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Comments by Will_Fly

The Henfield Tavern, Henfield

Closed two years ago. Now a funeral parlour.

From beer to bier...

2 Aug 2016 15:49

The Coach House Inn, Cowfold

Closed - another victim of Enterprise Inns.

8 Apr 2013 18:19

The Hare and Hounds, Cowfold

Wendy has done a great job since taking over this pub - great food and beers and occasional music - and though the interior may feel a little 'cold', everything else is warm and welcoming. Well worth a visit.

25 Mar 2012 16:48

The Ginger Fox, Albourne

We've eaten at the Ginger Fox several times in the last year or so - sometimes for lunch and sometimes for dinner. The food, without exception, has been excellent and the service equally so. It's not cheap - Brighton prices - but the menu is good and the cooking very good. If there have been off days, we haven't seen them yet.

1 Oct 2011 18:02

The George Hotel, Henfield

Well - they've gone (1st July 2011) and the board outside reads "Under New Management". Let's see if the newcomers can make a better go of it than the last lot...

5 Jul 2011 13:37

The Plough Inn, Henfield

To say that the Plough has "gone downhill" is stupid. Every pub landlord and landlady bring their own style to a pub - and no doubt one style fits better with some people than another. So be it. The beer at the pub is consistently in excellent condition - Harveys, London Pride and Speckled Hen as standard, with a regular guest beer (such as Doombar) at a special price. The food has retained its good quality, with the same chef as before. One or two of the old regulars have moved on - new ones have moved in - and, as a regular drinker in the Plough (it's my local), I like it's friendliness and convivial atmosphere. For those who don't like it - there are other choices in the village - and you're welcome to them!

30 Dec 2010 12:08

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

I can understand your query, mcroyal, but Gordon's is an institution which has been going for hundreds of years. It's unique. I used to drink here regularly in the late 60s/early 70s - came back for a drink a couple of years ago and there was very little change. It's more trendy than it used to be, and a bit more selfconscious, but a great part of London life. I'm sure BITE can bend a rule now and then! ;-)

24 Jul 2010 07:48

The Plough Inn, Henfield

the_pickled_old_man should clear off to some other pub if he doesn't like the "same people talking the same s**t". They're called locals, they're a very friendly bunch, good fun, and they keep the pub going through thick and thin. Seamus and Carol have now gone and the pub is in the hands of Neil and Carol (different Carol!) - good luck to them.

20 Aug 2009 20:21

The Half Moon, Charlwood

Before it closed this pub had nil atmosphere - now it's closed.

10 Mar 2009 22:43

The Rising Sun, Charlwood

The pub is run by a friendly and efficient Vietnamese (I think) family and there's music from local people in the bar once a month - a great evening. Good atmosphere, Greene King IPA and Adnam's Broadside. Both in great condition and very drinkable. Friendly locals.

10 Mar 2009 22:41

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

I love the Gardeners Arms and always try and pop in for a pint when I'm in Lewes. Interesting clientele, no frills, friendly bar staff. Perfect. Hope the Harveys Old is on next time I'm in.

30 Oct 2008 11:47

The Badgers Watch, Peacehaven

Fairly comfy gastropub - one of a chain. Beers are usually well-kept, anf a good selection of wines. Food is mass-catering average (powdered mashed potato anyone?) with an emphasis on the microwave. Don't be fooled by the "Great British Food" signs outside. I've eaten here several times over the years, and it's a mixed bag. The Telscombe Tavern, just up the road, does better food, though in not quite as pleasant surroundings.

1 Oct 2008 12:42

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Back again for a brief visit to Suffolk. No change at the Lord Nelson - everything as good as ever. Had a great lunch and a lovely pint of Adnams, with the usual friendly bar staff in attendance.

27 May 2008 16:45

The Norfolk Arms Hotel, Arundel

Why doesn't someone put a bloody bomb under the front bar in this lovely old hotel? I've been in several times in the early evening in the winter - to a miserable, piddling fire. Beer is OK but the atmosphere is morbid.

27 May 2008 16:42

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

A great pub - friendly staff, excellent beers, unspoilt. A haven for a good pint in a proper local. Love it every time I drink here.

14 Feb 2008 11:50

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

A great pub - I play in a band here regularly, so perhaps I'm biased - with a good atmosphere. Having said that - get the Gents' toilets cleaned up and sorted out, for heavens' sake! I don't relish standing in a pool of piss every time I go. Apart from that, a good boozer!

21 Jan 2008 13:19

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

The Lord Nelson is one of my favourite pubs - great beer, good food and pleasant staff. I try and get here 2 or 3 times a year. I enjoy it most when it's blowing up a gale outside, the rain and wind are lashing down, and I'm sat by the fire with a plate of grub and a pint of Old...

21 Jan 2008 13:15

The Plough Inn, Henfield

Can't imagine when Brightonfan7 was in the Plough, but the food is very good. Christmas and New Year was packed out. At 5pm every day, the pub is heaving and, if the regulars have changed, I don't know who they are, because I'e seen the same faces in here year in and year out. You must have hit a bad night, old cock!

