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The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Gosh! I'm really surprised at all the negative comments about this pub. I have always found it to be really pleasant and it's location is great (especially for the summer months) Staff are always lovely too.

18 Aug 2006 17:37

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

I really like this place. It has a nice, warm atmosphere and I don't agree that it's full of chavs. I had a really nice evening last time I went and although I don't go out in Twickenham reguarly, I will most certainly pop in again soon. :-)

24 Apr 2006 20:10

B@1 (Be At One), Richmond

If this place was a little bigger it would probably be one of my favourite bars in Richmond.. I just can't take the heat (sweat patches and mascara down your face sooo not a good look!) Good coctails, nice staff (although can be *slightly* arrogant) and generally quite a cool crowd. The size puts me off staying for longer than an hour though. :-(

24 Apr 2006 20:01

The Duke of York, Whitton

Hmm, this pub, in theory, should be my local but have only been in a couple of times in the last few years. I wouldn't say it's THAT bad but personally I would rather go into central Whitton or Hampton.

24 Apr 2006 19:49

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

I really like this place but it's more of a restaurant than a bar.

The food is REALLY nice and good value for money.

6 Mar 2006 11:33

The Stone House, Hampton Hill

I like this bar in the summer. Not many seats outside though. A couple of my friends go in here quite a lot and they love it. I don't think it's anything special though.

6 Mar 2006 11:31

The Fox, Twickenham

Aww, this pub is really quite cute! Traditional and nice friendly bar man.

Watch out for scary old man with some teeth missing and dodgy eye.. if your female and aged between 18-80, he WILL try and kiss you!

6 Mar 2006 11:28

The Bear, Twickenham

Nice relaxed atmosphere in The Bear, really classy decor. Wouldn't rate the food though. Overly priced and not that great.

6 Mar 2006 11:25

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

Pub is generally OK, would go there for a drink during the week. Would never go on a rugby day though, it gets really really busy however my sister used to work here and absolutely loved the atmosphere on rugby days.

6 Mar 2006 11:23

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

I don't like the layout of this pub and it's a bit boring to be honest..

6 Mar 2006 11:13

Cristalz, Twickenham

I think this is quite a nice little bar really. Staff are really friendly but it's a bit of a squeeze at the weekends.

6 Mar 2006 11:12

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

Staff here are really nice in my opinion. Used to go here for lunch occasionally when I worked in Twickenham and found it fairly pleasant. Have been once or twice in the evening and it's not my cup of tea but not that bad. A bit too dark though?!

6 Mar 2006 11:11

Bar TW3, Hounslow

Hmmm, the chinese restaurant that was TW3 is great!! Lovely food! lol

6 Mar 2006 10:59

Yates's, Hounslow

Eugh, this place is disgusting. Full of chavs and Eastern Europeans. I went Sept last year and left after a couple of hours due to all the fights. I have never seen so many police cars outside a 'bar' in all my life. The atmosphere absolutely stinks. Never going again!!

2 Feb 2006 19:00

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