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The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

I like the "can I get ..." comment from Maldenman. That's a blight not limited to the Ship, unfortunately. It's true the pub can get full of slightly rah rah types at the weekend, but it remains a very decent pub. The light conservatory is always a nice place to be, and the food is very good in the restaurant and the bar (same menu, I think). I sympathise with the comment that food can take too long to arrive. They've expanded the restaurant massively but don't seem to have expanded the kitechen at all, so at busy times the wait can be long.

15 Jun 2009 19:45

The Shooting Star, Liverpool Street

Just had a pint there. This is an anonymous corporate pub that is geared up to serving high volumes of city workers. It's not actively bad but there's no reason to actually visit it.

15 Jun 2009 19:25

The Beehive, Wandsworth

Not sure what Rachaelov has been drinking ... was in there a couple of weeks ago and it looks like it always did, so no need to worry. It remains a simple, unpretentious local pub. Great place for a quiet pint. The two old lads by the bar seem to be permanent fixtures.

25 Oct 2008 17:59

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Looks like a decent old boozer, and I suppose we should be grateful for that, but when I popped in here for a quick half recently I just found it a bit depressing to be honest. Four oclock on a Friday afternoon in Bloomsbury and the only customers looked like they'd just washed up there some hours ago and had nowhere better to go. I was the only customer standing at the bar to be served but the bored-looking woman behind the bar affected not to notice me while she polished a few glasses. When she did deign to serve me she did so in a manner just this side of rude.

3 Dec 2006 16:04

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Ladnewton - Google has no results for "Earthen Death Pig" except this page ... whatever it was you were drinking it must have been a lot more than 3.6%!

8 Aug 2006 00:06

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Very nice relaxed pub. The main room is a kind of conservatory, so it's nice and light. Can get loud inside with braying types on the weekend (in Summer, you can escape outside and enjoy a BBQ) but on a weekday lunchtime or evening it's pretty chilled. Not cheap, but that's the area. The food is very decent - eat in the bar or the small restaurant. The bar menu is shorter but I think you can order anything from the full menu in the bar too. Unlike with the restaurants in some gastro pubs, in this one you still feel like you're in a pub. Which is good.

6 Apr 2006 18:39

The Bell Inn, Aldworth

All pubs should be like this. Fantastic atmosphere, good beer, friendly staff, friendly locals and good, basic (& cheap) food. And a herd (?) of ducks quacking away in a field behind the pub.

And it's dog friendly.

6 Mar 2006 11:02

The Royal Oak, Borough

What a great pub this is! I happened to be in last night, when the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood were presenting them with their Pub of the Year Award for 2006, and they were giving free drinks and handing round food. Great atmosphere.

And Harveys' Armada Bitter is superb!

3 Feb 2006 15:06

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

I work a couple of minutes walk from this place but I hardly ever go, because the beer is so bad. Both bitter and lager. That's a real shame because it's a great old building that has a lovely feel. Go to the Old Bell across the road for a decent pint.

1 Feb 2006 16:32

The Blisland Inn, Blisland

I love this pub. Everything about it is right, which is why I gave it 10/10. it's in a beautiful location, right on the village green (the only one in Cornwall apparently), they have lots of quality beers including at least one brewed specially for them, the atmosphere, especially in the bar on the left as you go in, is spot on (friendly, relaxed) and the food is good (though not "gastro") and plentiful. Plus they are dog-friendly ... in fact positively dog-welcoming: when we were there with our dog the barman came out from behind the bar with a treat for the dog.

Blisland is a 10 min drive, down windy country roads, from the A30 near Bodmin. Well worth the detour if you're passing through.

11 Nov 2005 19:21

Auberge, Waterloo

Quite a decent place for a stop-off bar by a major station. Can get very noisy and smoky at peak times but worth it for good Belgian beers. Buzzy ambience. Food is fine if you're looking for something to soak up the Leffe.

As a Belgian bar, Abbaye in Smithfield is better. But it's not handy for Waterloo.

9 Nov 2005 14:33

Earl of St Vincent, Egloshayle

Even if you don't have a fascination for clocks you should visit! The number of clocks (and a few other instruments - barometers etc) is unbelievable. You can imagine what the sound is like when they all go off ...

Egloshayle is very close to Wadebridge (just across the river - you can walk across on the suspension footbridge) so handy for a pint before or after walking or cycling the Camel Trail. After is better, probably.

The food is good and plentiful.

There are a couple of friendly cats. In Summer, nice window boxes and hanging baskets outside.

9 Nov 2005 14:25

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Great pub, top beer, quality food, fantastic location. If you're in the area of Birling Gap or Beachy Head, or the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre (also worth a visit) definitely drop by this place.

28 Aug 2005 22:28

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