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The Village Inn, Dunlop

No real ale but had a very warm welcome here last friday evening, Tiny front bar so easy to get chatting to people, there were some women in there too -much to my relief as a single female drinker!! Excellent pint of lager!!

11 Oct 2010 20:40

The Brass and Granite, Kilmarnock

A bit like the kind of place you may find in a theme park, a spacious bar with motley artifacts on the walls and confused about it's target audience. Loud music, a mix of Motorhead, Queen and Scottish songs. Pool table, a varied clientel and friendly staff. Not being impressed with the ales or atmosphere in the pubs in Fenick I thought I'd follow the Good Beer Guide and find this place, seemed to be the only place open on a sunday evening in the entire town, we were too late for food (after 7pm) but stayed for a pint of each of the two ales on offer, both Scottish breweries, well kept and tasty! Nothing to rave about but not bad considering the alternatives around here, sorry if that sounds rude!!

11 Oct 2010 20:37

The Rose and Crown, Nottage

This is your average soleless pub, the staff were very nice but there wasn't much atmosphere. They do have a very sunny spot so the beer garden is a must if it's nice weather. The beer is all Brains, I had a pint of Brain's new guest beer, 'Merlin' which was as decent as anything by Brains gets.
The food is verging on gastro style and therefore quite pricey. Not really the thing to be having on a pub crawl but good if you're taking someone out for a meal.

3 Oct 2010 14:02

Butchers Arms, Canton

Now under new landlords who have retained the two guest beers and local feel of the place. Top pub.

19 Aug 2010 22:51

The Heathcock, Llandaff

Fantastic beer lovers paradise! A surprise to me, I made a pilgrimage all the way from Canton!! (20 mins walk max), because it was in the good beer guide, but didn't expect much. Found a dedicated landlord, beautifully kept beer(6 pumps), and a friendly, warm pub. Tribute, Abbot and Black Sheep are permanent. Decor is typical pub re-fit style, place is comforable. Pool table and quiz 8pm sunday evening.

6 Apr 2010 21:12

The Kings Head, Llantwit Major

Why this place is in the good beer guide I don't know. No other ales aside from Brains and over 3 for a pint of Carling! An unpretentious boozer with local character but not worth seeking out if you're a real ale head.

10 Mar 2010 22:18

The Cellar Bar, Batley

Run by a 21 year old cat. nice welcome. 20p off on pints on a saturday and an additional 20p discount for camra members. Drank Elland Brewery's Batley Bulldog.

3 Jan 2010 16:24

The Travellers Rest, Caerphilly

Very popular resturant style pub at the top of caerphilly mountain, ideal for walkers but wouldn't mission it up there otherwise, average choice (usually of 3) of well kept but mainstream cask ales.

6 Dec 2009 21:02

The Bread and Bitter, Mapperley

Spent a busy saturday afternoon here in the garden. Lots of good ales to try but the food had been very muched hyped and consequentially i was disappointed with my vege meal.The interior retains the bread ovens from it's former incarnation as Judge's Bakery and has a relaxed appearence of working man's club, didn't strike me as attempting to be too posh.

30 Oct 2009 13:54

The Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

The Rummer has just started selling Wye Valley HPA. I cannot walk past the place now.

30 Oct 2009 13:46

Vale of Glamorgan Inn, Cowbridge

Spent the evening here during the Cowbridge food and drink festival. They had a mini beer festival, most barrels in a tent outside. Increadibly busy but wouldn't drink anywhere else in Cowbridge. Delicious Summer Lightening and ales from Bryncelyn. Very well organised and nothing ran out!

30 Oct 2009 13:45

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Ornate but soleless place, very disapointing, no atmosphere and pedestrian choice of ale.

15 Dec 2008 20:36

The Dispensary, Liverpool

My favorite pub in liverpool, love the Cains range including Raisin beer and Cains Pilsner on draught. I always end up chatting to someone in here, very friendly. Great place.

15 Dec 2008 20:33

The Beehive, Liverpool

fantastic pub, very busy, a real vibrance, felt more christmassy here than anywhere else this december. Good bitter.

15 Dec 2008 20:30

The Town Crier, Birmingham

everyone is drinking cans, including the skeleton in the corner, don't touch the draught!

26 May 2008 18:48

The Kings Castle, Canton

Very lively pub with pool table and good jukebox usually playing Queen, Manics, Oasis, often to loud to talk over, but I like this place; you get the impression there's a thousand soap operas being played out every friday night.

17 Mar 2008 00:36

The Duke of Clarence, Canton

One of the unspoilt Brains pubs in Canton. Surprisingly busy on a friday night, lively atmosphere with older customers. Recommened for its linear, carriage style layout with snugs round the back.

17 Mar 2008 00:30

The White Hart, Cardiff

The closest place to what I imagain a proper dockers place to be, full of the old locals but friendly whenever i've been there. Serves Brains.

17 Mar 2008 00:24

The Traders Tavern, Cardiff

Cosy and old fashioned, walls covered in concert posters, a welcome change for not being a Brains pub. Worth seeking out if your visiting Cardiff but not on a match day, or a sunday when they are closed.

17 Mar 2008 00:20

The Oz Bar, Cardiff

Now China China, eat as much as you like resturant. Pity Really, there used to be a good stoner rock night here called "Robots ate my face".

17 Mar 2008 00:16

The Plough and Harrow, Monknash

Having only ever been here in the daytime i find it quite resturanty, not somewhere to get talking to strangers at the bar -since there's only a serving hatch- but not bad for a bite to eat (as a vege i recommend the stuffed peppers.) while observing familys out for the afternoon. A middle class atmosphere where people tend to keep themselves to themselves, nice big garden for sunshine and bbqs, and top range of beers, scrumpys and perry. You don't have to miss out if your driving but can take home the ales in reused 2 pint milk cartons for the same price as drinking in.

17 Mar 2008 00:12

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

Delicious, well kept wide selection from Castle Rock. I recommend the 'Sherif's Tipple'. A plain interior with big pine tables, excellent home cooked food and interesting sandwiches. Top pub.

16 Mar 2008 23:30

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Real Ale Heaven. You will not be dissapointed if you go out of your way to go here.

16 Mar 2008 23:03

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Fantastic pub, friendly locals and talkative barstaff, one of the only places i found to sell all of Cains' in the city, including the Cains lager on tap. Excellent.

16 Mar 2008 22:56

Romilly, Cardiff

Go here in the summer afternoons for the beer garden!

6 Feb 2008 21:30

The Wells Hotel, Cardiff

This has been closed for a few years now, being made into flats i believe.

6 Feb 2008 21:29

The Westgate, Cardiff

Good session and sports pub, very bright but easy to tuck yourself away in a booth or on a sofa. Nothing o travel to see here but staff always very upbeat, beer is kept well and the quiz on a thursday's very entertaining.

6 Feb 2008 21:28

The Conway Hotel, Canton

A pub with no soul living off its past glories, why it is still included in the good beer guide i do not know. It's dingy and the beer is often undrinkable. Worth going only in the summer for the excellently positioned beer garden. New management in the last week so fingers crossed.

6 Feb 2008 21:23

Butchers Arms, Canton

Fantastic locals pub with the nicest tasting Brains in Canton. Always a guest ale on tap as well as S.A, Dark and Bitter. This pub is made fantastic by the efforts and enthusiasm of the Landlords. Cheese and port on the bar on wednesdays, karaoke fortnightly fridays, darts board, trips to the races, and even a yearly holiday with the regulars.

6 Feb 2008 21:16

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