on Sunday, I noticed it is closed and up for sale. Ibberton is a very quiet village, and I imagine the pub just doesn't pay.

3 Nov 2015 16:08

The Plucknett, Yeovil

Now marked as for sale - price on application. Shame on Palmer's Brewery, as this pub has done quite good business in the past. The nearest competition is a Hungry Horse, and they aren't everyone's idea of a local pub!

28 Oct 2015 19:18

The Marine, Eastbourne

In reply to you, Queenslander, the Marine has been run by the same people for over 20 years. It always serves good beer and food, but the prices are not the cheapest. A reliable pub at all times.

23 Oct 2015 17:25

The Waverley, Eastbourne

Now closed, and converted into a day nursery. The new regulars don't drink!

1 Oct 2015 16:41

Gildredge, Eastbourne

Now closed and surrounded by a huge and unsightly blue hoarding. Rumoured to be going to make way for an extension to the Arndale Centre. It wasn't a wonderful pub anyway.

1 Oct 2015 16:30

The Earl Of Burlington, Eastbourne

Now doubled in size - apparently Spoons spent £4 million on it. The beer range seems to have increased as well, and the staff look and act smart and professional. Now better, in my opinion, than the other Spoon opposite the station.

1 Oct 2015 16:28

The Drive, Eastbourne

Closed and now a Sainsbury's.

1 Oct 2015 16:24

The Chelsea Corner, Eastbourne

Now closed, and has become a Japanese restaurant. No loss to the Eastbourne pub scene!

1 Oct 2015 16:22

The Cambrian Tap, Cardiff

At last it appears that this once great pub is on the way up. Hope it lasts.

24 Sep 2015 15:33

The Hairy Dog, Minehead

Went in for the first time on a Friday night, expecting to eat, but at 7.15 the kitchen had just closed! I probably won't bother again. The beer wasn't bad though, so I generously rate the pub as 2 out of 10!

15 Sep 2015 17:21

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

Recently visited twice while waiting for buses. Very handy for that. It actually isn't bad. Three real ales on, and the pub has Cask Marque accreditation. The music isn't too loud, and the screens weren't too obtrusive. Probably a pub to avoid when live football is on, but not bad in the day. Food menu looks good as well, so that may have to be investigated.

15 Sep 2015 17:17

The Plucknett, Yeovil

Closed and boarded up. Passing by yesterday, I noticed all the signs have been removed as well. So it looks as if Yeovil has lost another pub - a shame.

24 Aug 2015 15:16

The Great Western, Yeovil

On first impressions, the new people here seem promising. But we will, as always, have to wait and see. One visit, on their first day, is not enough. Watch this space!

8 Aug 2015 16:06

The Marston Inn, Marston Magna

There is a local rumour that this pub is closing. But it was certainly open last night. Used to be very good. Perhaps a visit is called for when time permits.

30 Jul 2015 15:48

The Great Lyde, Yeovil

A sign outside proclaims 'Under new Management', so that may be a step in the right direction. There didn't seem to be much life there last night, but then Wednesday is always a quiet day in Yeovil. An investigation will be made soon.

30 Jul 2015 15:45

The Great Lyde, Yeovil

Just recently, this pub seems to be closed most of the time. However, I understand new people are taking over soon, and are also taking over the Great Western. Worth a look soon, I think.

22 Jul 2015 15:14

The Great Western, Yeovil

Unfortunately Eddy and Alison are moving on after next Monday (27th). However, they are confident that the new managers will be OK. We will have to wait and see.

22 Jul 2015 15:10

Tapping the Admiral, Camden Town

An excellent street-corner pub in an 'improving' area. A good selection of mainly local ales, served by pleasant and knowledgeable staff. I believe the food is good as well, but haven't tried it yet. I wish this pub was my local!

17 Jun 2015 22:39

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Now open as a Co-op, so no more pints here unfortunately.

17 Jun 2015 13:10

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Looks as if this former pub is nearly ready to open as a Co-op. Can't argue with the fact that it's ideally placed to be a shop, but a shame none the less.

23 May 2015 17:12

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

In view of my last posting, would someone who uses the HITW regularly like to let the manager know about it? Then perhaps something might happen!

3 May 2015 15:27

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Agree with the last posting. Went in yesterday. The beer was well kept, BUT:

The front steps, which are cracked, now seem to move dangerously under your feet.
No-one ever seems to serve in the front bar.
The outside area was littered with broken glass.
A lady buying crisps gave the money to a barmaid, who dropped it. Because she couldn't find it on the floor, she asked for it again. Needless to say, the lady declined. The barmaid then went off on one with her colleagues, who told her to get her act together.
I'm sure I recognised the graffiti in the Gents from last year.
The tables are always sticky.

This pub is a local institution, and handy for the station. It would be a shame if this noted decline continued. Please, Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms) Manager, read this, and get the pub back to how it once was. I have been going there since about 1994.

Thank you.

PS. I was only in there for 30 minutes! And all this was noted!

