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The Duke of Cumberland, Henley

haven't visited here for a long time, but will again soon if the place is reviving...
used to serve quality ales, lets hope it will do again...

27 Jun 2008 10:34

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

have to agree with Inkywebber...its certainly gone a bit 'down at heels feel-ish' since my last visit years ago. Greene King chain-owned now, so ales are generally rubbish.
Even the 'Olde Trip' ale (supposedly Hardy Hansons) is now just re-badged Speckled Hen...decidedly average

25 Jun 2008 10:54

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

Visited for first time last friday evening.
Well worth it.....fine ale selection, decent mixed crowd of drinkers, value pub sandwiches.
Noteworthy ale....Thornbridge Barbary...very tasty ruby coloured 4.5%...another great ale from Thornbridge.

25 Jun 2008 10:50

Harlequin, Sheffield

excellent large ale pub. quiet on Saturday lunchtime visit......beautiful pints of Bradfield Stout and Farmers Blonde and Nutty Slack Mild 3.9% (recommended).
fine new venue for me, on the now legendary Fat Cat, KIT, Wellington crawl.

25 Jun 2008 10:45

The Riverside Cafe Bar, Sheffield

quiet (on Saturday lunchtime) riverside location......not the prettiest of river-side views tho.
decent ale selection for the 'Floody Hell 2' festival last weekend.

25 Jun 2008 10:41

Cricketers, Blandford Forum

much improved feel now following change of Landlord and refurbishment inside.
Bright and welcoming.....3 very well kept ales and cracking young barmaid.
Food was pretty too....

19 Jun 2008 08:15

Black Boy, Bury St Edmunds

dreary Greene King warehouse of a pub.

18 Jun 2008 15:32

The Queens Head, Bury St Edmunds

as someone else has said at lunchtime.
Adnams ales, well presented.

18 Jun 2008 15:31

Lord John, Stroud

good Lord! usual dreadful JDW place. avoid.

17 Jun 2008 14:46

The Stags Head Inn, Yarlington

average country inn.
not spectacular ale selection, but not bad by any means.
popular wi foodies.....

17 Jun 2008 14:44

The Halfway House, Pitney

Well thanks jamesouthdown for your tremendous expression of self-congratulatory wonderfulness.

Archers?...good god, one must be miserable....numpty!

Lets hope the new owners don't feel it necessary to change an otherwise great establishment.....apart from a ban on parents with kids under 25 that is!


16 Jun 2008 13:55

The White Lion, Bourton

nice looking pub, outside and inside, rustically furnished.
3 real ales.......Butcombe was very good, although over-cooled as is the normal expectation in 'Cask Marque' accredited pubs.
Almost an enthusiastic welcome from behind the bar but certainly no stimulating conversation offered....
....perhaps down to the seemingly mild panic-driven service on the Food front, partly made more difficult by the modern do-it-all, add-it-all-up-n'-wash it for you Cash Till. Whatever has happened to traditional bar service skills???

16 Jun 2008 13:41

Virginia Ash, Henstridge

dreadful, but on the Market now, so please step forward the next lucky Tenant landlord.......a real 'Greene King business opportunity'....

best of luck.

12 Jun 2008 14:06

The Cock Inn, Clare

good standard ale, great value wholesome sandwiches on superb wholemeal bread...

very pleasant visit on Saturday lunchtime.....if it weren't for the electrician working in the pub whilst we were trying to talk over the din from his power tools....toilets weren't finished yet either.

9 Jun 2008 14:12

The Rose and Crown, Trent

much improved since last visit. Wadworth's house now, so not a wide selection of ales
Friendly reception.

9 Jun 2008 14:09

The Lime Kiln Inn, Knole

is 'jdagnall' the Landlord by any chance?
because he's entered exactly the same comment on at least one other web-site besides BITE.
....and not commented on a single other pub....

Be wary of these self-promoting entries.......

lost marks now, down to 5.

30 May 2008 08:06

The Cock, Pavenham

I see no mention of the ales in these previous reviews then.
So we can only assume there wasn't any being served.....its a pub for goodness might be homely n comfortable n serve nice pub food, but what's the beer like??
When I used to visit it was dreadful.....GK.
has it changed yet? Doubt it.

29 May 2008 14:11

The Queens Head Hotel, Milton Ernest

it was better as a pub years ago. atmosphere in here now.

29 May 2008 14:07

The Swan, Milton Ernest

.....clearly suggested by somebody who pulled it out of an old telephone directory or similar ancient www site!

29 May 2008 14:06

Bedford Arms, Oakley

used to be very good years ago, but a little jaded now......and over-priced for what it is.

29 May 2008 14:04

The Trooper, Stourton Caundle

tried again at the May Bank Holiday beer festival in the Trooper. Much better quality fact for a pub-based beer festival.....very good. A nice selection of 20 ales and half dozen ciders......all well presented.
Cornish Knocker outstanding...

27 May 2008 08:50

The Half Moon Inn, Somerton

lets hope so! its about time somebody came up with a half decent pub in Somerton

20 May 2008 11:49

The New Inn, Somerton

another decidedly average Somerton drinking all day, so there is one minor positive...otherwise only worth a visit if bloody desperate!

20 May 2008 11:47

The Black Horse Inn, Amberley

great location, good choice of good condition ales, nice rustic feel, noticeably poor food service tho....

20 May 2008 11:43

Golden Fleece, Stroud

excellent pub with great Uley beers, friendly staff and locals, proper music, good value pub food.

20 May 2008 11:40

The Kings Arms, Shaftesbury

bleak indeed. cavernous empty town pub, H&W beers.

2 May 2008 12:11

The Walnut Tree, Mere

this place retains nothing of the character of an old rural pub.
- it reminds me of a dozen or more new housing development pubs in Milton Keynes.
i should mention that the ale was fairly acceptable.
There seemed to be plenty of staff, but most weren't doing much, so service was a little tardy.

2 May 2008 12:10

The Fountain Inn, Shaftesbury

basic, no-nonsense pub. popular with the local builders in early evening (what pub isn't?).
only had GK IPA, so a poor mark on the ale front.

2 May 2008 11:53

The Trooper, Stourton Caundle

visited this contry inn on a couple of occasions and both times I've been mildly disappointed with the ale quality....flat and lifeless...perhaps then not a vibrant local beer trade.
maybe I was just unlucky....doubt it.