21 Jan 2008 13:12

The Pilot Inn, Eastbourne

This used to be great pub with good food and good beer, but it's gone downhill over the last 2-3 years or so. The last time I ate here I asked for a risotto - and got served one which had been made earlier and microwaved! It was disgusting, with hard, dried rice around the rim of the bowl. Even a novice chef knows that risotto has to be made fresh...

12 Oct 2007 11:37

White Hart, Henfield

The last two visits to this place ensured that I will never go again.

Visit 1: 12.15pm, a Sunday lunchtime. Young barman busying about the bar disappears. Landlord just inside the bar area, by the gate, reading the paper. I wait and wait. I ask the landlord for a pint of bitter - he serves my saying grumpily, "I'm not on duty at the moment". To which I'm tempted to reply, "Then why not f@#k off upstairs instead of giving the wrong impression to the customers!"

Visit 2: early evening. I ask for food, wait for ever and get an overpriced plate of microwaved rubbish.

Never again.

13 Sep 2007 11:03

The Kings Arms, Arundel

Great atmosphere in a fairly unspoilt local. The Fuller's was superb - in tiptop condition, clear as a bell and excellent taste. Friendly landlady and friendly locals. Probably a little cramped in winter or when you can't sit outside, but still a great pub in what can be quite an overpriced and snobbish town.

13 Sep 2007 10:24

The Ship Inn, Dunwich

The pub, though unchanged, was better run when owned by Steve & Annie Marshlain (who retired). The food is not as good as it was and the management staff (tenants? owners?) are uninspiring.

Still, it's a fantastic location and the new bedrooms in the old stable block are pleasant. Worth staying here to explore the area. Just get your fish'n chips from the great chippy on the beach!

7 Sep 2007 14:16

The Sailors Return, East Chaldon

Sad to say, the pub changed hands some years amd became thoroughly modern. The original pub was just a few small rooms with the beers on stollage and a bar which was a small hatch at the end of a corridor. Now it's just very average - typical of the change in so many Dorset pubs.

7 Sep 2007 13:56

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

The Square and Compass (name refers to the stone quarries nearby) has hardly changed in my 30-odd years of going there, and is to be treasured. Sit outside on a bench on a later summer lunchtime with a beer and a pasty, Heaven!

7 Sep 2007 13:53

Cormorant, Portchester

I've used the Cormorant quite a few times over the years, each time I visit an aunt who lives in Portchester.

The beers have always been good and I've always found the staff to be very patient, helpful and friendly, even when putting up with some unbelievably awkward customers.

The food is pub average and I've so far found it wholesome, properly cooked, not too expensive and with big portions.

5 Sep 2007 15:40

The Cricketers, Duncton

Good pub with good beers. The food was very good, if a little pricey, but there was plenty of it. The garden setting, with some areas decked over for tables and chairs, is very beautiful. The whole garden is bordered by mature woodland, and I could have cheerfully spent the whole day there, sampling the beers and watching the sum move round.

Worth a visit.

5 Sep 2007 15:21

The Three Moles Inn, Selham

I was at the Three Moles last Saturday - for the first time in over 20 years - and it was just as good as ever, if not better. Five good ales on, including draught mild. As it was the first Saturday in the month, there was music - to which I added my bit - mainly old folk and farming songs, with a bit of music hall thrown. All from the locals - it was a great night. There's no food, no fruit machine, no canned music - just great beer, great atmosphere and great local people. But - dear BITE readers - be aware that the lease for this pub expires next March, and Val will retire. Keep your fingers crossed that a sensible view prevails and that this pub - almost unique in Sussex - will stay as it is.

5 Sep 2007 15:17

The Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton

Benn going here, on and off, for years - a great, friendly pub which never seems to change. Good beer and a varied and interesting crowd.

24 Aug 2007 10:34

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

I've been drinking in Gordon's - on and off - for the past 40 years and, though it's changed a few times over those years, it's still a unique place to eat and drink in London. Enjoy.

17 Aug 2007 11:32

The Plough Inn, Henfield

My local and, taken over by Seamus and Carol a few weeks ago, is doing very well. The food and service are back on track, the bar has been redecorated and there are guest beers each week - enjoy the Timothy Taylor "Landlord" and Harvey "Hadlow" bitters when you can get them! Like most pubs, there's a different clientele for various parts of the day. The best time to drink (in my view) is the magic time after work from 5pm to around 6.30pm, and the best time to eat is at lunchtime and mid-evening. The locals are noisy and friendly, so don't be afraid! The pub has no car park, so put yours in the "White Hart" car park and make life more difficult for the miserable git that runs the "Hart"...

17 Aug 2007 11:28

White Hart Inn, West Hoathly

I've been here twice since the pub was taken over a few months ago - and have enjoyed it both time. The landlord Dave and his partner are going great guns with the food, which is excellent, and with the Friday night music. The beer is kept in tiptop condition and you can choose (on a sunny day) between a pleasant garden, a cosy corner settee or a dining table. And just a short car hop from Wakehurst Place - you must try it!

17 Aug 2007 11:21

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