3 May 2015 15:24

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

Having been the Winchester, Drawing Room and Knight's Rest, this pub has now reopened as (wait for it) the Winchester! Doesn't look too bad though - 3 real ales on, which is slightly more than the number of customers in when I looked! Pubs in Taunton just love changing their names. We shall see.

1 Apr 2015 15:21

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Having been Clarke's Tap, Rat & Parrot, Firestone and the Castle Green, it appears that the next name on the list will be the Hideout, when it reopens. Somehow I feel it may not be a specialist real ale bar. I think I may prefer to Hideaway rather than use it!

1 Apr 2015 15:16

The Albion Hotel, Wimborne

'Walk in a stranger and stroll out a friend'. Chance would be a fine thing yesterday, as the pub was closed all day!

5 Mar 2015 00:26

The Royal Sovereign, Eastbourne

No, this pub has been called the Town House for a couple of years now, and it's good to know it has improved. Mind you, that wouldn't be difficult!

22 Feb 2015 00:06

Kings Arms Hogshead, Colchester

No such thing as Hogshead pubs these days anyway.

21 Feb 2015 17:34

Globetrotters, Yeovil

There are now 6 handpumps here, and 4 beers were on when I visited. Fairly standard beers, except for Sharp's Atlantic, which was excellent. Well worth a visit. I understand the food and accommodation are also good. And just to clear up any confusion, the pub has gone back to its original name, the Globe & Crown.

2 Feb 2015 16:39

The Green Dragon, Yeovil

Unfortunately, despite a recent considerable improvement here, it appears Co-op have their greedy eyes on this pub as well as the nearby Fleur de Lys. The landlady is organising opposition to this, and local councillors and the local paper are being informed. It seems that Co-op at the moment want to take the world over - so much for their 'ethical' standards!

29 Jan 2015 16:22

The Black Horse, Yeovil

Doesn't say much for any publican if they go on holiday and just close the pub down, does it? It's not the first time either!

20 Jan 2015 11:34

The Old Ship, Mere

Closed on Sunday, with an estate agent's board outside. Shame - this used to be a good pub a few years ago.

14 Jan 2015 14:38

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

My previous visit to the 'Albert' was in the 1970s. What a transformation. I wasn't able to spend long here, as I needed to get a particular train home after my Christmas break. My visit was mostly spent trying to work out where everything used to be when it was the Albert. Certainly much of what we see now used to be the brewery. Still a bit of it downstairs on the way to the washrooms. I think I like this pub - the beer was well kept, and the staff friendly and efficient. But I think I will have to visit at least 3 more times to really make my mind up.

6 Jan 2015 15:32

The Cardiff Cottage, Cardiff

This pub was visited at Christmas - my previous visit would have been in the 1970s! I have to say very little has changed. More handpulls than then admittedly, but still that cosy wood-panelled interior. A pleasant surprise when so many pubs are changing (see the Yard, for example).

6 Jan 2015 15:25

The Kings Castle, Canton

Thanks to the previous reviewer for confirming my suspicions. This place was open at 11.00 on Christmas morning - either the pub is desperate or the regulars are!

6 Jan 2015 15:19

The Cricketers, Cardiff

Called in here while staying in Cardiff for Christmas. A very pleasant experience. A pub on the ground floor of one of the big Victorian houses that appear to line Cathedral Road from one end to the other. A good range of ales from the owners, Evan Evans, and a guest beer from Artisan, who I'd never heard of - a Christmas ale, very tasty. Prices very reasonable, and served by pleasant and efficient staff. What more can you want?

6 Jan 2015 15:15

Greyhound, Maidenhead

AF36, you forgot the newspapers!

28 Dec 2014 14:32

The Red Lion, Stiffkey

A group of us ate and drank here for the first time recently. Excellent rolls, with salad, and a good range of fillings. We were warmly welcomed, and noted the eco-friendly accommodation block, perhaps for future reference. Definitely we will visit again.

15 Nov 2014 17:57

The Red Lion, Swaffham

Now under new management (for the last 7 months). An increased range of beers, and very good food. Motel style accommodation looks of good quality. Another visit needed.

15 Nov 2014 17:53

The Cross In Hand Inn, Heathfield

Closed and wreathed in metal shutters when I passed yesterday. It seems to be happening everywhere.

15 Nov 2014 17:50

The Queen's Head, Sherborne

Drove past on Sunday. Closed and covered in metal shutters. That was very sudden. Also sad, as I used to have Sunday lunch there from time to time.

15 Nov 2014 17:48

The Man in the Wall, Wimborne

Can't help but agree. I use a lot of Spoons, and I think this is one of the nicest. The layout is good, the staff make a special effort and, all in all, the overall effect is good. A pleasure to visit.

6 Nov 2014 15:58

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Unfortunately this pub is now closed. It appears Punch are selling to Co-op without any consultation, as so often happens. The local councillor and Somerset CAMRA are doing what they can. Another good pub which could be lost for ever.