24 Apr 2008 11:55

The Crown Inn, Ibberton

better than average rural eating pub.
ales are a bit variable though, no longer H&W, so plenty of room for improvement.

24 Apr 2008 11:50

The Crown Inn, East Stour

avarage country watering hole. nothing exceptional to recommend or criticise. average ale selection...

24 Apr 2008 11:40

The Fox and Hounds, East Knoyle

out of the way place, so not much passing trade.
decent ales served and a widely varied is a little limited, but seems popular enough.
comfortable for just beer if you wish, better now its no smoking throughout of course.
not far from A303, so if you're wizzing down to the SW, it's worth stopping off for a pint.

24 Apr 2008 11:37

The White Post, Rimpton

Bass, Butcombe and Bombardier on offer when I finally got in here......all in good condition. Friendly reception from leaseholding Publican.

rather small bar, full of Pool table and huge TV and obligatory Bandit....shame.

will visit again for further ale samples,

24 Apr 2008 11:31

The Catash Inn, North Cadbury

rather soulless place....despite some local regular trade.
I found the real ales to be of average quality only, nothing spectacular.

23 Apr 2008 11:33

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Lichfield

visited here a couple of times now. decent beer but a little pricey for the area. service is poor though, as if they're doing you a favour... food is also disappointing.
comfortable interior with plenty of space and light...

so a 6 then....

23 Apr 2008 08:48

The Old Stage Coach Inn, Crewkerne

yeh its a shame, the ale quality is very variable, lots of variety, but the place could be lots better.....

21 Apr 2008 15:18

The Halsey Arms, Pulham

looks as though it is currently under renovation...about time too.
...poorly frequented by few locals, interior was tatty which didnt reflect the rather attractive exterior. will visit again when renovating works look to be completed...

8 Apr 2008 15:23

The Talbot, Iwerne Minster

big roadside establishment...neatly tidied-up inside recently, fresh coat of paint.
but you cannot paint over the H&W ales...much better bottled...
friendly-ish reception, but little enthusiasm from the young bar-wench on duty.

8 Apr 2008 15:16

The Saxon Inn, Child Okeford

decent ales, well kept by knowledgable landlord...
chatty environ, but not much bar space when locals are in situ...
food was dreadful when I last ate there...

8 Apr 2008 15:11

The Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil

clean glasses!? that's all that is.....certainly not the carpets/curtains/toilets/bar/furniture.
not good ale you would expect I guess.

8 Apr 2008 15:04

The White Post, Rimpton

well I've been.... but couldn't get in. According to the pub web-site this place is now supposed to be open all day all week. Dont believe it.
I called by on Wed at 3.30pm, to find a note on the door saying closed until 4.30 pm every week day.
Not a good new start.
brand new interior, 3 ales on handpump, small bar, carpetted, clean paintwork of course...large lounge/eating room, big picture windows to take most advantage of the rural view.
so 4 for fittings, 0 for ale, 0 for accuracy of advertising.....I may try again if passing.

4 Apr 2008 11:02

The Black Dog Inn, Broadmayne

recently called in ...on a recommendation from a local...for beer festival in March.
not the pub's fault, but it was freezing and blowing a fest marquee in garden was barely standing and the festival ales were far too cold...
...but not a single word of friendly reception from staff or locals.
food menu looked like typical pub chip-based stuff, so we didn't stay to eat either.
probably wont visit for a second time.

1 Apr 2008 12:04

The Globe Inn, Somerton

average ales, average atmosphere, not tried the average looking menu food...

28 Mar 2008 10:26

Dinnington Docks, Hinton St George

cracking traditional pub...very popular at all times.
good value food of a more traditional pub-grub style.

decent ales from SW breweries, well kept.

26 Mar 2008 10:51

The Martlet Inn, Wellington

nice place, ale selection from main SW breweries & not badly presented, decent food too, nice garden for summer days.

26 Mar 2008 10:48

The Rose and Crown, Taunton

predominantly a sedate eating house, especially busy therefore on Sunday lunch with a more elderly not a rowdy place then.

average Butcombe Bitter, not a hugely attractive selection of others.....

26 Mar 2008 10:45

The New Inn, Halse

used to be home for the Somerset Electric Brewery (now gone I believe).
comfortable country inn, decent ales and sunday lunch food (good sized portions).

26 Mar 2008 10:43

Bell and Crown Inn, Chard

agree with Chopin, only decent ale pub in Chard and with friendly reception to strangers....

26 Mar 2008 10:40

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

large comfortable pub with excellent ale selection, good condition and well served.
recommended if in town

26 Mar 2008 10:38

The Victory Inn, St Mawes

excellent place for Cornish ales and pub food.
good service and friendly people.
- also stayed here for a week, resonable bedrooms, breakfast on the outside balcony in the height of summer was just splendid..

25 Mar 2008 14:26

The Swan, Kidderminster

great bar in this village pub....Batham's ales usually very good, but they have been a little off on occasion.
good value beer-drinking food too...

25 Mar 2008 13:58

The Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole

nice pub, a bit poncey interior, decent ales...sometimes too full of hoorays.

25 Mar 2008 13:55

The Star Inn, Watchet

very good ales pub....lots of choice and very good condition, very busy at tourist times tho

25 Mar 2008 13:53

George Inn, Bath

classic very old inn...worth visiting just to see inside and around the courtyard.
average condition real ales...

25 Mar 2008 13:51

The Royal Oak, Bruton

probably the best of as bad a bunch of town pubs you could ever wish for.
Bruton doesn't have a decent pub.

25 Mar 2008 13:26

The Knowle Inn, Bawdrip

not one to stop at unless extremely desperate.
Cask Marque accredited ales, so expect them to be too cold.....they are.

25 Mar 2008 13:24

The Lamb Hotel, Axbridge

....traditional, small town inn, spoilt by open-plan 'improved' layout.....not.
good Butcombe tho.

25 Mar 2008 13:22

The Royal Oak, Barrington

nice, old village pub.
expensive & slightly pretentious...
average ales.

25 Mar 2008 13:19

The Kings Head, France Lynch

the most difficult pub to find that I've ever been to.
....tiny lane approach is barely wide enough for the car & wing mirrors.
nice friendly reception, popular locals pub, quite acceptable west-country ales in decent condition.
overall, not bad at all.

