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The Paul Pry, Worcester

Pleased to inform recent viewers that re a visit 21/03/2014 this pub is reopened

31 Mar 2014 11:16

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

kernel on cask is a fairly good pint , that said at £4.10 after a camra discount its a bit stiff.

11 May 2013 22:05

Kingsdown Wine Vaults, Cotham

3 beers on doombar , butcombe , and timothy taylors landlord, the last of which I drunk about 2 pints of okay i'm lying it may have been a couple more , quality was excellent, good music in here as well some nights, worth a visit now on what I think is probably the best real ale circuit in Bristol.

10 May 2013 23:44

The Cornubia, Bristol

I think pwilkins is probaly consistent with this pub rather than the licensees in that it has a rather conservative choice of punters ie we want a light ale at 3.7 per cent we don't want a dark beer, we do 10 beers , but

9 May 2013 21:40

The Plough, Bristol

I visited here for the first time recently pre emted thoughts , well they were wron. This is quite a nice clean pub. real ale was x3 two of which were from st austell. Quality was good, staff and customers friendly.

11 Feb 2013 21:16

The Coach House, Bristol

A locals pub. Friendly staff, no real ale or real cider, settled for a bottle of stout which was fine.

11 Feb 2013 20:43

Old Stillage, Redfield

Atmospherically as good a place to be as anywhere most nights of the week.
Beer H'mm I'd have to say I was on the guest Beer Last time I was in here and my pints of XT2 and XT6 were both flat

5 Feb 2013 04:35

Royal Oak, Clevedon

Step back just a little from Clevedon sea front, set in a particuirly pretty part of Clevedon is the Royal Oak.
This pub provides relief from the more food friendly pubs on clevedon sea front.
A really nice old fashioned pub, with a log fire.
In all the pubs I went to in Clevedon I have to say the Bar service was very good, but this was exceptional.
The quality of my Dartmoor Jail was very good

14 Jan 2013 11:37

The Bristol Inn, Clevedon

A medium to large sized pub. Butcombe and doombar were the ales, the butcombe was up to mark. pub with a reasonably sized garden. Barmaid was very friendly.

14 Jan 2013 11:27

Courtyard Wine Bar, Nailsea

Place is closed, and it would seem it us very unlikely to reopen

14 Jan 2013 10:59

The Wagon and Horses, Clevedon

The pub that time forgot,perhaps, but perhaps all the better for it. An old fashioned sort of pub with Bar and lounge, which sadly there are too few of these days.Choice of ales Butcombe , 6x , Cider thatchers trad.
Has the reputation of being a bit of a rough house, but I've never found this to be the case.
My 6x on my last visit was up to the Mark

14 Jan 2013 10:31

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Surely if it never fails to disappoint, then it always disappoints

13 Jan 2013 22:44

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

The cotham porter stores reopened yesterday

23 Dec 2012 11:37

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

There has been some activity in this pub. a fruit machine/juke box was sen being wheeled in , and lights were on . I'M headig that way today. so may have more news later

22 Dec 2012 07:40

The Kings Head, Bristol

was open yesterday

22 Dec 2012 07:28

The Kings Head, Bristol

was definitely open yesterday

22 Dec 2012 07:25

The Kings Head, Bristol

Not sure about this mate, work next door will check it out and report

16 Dec 2012 10:58

The Volunteer, Bristol

Festival on with excellent beer , nice to see station porter again

16 Dec 2012 10:57

Colston Yard, Bristol

A festival on at the moment, good beer, good choice, my only grumble was that there was not much room, with tables being reserved, and no one sitting on them.

6 Oct 2012 14:34

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Sadly this great little local closed last night

23 Sep 2012 14:46

The Pied Horse, Bristol

Was in here a few weeks ago, on what was a fairly busy saturday afternoon , beer was Bath Ales x 2 Gem and Barnstormer, there were a couple of ciders on (not keg) , quality of my Barnstormer was good, alright if you live in the area.

22 Sep 2012 08:12

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Should be called the Temple really, best choice in town for real ale , arguably the best quality, beriodical at the beginnning of each month, good cider choice, loads of charachters , staff with a knowledge of Beer, okay the interior is a bit tat, but that gives it the advantage of keeping the suits out.

21 Sep 2012 07:08

St Georges Hall, Redfield

have always rated this in the past , perhaps because i like strong ale, however i have to say on this occasion my jaipur from Thornbridge was poor .

21 Sep 2012 06:32

Old Stillage, Redfield

Good Arbor ales pub with the odd guest.Quality good. That said not as good in my opinion as its sister pub the three tons. Possibly suffers a bit because of location ie in an area that hasn't quite caught up with real ale yet , most people in there seemed to be drinking lager.

21 Sep 2012 06:28

The Crown Tavern, Bristol

Pleasant enough pub , and very cheap as said before, for the real ale drinker, well only Bass, which i'm not a great fan of , but if it was mandatory this is where i'd come to drink it as twas in very good nick.

21 Sep 2012 06:15

The Drawbridge, Bristol

Beer festival starts on 1st oct with a fairly interesting list. pedestrian choice usally of only a couple of Beers , but I have to say on both occasions my 6x and tribute were in good nick.

21 Sep 2012 06:08

The Glass House, Nailsea

Whilst this a vast improvement on what it was , like so many wetherspoons this is a very hit and miss affair, beer choice variable , quality variable, food was a bit poor when I ate there, I also found the staff a bit bumpcious. As said a vast improvement on what it was, but nothing here to make me rush for the first bus back to nailsea.

21 Sep 2012 06:01

The Miners Arms, Bristol

Great Pub in lots of ways , but i have to say on this visit beer choice a little disapointing , nothing much for the drinker who likes his beer a tad stronger than four per cent.

21 Sep 2012 05:53

The Old Farmhouse, Nailsea

Was with fbb when he discovered patures new , yeh live in nailsea its a bit far for me too walk , but perhaps i should make more of an effort , yes hopping hare good that night on what was a brief visit , but have been back since ,furry ferret not quite to my palette , but Tanglefoot ,and sussex best bitter from banks were quaffed readily 7/10

21 Sep 2012 05:41

The Volunteer, Bristol

four ales on , included station porter. Beer good quality. Smallish Bar, quite dark inside . worth a visit ,7+ for me .

19 Feb 2012 16:09

Zero Degrees, Bristol

Against my preconceived views was in here the other night , nothing to change my views, mango tasted like a cross between tango, and lucozade, definitely in the luke d camp here. My cup runneth over, I can't wait for my next visit.

7 Feb 2012 20:48

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Deja vu here , almost exactly the same as a year ago.I think the problem is not with the pub , but bath ales, nothing new on the market, and also seem more interested in foody pubs, and bottled beer these days, it all just seemed a bit tired . Ale was ok but i've had a lot better dark star.4/10

7 Feb 2012 20:40

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

A very good choice of Beer, with a strong Dawkins presence, well it is a Dawkins pub. Good quality Ale what more can I say.

31 Jan 2012 06:27

Kingsdown Wine Vaults, Cotham

This has never been the greatest of ale pubs, but at least it looked as if it had found it's niche about 6 months ago. I think I was the only customer on saturday night. early on, although a small group came as I was leaving. Nice enough people running the pub, but only Doombar on ,just a half and I was on my way.

31 Jan 2012 06:24

The Old Barn, Wraxall

A pub with an interior to die for. Beer ,well perhaps choice, could be better , but I apreciate I called in on boxing day when stocks were running down , the guest butcombe christmas steps had just gone. The choice of Ales was butcombe trad , london pride, doombar , and otter ale , the cider was ticknum tipple, and thatchers dry.
A couple of Ticknum tipples were dispatched, which was very pleasant, and then a couple of otter ales, the quality of which was very good.
The staff were very polite ,and courteous, and despite the fact there was a very large crowd in that day I was served quickly.
The pub itself is on the outer perimiter of nailsea, and may be reached by the 354 weekdays , and 362/363 sundays.

27 Dec 2011 08:48

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

Closed again, and has been sold, rumours are that it is to be turned into a restaurant.

10 Dec 2011 08:27

The Seven Stars, Bristol

The recent Beeriodical London was one of the best ever, although they are always very good. I like the fact that Beer choice is always good though,and quality remains , both of which can lapse sometimes in other contempoaries, after a Beer festival ,which is probaly one of the reasons why it has been Bristol's camra pub of the year for the last two years. The fact that you will always get a great beer in here , also means that sometmes the fact that the pub has a good choice of cider and perry is overlooked.

10 Dec 2011 08:08

The Clifton, Clifton

basically more of a foody pub, but if you are just drinking ,worth a visit if you are in this area, a couple of real ciders , and 3 real ales 2 ubiqutous ones normally, but often contains a suprise, on this visit it was sambrooks wandle.

10 Dec 2011 07:47

The Robin Hood, Bristol

Gone down hill a bit since my last visit. choice not bad if you ignore the fact all the Beers were of a similiar strength, quality , well drinkable ,but also not as good as on previous visits.

10 Dec 2011 07:34

The Hophouse, Clifton

Nothing much interiorly had changed since my last visit , but wow what a change in the beer choice rch pg steam , moor revival , dark star hophead , saltaire blonde, the latter two being in good nick , at an average 3.30 a pint 7+.

4 Dec 2011 09:54

Start the Bus, Bristol

Worth a visit if your in Bristol . A choice of 4 beers 2 from butcombe one from Moor and Cropton Blackout the latter of which i've tried on a few occasions ,and is especialy good . There are two real ciders on. It is a very dark setting with comfy sofa's. A 7+ from me.

19 Nov 2011 13:33

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Can only echo what has been said before exemplary beer condition possibly even better than the seven stars.
There are some including myself that thought when ned left there would be a decline in the quality, but they've done a great job , well done everyone.

6 Nov 2011 09:34

Knights Templar, Bristol

One oddity about this bar is that the customers quee outwards from the bar sometimes the quee reaches the door, i've never seen that before , strange because its a very long bar, maybe its something that happens a lot outside Bristol, it is near the railway station after all.
Anyway away from this triviality, have none of the problems some peers have with the quality of the Beer the exmoor beast is often on and the choice is usally good, although perhaps not quite as good as the commy rooms.

22 Sep 2011 21:59

The Annexe Inn, Bristol

A recent visit here. What I don't like about this place is the dismal choice of Beer cb doombar,and the guests ? all of a similiar strength to be honest i don't think my gran would get excited about the choice in here. Quality was adequate only.

22 Sep 2011 21:45

The Vittoria, Clifton

Nice pub interiorly . choice of only courage best ,tribute, and butcombe , quality of tribute was good, but overall the pub looked a pale shadow of what it was only a few months ago , price watch the tribute was 3.40 a pint.

28 Aug 2011 08:47

The Jersey Lilly, Bristol

Only two beers on when I walked in on saturday afternoon , tribute, and theakstons lightfoot,reasonably priced at 3 a pint, but I have to say the quality of the Beer was poor.
No atmosphere at all in this pub.
As I await my PM, not worth a second visit based on this performance.

28 Aug 2011 08:41

Penny Farthing, Clifton

Wadworth to the left of me , Wadworth to the right of me , a choice of about five or six ales, as said all from Wadworth.
nice interiorly.
A good price Wadworth farmers glory 2.85 a pint not bad for clifton.
Worth a visit if your in the area.

28 Aug 2011 08:35

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Sad days at the tuns , what ever you like to say about ned he's a perfectionist when it comes to quality of beer.was in the other night great choice premier league at least top four . Dark star was readily supped the other night along with snuffy jack , great quality great beer. 9.999./10

24 Jul 2011 16:24

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Clearly I had not been in here for a while as i'd forgotten how expensive , choice well nothing you wouldn't expect to see in a fullers pub lp , esb , discovery, ever always guest trad Butcombe at 3.50 a pint a trifle expensive me thinks, didn't stay long. london pub london prices

24 Jul 2011 16:16

The Robin Hood, Bristol

Rapid improvement from my last visit , 5 or 6 ales great choice that included one from dark star, yummy. Expensive yes , but there are more expensive pubs than this , and at least a good choice. Premier league. 9/10

24 Jul 2011 16:07

Colston Arms, Bristol

Always quite liked this, pleasant enough interior , nice pint of the rev james served by always friendly bar staff.7.5/10.

24 Jul 2011 16:01

The Albion, Clifton

4x real ales included otter , sharps coaster, one real cider, pleasant enough surroundings but a gastro. My pint of coasters was a wallet bending 3.70

24 Jul 2011 15:52

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

Beer moles best , tribute, bass , and doombar , cider black rat and Black rat perry , pleasant lounge with plenty of room to watch the cricket. Beer Quality was good. 7/10

24 Jul 2011 15:49

The Bell Inn, Bristol

me again . usally come in here for the Beer , but visited the recent cider and cheese festival which was excellent , and it was nice to see nearly everyone in the pub was actually drinking cider or perry.

