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Comments by Toml79

The Strawberry, Newcastle

A great football pub covered in Newcastle United memorabilia. Beware though, it gets absolutely packed before and after games. On a non match day though, it's a great place to visit. The beer range is good but not huge, and it's nice to sit out on the roof terrace on a warm sunny day. The food is standard stuff - Burgers, Fish and Chips, Chicken Curry, All Day Breakfast etc, but is tasty and good value for money.

24 Oct 2010 12:22

The Cluny, Ouseburn

An outstandin range of beers, some cracking burgers and also a venue for many up and coming bands. It's a great place, that is slightly spoilt by it becoming a bit too fashionable.

24 Oct 2010 12:15

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

The Free Trade looks really scruffy, but it is actually brilliant with some nice beers and ciders. The toilets aren't the cleanest and are covered in graffitti, but the graffitti is interesting (honestly have a look). The beer garden in front of the pub gives some spectacular views of the river, the bridges and the city skyline.

24 Oct 2010 12:10

The Tyne, Newcastle

THE best pub in Newcastle upon Tyne. I love the location and the relaxed feel. It's perfect in summer, but worth a visit anytime of year. A brilliant jukebox, nice beers and a good range of butties, snacks and light meals. The Tyne is a MUST visit.

24 Oct 2010 12:04

Head of Steam, Liverpool

I visited this pub a few weeks ago when Newastle were playing Everton. We went to go for a drink before heading to the match, but it was closed. We managed to get in afterwards, but were kicked out shortly after six as the pub was closing up!!!!???? Then we went back the following afternoon before getting the train back home, and again it was closed!

During our brief visit, we found it was OK, with an OK beer selection, but being familiar with the Head of Steam in Newcastle and the other numerous Head of Steam owned bars up here, this place was a massive disappointment.

24 Oct 2010 11:59

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

I love the pub, but the building itself is ugly and the main bar is far too small.
Great beers, but any more than ten people in and it feels packed.

24 Oct 2010 11:53

Tilleys Bar, Newcastle

I like Tilleys a lot. Good beers, good food and the cinema club is a nice touch. Beware the toilets though, they are rank!

24 Oct 2010 11:50

The Bodega, Newcastle

A beautiful looking pub, with some smashing beers.

24 Oct 2010 11:48

The Bacchus, Newcastle

A fantastic pub which is modern but still feels like a proper pub It has a huge range of beers and ciders. My favourite at the minute is Fischer's Hell. The food is also very good.

24 Oct 2010 11:45

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