25 Mar 2008 13:11

The Volunteer Inn, Ilminster

ordinary village pub.
real ales of a sort...
nothing really to tempt you away from your own local or your headlong rush along the A303.

25 Mar 2008 12:56

The Old Green Tree, Bath

pretty fine traditional city drinking establishment.
usually good condition ales and a good selection. is fairly good if you're patient enough to wait for it during busy periods.
much better sit in here than lugging the shopping around town for the wife.

25 Mar 2008 08:11

The Halfway House, Pitney

i'm down-rating to 9...all of a sudden there's more and more family groups wi kids as young as push-chair age coming in.
busy times are creche-like now....

24 Mar 2008 15:49

The White Post, Rimpton

watch this space you BITE regulars....The White Post is open again (20th March 2008 I'm told)...
my up-date report will follow soon...

24 Mar 2008 15:35

The George Inn, Middlezoy

sorry..there's no way this is a 10 pub.
its more typical of most Somerset rural ale-houses with some food...average food stuff usually (if you can stand the all-pervading chip oil smell) and not stunning ales...
only a 6 tops....

24 Mar 2008 14:56

The Crown and Victoria Inn, Tintinhull

after all these good reviews in BITE, I visited for 1st time.
very clean hotel type place, recently freshly kitted out wi nice new carpets throughout, bright modern furniture, open plan hotel-lobby feel.
so not much like a pub then...
good selection of SW micro ales from Otter, Butcombe, Cotleigh....average condition..
dreadfully loud intrusive piped-mushik

22 Mar 2008 07:18

The Red Lion Hotel, Marston Magna

second visit recently on strength of other more positive reviews here on BITE....and yes it was a clear improvement.
4 ales on offer.......1 gone off, 1 flat and nearly gone off, 2 others in excellent condition.
and people in the place drinking..
decor still a little odd.
better tho...

22 Mar 2008 07:11

The Duke of York, Shepton Beauchamp

village local, well used so slightly shabby, half decent ale, friendly welcome.

19 Mar 2008 10:01

The Montague Inn, Shepton Montague

food & ale quite presentable....but the place hasn't quite got that vibrant pub feel that makes a cracking country inn.
a gently sedate place more like...

19 Mar 2008 09:58

The Rose and Crown, Huish Episcopi

interesting place certainly, but the beers aren't up with the best in the area for sure...
quaint locals usually manage to maintain a friendly demeanour with strangers.

17 Mar 2008 14:32

The Lamb and Lion, Hambridge

Shawnda proposed this place some time ago I notice...maybe she(?) doesn't use it anymore.
I'm not surprised, there's nothing 'brill' to recommend.....but it's not bad, just quietly, locally, unexceptionally still open.
average ales too...

17 Mar 2008 14:25

The King William IV, Curry Rivel

Yo Yo was truly a lucky chappie.....

ale was awful I'm sorry to report.

17 Mar 2008 14:20

The Olde Forge Inn, Langport

quite acceptable eating place, interesting lay-out inside..
not particularly exciting ales, not particularly well presented either...probably not worth a long trip out.

17 Mar 2008 14:18

The Drayton Arms, Langport

needs some care and enthusiasm to get this place working...
friendly reception, only average ales..
didnt try the food offerings

17 Mar 2008 14:16

The Old Spot, Dursley

excellent ales...great selection. Old Ric 4.5% from Uley very nice, shame no Old Spot on offer tho. Guests from full Batemans range, that's hardly a local low carbon footprint delivery......excellent XXXB as one would expect.

service just a little under-whelming on a not too busy night, but friendly enough.
good value pub-type grub eg venison & stout pie wi roasted veg and dauphinoise pots 8.

13 Mar 2008 08:52

The Countryman Inn, Castle Cary

not a pub anymore.
it's a fancy 'Lounge and Restaurant'.

12 Mar 2008 10:14

The Boars Head, Brecon

that report of mine at 18Jan is rubbish.
all that applies to the Old Bulls Head in Struet St.
..half-wit I am!

this place is ok too tho. nice condition ales...had the 'Ramblers Ruin' from Breconshire brewery, 5%...but too cold.

12 Mar 2008 10:10

The Horse Pond Inn, Castle Cary

dreary place...

12 Mar 2008 10:01

The Bell at Sapperton, Cirencester

great Uley ales (try the Old Spot!!! superb).....and more....

excellent food venue, nice friendly staff, well presented interior furnishings and decor...

all round very good!

10 Mar 2008 15:59

Castlebrook Inn, Somerton

needs help to be a good road-side inn...
ale selection very average (GK IPA etc), open all day establishment...families welcome.
Yeh, you know the sort of place....!

10 Mar 2008 15:56

The Apple Tree, Glastonbury

lordy! not good...

10 Mar 2008 15:54

The Stapleton Arms, Gillingham

easily the best pub in the Gillingham, Dorset area.
sister pub to the Queens Arms at Corton Denham, so same formula of decoration, same range of ales, same menu and 'Growlers'. Good home-made chutney to accompany the Gs.
also the same type of country wannabe clientele...

but very good range of ales, usually 4 reals, well kept and generally well presented....

10 Mar 2008 15:53

The Lime Kiln Inn, Knole

another rural eating place....but this one does have decently kept ales......usually 2 or 3 to try.
HopBack, Bass, Butcombe, Otter, typically...
rustic (sort of) interior...
Landlord likes to feel a bit 'superior'.....

10 Mar 2008 15:49

Quarry Inn, Somerton

a very sedate eating place with a small local group of drinking regulars.
2 average real ales usually, not very exciting tho.
menu hasn't changed for 10 years to my personal knowledge...
serves food on Sunday if that's a great recommendation!

10 Mar 2008 15:46

The Three Old Castles, Somerton

high priority here is large TV Sport and young drinking crowd to match.....
ale is usually of variable quality and sometimes it's rank!

10 Mar 2008 15:43

The Old Pound Inn, Langport

new Landlord from the Prince of Wales on Hambdon Hill.
has got his work cut-out to make this a desirable drinking place...

10 Mar 2008 15:39

Prince of Wales Ham Hill Country Park, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon

find this place if you can!
good selection of ales, variable condition sometimes tho.
busy at tourist times.....