11 Jun 2011 17:31

The Horse and Groom, Bristol

deja vu pub has reopened again , although closes at 7.30 at night . not going to do reveiw yet as there is still work going on inside , will wait till it has bedded in .

11 Jun 2011 12:48

The George Inn, Farleigh

I haven't been in , but the pub has now been reopened.

10 Jun 2011 20:10

Colston Yard, Bristol

what a great place to be on a sunny evening , you get a great feel for bristol when you can sit outside , supping some of their excellent beers , top quality , or the splendid ashton still cider. has gone from a 6 to 9/10 for me

10 Jun 2011 20:02

The Barley Mow, Bristol

nice , community pub . Bristol Beer Factory with a guest from Arbor. Quality of beer was good, and my lunch went down a treat.
Beer slightly pricey at 3.20 for my pint of Acer

8 May 2011 15:14

The Canteen, Bristol

Building that comes across as a cross between a large class room, and an office in eastern europe , before the wall came down, with a strange community feel to it.
Bristol Beer factory , with a guest beer, one from yeovil. Quality of beer good.

25 Apr 2011 19:59

The White Bear, Bristol

Ales included Doombar , Otter , Butcombe Gold , on what was a very quiet afternoon. real cider advertised , but could not see any . Quite big inside.pretty average

23 Apr 2011 12:05

The Clifton, Clifton

Being a cheeky B , thought i'd just tell everyone a camra cider crawl starts here next friday at 7 o'clock

3 Apr 2011 07:37

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath


1 Apr 2011 20:24

The Quadrant, Bristol

well it is CLIFTON prices will50JJ

14 Mar 2011 23:38

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Flick of a coin for the best real ale house in town for me , this or the seven stars , currently inthe middle of a festival , the quality is superb.

5 Mar 2011 08:21

The Highbury Vaults, Bristol

The kind of pub thats worth a visit even if you couldn't have a drink. A youngs pub , ive acquired a taste for the banana bread bitter "lush" an absolutely gorgeous barmaid . Am I in paradise

5 Mar 2011 08:15

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Again a preponderance of bath ales , wth a couple of guest Beers often at least one of them from Arbor Ales Kingswood .Quality of Beer good. Good pub grub. smallest pub in Bristol don't know must have its rivals for that title. 7.5 /10 as said a good pub , better in this area than the Cornubia , or the mighty seven stars nah.

4 Mar 2011 05:07

The Eldon House, Bristol

As said Bath ales preponderance but on this visit two guest beers one of which was from the Dark Star stable was readily quaffed , vast improvement on my last visit , extension gives the place a light enjoyable feeling, and i think overall adds to charachter of the place. 7.6/10

4 Mar 2011 04:56

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Nice pub , smallish with wooden interior . A bath ales pub so range wouldn't have been that intersesting to many , unless of course your a bath ales fan , however did have a guest beer , dark star hophead , which was gladly supped. Food was good , bog standard menu , but then i'm not into gasto pubs . A Good 7/10 , in an area worthy of more ale drinkers.

2 Mar 2011 07:44

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

AEM has returned

6 Feb 2011 00:23

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

Heardnow closed again ?

16 Jan 2011 10:25

The Phoenix, Bristol

First things first , good to see this pub reopened . 2nd needs to get rid of the photo , as looks nothing like the current pub , which has had a major overhaul.
Looks as though they've spent a fair bit of money on the interior /exterior of this pub, which is nice inside , though must be said is aimed at the twenty somethings.
Beer choice of only Butcombe or Doombar . I was on a glider day yesterday , and drank the real cider "Westons First Quality at 5% which was 3.50 a pint quality was alright but that is rather expensive, didn't check the beer prices.

16 Jan 2011 10:05

The Apple, Bristol

An excellent pub one for the cider connoiseur of which i don't include myself . The excellent tractor fuel was supped .
Shall be making an effort to visit this pub more often. 9/10

30 Dec 2010 10:26

Knights Templar, Bristol

A good wetherspoons , despite my incumbence with the cider a few months ago , perhaps a wider issue here , because visiting a few wetherspoons don't feel theyre fully comfortable with selliing cider.
Away from that the beer is generally pretty good , and the beast frequently availalable always goes down well .
Service is probably a lot better than the commercial rooms , as there always seems to be a few staff behind the bar.
Toilets also much cleaner than the commy rooms.

27 Dec 2010 14:03

Royal Oak, Nailsea

gk ipa , doom doom doom bar , and an unexpected jewel Theakstons old peculiar the latter of which was in outstanding condition , bravo. A largish pub which was the long standing favourite choice of many to be a weatherspoons in nailsea , now which appears to be the glasshouse , found out never likely to fulfill this prophecy as listed building? good pub , originally home for the wurzels , can just about remember it as a bar and lounge and front ?. In current condition just one large room with pool table.

27 Dec 2010 12:28

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

A fav of mine.
Sadly the beer choice seems to be reduced to one , although a few months ago was supping the excellent station porter at 2 a pint , and there was another choice beer wise this day.
The interior of the pub has changed a couple of times over the past few months , and is not currently to everyone's liking .
That said this is a great cider puB,a good choice ,with quality , black rat perry only about 2 at 7.5 % being supped very readily does the job boys .

27 Dec 2010 10:17

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Thesasaurus out , its becoming difficult to find new words to describe how good it is .A great choice , like the fact they have one strong un on as well , beer quality great. A regional beer festival usually at the start of the month . real cider also served , like the fact the bar staff when not on duty are often found drinking this side of the bar. In Beatles talk truly fab

27 Dec 2010 10:06

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

A regular haunt of mine now , probably Bristol's most improved/ transformed pub.
Much of the credit for this must of course go to Mark Farrel , who I know had to stick to his guns when establishing this as a real ale pub.
Now run by ned formerly of the Portcullis , in association with Arbor Ales, has really put the icing on the cake , the range preponderated by Arbor , but not predominated by them . the only regular is arbor Brigstow , contains a great range of beer's , and often includes something from Dark star , quality is always immaculate. Food now served , carry on with the good work

27 Dec 2010 09:40

Myrtle Tree, Bristol

A Very tiny , bass pub , which is also doing a guest beer these days , usually from the teignworthy brewery whom I like and is in good condition .
usually a good natured crowd , the place can often be dominated by horse racing enthusiats in the daytime , when often there isn't much room.
Free good food , on the bar on sunday which often includes lamb spare ribs cheese sausage rolls , chicken legs etc.
Food in other daytime days is usually well stocked baps.

27 Dec 2010 09:28

The White Lion, Bristol

I Think the two main cruxes over this place are one whether you like wickwar beer ,and the overall quality of the beer , although this has never been in the league of the seven stars or the bank which incidentally is only a couple of minutes around the corner ,this was always one you would visit on a saturday crawl or if you had missed the bus in the week, sadly now it doesn't have the compulsory box ticked , the quality has never been great since the big guy had it , and the quality really can compensate for the lack of choice , incidentally haven't seen the station porter around which in my opinion is wickwars best. To the boring farts drinking fosters well you can take it or leave them sometimes the place has the atmosphere of being only one step up from drinking in the park. The prissy bars on the waterfront if you can put up with the expense, no1 harbourside , the watershed bar , and the cheap lloyds v shed seems much more appealing these days

27 Dec 2010 08:30

The Market Inn, Yatton

st austell tribute was on this time also, ok choice alright , but quality was quite good , ,said the rest before in march

26 Dec 2010 18:53

The Slug and Lettuce, Bristol

Is now reopened , a place aimed at young people , but rather embarrassingly dominated by 40 somethings behaving embarrassingly for their age , guess what it was the xmas works do again , no real ale of course or anything half decent I found myself sucking on a straw on a malibu ,and pineapple , thank god no one was taking photos . aaargh

25 Dec 2010 11:02

Colston Yard, Bristol

came in here the other night , a butcome house was looking for their new porter which unfortunately they did not have and of course no brunel which is a favourite of mine, settled for the guest beer union pale ale from moor, which wasn't one of their better ones to be honest , preferred the decor when it was the brewery tap ,with its chess board floor, and the interior now comes across as being a bit soullees.

25 Dec 2010 10:02

The Cornubia, Bristol

Think it goes without saying one of the great bristol pubs , great choice of real ales cider etc , only critiscism ive got wish it was open a bit more especially on the weekend ,and possibly earlier on weekdays in the afternoon .still 9./10 though.

21 Dec 2010 22:27

The Stag & Hounds, Bristol

Nice pub , nice interior .New Friendly Landlord and wife ,3x real ales ,gem , 6x and guest beer which was Timothy Taylors Landlord . quality of beer good , will visit again.

2 Dec 2010 05:02

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Easily the best choice for beers ala weatherspoon in central bristol ,food- have eaten in here a few times recently ok maybe i've been lucky yeh but i have to say food was alright . Service alright as long as you accept it is wetherspoons i.e can be a bit slow.

2 Dec 2010 04:55

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Easily the best choice for beers ala weatherspoon in central bristol ,food- have eaten in here a few times recently ok maybe i've been lucky yeh but i have to say food was alright . Service alright as long as you accept it is wetherspoons i.e can be a bit slow.

2 Dec 2010 04:55

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

vastly improved since my last visit 3 x real ales 2 from arbors brigstowe , oyster stout , gwb s edwins ruby porter on this call , worth a visit now if your in this area.

29 Nov 2010 21:06

All Bar One, Bristol

Amazing spoony doesnt spoony doesn't like this place , as he obviously dont mind playing nearly 4 for a small bottle of perroni at bsb

22 Nov 2010 22:48

The Robin Hood, Bristol

A pub that I probably pop into only about 2 or 3 times a month , but I have to say really disapointed on this visit disapointing choice of beer that included d***bar , no cider except addlestone , seemed to remember they had hecks farmhouse perry on a little back . Quality was poor , like they were washing the glasses in some strong biological solution that had stuck in the glass. bar staff pleasant enough but thats all.

9 Nov 2010 22:25

The Bank, Bristol

A Really good jack of all trades mvp in bristol food good . beer good quality , in a pub where theres always something on, friendly bar staff , a discount 4-7 weekdays for camra members that has been extended to real Cider . excellent

16 Oct 2010 13:13

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Saltaire Triple chocaholic Dark star hophead, go on ,arbor ales Pacific jade ,apollo,one from y valley and AA transpacific , i don't know i'd say that was a pretty good start.

6 Oct 2010 19:43

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

not been in either due to mainly recent adventure on bhol weekend , which has been well documented by friends , good time though

26 Sep 2010 12:06

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

not been in either due to mainly recent adventure on bhol weekend , which has been well documented by friends , good time though

26 Sep 2010 12:06

The Surrey Wine Vaults, Bristol

Plenty of stuff here for the cider person , does a festival on a saturday , plenty of good stuff , usally open mic. friendly bar staff more than worth a visit if your an apple person. nice function room

26 Sep 2010 12:01

Knights Templar, Bristol

bad wetherspoons day , asked for a pint of cider , but cider i chose had only enough left in the barrel to fill my glass four fifths , said i would drink it if she gave me a discount , this could not be done , but offered to top it up with something else or have an alternative . chose the alternative which frankly tasted like it was coming to an end , took it back.

10 Sep 2010 10:32

Off The Rails, Weston Super Mare

yeh went here into recently ,bar service was ok ,but only 2 beers on . quality was poor.

6 Sep 2010 22:04

The Seven Stars, Bristol

if its quality of beer you want , ive never had a bad pint in here ,don't go any further

6 Sep 2010 21:59

The Mall, Clifton

the 2nd greatest pub in clifton in clifton after the dawkins , cider on the barrel , good pub grub , good downstairs and garden , plus a couple of good real ales . what more do you want

6 Sep 2010 21:46

The Lansdown, Bristol

really like the interior of this pub .but 6.80 for a pint of cheddar potholer and a pint of severn vale session 3.4 % is just taking the piss , and don't want someone coming back giving me the argument , oh well this is clifton. numpties.

5 Sep 2010 22:24

The Eldon House, Bristol

3 real ales, 2 of them bath ales , spa gem,zzzzz, ,glas hedge monkey was the guest, first time i'd been in for a while ,and won't be rushing back.