30 Oct 2014 20:15

The Black Lion Hotel, Little Walsingham

Now open, and tastefully modernised. 2 beers from Adnams and Woodforde's Wherry on the pumps when I visited, and the food looked good as well. The beer prices are cheaper than those at the Bull as well. Well worth a visit.

16 Sep 2014 17:24

The Black Lion Hotel, Little Walsingham

A lot of work going on here. It is rumoured that the hotel will reopen next month. Watch this space!

4 Jun 2014 17:13

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

Unfortunately now no longer a pub. It is going to be Bill's, which is apparently a restaurant chain. Shame, because this used to be my father's local and my grandfather's. Progress, I suppose, but still very sad.

6 Mar 2014 22:58

Wash and Tope Hotel, Hunstanton

A return visit recently. This pub has just changed hands (again) but the omens seem good. 3 real ales on - the Cottage Sterling Pale, from Somerset I believe, was excellent. There is still scope for improvement, but this could be worth watching.

19 Dec 2013 22:14

The Green Dragon, Yeovil

A sign on the door says 'closed.' Perhaps not a bad thing - just recently the bad old days had returned. Local gossip says it may become a shop.

24 Nov 2013 23:20

The Great Western, Yeovil

This pub is now under new management (again). But this time Waddies seem to have got it right. The place is fairly buzzing during the evenings. Apparently the food is excellent - must try it soon. A friendly family atmosphere, and a good welcome for all. Long may it last!

24 Nov 2013 23:13

The Black Lion Hotel, Little Walsingham

Closed at present. Local gossip is that alterations will be made, and the pub will be open by Easter. I hope so - Walsingham needs 2 pubs at least during the busy pilgrim season.

18 Nov 2013 03:01

The Black Horse, Yeovil

Saw yesterday that there is now a big sign saying 'Under New Management'! So the previous people lasted about 2 months. Doesn't sound promising, but at least open. Still haven't been in.

27 Aug 2013 17:46

The Tally Ho, Eastbourne

After a long period of closure this has now emerged as the Two Bulls Steakhouse. It isn't a pub (drinks with meals only) but at least it's open. Might be worth a try though - it's a lovely building, and used to be my local.

11 Aug 2013 21:36

Chicago Rock Cafe, Yeovil

As Modello, this is much more like a pub than it was as Chicago Rock. 3 real ales including the excellent Yeovil Posh IPA. A great improvement.

14 Jun 2013 22:51

Globetrotters, Yeovil

A great improvement in the beer range since another change of management. Interesting guest beers, unusual for the area, often appear. Well worth a visit.

14 Jun 2013 22:48

The Black Horse, Yeovil

At last open again - designated as a 'Café-Bar' with real ale and B & B. Looks OK - but I do hope they have replaced the beer pumps, otherwise the beer will continue to be undrinkable. Will visit soon.

14 Jun 2013 22:45

The Royal Oak, Stoford

Apparently open again after planning permission for change of use fell through. A visit will be made soon.

27 Mar 2013 00:00

The Picketty Witch, Yeovil

Unfortunately now closed and sporting the inevitable metal shutters. At one time a good pub, but not in recent years, with customers largely drawn from the rough estate behind. Another one bites the dust!

8 Nov 2012 22:38

The Royal Oak, Stoford

This pub did reopen for a while, but has now closed again. The 'For Sale' sign says that, subject to permission, it could be a building plot. Shame if another pub was lost - one would have thought the twin villages of Barwick and Stoford could support a pub - if it is a good one of course. I was never over impressed with this place, but thought it could be OK.

29 Aug 2012 13:23

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Yes, a great improvement on the Tuns as I knew it in college days. The Arbor beer was excellent, and there was a good beer and cider range, and some interesting bottled beers from overseas. However, I don't entirely agree with the comment about friendly staff - on my visit the service was business-like but not overly welcoming. A minor quibble perhaps, but this aspect of the pub could perhaps be improved.

20 Jul 2012 19:08

The Seven Stars, Bristol

At last I have found this pub. And it's well worth finding. 8 real ales, apparently there is a monthly beer festival, and also cider and perry are well promoted. A friendly bunch of customers and good staff too. This must be one of the best in Bristol, which has plenty of good pubs anyway. An essential pub to visit on any pub crawl.

18 Jul 2012 12:09

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

Another change of manager - this one seems to have driven away most of the customers! 2 people in, no food and precious little atmosphere. The next pub to close in Yeovil perhaps?

12 Jul 2012 23:40

The Butchers Arms, Yeovil

Now has 5 handpumps, and will be serving Dorset Brewery beers and interesting guest beers. Regular music events and organised trips (brewery visits, dog racing etc.). Fast becoming the best pub in Yeovil - the glory days are returning!

9 Jul 2012 17:45

The Black Horse, Yeovil

Appears now to be up for sale. Still open though. Hope it sells to someone who can look after the beer properly - it has been pretty awful for some time!