10 Mar 2008 15:38

The Sun Inn, Retford

north notts village community busy at most times, 3 real ales usually available...
typical northern friendly reception

10 Mar 2008 15:36

The Modbury Inn, Ivebridge

best pub in Modbury by a comfortable margin.......excellent pint of Bass.

10 Mar 2008 15:34

The Providence Inn, Kingsbridge

- less well known than the Pig's Nose Inn, so probably more comfortable for that. good beers, good food, better service than Pig's Nose Inn. and fewer kids!

10 Mar 2008 15:32

The Old Barn Owl Inn, Langport

- taken over recently by South African expect some slightly odd ideas about how to welcome strangers, not entirely au fait with tradiitonal British ales yet either.... but be assured we'll break 'em in eventually!

10 Mar 2008 15:31

The Manor Inn, Exeter

- trad country pub, not improved, 2 nice rooms, trad furniture, good real ales, good value food, good location.

10 Mar 2008 15:30

The Greyhound Inn, Sydling St Nicholas

nicely presented eating place, but certainly not much resemblance to a traditional country inn.
ales limited in choice to 6X, Old Speckled Hen and a re-badged St Austel Tinner's (Sydling) not spectacular choice, but reasonable condition.
book in advance for Sunday lunch.
pretty village...chattering classes in high proportion.

10 Mar 2008 08:49

The Brook House Inn, Castle Cary

quiet place with little to recommend it....

10 Mar 2008 08:40

The Alhampton Inn, Alhampton

basic country pub, simple furnishings...nothing grand at all.
friendly service.
Ale choice limited to 1, which was acceptably presented and in good condition.

10 Mar 2008 08:38

City Arms, Wells

this is an odd place.......doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.
ale pretty good, but variable from time to time.
service definitely variable too...not a warm welcome certainly. i guess they're too busy with all the tourists.
but that said its probably the best in Wells....which doesn't say much for the rest.

7 Mar 2008 10:01

The Burtle Inn, Burtle

sorry Woppit...this place is a shambolic rip-off.
ale over-priced hugely and not too well presented.

food looks typical pub-menu fare...nowt special.

7 Mar 2008 09:57

The Bird In Hand, North Curry

beer is good, kept well, served with enthusiasm..a very nice 'Proper Job' 4.3% light refreshing hoppy number from St Austell..
service is however still a tad on the slow side even when pub is relatively empty.

food is dire tho.......

7 Mar 2008 09:53

The Bear and Swan, Chew Magna

this is a nice eating place and you're not frowned at if you just want beer.
Ales are usually pretty decent, SW micro supplied generally, from what I could see.
we've also eaten here, very nice food, busy restaurant wi good service...
all in all pretty good.
easy a 7....4.7 is bl**dy mean!

7 Mar 2008 09:49

The Well House, Exeter

very good pub in nice location. very good ales, well kept and served. reasonable pub food.

it's a good walk to here from the Gt Western Hotel & St David's Station, but well worth the effort.

there's not much of pub interest in between mind...!

6 Mar 2008 13:56

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

very accomodating town pub, handy for the Station (of course!) and excellent selection of ales in top condition.
start your Exeter crawl here! and end it here before falling onto the train home!
its a big place, plenty of room inside....

6 Mar 2008 13:53

The Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton

an up-date here required....this could be a really great pub to visit. but there's already so much over-hyped reputation invested in the place that it gets too crowded and there's no time for somebody (anybody! help!) to ensure the service and ale quality is maintained.
so in summary...dont be surprised if you are disappointed.
so only 6...

6 Mar 2008 13:48

The Nobody Inn, Doddiscombsleigh

blimey....some folks! its a pub for heavens sake. a good one, with good beers (thank goodness) to deafen the polite whineing of the chattering visitors.

nice one!

6 Mar 2008 13:43

The Benett Arms, Semley

HenPen is still just about right.....not a brilliant reception to new-comers. ales still not top notch and service a bit rickety.
a quaint place tho which could be excellent, needs further effort at the moment.
only 5 for the time being.....

6 Mar 2008 13:38

The Pigs Nose, East Prawle

great pub, nice food, great ales....p*ss poor service. especially in summer when busy and not enough bar staff employed.
otherwise bl**dy good place to enjoy all the beers on offer...
do it!

6 Mar 2008 12:57

The Open Arms, Chillington

locals plan interior, a bit tired now, reflecting 80's improvements standards.
local ales ok but not spectacular.

try asking the locals how to play 'Euchre'.

6 Mar 2008 12:52

Masons Arms, Branscombe

Branscombe is very fortunate to have 2 differing pubs, both of good quality....
this place is more hotel than real trad pub, but nevertheless has decent ales, not just from Branscombe brewery down the lane.
very good...and open all day in summer.

the Fountain just nicks it for me tho.....

6 Mar 2008 12:46

The Fountain Head, Branscombe

brilliant traditional pub. And kids are allowed on the outside seating only...perfect!
lovely old-fashioned interior, settles and old benches etc, open fires..
and to top all that superb Branscombe ales.
even good food for those who have time out from drinking...

6 Mar 2008 12:43

The Meeting Room, Kingsbridge

doesn't warrant rating as a pub......

6 Mar 2008 12:07

The Kings Arms Hotel, Kingsbridge, teen, family, tourist pub, real ales but not particularly good.

6 Mar 2008 12:06

The Creeks End Inn, Kingsbridge

tourist magnet, open all day, crap food, tourist prices, crap beer..

6 Mar 2008 12:05

The Old Red Lion, North Brewham

avearge out of the way country pub.....quiet, with Butcombe. that's all......

6 Mar 2008 11:47

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

excellent pub, superb ales....visit here when Sheffield Folk Festival is on, so good music too.

5 Mar 2008 11:58

Red Lion Inn, Kilmington

very nice beer pub....good ales always available...could be Butcombe, Otter, Hidden, Blindman's, HopBack, Downton, Butts....etc etc
friendly welcome, chatty locals....
good place overall.

4 Mar 2008 13:51

The Camelot, South Cadbury

recently re-opened (last 2yrs?) after extensive refurbishment.
got off to reasonable start but now going quiet.
ales weren't very good on last visit, place seemed odd with very few customers in sight, echo-ey feeling inside.
needs thrashing into life somehow.....but could be a good pub.