5 Sep 2010 22:18

The Bank, Bristol

A really enjoyable fesitval which came to a close this weekend , good beer food , entertainment , really enjoyed it yesterday , when you could pour your own beer , with half of it ending on the floor

18 Aug 2010 10:31

The Hatchet Inn, Bristol

was in there about t/time nothing on pump , so took bottled newquay , 2nd courage best back on pump , chatty friendly bar staff and customers , not a bad pub , getting more and more into music these days , so i kinda liked it .

15 Aug 2010 08:58

The Royal Oak, Clifton

should be retitled the boring oak, beers courage best , butcombe . doombar , london pride zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. only cider on pump black rat , which wasn't bad . interior not bad . friendly staff

14 Aug 2010 01:06

The Glass House, Nailsea

reportedly bought by wetherspoons

14 Aug 2010 00:52

The Glass House, Nailsea

reportedly bought by wetherspoons

14 Aug 2010 00:52

The Glass House, Nailsea

reportedly bought by wetherspoons

14 Aug 2010 00:52

The Jersey Lilly, Bristol

I'm just looking forward to the jersey lilly's landlord review of the cambridge

14 Aug 2010 00:46

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

Visited here only about a week after it opened . 3 pumps none of them worked . one was marked up for sharps doombar , hip hip . settled for keg cider which was awlful . steerless and unimaginative , would make the mardyke look like a candidate for the gbg , give this a miss.

10 Aug 2010 17:37

The Rolleston Arms, Swindon

London pride , reach for the sky , 6x and lp were the beer choice , the quality of my reach for the sky was poor . the cider was all keg , ok that might be par for this part of the world . nice inside . didn't have the food , but drunks wise on this visit not much to recommend it.4/10

10 Aug 2010 17:25

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

choice brc bellringerbrc bellringer , plain innocence good and summer lightning quality good choice not bad , stlye poor on entry , but quite good afteer entering . 8/10

11 Jul 2010 12:31

The Star Inn, Bath

not a bad pub , with good wood panelling rch steeplejack , jennings cumberland ale spitfire , and brc rch , , as said not bad , but would prefer the bell if in the area

11 Jul 2010 12:28

The Surrey Wine Vaults, Bristol

changed its name , and if you like cider pretty good . i think blackthorn says it all really , but xtra had an excellent pear cider in here, which i have to say is usally too sweet for me , but coming from broadoak farm ? as said bfore , not a cider expert , was excellent , a little quiet today in here ,but mustbe an mvp in bris , interior , and just for twg the barmaid was nice looking as well

13 Jun 2010 00:07

The Seven Stars, Bristol

i'm sure you''ll all be pleased to know Aem is alive and well , but chooses to do his reviews on another web site these days.

2 Jun 2010 16:05

The Seven Stars, Bristol

I'd be most happy to translate , when you can sort it out which name you "wanna use" ie phone jacker 1 , sussex fox , watsonworld , snarling mallard or BS8 DRINKER

23 May 2010 21:33

The Horse and Groom, Bristol

As i understand pub now reopened , though have yet to visit

23 May 2010 13:12

The William IV, Brighton

Harveys sussex best bitter , spitfire , and more unusually ballard's brewery mildhurst mild. only one of 2 pubs to be selling to be selling , mild , the other being the e.s . nice interior again . very knowledgable , enthusiastic barman .

23 May 2010 12:59

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

Narrowly missed out being bristol camra pub of the year . great choice of ales ,and friendly young manager.

23 May 2010 12:18

The Colonnade, Brighton

Probably the best pub interiorly i've ever been in , pity there's no picture to show this. REAL ale well only choice of two one of them being harvey's sussex best bitter which I have to say I don't like . friendly Barman .

23 May 2010 11:39

The Evening Star, Brighton

Rated as being the best real ale pub in Brighton by its customers, I have to say based on the LIMITED number of pubs I visited they're probably right . A large range of Ales predominated by the Dark star range , but also included a couple of guest ales . Another nice Brighton pub interiorly , which in this genre generally were in pretty good nick.Found the locals fairly friendly and all too willing to pass on local knowledge ,and their experiences. 9/10

23 May 2010 11:34

The Seven Stars, Bristol

oh double ps is i didn't put i t on the kingshead w/site cus i put it on the place where possibly u hang out , but only in the week , see ya mon

22 May 2010 20:39

The Seven Stars, Bristol

phone jacker 1 , great comments , can't wait to hear it again , whwen your mates can all get together and write a few words . ps thank them for the pm's

22 May 2010 20:24

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

One of those photo's that does the pub justice , splendid interior. suprisingly a sister pub of the pow just up the road. all 4 real ales from the sheppard neame stable that included spitfire , bishops finger , quality was fairly good .

22 May 2010 09:11

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

As said nice pub with friendly bar staff , ale choice ARUNDEL sussex gold , dark star hophead , red river ale , and footslogger . Cider cheddar valley . as said a good pub .if i'm ever in the area again would revisit.

22 May 2010 09:07

The Victory Inn, Brighton

aS said good choice of beers plumed for the horsham best bitter choice of 3 footslogger also on . choice of two ciders , strongbow , thatchers heritage , the latter of which seemed quite popular with locals . Rare occasion as i actually did eat here , sort of standard pub menu , but very good . as said can get packed quickly . quaint pub .

22 May 2010 08:54

The Bright Helm, Brighton

agree with skippybn21 , except its the worst wetherspoon i've ever beeen to . beer choice limited ,quality diabolical, food even worse.

22 May 2010 02:00

The Prince of Wales, Brighton

Things must have gone considerably down hill since the last punters visit , beers hadn't changed . Customers some bloke about 30 thought the bnp were the best thing since sliced bread ,a really awlful place , beer quality nuff said

22 May 2010 01:57

The Sussex, Brighton

cheapest pint pint in brighton youngs bb 2.83 other choice included lp , old speckled hen . bombardier. not a bad pub friendly b/staff .

22 May 2010 01:49

The Annexe Inn, Bristol

suprising this pub has not been reviewed since 2008 .ok quality bril , choice uninspiring though wide but included drossbar , sorry doombar , and c/best , not a bad pub , but probably the tickers wouldn't like it , probably because of thev plasma screems , yet not bad ,but not the gem i'd thought it would be .

12 May 2010 23:13

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

a pub full of charachters , in fact its so good its gradually converting me to having an alternative a pint from the proper stuff.reasonably easy quiz on mons , almost an mvp if your in bristol , and a applehead .

12 May 2010 23:07

The New Inn, West Town

beer festival this weekend 1st - 3rd of may . and 29-31st may .

28 Apr 2010 12:22

The Well House, Exeter

having a problem with the pc . statr again . Managed to find a dark beer in here in a city that does not appear to cater much for the dark drinker. Other than that nothing I hadn't seen before . Pub that looks like a shop from the outside . a reasonable choice of beers that said . a cosy sort of bar and very friendly staff .

17 Apr 2010 10:42

The Well House, Exeter

mANAGED to find find a darkish one in here , in a city that does not cater much for the dark ale drinker . from the outide

17 Apr 2010 10:34

The Beaufort Hunt, Downend

Nothing much appears to have changed since bertrudes visit in 2007 rough but friendly sort of clientelle that included the landlord? ale bass only .more or less a cider house. food rolls that were generously filled . interior basic

10 Apr 2010 11:54

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Mark has turned this pub , from being one of the biggest dives , into one of the best real ale pubs in Bristol. He has made this somewhere where you could take your mother . A good choice of real ales . The pub has a nice interior , and a great smoking area out the back . My only slight critiscism , is that perhaps the real ale choice could be a teensy weensy more imaginative. But that said qality excellent . Incidentally as from 9th of April the food is planning to do food .A must visit on any trip to Bristol , in an area strongly represented in the GBG , And this pub if mark keeps going the way he's going , will be a strong candidate for the guide.

6 Apr 2010 12:59

The Redfield, Bristol

A pub lost in time , used by a few very local locals . The best thing I can say about this pub , handy for the old stillage , and st georges hall.

16 Mar 2010 05:56

St Georges Hall, Redfield

didn't have any food , so couldn't possibly comment, don't really like the interior of the pub , but that said really scores well with its beer which is the most important thing sod from banks and taylor ringwood fortyniner , celt bronze , norman conquest to come . Also liked the fact that the staff of different ages and some even appeared to be local . good pub .

15 Mar 2010 19:23

St Georges Hall, Redfield

didn't have any food , so couldn't possibly comment, don't really like the interior of the pub , but that said really scores well with its beer which is the most important thing sod from banks and taylor ringwood fortyniner , celt bronze , norman conquest to come . Also liked the fact that the staff of different ages and some even appeared to be local . good pub .

15 Mar 2010 19:23

The Market Inn, Yatton

Cosy smallish, but not tiny bar , with bar and lounge , that you tend to see more in the country than in the big cities , not great choice of real ale otter bitter ale and butcombe but ok not rubbish either, possibly though a bit overrated at 7.6 ,more probably about 6.4

14 Mar 2010 17:10

Graze Bar and Chophouse, Bristol

suggested this pub before xmas , so its taken a little time to get it on bite . in review more or less echo what Dandilus has said except I think it was Golden Hare and Gem on when I visited yeh a little soulless , still I suppose they would arue that they're aiming it at eaters rather than drinkers.

13 Mar 2010 08:54

The Robin Hood, Bristol

2nd comment , to attract people , that photo on bite is bloody awlful

7 Mar 2010 23:57

The Robin Hood, Bristol

called in when very quiet 11.38 . not bad beers otter amber ,station porter, and yuk doombar , cider squite interesting , wish blackthorn was here, yarlington mill cider was the strongest ,wye cider , and gorge best also, interesting choice of contintental beers on keg . only hopen for 3 weeks but hope they do well.

6 Mar 2010 23:10

The Chelsea Inn, Easton

good medium sized community pub , only 2 real ales on brakspear oxford gold ,and ww right flaner , quality good , and I'm informed by my local friend they usally have more than two real ales on yeh not bad.

5 Mar 2010 17:03

Inn On The Green, Horfield

i have to say agree with mr x over my best friend downender quantity of choice over compensating 4 poor quality 5/10 pour moi

26 Feb 2010 22:19

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

a vast improvement from last couple of visits , found a beer that was really excellent , seemed to be a few more staff around than usual , as said a vast improvement .

22 Feb 2010 21:11

The Mardyke, Bristol

In stark contrast to the grainge bar , as aem says spit and sawdust , without the sawdust ,and on a saturday night bit of a GRAB A GRANNY NIGHT still the only plce in bristol where you might have a chance of being chatted up when your in your mid 40's , when asked if i'd ive ever had my heart broken by a local lass yeh every day when i go to to work , and the only thing my heart is fit for is a jigsaw puzzle you could sweep it up off the floor , getting back to the pub c/b only ale , but overall still has its entertainment value

21 Feb 2010 21:27

Grain Barge, Bristol

As said bbf shop , which either you like or you don't, I had about 5 or 6 pints in here today , so gave it my best shot ., but frankly wasn't impressed , the whole place comes across as being a starbucks that sales alcohol , the place smells of coffee . admittedly this isn't my sort of place , but i didn't think the beer quality was that special .

21 Feb 2010 21:08

The Cornubia, Bristol

dear glyon , probably ,better off for going there for for better ale as well

19 Feb 2010 21:57

Zero Degrees, Bristol

Can't really c ware gibbonhead is coming from here as most of the previous views are fairly positive , apart from mine.and at the end of the day everyones entitled to their opinion .

12 Feb 2010 23:04

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Batch to top form . i know its a cider pub ,but had station porter on , and arbor ales oyster stout . its getting there . serious r and b on yesterday , makes this a serious bs6 alternarnative , packed out , the only one out of six i went to yesterday A proper pub .

8 Feb 2010 22:14

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Been here a couple of times recently , but always made to feel as if i've gatecrashed the party . sorry BA

8 Feb 2010 22:06

The Cornubia, Bristol

According to a small sign today , the opening times have changed again , but don't ask me what they are , i've only been in there 3/4 last days and i'm confused .

8 Feb 2010 21:55

The Cornubia, Bristol

I don't know anything about hidden brewery, or the pubs Pork Pies . beer appears to be still good with large choice , and with the pleasant luke at the forefront serving anyway, still a good pub , as said before shockingly overlooked by gbg last year . As to the decision to change the opening hours , missing the office staff leaving at 5 , ie not opening until 6 , I agree with Mousefan absolutely fatuous.

8 Feb 2010 08:18

The Bank, Bristol

Back on form , a good choice that included goffs merlin , otley and two others . An excellent sunday lunch ,a reasonable 7.95 , and good food in the week, in a nice secluded spot , in very central Bristol . Back on form as said.