20 Jun 2012 13:53

The Castle Green Inn, Taunton

Went in here recently. Advertised closing time (in Good Beer Guide) is 11:00, so was surprised when last orders were called at 10:40. Surely last orders are 10 minutes before closing time, with 20 minutes drinking up time afterwards. The staff had been more concerned with putting everything away for some time before, and I was beginning to feel unwelcome. Expecting to be slung out at 11:01, I went somewhere else, and was made welcome! Something here needs to be addressed, I think.

11 May 2012 23:22

The Butchers Arms, Yeovil

After a short period of closure, this pub is under new management (again). Seem pleasant people though, with experience in the trade. Only Doom Bar on on my visit, but hopefully a better range of beers will follow. One to watch!

1 May 2012 00:05

The Royal Marine Inn, Yeovil

Quite a few changes here recently. Very large signs proclaiming the pub to be 'under new management'. The carpet and curtains have been replaced (not before time) and there was a guest beer (Banks's Sunbeam) to supplement the ever-present Ringwood. A much needed improvement.

1 May 2012 00:02

The Royal Marine Inn, Yeovil

Quite a few changes here recently. Very large signs proclaiming the pub to be 'under new management'. The carpet and curtains have been replaced (not before time) and there was a guest beer (Banks's Sunbeam) to supplement the ever-present Ringwood. A much needed improvement.

1 May 2012 00:01

The Great Western, Yeovil

Actually now taken over by the 'local resident'! Beer quality good, food planned soon. Always a good sign if someone takes over their local - they have an interest! Watch this space.

30 Apr 2012 23:57

The Arrow, Yeovil

Considering this is an estate pub, it ticks all the boxes for me. One important thing is that there is now an increased range of beers. On a recent visit, all 5 handpumps were in use. Admittedly, all the beers are from Marston's and their subsidiaries, but they are well kept, and there is often something unusual (one-offs and seasonal brews). Very lively when the footie finishes at nearby Huish Park, but well controlled. Must try the food sometime.

21 Mar 2012 00:25

The Elephant and Castle, Holmfirth

Time for an update, I think. Obviously this pub is no longer smoky, due to the smoking ban. In fact, it is a well-kept, friendly and clean local, with 3 ales (Tetley's, Landlord and Golden Pippin). The multiple rooms layout has now been opened out into one bar with definite 'areas'. The Tetley's was in good condition, the food menu looked good (for another visit) and there is even B & B, which could be a thought on another visit also. Just right for a 'Last of the Summer Wine' addict!

14 Mar 2012 16:42

The Moat House, Taunton

Open again, with a new name, which I can't remember! How long for this time, I wonder!

7 Feb 2012 23:11

The Bell Inn, Martock

After a few fortunately short-lived problems, this pub is back to its best! Good beer, good food, good company and a lovely fire to warm the cockles! Altogether a good experience!

6 Feb 2012 21:12

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Bit puzzled by the last 3 reviews, so I went in again. The beer was well kept, and I couldn't fault the cleanliness of the place. Haven't tried the food lately, but apparently the Sunday lunch is more popular than ever. There is a weekday 5 lunch as well, so must try that soon. It would be interesting to know who these 3 mystery reviewers are, as there is very little detail and they haven't reviewed any other pubs yet. Perhaps they were barred and decided to get their own back!

5 Feb 2012 21:56

The Great Western, Yeovil

Seems as if my local is in good hands. Doing a good trade (even in January) - no food yet, but it is planned - beer well kept, and a good welcome. The glory days are returning!

20 Jan 2012 21:23

The White Hart Inn, Somerton

A pleasant enough pub with 3 real ales and what looks like a good food selection. Only time for a swift half of Otter, but it was in good nick. Perhaps another visit is needed soon.

8 Jan 2012 23:32

The Two Brewers, Street

My favourite pub in Street by far. Always a good beer selection, and the food is superb. And how nice not to have 'musak' and fruit machines in a pub these days.

8 Jan 2012 23:22

Lantokay, Street

Seems to have had a bit of a facelift since my last visit, which has smartened it up somewhat - not before time. It's not the most attractive pub in the JDW chain, but the beer is usually well kept. One usual criticism though - too many beers marked 'Available soon'!

8 Jan 2012 23:14

The Milford Inn, Yeovil

Unfortunately now closed and up for sale. Another one bites the dust!

1 Jan 2012 01:39

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

Another visit paid today. the beer range is much improved - Ringwood Best, 49er and Hobgoblin today. Apparently the food is good, and needs to be tried soon. Well worth a visit. Pubs this good need to be supported. Too many traditional locals are going under.

30 Dec 2011 19:25

The Great Western, Yeovil

Apparently the pub is now open. An inspection will be made soon.

2 Dec 2011 21:29

The Great Western, Yeovil

Hope springs eternal... Today the curtains are drawn back, and it looks as if my local could be open soon. A result perhaps?

30 Nov 2011 18:47

The Great Western, Yeovil

I have nothing to add! I'm beginning to wonder if the closure is permanent, or will we see a 'For Sale' board soon, I wonder?