3 Mar 2008 14:07

The Railway Inn, Meare

yes definitely eccentric all round...including 'We dont keep ale during summer it doesn't keep'.
Timewarp place ok, but dear me they cant make any money...
Feels like a tin-shed in someone's back garden.
handy for bird-spotters.....if they drink warm cola that is....

3 Mar 2008 14:00

The Holman Clavel Inn, Culmhead

not a bad pub at all. nice location, comfy interior, pretty reasonable beer selection.....and a hell of a lot better place now post-smoking ban.

29 Feb 2008 11:26

The Helyar Arms, East Coker

slightly up-market aspirations's certainly not a boozer any more.
extensive food menu, average beer selection...

29 Feb 2008 11:24

The Half Moon Inn, Horsington

no,its not a supremely good pun or pub, just a reasonable country local...
average beer selection not spectacular, very average interior, not quite a 'mean' welcome to strnagers, but not far off.

29 Feb 2008 11:22

University Arms, Sheffield

close by the Blue route tram convenient to add to your other stops on the Blue Route pub crawl...University owned, but not packed with only at lunchtimes.
Good beer selection, including 1 or 2 Thornbridge Ales.

26 Feb 2008 12:50

The Rising Sun, Nether Green

true it's a long way out of city centre, but make the effort and enjoy the Abbeydale beers which are excellent.
good place.

26 Feb 2008 12:48

Coach and Horses, Dronfield

another great pub in Sheffield. Right next to Sheffield FC, the oldest football club in the world...but dont let that put you off.
superb Thornbridge ales always available...
you wont be disappointed by their outstanding St Petersburg Stout.
comfortably furnished pub with the usual warm friendly Yorkshire greeting...

26 Feb 2008 12:42

The Cricket Inn, Totley

superb beer and food pub, smartly fitted out.
definitely no yobs or chavs, so you can eat, drink and relax in peace.
Thornbridge brewery owned, so expect great ales including fanatastic Jaipur, Kipling & Wild Swan.

26 Feb 2008 12:32

Fox and Hounds, Somerton

large country pub with disappointingly small bar area.
wide selection of ales, usually served too cold.
popular pub-food type menu, including well supported Sunday Roast menu.
large garden.

25 Feb 2008 16:07

Red Lion Inn, Somerton

good location, nicely re-furbished, was a great beer pub, now gastro-concentrated.....with an occasional good pint.
pleasant summer garden, friendly staff, usually absent Landlord.
could be loads better.

25 Feb 2008 16:05

Greyhound Inn, Somerton

could be a great pub.
but sadly seems to be running down, although there is a small group of regulars still turn out...
generally good condition ales, usually from St Austell.

25 Feb 2008 16:02

Sheaf of Arrows, Cranbourne

average country local pub.....nothing special.

should be in 'Cranborne' tho, not 'Cranbourne'.

25 Feb 2008 15:49

The Rusty Axe Inn, Martock

ace beers here, Cheddar Ales Potholer 4.3% is usually on, with at least 2 other reals which could be from anywhere in the owner Graham is a hot keen beer-keeper.
and good food choice too....
definitely worth finding.

23 Feb 2008 17:26

The White Hart, Brecon

pleasant enough pub, but not spectacular. reasonable ale choice, but the Wye Valley Butty Bach was too cold to be great tasting.
Usual Pub food type-menu.
Family kids allowed.

21 Feb 2008 08:40

The Bush Inn, Cwmbran

tricky to find.....real friendly locals pub, brewery tap for Cottage Spring Ales.
weather was very cold when we called in, so was the beer, which was well conditinoed and presented...but with little taste managing to get thru...
will try again in warmer weather.

21 Feb 2008 08:34

The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano

yes agree with MisterX - range of real ales is very dull. In fine condition but limited taste appeal.
good country locals pub, big fire in main room, tiny little portable gas fire in small 'snug' is inadequate on a cold Feb day tho.

18 Feb 2008 13:17

The Boars Head, Brecon

reported to have a good choice of ales, Evan Evans primarily.
However.....the Fly Half at 4.2% and the Cwrw at 4.2% both from EE, were the same beer I swear it! not a good start....they were probably too cold to be distinctly tasty.
quirky Landlord adds to the jollity.....playing some quality music too.
friendly and helpful bar staff.
good effort all round....

18 Feb 2008 13:02

The Star Inn, Talybont on Usk

Visited the Star on Saturday in good condition and a decent selection, friendly reception, but the pub itself was a little cold and drafty.
Cheese and pickle roll at 2.50 was only average value.
Didn't see the beer garden, but there was no need to on a frosty Feb midday.
Would visit again if in the area.

18 Feb 2008 12:56

The Kingsdon Inn, Somerton

not visited for a while....but a food pub predominantly, with some local drinking trade...but you're not really heartily welcomed if wanting just beer.
Ales, from Cotleigh, Butcombe and other SW independents, at last visit were of variable condition.....may have improved with latest owners (which seem to change failry frequently)...

13 Feb 2008 13:17

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

Recently (Oct 2007) taken over by the Hidden Brewery. nicely and simply re-furbished (freshly painted)....light airy bar, wooden floor, straight-forward bar furniture.
Hidden Quest 4.3% very good until it ran out...replacement not quite ready, suggests a beer ordering process not quite in line with increasing demand yet.
Food this past Sunday lunch-time was only average.
A good start since the re-opening though, further improvements can make this into a very good, thriving local....worth the drive over from N of Yeovil.

11 Feb 2008 08:36

The Seedhouse Lodge, Langport

I wonder if the Owners know that this is rated (by BITE contributors) as the worst pub in the country, outside of London...and it manages 7th worst overall including London!!

Will they finally take any notice?

8 Feb 2008 12:33

The Devonshire Arms, Long Sutton

this place has changed hands several times over recent years......
considerably changed since with bright modern fittings and bar style, certainly in-keeping with trendy wine bar/cafe type.
so the real ale is no longer a top seller and is therefore a bit variable in quality and of course over-cooled via a modern 'pipe-python'. which also means the cold-lager sells like hot-cakes.

7 Feb 2008 14:03

The Vine, Pamphill

The Vine is certainly worth finding to visit......with good condition ales. food choice is bound to be limited in a tiny place like this, so dont go along expecting gastro stuff.......

