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Comments by ZapuTheSnake

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

This little pub has the feel of a "local" and is in a lovely spot down by the Grand Union canal, especially if it's a warm spring afternoon - which it was. The pub is clean, tidy nicely done out and the beer was clean and went down nicely, too..

A range of lager and real ale (4) on the bar to choose from plus a hefty 13, or so, proper ciders! 3 on the bar and about 10 in the cellar. The well stocked fridge had some interesting looking bottles (a cider from Normandy for example).

There was a beer fest on in the small garden on the day of my visit which added 10 beers to the normal choice.

The service was efficient and friendy even if you had to ring the bell on the bar for service.

I didn't try the food (or the snuff!) but if the pub is anything to go by it will be fine.

27 Apr 2010 17:36

The Market Vaults, Tamworth

I thought this place was alright! Not many people in for a saturday, but I had a good chinwag and a bit of a laugh - friendly place. Standard beers supplemented by a handpumped ale or two. Smallish place but felt bigger, somehow.

Sport on the telly.

12 Feb 2010 17:34

White Lion, Tamworth

Lively, quite noisy pub with a good mix of people in. Seemed like a locals pub with an accent on sport mixed. Noticed a few shoppers in there too. Usual range of beer from the big brewers but also hand pumps to attract the real ale drinkers (mine was very nice!).

The Archivist (see below) decribes the decor better than i ever could!

12 Feb 2010 17:28

The Albert Hotel, Tamworth

I was in there on a saturday evening and found it very quiet. *In fact the bar staff almost out-numbered the customers. Nice place, however, and the berr was fine, if the choice was limited (only one hand pump working and an understocked fridge).

I would go back, though.

12 Feb 2010 17:21

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Decent enough pub. Smallish but not claustraphobic. Decorated in a sort of coaching inn style, i guess, to give it an old world feel.

6-nations rugby on when i visited so there was fairly lively and decent crowd in. Not too packed, though, and i got served easily enough by the friendly bar staff. Attracts the real ale types due to the hand pumps. The beer was fine. There's real cider, too.

12 Feb 2010 17:15

The Mermaid, St Albans

I like the beer choice very much - it's usually in good nick - but not much else. I wanted this place to be my local but.......

8 Jan 2010 16:20

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

A place i always walked past until a few weeks back.

I don't any more because the staff and the beer choice is spot on. The foods good to in the pub-grub sort of way.

One gripe - they never have a decent cider on even though they claim to.

8 Jan 2010 16:14

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Is there another more commented on pub than this? If there is, i cant find it.

I had a layoff from the Wenlock for a couple of months but returned recently. Still the best, whatever time of day. I'm a bit sorry to read thomas gx1 and Dimple Mug's comments. I think you've both got it wrong. The Wenlock does Real Ale cos it's good for the pub not because of some snooty notion about lager drinkers or some pertentions about being a real ale paradise. They do sell lager, after all.

If anyone was stared at for drinking lager (which i doubt, quite honestly) it unlikely that was meant to be intimidating in any way. Just some sad and lonely geezer with nothing better to do, more like. Don't worry about it - celebrate it! Buy another one! And wear you suit when your doing it!

You have to take the rough with the smoooth in the Wenlock. If you can't it's probably best not to go, but there are not many other pubs where you could see such a cross-section of life over a couple of pints on a saturday afternoon.

Long live the Wenlock.

24 Sep 2009 17:31

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

Nice pub, a beams and low ceiling kind of place (careful is you're over 5'6"). Nice patio / garden at the back or you can sit out at the front and watch the world go by. I don't want to say anything about the service, but the beer was in good condition.

5 Jul 2009 13:51

Marliplins, Shoreham by Sea

I see that the last comment on this pub was posted in 2007! Well, it could have been written yesterday. Only difference was that Wadworths 6X had replaced Spitfire. Nice pub with a real local community feel.

21 Jun 2009 13:42

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

Basic little high street boozer but very nice all the same. Nice and freindly (staff and customers alike) and a reasonable choice of ales, all on gravity. It was the first of the 3 pubs i visited in Shorehem-by-sea yesterday, and the best.

21 Jun 2009 13:36

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

Good choice of beers and good service. Not a bad place but some people would call it scruffy. Very handy for the station but don't leave it too late to get your train if you're heading east or you'll get caught on the wrong side of the tracks! Would visit again if ever i'm in the area, no problem.

21 Jun 2009 13:31

The West Riding Refreshment Rooms, Dewsbury

Enjoyed a 2nd visit here as much as the first about 7 years ago. Beer range was good then as was the service and it's just as good now. Top boozer.

15 Jun 2009 17:07

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Found the atmosphere a bit stunted in here after being in the Head of Steam on the other side of the station. Scuffier pub too. Beer choice was good though and i would go back just for that. No decent cider or perry.

15 Jun 2009 07:55

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Lively, busy pub. Locals mixing with the rail pub crawl crowd made a good atmosphere. About 6 beers to choose from and a couple of proper ciders. Good pub.