24 Nov 2011 17:28

The Bull Inn, Walsingham

An atmospheric old pub, which is just right for a pilgrimage village. I have never found the licensees 'unfriendly, or rude', but perhaps a little odd, however some would find the village a little odd, so again, it's par for the course. Beer always well kept - as food is always provided in pilgrim hostels, I've never had the opportunity to eat here, but the prices seem reasonable, and I'm told the food is good. Well worth a visit.

24 Nov 2011 17:25

The Black Lion Hotel, Little Walsingham

Now visited. A couple of Woodforde's beers are now available, including a lovely dark ale. Prices are high though, and trade seems to have gone to the nearby Bull as a consequence. Walsingham needs 2 pubs, and it would be a shame if the high prices killed this pub off. Needs watching, I think!

24 Nov 2011 17:20

London and County, Eastbourne

Fairly typical Wetherspoon - beer quality usually OK, but not a large choice. The usual type of Spoons customers, who act as if they've been drinking for hours, even in mid morning! Nothing to write home about - the best thing is it's handy for the station.

10 Nov 2011 23:09

The Eagle, Eastbourne

Visited again recently. Pleasant barmaid, and 3 fairly local real ales on. Tried the Rother Valley Boadicea - nice and light and flavoursome. Worth more regular visits, I think.

10 Nov 2011 23:04

The Counting House, Eastbourne

My first visit for a while. A pleasant atmosphere and helpful staff. 3 good ales on, including Pale Rider from Yorkshire. Yes, skippybn21, it's a bit expensive, but not incredibly so. You must be confusing it with the Lamb, where you need to pay in instalments!

10 Nov 2011 22:51

The Great Western, Yeovil

Still closed! Wadworth's, what's going on?

10 Nov 2011 22:46

The Great Lyde, Yeovil

Paid a visit recently. Seems greatly improved. A good welcome and well kept Palmers beers. The food needs to be tried before I make a further comment, but the signs are good after a dodgy period.

3 Nov 2011 20:58

The Greyhound, Yeovil

After a long period of closure, this is now a 'Sleep Boutique', in other words an expensive hotel!

19 Oct 2011 23:32

The Mermaid Hotel, Yeovil

Paid a rare visit to this pub. I used not to like it, and the beer quality was variable, to say the least. But not now. admittedly the beer is Palmers, but the pint of 200 I had was excellent. Staff and regulars were friendly and efficient. Only had one as Karaoke was being set up, and at my age I can't stand much noise! Worth another visit though.

19 Oct 2011 23:29

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

Since my last post, this pub has changed hands again. There seems also to be a reasonable food menu, although I haven't tried it yet. Perhaps the glory days are returning.

19 Oct 2011 23:24

The Royal Marine Inn, Yeovil

An interesting local with characterful customers, and plenty of salty language. I hadn't been here for a while, but will probably return. The Ringwood was well kept and reasonably priced, and a board said Brakspear's was now available, but not on my visit. Perhaps I have found my temporary local, until the Great Western reopens (if it ever does).

19 Oct 2011 23:21

Pen Mill Hotel, Yeovil

Called in here in an attempt to replace the Great Western (closed at present) with another local. 2 good real ales (Doom Bar and Tribute) and well kept, but prices on the high side. Not a bad pub, but not an exceptional one either.

19 Oct 2011 23:17

The Great Western, Yeovil

Rumour has it that this pub will shortly be reopening under new and experienced management. No sign of it yet though - we must wait and see. We need our local back!

19 Oct 2011 23:12

The Great Western, Yeovil

Rumour has it that this pub will shortly be reopening under new and experienced management. No sign of it yet though - we must wait and see. We need our local back!

19 Oct 2011 23:12

The Great Western, Yeovil

The Great Western is now closed, with a notice in the window promising that the closure is only hopefully for 2 weeks. Congratulations to the agency manager - when I met him I gave him 2 months, but he only lasted for 1! I really do hope that Wadworth's will now put someone in here who will build on the hard work Zoe and Sheila did in turning this pub around. We must wait and see.

27 Aug 2011 20:26

Wash and Tope Hotel, Hunstanton

This pub is under new management, according to the sign outside, which would explain why it's no longer in the GBG. Only one beer on, London Pride, which was well kept. The menu looked good, and the new people seemed friendly enough. A bit of a scruffy place though - a top priority should be a new carpet!

22 Aug 2011 19:30

The Dolphin, Eastbourne

After my disappointment in the Dewdrop (no real ale that day - see my post for that establishment) I tried this pub. It had 3 ales on (Harvey's, Brakspear's and Hopback Hophead, which was excellent). Not a cheap pub, but a friendly one, and I was impressed. I will revisit.

22 Aug 2011 19:21

Dewdrop Inn, Eastbourne

Went in recently, and was uncharacteristically disappointed. There was no real ale, and the delivery wasn't until the next day. This is a pub I use when in Eastbourne, and I feel sure this doesn't happen often, but to remain in the Good Beer Guide surely real ale should always be available. I will hope for better things on my next visit!

22 Aug 2011 19:17

The Kings Arms, Crewkerne

Looks remarkably closed to me. No loss, from previous experience.