7 Feb 2008 13:56

Moon, Sheffield

excellent beer pub with great value food. as Gillhalfpint reports, good staff and service, great beer selection and condition.
We visited Saturday lunchtime and couldn't believe how quiet it was for a city outskirts pub wth good tram links to the city centre...dont miss it if you're in Sheffield.
Abbeydale beers are usually superb and today was no exception.

4 Feb 2008 12:10

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

another great Cambridge town pub. fine selection of beers and good condition, nice place to drink em in too.
this place and the Cambridge Blue make great neighbours......visit them both!

30 Jan 2008 14:25

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

indeed a proper english town pub. maintaining fine tradition of good beer, realistically priced good pub food, friendly service and locals.
always go in here when its Cambridge Folk Fest time, lovely garden.....excellent.

30 Jan 2008 14:22

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

top pub in Lincoln from what I've been able to find.
good quality ale is most important, and good traditional pub food to soak it up.
nice atmosphere, friendly service.
good 'un

28 Jan 2008 15:54

Sloop Inn, Bantham

crikey up-date needed here.
fantastic food here now.....the freshest, crispiest salads and the tastiest veg you could wish for.
Ales - excellent, and even better value if you catch a special reduced prices.
bedrooms could be better......
however, for food n drink, this place is worth keeping to i've just blown it then!

28 Jan 2008 15:42

The Square and Compass, Ashill

overall, not at all bad. beer selection could be better. pub food is reasonable but not exciting.
....not easy to find on a first visit....

28 Jan 2008 15:34

The Barley Mow Inn, Kirk Ireton

I have to agree with 5600wilson.
Good_Pubguide has only commented on 2 both he got an apparently rude reception....that must say something in itself. Some people......!

any way, more importantly, the Barley Mow is an ace place. Traditional and best for it.....leave all the kids in a 'family-friendly pub' and visit here for real treat.

25 Jan 2008 12:26

The Crown Inn, Tisbury

well, the Crown Inn has worn rather since March 2006.
Interior is tired and tatty, service on an early thursday evening was tired & grumpy, beer selection was limited......the Ringwood Best Bitter was acceptable, but not spectacular.
very average small country town pub.

25 Jan 2008 08:00

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

yes, agree with earlier commnets. on my most recent visit, the Festivity was superb.
with the usual friendly service and excellent value food, quickly served, this pub is a top-rated Bristol venue.

23 Jan 2008 09:14

The Fox and Hounds, Bradfield St George

went here in search of Bartrams beers.....disappointed to find 3 of 4 pumps were Adnams, no Bartrams in sight.
not particularly welcoming reception either.....we were going to eat but nothing on the menu looked really tempting.
overall not impressed on this visit, but will try again sometime.

21 Jan 2008 11:30

The Bear Inn, Beyton

friendly family run freehouse with good condition ales. very good.

21 Jan 2008 11:26

The Waggon and Horses, Castle Cary

should be removed from any list of 'pubs'....instead add to your list of over-priced chinese eat-ins.

18 Jan 2008 10:44

The George Hotel, Castle Cary

not a friendly place and wo betide anyone who might complains about the beers. Part of the GK estate...why oh why do I never learn?

18 Jan 2008 10:42

The Britannia Inn, Sherborne

still not very busy when I visited. not a tremendously friendly welcome and beers weren't worth particular mention. typical Punch owned place I guess.

15 Jan 2008 14:10

The Angel, Hindon

more pretentious than the Lamb, across the road. Beers quite good and better selection that the Lamb.
Quieter place but marginally friendlier reception, so 7 on this visit.

15 Jan 2008 14:07

The Lamb Inn, Hindon

Wells n Youngs beers usually good. service poor tho, as mentioned below.
average overall, so 6.

15 Jan 2008 14:05

The Pub at Wanstrow, Wanstrow

pretentious place, over-cooled beer, no atmosphere, cold.
what can I say?

11 Jan 2008 12:33

The Unicorn Hotel, Somerton

very good Bombardier and open all day. not marvellously fitted out inside, but almost retains its old market-town hotel feel.

10 Jan 2008 14:31

Railway Hotel, Blandford Forum

yes its a good pub with excellent standard ale, but I can't quite get it to 7th in the way!

worth finding tho'.

7 Jan 2008 15:32

The Poachers Inn, Piddletrenthide

this is the best pub in the Piddle Valley area.
good ales, decent food and service, and it still has pub atmosphere. good job!

7 Jan 2008 15:30

The Green Man, Kings Stag

friendly pub, decent ale, good selection and well kept. food service a wee bit slow at times.

7 Jan 2008 15:21

Drovers Inn, Gussage all Saints

probably the best kept and served Ringwood ales for miles around........but, the horrible smell of old, used, food frying oil pervades the whole place when the kitchen is in action...shame.

7 Jan 2008 15:18

Cricketers, Blandford Forum

if the Landlord has changed it'll be worth trying can only hope that the beer is as good as it was. I'll score it after another visit.

7 Jan 2008 15:10

Bull Inn, Sturminster Newton

surprised at the current 8.1/10 score......not up to that level. H&W ales will always be a problem.....
not eaten here so cant comment.

7 Jan 2008 08:04

The Buffalo, Gillingham

another plastic 'improved' pub. H&W beers, so dont rush round for a pint. food is variable, depending who's cooking in the kitchen.

7 Jan 2008 08:01

Ship Inn, Shaftesbury

this could be a great pub....but the H & W beers aren't brilliant and the food menu is poor.
great building though and nice interior.

2 Jan 2008 15:12

The Mitre, Shaftesbury

probably best ale in shaftesbury, but that's not too hard to achieve, when most of the rest are Hall & Woodhouse establishments.

2 Jan 2008 15:10

The Brace of Pheasants, Plush

have been very disappointed here, more than once. not a hugely friendly welcome and only average condition ales.
therefore, not always worth the long trip to find.

2 Jan 2008 15:08

The Old Inn, Holton

quirky owners to be sure.
butcombe and otter ales generally well kept.
nice building and interior.

2 Jan 2008 15:05

The Fleur De Lis, Stoke Sub Hamdon

beer may be good and a varied guest selection, but it's not brilliant. interior decor is a little tired too.

2 Jan 2008 15:00

Muddled Man, West Chinnock

eccentric name and eccentric landlord.....doesn't always guarantee good quality ale one can sell Otter Ale badged as Otter Bright is a mystery.
locals enjoy the traditionally limited food menu...