8 Feb 2010 08:09

The Bell, Bath

First of all had none of the problems with the Bar staff , previously encountered who were friendly , chatty efficient two barmaids , broader social subject , anyone else noticed pubs more bereft of female Bar staff these days . any ways back to the pub .choice of 9 real ales bellringer , pitchfork , sharps Atlantic IPA , Five valleys stroud valley Beer, danish dynamite ,summer lightning , butcombe , otter ale , and Gem . The pub is also a music venue , and I loved the wonderful jazz background music. don't let the exterior of the pub , which it nearly did for me ,put you off . This is a great pub with its wonderful low lighting inside. 9.9999. /10

7 Feb 2010 08:40

The Raven, Bath

A pub that ok I visited at a funny time Mid- late aternoon. As said by mikey 64 raven and ravens gold both brewed by blindmans . further choice w/worth strong in the arm , old sodbury porter , keystone cheer up (5).not a bad choice of beer.Bar staff polite , but not over friendly , would suit some might not suit others . As said before called at a funny time , so could not get upstairs. Would like to come , and visit at a different time of the day. On this visit did not quite live up to expectations 7/10.

7 Feb 2010 08:12

Colston Yard, Bristol

I hate saying THIS COZ I luv bUTCOMBE ,and have had butcombe ipa in a few places recently which has been really really top Q , but the quality of the BEER ie Butcombe ipa was poor in here.

31 Jan 2010 21:54

The Shakespeare, Redland

as always a decentpub , but underused . really loved this place.

31 Jan 2010 21:41

The Clyde Arms, Redland

Again sharps doombar aargh not a bad pub , but seems to have accumalated a few local idiots , that the landlady seemed frightened of , ok but not worth going out of your way for.

31 Jan 2010 21:39

The Ship and Castle, Congresbury


31 Jan 2010 21:33

The White Lion, Bristol

small pub, doing tapas , taking up valuable seating room , area outside to sit where you can watch the hustle bustle of bristol city centre , beer festival last night and this weekend, 4 beers , not a bad choice quality , but to be honest really there are other pubs that can give you a better selection every day of the week in central Bristol , also a pub that has a somewhat sitty senta feel to it .

30 Jan 2010 10:48

The Rising Sun, West Town

Only proper pub now left in Backwell , bar and lounge , was throbbing last time i was in about 11 months ago , but was dead tonight , beer gk and lp , which seemed strange , when you've got butcombe just down the road , the pub has seen better days , hope it survives , currently lease for sale .

26 Jan 2010 22:48

The White Lion, Nailsea

Nice old style sort of pub ,with bar and lounge , hasn't changed that much since I went in there when I was 18 , except has lost the little off licence bit in the middle. Pleasant atmosphere ,efficient bar staff, beers well only 2, butcombe , and courage Best, the butcombe was fairly quaffable ,cider was natch , not the best pub in this area , but that said one of the better ones.

12 Jan 2010 23:15

The New Emperor Court, Clifton

What's even more strange is that more than one person has given it a rating . outside tip for the gbg

29 Dec 2009 19:15

The Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol

A pleasant enough sort of pub , bereft of customers when I was in there . A very charming mien host . beers choice of 4 bass , 3 other ones not quite so commonly seen batemans rosey nosey a christmas one , hooky bitter , ringwoods 49'r . Tried them all rosey nosey paticuirly nice . a pub not the best in central Bristol , but I applaud them for having a more original selection than most in this neck of the woods .

29 Dec 2009 11:41

The Bank, Bristol

oNLY 1 real on tonight , though was very good , was slighthtly disapointing for this recommended pub . for me in bristol has a long way to go to catch up with the seven stars or any of the dawkins chain.

28 Dec 2009 21:34

Horts, Bristol

can only agree with the previous 2 comments ,absolute crap , bar staff as about as friendly as , well last lime i got a more unfriendly welcome was when i was 14 and got pushed into a bush of stinging nettles . mind she was was only 13 and and a half . don't go into here
it's rubbish

28 Dec 2009 21:29

The Portwall Tavern, Bristol

used to drink in this pub years ago , was the first time i'd been back for many a year , there being no paticulair reason for that . Nice pub inside confirmed . real ales pretty bog standard choice , asked for a butcombe but it had run out . nice pub inside , but nothing to make me rush back . footnote to this i earlier visited the graze the new bath ales pub the graze on the other side of the square , have suggested it on bite ,and will poster idc

23 Dec 2009 19:21

Hole in the Wall, Bristol

I either i'm reviewing too quickly , or we could with a few more reviewers in Briz . anyway xmas meal here last week , which to be honest wasn't too great started with pate , i've tasted better corn beef . steak quite good but lacked a few extra's ie onions, the chips I could have counted ,a very small tomato only . drinks well from the real ale angle only butcombe whilst quite well kept , ran out quite early . so i had to drink the alternative lp. ok but only just ,drops to 5/10.

23 Dec 2009 19:13

The Bell Inn, Bristol

Keep coming back here ,and the more I go back the more I like it, vastly improved ,and has become one of my favourite pubs , top tip for the next gbg . I like the interior of the pub ,and in this respect is probably my favourite of the 4 dawkins pubs i have visited . also a beer choice second to none . can't really fault this pub at the moment. incidentally in response to those that say that the pub is a bit pricey , i understand this small chain is operating a membership card?

22 Dec 2009 16:33

Lloyds No.1, Bristol

usually visit this place at the end of the works christmas , which this year live up to its usual standard , that said i won't hold it against the place. A wetherspoons aimed at the young , or like my work colleagues young at heart. lagers you know all that jazz in plentiful supply . That said does 2 or 3 beers which weren't bad , don't ask me what they were as it was crowded ,and I couldn't hear what the bar man was saying . customers seemed in the main polite ,and friendly . can't wait till next year.

22 Dec 2009 16:17

The Cock O' The North, Henleaze

very sort of seventies pub , bombadier butcombe courage best were the real ales .my butcombe wasn't very well kept . customers and staff quite friendly .heavy emphasis on food . ok

22 Dec 2009 13:46

The John Cabot, Horfield

has now reopened as the royal oak .and has gone considerably upmarket since the previous reviews . heavy emphasis on food , which I didn't try . Interior sort of wooden flooring wooden panelling all quite common in a lot of pubs , you could easily be in clifton village, that probably reflects that probably there is a lot of students living in the area ,hard to imagine it with a football crowd in it . choice of four real ales d/bar butcombe gold, bath ales gem , ttl , cider thatchers heritage . My butcombe gold .and gem were fine bar .staff were quite friendly and match not bad ,possibly too much of a gastro influence for me personally, i'm more of a pickled egg , cheese bap , cornish pasty fan myself , but that said would certainly visit again if in this area 7/10.

22 Dec 2009 07:57

Off The Rails, Weston Super Mare

visited here again . beer as per normal small but good choice of beer , excellently kept . customers unfriendly atmosphere , which wasn't helped by the couldn't care less attitude of the bar person.

19 Dec 2009 11:31

The Horse and Groom, Bristol


12 Dec 2009 10:01

Kingsdown Wine Vaults, Cotham

nice pub . retro soft rock playing over the top , with a kind of retro audience large , enjoyed my stay here , exmoor ale , and bob the only two ales , but kept well ,tried both . overall not bad .

12 Dec 2009 09:38

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

landlords dilemma , what does he do? four blokes at the bar in a posh city centre public house and the pub trying to sell wine , the oldest person of the four using the f word every second word that's coming out of his mouth , whilst theyre playing a game of spoof , intimidating other customers , one of the four appears to be a member of staff , uncomforfatable for me , beer not very good , and not unrecognisable , one of them was sharps , but being short of sight , and was not allowed to get near them by the club at the bar chose sharps which was awful . Only visit bath about 12/13 a year , not so much wouldn't rush back , but would never go back . AVOID. O/10

9 Dec 2009 21:47

The Old Green Tree, Bath

tend to agree with ph , although pub was quite busy this afternoon , liked the fact small pub , also that pub had a lounge and a bar . beers excellent choice pitchfork , keystone porter , green tree ale , brewed by blindmans , and a couple of xmas titles , staff efficient . great pub

9 Dec 2009 21:31

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

small cosy pub ,which i really liked 4x r/ale dartmoor best , piston broke , bellringer ,and an an xmas title , which for some reason, i tend not to drink xmas titles, call me mr scrooge . pub full of locals ,and psuedo locals , pretty good

9 Dec 2009 21:24

The Vittoria, Clifton

stopped for one, mr stooge 3.30 for the pint , very expensive ,and did not encourage me to stay for another , pity because its a good pub ,with a great landlord

7 Dec 2009 20:26

The Jersey Lilly, Bristol

Visited here today for 2 or 3 for the first time in a while , comfortable inside , beer reasonably priced , and quality quite good , theakstons black bull bitter , the only unusual one , not a bristol great yet ,but you could do a lot worse , especially in an area which if not neglected has been overlooked by a lot of bristol drinkers , ie over the road you have the port call , coach and horses , the red lion , beaufort etc etc all within a minute of each other plus this one .

7 Dec 2009 20:22

Sloanes, Bristol

This placed should be reserved , if only as a remembererance to the thatcher era . this place is so so tacky it would look misplaced on the waterfront . a 1984 holiday to lloret de mar would do it more justice . cheap drinks well a half of john smiths was 1.50 , a homage to football fans all over the planet , with more screens , than the cabot circus cinema , truly awlful.

7 Dec 2009 20:12

The Whitehall, Bristol

sort of related to the mardyke . but appeared a bit more upmarket , there being plenty to glad the eye. c/best only , not bad i supppose , very crowded opn a saturday night

6 Dec 2009 14:16

The George and Dragon, Redfield

as said friendly drunks , bass only . not my sort of pub . but ok in this genre , if you like a glass of cider , and a game of pool

6 Dec 2009 14:09

The Red Lion, Bristol

ok , henrys only on sale . friendly customers and , friendly sort of place , that needs a few more customers

6 Dec 2009 12:44

Old Stillage, Redfield

nice sort of wooden interior , a beef festival was taking place . good selection , friendly landalord and landalady, as awas once said , normal beer selection , heavy arbor ales presence, good beer , nice place 8/10

6 Dec 2009 12:31

Old Stillage, Redfield

nice sort of wooden interior , a beef festival was taking place . good selection , friendly landalord and landalady, as awas once said , normal beer selection , heavy arbor ales presence, good beer , nice place 8/10

6 Dec 2009 12:30

Knights Templar, Bristol

probably the best jdw in central bristol ,though that's probably like being greenlands best sandcastle maker , joking aside easily the best jdw in cn at the moment , probably cuz , they have someone in charge who appears to know what he's doing . 7/10

2 Dec 2009 20:41

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

The beer was so bad , i couldn't even remember the name of it

2 Dec 2009 20:36

The Berkeley, Clifton

Went in there today . trying to use my wetherspoons vouchers . had a pint from arbors , oysters stout , arguably the best local brewery , and one of my favourite pints , and despite all the backing , they couldn't get it right

2 Dec 2009 20:34

The Seven Stars, Bristol

From a real ale point of view , if you could only ever use one pub for the rest of your life ,choose this one , excellent choice , excellent quality , and reasonable prices , plus a pub that a does music at the weekends . if your coming from temple meads turn left just before the bridge

2 Dec 2009 20:11

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Although I'm a regular , some might say part of the furniture , the bon beer festivals are among the highlights of the drinking year in Bristol . always good, and its great to meet fellow contempoaries , gillhalfapin t , gary from Manchester AEM , and endless other people , some I only meet a couple of times a year . the beer as always very good , and though your packed like Sardines , this only adds to the atmosphere . great night

21 Nov 2009 13:12

The Hobgoblin, Bath

Oh I forgot to say I liked this pub

11 Nov 2009 22:16

The Hobgoblin, Bath

noteveryone's glass of beer in style , but good choice of beer jennings cocker hoop , old thumper, hobgoblin ,the dogs bollocks , oh and jem , sorry gem

11 Nov 2009 22:06

The Ram, Bath

food good , place ok , barman friendly . beer choice eek bass , gem courage best, and yeh you've guessed it gk ipa , another pub crying out for a suprise

11 Nov 2009 22:03

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

I can do nothing else , but agree with downender , especially as I was drinking with him last night , , i went for a couple of different one's, arbor's beech blonde , and Timothty Taylor the latter of which was fairly priced at 2.80 a pint , as said shows great promise. not bad for an opening night.