22 Jul 2011 17:47

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

Yes indeed, new management (again). All the interesting local pictures have gone. Quite a good atmosphere though, and a good pint of Jimmy Riddle, from Piddle Brewery, which was well kept. Now if this pub did food again - could be a goldmine!

22 Jul 2011 17:44

The Armoury Inn, Yeovil

Not the place it was when Nibs ran it. No food now - miserable guvnor (on the rare occasions you see him) - not much atmosphere. On the plus side, the beer is usually well kept - in my limited experience anyway.

22 Jul 2011 17:39

The Great Western, Yeovil

Both staff and customers appear to be leaving. If that continues, this formerly lovely pub will go the way of so many - closure! The new guvnor needs to get a grip - and soon.

21 Jul 2011 23:03

The Black Lion Hotel, Little Walsingham

Appears to be open again. Not yet tried.

21 Jul 2011 11:45

The Milford Inn, Yeovil

I understand it's only open in the evenings, including at weekends. Doesn't sound too promising - but at least it hasn't been pulled down yet, as has been threatened for some time. With the new houses down the road, perhaps a bit more effort might be needed. Need to visit some time, I think!

4 Jul 2011 20:28

The Great Western, Yeovil

Unfortunately Sheila and Zoe are leaving in a week or so. They have really turned this pub round. Hope Waddies put somebody in who will build on that - the pub needs someone who will love it! Try it while you can!

26 Jun 2011 23:15

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Yes, it is a very good pub now, with well-kept Otter and Doom Bar and excellent food. The Sunday lunch is probably the best in town. Well worth a visit. And yes, I remember Richard Stallard as well.

26 Jun 2011 23:10

The Wine Vaults, Yeovil

Unfortunately closed again, and up for sale (375,000) due to the 'ill health' of the owner. What a shame. Any lottery winners out there who would like to buy it? - it was a regular outlet for Yeovil Ales, and trade was building up well. Hopefully there might be a happy ending!

26 Jun 2011 23:06

The King Arthur, Glastonbury

Just keep hearing good reports about this pub now. Apparently more local beers are to be stocked. Good news about the Wilkins' cider too. Will visit soon.

26 Jun 2011 23:00

The Cross Keys, Sherborne

Have now visited. Not as bad as it was before - no great improvement (and no redecoration either) but quite busy, and less threatening than it once was. I see they do food - so perhaps a second visit is needed.

27 Feb 2011 21:06

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Apparently a refurb has now taken place. Not before time!

21 Feb 2011 14:35

The Swan Inn, Sherborne

Went past yesterday, and noticed that the window-frames had been freshly painted. Looked fairly bright inside too - I wonder if, for the first time in many years, this pub might be fit to use! Will venture in on my next visit.

21 Feb 2011 14:18

The Market House, Bridport

At last a reply to 'lovingitindorset.' Actually, I think I did understand what 'lolabola' was saying. Some of us on fixed incomes can't afford 25 for 2 courses, and if we did we would expect the starter to arrive rather sooner than one hour later! I can't speak from experience though, as I can't afford this pub until I win the lottery.

5 Feb 2011 22:10

The Mitre, Glastonbury

On a recent visit, I noticed the considerable improvement also. A good choice of beers, and well kept. And why shouldn't the landlord pop out for a smoke when he needs it - so long as someone is serving, of course? I will call in again - and continue to ignore the Arthur down the road!

5 Feb 2011 21:56

The Manor Hotel, Yeovil

Stayed here recently. It's a hotel rather than a pub. Room was very comfortable, and food good. Only GK IPA on, but reasonably well kept. Only trouble is you have to wait for a member of staff to serve you, who might be in the kitchen, restaurant, reception, broom cupboard, Outer Mongolia, or wherever! You could easily die of thirst here! However, will stay again sometime.

31 Jan 2011 10:37

The Beehive Inn, Yeovil

Paid a chance visit recently, as I rarely venture that side of the big ring road! What a surprise! Knew this years ago when Smokey ran it, and went in quite a lot. A good welcome from the landlady and spot-on real ale. Obviously a lot of community involvement and charity work here. The pub was spotless throughout, and the menu looks good, and good value. Puzzled by the board in the porch that says 'Members only' though - members of what? Will definitely return.

31 Jan 2011 10:32

Globe Inn, Glastonbury

I actually found this pub open recently, so I went in. 'Sorry, no real ale', said the bloke behind the bar, so I went out again. Can I award a minus score please?

1 Nov 2010 17:04

Globe Inn, Glastonbury

I actually found this pub open recently, so I went in. 'Sorry, no real ale', said the bloke behind the bar, so I went out again. Can I award a minus score please?

1 Nov 2010 16:57

The Market House, Bridport

I just love reviews like the last one. 4 people, and they only waited one hour for the starter, and they only paid 100. Remind me not to bother!