2 Jan 2008 14:59

The George Inn, Croscombe

not bad. landlord does try hard...... beer & food festivals maybe twice a year.
not especially wonderful, but steady.
decent beers.

2 Jan 2008 14:51

Coopers Mill, Yeovil

awful place....

2 Jan 2008 14:36

The Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

this place has gone off, big time.
used to be a great music and ale venue, with half decent food.
changed management and recently has been dreary.

2 Jan 2008 14:31

The Anchor, Seatown

yes, good pub, especially in summer. good Palmer's...usually. It's bound to be expensive for all the tourists.

2 Jan 2008 14:29

The Three Tuns, Bransgore

visited here on New Years Eve. very good beer offered and served.
didnt eat, so can't comment on that aspect.
the young man behind the bar made a woeful Gin Fizz for us, so stick with the ale.....
interior was a little formulaic, typical of many 'improved pubs'.
overall though, I'd definitely visit again.

2 Jan 2008 13:10

The Carpenters Arms, Chilthorne Domer

1 of those 'improved' pubs of the 70' naturally it's a bit tired and old hat now. like a thousand others you'll find all over the is the usual SW-ish large brewery stuff, so bland and ordinary.
.......otherwise, its average.

11 Dec 2007 14:37

The Brewers Arms, South Petherton

busy place in the centre of village, always good ale selection and quality.....not eaten here but looks like a popular pub-type menu.
A very good beer enthusiastic landlord always helps of course.

11 Dec 2007 14:31

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

about as unimproved as you could wish for....welcoming reception from staff and locals....great prices for good ale 'n' cider. worth finding if you can.

11 Dec 2007 14:27

The Swan Inn, Swinbrook

as my previous review..which the Landlord has clearly had removed due to his non-agreement....
if you run a pub, you have to expect a certain criticism, especially if your service is good/average only to your preferred customers....
I wont go here again, neither will anybody I know...

11 Dec 2007 11:50

The Mallard, Worksop

pub and beer still good...but that web-site isn't up to the same standard I'd have to say....
pub 8, web-site 3.

3 Dec 2007 13:25

The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds

seemingly the best beer in's not Greene King then!
Gunner's Daughter very tasty...Blonde Bombshell excellent!
friendly sorts behind the bar, very busy Saturday night, pleasant interior with character and brewing kit!
all round well worth visiting....I'll try the food next time.

3 Dec 2007 13:22

The Masons Arms, Bury St Edmunds

GK again so don't be expecting a great pint. Having said that, the Abbot Reserve at 6.5% on draft wasn't too shabby......but it still tastes like GK.

had a great sandwich at the bar on a Saturday lunchtime, very busy for food.

Friendly landlady and staff.

3 Dec 2007 13:18

The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

It is quite tiny. The beer is the usual distinctly average GK mass-produced (and in here, well over-priced)IPA and Abbot.
And surprisingly, wet dogs are allowed inside....I couldn't tell whether it was the dog that smelled or some of the 'wandering' clientele. But suffice to say, if the place is packed, don't brave it.

3 Dec 2007 13:15

The Masons Arms, Fulbrook

closed as far as I could see. mid-Nov 2007.

28 Nov 2007 11:48

The Masons Arms, Fulbrook

closed as far as I could see. mid-Nov 2007.

28 Nov 2007 11:47

The Masons Arms, Fulbrook

closed as far as I could see. mid-Nov 2007.

28 Nov 2007 11:47

The Masons Arms, Fulbrook

closed as far as I could see. mid-Nov 2007.

28 Nov 2007 11:47

The Lamb Inn, Burford

pretentious eating house. probably the most over-priced beer outside London. bar staff almost entirely foreign & therfore minimum wage earners probably. the owners/management are taking the p*ss.

28 Nov 2007 11:35

The Star Inn, Bath

Star pub! Star beers and star surroundings. If you visit Bath, make sure you visit the Star.

If the Abbey Ales Black Friar had been on, it was an easy 10.....9 without.

6 Nov 2007 14:33

The Rummer, Bath

very good beers, friendly service, over-priced city food tho....seemed to be plenty of takers.
nicely turned out place. will visit again.

6 Nov 2007 14:30

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

good busy straight-forward sports pub...big screen rugby & football...great service from barstaff who knew a bad pint when they saw it without me asking for a change....refreshing & well received.
does get packed tho.

6 Nov 2007 14:29

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

good pint of Bellringer. some odd folk, seemed like locals.....over-loud and expressing self-value of course.
worth a short visit if passing...better pubs in Bath tho.

6 Nov 2007 14:25

The Butchers Arms, Oakridge Lynch

still good and the local girls still attractive.
beers not too shabby either.
worth visiting if you can find it!

30 Oct 2007 11:50

The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton Common

this pub has been spoilt. 'nuff said.

30 Oct 2007 11:49

The Woolpack, Slad

no doubt the locals dont eat here because the food is over-priced. tasty, but small portions for the prices charged. very much aimed at the innumerable tourists...
beer however is excellent. Uley beers at their very best. the superb Old Spot is not to be missed.

food prices keep it down to a nonetheless worthy 9/10.

30 Oct 2007 11:46

The Red Lion Inn, Litton

very good pub and ale in beautiful country location.
recommended for every Peak District crawl...

2 Oct 2007 14:06

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

one of the very best, characterful, traditional pubs in the whole UK.
easily a 10. don't miss it.

1 Oct 2007 14:08

The Masons Arms, Lower Odcombe

beers brewed on the expect good quality. worth finding.

17 Sep 2007 11:28

The Lord Poulett Arms, Hinton St George

very atmospheric pub. good pint of branscombe straight from the barrel.

17 Sep 2007 11:27

The Royal Oak, Hardington Moor

great beer selection (8 real ales) on last visit. great value pub food....
tricky to find tho

17 Sep 2007 11:23

The Horse and Groom, East Woodlands

yes, good pub and good beer.....but well over-priced, especially the TT Landlord.
Food is good so can get very busy. nice location in quiet spot out the back of Longleat lots of talk of Lion breeding etc.....

17 Sep 2007 11:20

The Greyhound Inn, Baltonsborough

locals pub....decent Doom Bar. fairly quiet most times.

17 Sep 2007 11:17

The Green Dragon, Combe St Nicholas

excellent beer, friendly welcome. unusual wood carvings. well worth a visit.