5 Nov 2009 21:24

The Cornubia, Bristol

I would say this pub was shockingly overlooked by the gbg , easily in MY Bristol top 5 . great guest beer last night

31 Oct 2009 10:03

The Miners Rest, Long Ashton

Disapointment ,even more so having read the rave reviews , Beer choice really disapointing , only LP , Bass , and Butcombe , the latter of which wasn't that great , food was good , and staff friendly , did walk up the hill , but not sure if I would again based on beer performance , crying out for a good guest beer . Plenty of pints west hanging about so maybe beer choice reflects mentality of clientele , perhaps should concentrate on what members need not what they want 5/10

31 Oct 2009 09:29

The Quinton House, Clifton

Slagging them off anonymous critic here, now arrived PAUL , . Forgetting all that self induldent crap paul came outwith , this is a really nice pub , friendly staff , beer not that interesting lp, cb ,doombar ,cider slightly more interesting thacthers heritage , and old rascal , stowfords .

24 Oct 2009 22:10

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

the gwh probably has the biggest choice , but as i'm slowly learning that doesn't mean its the best, that said still a good pub , but probably overates itself a bit , choice jail ale , branocv , stargazer from yoville ,rch ipa , courage best , o'hanlon's port ale, pitchfork , quality weren't bad , but it was brilliant either.

24 Oct 2009 01:31

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

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24 Oct 2009 01:24

Myrtle Tree, Bristol

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24 Oct 2009 01:23

The Bear Inn, Bristol

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24 Oct 2009 01:22

The Bear Inn, Bristol

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24 Oct 2009 01:21

The Mardyke, Bristol

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24 Oct 2009 01:20

George's Meeting House, Exeter

this isn't a bad pub , not a bad choice beers climate change from the teignworth brewery . headstrong and 44 from blackauwton brewery , not the most classy joint in the world , but bar staff friendly , would use often if living in the area , note for tourists , disabled friendly . 8/10

24 Oct 2009 01:17

The White Hart Hotel, Exeter

probaly the best pub I visited in Exeter beers x3 white heart jennings old jem , old wallop , and ringwood bb , old wallop vg . tuther 2 not bad , a much classier joint , than most Exeter pubs , which overall struck me as being a bit down at heel.

24 Oct 2009 01:11

The Imperial, Exeter

trequites probably got it about right , u know if your too mean 2 go anywhere else ,too impersonal , 2 big no atmosphere . shite

24 Oct 2009 00:59

The Somerset House, Bristol

I had this on me notes , but forget to record , that night , uninteresting choice of beer gary but would love to go back if only to see D who use to work at the Nova

18 Oct 2009 21:47

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Poor beer ,poor service , remarkably the barmans personality ALICE transformed himself when then pretty brunette turned up , but that said missed the most Gorgeshead redhead i've ever seen , he didnt get off with the brunette , but still ala luck next time .time for a trip to specsvers me thinks,by the way the brunetes boyfriend turned up a few seconds later .going d/hill rapidly

18 Oct 2009 21:37

The Claude Hotel, Cardiff

a brief visit to Cardiff , this being the only pub I visited , unfortunately , as I'm sure there are far better pubs than this around in Cardiff .I'll lead with the positive , bar staff friendly , food adequate but nothing special . large pub , music far too loud ,and was unable to hold a conversation because of this , and there were only about 10 customers in the pub ,you know you could have strangled someone in there ,and no one would have heard you , forced to sit outside because of the noise , where it was cold , but as both back doors were open it was cold inside anyway . Outside Heaters failed to remedy the chill. lastly beer choice of two, abbot ale , and speckled hen ,the latter of which was off . my first pint of ABBOT was flat,.the second which I braved was ok . A music venue at night .

18 Oct 2009 13:32

The Seven Stars, Bristol

New ll but quantity ,quality and of course price extremely good , ensuite ll. only slight reservation i have always had is that sometimes its a little 2 crowded esp fridays , a victim of its own success sometimes , but really there's nothing wrong with that, have only just become a camra member , but go with the flow , that if not camra pub last time , then certainly must be there or there abouts next time.

17 Oct 2009 07:13

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Yes really impressed with choice of beers , cotleigh buzzard , Butcombe Brunel , gem , otter amber , now worth going out of your way 4

11 Oct 2009 22:11

The Merchants Arms, Hotwells

I have to say this i think most previous comments are a bit , and i'll stress a bit over exzaggerated , that said its still a very good pub , ,and as is said customers brill , but that said i may be biased , as i know a fair view of the regulars , and john the ll , one of the best in bristol . could do with a few guest beers just to put the icing on the cake . still very good though .

11 Oct 2009 22:06

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

doombar back on

11 Oct 2009 21:47

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

doombar back on

11 Oct 2009 21:47

The Golden Guinea, Bristol

Previous comments a bit out date , no real ale , i like good old tatty pubs , but feel this one could now due with a bit of tlc

11 Oct 2009 21:45

The White Hart Inn, Bristol

nothing very exciting abbot ale , speckled hen , st edmunds , ala green king , inerior not bad , can get a bit 2 sitty senta saturday nights , ok just ok

10 Oct 2009 11:40

The New Emperor Court, Clifton

I Tthink somene cocked this up , and thought it was thr brunel ? round the corner which actually is a bar burt not on bite

4 Oct 2009 02:17

The Coronation Tap, Clifton

Downhill - if ths place goes any further downhill , it will be in bower ashton , the place is now full of rugby bugers who would probably prefer a pint of dry blackthorn on the corner of the road , than a decent pint of anything , worse than that I, although I LOOK like a barn door , thats no excuse for the doorman who squared me up ,despite the fact I tried to avoid him 3 times before I eventually met him ,and he apologised, he should be dope tested , There's much better places in the village than this ,butt i'll keep them to myself

4 Oct 2009 00:53

Colston Yard, Bristol

What i find most most disturbing about this aem , is that it would appear that in a time when the govt , health lobby , religious zealots and various other groups of do gooders are on the back of the pub industry , that this no matter what else has been said about this pub , is a Pub that would seem to have an air of middle class self respectability about it , seems to have encouraged , if not placated this sort of loutish behaviour . Thanks though for the warning though

3 Oct 2009 15:42

The Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol

to be taken over by ex ll of the white lion ?

3 Oct 2009 09:21

The White Lion, Bristol

previous ll taking over at the sugar loaves bottom of xmas steps

3 Oct 2009 09:03

Zero Degrees, Bristol

very metallic , soulless sort of place , , i think i'd rather have a bit of rumble tumble down the mardyke , than this endless quee of card board customers . beer uninspiring choice

3 Oct 2009 01:16

The Shakespeare, Bristol

a pub that never fails to disapoint me , no real ales on , walked in walked out again

1 Oct 2009 21:25

The Kings Head, Bristol

more or less echo gillhalfpint , would just add pub grub at lunchtime very good.a pub that on entry is like going back in time in the nicest possible way . probably not the best pub beer choice in the immediate area i mean arguably 7 stars ,and the cornubia are better , but that said more than makes up for it with its natural charm .

1 Oct 2009 21:23

The Ship, Bristol

Comfy looking , but also a pub that always looks a bit cluttered , you know like the front room , oh weve got nowhere else to put it so lets put it in there , your almost frightened your going to fall over something. . beers d/bar l/pride d/bar butcombe , deuchars , my two pints were cold . 4/10

21 Sep 2009 20:51

Colston Arms, Bristol

A good job lot , no nonsense sort of pub , 3 real ales , hobgoblin , sa and one other , beer well kept . pretty good

21 Sep 2009 20:45

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

latest news 3 tuns is to open as real ale pub , from november . mark farrel known to many from the plume of feathers ,and merchant arms in h/wells is said to be taking over

19 Sep 2009 13:10

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

A big disapointment to crisp eaters all over the world , went in ,and asked for the bag o nails home brand , made nowhere else else in the world . helicopter flavour , and they said sorry we've only got plane

15 Sep 2009 23:01

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

Sorry i mean't me ,and bev or something like that

15 Sep 2009 22:56

Hole in the Wall, Bristol

Strongbow a good choice of cider? but that said probably the best the pint of butcombe i've drunk for a while ,and i certainly had a few on friday , better butcombe than in the colston yard

15 Sep 2009 22:41

The Spring Gardens, Hotwells

Oh what i forgot 2 say was has reopened as the as the sg

15 Sep 2009 22:12

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

went in there briefly today , had about 3 pints , i think it's a pub u need to visit more or less independentley , slight critiscism , probably has 2 big a choice , that's just a personal thing , yeh i know what u mean previous comment , very big emphasis on food , which seems to be the way camra's going , yeh not decided yet , but that said is more than good enough to bev in the gbg

15 Sep 2009 22:05

Goose At The Flyer, Horfield

not bad , if you can put up with young good looking women , and rap music ?, only deux real ales on , gem , doom bar , but that said well kept . not bad , worth a 2nd visit

15 Sep 2009 21:54

The Kellaway Arms, Horfield

CAME in a few days ago , only 2 real ales on , the guest one just blown , too bright ,and too light for me , plus the customers , deliverance comes too mind , the good looking bar maid apart , who was about , the only reason worth visiting the pub again for , we could not have organisedv a decent ping pong match .

15 Sep 2009 21:49

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

As said before , couldn't tell a pint of my sample f, from a good claret

15 Sep 2009 01:21

The Spring Gardens, Hotwells

Has now reopened as a pub , early days yet , only had gem on , and old trad on the pumps , doombar to come plus live music , the potential is there for a much needed h/spot d/board . i await with interest

15 Sep 2009 01:04

The Bell Inn, Bristol

The quality of the beer in all the dawkins pubs is very good if not exceptional , didn't try the food. nice clentele , chatty bar staff.

14 Sep 2009 09:21

The Bell, Bristol

No nonsense laddish job lot boozer , as said before mainly butcombe , but one bbf beer , had a paticuirly splendid butcombe blond , which is one of my favourites . overall a decent workmanlike pub .

13 Sep 2009 10:32

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

too many people again forgetting its beer in the evening , not cordon bleu in the evening , yes brilliant beer mainly from the box brewery . one of the better local breweries , but i can see where the food thing is coming from , most people seemed to be drinking Carlin bl , you know the sort that couldn't tell a pint of my sample from a good claret .

8 Sep 2009 20:01

The Mardyke, Bristol

In a perverse sort of i used to quite like this pub , but i think finally i'm beginning to wake up . In the afternoon , this pub is full of drunken , grumpy old cider heads , as said before the language is terrible , there was even excretement over the toilet floor last Saturday . the beer ranges selection is poor ,at best average ,and at worst poor , and the quality often isn't very good . On a saturday night , bargain if there isn't a fight ,and that's just the women .

7 Sep 2009 20:47

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Nice interior , in a smallish pub , which was very cosy inside . choice as said before 4 bath ales , no guests , but i enjoyed my golden hare . a nice pub , will visit again , barmaid , if were still allowed to call people that ,polite ,and friendly , always think the sign of a good pub on beer in the evening is how many reviews its had , and this pub has had over thirty , so its up there amongst them.

7 Sep 2009 20:12

The Kings Arms, Bristol

Has now reopened , early days , but only on real ale wise . nice inside .but drink choice , a little unadventurous . as said though early days

6 Sep 2009 12:38

The Battle Axes, Wraxall

really a restaurant

6 Sep 2009 11:46

Colston Yard, Bristol

I'LL get told off again , by my mates , who keep telling me i shouldn't disagree with preceeding comments , but not enough Brunel Beers , what's happened to Butcombe Brunel , for example . plus now now doing bf rising sun , and even worse f LP . please chaps u know how to do great beer , just get your act 2 gether .

31 Aug 2009 21:50

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

First of all , bristol being my adopted city , being born in north som , and this being one of bristol's best known pubs , this is not the easiest pub to find , but well worth it , has an excellent and but perhaps , i'd have to say ,not quite as interesting choice , as the portcullis . 8/10

31 Aug 2009 21:39

The Kensington Arms, Cotham

didn't encounter the same problem as luke per prices , but appreciate where he was coming from , having said lets concentrate on THIS pub , this is a lovely pub , which just about gets the balance right between pub ,and, 3 real ales on , which usally isn't enough 4 me , but having said that 3 good ones, morland best bitter , ruddles best , and sun dance . a nice afternoon

31 Aug 2009 21:28

The Eldon House, Bristol

Pub that now has a lovely extension , food good ,and reasonably priced enjoyed a few pints of golden hare , in a pub i'm told is not actually a Bath ales pub , probably could down with one more real Ale to put that icing on the cake fore me , but still pretty good .

31 Aug 2009 12:07

The Seven Stars, Bristol

ps WHY bring Ricky Gervais into the arguement

29 Aug 2009 23:35

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Sorry i've never been to the sacred cow , as i'm not a camra member , but idf u can give me directions ?