1 Nov 2010 16:50

Hawthorns Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, Glastonbury

Perhaps time to put the record straight. I was taken here recently by a group of friends for lunch. Got a bit worried after reading the other reviews, but I have to say the curry buffet was excellent. Yes, there is no regular draught beer, but we found a very suitable (liquid) accompaniment to our meal. Maybe we need to remember that this is the 'beer in the evening' website, and this is not really a pub, but I certainly have no complaints, and will certainly revisit.

1 Nov 2010 16:45

Lantokay, Street

A recent improvement here, not least in the choice of beers. The change was needed - hope it lasts.

20 Oct 2010 14:27

The Wine Vaults, Yeovil

Have now tried the Sunday lunch. Very good portion, and well presented. There were 4 Yeovil beers on (Glory, Stargazer, Summerset and the gloriously strong Posh IPA). See they also do Fish and Chips on Friday for 6.50, which includes a pudding. Trade, particularly in the evening, is building up well. Give it a try - you won't regret it!

20 Oct 2010 14:23

The Rose and Crown, Ipswich

Obviously a pub that needs to get back to its glory days. Pleasant enough, and music wasn't bad. No real ale though, which sounds like a down point from before. The Kronenbourg wasn't bad though - we shut our eyes and thought we could be in France!

11 Oct 2010 14:50

The Hare And Hounds, Ipswich

Appears to close early when no-one is in - surprisingly on a Thursday night. Last legs perhaps!

11 Oct 2010 14:46

The Brewers Arms, Ipswich

Agree with previous reviews. The GK IPA was well kept, and interesting to be offered a choice of Northern or Southern head on it! A chance find which will be revisited. Note they also do B & B - could be worth investigating on another visit.

11 Oct 2010 14:45

The Dove, Ipswich

Don't understand the last review at all. Have long been wanting to visit this pub, and finally succeeded on holiday recently. Only time for 2 halves, as I was driving, but both were well kept. The veggie curry was excellent also. Some people are very hard (perhaps even impossible to please) - the previous reviewer probably only likes Wetherspoons!

10 Oct 2010 23:23

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Finally got here on a recent visit. As good as everyone says it is. A good range of beers, but only time to sample 2, Fernandes Bitter (Wakefield) and Anglo-Dutch Apistus (from just down the road). The Christmas menus were out, and looked extremely good value. May need to make the long journey back (from The South West) just to try them out!

10 Oct 2010 23:18

The Cross Keys, Sherborne

Open again, and I have heard one or two good reports. If so, that will be a real turn-up for the books, as this pub has been a dive for many years.

10 Oct 2010 23:10

The Crown Hotel, Sherborne

Appears to be closed and up for sale.

10 Oct 2010 23:08

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Have now visited. A good welcome from Danny, the new landlord, and well-kept ale as before. On another visit, I shall try the food, which I'm told is excellent.

10 Oct 2010 22:56

The Wine Vaults, Yeovil

Just an update - trade building up - Yeovil Ales selling well - restaurant opens Monday 6th. Well worth a visit.

3 Sep 2010 23:35

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

I am told this pub has now reopened, after some sort of a refurb, which was perhaps needed. A visit will need to be made soon.

21 Aug 2010 22:56

The Wine Vaults, Yeovil

Yes, indeed, this is open. Discovered by accident the other night when I saw the lights on. 3 Yeovil ales and Burrow Hill Cider, all on gravity. Hopefully the restaurant will be open soon, and if all goes well, thsi could be a decent boozer again. I wish them luck.

8 Aug 2010 20:43

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Interesting refurb here. Not sure if I like it or not. Spoke to some regular visitors who said they preferred it before. Still a good range of beers though. Will try it again soon.

28 Jun 2010 00:07

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Finally got here - always seemed to be too far along the seafront before! Glad I made the effort. 4 well-kept ales and good value food. Landlady and staff very welcoming. Some of visitors (grockles we call them) a bit noisy, but that's Minehead for you. Will revisit.

28 Jun 2010 00:03

The Bull Inn, Ilchester

Appears to be being refurbished after period of closure. Rumours are that it has been bought by the owners of the Ilchester Arms, hopefully as a pub and not flats!

27 Apr 2010 22:57

The Golden Ball, Bridgwater

This place just about sums up Bridgwater's pub scene. On Saturday, I went past on the bus, going somewhere nice (in other words, not Bridgwater)! This pub displays its opening hours (10-late on Saturday, for example). Both times it was obviously closed, as it always seems to be. Do we have to break in, I wonder?

26 Apr 2010 00:15

Cobblestones Inn, Bridgwater

Might be a good idea if writers to this site just commented about the pub itself, rather than others which have their own page. I was told by two people yesterday that Cobblestones is worth a visit, and will be investigating soon. In a town like Bridgwater, any half-decent pub is worth trying.

26 Apr 2010 00:12

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

Saw a regular from here recently who tells me the pub is closed, and Geoff and Karen have gone. Another rent dispute apparently. When will Punch learn?

22 Apr 2010 12:37

Royal Artillery Arms, Highbridge

Called in while driving home from a meeting, as I knew this is a good place. 7 beers were on, but as I was driving could only sample one. Very friendly, and good beer range and quality. Looks as if another visit is needed, obviously by bus!

