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Comments by bassaleg

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

Decent old boozer, friendly place with decent beers.
Quiz is better than the usual, ''In which soap opera...., or 'name the celebrity...' type questions that bore.
Well worth a visit in a not so touristy part of central London

24 Aug 2014 20:34

The Moon and Sixpence, Hatch End

This pub is ever improving in recent times. Beers are usually in very good condition. Has a locals pub feel to it, which is not always the case for Wetherspoon's

3 Jan 2014 20:13

New Moon, Harrow

Beer quality has improved greatly here.
A good pub with lots of atmosphere when the football or cricket is on

27 Apr 2010 21:49

The Fat Controller, Harrow

Pub is closed.
Anybody know if it is a permanent closure?

Judging by the look of it, it looks like curtains

27 Apr 2010 21:45

The Half Moon, Harrow

Pub has improved so much over the past year.
Timmy Taylor's Landlord usually in good nick

23 Mar 2010 22:14

The James Joyce, Harrow

Now ''peaches'' and very expensive

23 Mar 2010 22:11

Travellers Rest, Kenton

Went in a few times recently as I live nearby.
Have to say that it has improved a lot. Still a bit like drinking in an airport lounge though

23 Mar 2010 22:10

The Black Horse, Wembley

Went back there recently.
manager okay, but the beer...

23 Mar 2010 22:08

The Market Porter, Borough

Possibly the best pub in the area.
Great selection of unusual beers and well kept.

14 Oct 2007 18:40

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

I was here during yesterday's rugby. The place is not as bad as described below, but it is very overpriced. How can a brewpub be that expensive. It is not as if they have awkward transport costs.

They had only the strogest beer on last night. Not a good idea.

14 Oct 2007 18:36

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Went there on BH Monday. Beers in the festival were okay but the ones at the bar were in excellnt condition.

Good pub all round, no frills, just avenue for people to enjoy themselves.

28 Aug 2007 17:19

The Speaker, Westminster

Good pub. Bar staff chatty and know their stuff. Beer in good nick.

20 May 2007 15:11

The Black Horse, Wembley

It gets worse!
Yesterday, I was told there were no (handpulled)bitters available as they were having trouble with the gas.

20 May 2007 15:08

The Old Post Office, Wembley

Re: review below
Yep, the pub is now called the Bear

16 May 2007 19:38

J J Moons, Wembley

The beer is still excellent and, for the location, a decent atmosphere

2 May 2007 21:02

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Decent pub but the beer is not always as good as a Fuller's tied house should be.
Often get prats who seem hell bent in getting in the way of anybody that wants serving.
To the long skinny bloke with the long skinny pipe (mentioned by 'asanewt' below). Do you have to light that hideous thing just before you go to the bar? Roll on 1st July!

31 Mar 2007 22:38

The Britannia, Kensington

Er, slight mistake there. It should have read. 'If you have been in this pub but not recently and are planning....'

1 Mar 2007 22:29

The Britannia, Kensington

If you have not been in this pub and are planning to do so soon; be sure to wear a black arm band.
I did not feel welcome here. Shame, this was once a classic boozer.

1 Mar 2007 22:27

The Black Horse, Wembley

This pub is so erratic. On Monday the beer can be very good, on Tuesday YIKES. The fierce looking and sounding landlady is moving to another Ember Inn pub in Southampton.

1 Mar 2007 22:23

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