17 Sep 2007 11:16

The George Hotel, Wedmore

nicley re-furbished. the beer smelled like the bar-lady's not good I guess. expensively priced Butcombe bitter.

17 Sep 2007 11:15

The Farmers Arms, Combe Florey

nice pub in nice location, decent food and beer. service was friendly but slow.

17 Sep 2007 11:12

The Bull Inn, Hardway

agree totally with Tommaso002. Great country pub.

17 Sep 2007 11:09

The Manor House Inn, Ditcheat

very disappointing place. used to have a good reputation, but it's sadly gone off now. Ale and Food was in the same condition.

17 Sep 2007 11:04

Fox Inn, Ansty

visited this weekend......disappointed too I'm afraid. It seems to be still trading on its reputation of some years ago.
I'd guess the management/cheffing staff have all changed.
Slow food service from the kitchen, poor quality ingredients both meat and veg - tough rump steak, low quality venison cut, bad cauliflower florets.
Hall & Woodhouse beers.......

3 Sep 2007 08:04

The Fox Inn, Monkwood Green

great beer.......selection & condition etc
beer friendly Landlord.
great unspoilt building, traditional out-of-the-way country pub. nice locals.
Find it!

10 Aug 2007 12:16

The Half Moon Inn, Somerton

Somerton is widely known for having loads of really great real ale pubs.......I dont think so.
So being the best in town is not quite such an accolade as you might expect.
scatty service, very average pub food, dodgy ladies skittles team.......but
certainly trying hard, so 6/10, but a fair way to go still...

10 Aug 2007 11:59

Royal Oak, Somerton

continues to hold up the standard of 'dreadful'

10 Aug 2007 11:48

The Seedhouse Lodge, Langport

I have to agree with previous reviewer - it's dreadful.

25 Jul 2007 07:44

The Wellington, Sheffield

Well friends.....when you've done the Fat Cat and Kelham Island Tavern, come along here. Very nearly top rating for this traditional Sheffield local, unaltered and best for it.
Super ales always available, welcoming staff and lively locals......dont mind having your leg-pulled.

Just a nadger under top rating....9.5! probably be a 10 next time cos it was very smokey on last visit.

24 Jul 2007 15:51

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Sheffield is so lucky to have this pub and the Fat Cat right next to each other (well 100 yards maybe).

The KIT offers superb beer, great choice and condition and real value food. Ret friendly welcome for out-of-town visitors.

chuffing grand lad! 10!

24 Jul 2007 15:42

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Very, very good. Great ale and pasties. Superb interior.
Best to visit on a cold drizzly November lunchtime after a long walk around the headland. Then you'll really appreciate the history and atmosphere of the place.
Don't expect to park anywhere near on a summer's day if you get there after 10.30am tho.

24 Jul 2007 15:36

The Tuckers Grave Inn, Faulkland

despite some of the locals, this is definitely worth visiting.
ale choice is limited, but the Butcombe is OK (not brilliant).
The old interior and furnishings give the place its character.

24 Jul 2007 15:32

The Crown Inn, Churchill

Outstanding real pub.
Good quality ales, beautifully presented by knowledgable staff. Traditionally conditioned gents toilets (they're outside).
A bit 'Yaa-Hoo' orientated on the odd occasion but thankfully real people predominate.
Easily worth a 10.

24 Jul 2007 15:28

The Ring O'Bells, Ashcott

food dominated pub. good condition ale usually available but the not the most imaginative selection.
nice carpets deaden any rogue pub atmosphere that may try to develop.

24 Jul 2007 15:23

The Lamb and Flag, Blagdon Hill

Great pub. Top quality ale, varied choice in top condition. Good value food. Welcoming Landlord and friendly locals.
Interestingly furnished.
Worth finding for sure.......

24 Jul 2007 14:04

The Canal Inn, Wrantage

I have to mirror previous comments, this place is over-rated by the local camra-hoods.
I've visited regularly and never had a great pint, only average at best.

24 Jul 2007 14:01

Lantokay, Street

Typical JDW town pub. Cheap beer, poor service by youths barely old enough to drink, with no knowledge of what they're serving.......popular with the townies of course, but best avoided.
Wide menu of chips.

24 Jul 2007 13:58

The Rose and Crown, Trent

Blimey....somebody needs to up-date this pub report. Recently taken bought-out by a large pub group.....the manager & staff aren't interested, there's no welcome of any kind, the beer is rank in selection and quality, the previously 'brasserie' menu has been replaced by chips.
once was a rural gem, let's hope it can be recovered before it's closed as a failing business and becomes a private residence.

24 Jul 2007 12:42

The Red Lion Hotel, Marston Magna

this is dire for beer......3 ales on hand-pump but nobody drinking em! You can't possibly keep them in good condition for ever.....and they're not.
interior is decked out like a country-ladies front louge, very twee.....
good lord, where's the pub gone?

24 Jul 2007 12:36

The Mallard, Worksop

decent place but with limited inside bar space, bear festivals excepted. plenty of parking and space for chaining the bear.
good beer, wide selection & attractively priced. amusing group of regular clientele are worth a giggle, certainly no wussie city-types in here!
our mate Nigel likes it a lot.....but I find the East-European bears dont dance too vigorously at this time of year.

24 Jul 2007 12:09

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

top notch pub....premier league without any doubt.
as I remote and irregular visitor I was deeply stressed when I heard about the recent floods. It's great to hear of the speedy recovery.
Go to it Fat Cat!

24 Jul 2007 11:59

The Halfway House, Pitney

You wont find a better pub this side of the Fat Cat in Sheffield. Now there's a challenge......

24 Jul 2007 11:45

The Digby Tap, Sherborne

Well, its reputation is probably bigger than the reality. Whenever i've visited, I've found the beer selection limited across the strength range, quite reasonably priced, difficult to get your hands on (busy place with barely adequate service) and often disappointing in quality.
Good Fish & Chip shop (with upstairs bar!) around the corner tho.

24 Jul 2007 11:43

The Barton Inn, Barton St David

Miss Anonymous 19th July hits the nail nearly on the head....but it's a real traditional man's what do you expect?
Occasional live music, sometimes warm and flat too....but a lively jukebox, never too quiet.
Traditional local cider usually available.

24 Jul 2007 11:37

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