17 Apr 2010 00:38

The Old Inn, Clevedon

Called in after meeting recently. Agree with previous reviews - good beer, including 2 from Cottage, and a pleasant crowd, including a sports team. Menu looked good too. Another visit needed, to eat as well. Just about enough room in the car park on my visit - obviously a successful place.

17 Apr 2010 00:32

The Market House, Bridport

Glad to hear this pub is finally open again. Sounds as if it will be worth a visit on one of my visits to Bridport in the future. And for the record I like Palmers beer.

12 Apr 2010 12:58

The Butchers Arms, Yeovil

Agree with previous comment. Nice to see someone with an interest running this pub - it's been neglected too long. Bass (which I tried - very well kept) and 6X on my visit. This pub used to do a roaring trade a few years ago - hopefully those days will return. A nice traditional pub - not many of them left these days.

22 Mar 2010 21:46

The King William Inn, Glastonbury

Inspired by previous reviews, I paid this pub a return visit while in town for an hour. Certainly seems to be greatly improved since the change of licensee. Butcombe and Butcombe Blond were on, so 2 Somerset beers - can't be bad. Food specials seemed to be good value, and not what you'd expect in a pub. Will revisit, and will dine next time. Not difficult to see why the surrounding pubs are struggling.

22 Sep 2009 18:19

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

A return visit. The smell of paint has gone, and the tenants are now living in, so things are improving. Ruddles Best and Courage Best (2.10 a pint) were on - the London Pride wasn't. Apparently trade is picking up well, particularly at weekends. Still needs personalisation though - some pictures on the walls would help. Noted that the loos have been revamped - not before time.

22 Sep 2009 18:14

Half Moon Inn and Country Lodge, Mudford

A pleasant place, with good ale and food. I visit fairly often. There is a house beer, Mudford Wreck, and guest beers come from the West Country - one from Quantock at the moment. The food is good, and served all day. There is accommodation as well. These days so many pubs are closing, but this one definitely bucks the trend. Give it a try.

18 Sep 2009 04:12

The Green Dragon, Yeovil

Sorry to hear of your unhappiness with this pub, robmarsh25. As my previous post says, despite the mauve paint, the pub is greatly improved over its former ghastliness. Many of the idiots who used it in the past have been barred, and there is now a good mix of regulars. Try it again, have a meal - the chef is excellent. 5.50 for a good Sunday roast - who could complain about that? Go on, spoil yourself!

17 Sep 2009 14:51

The William Dampier, Yeovil

Seems to be the fashion to criticise all Wetherspoons pubs. OK, so this isn't the best of them, but it isn't the worst by any means (Street probably wins that prize!) Beer is always well kept, and staff are pleasant. Music is awful, but then if they had Classic FM on I'd probably be the only customer! Yeovil has lost so many town centre pubs that this one fills a large gap. Not as black as it's painted by some contributors!

17 Sep 2009 04:56

The Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil

Previous comments a bit puzzling. This pub always serves a good pint (usually Butcombe, Broadside and Tribute - my favourite of the three). Certainly not a gastro pub - new 5 lunch menu appears excellent value - not tried yet, but will soon. One of the best pubs in Yeovil. Some people are obviously almost impossible to please!

16 Sep 2009 02:19

The Great Western, Yeovil

By far the nicest pub in Yeovil (some would say that isn't difficult, but that would be a bit unkind). However, you do get a good welcome from both Sheila and Zoe, and from the regulars. An extra Wadworth beer is now stocked. The food is excellent. They are holding a beer festival on 2nd - 4th October, which should be fun. The other advantage is being so near Pen Mill Station. This pub is a gem. Come and try it for yourselves.

15 Sep 2009 00:33

The White Horse, Yeovil

Now closed, and being auctioned on 16th September. Became quite poor at the end, with total lack of interest being shown, and beer quite undrinkable. Might unfortunately not be a pub again - shame because it's a nice building. Oh dear!

14 Sep 2009 17:17

The Green Dragon, Yeovil

Quite a change here recently. A lot of money has been spent. Looks rather like a wine bar, with lots of mauve paint (yuk) and big screen tellies everywhere. Skittle alley is now integrated in bar. However, 2 real ales from Marston's range are available - Ringwood Best is always on - and Thatcher's Cider. Good food every day - Sunday roast is excellent. A good welcome and service - this is the best this previously dodgy pub has been for a long time. Give it a try.

14 Sep 2009 17:14

The Pall Tavern, Yeovil

This pub is now open again, run by a previous member of bar staff. Rather bare at present - no pictures on walls, and some lack of furniture - taken by previous tenants, I suspect. Apparently they made rather a mess of the upstairs rooms as well. Smell of paint in bar quite strong, but will improve. On my visit, they had 3 real ales on, Ruddles Best, Directors and London Pride - the latter was well kept. They were busy the first night, and some of the old regulars barred by the previous people have returned. Worth a try - things can only get better.

14 Sep 2009 17:06

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