29 Aug 2009 23:01

The Cornubia, Bristol

Wide choice of beers in a nice venue . old sarum , and old knobbley from arbor spot on ,very busy on a friday night , good quick efficient staff , despite it being busy , i've always been a fan of Luke's his ever industrious and enterprising style , remembering him from his Merchant's Arms days to here , never to frightened to try something new . This was a lovely evening ,and its was great to feel cosy inside whilst there was thunder , and lightning outside , a memory to savour from this great English summer .

29 Aug 2009 10:31

Mothers Ruin, Bristol

popped in last night , and they had Butcombe on , wouldn't stay there all night , but you could pop in on a crawl for one or two , customers quite fiendly , seemed to be a bit more intelligent youngsters /weekenders , than you normally get in a pub near the centre . bar man polite ,and friendly .

29 Aug 2009 08:57

The Eldon House, Bristol

now reopened elvis .

23 Aug 2009 21:59

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Don't normally rereview so quicky ,but have been dinking in here a lot lately mainly because its the nearest cricket showing venue near work. I like the pub , my only personal and perhaps major problem bore out by the fact that they are selling Butcombe , is that Fullers lack a decent session BEER , lp I don't like , seafarers yuk , and Discovery although passable , when passed to a lager drinking workmate the other night "said oh I could drink that "in other words if someone didn't tell you what it was it could pass for lager. ESB is great but at 5.5 per cent , session beer it ain't . i know a lot of people will disagree ,and that's fair enough .

23 Aug 2009 12:58

The Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol


23 Aug 2009 11:16

The Shakespeare, Redland

Just about the best pub I went in yesterday . friendly Bar staff , very chatty . guest beer jenning cocker hoop , divine ,other beers banks beer 2 x martsons , with very interesting guest beers to come .price for my jennings 2.50 . good pub .

23 Aug 2009 11:10

The Bishops Tavern, Bristol

Not usually my sort of Pub . But that said i enjoyed my visit here , choice of 4 real ales nothing unusual ruddles county , old spec , gk ipa ,and abbot ale , friendly bar staff , very busy , although that may have been because of the cricket . Food that if tasted half as good as it smelt , must be gorgeous , would love to go back ,and have a meal . price of pint a shockingly Expensive 2.55 . can't wait to revisit .

23 Aug 2009 11:04

The Cat and Wheel, Bristol

good old fashioned style sort of pub , bar lounge ,garden at the back . friendly customers ,and bar man . choice of 4 real ales that included moles mole catcher , and greenock knocker .price 2.50 a pint , a price which was synonymous with the area . with prices like this i'll have to considering reregistering as Bristol six drinker .

23 Aug 2009 10:55

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

this has always been one of my tt bubs in Bristol until 2 day, place hasn't changed that much , but drinks choice , reaaly disapointing . 1 real , 3 ciders ok black rat cheddar valley m, ok that's fine .but 4 hand pumps not being used . hope this is just a blip

22 Aug 2009 22:58

O'Neills, Bristol

another so called cite senta irish pub , and about authentically irish as roast beef ,and yorkshire pud . prices ok , smithwicks not bad , but wouldn't visit again .

22 Aug 2009 10:54

Alma Tavern, Bristol

a bit off the beaten track ,and not the easiest pub to find , but go there its worth the effort , choice and price the same as fbb 's visit in march , in what is a large ,and spacious pub . nice interior inside . does food in the eve's . The added novelty of having a theathre upstairs .

16 Aug 2009 16:01

The Seven Stars, Bristol

A pub i've drunken in for about twenty four years on and off , so able to appreciate the vast improvement steve ,and partner have brought to the place , good choice of Beer , and good Quality , my favourite was reach for the ,knew i'd disagree with AEM on something , but joking apart I tried 5 different one's , and they were all pretty good. Moreover in regards to the place ,found it a great place to chill out ,and relax, and chat to other people with the same interest . This was the first time i'd been in for a little while , but will certainly make the effort in the future to visit more . pleasant evening

13 Aug 2009 21:34

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Rumours are it's reopening up as a cider pub

10 Aug 2009 21:56

The Spring Gardens, Hotwells

I think the lease is up for grabs as well on this one

10 Aug 2009 21:55

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

After a while ,when nothing appeared to be happening , a new sign has now sprung up "pub lease for sale at reduced price"

10 Aug 2009 21:31

The Avon Gorge Hotel, Clifton

A great waste , with a few minor amendments , this could easily be one of the great place's in the country

9 Aug 2009 20:14

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

think BY and Large this is probably the best real ale pub in Bristol ,if it's choice you want , of course if your happy drinking bath ales all night , or fullers or butcombe's ,fine, and there's nothing wrong with that they are excellent ales, except personally i don't want the same meal every evening . i'm sorry if i have embaressed this pub , and I certainly don't claim to have drunk in every pub in Bristol , but there you have it

9 Aug 2009 19:56

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

YES but i'm not gonna do an essay like the previous review , excellent beer both choice ,and quality . very attentative service . VERY GOOD

9 Aug 2009 19:44

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

I'L L be in touch my argent du Provocateur

25 Jul 2009 23:48

The Robert Browning, Maida Vale

Oh because i've had a few emails tonight I meant a pub called the Windsor Castle not the place where the Duke of Edinburgh lives in Windsor

21 Jul 2009 23:30

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

ps as a pub where people like to gamble . i was texting someone , but felt I was being watched , I wasn't too sure which one of us would get out of the pub undamaged me or my mobile phone , the safe money was on me mobile phone . luckily we both made it

21 Jul 2009 23:13

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

In total agreement with Tomario 75

21 Jul 2009 22:46

The Victoria, Bayswater

Aha found it ,nice pub,with Fullers usual choice , good but no suprises as one would expect , old authentic Pub which is really nice inside , not as large as i thought , watch the stairs going down , im only 5ft 9 3/4 ,apologies to Sue Townsend and had to bend sideways , joking aside a good pub , food not bad either . cider ? Strongbow .
NB if you want to eat cheap , the fish ,and chip shop by the sussex arms was very good . Back to Briz .

21 Jul 2009 09:44

The Dickens Tavern, Paddington

As said a much bigger Pub than would appear , and with the possible exception of the Victoria , a fullers pub ,would probably be my had thachoice , slightly more interesting choice than most of the pubs around here this included Adnams Broadside . Proud of pubs , associated with morrissey ,and of course you've guessed it london pride . triv question for the night , what has the above said had that the smith's haven't had a number 1 uk single Bob the builder .
General conclusion a large no of pubs in this area , but not too many interesting Beers , not much for Ciders , after lp and bombardier , strongbow the most commonly seen .

21 Jul 2009 09:24

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

Quite a nice largish pub , but beer choice slightly disapointing bombadier , youngs , green king ipa .

21 Jul 2009 09:11

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

Have to say I didn't like this pub reminded me of one of these tiny little closed pub's not uncommon in Bristol , as said before a real local's pub, an unpleasant atmosphere .

21 Jul 2009 09:08

The Robert Browning, Maida Vale

pleasant enough pub , the first of the day after our great victory up the road plastic cups , no beer , but a couple of samuel smiths at 2.30 each made the place more appealing , that said all the pubs visited were no more expensive than in general most Bristol pubs . Hoped to go to windsor castle next door , but this was just packed

21 Jul 2009 09:03

The Great Western, Paddington

One of the better Pubs I visited choice real ales tim taylors or london pride .cosy dominated by members of some polittical group ,customer's pleasant yeh not bad .

21 Jul 2009 08:57

The Sussex Arms, Paddington

I didn't really like this pub , choice ,bombadier ,youngs , london pride ,the bombadier was a bit off .Nothing to get excited about

21 Jul 2009 08:49

The Sawyers Arms, Paddington

beers included speckled hen , ruddles county green king ipa , abbot ale , fairly plush inside , but with a large dining area upstairs the pub obviously aimed at eaters.That said unwelcoming , and a contentious issue ,about the amount of head on me pint .This would not be my local if i lived in the area .

21 Jul 2009 08:41

The Sawyers Arms, Paddington

beers included speckled hen , ruddles county green king ipa , abbot ale , fairly plush inside , but with a large dining area upstairs the pub obviously aimed at eaters.That said unwelcoming , and a contentious issue ,about the amount of head on me pint .This would not be my local if i lived in the area .

21 Jul 2009 08:41

The Sawyers Arms, Paddington

beers included speckled hen , ruddles county green king ipa , abbot ale , fairly plush inside , but with a large dining area upstairs the pub obviously aimed at eaters.That said unwelcoming , and a contentious issue ,about the amount of head on me pint .This would not be my local if i lived in the area .

21 Jul 2009 08:41

The Hill, Clifton

Geographically just about in cotham , but really only a few yards down the road from clifton down station , so really still student country . a bar in a funny location , you could easily be on the waterfront , no real ale , unless you call john smith a real , tinny, wooden, expensive . okay i suppose if your just out of school uniform or of that mentality .

19 Jul 2009 21:52

The Vittoria, Clifton

really nice pub , interesting choice of Beers , mine fav was a pint of old hooky . friendly bar staff . deceivingly spacious pub 7/10.

19 Jul 2009 11:14

The Blackboy Inn, Bristol

As said before now being run by the same people as the jersey lilly . Nicer inside than the Jersey , the pub lends itself very well to plasma tv .from the real ales doombar butcombe , but despite the limited choice ,nice pub.

19 Jul 2009 09:01

Red Lion, Clifton

BS8 OK this is quite a long way from the other pubs luke d reviewed that evening ? but that aside a vast improvement , and proves you don't have to do much to improve a pub , chatty bar person , choice of 3 , doombar and butcombe ,sufficed ,a bit of a way to go ,but you could do worse.

19 Jul 2009 08:56

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Absolutely brilliant great juke box . bit disapointed about the new seating , the chomped dog eaten seating ,having been removed, has slightly decreased the atmosphere , but that said brilliant as always 9.5/10

12 Jul 2009 20:33

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

been drinking in this pub lately , mainly because i've been watching the cricket , have to say not a great fan of fullers , but one champion beer was very good .A nice pub though

12 Jul 2009 20:12

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

been drinking in this pub lately , mainly because i've been watching the cricket , have to say not a great fan of fullers , but one champion beer was very good .A nice pub though

12 Jul 2009 20:12

The Pump House, Hotwells

I can't really understand what point mrkia 8 is trying to make , the question of who BS8 drinker is irellevant , I mean what do they propose will happen? if we find out their identity ? obviously you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realise they have a connection ,with one or more of these pubs ,as all ? are in bristol 8 .If they choose to protect their identity that is up to them , I do ,and so do many others .The arguement that they may have a vested interest , is bit like saying Luke has a vested interest in saying the blank Arms is the best pub in Hotwell's because he used to work there,and by the way I don't believe that is the case , just for the record it is a very good pub

11 Jul 2009 09:33

The Coopers Arms, Bristol

nice interior , bar staff ok . beer choice boring . customers like a trip to the village of the damned .

9 Jul 2009 21:59

The Blackboy Inn, Bristol

was told by someone in the jersey lily , that are taking over the running of this pub.

27 Jun 2009 12:58

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

The problem is with this place is that is there is not such a thing as a bad ships crew , just a bad ships captain ,don't blame the staff , this place has no organisation at all ,50 people x1 bar staff member , whemn i worked in this insdustry you worker 1x staff - 30 people if you had 31 customers you had two members of staff , that said catering staff good , but no staff seemed all that concerned about serving drinks . is wetherspoons being managed by central Govt .

21 Jun 2009 22:21

Crown, Bristol

Agree with hammers 101 , friendly rockers , went in there with my Dad whose 80 who liked it , had the carvery which was very good value , menu looked good , couple of real ales , title's of which obviuosly suited the pub , that said were both very good , think the rating is about right . 7/10

21 Jun 2009 21:42

The Berkeley, Clifton

I know it's beer in the evening and all that , but what do they do to the food in here , oh perhaps it's better not to know . disgusting .