15 Jun 2009 07:52

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

What a great pub! Bang on the station platform and was able to have a pint while waiting for the train to Huddersfield - along came the train and down went the pint - brilliant. Freindly service, lively crowd, good beer. I didn't try the black peas cos i need an excuse to go back!

15 Jun 2009 07:46

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

I used to go to the swan in the late 70s and it was a Heavy Metal haven, then. Nice that somethings don't change. By the way Mattbeer; we didn't have scallies in the 70s, but we had a Mod revival thanks to Quadrophenia. The Swan was one of the few places that remained Mod-free. I think the atmosphere in there is unique and is one of the few pubs that you can honestly say is like no other.

15 Jun 2009 07:41

The Mermaid, St Albans

Best real ale in St Albans. Quiet atmosphere in the afternoons. I can read the paper without any bother.

One local is a gold-mine of information. For instance, did you know that Kenny Everett wrote Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy or that Radio 2 DJ David Jacobs' nick-name was "pop-pickers fluff". Stay off the Moonshine cider, mate...

17 May 2009 07:24

The Swan, Wheathampstead

Decent enough place. Clean. Mock tudor i think you might describe the decor. Fairly friendly if a bit village local-ish. Beer range neither billiant nor bad. Probably the best pub in the village / town.

17 May 2009 07:06

The Woodman, Wild Hill

Nice pub with decent range of beers. A bit suprised there was no real cider (it looks like the sort of place that should sell it). Well worth the effort to find it.

17 May 2009 06:55

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

A year since my last visit (and post) but, thankfully, nothing has changed here. Still a cracking little pub. It might be a bugger to get to for some but worth the effort. Great for walkers in need of a stop off.

If you need a excuse to go there try the beer fest on the first weekend in June.

Oh and the last bus back to St Albans is an hour later than it used to be!!!!

12 May 2009 17:52

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

A bit out of the town centre, this ale-house is well worth finding. Lively, friendly, great service and more than decent nosh. Some might call it scruffy. I call it a proper boozer.

I confess to being a real ale drinker and i just want to say that the beer was fantastic on Saturday night. Maybe just luck but i couldn't pick a bad pint out of the four i had (a mild, a hoppy bitter, a darker bitter and a stout ). Wish i could have stayed longer but i can't take it like i used to...

12 May 2009 17:40

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

The Wenlock Arms Post(s). Still the best read on BitE!

For what it's worth, i love this place and always will.......probably.

24 Mar 2009 08:01

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Visited the pub a coulpe of fridays back. A really nice place. Best pub i've been in for quite a while. Plenty of beers to choose from and all in good nick. Would recommend this place to anyone. Only one complaint; the 12 inch pizza i ordered was actually 14 inches!!!!!! :-)

Sorry to here that the current management are moving on. If the next incumbants are half as good, the pub will still be worth frequenting.

24 Mar 2009 07:53

The Evening Star, Brighton

Great little no-nonsense boozer. Busy, lively atmosphere. Quite a varied crowd, obviously drawn in by the excellent beer - as was I! Of the seven beers i had to choose from all were top quality. If a little bloke asks you if you like musicals...just say no! :-) I shall return.

18 Jul 2008 12:53

The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia

Sad to read all the negative comments. The Wheatsheaf used to be a real hideaway even though the beer was never the best. I was thinking of paying a nostalgic visit tonight (haven't been for about 5 years) but not sure i will now.

18 Jul 2008 12:45

The Hogshead, Hemel Hempstead

It's closed now. Good riddance.

21 Jun 2008 13:14

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

You have only got to look at the posts on here to see that this is/was a pub that people say good things about and has a loyal clientelle. But i, for one (or two), won't be going back until someone tells me the pub is someone else's hands and they at least make an effort to serve beer in a reasonable condition. A once great little pub has been turned into an unfriendly, grubby, dump.

20 Jun 2008 17:16

The Red Lion, Isleworth

You know the scene. You fancy a beer and you want to see what's on offer. But you can't because a load of local cronies (there's more descriptive words i could use) have monopolised the the bar. Do they shift to let you have a peep? Do they b*ll*cks!

20 Jun 2008 17:05

Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

I couldn't say i overly enjoyed my visit here, which is a shame cos the place has a great reputation. I know this because of the beer-bore/know-all who insisted on telling me what a great place it was, and how great the beer was, every time i went to the bar. Both were ok, by the way. I shall return, hopefully when he isn't there.

20 Jun 2008 16:55

The Mermaid, St Albans

I'm often in St Albans on fridays, and i never fail to visit this little ale house. The beer is top notch and the atmosphere's good too. Hard working, efficient bar staff always freindly and helpful. Keeps on improving.

20 Jun 2008 16:47

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

Enjoyed a brief visit here early on a Saturday afternoon. Agree with Henners about the Mild, but i found my other beer was equally as good. There was enough people in to make the atmosphere sociable. A one bar pub, but with two areas depending on how you like to enjoy your beer. Thanks to the regulars and staff for letting me join in this quiz! Good pub.