21 Jun 2009 11:11

Bristol Ram, Bristol

I have to agree with everyone else , by far one of the best pubs for watching your sport , good choice of 4 real ales i had the wagga dance which was very good . good food pricey , but large portion . keep it up 8/10

21 Jun 2009 09:38

The Port Of Call, Clifton

not a bad pub , choice of summerling ., doomnar, and ipa caledonia and one other , as said before not cheap , my caledonia was 3.30 , so did not hang around long ,esp as another pub down the road ,was selling its specials for 2 a pint

14 Jun 2009 11:21

The Queens Head, Nailsea

Has reopened as the Queens Head . looks nice from the "OUTSIDE"

13 Jun 2009 10:39

Off The Rails, Weston Super Mare

More or less echo Dandilus here , Beer was very good , place very small , and the locals were a bit too local .Also the landlord wanted to close about about 7.30 ,and the chairs were stacked up in the coffee side , giving the whole room an unwelcoming atmosphere . as said the beer wasn't bad , but do the locals really expect no strangers to visit a pub on a railway station , but perhaps i am missing something ,the camra lot seem to have a great enthusiasthm for the place.

11 Jun 2009 21:26

The Clyde Arms, Redland

Tend to agree with everyone , a really nice interior , comfy seating , plenty of room . beer choice perhaps a little limited , doombar ,and butcome , but very good.

8 Jun 2009 20:13

Channings, Clifton

good pub , roomy with large garden . friendly bar staff .downside limited real ale doombar , and butcome .Audience , largely the Tarquin's and Christabels of Clifton

4 Jun 2009 21:30

The Richmond Public House and Kitchen, Clifton

as said before now the two magpies , sadly another pub now with its lease up for grabs , spacious , and quite nice inside , but a litte down at heel , two large tv screens , but no sky .That said Beer although limited choice , my Theakston's old Peculiar was very good . overall not bad , if only they could remove those stomclouds .

4 Jun 2009 21:23

The Drawbridge, Bristol

Best FOSTER 'S i've ever had

31 May 2009 21:55

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Ive got to say this pub IS not worth 7.9 /10 ,the people that give it this mark , should get out and about a bit ,that said a small pub , all bath ales spa was 2.30 a pint , i'm not saying this this is the worst pub in bristol , but 7.9 come on

31 May 2009 21:45

Knights Templar, Bristol

How hum , nice weatherspoons , but for second time 2 day have to disagree with EAM , MY bb was cold ,but it was a lager day ntb 6/10

31 May 2009 21:38

The Victoria, Clifton

I Didnt really want to say this this ,but I think EAM just LIKE'S being contrary , this is a brilliant Pub , excellent if shomewhat limited choice 3 . nice friendly customers .One for the top ten . best of the three Dawkins pubs i've visited by a mile, ,esp good next to the old Clifton Swiming Pool.

31 May 2009 21:32

The Angel Inn, Long Ashton

good pub ,roomy inside ,choice of 4 beers butcombe ,hobgoblin , cb,and bass , food not cheap ,but quality and quantity both good , nice interior ,carpets , comfy seating , large outsie area at the back . barman friendly ,didn't feel unwelcome in a pub , where he knew everyone's name ,except mine. 8/10

21 May 2009 22:38

The Angel Inn, Long Ashton

good pub ,roomy inside ,choice of 4 beers butcombe ,hobgoblin , cb,and bass , food not cheap ,but quality and quantity both good , nice interior ,carpets , comfy seating , large outsie area at the back . barman friendly ,didn't feel unwelcome in a pub , where he knew everyone's name ,except mine. 8/10

21 May 2009 22:37

The Angel Inn, Long Ashton

good pub ,roomy inside ,choice of 4 beers butcombe ,hobgoblin , cb,and bass , food not cheap ,but quality and quantity both good , nice interior ,carpets , comfy seating , large outsie area at the back . barman friendly ,didn't feel unwelcome in a pub , where he knew everyone's name ,except mine. 8/10

21 May 2009 22:37

The Ostrich, Bristol

yuk , last time i visited here it was pissing down, i'd just come out of the general on crutches ,and despite it being only about 10 mins to opening time ,was told i was not allowed in , about as friendly as friendly as turning up as baghdad airport without a passport

16 May 2009 23:04

The Lost Dene, Deansgate

Lowely pint of john's Smith , wasn't so keen on the sandwiches 7/10

16 May 2009 22:52

The Lion, Clifton


16 May 2009 21:19

Red Lion, Clifton

yes have to say more or less the same , very spartan inside ,and as said choice limited ,two , but then to some people that might be HUGE . Altogether an unwelcoming place .

11 May 2009 22:11

Coach & Horses, Clifton

Largish comfy pub , tables outside .polite bar staff choice courage best ,bass,gem, butcombe ,perhaps a little unimaginative., but all seemed to be selling well , in a pub that was busy about 6 o'clock on a sat

10 May 2009 13:08

The Beaufort Arms, Clifton

Really like'd this pub , good old locals pub , staff and customers friendly , tucked out of the way slightly ,but the better for it . pool table .a sort of utopia vision of the 80's 3 real ales , fuller's butcombe doombar.

10 May 2009 13:00

Penny Farthing, Clifton

sorry my second review is for another pub , have reported it for removal

10 May 2009 12:50

The Jersey Lilly, Bristol

Visited this pub for the first time in a number of years .and pleased I did good of beers raspberry fool caledonian ,doombar bombardier butcombe .cider taunton trad ,scrumpy jack ,,to come on two trees perry .happy days .worth a 2nd visit me thinks

10 May 2009 12:49

Penny Farthing, Clifton

Haven't been to this pub for some time ,and nearly didn't visit , as based on experience of a few years ago , well that would have been a mistake choice of 4 real ales raspberry fool caledonian, butcombe ,doombar,bombardier . Cider Trad Taunton ,and scrumpy jack , but waiting to be put on two tree's perry , and happy days . Bar staff friendly , would visit again ,may be not a 8 but seven and a half If I could .

10 May 2009 12:43

Penny Farthing, Clifton

Another PUB which based on my visit , looks a bit underrated marks wise.good choice that icluded 6x ,horizon,gem ,bishops tipple ,and maypole mild . lively saturday night ,n roomy pub . 8/10

10 May 2009 12:34

The Lion, Clifton


9 May 2009 09:47

The Railway Inn, Newton Abbot

yeh again ok just ok , c/b and hunters gold only real ales on , standard choice everything else , what can you say not bat not good.

8 May 2009 10:23

The Locomotive Inn, Newton Abbot

pub fayre , no change in real ales since bs was there in march , BEER was ok , didn't encounter the noise problem , bar staff friendly enough . again ok

8 May 2009 10:19

The Jolly Abbot, Newton Abbot

an ok sort of town pub , choice was otter , or greene king abbot ale , food wasn't bad . 6/10. a sort of pub that doesn't appear to have changed much since the eighties.

8 May 2009 10:16

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

smallish pub , with nice interior , tables outside , as said before plenty of cider to choose from , bar staff friendly , 3 ales ,gem, otter ,cut'nblaster were the latter two were fine , not unfriendly but customers odd cross section of people tra la la's ,and the oi polloi , not enough choice of Ale to make me go out of my way to go here , but that said I can understand why you'd like it if your an Applehead . 7/10

7 May 2009 07:36

The Blue Flame Inn, Nailsea

Easily the most overrated pub of all time . the beer choice isn't that great , the pub itself itself is like something out of the third world . the toilets out of the 5th world . Nailsea's best pub , well as some someone who was born there is about on the same scale as being Swedens best opening bat at Cricket.

3 May 2009 23:44

The Watershed Cafe Bar, Bristol

Nice place for people watching .as has already been said , pleasant surroundings ,friendly bar staff . a couple of pints of Bath Ales organic lager went down well.

3 May 2009 12:54

The River, Bristol

ok , if lager , keg etc etc is your thing . pleasant enough

3 May 2009 11:53

The Lansdown, Bristol

This currently .and I even discount my local , which is excellent, my favourite pub in Bristol , Beer good choice of Ales , and not the usual one's b, f , you know . food limited menu aimed at the younger brigade burgers,fajitas etc , that said was excellent , .Bar staff polite .and friendly . I'm not a camra Member , but was there with a couple of mates who are . and pose the question , how in the hell is this not in the GBG

18 Apr 2009 22:11

Colston Yard, Bristol

Before APARODY jumps in again ,staff almost as shocking as my spelling and punctuation , what I mean't was bar staff excellent Thursday lunchtime , evening staff could do with an customer relations course , preferrably not overseas , as were in enough wars already

18 Apr 2009 21:56

The Queens Head, Nailsea

I think this pub is currently closed

17 Apr 2009 22:14

Racks Wine Bar, Clifton

not bad , despite being a whistle and flute place , comfy roomy , worth a second visit , if only for the most beautiful barmaid waitress i've ever seen , if I was twenty years younger she might have had a chnce (yeah )

17 Apr 2009 21:51

Colston Yard, Bristol

Agree with AEM customer service shocking when I have visited in the last few months , that SAID visited yesterday on a lunchtime for the only second , my first report ,AND customer service excelent , a couple of pints of Brunel , before making my way to cps cotham . enjoyayable , if only they could pass on their evening staff who are crap.

17 Apr 2009 21:43

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

Drink reguarly in this area , and visit this pub reguarly because of the excellent beer they serve , polite ,and friendly Beer staff.Downside - meal I had for the first time in ages still lousy , chops weak ,should have had a steak knife , chips tasted like they had had been hanging around for ages, not even trying to compensate quantity for quality ,as only had 3 pork chops instead of 4 , also less salad,and chips , although as they were so naff , perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing . as said beer excelent , food awful .9/10 for beer 1/10 for food.

17 Apr 2009 21:37

The Adam and Eve, Bristol

Beers , Breast , Pitchfork , g em , pleasant pub , nice setting inside , pleasant bar person . Good pub , did not encounter the reservation critiscism , possibly because in there about "T" time 7/10

13 Apr 2009 10:57

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol


1 Apr 2009 05:57

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Beer festival starts , thurs april 24th

30 Mar 2009 22:07

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Went in there last week , business as usual . naff

29 Mar 2009 11:58

The Royal Oak, Clifton

I nearly walked by ,and afterwards I wish I had . A very male pub , very masculine , I think the only women in there were the barmaid's . a large choice cider , but was disapointed with the real ale , Doombar , London Pride , not there's anything wrong these , but this is a pub with a good reputation , so expectancy was high . Disapointing .

29 Mar 2009 10:56

The Mall, Clifton

wAS in there again last night , and really can't see why this pub has such a poor rating , my two pint's of old leg over were spot on .

29 Mar 2009 10:49

The Grapes Tavern, Bristol

Just slightly off the beaten track. A good choice in Beer Horizon which I had a couple of pints of 6x , henry's , and strong in the arm . As good as anywhere in Clifton village for real ale , with a friendly atmosphere , very clean inside . a good place to take a lady on a saturday night , a steady crowd , but not heaving , a largely undiscovered gem , very friendly barmaid / landlady . A breath of civillisation .

29 Mar 2009 10:44

The Coronation Tap, Clifton

Tend to agree with Downender , arguably Bristol's most famous Cider House .Other Drinks Stella , Brakespear was the Beer , when in Rome had a couple of nat exhibitiion . Visited last night, and the pub has bouncers on the door , the pub appeared to be running a policy of not allowing groups of males 5 and above in , the group of males in front of us were turned away . the bouncer citing this as the reasson , although it was busy inside it wasn't heaving as it has been on other visits . Perhaps this policy only applies at the weekend .Overall coming back to Downender tend to think this is a pub that lives strongly on it's famous reputation ,and I agree I think there are better Cider Venues .

29 Mar 2009 10:25

The Greenhouse, Bristol

GOOd PUB to watch sport , was there on saturday rugby eng v scotland ,also watched football results , comfy furniture - beer ,well keg , but lager was alright , meal I had wasn't bad , roomy pub , downside had some a**hole behind me , threatening to kill his effing w****r of a mate every 2 minutes , sad thing was he looked physically to violence , what I am to ballet , and that's 18st . other than that fine.

26 Mar 2009 22:13

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

reopening tomorrow night

15 Mar 2009 09:56

Hole in the Wall, Bristol

Not bad . beers tim t ,and butcombe only , my mate says the addlestones was in good nick , a very emphasis on food , rather than drinks , really a restaurant that sells alcohol , rather than a pub that sells food , the bar staff polite , but not friendly .

8 Mar 2009 12:56

All Bar One, Bristol

A pub that has an altogether european feel to it , my beer wasn't bad , food was quite good , not usually dismissive of other opinions as every one is entitled to their opinion, but how can you in the case of matt beer make a judgement if you have never actually been in the place , in regards to Fastjedi would take it more seriously if the Berkeley was the best pub in Bristol.

1 Mar 2009 15:17

The Hophouse, Clifton

a fair sort of pub again quite woodeney inside , large pub, beer quite expensive , bishops tipple 3.05 a pint , and best I could say about it was passable just.

1 Mar 2009 14:47

The Lansdown, Bristol

great pub .large choice of beers .good food generous portions , polite bar staff

1 Mar 2009 14:30

The Princes Motto, Barrow Gurney

PUB in a reasonable . beer strong in the arm not bad , other than that usual choice butcombe etc , fosters lager , fair but nothing special.

1 Mar 2009 14:26

The Highbury Vaults, Bristol

GREAT pub , choice of beers at reasonable prices, I stuck to young's special , . was in there yesterday about 15.30 onwards , and it was quite busy for that time of day , Barman very hospitable.

13 Feb 2009 09:54

The Lion, Clifton

not the easiest pub to find this , and not helped by the fact the footpath next to the mardyke is closed .like a lot of pubs at the moment a bit spartan inside , and again that wooden feeling , deceivingly bigger than on first impression inside , real ales x2 tribute and gem , were both up to standard , cider thatchers gold. ok , but nothing to make me rush back .

10 Feb 2009 08:16

The Bristol Fringe Cafe Bar, Bristol

wooden tables and chairs decor , rather like a log cabin , which is quite popular decor wise for quite a few clifton pubs , ie somerset house , the coronation tap , which isn't over comfortable , real ales ,doombar ,gem ., courage best , choice not over inspiring , friendly bar staff and customers , lovely dog . 6/10

10 Feb 2009 08:05

The Clifton, Clifton

pricey , food and beer wise , like going into aladdins cave , dark , very limited choice , real ale wise.cider choice not bad , vintage rosie

8 Feb 2009 09:06

The Somerset House, Bristol

yeh ditto again really , choice of 4 real ales cor best , doombar , butcombe , fullers london pride , bar person friendly enough , but food a non event .

8 Feb 2009 08:54

The Plume of Feathers, Bristol

used to go in the merchant's alot and followed cyril up to the plume , pity him ,and mark appeared to fall out in the early days , carried on drinking in there afterwards with mark, but whilst it was busy some nights , had some very lonely nights in there as well , when it was sometimes just me , and the bar man /maid ,still hats off to mark ,and cyril , at least they had a stab at it,cyril I understand is now finished at the mayors ,as it has closed again , haven't seen mark for a while, it looks as if the plume is now finally finished as a pub.shame

5 Feb 2009 14:18

The Apple, Bristol

busy on friday night , when a lot of places seemed quiet , problem is i'm not an applehead , not bad ,but almost like a clifton bar ,at the bottom of King st , i 'd prefer the cotham porter store's , if I had to drink glyder.

2 Feb 2009 07:33

The White Bear, Bristol

felt this pub has come up a bit ,since last time I visited,small but not bad choice of real ale ,that included the popular otter , friendly bar staff , customers probably a bit too much of a young person's pub for me ,but overall not bad .

2 Feb 2009 07:00

The Robin Hood, Bristol

6 x, 0ld higby ,bishops tipple ,amongst the beers , lager sort of normal choice , food well priced ,generous portions , not very busy on a saturday night at about nine o'clock .but overall good

2 Feb 2009 06:52

The Bay Horse, Bristol

ditto really - medium to large pub , which has a wetherspoon feel to it , bright lights , which I don't really like , as said better than your average wetherspoon ,food wise. limited real ale choice , speckled hen or courage best . Lagers bog standard choice . ok

11 Jan 2009 12:01

The Richmond Public House and Kitchen, Clifton

now the two magpies

8 Jan 2009 12:15

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

nice little cosy pub this with upstairs , permanent beer matthews , which tastes a little too medicinal for me , this is not a critiscism , as this is obviously a personal preference , a pint of one of their organic beer's was more to my liking , the manager/manageress seemed pleasant enough , and the dog seemed to like me.

4 Jan 2009 11:38

The Clifton Wine Bar, Clifton

roomy sort of bar, beers bath ales gem , bishops tipple , wadworths 6 x , gem was fine , food specials cheaply priced 4.95 , two big screens , was very quiet when I was in there , imagine it probably gets very busy in the evening . fair

4 Jan 2009 11:30

The Quadrant, Bristol

yes smallish corner bar with basement ,beers , suprise suprise , butcombe , butombe gold , lagers included the not often seen tuborg , pleasant staff pleasant place , food available , that was reasonably priced .

4 Jan 2009 11:24

The Bunch of Grapes, Bristol

beers , theakstons dark smooth , doombar , deuchars ipa , bombardier . lager choice , a bit bog standard , sorry , slightly above average . slightly .

26 Dec 2008 14:23

Sublime, Bristol

Not having a good day, have also done my review for pub in denmark st, clot

26 Dec 2008 14:19

Sublime, Bristol

beers theakston dark smooth ' doombar , deuchars ipa , and bombardier . , standard choice of lagers , pub slightly above average ,slightly .

26 Dec 2008 14:16

The Butchers Arms, Yatton

whoops correction , to my comments , beer was courage best , not directors .

26 Dec 2008 14:11

The Butchers Arms, Yatton

last visit a couple of years ago , a small choice of beers , adnams which had just run out , tanglefoot or courage directors , locals friendly , but interior a bit spartan . ok

26 Dec 2008 14:02

bsb The Waterside, Bristol

very typical harbourside bar , no real ales , my lager was 3.80 a pint .

20 Dec 2008 21:29

The Scotchman and His Pack, Bristol

doombar , butcombe , tribute that had just finished , yeh okay just , bar man not over friendly , in a pub that always seems bereft of customers , when ever I go In there .

20 Dec 2008 20:52

The Eldon House, Bristol

yes , nice pint of festivity , interesting they sell , bath ales strong organic lager . food was nice , although some might say menu is a bit unadventurous . Landlord seemed friendly enough

20 Dec 2008 20:43

Colston Arms, Bristol

great boozer , lovely landlay , brilliant i n comparison to green man which was bloody awlful , not so much landlady with chip on her shoulder , but bag of potatoes , you know texting all night , were there

23 Nov 2008 10:35

The White Lion, Bristol

good pint ,nice pint of coopers , toilets terrible to get to , beers fixed by wickwar , slight critiscism , landlord thoroughly nice

23 Nov 2008 10:27

The Bank, Bristol

food brilliant , dorset gold best pint i've ever had in bristol , even better than cotham porter stores , even if the duchess of cotham drinks there

23 Nov 2008 10:21

The Bear Inn, Bristol

PUB that seems to have vastly improved since last visit , which was a while back , after what seems a good lick of paint . limited choice on real ales , but couple of pints of doombar I had weren't bad. plenty of seating outside , both front and back , had excellent sunday lunch (plenty of it)

8 Nov 2008 14:53

The Shakespeare, Bristol

customers , who either seem to be revenue or firemen in the main , a bit on the boorish side , bar staff reasonable ,food quite nice , but sorry if I lived in the area it would'nt be my local .

2 Nov 2008 21:20

The Phoenix, Portishead

A really nice , pleasant looking , which seems not know for some strange reason by people that live out that way , my first choice in Portishead , much preferrable than the plough , which is closeby

2 Nov 2008 21:03

The Berkeley, Clifton

Don't like to disagree , but this place is pretty naff , large bar area in which the bar staff always seem to concregate always seem to concregate at the bottom, the food was awful . incidentally if your looking for a decent alternative , the quinton house was boarded up when i tried to visit , as this was a few weeks ago , can anyone provide an update .

2 Nov 2008 20:37

The Bird in Hand, Long Ashton

Great improvement ,esp to back room , reasonable outside area , critiscism , limited choice on real ale

2 Nov 2008 20:25

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

not bad , good choice of real ales , one of the better jdw's ,much preferrable than say walkabout opposite.

2 Nov 2008 20:20

The Prince of Waterloo, Winford

NICE , large country pub , nice pint of butcombe . quiet on a tuesday , apart from a few crib players

29 Oct 2008 12:12

The Seven Stars, Bristol

A vastly improved pub this , good choice of beers , friendly staff. reasonable prices .

20 Sep 2008 12:14

The Cornubia, Bristol

nice looking pub , with outside , beer was fine , food , limited to rolls but fine , Remember Luke the manager from his merchant arms days , nice bloke , left after a couple , but felt I was missing something .

16 Sep 2008 08:29

The Rose of Denmark, Bristol

greatly improved ,from a few years ago,when it looked like it was going to the dogs, nice pint of butcome , would visit again

16 Sep 2008 08:10

The Nova Scotia, Bristol

Toilets smelt , one of the bar staff had a cob on , and was overlooked several times when trying to get served , could accept this if it was personal , but a mate had the same experience a few weeks before , guest beer was fine , but in light of what i've said , won't be rushing back.

16 Sep 2008 08:07

The Pump House, Hotwells

nICE view , nice food , if not a cheap pub meal , had a nice pint of Directors .

16 Sep 2008 08:02

The Merchants Arms, Hotwells

yes good little boozer this ,had a nice pint of spa , and a nice pint of gem , friendly locals , friendly bar staff

16 Sep 2008 07:58

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

was there last night , yes great pub , must rank as one of the best , if not the best pub in bristol , harking back to a bygoe era , great cider , but also had a couple of pints of long john silver, nice to see people drinking out of mugs , good juke box , what more can I say

13 Sep 2008 10:44

Courtyard Wine Bar, Nailsea

nice food at a reasonable price . smallish bar , couple of real ales , good choice of wines . nice friendly barmaid .

29 Aug 2008 12:05

The Glass House, Nailsea

i think it's all been said

26 Aug 2008 19:42

Royal Oak, Nailsea

Had a nice pint of directors in here , courage best as far as courage best goes fine . food cheap and cheerful , largish pub , nice garden at the back .

26 Aug 2008 19:39

Myrtle Tree, Bristol

very small pub, pretty much a regulars, nice rolls at lunchtime . standard choice of beers , though nice pint of bass, heavy emphasis on sport , tv . nice barmaid .

20 Aug 2008 13:18

The Horse and Groom, Bristol

nice medium size sort of Bar , just far away enough from the centre . HAD a reasonable pint of Butcombe . lANDLORD a nice bloke.

20 Aug 2008 13:09

The Mardyke, Bristol

A welcome rebust , that brings you back to reality , from the overcivillised grain barge . probably the cheapest pub in Bristol , unadveventurous choice of drinks , but you can't have everything , heaving most weekends especially bank holiday sunday afternoons .a great way of saving money .

19 Aug 2008 08:12

The Mall, Clifton

Interesting , choice of beers and lagers , lively pub, big , used mainly by what seemed to be students , a gregarious atmosphere downstair , but well behaved.

17 Aug 2008 12:49

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Has recently , reopened , after a period of close , little has changed , except the pool table has gone , and now doing sunday roasts . Problems are seems to be a sort of working mans pub , in an area that has largely outgrown that type of pub. That said there are other pubs in the same genre and same area of this pub , that have a better atmosphere.

13 Aug 2008 21:56

The Avon Gorge Hotel, Clifton

H'MM ,The view is great.

11 Aug 2008 20:10

Lloyds No.1, Bristol

drinks a couple of real ales , lagers etc , . good surroundings you can sit outside , pleasant and roomy, outside nice view. above average per weatherspoons pubs foodwise . busy in the evenings , a pub which caters for teens , young people , though somewhere you can take the family in the evening .

2 Aug 2008 08:30

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

The Beer is quite good , but expensive .
i've been very disapointed with the food last couple of times i've been there for meals , last time sausage and mash was absolutely saturated in gravy , so much so I thought about changing my knife and fork for a spoon , on a previous occasion the meal seemed to be saturated with peas . too much quantity overcompensating for quality ? with the price of a meal not cheap.

2 Aug 2008 08:21

The Shakespeare, Bristol

a good boozer , just off the quay , reasonable food at a reasonale choice , large choice of beers , on tuesdays a lively quiz is held on tuesdays , worth a visit.

1 Aug 2008 09:01

Colston Yard, Bristol

good choice of real ales , though I may be biased ,as a favourite of mine is bUTCOME Blond , nice cider ashford press , slightly disapointed with choice of lager , but hell you can't please everyone , very good food , large portions , competitive price , friendly bar staff , nice place.

1 Aug 2008 08:56

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

large pub ,stocks a very good range of real ales .great place to watch sport , good food . an oasis of a pub for real ale in this area.

1 Aug 2008 08:49

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

A small cosy pub , which despite it's size ,offers a large range of real ales , and European beers ,especially bottled beers, the two regular real ales are otter and otter bright and 4 guest ales , 1 draught cider ,currently thatchers , whilst the lagers on keg include staropromen , and to my knowledge the only place in Bristol? where Warsteiner is sold ?. The regulars are largely eccentric but friendly .

1 Aug 2008 08:40

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