1 Jun 2008 14:22

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Good pub with an excellent range of well kept, reasonably priced ale. The choice of ciders fairly extensive also, if you like that sort of thing. Something for most people, i think. Great service. Took me 20 mins to walk around and look at all the pictures and memorabilia on the wall. I probably lingered longer than is decent in the gents bog cos there's plenty to read on the wall in there too! I found it a bit quiet at first(2.30pm on Sat) but it soon livened up. Definately a place i shall return to, sooner rather than later, i hope.

1 Jun 2008 14:12

The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

I had a great Saturday afternoon sesh in here. Beer quality was top notch (not a bad one out of the 8 sampled) and the staff were nothing but friendly and efficient. Had a game of dommies with a couple of locals and kept up with the sport on the telly (sky sports news only). Decor was obvoiusly sending the "we are a traditional pub" but it wasn't OTT and actually quite tasteful in a way. Fine place.

30 May 2008 17:33

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Stands out as one of the great london boozers. Good beer and inflation-proof sarnies. So what if the bogs niff a bit and the some of the chararcters are a bit obnoxious

30 May 2008 17:14

The Half Moon, Hitchin

I can't add much more to the reviews below. A really nice pub and easily the best in Hitchin for beer quality, friendly, efficient barstaff and laid-back atmosphere.

9 May 2008 13:05

The Sunrunner, Hitchin

Visited for the first time a week ago. Can't say i was too impressed, but it was the last pub on a four pub crawl so maybe i was a little jaded. 3.20 for a pint, though. Ouch! Never say "never again", but i won't be rushing back.

9 May 2008 12:59

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

Great pub. Out in the sticks but worth the effort to get there if you enjoy a decent beer. Just about perfect for an afternoon session. Don't miss the last bus home, though!!!!!!

9 May 2008 12:53

The Mermaid, St Albans

Service was quick and friendly and the beer was good. In fact, the mild was very good. It's improved a lot and appears to be getting better all the time. If you had visited this time last year you would notice the difference. It still carries that "smell" but a lot of boozers suffered from that when everybody had to stop smoking. A pub well worth supporting in my view.

27 Apr 2008 11:24

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

I couldn't agree more with the previous post. I was in there the same day and had very similar experience. It's all got a bit "cliquey" and I didn't feel very welcome at all. And when i questioned the condition of my pint...... Sad. So different to my visit to The Mermaid up the road. I'm giving it a 5, but it's living on past glories.

27 Apr 2008 11:16

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Salty, sadly it is the same red lion. Honestly, my first visit was a bit grim but what a vast improvement since then! I found a totally buffed up boozer with top notch ale. I think the service could still improve but that's just me being picky. It was a lot better than other pubs i've visited recently. Keep the faith.

25 Dec 2007 14:44

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Not being a regular at any pub, the wenlock is the nearest thing i've got to a local. My last couple of visits have been disappointing, because the beer range was not to my liking, so i was beginning to lose faith. Yesterday, though, was probably the best afternoon i've ever had in there (or anywhere). Beer excellent, as was the black pudding sarnie. Truly a great boozer. How did i ever begin to doubt it? Long live The Wenlock!!!!!

9 Sep 2007 13:48

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Sorry bootsy, it must have been a different Red Lion that i went too. Inside it stunk of sweat, stale beer (and worse!). The pub was strongly recommended by a friend so I really tried to enjoy it, but i couldn't because, apart from the the stink, the beer was awful. From a selection of 6 beers, you would have thought one of them was ok! The poor girl behind the bar tried hard but she was clueless, and as for the other surly git... I'll give it 2 for effort.

7 Sep 2007 13:01

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

It's a very good pub. Clean, superb range of beers and the food and snacks are good too. It's about as good as it gets for a home counties boozer. Staff we're friendly enough, but too many beer snobs / ticker types among the customers if you me. I've made 2 visits already in the past few weeks and i'm back tomorrow. See you there?

7 Sep 2007 12:47

The Sweet Green Tavern, Bolton

Nice pub. Popped in before the match last weekend and went back after. Can't miss it when you walk out of station. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff. First pint was ropey but got it changed no problem. Rest of beer excellent. Sarnies available and 1.20 for a pint of Hydes "Black".

7 Sep 2007 12:34

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

The best place in Liverpool for an afternoon session, if you can put up with creaky furniture and the odd tourist coming in, looking around and saying "shall we go?" (happened twice yesterday). They don't know what they're missing cos the pub is a gem and the in-house beers are excellent.

26 Aug 2007 08:26

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Paid 2nd visit there on 14the Aug. Loved it. Went back the following day! Rivalling Wenlock Arms as fave London boozer. A bit heavy on the Milton beers and a bit quiet, i have to say, but a top pub. I shall return.

26 Aug 2007 08:15

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